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How do I ask my sister for sex

The Problem: Hi, I am Indian I want to sex with my elder sis. My elder sis got married 2 years ago any still no kid. I always wanted her but could not get any chance. Now a few days ago I took a chance about talking about sex story wih her & her hubby as why she had no kid yet and then I could talk about everything about sex with her, I also advised to have oral sex with her hubby and advised her to buy some red bra nad panties. It was a very bold conversaion with her. This I did Intentionally to have some talks about sex. Now should I ask her for sex and How do I ask her

Asked by: airy36 at 09:54:51 PM, Wednesday, January 19, 2011 PST FLAG


Keep up what you are doing. Get her to say what she doesn't like about sex with her husband. Offer to show her how to fix that. You might start by teaching her oral instead of just talking about it.

Saytr Jan 20 2011 7:02am FLAG

mail me for incest talk--

raj Jan 25 2011 11:17am FLAG
take to the doctor

jjhj Mar 29 2011 12:51am FLAG
Please believe me.If u have a sister u will have a desire to lick her nippples or touch her breasts.Some youngsters will share their bed with their moms and move thier hands to their Mom's breast and fondle in the midnight which is absolutely a sin in the sight of Jesus.Its very simple to keep away all the lusty thoughts.All u need to do is pray to Jesus and bind the spirit of lust whenever u get the thought of committing this sin through these words,"I bind u spirit of lust and adultery in the name of Jesus" By confessing u will win.Please try this.Everyone has self control and make sure that u have not been designed in such way that u will fall in sin.Once when u win over these lusty thoughts and when u get married in the future u will be happy with your wife and you will definetly thank God for being pure and u can keep away from guilty conscience.Hope u will have success in your personal lihe through christ that dwells in u.

Moses May 02 2011 11:29am FLAG
ur sister

Urfrnd Jul 24 2011 8:39am FLAG
airy36 this is wrong which are going to do. Try to get married.

human Jul 27 2011 1:12am FLAG
un kunnaiya kattu da punda mona thongaciya otha thaiyoli

un pundamon Mar 15 2012 7:30pm FLAG
punda punda punda punda punda punda punda pundap tnda

un pundamon Mar 15 2012 7:31pm FLAG
U have to see a shrink or when U get these thoughts SHOOT UR SELF IN HEAD

Anonymous Jul 02 2012 5:18am FLAG
U have to see a shrink or when U get these thoughts SHOOT UR SELF IN HEAD

some one who cares about other people Jul 02 2012 5:24am FLAG
just rape her

anonymous Jul 31 2012 9:41am FLAG
i had sex with my sis when she was and she didnt know even for whole srory of my success at

ishan Oct 28 2012 5:32am FLAG
great to my sister so many time

jan Apr 15 2013 12:23am FLAG
seduce her

Lath Jun 26 2013 8:57pm FLAG
Show her your c*ck

Me Jul 17 2013 11:15am FLAG
tell your sister to watch *** movie with me then after few minutes of watching *** movie show you d*ck to her if she look to you d*ck and smile then directly touch boobs and take out her cloths and put your d*ck inside her

rana Aug 03 2013 12:23am FLAG
how do you think , are animals you can not realise what you are planning to do . shame on you , you are not man , you do not have a blood of a man who takes care of his family. Mar 31 2014 12:40pm FLAG
I need same help !! please help me. she is ing hot, very friendly, but dont know what she will do when i ask her for sex ! please help

SexNeedy Jun 09 2014 3:28am FLAG
plz do not hesitate for having sex with u sis and go and ask directly she can understand u feeling

an RJ of at Feb 19 2015 10:01am FLAG

youngcypher Aug 19 2015 3:48pm FLAG
My sis got married n she has 2 children's.I want to sex her.but I don't know how to tell her.plz help....

CROOD Mar 31 2016 7:23am FLAG
Just tell her you want to have sex with her she might slap you but if she doesn't then waght till her kids are at school and husband at work

anonymous Apr 03 2016 7:46am FLAG
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