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Had sex with aunt

The Problem: Once a week I let my aunt?s dog out, when they are working. So when I was done I went in her room and cousins and grabbed their dirty panties, then I went down satyrs and started to jack off. When I was just about to cum I heard my aunt opening the door, I couldn?t stop and jizzed all over my hands. I looked over and my aunt was there stareing at me for a minute and then my aunt walked over to me and said do you need me to clean your hand and she took my hand without me saying anything and licked all of the cum off of my hand. After she ate my cum we made out and I started feel up her ed her until I was about to cum and jazzed on her face. After that, every week now when I let the dog out we have sex. She said that she has a nice Christmas present for me, so I can?t wait.

Asked by: FukkedAunt at 01:46:35 AM, Saturday, December 25, 2010 PST FLAG


Sounds like you are having a bunch of fun. Keep it and keep having fun. Talk to your cousin about ing her and talk with your aunt about it. Rember to always have fun and learn from it.

Loki Dec 25 2010 9:51am FLAG

yea i think thats my christmas pressent, if not ill say something. my cousin is so hot she has big boobs and amazing ass

edAunt Dec 25 2010 10:12am FLAG
Sounds like fun. Let us know what happens.

Loki Dec 25 2010 11:38am FLAG
How was your Christmas?

Loki Dec 26 2010 12:18pm FLAG
Amazing, I woke up today and got a message from my aunt to go to her house at am. She told me to just walk in when I get there because the door will be open. When I walked in I was hearing moaning sounds coming from up stairs. So I went up there and walked in my cousins room and saw my aunt and cousin playing around. My cousin got up and went straight for my c*ck, she pulled my pants down and started to give me a bl*wj*b, my came over and I started to make out with her. After my aunt wanted a turn and she gave me a bl*wj*b, my cousins shirt wa soaked in her spit and decided to take her clothes. After a few minutes I told my aunt and cousin to get on the bed. I started to eat both of their pussies and also their asses, when I was doing this they were making out and sucking on each others tits. When I was done eating out their pussies my cousin asked me to on my aunts head for her to eat out. I was just about to come so I told my sunt and cousin get closer and I came on both of them. It was wild, she said we can do this anytime.

Anonymous Dec 26 2010 7:47pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 26 2010 10:46pm FLAG
how can i ask my aunt if she wants a foot massage? can u ask your aunt on advise on what i should do or if any of u have a nephew would u let them

love feet Dec 31 2010 10:08am FLAG
what a silly topic!

mr man Jan 03 2011 6:48am FLAG
fuk u fukr fuk u fuk r fukin ant

Jan 18 2011 1:18pm FLAG
Please believe me.If u have a sister u will have a desire to lick her nippples or touch her breasts.Some youngsters will share their bed with their moms and move thier hands to their Mom's breast and fondle in the midnight which is absolutely a sin in the sight of Jesus.Its very simple to keep away all the lusty thoughts.All u need to do is pray to Jesus and bind the spirit of lust whenever u get the thought of committing this sin through these words,"I bind u spirit of lust and adultery in the name of Jesus" By confessing u will win.Please try this.Everyone has self control and make sure that u have not been designed in such way that u will fall in sin.Once when u win over these lusty thoughts and when u get married in the future u will be happy with your wife and you will definetly thank God for being pure and u can keep away from guilty conscience.Hope u will have success in your personal lihe through christ that dwells in u.

Moses May 02 2011 11:31am FLAG

Dat May 21 2011 6:44am FLAG
wow your sick

imasoKoolz May 22 2011 11:29pm FLAG
You should maybe make a movie

Anonymous May 23 2011 9:45pm FLAG
All are ing idiots

er Aug 11 2011 9:06am FLAG
Thevidiya piya ommala okka thirutu thevidiya paiya kudhi lavadi kabal sunni kudhe oora otha kudhi badu vallara oole kandara ooli okkala ooli

anniyan Aug 11 2011 9:08am FLAG
I am having sex with my aunt now. We stated having sex about 8 months ago. She moved in with my mother and I about a year ago after lossing her house. She caught me jerking off and jokingly asked to help. I told her I was masterbaiting to her and it went from there. She is 46 and I am 21. She is fixed so we don't have to worry about her getting knocked up. She is the first older woman I have had sex with. She is also the only woman that I have had sex with that I didn't have to wear a condom and I am allowed to cum inside her. She has talked me into shaving myself down there (witch turns out I like alot). we have sex almost every morning after my mother leaves for work. She has joked around with me about having sex with her daughter my cousin. I always say yes and they we lauf about it. But i want to. she is 23 and hot hot hot. Only time will tell

Tommy Mar 23 2013 1:01pm FLAG
I ve a aunt she is close to me I love to sex her she has 3 children's I always play wit her boobs how to make out she is not my blood realted advice

manju gowda Apr 24 2014 1:15am FLAG
help out

manju gowda Apr 24 2014 1:28am FLAG
Give advice: