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I want to have sex with my sister. I'm and she's what do i do?

The Problem: I have exacly no idea.

Asked by: Sierra at 12:26:55 PM, Saturday, January 22, 2011 PST FLAG



fdgd Jan 23 2011 5:50am FLAG

Giver her real advice fdgd jeeeeeez.

not fdgd cause im purrrrty Jan 23 2011 2:53pm FLAG
try letting her catch you masturbating. maybe start asking her questions about sex and what it feel to do stuff. thats if shes done anything with anyone else before.

Anonymous Jan 23 2011 4:44pm FLAG
are you ing kidding me that not cool to do that with your sister shes your sister gosh

people these days Jan 29 2011 3:35pm FLAG
That is shame...there is alot of girls on the what u want with they...but not with your sister ...she live with u until death...if u make mistake u will be in traple for that do it with anyone Exept your sister...thank u

The Black Darkness Feb 03 2011 2:22am FLAG
don't do it

Anonymous Mar 29 2011 3:30am FLAG dont do that! Unless..she wana to but thats woukd be ptetty awkward having sex with ur sis!!!

(: lover May 01 2011 9:11pm FLAG
try sleeping pills!!...on ur sister

raj May 13 2011 5:15am FLAG
omfg u want 2 hav sex wit ur sis? thats sic its like my little sis (who is ) asking me (who is ) 2 hav sex wit her!!!! DNT DO IT

wtf May 24 2011 9:47pm FLAG
plzz let me knw d names of sleeping pills . rahul

Anonymous May 30 2011 6:00am FLAG
Lol if u can't get her I'm and always want to have sex (I wAs rapped when I was 5 so u won't be my first)

Sexy bitch Jun 04 2011 11:53am FLAG
Lol if u can't get her I'm and always want to have sex (I wAs rapped when I was 5 so u won't be my first)

Sexy bitch Jun 04 2011 11:57am FLAG
Hmmmm,really?then show her some sexual movie or something like that at home(when you're doing this she should not know that you're showing it)if she's impressed,kiss her lips and touch her tits....having sex with own elder sister is so goooooooood......

Mostofinho Jun 06 2011 1:11pm FLAG
Hahahahahha I wouldn't if I were u and I'm too but I dream of doing it with my stepsister (she's ) or my step mom (she's 38)

GD kid Jun 08 2011 1:50am FLAG
hey when i was like you i felt the same as my sister was too hot, and i know she's got a bf.. but i cant have sex as we had some relationships.. forget this and you will be getting a lot of girls than your sister..

rafael Jun 12 2011 1:59pm FLAG

BAD Jun 19 2011 6:17pm FLAG
Thaaaaaaaaaaats sick... you make me want to vomit

??? Jun 20 2011 5:41pm FLAG
sexy bitch hit me up

jmr Jun 20 2011 10:04pm FLAG
fuk her

Anonymous Jun 30 2011 5:44am FLAG
I am .i hav a stepsista she is . I want to ing hot. I hav kissed er

Kingpin Jun 30 2011 7:30pm FLAG
okeii why would you wanna have sex with your sister !!?? thatz sick!! and i dont think its a good idea !!

?? Jul 10 2011 11:39pm FLAG
step by step instructions--- wen she is sleeping at nigt go remove hr clothes and do it. 4 dat u may use sleepng pills

anonymous Jul 12 2011 11:03pm FLAG
watch a *** movie 2gether....then try to repeat the scene

Bobby Jul 15 2011 7:49pm FLAG

;) Jul 17 2011 9:12pm FLAG
if u cant get her u can me... im

sexy girl Jul 18 2011 12:37pm FLAG
if u cant get her u can me... im

sexy girl Jul 18 2011 12:37pm FLAG
im and i have two sisters (and 18) and they're both exceptionally hot (lots of my friends have crushes on them). i've never really thought about that though...

mithter lithp Jul 20 2011 12:07am FLAG
ask her

ttt Jul 21 2011 7:07pm FLAG
dont be afraid

this guy Jul 21 2011 7:08pm FLAG
I wish I could to I thought about alot

doe Jul 21 2011 10:14pm FLAG
it would be so good I bet

doe Jul 21 2011 10:15pm FLAG
I wish I could to I thought about alot

doe Jul 21 2011 10:15pm FLAG

Joe Jul 25 2011 11:56pm FLAG
Dnt do it with her do it wit me lol

Bby qirl Jul 27 2011 5:56pm FLAG
you guys have funnn :) fml xD im and im a boy

Kieran Aug 01 2011 6:42am FLAG

snookie! Aug 04 2011 8:24pm FLAG

snookie! Aug 04 2011 8:25pm FLAG
I'm single reali hot got big boobs n I'm slim I also wana hav sex so badly my bf has touched me in tthose parts a lot n I seem to like it so I'm free do u wana do it

craving for sex Aug 07 2011 11:54am FLAG
Do it we have hormones we need to do what we need to do and make sure not to scream while doing it or laugh it ruins the moment try ooo yea uh uh uh right there tht kind of stuff

Jeremiah follis Aug 13 2011 12:19am FLAG
Well, this is what I did. My step sister was out partying, she's and I'm , when she got home she was so drunk, so I took advantage, and in the morning she didn't remember a thing. Just do something to her, so it makes her vulnerable.

Chode Aug 13 2011 9:55pm FLAG
youll go to hell for that its called incist or something

neegro Aug 15 2011 8:08am FLAG
do me instead lol really with own sistah thats sick wake up you'll go to hell if you do it!!! i

thick & ready ;) Aug 15 2011 2:26pm FLAG
I don't thats right you can both go to jail as thats called prelimatary incest

The boogie man Aug 16 2011 3:18pm FLAG
call me i feel the same way

Craving Aug 27 2011 10:58am FLAG
Yoh wen i was n my sis was we didnt even knw how to ther sis

M0theo Sep 11 2011 10:42am FLAG
That Is I N G sick. what sort of a pervert are you. and loads of you telling him to do it. uou can not have sex wit your sister!!!!

Annonymous Oct 10 2011 12:26pm FLAG
That's not right incest is NOT OK you should try and find another girl perhaps one that doesn't share the same DNA

Summer Oct 18 2011 6:15pm FLAG
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Hott dude81 Nov 23 2011 11:15pm FLAG
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shani Nov 25 2011 1:34am FLAG
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with 9incher Nov 29 2011 7:20pm FLAG
Craving for sex me now!!!!!!

texan Dec 15 2011 8:23pm FLAG
You can totally do me I love sex alot

Anonymous Dec 27 2011 12:31pm FLAG
Anyway I feel the same about my cousin but we get so close but then she has to leave but we never has a chance

Rere Jan 02 2012 5:04pm FLAG
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Karl Jan 22 2012 7:25pm FLAG
My bro raped me cos I was the most popular girl at my school. I was 9

Cheyenne Jan 26 2012 1:49am FLAG
You are SICK!!! and all you people telling him to do it are sick make me wanna puke!!!

Sompy Jan 26 2012 8:46am FLAG
thats hot im a girl and i have sex with my cousin all the time and shes a girl its sooo good and we do everything it feels amazing

mee Jan 26 2012 6:56pm FLAG
. . .

Anonymous Jan 30 2012 8:16pm FLAG
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Bigger then urs 10incher Feb 12 2012 12:29am FLAG
Babe will ?

Kellie Feb 14 2012 5:39am FLAG
Dats gross but maynne go get some wid some otha qirls...and tht girl who said you can you. I will be expecting to see u on mf and pregnat kellie mf bitch im not mean but thats nasty. And girls like you wonder why they get rapped. Smffff Im done

yearold guy Feb 18 2012 8:08am FLAG
I need a girl

big c*ckadle Feb 19 2012 9:12am FLAG
First of sexy bitch u and some sick petifile even said turn a dirty movie on and touch her tits, seriously dumbass! the only thing that is goig to get u is a headache from the bitch slap she gives ur sick ass! Come on people! wake up! I am u people make me sick!

JS35 Mar 04 2012 9:53pm FLAG
If shes so hot im pretty sure she wants to f.u.k her own age

Anonymous Mar 16 2012 1:45pm FLAG
Ride her up the ass

Fanny ass Apr 02 2012 11:58am FLAG
spokane need girl now

sooo Apr 03 2012 8:54am FLAG
Kellie I'll heck u where do u live

Pnp Apr 08 2012 11:57pm FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 09 2012 11:09pm FLAG
dude dnt let these ppl scare you im a marine and i had sex with my sister about your age and look at me now its not like im getting picked on or confrunted sooo go 4 it

jeff thomas Apr 18 2012 11:44pm FLAG
wow... lots of [rapist] in here becarefull kid. :p

wisdom May 06 2012 9:29pm FLAG
wow... lots of [rapist] in here becarefull kid. :p

wisdom May 06 2012 9:30pm FLAG
wow... lots of [rapist] in here becarefull kid. :p

wisdom May 06 2012 9:30pm FLAG
lol, wtf. this may comes as a shock to alot of ppl on here, but there is such a thing as being sexually attracted to your immediate genetic family, it's conveniently called "genetic sexual attraction" and it is a real condition. 1st i'd advise you to look into what your faith advises about that type of relationship, and if you are an aetheist then pick the religion that you respect the most and read what they have to say about it, perhaps you can learn something from it. Honestly i dont think that you should have sex w/ any1 preceding your 6th cousin genetic ties, b/c it's not natural in the modern world as it was in the B.C. time period; plus it's just nasty [im sorry, but that's my personal opinion]. you arent nasty, so dont blame yourself for being attracted to her, its not like you chose it like that, so dont do anything stupid like committ suicide. honestly, i suggest that you just talk to your sister [although that's gonna be akward as hell] and get this out in the open so that you guys can handle this and go back to whatever you concider normal. Most likely it's just puppy love but just to be safe [for both of you] she really should know before something wierd goes down in the future. Pray about it.

love ya babes May 06 2012 10:44pm FLAG
Yall are disgrace to the human race. First of all for yall lil s:Drop your balls and stop thinkin witchyo lil peckers. Find a hobby because obviously yall dont have lives. Go outside. Play a sport. Make friends. Be nice. Yall are stuck on that radio bandwagon ish.

PHX mixed boii. May 10 2012 11:08pm FLAG
Just get a strap on dildo and ride her man

Anonymous May 27 2012 1:49pm FLAG
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Anonymous May 31 2012 7:58pm FLAG
Wow bunch of no liferz

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No, don't ing sister... Don't try anything.

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ghost Jun 23 2012 1:50pm FLAG
Don't do it's Nasty and for sake that's nasty

Tryin to help Jun 23 2012 4:55pm FLAG
her hard as heeelll

Anonomdf Jun 24 2012 9:36pm FLAG
Who's sexy bitch I want to it

Horny guy Jun 30 2012 11:16am FLAG
Do it its ur body like wtf why do they say we may not do it when we sooo young mean wile they did !!!

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btw, i would like girls not older then and not younger then 10 or , well is exeptional :)

Karlis Jul 22 2012 11:40am FLAG
You're insane stupid little kid, what the her all you want.

Guy Jul 27 2012 11:41pm FLAG
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Any 1 up 4 sex ?

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nina Aug 17 2012 5:31pm FLAG
I'm , blonde and wanna have sex too (: haha i live in california, Temecula

Caitlyn Aug 18 2012 1:42pm FLAG
I'm and girl that is sick!! You can get a baby at a young age for having sex why do you want to have sex anyways?! What Happened to our society?!?! Listen you shouldn't even be wanting to have sex with her! Especially all the other year opds wanting to have sex on this post. You should rethink this over a billion times ok? Ifyou want to do this you should at least be over 18 ok? This is illegal to. What if your mum or step mum found out? I wouldn't wanna know. This could let you lose your reputation.

ANONYMOUS Aug 19 2012 5:24am FLAG
eww all you kids giving out info to have sex im and i get but u dont see my giving out info

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Shes Gonna Say No Bro.

the u care ? Sep 01 2012 12:04pm FLAG
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The magician Sep 03 2012 11:31pm FLAG
It's sick but who cares its a girl at least he's not gay I support gays don't approve of them tho so while u doing her think Of her or the girl of ur dreams trust me the magician knows all

The magician Sep 03 2012 11:39pm FLAG
well u shouldn't do your sis but if u get her 2 do u than it's fine but if get a baby i will laugh my head off

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u could all so tie her up than do her

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I want to hav sex wid my sister so much. I'm she is I wa*k and think bout me havin sex wid her and makin out wid her then I yano everywhere is fells so gd how do I do it without her saying no or somin like tht

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IM HORNY BOY Oct 28 2012 8:57pm FLAG
Dudes, you guys are not old enough. Learn guys. Wat would happen if you guys are careless

The MAN Oct 29 2012 9:07am FLAG
You such a bunch of idiots, giving out info, I'm sure you will enjoy being chained up in some old guys house, her and get caught....that's juvi for you bud....and its also just people couldn't possibly be christian

one of the sane people on here Nov 08 2012 4:44am FLAG
Where the F..U..C..K.. this world going.....that's just sad

one of the sane people on here Nov 08 2012 4:46am FLAG
And if you u can't possibly have like 10 inches that's .I.N.G crazy.....10 inches huh....that's like almost a ruler so stupid....IDIOTs....omg

one of the sane people on here Nov 08 2012 4:50am FLAG
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one of the sane people on here Nov 08 2012 4:55am FLAG
A lot of this is lies....someone said...I'm single and my boyfriend touches me....doesn't add up....I was raped when I was five and it was couldn't possibly remember and understand what was happening so, it doesn't add up...get out of your dream world and do something useful

one of the sane people on here Nov 08 2012 4:58am FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 10 2012 2:49pm FLAG
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Why can't this be a friend site not for sex . You guys don't know anything about sex . You think it's blissful , if you do your wrong it is a lot of commitment . Attention all women in this page . Ok , it hurts like hell your first time. It's not easy . You want your vagina to be ripped open ? Didn't think so . You want a guy to put his penis in your back door ! It hurts like hell ! Do more important things with your life . You only get one .

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