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does anyone want to me

The Problem: I want to and ill give u my phone number or my email address if u wanna me

Asked by: idiot101ful at 08:02:55 AM, Sunday, January 23, 2011 PST FLAG


ok ru male or female?

undermad Jan 23 2011 7:24pm FLAG


idiot101ful Jan 24 2011 7:34pm FLAG

LOVE DOCTOR Jan 25 2011 1:03pm FLAG
hey i wuld if ur a girl my email is

Anonymous Jan 25 2011 4:50pm FLAG
how old?

lover Jan 27 2011 11:56am FLAG

idiot101ful Jan 27 2011 12:46pm FLAG
freak :D

dmn Jan 27 2011 12:53pm FLAG
Why's your name name dmn

the person Jan 27 2011 4:08pm FLAG
Why's your name name dmn

the person Jan 27 2011 4:14pm FLAG
Giving out your phone number over the internet to people you dont know is dangerous. They can use a phone number to locate where you live. Many young people get abducted that way. Home phones and Cell phones are traceable no matter how safe you think they are.

Joey Jan 28 2011 10:11am FLAG
ok person who wrote this. listen 2 Joey! Joey is right. Joey helped me 100%!

Qtie Jan 28 2011 8:53pm FLAG
U r a really stupis ! I am and even i know that is a bad idea! Stupid!

Anonymous Jan 31 2011 10:50pm FLAG
Hey that's my nickname at school who told u it

Anonymous Feb 02 2011 4:44pm FLAG
if urea girl im a 20 male 443 683 33

scott Feb 17 2011 10:11pm FLAG
are you crazy giving your number to strange people you don't know so you can them!?

iknowghettoooo Feb 21 2011 7:39pm FLAG
with s is illegal. you can go to jail for that or get in some serious trouble with the law. specially if any of you are adult men

Anonymous Mar 01 2011 9:30am FLAG

HOT CHIICK Mar 11 2011 2:14pm FLAG

HOT CHIICK Mar 11 2011 2:15pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 25 2011 4:42pm FLAG
d*ck...sorry I just wanted to see what this word would convert into..

Sorry for being dirty on purposly accidentally on here! Apr 10 2011 8:41pm FLAG just changed it into "d*ck"..? Funny!

Last comments owner ^_^' Apr 10 2011 8:42pm FLAG
Leave ur phone number boys I'm and Im a size 34b I will txt u

Big tits May 04 2011 3:12pm FLAG
Hey big tits I'll text u 30595601

Jason May 05 2011 6:29pm FLAG
854577 girls only

Anonymous Jun 02 2011 6:27pm FLAG
I'm , I think I have a pretty nice body and I have a 32b bra, 50726686

Paige Jun 30 2011 1:34am FLAG
Add me on msn at i will on there, but no way i will give anyone my phone number :)

Angharad Jul 02 2011 12:51pm FLAG
Do ta do 623 523 9681 it's real and I'm male don't worry I'm not ugly ;D

Ummm I'm a nice guy-btw Jul 16 2011 12:35am FLAG
Paige ill u i will text u and u send me pic first though

Anonymous Jul 20 2011 11:30pm FLAG
So Paige ?

Anonymous Jul 20 2011 11:31pm FLAG
I'm a dude with a big coock 63648625

Adam Jul 26 2011 3:01pm FLAG
does any1 wanna ? im 18

Anonymous Jul 30 2011 12:35am FLAG
d*ck ass bitch

Anonymous Aug 07 2011 5:41pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 07 2011 5:42pm FLAG
What's your number big tits?

Anonymous Aug 14 2011 7:34pm FLAG
Im male and 21 nd kinky as hell. im a lil heavy but not bad at all ive got a good c*ck nd am very open. 541-418-2697 guys or girls text me

sex hungry Sep 04 2011 4:25pm FLAG
me, im and my c*ck is always huuge.

Masonn Sep 11 2011 6:39am FLAG
Im bisexual and i love d*ck in and willing to send pictures 570581

Anonymous Oct 20 2011 11:53am FLAG
ima male im any girls want to hit me up my number is 8-708-5588

Anonymous Oct 29 2011 10:18pm FLAG
Ok so im the one that put up the 570 number and i dont want to anymore so nobody txt me nomore

Anonymous Nov 01 2011 5:20pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 05 2011 1:11pm FLAG
girls only^

Anonymous Nov 05 2011 1:11pm FLAG
Girls send those pics on over to and you'll get some in return ;)

Wantmyc*ck? Nov 09 2011 4:28pm FLAG
I love to suck d*ck and I'm very good at and moaning I'm a girl nice ass big boobs and a virgin oh and I'm ;D

virgin:o Dec 08 2011 11:48am FLAG
if you wanna have fun leave me ur nmber I will text you I'm bored and havve no life just got dumped want someone to feel me up

virgin;D Dec 08 2011 11:51am FLAG
if you wanna have fun leave me ur nmber I will text you I'm bored and havve no life just got dumped want someone to feel me up

virgin;D Dec 08 2011 11:55am FLAG
I love to suck d*ck and I'm very good at and moaning I'm a girl nice ass big boobs and a virgin oh and I'm ;D

virgin:o Dec 08 2011 11:56am FLAG
Any ladies wanna me? 361-2-3430 send pic first ;)

bigmexicand*ck ;) Dec 15 2011 6:47pm FLAG
Virgin text me 90975376

Adam Dec 31 2011 12:05pm FLAG
virgin what your super hot guyyyy

hot youngguy Jan 06 2012 7:33pm FLAG
I'm a girl. And I am so . Rite now. I'm a lesbian so girls only. I am and I just love for a girl to lick my tang!!!!!! my number is 8436050526 hurry up and my because I'm so wet rite now!!!!!

wet Feb 18 2012 10:51am FLAG
girls me comment ur number and ill text u but u have to send a pic. first for safety reaons

big d*ck Feb 18 2012 6:11pm FLAG
virgin D me 5532 8981

hotguy Feb 27 2012 3:09pm FLAG
Any girls want to just give me ur number willin to send pics

Anonymous Mar 02 2012 8:04pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 04 2012 10:21am FLAG

Anonymous Mar 04 2012 10:21am FLAG

Anonymous Mar 12 2012 8:28pm FLAG
Hi, my name is Brody. I'm and I love ***** girls with big boobs!!! me a pic of ur boobs, and I will send u a pic of my 8 inch c*ck!! My cell numeber is (602)799-2837 thanks, Brody

Brody Mar 16 2012 7:00pm FLAG
im 6'8" age male any girls wanna hmu 949 633 2598

tall ass dude (jake) Apr 14 2012 6:04am FLAG
im 6'8" age male any girls wanna hmu 949 633 2598

tall ass dude (jake) Apr 14 2012 6:10am FLAG
903 388 9278

WhatitDew? Apr 14 2012 2:39pm FLAG
Im A Male!

WhatitDew? Apr 14 2012 2:39pm FLAG
Girls text me 6786468629

Sexy boy Apr 30 2012 1:34pm FLAG
i would love to 256 497 9769 male

just here May 02 2012 3:46pm FLAG
Im big tits small p*ssy latinas skiny nice body nd ready too

latina #1 dnt hate white girls May 16 2012 7:13pm FLAG
Im big tits small p*ssy latinas skiny nice body nd ready too

latina #1 dnt hate white girls May 16 2012 7:13pm FLAG
5984 2651 girls me ill send pics ;) hmu

Freakaleek May 20 2012 5:59pm FLAG
im grils only 9077502180

who gives a May 25 2012 9:01pm FLAG
Sexy me!! I do pics email- :)

Anonymous May 29 2012 8:10pm FLAG
Oh and I am hot shaved

Anonymous May 29 2012 8:10pm FLAG
me Gurls....will send pics if u do...

Hotandnorcaliboy Jun 02 2012 2:01pm FLAG
Hey texted me guys

Jade Jun 03 2012 1:38pm FLAG
im and big d*cked so impress me? 1-208-252-9503

hrnyhotdude Jun 04 2012 3:19am FLAG
How big???

Jade Jun 04 2012 5:47am FLAG
So horney and hot any guys on ???

Jade Jun 04 2012 5:50am FLAG
Tight p*ssy give me ur number and I will texted u I am and female

Jade Jun 04 2012 6:01am FLAG

Jade Jun 04 2012 6:03am FLAG
Any guys in feeling

Jade Jun 04 2012 6:33am FLAG
Give me ur number jade and I'll text u I'm a guy

Thebeatnik18 Jun 09 2012 8:52am FLAG
Give me ur number jade and I'll text u I'm a guy

Thebeatnik18 Jun 09 2012 8:53am FLAG
Give me ur number jade and I'll text u I'm a guy

Thebeatnik18 Jun 09 2012 8:53am FLAG
Hey If anyone wants to my number is 832-623-2210. Im male looking for a girl age -.

ty Jun 10 2012 4:46pm FLAG
Who wants to ?? Btw im n number is 847 406 0407 I m a female so cmon guys !

Anonymous Jun 15 2012 10:23pm FLAG
Girls sexy me 0405104682

Anonymous Jun 16 2012 12:35am FLAG
im and i am a very guy

Anonymous Jun 19 2012 8:56pm FLAG
im and i am a very guy

Anonymous Jun 19 2012 8:57pm FLAG
im and i am a very guy

Anonymous Jun 19 2012 8:58pm FLAG
I'm with a big c*ck looking to get girls with big boobs so let's !!!!!!

Drew Jun 20 2012 11:19am FLAG
me im a guy

Anonymous Jul 05 2012 4:11pm FLAG
im a guy looking for girls. i want to trade pics so if any girls out there intrested, text me at 7025383744

Anonymous Jul 07 2012 9:52pm FLAG

Lee Jul 08 2012 4:18pm FLAG
me I'm a girl. Really

Lee Jul 08 2012 4:19pm FLAG
Horny girls text me 4802047540

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 4:58pm FLAG
im a guy looking to trade pics with girls. 7025383744

ryan Jul 08 2012 9:44pm FLAG
Girls I'll be your pic slave if you leave your number I'll text you. I have a huge c*ck

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 10:04pm FLAG
... Girls only 683836

Anonymous Jul 28 2012 12:03am FLAG
me male 309-253-4462

drake Jul 29 2012 12:26am FLAG
Boy or girl

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 12:08am FLAG
^txt me

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 12:27am FLAG
Get a life u fricking freaks

lakebro Jul 31 2012 4:35pm FLAG
Email me hot girls i will wit u on that Im male

josocool03 Aug 06 2012 9:15am FLAG
any girls me BIG C*ck!!!

anonymous Aug 07 2012 7:10am FLAG
and im

anonymous Aug 07 2012 7:11am FLAG
Im a guy: 951-777-0694

Master Bates Aug 10 2012 7:22pm FLAG
Ladies... im all-american guy. me some pics and hmu. 7645 0654

Hole Poker Aug 10 2012 8:12pm FLAG
I'm a guy 563 690 8361

Anonymous Aug 18 2012 12:45am FLAG
Y'all are all sickos

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 8:52am FLAG
Only girls willing to . I'm so hmu

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 5:12pm FLAG
I forgot too give my number 9099184972

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Im a hot babe looking for some action. me 19784296926 and my cousin at 1 (209) 809-33. We are both girls. I'm and she's , is my limit ^.^

Call me Sammy ;) Aug 31 2012 3:06pm FLAG
I'm m looking for girlsand willing to trade s numbers 3044603183

Hump Sep 08 2012 2:52am FLAG
Hey got a 7 in d*ck. Girls any age im . 932821

hot guy Sep 09 2012 6:18am FLAG
I'm and very sexy and hung hmu (208) 437-8376

Anonymous Sep 22 2012 8:47pm FLAG
I'm turning in march I want to Just to see what it's like I'm good looking but I don't have big boobs :( I'm a a30 the first size 5708720238

Shy girl Oct 09 2012 1:13pm FLAG
Oh and any age actually scratch that hehe I'm naughty but I've never done this so I may need help :(

Shy girl Oct 09 2012 1:16pm FLAG
And I want naughty boiz no goodies

Not so shy girl anymore Oct 09 2012 1:22pm FLAG
Oh and if any boys like shaved... I am

Not so shy girl Is really wet meee Oct 09 2012 1:28pm FLAG
Hey any guys on

Jade Oct 10 2012 4:58pm FLAG
me I'm w/ a big c*ck, girls only please 323-546-66

Horny Guy Oct 12 2012 9:19pm FLAG
Any girls wanna me? I'm and I'm a pro. Respond and I'll give you my number.

Th3NXTGEN Oct 13 2012 5:21pm FLAG
@Not so shy girl Is really wet meee: Text me at (1)4109948392

Th3NXTGEN Oct 13 2012 5:28pm FLAG

Oct 14 2012 7:58pm FLAG
text me at 8058688384 hahaha i dont ! but im bored

Anonymous Oct 16 2012 11:37pm FLAG
Hey im a guy and im does anyone want to

Sexyguy Oct 18 2012 3:16pm FLAG
My number is 979-319-2794

Sexyguy Oct 18 2012 3:17pm FLAG
ewww yall is got no fuk life and go get hooker or look it up *** -_-.. they can track u up and rape u .. im telling to cops and dad is cops too cuz it illegal to with younger girl and watever u r pedophile or sex offender or child moster.. thanks for stupid giving out ur number and have fun in jail

Anonymous Oct 22 2012 11:18pm FLAG
I am super hot and I'm yrs old and I'm a male girls only me at 37607

anonymous Oct 27 2012 9:13pm FLAG
Text me girls im ;) ill exchange pics

Anonymous Oct 27 2012 10:27pm FLAG
Tell me ur number girls and only girls send pics

Anonymous Nov 04 2012 9:50pm FLAG
Any girls me reply asking for my number and ill give it

Anonymous Nov 05 2012 8:54pm FLAG
774-269-9388. Girls only. Nice c*ck.

Aaaaaaa Nov 07 2012 2:51pm FLAG
me at 832 297 8493 plz chicks wit big tits

Bigd*ckfellow4 Nov 10 2012 7:54pm FLAG
Shut up!! Get a life you freak!!

Adriana Nov 24 2012 1:52am FLAG
me 57061822 ima guy

Nice d*ck Nov 26 2012 11:31am FLAG
me ima guy lookin for girls :) 8034008010

me:);) Dec 06 2012 3:50pm FLAG
umm girls just text me saying "" and il message u back here u go text me anytime ever i dont mind 18034008010

aperson;) Dec 06 2012 3:55pm FLAG
text me im a skinny blonde with a nice rack and a very tight perky ass 1 (518) 6-7788

shanleycarp Dec 07 2012 5:42pm FLAG
anyone wants to me Im a guy

Anonymous Dec 08 2012 4:41am FLAG
224-226-0340 m

Anonymous Dec 08 2012 4:50am FLAG
im brunette and pretty cute. im always so hmu 1 (518) 703-7645

AlyssaBarrall Dec 08 2012 10:39am FLAG
26298992 im a boy going both ways

big boy Dec 17 2012 5:41pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 22 2012 12:54am FLAG
Any GIRLs looking for ages (-20) she due pic to 8087690250 and I'll send my pic and ima guy so no guys I'm not gay

Sexy guy Dec 23 2012 9:10pm FLAG
wow seriously? ._. i thought this postin gone but still yall putting out yall numbers lol

Candygurl Dec 28 2012 2:44am FLAG
Ight I'm looking to but ask for my number. Got a huge a'' d'ck 8 inch lookin to talk dirty to bad girls -18

Josh Dec 29 2012 8:05pm FLAG
Hey josh I want your number

chase Dec 30 2012 12:06pm FLAG
Im a guy give me numbers girls only

Bb Jan 01 2013 5:37pm FLAG
Unless your18 get off here

cory Jan 14 2013 3:40am FLAG
girls text me pics at 2053949949 will return favor

anonymous Jan 16 2013 3:07am FLAG
Give me a number if your a girl any age

anonymous Jan 19 2013 10:14pm FLAG
Everyone on here ar douchebags that need to get a life, by the way, pedifiles r ing inmature asswholes, and if u give out ir number stupid little kids, u diserve to get raped, bad to say, but its the truth

brandon Jan 20 2013 7:29pm FLAG
Hey i'm looking for a guy with a nice c*ck txt "" at this number.5-294-6388 thx and guys only i'll send some dirty pics

myown=D Feb 08 2013 4:37pm FLAG
Hey girls me im i prefer i like any girl and i have a 8 1/2inch c*ck

Alex Feb 08 2013 5:22pm FLAG
Oh and my number is 97889795

Alex Feb 08 2013 5:22pm FLAG
Ayye wassupp im tryin some fine ass girls so hmu

Robert Feb 09 2013 4:54pm FLAG
me girls:) m, abs and willing to show you everything :) 8042232386

Eli Feb 10 2013 1:00pm FLAG
me girls ages to 7757207406

guy Feb 17 2013 3:28pm FLAG girls!

mike Feb 19 2013 9:09pm FLAG
anyone wanna

Anonymous Mar 02 2013 5:04pm FLAG
imma a guy with a nice co.k and willing to show, girls only

Anonymous Mar 02 2013 5:06pm FLAG
i a male girls txt me pics and i will send some back my number is 303-520-46

random Mar 02 2013 5:27pm FLAG
me. (503)568-32

big tits Mar 03 2013 10:19pm FLAG
Anybody want to send me pics ill return tha favor. I'm a guy. Ps. I have a 7 1/2 inch one. SWARE. Leave your #

Mar 06 2013 11:05am FLAG
Oh! That is a huge d_ck! Thx for the pics ''!

big tits Mar 06 2013 11:07am FLAG
Bigtits, my email is

Sexyboy Mar 07 2013 9:15pm FLAG
Girls kik me to @ bestever27

Bestever27 Mar 10 2013 2:41pm FLAG
anyone on?

Anonymous Mar 11 2013 6:14pm FLAG
Email me :

Gaby1999 Mar 22 2013 3:48pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 22 2013 3:48pm FLAG
I'm wanna I'm a guy looking for girls willing to do anything with me;) my number is 435-660-67 thanks please me

Please Mar 24 2013 2:39pm FLAG
im and love big breasted girls send me pics at

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 1:26am FLAG
Guy looking to hot girls 530 526 83

NorCal Native Mar 28 2013 9:38am FLAG
Someone me,male, very muscular, looking for -girls kik: guy

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 11:34am FLAG

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 11:38am FLAG
Guys , me at 5038685667

Sexycindy Mar 31 2013 3:14pm FLAG
i'll text cindy

steve Apr 02 2013 5:25pm FLAG

me Apr 02 2013 9:11pm FLAG
I'm looking for a girl I'm a guy and I am straight, me at 3-8-21

Will Apr 05 2013 8:42am FLAG
guy here. I've been told I'm really cute. Nice c*ck. Dirty girls only me on kik. Mitchluk

Mitchluk Apr 09 2013 8:01pm FLAG
me girls at 562 44723 anytime no matter how late

Anonymous Apr 11 2013 9:33pm FLAG
571-5-9904 plzzz oh my

ima guy ;) Apr 14 2013 1:22pm FLAG
32 C cup want me to text u, then type out BBA PLEASE. I will respond as long as u r MALE, and give your # or email.

BBA. Apr 17 2013 6:48pm FLAG
hey BBA text me at 6-322-0193

Anonymous Apr 17 2013 7:44pm FLAG
Don't send me nasty pics, first tell me how old u r, then what you want me to call you name wise. Feel free to leave your # boys ;)

BBA Apr 17 2013 10:12pm FLAG
hey guys, this is a sort of prank: here's my friends number: 24299373 he doesn't know it's posted only girls text him age doesnt matter enjoy ;)

sex prank Apr 21 2013 5:47pm FLAG
I'm bba I'm looking for a girl friend that will suck you know what

Anonymous Apr 28 2013 7:35pm FLAG

kylewhite May 01 2013 11:32pm FLAG
btw Im kyle 21

kylewhite May 01 2013 11:32pm FLAG
Girls only. Text me :) 85-735-5742

tony May 05 2013 5:12pm FLAG
me girls at 56244723 BBA PLEASE

Anonymous May 09 2013 8:53pm FLAG
I'm me at I'm a boy send first picture

anonymous May 11 2013 3:28pm FLAG
Girls only. Text me. I'm a guy. 85-735-5742

tony May 20 2013 6:29pm FLAG I am looking for -

A boy May 25 2013 11:22pm FLAG
im yr male looking for a girl thts willing to trade pic and my name is jeremy. txt me # 806 466 0839

jeremy Jun 08 2013 11:33pm FLAG
or my other #1 806 337 2579

jeremy Jun 08 2013 11:34pm FLAG
Hey want to flirt I will make you feel so special ;)

Jade Jun 15 2013 7:41am FLAG
Hey I am any guys want to flirt sexy things no pics just really really hot words ;) just post your number and say its for me

Jade Jun 15 2013 7:44am FLAG
Hey im throughand want to whith girls THROUGH

jordan Jun 15 2013 9:09pm FLAG
My number is 236455436

jordan Jun 15 2013 9:10pm FLAG
Kik me waffleloverim boy Bi

Matt Jun 16 2013 1:00pm FLAG
Hi! I'm any1 wnt 2 txt meeeeeee! Any age dnt care. Plzzzzzzz:) #8648737849...HURRY IM BRORED!!!!!!!!!

*DC c Jun 17 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Meant 2 b *DC Chick* :)

*DC Chick* Jun 17 2013 7:54pm FLAG
hi im love to txt and any age 2-554-29 im

Paul Jun 18 2013 11:54am FLAG
Hey! Paul:)

*DC Chick* Jun 18 2013 12:29pm FLAG
Hey anyone want 2 talk through here? Girl or boy. I'm & female:)

cierra<3'syu Jun 18 2013 12:39pm FLAG
Also WHITES ONLY! Sry but blacks say weird thing & I am not racist either! K thanks:)

cierra<3'syu Jun 18 2013 12:59pm FLAG

Jade Jun 19 2013 3:25pm FLAG

Lizzy1080 Jun 22 2013 7:07pm FLAG
I'm a guy love to leave ur kik (girls only)

Anonymous Jun 22 2013 8:20pm FLAG
Lizzy1080 ur kik isn't working ):

Anonymous Jun 22 2013 8:23pm FLAG
Cierra , i wanna talk do u have a kik

Anonymous Jun 23 2013 11:33am FLAG
Hey I am a girl want to flirt give me ur #

Jade Jun 23 2013 7:21pm FLAG
Hey Jade! My number is 2483319327 and when you text ask for eric

Immaguy3 Jun 23 2013 8:10pm FLAG
m. got KIK? i like younger girls. and under kik me at hotguy4yourlife. no age is to young ;)

hotguy4yourlife Jun 24 2013 5:20pm FLAG
Well Eric u want to flirt 😏

Jade Jun 26 2013 10:33am FLAG
Any guys on

Jade Jun 27 2013 12:42pm FLAG
You all are so stupid this thing is a joke you shouldn't do any of it it's so nasty and illegal

Jade Jun 27 2013 12:51pm FLAG
jade i so agree with you:)

ksks Jun 27 2013 5:31pm FLAG
Kik me swaggin2468 ladies only

Anonymous Jul 02 2013 11:45am FLAG
big bobbies anywhere male

t Jul 06 2013 9:13am FLAG
virgin text me boy .....just tell me your #

t man Jul 06 2013 9:18am FLAG
it is illega an nonresponsible for all who do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cop Jul 06 2013 9:27am FLAG
i'll m . girls only plz i'm not picky my num is 804 519 70just text me any time no guys girls only

ashe ty girls Jul 08 2013 3:32pm FLAG
20 year old college guy with a d*ck you will love. All ages welcome, and I especially love young girls and promise that you will have a great time ;) girls only! 361-244-59, txt me ;)

Jagged Jul 15 2013 10:27am FLAG
Girls only I'm m 27790707

Anonymous Jul 15 2013 8:23pm FLAG
Girls 27790707 I'm m ill be ur slave

Anonymous Jul 19 2013 12:55am FLAG
Im and will girls /my #is 236455436 btw im male

JORDAN Jul 19 2013 9:00pm FLAG
im and a male... Possibly bi, but no promises 530-307-8566

somerandomguyperson Jul 23 2013 11:27pm FLAG
Hey girls only kik bobbythetank to swap s and if ur cool we could just talk if you want m

bobbythetank Jul 25 2013 12:36am FLAG
U text me at 2567948348

savannah Aug 12 2013 11:14pm FLAG
All u guys are dumb to put your numbers here

boywithbrains Aug 16 2013 2:03pm FLAG
my kik is dragonair749 im and straight

Rideordie Aug 24 2013 2:44pm FLAG
Hey, I'm a nice respectful guy just looking for someone to flirt with and Manley sexy, if your interested text me (719-465-62)

Marine Aug 26 2013 8:01pm FLAG
Oh and I just tired wendsday, all ages welcome

Marine Aug 26 2013 8:03pm FLAG
Girls- if youre looking for a hot guy with big d*ck to with youve come to the right place;) Kik me at triplethreetres

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 3:00pm FLAG
im (girl)and bi with a size D cup any takers for

hotbitch Oct 20 2013 7:36pm FLAG
me! 50948271 text me girls only

a guy Oct 23 2013 8:46pm FLAG
Me mt number is 57463484 girls only will send s back

hwctor Oct 24 2013 6:04pm FLAG
hey hotbitch whats your number?

Anonymous Nov 24 2013 10:21pm FLAG
Yeah hotbitch u didnt leave any info

Anonymous Nov 29 2013 11:05am FLAG

Ashley Jan 04 2014 12:52pm FLAG
Hi Ashley you got a kik?

Jordan Jan 05 2014 4:41pm FLAG
Male 6o262o86I4. me girls only :3

luke Feb 15 2014 7:47pm FLAG
Mail me am a girl

nosy parker Feb 23 2014 1:51am FLAG
I wanna talk dirty...

nosy parker Feb 23 2014 1:52am FLAG
I'm very I'm plz tell me if u wanna cam or

Keeyan Feb 24 2014 6:55pm FLAG
Text me please

yg Mar 01 2014 4:46pm FLAG
I'm I wanna talk dirty to u girl. You can text me anytime

yg Mar 01 2014 4:51pm FLAG
im a boy u can me im

Keeyan Mar 21 2014 4:44pm FLAG

Keeyan Mar 21 2014 4:44pm FLAG
lol why does it censor my age. 1 3

Keeyan Mar 21 2014 4:45pm FLAG
Six zero One six zero One One five three three

John Mar 22 2014 2:55am FLAG
I'm so freakyn im h*rnx my c*ck is sn h*rd six zero One four seven zero One five three three

John Mar 22 2014 2:58am FLAG
NJ8eXA Thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Want more.

qigkvtKxvxyF Aug 03 2014 9:49pm FLAG
LGb0fo Awesome blog.Thanks Again. Great.

OWopTBbOmAXdaMLgB Aug 04 2014 11:26pm FLAG
I'm just looking for a texting buddy I'm a thir**** year old girl don't text me if u over 18 no if u over I'm not tryna hear all that I'm lookin for a girl textin buddy

kik : takitony Sep 01 2014 12:11am FLAG
I'm yur guy

John Oct 27 2014 5:31am FLAG
Just want to have phone sex

John Oct 27 2014 5:34am FLAG
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