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Litle Sister wants to see my penis

The Problem: Once i was erect and was in underwear My litle sister askd me what is that inside ur boxers? can i show my penis to my sister?

Asked by: rohitjain199218 at 02:51:46 AM, Thursday, February 10, 2011 PST FLAG


Let her see it, feel it and show her how to rub it and make you cum. She will enjoy that and you can have more fun teaching her sex.

Horny Bro Feb 10 2011 11:23am FLAG

show her and tell her she needs to put it in her vigina and it will be awsome

sexwithpenis Feb 10 2011 2:47pm FLAG
really you should and explan wat too do with it

sexytimegirl Feb 10 2011 3:06pm FLAG
i agree with sexytimegirl

sexwithpenis Feb 10 2011 4:25pm FLAG
just show it to her. my little sister seen me in my underwear. i only wear tighty whities lol. but she asked why the front of my underwear stick out and hers dont. i explained to her and then she asked if i would show her. so later that night i had her come in my room after our parents went to bed i had my sister come into my room and i pulled my underwear down for her. while she was looking at it i had to go pee so we went into the bathroom and she watched me pee. she thought it was funny because i had to hold it and aim it. she asked if she could feel what it was like so i let her put her hand on it. soon as she touched it i started getting hard. she thought that was the coolest thing specially because she was making it get hard by touching it. we ended up seeing each other ***** alot after that. i taught her how i masturbated and i taught her how to play with herself.

jim Feb 10 2011 11:31pm FLAG

Kin Feb 11 2011 5:05am FLAG
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Anonymous Feb 11 2011 5:15am FLAG
lovely jim

a jim fan Feb 11 2011 11:39am FLAG
lol you should of seen the look on her face when i showed her how i masturbated and my sperm was squirting out all over. she thought that was the best of everything.

jim Feb 11 2011 4:00pm FLAG
seriosly dude why did you not tell her to put it in her vigina

sexwithpenis Feb 11 2011 7:44pm FLAG
because shes too young for that.

jim Feb 12 2011 1:25am FLAG
I'm 42 and masturbated with my dad from the time I was about or so, we would watch each other, and sometime masturbate each other at least 2 or 3 times a week. We would go camping at least a couple of times a month to have some bonding time, and even when mom would go shopping that was the first thing I always wanted to do as soon as she left the house. We continued until he passed away in 1996 I was 29. I also had a buddy who used to masturbate with his dad as well. We all went camping a few times, and that is when I was introduced to a blow job. I was about . I NEVER felt abused, or forced, it was a loving beautiful thing we shared.

a jim fan Feb 12 2011 6:16am FLAG
I was 10 when my brother put his in me.

kendra Feb 12 2011 6:17am FLAG
kendra how old are you now and how did your brother talk you into letting him put his penis inside of you? did he get you to suck on it and all that good stuff. i guess the good part about her being to young is i could bang her as much as i wanted and not have to worry about wearing a condom and squirt as much of my sperm inside her as i want without getting her pregnant.

jim Feb 12 2011 8:39am FLAG
then do it

sexwithpenis Feb 12 2011 9:36am FLAG
seriosly dude why did you not tell her to put it in her vigina

sexwithpenis Feb 12 2011 10:30am FLAG
i agree with sexytimegirl

sexwithpenis Feb 12 2011 12:51pm FLAG
i agree with sexytimegirl

sexwithpenis Feb 12 2011 1:03pm FLAG
i got my little brother to show me his penis. it was cute.

reanne Feb 12 2011 1:16pm FLAG
Now me and he . First time we just rub against each other and it went in. I don't get periods yet so we still do it lots.

Kendra Feb 12 2011 8:38pm FLAG
kendra do you suck on his penis and swallow his sperm? do you let him lick you between your legs?

jim Feb 13 2011 3:32am FLAG
wow i am horney now

me Feb 13 2011 9:50am FLAG
reanne how old are you and how old is your little brother?

Anonymous Feb 13 2011 5:11pm FLAG
Hey guys i let her c my penis bt nw theres a problem. she holds my penis before sleeping and dosent leave it til morning. Whnevr she gts time she comes to me and holds my penis to play with it. She kisses my penis.. What shal i do nw?

Rohit Feb 13 2011 7:34pm FLAG
im and my little brother is 8

reanne Feb 14 2011 5:09am FLAG
I sucked it once but it tasted yuckky so I spit it out. He never licks me.

Kendra Feb 14 2011 5:18am FLAG
While she holds your penis you should rub her cl*t and finger her. When she cums she will let go your penis and go to sleep

Horny Bro Feb 14 2011 5:21am FLAG
reanne did you like looking at your little brothers penis?

Anonymous Feb 14 2011 9:55am FLAG
Kendra some girls take a while to get used to sucking on a penis. you should let him lick you. it will feel great. it feels 100 times better then letting a guy rub your cl*t. atleast thats what other girls have told me

jim Feb 14 2011 9:58am FLAG
my sister sees me ***** and touches me im shes i screw her n the shower

sex man/sister Feb 14 2011 5:37pm FLAG
my sister sees me ***** and touches me im shes i screw her n the shower

sex man/sister Feb 14 2011 5:37pm FLAG
my sister sees me ***** and touches me im shes i screw her n the shower

sex man/sister Feb 14 2011 5:38pm FLAG
my sister sees me ***** and touches me im shes i screw her n the shower

sex man/sister Feb 14 2011 5:38pm FLAG
Im confused, what the problem, a girl holding and kissing ur penis, it feels good doesnt it, even if shes ur sister. Next she kisses it, tell her to lick it, and then suck it. Then put it in her pu$$y, and then her ass, and have fun.

The incest expert Feb 15 2011 11:53pm FLAG
any one wanna exchange pics. of sisters mail me we can exchange our expereance

sexgod39 Feb 16 2011 9:14am FLAG
i liked looking at it. i thought it was cute. it was little but cute

reanne Feb 17 2011 12:31am FLAG
reanne did you touch your little brothers penis?

Anonymous Feb 19 2011 9:51am FLAG
no i just looked at it

reanne Feb 20 2011 8:00am FLAG
reanne wana c my d*ck m the owner of this post.. Send me ur email id

Rohit Feb 20 2011 12:28pm FLAG
-_- WTF!!!

Sora Feb 21 2011 1:13am FLAG
no thanks you might be a perv

reanne Feb 21 2011 6:56pm FLAG
This is crazy shes just a lital gril

Sora Feb 22 2011 1:08pm FLAG
i say tell her if she wants to look she has to try it out. just stick the head in her anal. then stick the rest in . no pain no game .

dre Feb 22 2011 8:03pm FLAG
Hey reanne m nt a perv.. I just want to show u my penis nd want coments on my penis. Email me at

Rohit Feb 22 2011 10:43pm FLAG
my 10 year old sister and her 9 year old friend seen my penis lastnight when my sisters friend spent the night. they started talking about something they heard in school about penises and sperm and stuff like that. so they came in my room and started asking me about it. next thing i know they were asking if i would show them my penis so i did. then they wanted to know about sperm so i told them about it and how it comes out. anyways they both took turns jacking me off. one would jack me for a little bit while the other one touched my balls. then they would trade off. they were having a contest to see who could make my sperm come out lol.

Josh Feb 27 2011 2:11pm FLAG
hey rohit...u can show her your penis mayb u can allow her to do things with u but becareful about anyone seeing it btw can i have ur email id.i iwll mail u in detail...i am from mumbai

koolboy Mar 01 2011 4:37am FLAG
all yall bitches sick as ..

GRENADA,MS GiRL Mar 02 2011 7:59pm FLAG
This is so gross i swear i wanna puke!

Not a c*nt like the rest of you Mar 04 2011 7:16pm FLAG
yall are sick bastards maybe oneday she will accuse you of rape think about that

Anonymous Mar 05 2011 8:05am FLAG

Lindsey Apr 15 2011 1:56pm FLAG
hey kool guy my id is

rohit Apr 16 2011 7:23am FLAG
Just show her it then ask her if she fancies having it inside her. My brother put his in me when i was and i really enjoyed it.

sue May 05 2011 1:39am FLAG
No lindsey everyone cares and your nasty Lindsey

Nasty? May 09 2011 10:47pm FLAG

nddhiman May 10 2011 6:48am FLAG
Wish my sister did tht

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 9:49pm FLAG
anybody wanna give a link to a hidden camera in their sisters room?

merjmeq Oct 25 2012 6:15pm FLAG
im and my sisters and i was in my room gettin undressed for bed i was just in my boxers when she walked in and i was like whats up i said. and she pulled my boxers down with me nowin she was goin to do it and i have got a 3inch flaccid and she said why int yours like dads? i said what u meen? she said well dads is bigger than yours. so i just said im goin to bed now. she said ok then about half an hour later she come in and said can i have a look agen so i said yeah. she started touchin it softly and i must addmite it feltr goodlol then i was hard 4and half inch hard . and she said wow i made u hard i was like wtf yeah u have lol and then she said watch this and then she was suckin my c*ck like there was no tomorrow i spunked in her mouth after like 5mins and she spat it back out onto my chest then licked it all of my chest and swollowed it said she said can i have sex with u i was like errrm yeah so she said hurry up then so i did and she was like yeah shove that small thing in me

small me Nov 10 2012 7:56pm FLAG
say ny powertool of destiny...

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 9:37pm FLAG
i agree with anonymous... say my powertool of destiny...

jack Jan 06 2013 8:59am FLAG
her till no tomorrow

wecumgiels Jan 07 2013 9:49pm FLAG
little girls heres a hint : ask ur bro if u can see his p**** if he says yes then suck his c*ck!!

welivec*ck Jan 07 2013 9:51pm FLAG
You r so gross people pls give me ir parents emails i will talk to them shame shame

Nobadbehavir 24 Jan 07 2013 9:53pm FLAG
my parents email is werkid@

welivec*ck Jan 07 2013 9:55pm FLAG

nobadbehavair 24 Jan 07 2013 9:56pm FLAG
wow people cant have fun

youknow me20 Jan 08 2013 4:07pm FLAG
Well I have a story to tell ya I am Jamie and I am , and my sister is called Amber (She was ), anyway this story starts by my masturbating in my room and my sister walks in... I went red and covered myself. Amber said "Jamie, I would like u to masturbate in front of me." So I said "W...What" "Jamie wank in front of me now." So I got out my penis and started stroking it while looking at her in her eyes, and she suddenly said "Wow, that's HUGE" I smiled and said "Would u like to have a go on me?" And she RAN over and got on my bed and wrapped her hand around my junk. Then she started to stroke it faster and faster and faster and harder and harder... GOD it felt AMAZING. I started to moan and groan what ever u wonna call it... IT FELT GOOD NO MATTER WHAT!! And then suddenly BOOOM!! Huge amount of cum on my chest and on her hand. Amber then bit her lip and looked at me and then started to get closer to me with her mouth, and I said "Amber, I don't think I can take it, u...u...ur just amazing." And then she was REALLY happy about that and then she just got my junk and put it in her mouth, her mouth was REALLY warm and wet and everything I was loving this... U should of saw her face when I cum in her mouth, and swallowed GOD she was really good at this. Then I said "A...A...Amber, H...Have u done t...This before ur the best" and she was my 1st. I then ripped off her bra and t-shirt and stared at her HUGE boobs, OMG she was beautiful blonde hair everything sorry I forgot that bit lol. And I was there for ages staring at her beautiful boobs. Then without even knowing I had her hard nipples in my mouth sucking on them, and then she said "I'm going to get ***** hold on" So I stopped and she went to her room to get ***** and then I got ***** and in about 5minutes she came in my room NOTHING on it was AMAZING... My boner at this time was FULLY erected (Like it was but it went down when it came out of her mouth) Then she jumped on my bed and I got on top of her licking her boobs then I went down her body to her beauty vagina... OMG Just amazing better then the *** I normally watch... I said "Amber... I... I love u" and she looked at me and bit her lip and smiled... So I started fingering her and licking her belly while fingering her at the same time and my other hand on her boobs... And then she said "LICK ME LICK ME" and I said "Shhhh mum and dad are downstairs watching TV". "Oh please they get so carried away they would even know where here"... So then I took my fingers out and licked my fingers and shivered :) OMG I LOVE IT!! So then I got my tongue and started licking her and all that I can't really remember all I know is that it was so good I loved the taste. And that's it... We always do this everyday And some people say that's sick but I don't think so

Jamie Hutchins Feb 10 2013 6:13am FLAG
dude Jamie Hutchins thats nice, did you f*** your sister? i wish i f***** my sister

sisterlover Feb 14 2013 12:10pm FLAG
oh my god, i wish my brother had did me yesturday :(

liz Feb 20 2013 12:16pm FLAG
hey (liz) how old are you?

sisterlover Feb 21 2013 1:23pm FLAG
U sick s. U are scum. Lower than scum. At least scum doesnt do incest! i guess this is a joke.

The dude Mar 05 2013 8:47pm FLAG
Back in the 80's, I pooped my pants on a tuesday.

80's Pants pooper. Mar 05 2013 8:49pm FLAG
Jamie made me so !!

Horny Guy Mar 06 2013 2:58pm FLAG
Wish I hav a sis lyk tat

bison Mar 11 2013 2:53am FLAG
So I was looking for some hot, incest stories between older/adult siblings, and all I got was a bunch of creepy ing pedo ones. Thanks a lot, jerks.

NoMoreBoner May 11 2013 8:38pm FLAG
I don't like you people.

Ew May 14 2013 10:01am FLAG
U send ur sister to me I will n give her a hard core send ur mom too she must be having large boobs

jerry May 29 2013 5:58am FLAG
Come ur sis is a slut give her a hard core n put ur pennis in her mouth when my elder sis said me to show I showed her n she showed her huge breast to me then when no one was at home we had a sex n I d her tight she's a slut dude

paresh May 29 2013 6:01am FLAG

Julio Jun 06 2013 10:55am FLAG
Jim can I have her number

Spencer/2 Jun 16 2013 8:55pm FLAG
Guy this is an interesting forum and everything but if you don't delete it soon the FDA will be all over your asses and they'll arrest every one of you what your talking about could be considered child ***ography

ThePenisKing(TPK) Jun 18 2013 8:45am FLAG
I'm just warning you guys

ThePenisKing(TPK) Jun 18 2013 8:46am FLAG
Is it normal to suck my vagina i am only 8 help

Harmoni Vinney Jun 25 2013 1:50pm FLAG
what is this im reading

Josh twin Jul 01 2013 11:39pm FLAG
it good for a little girl to see a willy

ben Jul 14 2013 5:08am FLAG
i was 6 to prolly my sis is 4 years older she used to suck my d*ck and play wit my ass but she suddenly moved to her dads and i didnt see her nomore till iwas and she came to visit i got her alone and made her suck my d*ck also iwant my mom to see my d*ck any advice

sislove Jul 28 2013 7:53am FLAG
My sister touches my d*ck and im going to suck her

anomonous Aug 27 2013 6:32pm FLAG
My sister and me started touching each other quite young, I was and she was . When I was I got to put my c*ck into her, we were always careful though. We are 41 & 44 now and we still enjoy ourselves

Jim-mol Sep 12 2013 3:06pm FLAG
vagina? c*ck? kids? girls? boys ? that its all about ladies feet and heels

foot lover Oct 07 2013 9:19am FLAG
try wanking your d*ck with a girls foot, youl forget about bj's and sex

foot lover Oct 07 2013 9:21am FLAG
What shall I do I wanna touch my bro and I'm

Deenesty Oct 21 2013 3:44pm FLAG
Eww u guys r sick

liz martinez Oct 26 2013 7:26pm FLAG

yomomma's ass Nov 23 2013 11:51pm FLAG
May the lord Jesus Christ help you all. You are all either liars, or you are being honest, in which case you are sinners. Incest is a sin. Have sex and all that with your wife or girlfriend. Not a family member, and certainly not a younger sister, or any sister for that matter. I feel pity for all of the people in this thread, and only some have realized the evil there is. The incidences mentioned may all be true, but I tell you, you are sinning. Feel the grace of God and Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Do not repent, and you will become a servant of Satan. I urge you to see the error in your ways. My this be the last post anyone ever adds to this thread, and may it serve as a lasting reminder of the evil the people on this thread have felt.

The Voice Of Reason And Sanity Nov 26 2013 7:54pm FLAG
My sister see my c*ck when im pee evey day.

ben Dec 01 2013 11:57pm FLAG
have you ever thought of oh you know sex with someone not related to you??????????

get laid by someone not related to you Dec 02 2013 12:45am FLAG
You make me want a sister

Wishing... Dec 07 2013 6:24am FLAG
Get a !

I know LIARS When I SEE THEM! Jan 05 2014 1:31pm FLAG
I let my sister Jack me off all the time and plus we share rooms..sometimes we sleep ***** together I was ,and she was best time of my life now I'm 20 and she 18 and we still play with each other lol

Steven Jan 07 2014 6:25am FLAG

Yo momma Feb 02 2014 2:20am FLAG
You can showed it to her. But better for the family if you create "accidental" situations in which she could see you *****. Then you must not be the offender. She must have the decision to see you. And it's very interresting to notice when her decision is to stay and to have a good view of you...

Markov Feb 04 2014 9:04am FLAG
Any girl wana hav fun wit me ?

Blah blah Mar 10 2014 7:04am FLAG
enjoy each other... the orgasms are waaay better when your related because the love for one another is real.

that one girl Mar 15 2014 9:49am FLAG
Any one want to see my d*ck

Anonymous Mar 28 2014 9:11pm FLAG
Can any of you who are younger than to send me any pictures of his penis. Thanks for your participation.My e-mail is

ShKosovari Apr 13 2014 2:47am FLAG
too many liars hea.

lave Apr 24 2014 2:49pm FLAG
i want to show my penis to my aunt bcz once i shaw her vagina so i want to show my

goutam sonkar May 02 2014 12:52pm FLAG
I want you all to cum in me

trish May 20 2014 1:03am FLAG
Email me at for d*ck pic I'm and will do anything you want really

John May 20 2014 8:29pm FLAG
any one out there can cum in me I let my brother cum in my mouth weekly tastes gooood I,m

trish May 22 2014 11:55pm FLAG
just pulled my brothers d*ck cum over my face and tits love it

trish May 23 2014 1:54am FLAG
You can show it to her, but don't be surprised if she doesn't leave it alone. My stepsister did that to me when she was or . She constantly was putting her hands on me, trying to pull my pants down. She wouldn't leave my bedroom until I let her see it and touch it. She would giggle and tease me, like "You have a boner!, You have a boner" Of course her looking at and touching it felt good, but it was also very strange. She would also threaten to punch me in my balls if I didn't let her see it. She would say things like, "I'll make you a deal. If you let me play with your thing, I won't squeeze/kick/punch your balls." If I tried to stop her, she would find a time when my guard was down and nail me right in the nuts. Then she would get my shorts down anyway. It got to the point that when she would say she wants to play with my penis, I would just let her do it. It got even stranger when she started to talk to it and treat it like her pet. "Ohh, you're so cute. Did I make you hard? I'm going to play with you for a little bit." This went on for a couple of years. After that, she acted as if nothing ever happened. As much as it sounds good, it kind of messed me up in the head.

Rick Aug 10 2014 12:59pm FLAG
I meant to say when she was about or .

Rick Aug 10 2014 1:00pm FLAG

Rick Aug 10 2014 1:00pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 10 2014 1:01pm FLAG

Rick Aug 10 2014 1:01pm FLAG
My sisters and her friends would spy on me all the time when we were ****s.It started when I was about After I had a shower I would go to my room with a towel to get dressed. Back then I was hard all the time and I was always playing with it. My bedroom had louver doors and I never realized that people could see into my room if they wanted to.My sisters and there friends would stand close to the doors and they would find it very entertaining to watch me go through puberty. Then one day they started to talk to me through the door telling me what they are watching. Things like we see you ***** and your d*ck is sticking straight out and bobbing up and down. I would look in the mirror to see what they are looking at. Then they would scream that they see something coming out of it and I would see a stream of precome oozing out in the mirror and found it embarrassing and got dressed quickly.They would go telling everyone I had a huge d*ck and my friend made fun of me because my sisters have seen me hard. We lived on the beach and they would try to see me ***** all the time. I have so many story's that have happen after that point of time. Even to the time when we had drunk sex when we got older.

Brad P. Sep 20 2014 7:45am FLAG
One day after my shower and in my room with a towel on and the door closed I heard one of my sisters and her friend by my door. I opened my door and told them they could come into my room if they would like so they did come into my room and closed the door and told me they had seen me ***** and want to see me again.I laid down on my bed and told them they are free to undo my towel. The both of them were on each side of my bed and were acting goofy and my sister said to her friend...undo his towel and have a look. My d*ck was already hard and pressing against the towel. Her friend opened the towel and my d*ck was sticking straight out and they starting giggling then my sister slapped it and it bounced and swayed back and forth then her friend slapped it and it bounced and swayed. They both kept slapping it back and forth and it did not take long before my d*ck started to shoot cum all over and it was swaying in my sisters friends direction and she started to scream I have come on me and they ran out of my room laughing. That was the first time a girl made me cum.

Anonymous Sep 20 2014 2:30pm FLAG
That was just the beginning of all the things that happen with my sisters and there friends.

Brad P. Sep 20 2014 2:33pm FLAG
I wanna get my sister to play with my d*ck buti cant get her alone with me and if i ask her if she wants to touch me shes going to tell someone. Please i want this badly, its my fantasy to let her touch me can someone please help? My email is

Desperate lover Oct 01 2014 9:16pm FLAG
Let her see it and then teach her about oral sex and swallowing your semen. Don't try to put it in her vagina though, that would be wrong.

Horny Toad Oct 02 2014 7:45pm FLAG
I think it sounds natural to show your little sister your c*ck because you can teach her about sex and have her learn how to suck a c*ck too!

Red-X Oct 05 2014 10:38pm FLAG
I let my sis to take that decision. I created "accidental" situations in which my penis was exposed, and the door was partially opened: changing clothes, undressing for taking a shower, peeing, etc. I noticed her many times staying on the other side of the door, staring at my male anatomy.

Markovar Oct 07 2014 4:51pm FLAG
mine is special can show to interested girls add me in Skype johnymoore

johnymoore Oct 08 2014 10:46pm FLAG
Trish I will cum in your every day! Do you have skype? Wat's your email?

Jimmy Oct 23 2014 9:19pm FLAG
In your p***y that is.

Jimmy Oct 23 2014 9:20pm FLAG
Its your sis choice and yours. If you agree, show her.

Mystery Nov 18 2014 4:41pm FLAG
I shot my load in my 5 yr old sisrer she loved it

Anonymous Nov 25 2014 12:43pm FLAG
Your mother should be the one deciding who sees your penis. If she says you should show it to your sister, your mother, her friends, etc, then do as she says.

Laura Dec 06 2014 10:22am FLAG
I showed my penis to my younger sister, but it wasn't by choice. when I was , my sister asked to see it. I said no, but then she asked my mother, who, instead of telling her she couldn't, said it would be a good idea. She told me, "just let her see it. She's curious and deserves to know what boys look like down there." When I said no, my mother told me it was an order, not a request. I was shocked. I was forced to drop my pants and shorts right there, with my mother and sister looking on. It got hard and I wanted to crawl in a hole from embarrassment. . . (to be continued)

Nick Dec 10 2014 8:25pm FLAG
(continued) My sister then giggled and whispered something in my mother's ear and my mother whispered back. I asked what they were talking about, and my mother said "girl talk, it doesn't concern you." DOESN'T CONCERN ME? I'm standing ***** and it's obvious they're talking about my ***** genitals, yet she says it doesn't concern me. My sister then asks my mother "Mom, can I? Can I?" My mother nods her head yes, and my sister walks over to me and touches it. I was like, what's going on here? My sister then goes back to my mother, says "Wow, Mom, you were right!" and then and whispers something else to my mother. All the while, I'm standing ***** with my **** standing up and I'm feeling completely embarrassed. My mother then tells me to pull up my pants and go up to my room, so she and my sister can speak in private. I said something like, why do I have to pull down my pants and show you guys everything, yet I'm not allowed to even talk [not that I wanted to]? My mother says that's the way it is. Girls are different than boys. It made no sense to me, and I was completely ashamed.

Nick Jan 05 2015 3:33pm FLAG
Nick, your mom sounds like a feminist c*nt, no offense.

Myself Apr 27 2015 9:21am FLAG
Typical double standard. If a father forced his daughter to get ***** and let her brother watch, he would be thrown in jail. Yet this boy's mother does that to him and she gets away with it. Also, since when does a boy's sister "deserve to know" what her brother looks like *****?

Me May 13 2015 9:31pm FLAG
It's OK if your sister see or touch your penis, also you can masturbate. The only thing that isn't OK is to put it in her vagina, so don't put your penis in her vagina.

Little Boy Jun 07 2015 2:05pm FLAG
wow i am soooooo freakin hard right now its unbelievable! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Yo Papa Jul 02 2015 12:37am FLAG
My brother at age accidently forgot to close his pajama fly snap & his fly was wide open. I was in his room with him & saw a good part of his pen*s. Being only 8 I was not shy to ask if I could see all of it. He was actually very anxious to let me see it. He did let me feel it too. I never felt anything so nice before.

Andrea Sep 24 2015 5:15am FLAG
Wow a bunch of ing sickos. Get a life and realize the right answer is to tell her no it wouldn't be right

iahtepervs Dec 26 2015 2:02pm FLAG
My cousin is 3 years older than me. When I was around I developed a curiosity in seeing is penis. When we would visit, I would try to get him alone and "accidentally" touch him down there. One time I "innocently" asked him what the hard thing was in his pocket. He said nothing and tried to change the subject, but I persisted. I told him I wanted to see what's in his pants, and grabbed him down there. I relented and I went to town on him, opening his pants and learning about boys' bodies. It was wonderful seeing his boy parts with a light covering of his silky pubes. I really enjoyed playing with his boy parts and getting him hard. I also enjoyed making him squirt his boy cream.

Donna Feb 29 2016 9:26pm FLAG
I may be a atheist but oh my god what the . Also most of the peoples spelling and grammar is so hilarious.You guys need some serious help.

Anonymous Aug 12 2016 6:41pm FLAG
Growing up, my older stepbrother let me see and touch his penis as much as I liked. He never forced himself on me. In fact, it was I who always initiated it. I would tell him, "I want to play with your thing." I would then reach into his shorts or unzip his pants, and he would let me. He always left it to me to decide how much playing I would do. If I felt like to hitting his balls, he wouldn't stop me. He was a great (step)brother.

Annie Sep 05 2017 10:01pm FLAG
Give advice: