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Come behind her hug her and grab her boobs. You have a one in 3 chance because she will either scream and/or beat the crap out of you or else she will lean back and let you play. Take a chance the odds aren't that bad

Horny Bro Feb 02 2011 9:28pm FLAG

i agree

dun dun dun Feb 03 2011 3:30pm FLAG
Jus give her a hug an make sure she kan feel yur boner an jus kinda kiss tha side of her nek

big daddy Feb 16 2011 2:44am FLAG
My sister sleeping on the pool chair and nobody around so I push up her top to feel and suck her boob. She wake up and hold me there and let me suck both sides.

Josh Feb 21 2011 9:02am FLAG

a Mar 15 2011 8:01am FLAG
me b apni behan ki gand marna chahta ho plz help no 0331.9054390

zor Mar 15 2011 8:04am FLAG
Bra se chuchi nikala nipple ko chus chus k laal kar do aur sara doodh pee jao apni pyari behan ka

Anonymous Jul 02 2011 3:23am FLAG
First i ll try your sister den ll tell you how she ll react

Hindu boy Jul 03 2011 4:49am FLAG
Just touch it

Big daddy Jul 07 2011 11:07am FLAG

your fukin daddy Aug 20 2011 12:37am FLAG
Just do it when shes asleep

iMeanie Aug 20 2011 12:37am FLAG
Mai apni sagi bahan ki chut marna chahta hu plese help me

Akash Aug 25 2011 11:26am FLAG
Mai apni choti behan k sath bachpan mein sex sex khelta tha par mujhe choot marne ka pata nahi tha maine uski choot chati or usne mera lund choosa ab meri behan 18 saal ki hai or uske boobs bhi bade ho gaye hain main apni behan ke sath wohi bachpan wala khel khelna chahta hoon par darta hoon. kahin use bachpan wala khel yaad na hua to, waise yaad to hoga par mai chahta hoon pehle wo mujhe koi sanket de tabhi mai kuch karu. pls give me peasurable advice not ing comments.

Vaibhav Jan 02 2012 9:05pm FLAG
jab wo so jaye tab try karo

monu Feb 23 2012 10:26am FLAG
mai ka or meri bhan 18 ke hai mai uske sath sex karn chata ho plz give any how hack sister

rahul Apr 04 2012 7:14am FLAG
mai apni mom or sis ke sath sex krna chata hu plz login

rahul Apr 04 2012 7:17am FLAG
jab apki bahan nah rai ho to uske door ko kholo uski fudi vich lun pa do phi ara sa maro usko roul do fudi ve bound jroor mareyo phir use mazza ahi ga

s Apr 04 2012 7:23am FLAG
Hey meri fudi marlo koi , bht khujli hoti hai, mah figure is 34.28.32, n boobs r too tight, bt abi tk seal ni khuli ,

Nitika Apr 10 2012 2:54am FLAG
Hey meri fudi marlo koi , bht khujli hoti hai, mah figure is 34.28.32, n boobs r too tight, bt abi tk seal ni khuli ,

Nitika Apr 10 2012 2:54am FLAG
Ive got the same problem my sisters boobs are sooooo nice looking all I wanna do is fukin squeeze them until I cum all over her help?

anonymous Jun 01 2012 6:48pm FLAG
while sleeping koi bahana kar ke uske bajume soo jao aur raat ko jab wo gehri neind me ho to soone ka natak karke uske boobs chut ya ass par haath rakh do and do want u want

henrin Jun 05 2012 4:33am FLAG
while sleeping koi bahana kar ke uske bajume soo jao aur raat ko jab wo gehri neind me ho to soone ka natak karke uske boobs chut ya ass par haath rakh do and do want u want

henrin Jun 05 2012 4:33am FLAG
i touched my sisters boobs a lot of times whenever i feel them she tryes to get my hands off but she cant and after im done i just describe how good her breasts are and she dosnt tell parents but i can tell she dosnt like to be touched but i do anyway cause she wont tell and her boobs feel so nice

brother Jun 11 2012 2:34pm FLAG
one day i was locked in the basement with my sister and i was very hungry so i came over and told her what nice breasts she had i then asked may i suck them cause im hungry before she can respone i took off her clothes and started sucking and she started to pull me off but she cant and she cant scream cause no one home so i kept on sucking and then she stopped trying and just let me enjoy

hi Jun 11 2012 2:38pm FLAG
Pehlan ta aina di gaand maaro fir baad vich advice devanga Jun 14 2012 4:56am FLAG
mai b sabki bahan chodna chahta hu mera lund 9 inch ka hai i am in delhi my no 092696997

rahul Jul 17 2012 10:44am FLAG

SISTER OF URS Jul 25 2012 4:47am FLAG
Just feel her nipples while she is asleep When me and my sister are in a swimming pool we do underwater wrestling and I pretend the chlorine is hurting my eyes so I can pretend to close them and touch her boobs and crotch

Mt moron Aug 18 2012 1:43am FLAG

B Aug 20 2012 5:02am FLAG
very simple idea ...just make a joke on ur sister...ex saying that u r fat like buffalo like that..then she beats u smiling,u then beat her,then u both turn to wrestle,at that time just make a move from back side like one arm sqeezing her neck..she think that u r sqeezing her neck,so she keeps concentrated on that,but actually wad happen is .. ur c*ck rubs to her ass and it becomes hard and touch her boobs wid another hand...very simple and u wil hav lots of satifaction as u pressed ur c*ck at her asss tooo... enjoy ..because i have done this

sister seduser Sep 05 2012 12:55am FLAG
true story of 22 and my sister is 28 .. she looks very hot wid 34 c shaped tight boobs...we both are very friendly..once my sister is applying alovera on her face...i told her that i dont like that smell..just go to another room and apply it..then she didnt listen..i shouted on her...go away from me...then she got up and rubbed that alovera on my face and ran away smiling ...i got angry and i also ran to beat her...then i caught her from back and taken that alovera plant from her hand and rubbed that on her face & neck..when i caught her from back na.. then my c*ck rubbed against her tight ass..oh my good ness..i become harden and got feeligs...then i caught her even tightly and started rubbing her face wid that alovera and side by side pressing my d*ck very hard to her ass wid full force...then touched her boobs wid other her .then we both fall down.. and i still rubbing my c*ck...i almost that time she wear a black silk nighty wid a black bra ...omg i seen her boobs tooo..that is the 1st time and that time onwards my feelings turned towards her...I KNOW SEX WID SISTER IS A BIG SIN..BUT JUST SEDUCING WID HER WONT BE SIN...SO DONT THINK OF SEX WID HER...JUST HAVE ORAL WID HER...

sister seduser Sep 05 2012 1:10am FLAG
My hot sis let me share her bed with me.....she was wearing only a bra and panty...she huged and kissed me on the lips...and I touched her boobs and kissed them and opened her bra and she huged me at alteast for 30 mins while I touched her boos,ass,and kissed her and li lock

oooooo Sep 05 2012 2:42am FLAG
u guys r fooling urminds do it with girl friends not to sisters. Wash u r brains apni hi behen ki. so pigs thinking

brain washer Oct 02 2012 12:25pm FLAG
I felt my sisters boobs a few times. she was a 34d and she was cool with it. go for it!!!!

Anonymous Oct 07 2012 5:47am FLAG
yak shamelss creatures

Anonymous Oct 15 2012 3:00pm FLAG
How can I touch my sister when shes awake or sleeeping but she wakes up easy

Beasty boy Oct 17 2012 5:49pm FLAG
How can I touch my sister when shes awake or sleeeping but she wakes up easy

beasty boy Oct 18 2012 4:19pm FLAG
i touched my sister boobs for lot of times when she was sleeping i sperms on her

You Nov 24 2012 11:07am FLAG
Apni behen ki boob kise pasand hey

mmm Nov 25 2012 3:32am FLAG
how can i touch anything on her she wake easy 1m she is

me Nov 25 2012 7:27am FLAG
My sister has really nice boobs so when me and her play the xbox i will lean over and hug her and most of the time she will scream so i cover her mouth and keep feeling them. Then i will slowly move my other hand under her shirt and feel her boobs with my hand on her bra but every time i get that far she will move and i try to keep her there and try to move my hand under her bra but she moves to fast anybody help plz

TBOW Dec 15 2012 9:43pm FLAG
Me and my sister were very close about a year ago she would show me her boobs and let me feel them and she let me her in the ass witch was awesome but now she wont doo that anymore. Someone help

bros Dec 15 2012 9:46pm FLAG
Yo I tel y! Go t Herr and easy "bich suck ma c*ck" se wil Suck it caus e she likes it! I do it evry day! We also have sex a lot!

Ray Heider Dec 27 2012 8:48am FLAG
Just touch her boobs and undo her bra

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 1:09am FLAG
stop it

its a sin Feb 22 2013 5:51am FLAG
sis tits is great

woooo Feb 25 2013 4:01pm FLAG
Guys plzzz help me out...!!! My sis boobs r large i want to see and press dem anyhow...!! I told her abt my feelings... Bt she told everything to mom..!! She is 22... She is kinda sincere...!! She is a bit religious too...!! Help...!!! If u guyzz knw any sleeping pills dat r strong enough... Plzzz let me knw.... Cozz she is a light sleeper...!! Plzz help me...!!! Thnxx in advance

j345 Mar 19 2013 3:58am FLAG
me apni behan k sath sex karna chahta me

ravi Mar 21 2013 12:23am FLAG
idiots .

Advised Mar 24 2013 7:47pm FLAG
Jahel logh vulgur

... Mar 30 2013 3:22pm FLAG
I wanna touch my sisters tits aswell I'm bengali I wna touch her ass but she wakes up really quick any suggestions?

Ap Mar 30 2013 5:15pm FLAG
Mene apni sister k sote hue boobs p hath rkha jb wo bht gehri nendh me chali gas mene try kea suck krne ka pr wo uthjati khr mene bht boob pressing ki I wish me us k sth phr kar saku

sex lover Mar 30 2013 11:48pm FLAG
Oye pigs tmhara maa ki phudi bahno k 7 kuch ny krty salo

ali Apr 01 2013 2:45pm FLAG
Simple...Just avoid talking to her and say that u r nt talking to her bcoz she doesnt love u but you love her a ton...then she will say that she loves u too. and at that time hug her from behind and move your hands on her stomach while kissing her on neck..then insert ur hand into her top and move ur hand on her bare stomach...then take ur hand out of her top and slowly move them towards breasts and start pressing them gently...I have done this and she enjoyed it...

my sis is my girlfriend Apr 04 2013 10:22pm FLAG
i have t0uchd mah eldr sis boobs,nd i put of hr bra while she was sleeping...tht nygt was very n0w my sis f0rbade me to do ths guyz plz hlp me i wnt to do ths again..

sistr r Apr 06 2013 7:06am FLAG
lolz do it

shum Apr 08 2013 5:06pm FLAG
yappieee i have d0ne it again..;D

sistr r Apr 09 2013 5:35am FLAG
my sister boobs are so nice i need to get my hands on them please help

yup Apr 16 2013 11:32am FLAG
R u sleeping together in room

Anonymous Apr 18 2013 8:29am FLAG
my sister offered to suck me off when my parents weren't home and i gladly agreed. we're sex buds now. just say it! trust me! least week, i butted her!

ingmachine May 03 2013 2:59am FLAG
dum asses

cool guy May 07 2013 7:10pm FLAG
im a sister you guys are wasting your time my brother just does it im he 10 but i enjoy it!

sisibear44 May 14 2013 7:36pm FLAG
i desire sex im a sister i love when boys touch me it is so good.

sisibear44 May 14 2013 7:40pm FLAG
amar nam mithun.ami howrah athaki amar bonear age abong sundar...ami ok 1bar chuddte chai...kintu o amar kache asea na...ami ki korea ok amar kache anbo....?

Anonymous May 16 2013 2:47pm FLAG
Play wrestiling and when your about to put her down grab her boob and take it from there

bvb May 18 2013 2:24pm FLAG
Go for it bro. May

anon May 19 2013 10:28am FLAG
How old r you

Anonymous May 19 2013 10:28am FLAG
How can I touch my sisters boob in her sleep or whens she's awake with out her relising, she weras pj's and always wears a bra and pants, please help!

sister8 May 19 2013 11:20am FLAG
You guys are f***ing dumb azzes, do it to yo gf not sis

Helper Yolo May 22 2013 4:15pm FLAG
its very easy you must suck very fast boobs she would continue

Anonymous May 25 2013 12:54pm FLAG
maybe in play can be it

Anonymous May 25 2013 12:59pm FLAG
play by her boobs for fun step by step she will be enjoy and you can kiss , suck . lick thems without problem

boooy May 25 2013 1:32pm FLAG
Wtf y would you do it to yo sis I'm with helper yolo

tru king May 27 2013 10:12pm FLAG
i can help you very good i can ready your sister

boooy May 28 2013 11:52am FLAG
I am a sister u guys don't knw yy u waste ur time juz press it , ol d gals feel it n feels pleasure wen guys press it out I sleeps wid mah bro in same room we r twins n everynight from 7 months we r njoying we r 19 yrs old guys don't waste ur time press it n kiss her

demi Jun 03 2013 1:26pm FLAG
don t do for ur sisters

Anonymous Jun 05 2013 1:16am FLAG
kuttooo beghairat log ho tum sab ye kia bakwas likhi hai is question ko hi del kro.......sister izat hoti hain dunia men baki girls mar gai hain kia ?

advicer Jun 08 2013 5:20am FLAG
I used to sneak in my sisters room to touch her ass and boobs but one night I was going to fast and tryed to take her shirt all the way off in stead of just lifting it And it worked but as I was sucking her boobs she woke up cause she said it go cold so she goes what are you doing and I was like umm then she said nvm ik but if you don't do what ever I say I'll tell so I said ok and as I was leaving she said suck my boobs more and I said ok and then I was after a few she said stop and take your pants off and she blowed me and then after a week or two she started saying to her

Devin Jun 08 2013 5:44pm FLAG
I have sucked boobs of my sister.

Sisterlover Jun 14 2013 4:46am FLAG
my sister is too sexy,,, every time i feel to touch her boobs n stomach but one day tv was on, she was in kitchen n preparing noodles,, n the tv remote was wit her,, she always keep tv remote near her stomach,, so i noticed dat n i went to kitchen n asking her to giv the remote to watch cricket match,,, but she not agreed n she was not giving remote,,, so dis is chance i hugged her back tightly n trying to takr the remote,,, but actually seen was,, i was rubbing my c**k to her sexy ass n atlast some how i touched her bib boobs,, and it was super expriance to mee,,,

kiwi Jun 19 2013 12:23pm FLAG
Go to hell. Cheaps

Rahul Jun 19 2013 10:47pm FLAG
I want to do the same thing just wait till she sleeps then poke her in her arm to see if she sleeps the gently rub her boobs then move down to her crotch

hmmm Jun 26 2013 9:09pm FLAG
Ok im a sister and heres the thing, you dont want to get in trouble so wait till shes sleeping then go over and carefully pull her shirt down then lightly touch your toung to her boobs then just pull her shirt back up. My bro dose this every night and it feals great to the lady your doing it to then if you want do it everynight. ^.^

moners<3 Jun 26 2013 9:50pm FLAG
poke her in the arm and see if ur sis is asleep in if she is put ur hands gentlely on her boobs in go down to her

Yung Savage Jul 01 2013 1:33am FLAG
My big sister have big boobs and I really want to have sex with her...

Doug Jul 01 2013 10:57pm FLAG

POOONDAY MAVANE Jul 03 2013 2:53pm FLAG
I want someone to play with me I've an attractive tits I'm 34-B

priyaa Jul 03 2013 3:15pm FLAG
My sister is a light sleeper and I want to look at her boobs and kiss them but I don't wanna get caught any advice

BOOB LOVER 0228 Jul 08 2013 1:41am FLAG
priyaa- me

pokemontrainer Jul 15 2013 10:48pm FLAG
my sister would watch me bath then i get out d*ck out i wanted to her so bad. one night we slept in same bed i lifted her shirt licked her nipple and then she lifted shirt all off, my sister mary is so hot i love putting my c*ck on her

brother Jul 16 2013 8:55am FLAG

Bob Jul 24 2013 12:29am FLAG
Ew that's a sin u guys

Ew go get a gf Jul 25 2013 12:25pm FLAG
mere cousin sister ki boobs dabne h

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 11:36pm FLAG
when i went to my village my elder cousin sister falls on me and keep her hand on my shoulder and slowly touches her bobbs,they are very hard,at first i dont believe that i have touched her boobs,but i will live to touch hers.

Pradeep Jul 31 2013 1:28am FLAG
how could i see her body plz help

Pradeep Jul 31 2013 1:29am FLAG
Well, first of don't! It's called incest and it is illegal, I believe. If not, it's definitely just as frowned upon as having sex with your mom. But, if you're determined, just go for it. Before you do that analyze how your sister would act in inappropriate situations and think about how free she is in mind to tell your parents things... If she would share anything with your parents, the best idea would be to not try anything.

Ashton Aug 03 2013 10:05pm FLAG
my sis sleeps in my room with me n there r 2 beds in my room n i try to get feel her boobs which r B34 n there firm but i really try to feel her boobs n n she a light sleeper n its sometimes hard 4 me touch them but i really help to get them anybody tell help me give me advice how to get them plz

sisterlover Aug 05 2013 3:14am FLAG
Tum tumhara parents ko do ek din ke lie bahar bhejo kuch bi karke jab bo bahar jaegi at night when your sis sleep you got a picture of your sis boobs and use kaho agar tom mere sath sex nehi karoge to me sabko dikha dunga sex karogi to bohat maza ayega

B Aug 23 2013 1:21am FLAG
When he dressed up you go and sex and suck her boobs when she and you alone in house

Boob Aug 23 2013 1:49am FLAG
I and my sister sex at night you told your sis you want sex with her i know she very happy to know it

Sex lover Aug 23 2013 1:52am FLAG
You sick if she not sex with you rape him an alone forest

Angry Aug 23 2013 5:02am FLAG
go and touch

Anonymous Aug 24 2013 7:15am FLAG
You give a glass of water in this water you mixed sleeping capsule at night when he deep sleep you sex with her easily try this idea it is very good idea if you not try you are very sick i also do that with my elder sis

Boy Aug 24 2013 7:41am FLAG
I did it yes just now you do it too

Anonymous Aug 27 2013 6:08am FLAG
i want to play mu sis boobs, please give me idea... plz.

unknown Sep 02 2013 1:22am FLAG
i eant to play my sister boobs. i want to suck her cute tit boobs.. plz help me. she is not happy when suddenly i touch her boobs, sleeping pills are not given by any medicine shop. they says 1st show me the preception of doctor. please give me idea. help me friends...

unknwn1 Sep 02 2013 1:26am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 03 2013 4:42pm FLAG
im reading all this coments

emo boy Sep 06 2013 6:48am FLAG
plz mari phodi many 2lun 1sath dalo maza ay ga.

JANE Sep 06 2013 2:19pm FLAG
It happen to me also but i dont understand what my sis want when i try to touch her boobs she stop me and when i dont do she make me in mood as she touch my leg,even some times pennis too and after that when i get in mood she go away from me or wont allow to touch boobs

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 9:22am FLAG
These stories are hard to believe, none of this would ever go down well with my sister. but I guess some people have "unique" relationships with their FAMILY MEMBERS.

This is ed up Sep 22 2013 9:28am FLAG
i want to see my sister please help!!!!!!!!

Pradeep Sep 23 2013 6:35am FLAG
I've tried to touch my sisters boobs before but she got mad and I had to play it off as trying to poke her arm but missed. Plz help.i want to touch her boobs badly

Random personage Sep 24 2013 6:12pm FLAG
These are the best comment i have ever read

Crimson The Pimp Oct 02 2013 7:34pm FLAG
My sister and I had to share a bed for a while. I would just pull them out of her shirt and stare hahahaha. She always wondered why she woke up with her boobs out of her shirt

Mark Oct 05 2013 7:51pm FLAG
Protect your loved ones,if u do this then you will lost her trust and importantky u will also lose u r family trust,man duty is to protect a girl eithwe she is younger or older

Anonmyous ,your heart Oct 13 2013 4:43am FLAG
I want to touch my sister's boobs, I'm and she is with 34b sized bra. What do?

Green john Oct 21 2013 6:09pm FLAG
What the guys get a girlfriend leave ur sister alone

broxd Oct 23 2013 6:39am FLAG
71JTlY Hey, thanks for the blog post. Awesome.

PKpTfsaLSUSRAuVwx Oct 24 2013 11:53am FLAG
I am 25 married my sister is 32 widow with one kid she is staying alone now I want to her and help her so that she never feels alone I want to fulfill her sexual desire and mine too. I feel very bad about her coz she got widow in very young age.

saga bhai Nov 12 2013 3:48pm FLAG
Saaly kamino shram kro apni behn k sath aira kuch .......boht kamimy ho tum

Faisal Nov 13 2013 12:43am FLAG
Saalo shram kro apni behno k sath aisa kuch...... Shram kr u ****

Faisal Nov 13 2013 12:49am FLAG
tOqUkq I really enjoy the article post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

kMaUIcakVUWg Nov 17 2013 8:19pm FLAG
which are the sleeping pills ?

phunsuk wangadu Nov 21 2013 6:56am FLAG
i made my sister pregnant by ing her when she was passed out drunk. 2 year and i have not said anything

jojn Nov 27 2013 5:32pm FLAG
i pay my sister so i can touch her boobs im she is 27

carl Nov 27 2013 5:36pm FLAG
wow.. press mine

Anonymous Dec 05 2013 7:07am FLAG
i touch my sis boobs in night . slowly put hand in shirt and feel the racks......soooo nice...have fun:D

anonymous Dec 09 2013 4:42am FLAG
9Av2rO Wow, great article post. Much obliged.

PcPdlznPwXudr Dec 15 2013 11:21am FLAG
Mera lund khada hota hai

Anonymous Dec 18 2013 11:25am FLAG

The feller Dec 27 2013 1:47am FLAG
I felt my sisters Bobby's first 1 finger on her to Next night she slept with only a bra then I poked then Next night I put my whole hand down her bra and she is the heaviest sleeper so I did it all night then I undressed her panties bra and everything then slept with her and she was still a sleep best she has the biggest bobbs for her age and tight ass

The one Dec 27 2013 1:50am FLAG
Dam her ba hobbies are sexing awosme

The bonner Dec 28 2013 1:49am FLAG
its fun .but guys dont do it with ur it with ur gf. This is a bad habit.

Tom Jan 01 2014 12:39pm FLAG

Shrugg it off Jan 01 2014 3:31pm FLAG
Your sister? Really?

Not a dinosaur Jan 05 2014 4:06pm FLAG
waqe me chodty ho tm log

rana Jan 07 2014 11:18pm FLAG
Ask permission first.

punisher Jan 15 2014 2:59am FLAG
o8WBwq Muchos Gracias for your blog.

DCCAkhSkJGHcx Jan 15 2014 9:22pm FLAG
LISTEN UP IF YOU SLEEP IN THE SAME BEDROOM Guys pretend you stub your on the floor them kind do a quiet ooh then if she wakes up then wait ten minutes to do it again but if she dose not then play for 5 sec then wait 1. Min then do it again if some thing keeps repeating its self soon the body will get use to it and your sis will not wake up then after ten min do it for 10 sec if she rolls over in her sleep then swoly rub your hands on her hips touch around girls hip turns them on this will trigger th response so she will dream this is happening and she will like it then after two minutes of hip tuning the work your way to her ass of yhea then put you whole hand on her ass then swolu in circles rub for 10 sec the ass is less semi sensitive there fore you can do it for longer then kinda do what you whish to that lucky women's ass follow all these steps and y will be right WHAT TURNS GIRLs ON Kissing them on the neck Putting you hands on their hips Stroking their hair and being a gentle man If she asks you dose she look good in this bikini Or if she lets u see her in her undies Flow

Call me chad Jan 17 2014 12:45am FLAG

Call me chad Jan 17 2014 12:48am FLAG
Suck a Pe*is

Egg Jan 21 2014 1:49pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 31 2014 3:23am FLAG
Suck yr sis joucyh boob

Tiki Feb 05 2014 8:42am FLAG
listen buddies... i u have any such feelings ..then make a galfrnd and do with her... but the biggest truth is... touching sister boobs gives u much mood than ur girlfrnds... myself had a galfrnd...i used to do sex with her...meanwhile at nights i try to touch my sister boobs..because it gives us lots of mood with satifaction.. just touch her parts...but dont try to do sex wid her..becoz this wont be frank..any sister wont allow her brother to hav sex wid her...

sister seduser Feb 06 2014 12:20pm FLAG
it seems like there are lot of people who had a same sexual feelings on their sisters like me. some one please do help me.i want to touch my sister boobs very badly.i cant control myself.she is 26 and iam 24.she looks average but her sizes are some how big and awesome.i even hadnt try to touch them because of fear of what wil happen in next minute when i touch them.plzzz give me and advice.

sister boobs presser Feb 07 2014 9:18am FLAG
just sleep beside ur sister at night.and at deep night just see her.if she is in sound sleep then put one of your hand directly on her breast.she wont wake up at starting.and press a little hard and remove ur hand and act like u slept..this is the best way u can touch them. another way when she sleeps at morning u just woke up early and u wake her by pressing her boobs with one hand and with other hand on her shoulder.she wakes up normally by thinking u touched her shoulder. another way wrestle wid wid her.during wrestling u caught her from back and press ur pennis at her ass..u wil surely get satisfied wid this.. try done wid this and am satisfied.

monarch Feb 09 2014 2:00am FLAG
All you in people are gay asses ! Don't touch or suck on your sister's boobs. They are hers,not yours to play with like little kid with a new toy .

Cool Person Feb 15 2014 2:04pm FLAG
And don't sleep with your sister , she will know you are up to something .

Cool Person Feb 15 2014 2:06pm FLAG
heck u @ cool person.then why are u here in this link..go get out the hell...if sister likes then we can proceed rite..its better our sis do sex wid us than wid other gents.which leads to pregnency..

monarch Feb 15 2014 6:26pm FLAG
I want to tity my sister so bad how can I do it

Anonymous Feb 22 2014 12:26pm FLAG
On day my sister was sleeping I anyway put my hand near her boobes and squeeze it..,.... On day my sister sleeping putting her ass towards me she was wearing a skirt without a panty I quietly put my hand near it a touch it......

Xyzzy Feb 22 2014 6:40pm FLAG
All i did was masturbating while reading these comments. It gets rid of my urge to touch her.

user Feb 22 2014 9:05pm FLAG
I tity them so hard

Anonymous Feb 24 2014 8:56am FLAG
My sister is 34dd I titty her ever night I cum all over her bras and get tits ever morning and night

Anonymous Feb 24 2014 8:58am FLAG
R1Lo3a Very informative article post.Really thank you! Awesome.

hfxwxgyEHtu Feb 28 2014 10:17am FLAG
Dun do dat

osama Mar 01 2014 1:20am FLAG
I was in a hotel with my cousin on holiday, I am she was about , we were in an joined room and our parents were down the hall in another room. She has very big boobs and a great ass and I can't help staring during the day. One night I was lying in bed thinking about her and couldnt resist it anymore. So I sneaked into her room and saw her lying asleep, I poked her to make sure she was really asleep and then poke her some more to certain. She was lying on her back and she only had pyjamas on, i could see her nipples through her top and easily got hard. I moved the duvet away from her, put my had up her top and cupped her boobs and felt her nipples. She suddenly woke up and looked terrified when she realised my hand was on her boobs. Then she was quite for along time and eventually lay back down and I carried on. She told me to take her pants off and I begn to eat her . After that we had casual 'sessions' were we pleasure each other the next few days and we don't really mind, but I am worried that this was bad and am scared that it is bad for us at this age?!? Plz help...

Cousinat Mar 03 2014 7:47am FLAG
My sister has really big tits she's 18 and I'm 22 she has a really nice ass too.i touch her tits but sometimes she'll get mad bc I'm to obsessed with them but she loves when I put it between her tits I her so hard and but all over her nice big tits she's a 34d with really nice soft tits

Anonymous Mar 08 2014 7:56am FLAG
One day me and my cousins were at my house and my sister was on the couch watching tv she's a 34dd and she was wearing a white t so they were sticking out she was wayching tv so me and my cousin are just in the kitchen and we realize her big tits we both took sre d*cks out and started jacking them it off in front of her she didn't seem to mind so we went from behind her and started grabbing em my cousin is obsessed with her tits so we went to her room layed her down he had the right boob and I had the left we both came on my sisters big tits we do it often now

Anonymous Mar 08 2014 8:02am FLAG
my sister shows her nipples to me...but not allowing to suck or hold...

bro Mar 18 2014 8:10am FLAG
holi festivel is the best day.we can touch lot of girls by applying colour on them.on this day i just applied color on my sister and ran away,she came back and applied color on me and ran away.i caught her from behind and applied color on her face and turned to wrestle.i caught her more tightly and applied color all over her body .at one moment i pressed her b**s and also pressed my Penn**s at her As*.this is best technique.enjoy.

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hcIdsY Awesome post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

kWnBJRNbKL Mar 22 2014 1:13pm FLAG
ttouch and squeeze her nipples

lol Mar 25 2014 5:12pm FLAG
I touched my sister ass from outside her dress but she started moving her body and woke up. Please help how can I touched her body without her knowing?

BILAL Mar 28 2014 11:53am FLAG
Dont do it

Anonymous Mar 29 2014 10:58am FLAG
P3jbA4 Hey, thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

kzgmCxdGW Apr 01 2014 4:20am FLAG

abba Apr 05 2014 1:52am FLAG
just fight with your sister for some reason and start hitting her. hit her on boobs too. when it hurts she will start crying. then say that she is only pretending to be hurt. if she says if she is really hurt then say sorry and rub her face and then her boobs and again say sorry and kiss her boobs and ask her to open and show if she is hurt a lot. if she doesn't open, remove her top forcibly saying that you want to punish yourself. again remove her bra and do what ever you want with her. suck her nipples and before this put something to her mouth so that she cannot speake . also kick , kiss, suck.. make sure to do this when nobody is at home.

sex Apr 05 2014 9:43am FLAG
I rlly want sis boobs, how, please, I'm so desperate

whatsoever Apr 18 2014 3:06am FLAG
are betwa hamar lund le

vector Apr 18 2014 12:44pm FLAG
I usually touch my cousins boobs as well as n she also touch my c*ck.. When ever she stays in my house n sleeps with me... This is very common among us her boobs are very cum comes out within 1min when evershe helps me to masturbate...I am very lucky to have her

Opala gupta Apr 26 2014 9:30am FLAG
I love u opala..n I can't leave with out u..plz b my gf..plz

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my sis loves to show me her boobs and it drives me crazy to see them and play with them, she is 25 and i am 30. at first she onle let me look. then toush. then she talks dirty to me while i mastubate. i feel weied about this though. i need advice?

paully Apr 26 2014 4:19pm FLAG
my sis wer e very sexy i try to touch her boobs but cannot and i try to touch her boobs by give her sleeping pills and i enjoyed her,,,,

zynga May 08 2014 1:58am FLAG

Sahaj May 10 2014 5:35am FLAG
help Iam and my sister is 24 she has a 1 yr old toddler and I really want to suck my sisters tits mabey even sex I want to start out wth a massage or a game help she is so sexy

sexy boy1 May 11 2014 3:44am FLAG
yrM9dO Muchos Gracias for your post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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My sister Religious how can i touch her boobs

Lklpo May 16 2014 10:34pm FLAG
I want to touch my sisters tits but I am only10 what do I do?PS I have all ready seen them

Annoys May 18 2014 8:43pm FLAG
i had a kind of sex with my sister we were at the hospital and we were in the same bed so i came up to her and i pull her gown up then i slowley went up to her boobs her boobs are not out yet but they are now coming out and i pulled down the back of her underweare i slowly plase the head of my penis in her butt i slowly put the tip in and out and then a minete later i place my left leg over her she said get your leg off of me butt i still touck her butt but then it kind of felt good so i done more with this i put my hole penis with no condom in her butt got slimy i still done it it felt good i wanted to kiss her and place my penis in her them so hard that they will never forget let them get it done and if she as a boy frind get your mom and dadd out on a date so you and your sister have to go with her and she will not tell if you are there and if she a frind tht is a girl and if she is cute you shold get them in your bedroom a pull your pants down and let them both touch you

i kind if done it with my siss May 22 2014 7:28pm FLAG
I have a sexy teacher who I really want to I am she is 31 help

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My sister Religious how can i touch her boobs

Gnfnbchbv Jun 07 2014 8:13am FLAG
My sister Religious how can i touch her boobs

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Well i have a younger sister n she is im a guy... My sis has a sexy pair of boobs... She is sooo fkn damn hot.. Once when we were alone in d house she was in d bed playing with her phone... I could not control ma feelings i went n locked d door pushed her down got on top of he n i started leaking my sperm on he bra... It was so fun.. She tried to push me but i am way stonger dan her she cant tell my parents cause i hav somthing to black mail her... This happened 2 weeks back but now she neva talks to me... Idc i want to do it again waiting for us to be alone again

red john Jul 27 2014 8:47am FLAG
Woh dats epic i too hav a sister who is 3 years younger dan me whn we are alone she allows me to sit on her lap without any cloths i lov it she is very good looking she understands me very well sometimes she evn lets me sleep on top of her at nights n lets me hav all d fun i want. I love her n wanna make her pregnant but she is just waiting for her to become 18 As soon as she does she is gonna get pregnant due to my sexy penis

sister er Jul 27 2014 8:54am FLAG
Just wait till midnight and go to her room and poke her to see if she asleep then do what u wantπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒ

πŸŒ‰πŸ˜  awsomeness Aug 27 2014 12:08pm FLAG
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BILAL Aug 27 2014 12:10pm FLAG
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I wanna feel her 36c boobs an squeeze an tit her. we sleep apart. her boobs jiggle evrytime she moves. i want to cum all over her. how can we have oral?

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i have a sister 20 yrs old i have touched her huge boobs at night when she sleep i and she have huge boobs of 35 and i love them but whenever i toucher her boobs she wake up but she do not say anything to me and sleppes again what should i do should i go futher and ask her for se or oral sex.any suggestion what to do

faraz Oct 08 2014 5:49am FLAG
i mean she have huge boobs

faraz Oct 08 2014 5:50am FLAG
Once when the lights went out and me and my sister were just in the basement so we couldn't see anything but I had my iPad and used the heat sender and I found her wnd jumped on her and touched her boobs

yo mama youtube πŸ‘― Oct 10 2014 5:21am FLAG
That's dumb

πŸ‘Ž the beast πŸ˜ŽπŸ’‚ Oct 27 2014 6:11pm FLAG
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I'm having a sister who has a 34c size breasts.. I want to press them and suck it..once in my dreams I saw that I'm sucking her breast and she was smiling...I masturbate every day thinking of her boobs...she has a very soft breasts..sometimes she wears see through dress from which I can see her bra...oh was so sexy..once I had saw her only in bra when she was changing her clothes...I want to put my penis in between her boobs and cum in her mouth...

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I really need to know what my sisters tits feel like. She tells me they're growing and growing and aren't stopping. Shes I'm . She walks around the house in a tank-top that leaves nothing to the imagination and when I asked her how much they'd grown in 3 months she said she went from a 34 C cup to a 36DD and trust me I've noticed. She only wears tanktops around the house fyi and when she does they just jiggle around everywhere,when shes sitting down I walk behind her just to get a glimpse,one time she caught me looking and just smiled and said "You want me bigger big brother cause I want you big tooooooo." and I got the biggest boner just thinking about her. One time she told me to move out of her seat but I was busy watching TV so I told her no. She grinned ear to ear and just sat down on my lap and moved back and forth. I gave it everything I had but my pants instantly tented and as soon as they did she just giggled and sped up. Shes insanely blushing at this point and she looks like the most gorgeous thing you ever seen,shes panting and a bead of sweat rolls down her face. I kept getting bigger and bigger downstairs and at this point I think its safe to say shes just grinding on my d*ck."Does big bro like to see his sisters cleavage get bigger everyday? Does it make you crave more?" She gets up in the middle of my best life experiance looks me in the eye and says "There's more where that came from maybe I'll make you cum next time hun" and walks off. I don't think I've jerked off that hard in my whole life. Well fast forward 2 weeks and I'm heading out to get the TV remote when she dash's past me and grabs it then darts off. She laughs "You'll have to catch me!" So I tear off chasing after her down the hall. As I'm about to grab her she trips and we fall down on the floor in a heap. We start to wrestle to get the remote and she might I say is in a T-shirt yoga pants and a bright pink bra clearly clashing with the shirt. Well she gets up and I push her down on the bed so she cant get away. As I pounce to grab the remote she gets in the way and I'm basically spooning her leg with one hand on her stomach. She starts moving her leg up and down and laughs when she feels my d*ck starting to harden. She says " So watcha goin to do now big brother?" The wild look in her eye again showing through. So I start humping her leg and slowly get faster and faster. Meanwhile she's saying things like "You're such a dirty boy big brother" and " Are you really that hard for your sister?" she keeps giggling as I hump her without ever even moving a muscle. She shoves me off her grabs the remote saying " Hey my boobs got bigger again seem's I grew another 2 cup sizes since last month! I hope they just keep growing and growing and groooowing and ,my my you're getting hard again aren't you?" Truth be told I was as hard as a rock just thinking about my sisters tits growing before my eyes. Mixed with her moans and giggles made it almost painful. "Who knows" she said. "

Anonymous Dec 03 2014 2:34pm FLAG
"Think about it ,milk spewing from the tops of my nipples like a volcano and you pumping in and out of my nipple with that long hard iron rod of yours.My tits forced to grow by you pumping semen into me. My milk eternally lubing it so we can have more and more pleasure together.Forever. I just want to do sexual things with you forever babe and now we'll test my new toy" she exclaimed. I had my nipples modified so the have an entrance point for you to get to.Put your finger on the tip.yep yep just like that Ohhhhhhhh. Now wiggle your finger back and forth to open it up for your c*ck OHHHHHHHHhhhhh!" My fingers were doing it, going in and out of my sisters tit, it was like a dream except it was real. I took out my d*ck and hovered over my new found hole. "Now just and impregnate my sisters tits. She was nuts! The vine slowly wrapped around my sister arms and legs and pulled her taunt. Then another vine came over and was almost looking at the motion going on here. After looking at me in the face it almost nodded and moved to her other side. there were now 3 vines all dripping the same sticky substance. It motioned for me to exit my hole and watch in all its glory. "I made this myself she said I majored in horticulture and biology so I made my own her. the tentacles sped up more and more until her tits rippled so much I was afraid of there being an earthquake. Then we came. The tentacles came inside her breasts mouth and on her face while I unleashed my load into her womb filling her so much to where her stomach began to rise. The tentacles work done reshaped her nipples so they shut then one tapped me on the back as if giving me a good job. I just got my sister pregnant. But that wasn't even the best part.

Anonymous Dec 03 2014 4:08pm FLAG
Umm i need help i am living in a punjabi family i have a sister whose boobs i wanna touch. How do i do it at night i am sure she can wake up easy.

Sub Feb 02 2015 3:36am FLAG
i want to see my sis boobs help me

king Feb 06 2015 9:46pm FLAG
want to touch ur sis boobs here is simply ways while she is sleeping give her sleep medicine and touch her her boobs i hv done that

yo yo Feb 06 2015 9:52pm FLAG
I'm a sister . Just leave her sleep and check whether she deep asleep n cup her boobs over her top then lift her shirt n try to feel her boobs in case she's awake place ur hand over the boobs and act like ur asleep so ur sister might think he is doing all these in his sleep ! I always wanted my brother to feel my boobs so usually at nights I just wear my bralet and tracks over my bra let I wear my crop top ! I check whether my brother is asleep n carefully I take his hands and place it over my boobs and automatically after some tym he'll start playing with my 34 D boobs ! I really Love it ! Gals love it wen their bro touches or sucks their boobs . Fr further advice contact me on

Critica Apr 19 2015 12:04pm FLAG
Sry guys it

Critica Apr 19 2015 12:06pm FLAG

YO MAMA Apr 27 2015 7:27pm FLAG
I really just wanna stick my d*ck between her 38c tits and pump the milk out of her till I cum all over her nipples and then shove my d*ck in her mouth and deepthroat me while she moans and I milk her like a cow.

Huge boobs Apr 28 2015 8:23pm FLAG
My sister wear a lot of tanktop and her boobs pretty much bounce and jiggle around everywhere. Once I saw her sunbathing outside in a bikini when a breeze came by and made her nipples harden. I've jerked off as I've seen her cleavage grow overtime.Anyone know how to seduce your sis?

d cup Apr 28 2015 8:33pm FLAG
You nasty Indian mother your own sisters and daughters.

Anthony May 06 2015 10:01pm FLAG
From a jack from a king I have problems problem problem I don't understand this kind of lyrics!

I hav the same prob May 07 2015 6:07pm FLAG
Joking I have the same prob bro someone help me I need advice!!!

Same dude as before May 07 2015 6:08pm FLAG
@critica why are not you my sis then lol

A somebody May 07 2015 6:12pm FLAG
I really wanna titty my sister. They look so good bouncing around in her tanktops when she walks around. I wanna rub them around and fiddle with her nipples,make out with her. Anyone have advice on this???

Big ol' Titties May 12 2015 12:33pm FLAG
How do i touch my sister boobs but she is a kight sleeper

goofy May 16 2015 12:12am FLAG

Anonymous May 16 2015 12:13am FLAG
Once when she was asleep i was with her i put leg around her then she still not moving then i touched her boobs and she wake up she asked wat r u doing i said i am very desperate to feel them then she said get lost do u want me to tell mum and dad i said no. The next day we home alone she was bending over and i then ran up to her ***** and took her clothes off and fcked her in the ass she's liked it and we do it more i even done 69 whenever parents home we just kiss but when we home alone we have sex

Punjabi. Dude Jun 01 2015 5:44am FLAG
What if shes not a heavy sleeper

Jp Jun 12 2015 9:28pm FLAG
Just slip ner hr ad put ur head near hr boob be moveing ur head to hr boob and finaly put ur head on hr boob and enjoy ur nit

G boy Jun 16 2015 5:03am FLAG
Yesterday (Monday) me (18) & my sister () were driving to the shopping mall. It normally takes us about 20 minutes from our house. Form out of no where, my sister decided to tell me that she didn't go to school today and bunked (skipped the whole day). She told me that the cops caught her and her friends at the train station. She was really nervous while she was telling me all this. She said that the cops had given her a warning and a letter is going to delivered to our house letterbox. She was really depressed at this point. She asked me for help and told me not to tell our parents. I said okay, but I want something in return. She heard this line and stayed quiet for a minute. The. She said what do you want in return? I kinda looked at her chest & she understood. First she said no really angrily. Then I said, I will tell mom and dad about the whole school skipping thing, she again thought about it. Next thing, she grabs my hand, closed her eyes. At this point we were in the mall parking. After she held my hand and closed her eyes, she pulled my hand into her crotch. And started to rub her with pans on. After a minute of crotch rubbing, she picked my hand up and put it through under her top. She has small/medium sized boobs. And then she started feeling a little turned on by all the boob groping. Without me saying anything, she opened my pants and jerked it about 30 secnonds and started sucking it. It felt like a dream come true. She said that I can do this until the letter arrived home. After that she will never do it again. I said okay. That day in that parking lot, some serious sex happened between us. And. It was her first time aswell, so I had to hold shut her mouth because she would scream too loud. To be honest it was the best day of my life. By the way this actually happend. So don't say that this is some fake .

I'm not sure Jun 17 2015 1:04am FLAG
You guys have dirty minds and this is bad you will be punished and banned to hell

Sex is good but only with your gf Jun 17 2015 2:42am FLAG
But how about if she tells ur mom...

john smith Jun 17 2015 3:26am FLAG
To be honest guys, try out the blackmail method. It'll work 90% of the time.

I'm not sure Jun 17 2015 6:19am FLAG
My sister is a really big slut at our school and she does favors for guys all the time. Recently her tits have ballooned up and I get to see her nipples poke out once in awhile. Should I just ask her?

Tit-lover Jun 20 2015 2:13pm FLAG
Just feel her up. Grab her tits, message her ass, and if she likes it then you might get to . There is no time like the present so just go for it. All or nothing

Anonymous Jun 21 2015 3:06pm FLAG
Is it normal that my sister () lets me her.

Anon Jun 23 2015 8:05pm FLAG
How big are her tits anon?

Tit Lover Jun 23 2015 8:13pm FLAG
How should I let her in that I wanba see her tits and play with em. Should I ask or just go for it? What should I do?

Anonymous Jun 23 2015 8:24pm FLAG
Its really easy just go up behind her reach around and start squishing them, rub them around in a circle motion To maximise her pleasure. At this point if shes calmed down a bit and letting you play move into kissing her neck.Move towards her nipples over the shirt and strat doing circle motions with the tip of your fingers to make her nipples hard. If you can get her in your lap start to hump her leg or ass. Let your rock hard erection just push into her leg.At this point you're probably making out with her. Now take her off and get into her bra and play with those jugs. Do this regularly and you'll get her to be your boob slave. Plus put some oil on those things if you really wanna get off.

Anonymous Jun 24 2015 12:19pm FLAG
Tit Lover - she's with DD36

Anon Jun 25 2015 5:55pm FLAG
Anon - Those are probably the perfect size for any pair of udders, have you ever just gone and rubbed them around and squeezed them? Also tittyf'ing those things must be fantastic.

Tit Lover Jun 27 2015 2:01am FLAG
Tot lover - yeah, her boobs had grown so much after she turned . She just turned in April. And her boobs are just omg. When she was , I used to admire them but didn't tell her, that I wanted to touch em. And then she this April. Because she was growing up and hormones are kicking in at this age. Few days after a birthday, my sister and I were sitting in a parking lot waiting for my mum. Suddenly out of no where, she grabbed my hand and slipped it under through her blouse. My face was just priceless. She said that I am have it all when mum and dad are away. Later that night, our parents had to go to dinner party at their friends. So it was just me a den my sister at home. Bro, I've ed girls before but none like my sister. I mean, she is just six****. Wowwowowow. Gonna do it tonight as well :) can wait for her to get back home from her friend house.

Anon Jun 27 2015 4:52pm FLAG
Anon- So how'd it go, what'd you do? My sisters boobs have ballooned lately she had to get a new bra after 2 weeks of having it. So about about 2 1/2 weeks ago she was leaning over the counter and they just kept getting squished more and more foward. As I was staring she looked up sat up and started to blush a bunch. As I was walking by her she grabbed the front of my pants and said "Please rub them, they hurt cause they wont stop growing". (Went from a 38C to a 34DD in about a month.) Now she sat on my lap and guided my hands under her bra and at this point I was as hard as a rock, so she started to rock back and forth on her ass to jerk me off all the meanwhile I'm just rubbing her fat boobs. After about 6 minutes of rubbing and tugging her tits she hops off grabs my d*ck out of my pants and starts to blow me and I was done in less than a minute. Ever since I've just wanted to do it again but I'm way too shy to ask her. Note: Yesterday she had a new bra shes now a 34ddd, she whispered to me shes expected to be a G cup if not bigger. Ugggh I love her so much

Tit Lover Jun 29 2015 6:56am FLAG
Tit lover - awesome πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Anon Jun 29 2015 3:23pm FLAG
Don't give syaitan and Nafsu empowered you ...fight till the end ...

Innocent Jul 09 2015 2:28am FLAG
Me and my cosin used too touch each other all the time, she is damm hot and her boobs are just amazing!!! But now she suddenly stopped and i dont know why?? I want to touch her boobs again coz now they are just huge!! Pls help someone!!!

penis boob Jul 19 2015 9:55am FLAG
A true story when my sister came to visit us she not staying with us and we were togeter she broth her phone out and we were playing candyrush with her andriod, as we are playing i was moveing my head toward her breast because we were sitting on three sitter in the setting room at last my head was on her breast so we played and i was enjoying the breast when they called her on the other phone she used her right hand to pick the call and relaxed her back and lefted up her left hand which gave me full space to play with her breast because i was sitting on her left hend side and i enjoyed untill d phone went down and before the phone went any time she breath the breast pomp up and down and it was sweet and good

g boy. Aug 04 2015 3:16pm FLAG
When my sister came visiting i was on net with her phone and there wes no service in the palo so i went to her bed and i saw her sleeping it was after 10 in d night and she was sleeping her ass was up her face was down so i stayed beside her and was brawsing after some time i put my hand on he ass some time letter i put my head on her ass and she did not weak up i was massaging her ass with my hand and face so sleep toke me i was filling to pee in the night like :00 i went and when i came back i did not stop till 5:00 then i stoped but i will have loved it more if it was the breast

Anonymous Aug 04 2015 3:43pm FLAG
Thank you for that anonymous you put as my name

Anonymous Aug 04 2015 3:48pm FLAG
I want to touch my sis boobs how?

Anonymous Aug 12 2015 9:05am FLAG
M6wnG6 This website certainly has all of the information I wanted about this subject and didn at know who to ask.

xoizygsGomJySfNS Sep 02 2015 2:50pm FLAG
I am age and I have one sister and one brother this is the plan of me I said my brother I want touch sister breast my brother agreed to this and the plan is i said my brother we will flight and my sister saw this duplicate fight and my brother wanted Ly pushed me and wanted ly I falled upon my sister's boobs and I catched it tightly and her ass touching and my sister shouted my brother then also I was touching the boobs

the great boy Sep 03 2015 2:13am FLAG
how can i titty my sis, shes a 36dd,pink nipples,and a slut but im afraid she'd tell my parents. ughh she's so hot,help me plz

TitLover Sep 05 2015 7:52am FLAG
I have started to touch her boobs but she did not allow me to do that. Plzz help me

hooo Sep 13 2015 2:08am FLAG
Blackmailing works the best. Find out something about her & say that you're gonna tell mom & dad but we can sort this out some other way.

Titia Sep 20 2015 2:17pm FLAG
ahZmoI You made some first rate factors there. I regarded on the web for the problem and located most people will associate with along with your website.

aTjhChrBVm Sep 27 2015 2:37pm FLAG
VaCdxU Really enjoyed this blog.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

VlsvZtapjn Oct 15 2015 2:26pm FLAG
Im and my sis is 21 i would try to see my sis bobs while she is bathing but she noted that once but she did not tell to mum and dad i want to touch my sis boobs she is a light sleeper i am eager to do it so please help me

bhokf Nov 10 2015 3:01am FLAG
Im and my sis is 21 i would try to see my sis boobs while she is bathing but she noted that once but she did not tell to my mum and dad i want to touch my sis boobs she is a light sleeper so please help me

kfckb Nov 10 2015 3:05am FLAG
I just squeezed her boobs during night time. When she woke up I said that I wanna do u so just roll over and she did. It was osum man I spanked her ass groped her boobs stripped her to her bikini and put chocolate syrup all over her and started to lick it off her. Any1 else want to ed

abcdefg Nov 21 2015 1:07am FLAG
Once i just unhooked her bra and started playing and sucking her boobs she dont mind

Anonymous Nov 25 2015 12:53am FLAG

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r2tnGM Usually I don at learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, quite nice article.

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My name is Vaishnavi and I am () my friend in my school named Aakash and I were standing in a bus with crowd maxed out no place to even breathe so Aakash was behind me and he started press my ass and he slowly removed my panty I couldn't do anything as there was one heck of a crowd and all the people were men in the bus except me like literally the only girl in the bus after that he started to finger my y I loved that day now I travel in that bus everyday

Vaishnavi Laddha Mar 01 2016 2:10am FLAG
While she is sleeping first pressed her arm or leg gently to see if she is awake or in a deep sleep then act like u r hugging her and slowly start to press her boobs and the gently go down and rub her over her pants if she still doesn't react then remove ur pants take her hand and put it on ur d*ck make her give a hand job and then give her a slight push so that she wakes up and then act like u r sleeping and then suddenly wake up and say what the r u doings sister and then blackmail her into having sex with u or letting u press her boobs this worked for me

Anonymous Mar 01 2016 4:26am FLAG
i press my sister in law boobs while she was sleeping deeply i lightly press her boobs if she dont awake i start presing harder then put my mouth on her boobs then i put my one hand on her breast hold her and start masturbating

unknown Mar 19 2016 4:50am FLAG
i wear my sister in law and sister dresses and bras and feel her and think about their boobs and start masturbate

unknown Mar 19 2016 4:52am FLAG
I wanna my bhabi. Abhi so rahi thi me uske tits dekh ke a raha hoon.woh jab jhukti hai toh uski bade bade boobs dekhta hoon me samne khara hooke

Anonymous Mar 25 2016 9:48pm FLAG
wLuK1H It as exhausting to seek out knowledgeable individuals on this matter, however you sound like you know what you are speaking about! Thanks

vRlLTNJUowqASU Mar 31 2016 9:04am FLAG
My sister tittyed me just because I asked. We do it almost everyday and her boobs only keep growing.

Anonymous Apr 20 2016 8:39am FLAG

Anonymous May 11 2016 11:27am FLAG
frnds girls also need boys mene bhi apni bahan k boobs dabai haai

Anonymous May 11 2016 11:30am FLAG
Thanks so much for the post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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I also do this

Mmm May 20 2016 11:24pm FLAG
I do this when my eldr sis is sleeping I every day do this sexy things

Mmm May 20 2016 11:26pm FLAG
I seen her booob while see is bathing though a hole it was to gud she rub her boobs ass and his boobs is very awesome i suck is boobs when she is sleepng i daily kiss her when she is sleeping its very nice expeince

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Mmm May 20 2016 11:38pm FLAG
Im going play xlash of clan and u dei all u shame ful people how can u do this with ur own sister !! Where is ur gf s u ing people disgusting

Mmm May 20 2016 11:41pm FLAG
U ing people u dont know the relasionship of bro qnd sisiter

Mmm May 20 2016 11:44pm FLAG
One day my eldr sis is playing gta 5 and suddenly i go to gf home in gta 5 and start sex my d*ck is also stand my sis see my dik and she said oh my god

Jake May 27 2016 7:55am FLAG
Then that night when we r speeping together and she asked me did u want to sex with me and then we start sex luckly our parents was gone at outside and then we do this for 4hrs and when i want to stop this she says dont stop dont stop keep doing his boobs r big and she looks to sexy and jis ass is also very nice we do sex when our parents go outside and we realy enjoy it thats too nice

Jake May 27 2016 8:07am FLAG
I ma 21 years old I have a sister 22 years old I wanna touch her breast when she sleep plz help me

Anonymous May 30 2016 5:32am FLAG
My sister has wanted bigger boobs for awhile so in exchange for me massaging her tits she'll grind on me and kiss me. I suck on her nipples and flick my fingers over them to stimulate them. I get her on all fours and pull down on her hanging tits, milking her like a cow. She moans, drowning in pleasure, as I turn her into my personal cow. Her breasts swelling larger everyday. I tittyed her daily both to get off to my sister, my creation, as well as to stimulate her breasts even more. After a year and a 1/2 of milking she was ready.She was a 36D before now a 36HH cup size.

Meme Jun 13 2016 9:11am FLAG
im and she 19 one night my sis come very late from party and drunk my parents r not at home she sit on my bed and her boyfriend name is bryan she takeoff my pant and put hands in my underwear my d*ck stands and she sit on it and then up down we do this night

bros Jun 26 2016 3:35pm FLAG
my sis like to suck my dik and she really got fun we started about 2half years ago when im sleeping she try to touch my dik and trying to get hands in my underwear

jazz Jun 28 2016 12:01am FLAG
then i suddenly woke up im shocked and watching her for 5mins and then next day she said srry plz dont tell anyone i said him to show his boob to me and it was best ever day for me i get my dik very deep in his is paining from his face exprations but i didnt stop till my penis dont lick i get out my penis when it licking becs i think it get pregnent i dont wear condom at time

jazz Jun 28 2016 12:14am FLAG
guyz this real story i done sex with my sister when she is drunk and nobody at home im watching tv at that time and suddenly she came in my room and she only wearing panty oh yeahh her breast is really awesome pink nipples and i im shocked at time i dont have idea that what to do but my d*ck is getting harder and im feeling fear then she jump to the bed and head down ii see my it getting too harder abd some skin is removed from the top of it then i see my sister azz and think about his tight dreamhole and i remove my clothes and take slowly down sister panty and look what the hell his hole is tight her hole is totaly open i think she also kk mmee fuccck mee and i licked my d*ck in his azz and i do this for very long time and record it so i can tell him and do it again

blu Jul 06 2016 11:07am FLAG
give her sleeoing pills in milk when ur parents gone out when she sleep do what u want to fo wear condom and and suck his boobs

sister er Jul 07 2016 7:13am FLAG
If you want just to see ur sister's boobs best was is to loosen her t shirt when she is not a home. When you are alone go to the shelf where she keeps her tops. Hide many and loose 2 and keep them on top. Next morning when she goes to take a bath. Go to the shelf and hide all the bra. So when she will find no bra she will wear t shirt without bra. Whil sitting on bed drop few things nd tell her to pick them when she will bend you can easily see. Next when she is sleeping tell her to sleep in a way when you can c boobs. At late night when she is asleep try to touch bare boobs slowly. You can also give a strong powder type thing for sleep. Then you can have fun

Sister er Sep 28 2016 2:26am FLAG
Jab vo so jaye toh apna lund uski panty dhire se utar kar rakh do. Thoda sa apna lund uski gaand me rakho. Agar koi reaction na aaye toh apna hath uski shirt k andar daal kar daba do. Dhire se dabana. Aur jaise hi uski bahot hi jyada tight thi. Bahot maje liye baad me use blackmail kare

Anonymus Oct 29 2016 1:25pm FLAG
better to be away of your sisters or other such relations

dil Nov 09 2016 9:14am FLAG
I think it will be better if......

anonymous Nov 15 2016 10:28am FLAG
During the night go and wile she's sleeping idk do her and when she wakes up say that she fell asleep wile she was giving you a bl*wj*b

Anonymous Nov 30 2016 4:51pm FLAG

Lol Jan 30 2:46am FLAG
Get a girlfriend YOU DlSGUSTING PERVERTS!! You should not do that to your sis

nobody Feb 14 9:13pm FLAG
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