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I want to see my cousin fully , and have oral sex with her

The Problem: im , my cousin is -. shes matured alot and gotten decently hot. we are really close and it seems like theres innocent flirting from time to time. a few days ago she was changing with the door open and i saw her boobs. i was really turned on. she didnt even try and hide or anything, but i walked away cuz i didnt wanna get in trouble. i really want to see her fully ***** and to have oral sex with her or finger her. please help

Asked by: MKMrunner2013 at 03:05:34 AM, Friday, December 31, 2010 PST FLAG


well seeing as shes younger than you she will most likely like it so one day when your talking to her have her sit on ur lap and when she gets comfortable slowly stick ur hands down her pants but just remember whatever you do will mess with her head and screw her up for life

all knowing Dec 31 2010 1:58pm FLAG

why would it screw her up? do you know this from experience?

MKMrunner20 Dec 31 2010 2:41pm FLAG
because when she gets older and she has a husband she will have flashbacks that will suddenly make her cry she will think its her fault she will want to tell somebody but will be to afraid to she wont be able to have a good relationship oh and yeah i know from experience

all knowing Dec 31 2010 8:53pm FLAG
Not true i slept wit my cousin whos 1 and half year older when i was ... i miss it he alway flirted with me and one day he stuck his hand up my shirt by instinted i pushed him away but the look in his eyes made me feel safe so we slept together for year if it wasnt 4 him i would have never had the guts to have sex with my bf when i was now we still have family reunions and makeout but we cant have sex anymore cause i have a little sister that loves to follow me everywhere... but we always have now 19 and without my sister stuck to me we sleep together every family reuniion we have like 8 a year sometimes 10 so we still have feeling for eachother.... if she likes it its not gonna harm her future with guys at all

@(-_-)@ Dec 31 2010 10:01pm FLAG
i dont know what else to tell then some people dont mind getting raped and they truly enjoy it while others know what was done was wrong and they actully put an end to it at least i still dont rape my if she is normal unlike other whores we know it will mess with her head

all knowing Dec 31 2010 10:54pm FLAG
I dont know about that but if you figure something out that works let me know.

wazup24 Jan 02 2011 2:19am FLAG
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jose ..'~'... Jan 02 2011 8:46pm FLAG
let her catch you ***** next time. if you see her look then just talk to her like nothings wrong. stay ***** infront of her aslong as you can. tell her you want to show her something. (not your penis) like a toy or a picture or a game or something. get her as close to you as you can and maybe try to make your penis brush against her arm or something. just keep an eye on if she keeps looking at you or not. then maybe say something like "oh sorry i forgot i was ***** i hope you dont mind" if she says she dont mind then kind of ask if it bothers her when people see her *****. then just go from there. im sure you will get to see something if you play it right.

happy Jan 07 2011 10:02am FLAG
U PERV if that's how desperate I are that's why there's *** u r sooo nasty she is it cuzin!!!! U must b DESPERTE u shouldn't look at her that way and if she likes it it's disgusting ewwww!!'

Anonymous Jan 07 2011 3:09pm FLAG
mail me for incest talk--

Anonymous Jan 25 2011 11:05am FLAG
well.. sence shes young sit down and sit her on ur lap. then just start talking bout different . tthen take her 2 ur room. then sit down then sit her down on ur lap, then talk again, then while she is talking make ur way in her pants shut ur door and lock it. then rip off her clothes then rip off ur clothes then lay her on ur bed than get on here and have sex. have fun. o if it dont work text me hi at 69478.

Abby Jan 26 2011 10:40pm FLAG
Wait until the next Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormon Missionaries come to your front door, tell them you really like their religion, invite them inside, Sacrifice them to SATAN! Girls really like that.

Deedly Dee Dee Jan 31 2011 1:20pm FLAG
ok duds can u tell me the eaiest way to make mi cosin wunt me to have sex with her

Jackie 5 Jun 22 2011 8:55pm FLAG
oh and at night when your cosin is asleep go in her room and pull her pjs off and rape her

Jackie 5 Jun 22 2011 8:58pm FLAG
raat ko chodo

goldy Jun 28 2011 12:09pm FLAG
meri sister bahut hot hai mai usko chodna chahata hu lekin kaise ?

goldy Jun 28 2011 12:12pm FLAG
Maybe u should talk to her about that day and if she doesn't care that u saw then tell her like I don't know maybe I think ur Ur hot or something then based on her reaction ask her if she would like to see u ***** then if she says yes make ur move if not say well I just asked to even it out

Ja Jun 29 2011 7:19am FLAG
when shes sleeping and your the only one there with her take her pants off carefully and finger her or if you want to have sex with her walk out of the bathroom and say if she likes it or that you didn't know she was there then make your move

i wanna my cousin Sep 23 2011 3:14pm FLAG
Umm well just talk to her and kiss her first if she pulls away then don't try if not then you should go for it!!!

ME Dec 23 2011 7:35am FLAG
Umm well just talk to her and kiss her first if she pulls away then don't try if not then you should go for it!!!

ME Dec 23 2011 7:40am FLAG
U are stupid to want to see your cousin ***** that i perverted you dumb idiot you are the biggest freakin idiotic pervert i have ever hered.that goes for you perverts giving them this advice.LOSERS GET A LIFE

Country boy Jan 28 2012 10:50pm FLAG
y u lookin at thiis web site then

nuuuuuuuuuuum Mar 31 2012 4:17pm FLAG
Hi I am 24 my cousins is 23 we used to have sex when we where was been several years since we did anything.she is getting married in a year.since her father is not in her life she was asked me to walk her down the older and give her away.should I spend some one on one time with her before the wedding and try to her?

b Apr 25 2012 7:45am FLAG
Play a game of truth or dare or twiser or something. Get as close to her as you can with out her feeling uncomfortable. If you have the chance than have you'r pants fall down "accidentaly" in front of her. If she looks then ask if she would like to see more. If yes than tell her that you won't do it untill she took her clothes off and BOOM!

randomness Apr 28 2012 10:57pm FLAG
you are soooo hot i am also a girl if you want me ***** and want sex come to me a will give you a lot. mmmuuuaaahhh!

ST Jul 03 2012 4:20am FLAG
Show ur cousin some hot scenes and then ask her if she liked them. Ask her if she want's to see ***** boys and show some ***o. . .if she likes them, then her

Kaitlyn Jul 03 2012 10:42pm FLAG
wew!! dony be shy,

Anonymous Jul 11 2012 7:14pm FLAG
i feel the same way'+_+

luvr boy Jul 13 2012 4:28am FLAG
Dam dude I will like sex if I wore you I would go to they girls house and nock her out with SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It Jul 17 2012 10:39pm FLAG
Dam dude I will like sex if I wore you I would go to they girls house and nock her out with SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It Jul 17 2012 10:39pm FLAG

ertyhujiko Aug 07 2012 7:42am FLAG
First, when she's watching tv or something, you ask her. Hey follow me for a while, something urgent and u pretend that omg my penis feel so itchy and it hurts so bad. Amd then take out ur penis and let her heck u

Obama Aug 11 2012 3:42pm FLAG
that $h1t

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 1:45am FLAG
That happened to me to I want to be with her so bad Just approach her casually

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 1:46am FLAG
I want to do my 10 year old cousin got any advice

Anonymous Aug 30 2012 7:24am FLAG
How do i get my 10 year old cousin to take off her close for me

Anonymous Aug 30 2012 10:00am FLAG
Get her to sit on ur lap then hug her around the waist slowly move down or say ur d*cks hurting and wack it out then get her to strip too

Anonymous Sep 03 2012 1:30pm FLAG

dfg Sep 18 2012 4:11am FLAG
Hey everyone, A while back I was sitting with my two cousins and I put my hand on both there laps then we got ***** and played sex games, I fingered both of them and they gave me a wank on several occasions. I really would love to have sex with them bother and cum inside them, I masturbate over them a lot and also my aunt, I have never done anything with her but she always slaps my ass and sits on my lap and I take a hard on, She also ksses me on the lips a lot. I would love to have sex with my cousins and my aunt which is there mum. Does anyone have any tip? Thank you

Pyro Sep 18 2012 4:17am FLAG

the terminator xxxxxxxxxxxx Sep 21 2012 4:30pm FLAG
my age is 19 and my cusin age is .she stay in my house about one year what i do .i waana sex with er

saim Oct 18 2012 8:16pm FLAG
U just have 2 ask her if she wants her a$$ to get e d 1)If she says yes, then do it 2) If she says no, then rape her while she's sleeping.

A$$ HARD Oct 19 2012 12:58pm FLAG
tell her that you realy like her and you want to see her ***** if she says ok youre lucky and if she says no wtf youre taking about than youre in big trouble young man

THE B Oct 27 2012 2:14am FLAG
When me and my cousin were little we use to show eachother our privet parts. Then we stoped at bought 8 yo. But then when we were we were sleeping in a tent when we were camping it was just us. Then me and her started talking bought stuff like masturbating and movie sex scenes. After a while she asked me what a penis felt like and such. Then eventually I just took it out so she could feel it. When I did she asked if it was ok and I said yes and then she touched it. Then we were joking around and saying what is more annoying having a boner in public or having hard nipples. Then she let me feel her boobs (they felt amazing). Then I asked her what a vigina felt like and after some talking she let me feel hers. Then after that we were talking bought masturbating and how it's like replicating sex (I don't think she ever did it before). After that she wanted to try it on me and she gave me a hand job and it felt amazing. The only think is that when I came it scared her because I don't think she had ever seen it before. After that it kinda got weard and we went to bed. That was the last time this hapend but I knda want to do it again some time but I never have the chance.

Anonymous Oct 31 2012 8:16pm FLAG
When me and my cousin were Me her stayed at my house when both are parent went out. We both used to have sexuall fantisies we used to share together and get wet and hard. that day we were sitting down stairs i was on the computer watching *** with the volume off. i didnt realize she came up behind me and caught me beating off. she sat next to me closed my computer. took hold of me with her soft hands and smooth lips. she was giving me a hand job OMG it felt so good. she stoped took off my pants and shirt then striped down her self. she took my hand and put it in her wet, hot vagina. i liked my hand. it tasted so good. she put me down on my knees as i sucked on her tight wet after a few minutes i got up and sat back on the sofa she got up put my hard d*ck in her wet vagina put her giant tits for a in my face and ed for about minutes until i went soft. after that day she has been taking birth control and coming over every weekend. I LOVE HEr so much

grant mann Nov 04 2012 6:23pm FLAG
I wanna my cousin we live toghether but my parents and her parents are home when we walk home togher after school i have finger banged her shown her my penis had her suck it sucked her vagina and had he jerk me off but i cant have sex with her my bedrooms upstairs and next to my parents room shes very tight and has let me fist her and and let me put dildos in her butt vag and my own butt what should i doo ! ? also her boobs are DD shes and im aswell she can deeeeeep throat my 8 inch with no problems plus we drink a lot toghether

Anonymous Nov 04 2012 6:31pm FLAG
i wan to have oral sex with my cousin sister.... she soo hot and her boob is 36c...she also so and i got touch her ass and boob when she sleeping....pls give some advice to have oral sex with her(safe sex)

gang04 Nov 05 2012 7:53am FLAG
gang04 my advice to you as i did im grant mann. the thing you should do is iether call her over when ur parents are out with no one home and first off by condoms! sit with her talk to her and touch her legs first work ur way to her back and then wrap ur arm around her gently twirling her nipps as he if shes ready for whats gonna happen next if shes 69 her undress her play with her more until shes dripping wet then insert into her vagina with the condom if you wanna do anal take the condom off and cum into her butt make sure she cums and then after you are done take your fist and put it in her vagina and butt

grant mann Nov 05 2012 4:09pm FLAG
gang04 u should know those arnt my cousins there really my family friends i would never have sex with incest thats dirty and wrong on so many levels its different if youve known each other for a long time like 3rd 4th cousins but 1st and 2nd no just no bro a family friend not cusin

grant mann Nov 05 2012 4:37pm FLAG
hey whatsup people if you read this I NEED HELP ! I was at my cousins house im 18 shes are parents brother and sister plus wife and husband went out for dinner so we stayed at home threw a party DRANK to much and slept with the wrong people IE me and her. i dont know what to do. i didnt even wear a condom im sure of that. im afraid that she might not be having her period this month MOTHERER and i only put my d*ck in her vagina. if i put it in her butt she wouldnt be able to walk in the morning my other know.

ryan biggs Nov 10 2012 2:38pm FLAG
I need help !!!# my cuzin is and im and i wanna heck her soooo.bad!!! Plzzzz help???!!!! Shes hott!!! And we talked about it once but i told her it was a prank. I need help for how to not be scared to ask her#

cousinfuker Nov 12 2012 10:10pm FLAG
Go kill yourself come on its your cousin really get some real ass. I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Anonymous Nov 16 2012 10:36pm FLAG
lol i love this anonymous person there are so many sluts in this world just begging for c*ck

lol ^ anonymous Nov 18 2012 9:51pm FLAG
Well I have always wanted oral sex but you have to put up with the fact she your cousin we both know why you want it cuz of her body not because you love her

Miss know it all Nov 23 2012 11:23am FLAG

MR KNOW IT ALL Nov 23 2012 1:46pm FLAG
I did it wit my cuzo, in the bathtub it aint that bad feels good just go ahead

None of yo n business punkass Nov 28 2012 1:26pm FLAG
N this thing was posted 2yrs ago

None of yo n business punkass Nov 28 2012 1:30pm FLAG
Im and my cousin is . I've been wanting to do her since i was . And she knows, she wont tell any one, but she doesn't want to do it. she said she knows it will happen in the future, but i don't want to wait, she lives with us, i share a room with her older brother, and she shares a room with my grandmother. DOES ANYBODY HAVE REALLY GOOD ADVISE PLZ, if u need my email i give it. Ive recorded her before, doing things like changing, taking a shower, and getting ***** out of her swimsuit. I REALLY NEED ADVISE!!!!!!!

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 6:16am FLAG
i have ed her vagina 1 month later we meet up all the time and have sex with each other i love havinf sex with her cuz her body is so hot plus she is a young age so my advise id just go for it u will love it and never want to go back

brittish boy Dec 14 2012 7:20am FLAG
Deer chains did happy birthday.

nathan Dec 15 2012 10:01am FLAG
hey, my age is and my hot blonde cousin sister age is .... She is tooo freaking hot and her boobs are like two watermelons.. i got touch her boob and ass when sleeping.. but most of the time i will her ass and she know it sometimes she will avoid it and sometimes she don't care......... any advice

Gangsta Dec 16 2012 6:35pm FLAG
Im an my cousins i want to f*** her so bad she has the most beutiful body and ive felt in love with her for 2 years.she stays the night like every week and now that its xmas break she will stay more often.i have the fear of getting her and i grounded for the rest of our lives.

nun ya Dec 23 2012 1:38am FLAG
hey dude just forget it or it will hirt you a lot

anna Dec 24 2012 5:14am FLAG
Damn I feel the same way! A few nights ago. I was feeling depressed. So she let me lie down on her lap. Then i moved my hand and accidently touched her vagina. I heard her wince. And now i really Want to heck her.

Baguvix Dec 25 2012 7:49pm FLAG
I want to ing beautiful...but her mom would kill me if i got her pregnant.....any help?

that one guy Jan 09 2013 7:06pm FLAG
my bday was 3 days ago my 1st cousins from vancouver island were here for the weekend they had to sleep at our house so i rented a hotel and dropped them off there by the end off it i was having my d*ck sucked by my 2 sexy as ing sluts numbers write me a msg ill send you my # + pics and the video we made together + there numbers I love MY SEXY ASS COUSINS <3

Grant Mann Jan 13 2013 12:52am FLAG
anybody in the bury st edmunds area who wants a ing or just general chanting about are sex lives or wanna be sex lives email me at

ollie Feb 12 2013 2:24pm FLAG
Rape her

Anonymous Feb 18 2013 9:23pm FLAG
i am and my cousin is and i want to have sex but she is rarely able to be with me what should i do

ananymous Feb 20 2013 7:21pm FLAG
when u r at a family reunion go on a walk with her and if she does take her by the water and have her sit on your lap then put your hands down her pants and finger her and go farther from there like a bj or hj or sex gigade gigade gooo

Anonymous Mar 03 2013 8:17pm FLAG
how do i my cosen if we never see each other and she makes me super hornie and she sits on my lap and it goes between her legs

paul Mar 03 2013 8:19pm FLAG
i have already reaped my 7 cousin she had little tits and nice lol just ask ,man

vitynm Mar 03 2013 11:55pm FLAG
also dont ask my age only thing tell is i useing 3ds cool ask if want play som games what i do

vitynm Mar 03 2013 11:58pm FLAG
ill be bck then we have man pre-**** conversation lol

vitynm Mar 03 2013 11:59pm FLAG
this is why i love having 3rd and 4th cousins at family reunions i get to them all the time

grant mann Mar 06 2013 5:20pm FLAG
family reunions are the best because i have a big family and a giant cottage on the lake bedroom all master bathrooms thats just on the first level and basement i have my private room upstairs soundproofed and yes i have a vibrating king size bed and yes i have has sex with 5 of my 3rd cousins and 3 4th cousins and yes im a millionaire and yes im indian and yes i have a big c*ck and yes i get more to 23 year old . yes my mustang gt500 can give them orgasms

grand mann Mar 06 2013 5:36pm FLAG
Once I had sex with my cousin and I just hired a movie with a sex part in it (I watched it before so I knew when the sex part would come up) and before that part I went to shower. I masterbatet a little in the shower just to get my penis hard. I onpurpose tied my towel wrong around my waist and thew I went to ask her something. (It was all part of the plan). The when threw a move the towel fell down and she just gave a look at my penis and touched it. The she started to bj it and whe had hot and wet sex. Every time I visit her she invits me into her room and askes me. "Do your want to see something hot and wet?". Ind I dig in. Cum later. And so I go one. I am and she is 18. Damn it is nice having sex with her.

The pro girl er Mar 08 2013 11:24am FLAG
Damn man your right

anonymous Mar 08 2013 11:25am FLAG
That is the answer to my problem! I just did it and it worked. Thank's the pro girl er

MKMrunner20 Mar 08 2013 11:28am FLAG
ollie kid you sad u was dtf so type back if u want to and dude go get some pusssy im a girl btw n not lesbo

jb girl @ sexy as Mar 14 2013 6:46pm FLAG
i just told my cousin one day im

grant mann Mar 24 2013 12:27am FLAG
I want to my cousin she is 23 and i am got any advice

eater Mar 26 2013 6:43pm FLAG
man don't do it it is just wrong...if you have to just tell her how you feel..good luck man

a.m Mar 28 2013 6:12pm FLAG
I'm and my birthday is this month. My cousin is a matured . I want to have sex with her and oral sexy so bad! But I'm scared to bring it up. What should I do!?

Anonymous Apr 03 2013 2:38am FLAG
am and i av a cousin she's damn hot...big ass,big boobs i really wanna heck her but i dont know how to convince her because i think she might not agree

honny_cousin Apr 07 2013 3:40pm FLAG
i need help i need help i want to have sex wit my cuz but i dnt knw how to approach him

lololips10 Apr 09 2013 1:28pm FLAG
i wanna suck my cuziz en hot s*xy virgina i realli wanna heck him bt i dnt knw if he will let me any help will do pllllllllllllzzzzzz

sexygrl Apr 09 2013 2:36pm FLAG
hey sexygrl msg me il give advice

thetodd Apr 10 2013 5:42am FLAG
and honny_cousin hit me up and il give advice

thetodd Apr 10 2013 5:46am FLAG
Dude, I see where your coming from. I'm havin pretty much the same problem. She's just so hot.

Brofist Apr 15 2013 5:46pm FLAG
me and my cousin flirted when we where 6yrs old and when we where 9 or 10 we stoped kissing, we went to the same school and it just got weird im now shes and we hangout like normal cousins would so just don't do anything that would make her get mad @ you in the future thats all

annoymous Apr 17 2013 5:25pm FLAG
all my cousins ugly...

your king Apr 17 2013 5:51pm FLAG
MKMrunner20how it turned out btw?

annoymoua Apr 17 2013 5:54pm FLAG
you people need therapy big time.firstly these are cousins .this is're sick and sex addicted.the sad part of this is that most all of you kids who are doing these things now will grow up to be also (unles you get help)will grow up to remain so addicted tosex that you'll be forever handcuffed to it,always searching for it.//do really want to be 20 something,then 30 and 40 and being as addicted to sex as you are now??and take my word for it you WILL be./i feel sorry for you people and your need help addiction isn't a joke./you people are exactly what most people consider ghetto trash..think about it!!

robert rezco May 02 2013 2:56pm FLAG
you Robert rezco

Bax360 May 21 2013 8:58pm FLAG

Bax360 May 21 2013 8:59pm FLAG
Fu** you

Bitch May 21 2013 8:59pm FLAG
Here's my plan: my cousin likes me a lot so when she comes over this summer she will want to come into whatever room I am in (in this case mine). Once there we will talk casually until I ask if she is okay with me getting chained with her there to save time. She will say yes and I will get *****. I will make sure I have a hard on and she might ask me what it is or if she can touch it. When she does, I will tell her why and start playing with myself or let her touch it and tell her what to do. After, I will ask her to take off what she's warring and play with her nipples and . I might be able to get her to put my c*ck in her mouth. To make sure I don't get in trouble, I'll tell her not to tell anybody because she would never get to see me again. Tell if you think it will work

Anonymous May 26 2013 6:40pm FLAG
I say if you have an older girl cousin her

Anonymous May 29 2013 3:37pm FLAG
All of you are going to burn in the hellfire....

Rocky Jun 03 2013 1:18pm FLAG
Yall mother er's need jesus

snoop dog Jun 12 2013 4:43pm FLAG
my cousins are her ever since!

Cuzziner Jun 15 2013 5:33am FLAG
At bela bela love sex

Sex bela bela Jun 15 2013 11:17am FLAG
Everybody think if you get your cousin's pregers then you'll have to take care of a kid

Derpycoolboy7 Jun 30 2013 8:20am FLAG
Erin, I want to you

vorasen Jul 06 2013 12:04am FLAG
Hi iam my cousin is I want her to grind me and have oral sex with her my name is jake! And her name is Molly any help thank you

Jake Jul 06 2013 1:22pm FLAG

DIZ CATMON Jul 19 2013 3:01am FLAG
I want to have sex with my 8 year old cousin and I'm but I see her like once a week and she slaps my but all the time but idk wat to do Please Help!

Derek Jul 19 2013 10:37pm FLAG
I`m and my cousin is . I want to her perfect ass, but I rarely see her any ideas?

Nick Jul 24 2013 11:48pm FLAG
Put on a movie.. have a tank top on and boxer briefs... make sure you 2 are close. When your hard get up and act like your getting somthing to drink (doing this to show off your penis) when you sit back down get closer to her..

Asod Jul 27 2013 2:25pm FLAG
I have cousin she iz very hot and sexy .i Wanna have sex with her than how can i ask her for sex.

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 5:07pm FLAG
When ur cousin come near U and see there is no one to see U and put ur hand on her hand and go closer to her she will ask u what u r doing but U will just shut up go closer and say to him that U want to have sex with her . When she say okay .than okay she say no go closer and kiss her and stand up and go away.

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 5:20pm FLAG
I'm and my cousin is she visits here every summer cuz I stay with my grandma and her dad stays here tooo about 3 years ago she like grabbed my d*ck when we were play fighing n even since then I've wanted to do stuff to her . Any advice on what I should do I just want to see her ass and touch her

jalen t Aug 04 2013 2:23am FLAG
Rip her clohes off and her

tex Aug 04 2013 5:43am FLAG
I fuk my 8 year old cousin. And she fuks me back

tex Aug 04 2013 5:46am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 10:59pm FLAG
30mins ago I was wondering around through the woods on my uncle's farm with my cousin, she's and i'm . We got far away from the farm and she turned to me and asked if I wanted to touch her boobs then she took them out and walked towards me. I started to touch them and we ended up having sex. We got back to the farm and went into her room and locked the door and we continued. Now she keeps asking over and over.

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 11:06pm FLAG
Im i finger myself

Hot gal Aug 19 2013 12:20pm FLAG
i find this really funny because even though i didnt have sex with my cousin i had sex with my best friends cousin in his house shes 22 from the uk came here for a weeding this weekend of august 2nd weekend im 19 i drove her home she wasnt felling well but she was realllllly :) i love uk girls now going to uk next month just for her INDIAN WEEDING RULE

grant mann Aug 19 2013 6:12pm FLAG
Dude... Your ing SICK!

Aperson Aug 26 2013 7:05pm FLAG

No one :D Aug 28 2013 10:50pm FLAG
i wanna f*** my friend she is im any advice mail me

Don Sep 03 2013 6:25pm FLAG
Dude my cousin let me lick her she wears a sexy thong and she pulls It down Riley slow and it get caught for a second and it come off the rest of the way. You should see her tits there like 20 year old tits but she is and I am . I put my d*ck between her breasts and it fits perfitic in them. She gives an amassing blow job I tell her that all the time and she keeps o a suckin dud u should ask her and If she says yes you will not regret it I don't.

Serated Sep 05 2013 8:30pm FLAG
There is nothing wrong you. You are male, she is female. Nuff said. Its called nature. I wanna ing hard, it's like this evil stinging intese surge of naughty perverted lust. 3 cousins. 2 r sisters.

Anonymous Sep 08 2013 11:04pm FLAG
I wanna molest my 8 year old cousin james so bad. Im a and am very sexually active. all the boys wanna gets so wet when I think about my lil 8 year old cousin, every since I acidently saw him necked 2 weeks ago. His tiny pink little pee pee was so cute. I just wanna lick on it 4eva OMG. is itwrong 4 a girls molest her 8 Y/Oboy cousin?

Anonymous Sep 09 2013 3:45am FLAG
Penis that is it

p nis monkey Sep 09 2013 7:05pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my 3 year old cousin he's so sexy he has a -1 inch d*ck already I'm also 37 and a man how should I come on to him?

desperat for cousins Sep 09 2013 7:10pm FLAG
ooo i really want some sex someone to finger me if you want i could have some yummy fun with you guys take off my shirt and u guys could lick my boobs and my vigina and a d*ck yum me hard

liya Oct 01 2013 4:35pm FLAG
Whats your number then, liya, ill bang you

hi liya Oct 20 2013 10:52am FLAG
Dear liya... can i bang u im and i want some . So if you leave your mobile number ill call you and we can chat.

i wanna bang you liya Oct 20 2013 10:58am FLAG
How old are you by the way?

i wanna bang you liya Oct 20 2013 11:01am FLAG
if. any of. u. want advice emial me at. i give. out good. advice

advice giver Oct 21 2013 9:34pm FLAG
Im my cousin is she gave me a bl*wj*b and i sucked her hard tits. She is really hot and she comes over everyday for my d*ck

Anonymous Nov 10 2013 5:17pm FLAG
is there any1 out there that wants to do it?

Anonymous Nov 13 2013 11:46am FLAG
Im a girl and if i were your cousin this is what i would want you to do sit me on you lap when your d*ck is hard and say do you like that if yes then pull down your pants and say do you want to suck it if yes let her for a while then let the magic began thats what my cousin did and now he lives with me and he s me every its so good just dont cum on her she might freck out

Anonymous Dec 02 2013 9:37pm FLAG
When your changing make sure to leave your door open call her so when she comes up she sees you d*ck (make sure its hard) if she askes if you called her say you didnt look to see if shes staring at your d*ck say do you like it if yes bring her in your room lock the door and lay her on your lap then gentaly slide your hand have her pants to her her make sure you dont cum on her she might get scared and stop have fun

Anonymous Dec 02 2013 9:45pm FLAG
When your changing make sure to leave your door open call her so when she comes up she sees you d*ck (make sure its hard) if she askes if you called her say you didnt look to see if shes staring at your d*ck say do you like it if yes bring her in. your room lock the door and lay her on your lap then gentaly slide your hand have her pants to her her make sure you dont cum on her she might get scared and stop have fun

Anonymous Dec 02 2013 9:48pm FLAG
When your changing make sure to leave your door open call her so when she comes up she sees you d*ck (make sure its hard) if she askes if you called her say you didnt look to see if shes staring at your d*ck say do you like it if yes bring her in. your room lock the door and lay her on your lap then gentaly slide your hand have her pants to her vigina ask her if she likes it if she does pick her up take her cloes of lay her on you bed of something and lick her vigina for a while then have her hand job you after a while stick your d*ck in her vigina and her make sure you dont cum on her she might get scared and stop have fun

Anonymous Dec 02 2013 9:50pm FLAG
could i get some cousin lives in arizona but she came to colorado the sme time we did and they came to visit are are cabin. later i was going to the restroom and she asked if she could go in. i hesitated and said no then later she got on top of me [not *****] and wanted to have sex. again i hesitated and said no and haven't seen her since this summer. idont know if she'll want to do it again next time but i might see her again soon. could you give me advice.

arnold schwarzeneager Dec 07 2013 11:25am FLAG
i want to do it now

arnold schwarzeneager Dec 07 2013 11:26am FLAG
im ***** right now and i want to suck some ones boobs

Anonymous Dec 08 2013 11:48am FLAG
Do it to your self man bro

Chris Dec 18 2013 3:01pm FLAG
My cousin is grossed out by sex, but I really want to bang her, anybody got advice

The dude Dec 19 2013 7:02pm FLAG
Just convince her it's a good thing

4-banger Dec 20 2013 7:17pm FLAG
Am and my cousin is 19. We had sex when we were kids and it was great actually my first. Since then we've not seen each other until a year ago we danced when we were alone and I always placed my hand on her pu**y and she always rubs her ass on my d*ck while we dance. I just saw her today and we talked dunno if I should ask jer for sex or if she's gonna turn me down............. Advice please anyone

chingie Dec 29 2013 3:07pm FLAG
Am a girl and my cousin asked me to have sex with him. I want to but am soo shy. How do I have sex with him with out saying a word :/

Amanda Dec 29 2013 3:35pm FLAG
Sleep over at his place and give him a b**j** at night so you wount freak ouT#

pizzle# dude Dec 29 2013 3:37pm FLAG
fuc* everyone

i know best Jan 19 2014 4:33pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my cousin so bad she is so hot she has a big ass and nice tits and I just want to eat her all day

Anonymous Jan 19 2014 10:35pm FLAG

Antonio Feb 16 2014 8:22pm FLAG
Im 20 and my cousin is when we were kids we fooled around but just kissing its been seven years we live together with her family and mine. A few weeks ago we were talking and I brushed my d*ck against her ass I know she felt it but she didn't say anything. I don't know how to tell her I wanna her without freaking her out any advice please?

anonymous Feb 22 2014 4:36pm FLAG
Where does she live I would like to have ***** se with her and touch her boobs. Iv you see your cousin ***** go in and have sex with her but close the door

Conrad SA Feb 28 2014 4:32am FLAG
wow you people are seriously ed

Dr.H.Edwards Mar 31 2014 2:19pm FLAG
I'll have fun with her like suck my d*ck and her in the ass dats wat i did

Anonymous Mar 31 2014 6:34pm FLAG
Any girls that want to have fun how to ask them

Anonymous May 14 2014 1:46pm FLAG
I like my cousin and whenever we are alone we can talk about serious things or joke around. I feel like I can tell her anything

Rainbow May 28 2014 10:43pm FLAG

Titlick May 28 2014 10:44pm FLAG
how do i get my cuzin to have sex with me

someone Jun 02 2014 3:40pm FLAG
Y'all need jesus in y'alls life y'all goin to hell!

Satan Jun 05 2014 12:17pm FLAG
Satan wdf are you doing here ._.

Jesus Jul 04 2014 8:40pm FLAG
You morons, you are sinning. Sure,call me a hater because you don't want to be accountable for your immorality.

Protection unto death Aug 02 2014 3:06pm FLAG
I want 2 have sex with my 6 years old cousin she so cute my d*ck get hard everytime I'm around her please I want her ***** body on me

by 34BERYT Aug 03 2014 3:21pm FLAG
I want to sleep with my cousin! She sent me a picture of her boobs. So is it safe to say she wants me as well?

Me Aug 09 2014 12:55pm FLAG
Any of you guys that want to have sex with your cousin its messed up and u need help

jdogg Sep 06 2014 6:58pm FLAG
my little cousin is 6 year old and I want to have sex with her so badly, my d*ck get hard every time I'm around her please help me I really want her ***** body on me ps I seen her in her underware just her underware and I like it please help me

3 lord zedd Sep 26 2014 12:33am FLAG
your all ed in the head

dr.phil Oct 19 2014 4:22pm FLAG
I get my cousins dirty panties every chance I get shes 37 and im 34 I smell lick and jackoff to them while vidio tapeing. Were very close so she sleeps over once a week. Shed never do this.She hates **** and wont talk about aanything sexual. Ive now made a hole in my bathroom wall where I vidio her when she showers. I cant get that tight little shaved pussie off my mind. I have hundreds of picture's and vidios im thinking about blackmail. Think it will work?

gotta have my cousin Nov 23 2014 8:27pm FLAG
(Before you read my story just so ha know I'm right now turning on jan 21st and this was a couple of weeks ago, enjoy!) So I had gone to this school event/fundraiser they were holding because my friends were there, and I met this hot blonde chick, so naturally, being the guy I am, I went up and talked to her. We became good friends. We were hanging out after school at my place one day and we talked about stuff and who so and so likes and what not, and she said she had to go do something and I asked her what. She said she was going to the bathroom and asked if I wanted to come with her, and I said yes without hesitation. We walked into the bathroom together and I locked the door. She took off her pants and I got an amazing look at her blonde bush and amazing p*ssy. She sat down and took a piss, then got up and said if I had to piss I can go now. So I did. Before I could zip my pants back up she puts a hand on my shoulder and asked me to wait. She slides her other hand under my arm and across my chest, then down my stomach, all the way until she got to my c*ck. she fiddled with it, bounced it around on her hand. I loved it. Her hand was really smooth and warm. Soon, my c*ck was long and hard. She reached up and unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, then took off my shirt and turned me around. She stroked my chest and c*ck, all the while I was stripping her down, and massaging her tits and p*ssy. She got on her knees and put my d*ck in her mouth, and I came in her mouth after a few. She swallowed and said my juice tasted amazing, and that it was my turn to taste hers. So I sat her down on the toilet and kissed her for a bit, then put my mouth on her p*ssy and she came in my mouth. She tasted really frickin amazing. By now I was getting a condom from my wallet and then I had my d*ck in her. I ed her long and hard. We do it all the time. But now she's interested in another boy and won't have sex with me anymore. Well still kiss from time to time but I miss it.she did tell me though that I know how to give a girl a good time. And that if she stopped liking that boy, she'd come back to me, but she hasn't, so once again, if there are any hot girls who want to have sex I'm your guy, just ask below and I will see you soon!

dat fabulous a Jan 13 2015 11:28am FLAG
if u want 2 have fun email me

the_.real_.tb Feb 05 2015 7:21pm FLAG
sorry its

the_.real_.tb Feb 05 2015 7:23pm FLAG
I touched her 5 years before.BT now she don't let me.dhw is 21 now.plzz give some advice how to convince her again to let me touch her bpobs and other and see her *****

Anonymous Apr 25 2015 7:40pm FLAG
I want to have sex now!

snoop dog May 27 2015 4:24pm FLAG
Come on its your cousin,instead of trying to have sex with her you should try protecting her,because you also you may have a daughter one day then what will ya do if people thinks something wrong about her????

Anonymous(girl protector) Nov 20 2015 2:14am FLAG
Give advice: