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how do i finger myself and make it feel good?

The Problem: im a gay ****ager and i want to finger myself but dont know how to make it feel great. any tips?

Asked by: lancekish at 05:42:57 AM, Tuesday, January 11, 2011 PST FLAG


you just make your self wet by exciting yourself,either this be by *** or whatever,then you get wet and take how many fingers you want(you should star with either one or two) and put it in yourself and go in and out or flick your fingers in yourself and you can also play with your cl*t by either circling it or flicking it,any more questions? hope i helped!

Here anytime! Jan 11 2011 7:58pm FLAG


Anonymous Jan 13 2011 9:38pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 13 2011 9:38pm FLAG
Use my Finger!!!

Deedly Dee Dee Jan 14 2011 12:36pm FLAG
Your GAY!? And you want to finger yourself up your jerk? I finger myself up my jerk sometimes, I'm a boy and I'm straight and I get absolutely no sexual pleasure out of it.

A straight guy Feb 09 2011 1:49pm FLAG
and apparently it turns a-hole to jerk...

A straight guy Feb 09 2011 1:49pm FLAG
Just lick your finger and go at it, it feels great

Another straight guy Apr 19 2011 12:59am FLAG
what our gay and you waant to finger yourself - strange?

lol Apr 19 2011 11:05am FLAG
just go for it, lube it up and shove a finger or two in

a fellow gay Apr 28 2011 10:07am FLAG
I love fingering myself and it's great but I don't feel like it's ever enough.

A single wo May 02 2011 10:15pm FLAG
Anybody is a girl here. Text me i know alot of way to do it 4-335-3536

Jay May 24 2011 10:21am FLAG
Get some lub, get it on your fingers, shov it in.

Yo' mama Jun 01 2011 1:30pm FLAG
I want to finger my self how. I mack it

bob Jun 11 2011 2:16pm FLAG
call me and ill do it for number is jimmy by the way

gay guy who likes to suck d*ck Jul 06 2011 11:56am FLAG
A single wo i can teach u how just text me 4-335-3536 i have alot alot of good way playing urself. Just text me or call me

Jay Jul 09 2011 5:25pm FLAG
If anyone need help just text me 4-335-3536 i can show u alot alot of good way of finger urself. I make u moan alot and make u cum to.

Jay Jul 09 2011 5:26pm FLAG
If anyone need help just text me 4-335-3536 i can show u alot alot of good way of finger urself. I make u moan alot and make u cum to. Jay

Jay Jul 09 2011 5:26pm FLAG
I'm h*rny need help guys ;)

U want me Jul 18 2011 8:07am FLAG
I'm h*rny need help guys ;)

U want me Jul 18 2011 8:08am FLAG
Jay will u make me moan x ;)

Gem Jul 18 2011 8:19am FLAG
Gem i will make u moan alot alot alot just give it a try and how old are u Gem.

Jay Jul 18 2011 10:40am FLAG
1 or two fingers just stick some lub on a glass bottle and shove it up there but record it and stick it on youtube that

liam skelton Aug 21 2011 7:01pm FLAG
al yhu need to do is get ur fingers or buy a vibrator ehts not that hard usually i finger myself or let mah boy friend do et for me

lulu Sep 04 2011 4:48am FLAG
play with by rabing it in sirkels first slow and soft the harder an faster.. if i vinger my self i do play with my cl*t first to get horney it helps and works like a bom

Anonymous Oct 10 2011 12:31pm FLAG
It feels way good and it feel good to get ed too

A gay man Oct 14 2011 10:01pm FLAG
It feels way good and it feel good to get f***ed too

A gay man Oct 14 2011 10:03pm FLAG
i do it wenevr imin the shower i get cleaned up nd i arouse my self omfg!!! so i wish myfinger was a giant penis ahhh i just love fingering my self it feels soo good....

gay man in search?!! Oct 31 2011 8:46pm FLAG
who will finger me

Anonymous Dec 04 2011 11:29pm FLAG
Mmmmm... Soo now

Yum Jan 05 2012 8:27am FLAG
i want someone to lick my jerk

GayLixk Jan 15 2012 8:39pm FLAG
Someone come me up the ass please?!?

A gay guy Jan 16 2012 5:29am FLAG
Call me at4438827632 ILL TELL U ALL

Bio Feb 18 2012 6:33pm FLAG
Like your finger and shove them in likeeee whhhaaaa

Anonymous Mar 12 2012 12:52pm FLAG
dont use fingers and find something longer. the deeper the better ;)

Nick Mar 16 2012 9:34pm FLAG

Tg Apr 07 2012 10:45pm FLAG
Jay I want to make u moan:)

Jayxt Apr 07 2012 10:47pm FLAG

Tg Apr 07 2012 10:47pm FLAG
Up the bum is the best

i love sex sex sex May 29 2012 7:17am FLAG
Im and im fingeringnmyself rightnow!!!! i put some lotion on my fongers and shove them in snd circle aroumd umtil i pee too much(:

sexmeup Jun 12 2012 9:22pm FLAG

wtf Jun 15 2012 11:41pm FLAG
I finger myself at night... It feels good...

Justin Beiber Jun 15 2012 11:42pm FLAG
take a tooth brush and some lube and go at it

Anonymous Jun 29 2012 6:23pm FLAG
When u r fingering ur self and u feel like u wanna pee, does that mean I'm about to have an orgasm?

A girl Jul 01 2012 3:09am FLAG
When u r fingering ur self and u feel like u wanna pee, does that mean its an orgasm?

A girl Jul 01 2012 3:10am FLAG
Im sooooooooo but i want to have an orgasm but i cant and i want to cum but i cant either?

Imbringingsexyback Jul 07 2012 9:13am FLAG
Yuck. Gay men conversation. Take a hint, you all have aids.

Someone you don't want to know Jul 12 2012 10:02pm FLAG
I need someone to tell me how to make myself moan in cum by fingering myself

A GIRL Jul 16 2012 5:00pm FLAG
stick a mini baseball bat with lotion on up ur ass

suck d*ck Jul 18 2012 12:44pm FLAG
does anybody sucks d*ck give ur number if u do

suck d*ck Jul 18 2012 12:47pm FLAG
I suck lots of hardd c*cks ;B

Cum Everywhere Aug 04 2012 2:55pm FLAG
I suck lots of hardd c*cks ;B

Cum Everywhere Aug 04 2012 2:55pm FLAG
I suck lots of hardd c*cks ;B

Cum Everywhere Aug 04 2012 2:55pm FLAG
I suck lots of hardd c*cks ;B

Cum Everywhere Aug 04 2012 2:56pm FLAG
I suck lots of hardd c*cks ;B

Cum Everywhere Aug 04 2012 2:56pm FLAG
I suck lots of hardd c*cks ;B

Cum Everywhere Aug 04 2012 2:56pm FLAG
I suck lots of hardd c*cks ;B

Cum Everywhere Aug 04 2012 2:56pm FLAG
Im super horn

cutitie Sep 08 2012 1:25am FLAG
I wanna a man

Yes Sep 12 2012 6:32pm FLAG
shove it up feels good

a bisexual gay! Sep 14 2012 10:52pm FLAG
I need help moaning someone wanna make me I'm a gay guy

Brad b Sep 21 2012 10:09pm FLAG
try yuh fist

kerrrrrrrrzzzzzzz come fuuhhh me Oct 14 2012 11:10am FLAG
Need to put a inch dik on my big gay ass n make me moarn for one week :-P

Sexy boy Nov 06 2012 1:44pm FLAG
Text me a pic of you ass 9256 0418 im gay for your d*cks

Anonymous Nov 21 2012 8:12pm FLAG
stick a brush in ur out of it

merdle Nov 24 2012 2:40pm FLAG
i want sex:(

gale Nov 25 2012 6:24am FLAG
Im nd im fingering my self in the shower right now someone reply to me me cum have and.orgasm or get me I dont care if u r a girl or a guy I have size 36D boobs and I need your help.!!!!(;

Sexii.Lexxii Nov 25 2012 8:20am FLAG
Aye! Sexii.Lexxii were you stay at? I can give you some help! ;)

Goodd*ck! ;) Dec 05 2012 3:40pm FLAG
hey I am and I put my fingers in the middle my minge and then pee and then get nail polish :0 good luck Xxx

wank all day Dec 28 2012 10:11am FLAG
babe , suck and put your fingers in your fanny ! also put nail polish in a pu out

masturbation is good Dec 29 2012 1:33am FLAG
I Think The Best Way To Finger Yourself Is By Licking Your Middle Finger And Putting It In To Yourself

Gabe Dec 29 2012 10:28am FLAG
Im and I'm a guy thats gay. I lock myself in the bathroom and i shove a pen, toothbrush, middle finger up my ass till i moan and tell myself i want more. Im so my own dad. I jackoff everyday and look at gay ***. I strip myself ***** and finger myself aww im so Horny!!

gayboy Dec 31 2012 2:10am FLAG
I wanna my uncle. !!!

gayboy Dec 31 2012 2:11am FLAG
Gayboy what's your number

Hot stuff Dec 31 2012 9:14am FLAG
Ummm do you lick ur finger and stick it up the bum hole? And is cum white stuff that gets on ur panties?

WORRIED Jan 06 2013 8:06pm FLAG

SHADOW_HAWK Jan 13 2013 2:25pm FLAG

SHADOW_HAWK Jan 13 2013 2:30pm FLAG
i dont stick my fingers up my puss i just rub my thing round and up and down it fells nice

bestgirl Feb 17 2013 9:34am FLAG
jay will you make me moan i live in chesterfield my address is 2261 old ridge rd. chesterfield sc i am but i dont care how old you are and i dont have any brothers or sisters and my mom dont get off work till pm

summer Feb 22 2013 1:55pm FLAG
i mean it dont have to be jay if he doesnt want to do it it can be another guy just give me a call at [843-623-5977] and ask for summer

summer Feb 22 2013 2:02pm FLAG
I just fingered my self to the image if my own huge c*ck

Want you in the ass Mar 07 2013 6:18pm FLAG
Tex me 7-257-99

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 5:17am FLAG
just started to finger my self and jay how old do the have to be to make them moan and to finger your sepf put lotoun on a funger and stick it up you glory hole

a bi sexule guy Apr 03 2013 12:43pm FLAG
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a bi sexule guy Apr 03 2013 12:46pm FLAG
sick a pencil up ur arse nd ull get cum

d*ck sucker Apr 05 2013 12:01am FLAG
If you want some good advice on fingering email me, trust me you won't be let down ;) Email me at

Gayboy Apr 06 2013 2:57am FLAG
I need to know how to finger. Ian a boy plain straight

Anonymous Apr 11 2013 11:30pm FLAG
Jst put ur one or two fingers in ur ing ur self

Love the d*ck Apr 20 2013 11:42pm FLAG
Give me a text if ur a guy thats like or if u want to im

Love the d*ck in my Apr 20 2013 11:44pm FLAG
i love fingering my buttholee

Anonymous May 11 2013 5:26pm FLAG

Disturbed May 12 2013 6:47am FLAG

...... May 14 2013 4:57am FLAG
How do u finger ur self I'm a boy btw

....... May 14 2013 4:57am FLAG
Lick a coke can and shove it up your arse,feels so good!

Daz Jun 12 2013 5:27am FLAG
Ayee, I'm want to or suck me? Just email me and I'll give you my number so you can text me a pic of your penis. Then I might come see you I'll make you moan ;)

Gay Boy PAP ;) Jun 16 2013 9:31am FLAG
im fingering for first time helppp

JAYYY IM A BOY Jun 18 2013 10:15pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 20 2013 8:41am FLAG
Im and Im a gay boy, Fit slim twink. I want to find someone under 25 but must be hot and fit. ask for skype and kik. i live in bay area and want a big d*ck in me

FitSlimGayBoy Aug 08 2013 4:06pm FLAG
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C*cklover Aug 17 2013 1:59am FLAG
I like fingering it feels good I wish someone could do it to me

anaananananNa Sep 02 2013 12:07pm FLAG
I need someone to me reply back pleaseeeeeeeee

anananananana Sep 02 2013 12:11pm FLAG
i'm and bi any tips on fingering yourself?

yr old boy Sep 04 2013 6:20pm FLAG
I want a big d*ck in my ass NOW.

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 10:35pm FLAG
I will do it for u

Anonymous Sep 21 2013 10:32pm FLAG
I'm bi. I wanna know some objects that are good for sticking up your ass because my fingers arnt cutting it anymore

bi Oct 11 2013 1:02pm FLAG
Can someone screw me im really really im a guy please i really want to my ass is really sexy im flexible and my hole is tight

i want sex Oct 13 2013 9:37am FLAG
@bi, if you empty a pen, and use that as a dildo I'm pretty sure that would work

Straight guy Oct 14 2013 4:39pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 12:03am FLAG

me Nov 03 2013 12:04am FLAG
I'm a bisexual guy and if you take two finger's and find u g-spot and play with it it feels great.

Bi Guy Nov 09 2013 5:12pm FLAG
Just put your middle finger up there it's nice

Nobody Dec 22 2013 8:36am FLAG
Who can I trust to talk to

I'm Mar 14 2014 10:47pm FLAG
y dnt yall jus get in dildos

????? Mar 27 2014 12:24pm FLAG
need c*ck plz help??? lol jk i jus want some c*ck in my ass now :O €=3

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Kelly Apr 30 2014 8:04pm FLAG
Who has snapchat

Kelly Apr 30 2014 8:05pm FLAG
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anonymous May 04 2014 12:13pm FLAG
I'm a man and want a woman to suck my d*ck

A man May 11 2014 7:03pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 14 2014 12:48am FLAG
Hi can someone tell me how to finger myself cause it hurts when I do it

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A bi guy Oct 08 2014 3:54pm FLAG
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Gay Oct 15 2014 10:05pm FLAG
i just stick my whole hand up my ass and let it sit in their while i jerk

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Sebastian Nov 29 2014 10:26pm FLAG
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Fingering itself is awesome it feels so good but use a electrical toothbrush ok it's awesome but girls put it on ur

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