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Any girls want to ?

The Problem: I want to or exchange pics. If you want to see an athletic guy, with a huge c**k, leave your number. :)

Asked by: hot guy at 05:40:47 AM, Saturday, February 05, 2011 PST FLAG


how old are you

jel Feb 05 2011 1:47pm FLAG

oh look. lol its that guy who called himself a hot guy but yet he has to try to get girls online to with him because he cant get girls to like him in real life. or he is a pedophile who is just trying to get under age girls

Anonymous Feb 05 2011 1:51pm FLAG
I am , and u?

hot guy Feb 05 2011 2:14pm FLAG

jel Feb 05 2011 2:15pm FLAG
Whats your number?

hot guy Feb 05 2011 2:19pm FLAG
Whats your number?

hot guy Feb 05 2011 2:20pm FLAG
im not going to give it to you dont you think im to young

jel Feb 05 2011 2:20pm FLAG
Whats your number?

hot guy Feb 05 2011 2:21pm FLAG
anwser my question

jel Feb 05 2011 2:22pm FLAG
no, its not illegal if im not over 18, plus we could text, not only .

hot guy Feb 05 2011 2:44pm FLAG
no, its not illegal if im not over 18, plus we could text, not only .

hot guy Feb 05 2011 2:48pm FLAG

jel Feb 05 2011 2:50pm FLAG
well whats your number?

hot guy Feb 05 2011 2:56pm FLAG
I dont want to give it to you on here

jel Feb 05 2011 3:00pm FLAG
lol "hot guy" it is still illegal even if you are under the age of 18. it depends on what the age of concent laws are in each of your states. sense most states the legal age of consent is to 18 years old you with a is illegal because she is still considered as a and not of legal age of consent and is a form of sexual contact. not to mention in some states is close enough for some judges to try you as an adult if you do something illegal. and sense you are braging that you have a "huge c*ck" i think your interest in this girl would be sexual and if you were to show her such an image that would be indecent exposure to a and if you requested her to show you any part of her body that would be requesting child ***ography and you could be arrested for that also. so dont think for a minute what you are doing is legal. there are plenty of s on the registered sex offenders list for sex crimes against s.

Anonymous Feb 05 2011 3:01pm FLAG
I wouldnt want that to happen

jel Feb 05 2011 3:03pm FLAG
jel look at his other post called Anybody want to text or ? (2) he claims to be in that post. makes me wonder what his real age is

Anonymous Feb 05 2011 3:04pm FLAG
Hahaha ok your speaking the truth

jel Feb 05 2011 3:08pm FLAG
jel i know you dont want to be told this because it sounds like a lecture. and i know there is no real way for people your age to express themselves sexually. but doing things like this with people who post things like this can be very dangerous. you dont really know anyone on this website. you dont know what their true intentions on. do you realalize that once you give a person online your phone number or cell phone number that anyone can use it to trace where you live. you never know if your giving someone your number and they intenend to find where you live and stalk you. how would you like to walk outside your house and know that someone is watching you and maybe even waiting for you to be alone. there are sick adult men out there that use tricks like this to get to young girls. child rapist and kidnapers and even muderers can use tricks like this. would you really want that?

Anonymous Feb 05 2011 3:23pm FLAG
thats scarey

jel Feb 05 2011 3:33pm FLAG
yeah i know. and believe it or not there are men out there who are desperate enough to do stuff like that. thats why they ask for young girls because they hope that younger girls wont know any better and will give them information.

Anonymous Feb 05 2011 3:50pm FLAG
your a very smart guy or girl and thanks i will take you advice for know on

jel Feb 05 2011 3:51pm FLAG
Jel you're dumb if you didn't run that over in your head

JelIsDumb Feb 06 2011 4:16pm FLAG
thanks bitch

jel Feb 06 2011 4:31pm FLAG
Hey jel cn v b frnz? Email me at

Rohit Feb 07 2011 7:04am FLAG
No thanks becuase i dont want people saying im dumb again

jel Feb 07 2011 12:51pm FLAG
I want to see my yr sister *****. She has big boobs and a big ass. How do i playwith her while sleeping? I showed her *** but she wasnt turned on. I dont want to have sex bt want to see her *****. I hold my penis in my pants in front of her and evn shake it bt she dosent react. Help me guys. . .

Rohan Feb 07 2011 11:17pm FLAG
anonymous is very smart and jel: Im not going to say your dumb but that what you thought would be a good idea,Was plain stupid. Any man who would do that to another human being is 1. a pedophile 2. a pervert 3. a psycho 4. has a sick mind!

guitarlvr Feb 08 2011 2:52pm FLAG
I know now

jel Feb 08 2011 3:27pm FLAG
I'm and ill lick you dry.

Volunteer Feb 08 2011 7:05pm FLAG
Volunteer person are you talking to me? didnt you read the messages above i dont want someone to do that to me at my age right now.

jel Feb 08 2011 7:34pm FLAG
im age 20 and ill and exchange pics with any young girls under 19 my numbers 443 683 33

darkscott Feb 09 2011 9:03pm FLAG
hey hit me up 443 683 33 if ure a girl

darkscott Feb 10 2011 12:07am FLAG
darkscott can still get you 20 years in prison. whats the matter. cant you get any girls your own age who are atleast legal? or are you a pedophile who likes s.

Anonymous Feb 11 2011 4:03pm FLAG
i am a pedo and i like it. hey i already raped 3 my younger brothers gfs and hes and the youngest i raped was of the girls. theyll never talk after what i did haha!

darkscott Feb 12 2011 8:44pm FLAG
Darkscott but you just talking about it is enough to charge you. i hope the police monitor this posting and track your IP address. you are just a sad pathetic loser who cannot sexually satisfy an adult woman your own age so you turn to children because you hope that they are to young to realize how much of a loser you are like adult women know you are.

Anonymous Feb 13 2011 3:40am FLAG
your phone number you posted has been turned in

Anonymous Feb 13 2011 3:41am FLAG

me Feb 16 2011 4:15pm FLAG
wowowow how can this hot guy be if he told me he was 20? what a liar!!

guitarlvr Feb 26 2011 8:16am FLAG
this is the internet. anyone can be any age that they want to be. and most people will trust them because they dont know if the person is lying specially if they use fake pictures and videos.

Anonymous Feb 28 2011 5:33am FLAG
well people are rite about these fukn pedos im and i asky my own gf to send pikks of her but nothing like wat ta hell is wrong wiff all yew ferberts

miggosaur goes rawrr Mar 20 2011 11:48pm FLAG
973-557-5871 send me hot pictures and texts i like guys and girls ! names mike

Mike Apr 13 2011 12:46pm FLAG
People have issues!!!

Farmer Jun 03 2011 9:41am FLAG
Any girls wanna

Anonymous Jun 26 2011 1:12am FLAG
Any girls wanna

iiii Jun 26 2011 1:13am FLAG
This haste be the funniest thread ever AHAHAHAHA Jel ur a confused kid and thats fine Anon. Ur the man or woman...whatever but ur the shut Random pervs go away And rapist guy I PRAY THAT WAS A DUMBASS JOKE AND YOUR NOT THAT SICK AND STUPID ....yea that's about it for me

Bigbrother Jul 18 2011 10:28pm FLAG
Any girls want to im 18, hot, and got a big d*ck. My number is 1 (253) 666-8223

Strictly Sexual Sep 13 2011 6:47pm FLAG
my name is dre im if you wanna text me 18436050526

Dre Nov 05 2011 3:22pm FLAG
o yeah olny girls for the above post

Dre Nov 05 2011 3:23pm FLAG
Any girls wanna

Daniel Nov 06 2011 9:29pm FLAG
ur all gonna get caught

random pperson Dec 27 2011 8:04pm FLAG
all you ppl who eachother are gonna learn your lesson soon

random pperson Dec 27 2011 8:06pm FLAG
ypur gonna all learn your lesson when ppl are whatching you

random pperson Dec 27 2011 8:09pm FLAG
ur that desperate lol

ur stupid Dec 30 2011 11:19pm FLAG
386-965-6236 chicks only

justin Jan 02 2012 8:22pm FLAG
lmao wow

Anonymous Jan 11 2012 7:37pm FLAG
look dont any of you s and yes police do monitor here so be scared i know one of them who does that jobe

you all are in deep Feb 04 2012 11:14am FLAG
I'm a girl. And I am so . Rite now. I'm a lesbian so girls only. I am and I just love for a girl to lick my tang!!!!!! my number is 8436050526 hurry up and my because I'm so wet rite now!!!!!

wet tang Feb 18 2012 10:49am FLAG
Does anyone wanna sexy me in a senior in highschool and pretty big :)

Ron Feb 20 2012 7:31pm FLAG
Girls only send me pics

Rider Mar 01 2012 7:03pm FLAG
Send me a pic and girls only im and me 397790

sean Mar 18 2012 6:58pm FLAG
Hey i wanna too my number is 654

Somebody Mar 24 2012 8:47pm FLAG
Heheheheheh youh guys are alll dumb;PPPP iwas jk hehheh

Somebody Mar 24 2012 8:51pm FLAG
Wtf is wrong with you kids

Lucifer Apr 16 2012 2:42pm FLAG
Just text me i aint into that stuff at 818878no oh and no dudes

Lucifer Apr 16 2012 6:10pm FLAG
731 45820

Anonymous May 13 2012 5:47pm FLAG
4195594227 girls only

ayejay May 15 2012 1:37pm FLAG
4195594227 girls only

ayejay May 15 2012 1:39pm FLAG
Hey anyone want to and text me im

PureblondeYOLO Jun 18 2012 9:28pm FLAG
Hey anyone want to and text me im

PureblondeYOLO Jun 18 2012 9:28pm FLAG
Hey PureBlondeYOLO text me girls only 631-446-52

iLikeAss Jun 19 2012 3:03pm FLAG
im a hot yea old man with huge c*ck and rock hard abs and my number is 8653604604 me girls

sexy beast Aug 06 2012 10:40am FLAG
sorry i just got a new phone ad i cant ever remember my new number it is 86579596 sorry

sexy beast Aug 06 2012 10:42am FLAG
Looking for a hot guy ;)

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 1:21am FLAG
Rohan u are ing sick bro

Your daddy Sep 12 2012 4:12pm FLAG
Who wants to me looking for hot girl I'm . Reply for number

big daddy Sep 23 2012 9:59pm FLAG
Any girls want to txt me

Anonymous Oct 02 2012 9:04pm FLAG
Any girls want to txt me my number is 62204082 im a yearold male a 9inch c*ck

Anonymous Oct 02 2012 9:09pm FLAG
Any girls wanting to txt a pic of yourself with your name to 602204082 girls only plz

Anonymous Oct 03 2012 8:15pm FLAG
3408684651 is my number and young girls only

No one Oct 09 2012 6:41pm FLAG

james Dec 04 2012 6:23pm FLAG
Je y don't u give me ur num I'm a male

james Dec 04 2012 6:38pm FLAG
im looking for a cute girl to any out there :)

danny Dec 15 2012 2:35pm FLAG
U all in losers

ing loser Dec 15 2012 9:27pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 22 2012 12:46am FLAG
looking for girls to with dont care what you look like just looking to trade pics 967829

me Jan 10 2013 2:13pm FLAG
720-272-95name's Jack

Anonymous Feb 02 2013 7:06pm FLAG
I'm twenty four, just fabric that I really like to and wanted to try an experiment. So I went And got on the internet and look what I found, exactly what I wag looking for. A bunch of ****s that are going to ruin the future for us all and a bunch of little gay guys during at there computers trying to be lesbian and little boys because they feel they have so much to give a baby girl. The human race is disgusting.

The future. Feb 10 2013 6:40pm FLAG
I'm a guy I only want to talk to girls 80332635

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 9:52am FLAG
Hi immale and I just want a girl to text and be friends 5046459071 can't wait

Brandon Feb 22 2013 9:40am FLAG
Any girls wanna me? I've never done it before but I'm really and could use some . 938086

Hugo Mar 09 2013 7:47pm FLAG
I'm knackered lol

Jay Mar 13 2013 10:04am FLAG
Any over 18 girls in ere? X

Jay Mar 13 2013 10:05am FLAG
I am a 23 male looking to any girls 18 to 60 no girls ok my number is 2088806781 n GIRLS N WOMEN ONLY PLZ MUST BE 18++

Cuteguyfromtheusa89 Mar 23 2013 1:55pm FLAG
hey guys, this is a sort of prank: here's my friends number: 24299373 he doesn't know it's posted only girls text him age doesnt matter enjoy ;)

Anonymous Apr 21 2013 5:47pm FLAG
Kourtney_fuller *kik me*

Sexybitch Apr 30 2013 4:15pm FLAG
me girls at 56244723

Anonymous Apr 30 2013 10:23pm FLAG
Girls wanna ? Kik me at kikmeforfunXD

Heyyyyyyyyyy May 08 2013 4:44pm FLAG
Hey I'm a sexy girl only girls text though my # is 509-209-7074

Anonymous May 25 2013 5:24pm FLAG i'm looking for girls -.. or around that age :P

a boy May 27 2013 1:57am FLAG
I'm 18 and just finished high school. I play volleyball and ram track. :) but, I'm lesbian so sorry guys! Girls 18+ hit my cell!!! 740-550-5237 GIRLS ONLY!!

Anonymous May 28 2013 3:42pm FLAG
. me bitches boys or girls. 9858706935

a gil Jun 01 2013 9:46pm FLAG
Any body younger than kik burry32 I'm

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 2:22pm FLAG
Anybody want to kik me H_Alexander!!!! Girls only I'm ****

Sexy Jun 06 2013 12:55am FLAG
only girls---90464799 im and just need a buddy no age limit

mr.bigd*ck Jun 07 2013 9:29pm FLAG
ill you

hot chick Jun 11 2013 6:52pm FLAG
if your a girl me ill post my number if any one responds

hapahapahapa Jun 11 2013 6:54pm FLAG
Any girls want to !!!! I'm ****!!

Mr.Bigc*ck Jun 15 2013 9:14am FLAG
If any girls respond I will give you my number

Mr.Bigc*ck Jun 15 2013 9:15am FLAG
I want a cute girl to

Mr.Bigc*ck Jun 15 2013 9:17am FLAG
Kik me: pyrobro Text me: I want a girl to not trade s I'm

Mr. Sexy Jun 15 2013 7:44pm FLAG
Ill trade s

Anonymous Jun 18 2013 10:07am FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 23 2013 1:23pm FLAG
m. i like younger girls. and under kik me at hotguy4yourlife. no age to young

hotguy4yourlife Jun 24 2013 5:17pm FLAG
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Sneaker boy Jun 27 2013 2:53pm FLAG
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Cooper Jun 28 2013 5:37pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jul 02 2013 11:49am FLAG
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Bigc*ck Jul 05 2013 6:05pm FLAG
guy I wanna see some tits girls only kik me @jordannn_k

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 7:19pm FLAG
Hello, I'm 19, 6'3'' 0lbs slim athletic body that is looking for some interesting girls to text and have fun with. Text me at (6)465-99

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 1:31pm FLAG
Hey im a 20 year old male. Looking for any girls to text and have fun. If interested let me know 3237748394

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 6:48pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for any girls who would want to trade pics

Beastman23 Aug 20 2013 2:01pm FLAG
Hay I'll any one - 19 we can even meet up if you live near Harrah Oklahoma I'm and hot love giving bl*wj*bs

Girl Sep 04 2013 4:16pm FLAG
Hey "Girl let's what's your number?

Anonymous Sep 09 2013 12:18pm FLAG
Hi im a yearold male thats either wants to or text. My number is 970-903-4018

NightStar Sep 15 2013 8:02pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 11:39am FLAG
I am looking for a hot girl to age my number is 928-4-53

heygirl69 Oct 05 2013 4:16pm FLAG
I am a male

heygirl69 Oct 05 2013 4:17pm FLAG
heygirl69 I just txted u reply plz

yobaby Oct 05 2013 11:37pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 09 2013 5:04pm FLAG

jizzy pants Oct 18 2013 3:35pm FLAG
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stetboy Nov 02 2013 1:33pm FLAG
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Anonymous Mar 14 2014 10:56pm FLAG
Hey, I'm a male

Anonymous Mar 14 2014 10:57pm FLAG
Hey, I'm a male message me on kik at Ninjaspidernate only interested in women

Anonymous Mar 14 2014 10:59pm FLAG
Hay I'm a loving and caring Ann that just wants to text...or call if you prefer...but I'll listen to your problems and everything

Anonymous Apr 18 2014 8:58am FLAG
Im willing to talk or trade pics with any guys

Anonymous Apr 24 2014 3:54pm FLAG
^my number is 803 then 372 lastly 936i

Anonymous Apr 24 2014 3:55pm FLAG
The I is supposed to be a 1 sorry ^

Anonymous Apr 24 2014 3:56pm FLAG
Want to any one girls - 20

Brad Jun 29 2014 12:02pm FLAG
I ment -20

Bed Jun 29 2014 12:03pm FLAG
Brad not bed

Brad Jun 29 2014 12:03pm FLAG
Ok s and poeple that is 18 19 and 20 year old girls

Brad Jun 29 2014 12:07pm FLAG
Never mind someone just me

Brad Jun 29 2014 12:08pm FLAG
**** girls want to see a twelve inch c*ck?

C*ckinyour Nov 22 2014 8:10am FLAG
I'm here if you want to buy something but I got some money so just ask I have ahundred thousand dollars but lets share only please my birthdays June then -

nickbrentner Feb 12 2015 10:24am FLAG
You guys are just wow I'm and my brother gets on my phone and looks this up wow half of you are probably 50 or up you'd just gross

You guy are just wow Apr 18 2015 6:31pm FLAG

someone Feb 26 2017 8:49pm FLAG
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