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how do i get sex with my stepsister

The Problem: i wanna have sex with my step sister and idk if she wants to also...i am and she is and she lets me take sexy and pictures of her(for the last 2 years) and she is coming out this xmas in about 4 do i ask her to have sex or how do i find out if she feels the same way

Asked by: biggyjoe at 11:16:56 AM, Thursday, December 16, 2010 PST FLAG


if she lets u take pics it should be easy.. just ask her

the Dec 16 2010 10:12pm FLAG

but how akward will it be if i ask her and she doesnt wanna have sex...just take pics, i already have sex with my 2nd cousin whenever i see her and i get ultra in the mood when my step sister is here, im gonna have her read some other things on here about guys wanting their step sister and see how she feels

biggyjoe Dec 17 2010 10:51am FLAG
Just say you want pics of your d*ck going in her and spunk leaking out after you cream her. She will say OK for the most sexy pics you ever take.

Jonny Dec 17 2010 2:53pm FLAG
i just wanna be suttle about it, not all like just get over here and me...i want it to be sensual

biggyjoe Dec 17 2010 8:22pm FLAG
I really want to her so hard. She is sexy.

biggyjoe Dec 18 2010 1:18pm FLAG
She will take off clothes for picture then you will say how tasty her pu**y look. She will smile and let you lick her. You will kiss her pu**y and boobs and rub your c*ck on her. You will feel her pu**y open around your c*ck and welcome you into her.

Raj Dec 20 2010 10:53am FLAG
i want heck my sister help me.

govi Dec 21 2010 5:14pm FLAG
Um, she's ur STEPSISTER. Isn't it awkward having both ur parents together and then u guys having sex behind their backs. U guys are screwed up I swear.

Anonymous Dec 21 2010 10:58pm FLAG
soooo true ! that's sooo awkward and wrong !

naughtychicca Jan 07 2011 6:56am FLAG
mail me for incest talk--

raj Jan 25 2011 11:04am FLAG
My stepsister is over foe a few days I'm really want to ask if we can try sex but I'm to scared to ask she alone right now I can ask but I'm afraid she might she something to someone. Or iskype I'm scared I just wann go out there and ask her can we have sex but I'm scared any got advice

Anonymous Nov 26 2014 12:51am FLAG
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