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how to my daughter

The Problem: im a 35 black guy wit a d*ck of 8 or 9in. my daughter is very sexy im not wit her mom & im single. but my daughter kelly wanted to talk about sex & ask if she could see my d*ck 2 see wat a black one looks like & i said no but she has a light skin BF. Kelly wears bout 1 size below size D in bras & has a big ass but i want to her or have my own daughter choke on my d*ck just like her mother did. help can you give me any advice

Asked by: 14in.-dick at 05:29:13 PM, Saturday, February 12, 2011 PST FLAG


If she asks to see it again show it to her. Make like the Green Hornet and give her a ride on Black Beauty. Maybe you'll get lucky and knock her up.

Jonny Feb 13 2011 7:36am FLAG

You are diffenitly not 35.Why would you even want to do something like that to your own flesh and blood? Your such a pedophile!

guitarlvr Feb 14 2011 2:26pm FLAG
I'd rather do my dad than the boys from school. Dad takes his time and gives me orgasms the boys just want to squirt their stuff in me and go.

Jessie Feb 15 2011 5:56am FLAG
Jessie wanna exchange pics?

daniel Feb 19 2011 10:46pm FLAG
waane shes in the shower join her im sher after sing u how hard u r for her u be able to her and cum in her

Anonymous Feb 21 2011 1:02am FLAG
i'm 50 and i wanna give young girls multiple orgasms for hours. is this wrong?

dirty old bastard Mar 27 2011 1:33am FLAG
I wanna rub the sweaty balls! Of the next man who sings my name! My name is ringdingadingringdingadingringringsingflingaringdingdingaBingding

I wanna rub the sweaty balls! Of the next man who sings my name! Apr 05 2011 12:23pm FLAG
peado if u her that wil be sexual abuse. ur own daughter ur sick. burn in hell u stupid peadophile/perv

Anonymous Jun 02 2011 2:35am FLAG
Tappu ledura

Pal Jun 02 2011 6:33am FLAG
if she want the c*ck give her

ram & seeta Jul 26 2011 4:15am FLAG
No problm u preprd hr nw use hr

Lv Aug 10 2011 7:42pm FLAG
Jst give her if she hardly 1

Ency Oct 07 2011 2:14am FLAG
you are a lucky man, your sexy daughter wants to see your c*ck, can't you understand, she wants you to knock her, believe me this is the best sex in the world, keep her away from men outdoors. good luck man, go with her in shower, let her see your c*ck , let her feel it in her hands and then inside her.

fatma Jan 07 2012 8:09am FLAG
i been banging my daughter since she was . one day she jumped in my bed and started playing with me, so we been having great sex ever since and she prefers it doggy style

stan the man May 14 2012 9:07pm FLAG
i'm just 18 years old. but i almost ed 30 women and mostof them my relations so go ahead even what happens

jack Nov 07 2012 6:00pm FLAG

fatma seni istiyorum Dec 24 2012 2:18am FLAG
Just rape her. She won't complain.

Dec 28 2012 5:27am FLAG
I would love to have sex with an old man

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 3:22pm FLAG
Well if she's interested, go ahead. Be gentle so she will want more.

Max Dec 29 2012 9:18pm FLAG
she started talking about sex , so she is in quit need for your d*k inside her , give it to her

fatima Jan 18 2013 2:27am FLAG
her in her ass hole

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 11:44pm FLAG
her in her ass so that she can enjoy your big d*ck

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 11:46pm FLAG
Maybe sit her down and talk to her about sex like she asked. Talk to her about how black guys are generally known to have bigger ones and she may ask again. When she does, show it to her. Let her look at it and mention that when she gives hand jobs she should spit on it first or something. Tell her that she needs to practice too.

Just helping Feb 17 2013 3:13pm FLAG
my daughter also 18and i want how to him

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 3:30am FLAG
i am very intrested to my own daughter please help me how to start

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 3:31am FLAG
let your daughter seeand fel your c*ck---feel her titties and suck on the nipples hard--let your hand slide under her panties and feel her and cl*t--tell her how much you want her and let her touch your c*ck--feel inside her panties for wetness--if really wet tell her you are going to put your d*ck inside her and be sure both of you have a view of the c*ck sliding deep inside her--she will want more and moe of your c*ck as the days pass--

Don Feb 19 2013 7:09pm FLAG
her often--she also really started to suck me dry--just great!!

don Feb 19 2013 7:13pm FLAG
suck suck , suck with your daughter in 69--tell her how great it feels and tell her you want to eat her up and make her cum more and more--

don Feb 19 2013 7:16pm FLAG
not a problem, a dream

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 2:37am FLAG
If she wants to see it let her, I know if my daughter asked to see mine i'd pull it straight out and show her

Becsdad Mar 01 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Mine is 28 - I would not only her, but I'd breed her = love the ideza that she was carryong MY baby

daddy Mar 29 2013 8:03pm FLAG
Tell her how sexy she looks and that any man would be lucky to ever get to have sex with her. Maybe she will ask if you would want to, then tell her you would love to !!!! If she does ask then that means she wants it as much as you do.

Me Mar 31 2013 7:09am FLAG
Let her see it, If my daughter asked to see mine i'd show her straight away and then i'd let her play with it if she wanted to.

DadlovesChelsea Apr 05 2013 7:19am FLAG
And i'd love to knock up her sweet sexy ass

DadlovesChelsea Apr 08 2013 6:12am FLAG
I smoke a new drug called Coweed. It is made of of a new seaweed made of cow dung.

Justibieberisafaggot Apr 08 2013 4:34pm FLAG
if she asked you to see it then she wouldnt mind touching, tasting, and .. mmm. good luck guy, u should have showed her.

girllovesherdaddy Apr 09 2013 12:17am FLAG
Fist her jerk, while shes sleeping, tell her its foreplay.

goodguy May 20 2013 11:03am FLAG
ahole jerk c*nt bitch

ass May 20 2013 11:04am FLAG
so how it goes? did u f┬ąck her finally?

juliett May 31 2013 2:06pm FLAG
me instead

Horny Jun 13 2013 12:14pm FLAG
Im and i want my daddy to my pu*sy soooo badly

Daddysgirl Jun 18 2013 10:17am FLAG
Don,t ever try to do it,tell her to go to her room and get angry at once, then no matter what she we apologise to you

inno Jun 19 2013 10:43am FLAG
Its a sin to have sex with your blood it we ruln your generation believe

inno Jun 19 2013 10:46am FLAG
I want my daddy to use me

wishing daughter Jul 11 2013 8:19am FLAG
I want to get ed hard

mee Jul 13 2013 9:06pm FLAG
I want my husband and daughter to have mind blowing fun and for him to plant the seed in her belly , wow you should of showed her

Misspiggy76 Jul 18 2013 4:52am FLAG
Is haramm woo dont ever try it for one's.

uchiriology Jul 28 2013 6:36am FLAG
did u her?

daughter er Jul 29 2013 1:29pm FLAG
did u her?

daughter er Jul 29 2013 1:33pm FLAG
Dude your daughter was making the 1st move, I believe that there has been some type of communication, which lead to her question, she called your bluff and you ran like a mingy mut, I'm 45 and my daughter is 25, we've always gave each other small kisses, when she was 18, we laid cuddled up in the bed together, we both wanted each other, I had a massive hard on, we were up on one another, that was my opportunity, I was scared to move forward, fearing the aftermath and now to this day, we kiss intimately and we still want each other, now that we're both grown and if I have the oppertunity, I'm going ALL THE WAY, I mainly want her to sit on my face and give me a waterfall shower of her cum, I mainly wants to please her and I know soon its going to happen

Dirty Mind Aug 02 2013 7:48am FLAG
Offer her $$$$$$ i gaurantee she will spread her legs, nothing more intense than father daughter sex.

Mike Aug 07 2013 2:36pm FLAG
go on make her wild and shout..!! i want it in my daughter too sumday..

dutermaNiacgirl Aug 08 2013 10:14pm FLAG
Hey, you lucky son of a bitch, you are asking because you know you want to her. so empty your baby juice deep into her womb with that long big d*ck of yours breed her over and over again until you impregnate her. for me I prefer for her to be three years younger though.

Pedo4ever Aug 10 2013 2:59am FLAG
just do it dude!!!

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 7:47pm FLAG
Hey jessie id like to c a pic from ya

josh reply n il give email Aug 22 2013 4:45am FLAG
Omg omg thhe shhit ouut of lucky asshhoe wife is pregnant and im hhoping is a girl so i can bbreast feed her withh my killer c*ck omg i cant wait,,plzz god gelp me make it be a girl

thepre****fer Aug 24 2013 1:46am FLAG
Yyoo uu luucky bbastard sharing is caring,,good luck my last one was 7 yr an i came inside her ass so good and deepthat i couldint bbealieve it . . Yyo cops ya will never find me

Anonymous Aug 24 2013 1:53am FLAG
Download a software called ares and you will find videos of so many little bicghes gettin rape just like they shhould,

Anonymous Aug 24 2013 1:56am FLAG
I also want to my daughter..

Vineet Sep 11 2013 3:50am FLAG
I also want to f**k my daughter

Vineet Sep 11 2013 3:52am FLAG
I m 27 rng. Nd i want to do evry knd of sex. How cn i cntrl my sex felngs. Pz sgst?

Vineet Sep 11 2013 3:57am FLAG
I want to and lick my daughter when she old enough

Anonymous Sep 13 2013 1:21am FLAG
what is the difference between animal and you ? useless fellow of the world

kumaran Sep 14 2013 7:41am FLAG
I squeezed my d*ck I between her lips when she was 6 when she sleeps,now at ,,I ,ultimmate in sexx

sunnyppundaisorian Sep 19 2013 1:38am FLAG
horney I want to talk to u

talk ditry to me Sep 30 2013 10:13pm FLAG
I snuck into my daughter bed after she had been out drinking and pulled her pantys down and played behind her and rubbed my c*ck between her legs from behind her she had such a hot ass she started moaning and pushing back towards me so I coaxed her o over on her back and licked her .

I wi was true Sep 30 2013 10:20pm FLAG
snanam chesthunnappudu bookkalonchi choodu. kaavalani nee tavalni jaarchi modda choopinchu. time choosi pooku meeda cheyyi veyyi.

kumaran Oct 02 2013 12:00am FLAG
My daughter is 39 and I have wanted to have sex with her since she was but in the past 5 years it has become and obsession. I fantasize about sex with her all the time. When I am at her house and she's gone I get some of her dirty thongs and relieve my self.

wantherbad Oct 09 2013 1:12pm FLAG
, though. Don't want to waste them seeds!

her hard Oct 21 2013 12:21pm FLAG
You lucky bastard! You're living my dream! I'm 19 old boy and i want to have very daughter who asks me something like that. I would happily give pleasure to my darling if she wants to. I'm not rapist and force she to sex, but if he ask i would do it, with condom of course. I think there's nothing wrong if your daugher wants it. I just want my daughter will be happy and her, if that makes her happy.

Dreamer Nov 07 2013 10:43pm FLAG
Hey Dreamer ill be ur daughter

Bad ass bitch Nov 21 2013 2:31am FLAG
I like to my doughetr wery often. She is 51 so also a wery good back.

homeside Nov 23 2013 3:04am FLAG
How young would you do ur daughter... If there were no laws

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 12:39pm FLAG
any girls that want to email me

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 1:12pm FLAG
Oh you remembered me last night when i had an anal with my dad..............Its normal for me to have sex with my dad because we do it since i was 18 and now i am 23 and daddy's little whore..............

inbitch Dec 19 2013 12:11am FLAG
Oh but 69 with dad is the best.............i love it when his 9inch c*ck drills my ing is everything for us..................

inbitch Dec 19 2013 12:15am FLAG
Why are you wasting time. Charity begins at home.

amedu Dec 20 2013 2:17pm FLAG
You should get her pregnant and throat that pretty mouth

Dec 31 2013 9:53am FLAG
I am having the same prob as you dude seeking advice too.I have seen my daughter ***** once and from that day I cant sleep goog at night I would do anything just to eat that .

unlucky Jan 10 2014 2:36pm FLAG
show her your c*ck and apoligies for not showing her it sooner and see were it goes form ther

k Jan 18 2014 5:50pm FLAG
I would like to f&#k a **** girl too Doesnt have to be my daughter If any young girls r interested...let me know Im 35 and sexy

teddyred Jan 23 2014 8:02am FLAG
You really should give it to her. My husband gave it to his daughter. It's the hottest thing ever!

that girl Feb 02 2014 2:13pm FLAG
better try to go in her room when she z taking...bath...this will arouse her...n u can make of luck...!!!!

shrey dutt Feb 06 2014 1:16am FLAG
I want to my daughter so bad just Dont no wat to say and come at her with the situation

Og Mar 03 2014 12:29pm FLAG
you all

Anonymous Mar 04 2014 8:21am FLAG
Oh man, thats a great opportunity, i fantasise how i could have such a daughter, she understand you, please give her what she wants. her nicely, mine is 7 inch but wild!!!!

Jigo Mar 05 2014 12:07am FLAG
well it will run your relationship. more than likely but wat the their daughters

me Mar 10 2014 3:20am FLAG
most men would like to their em how it s done

Anonymous Mar 10 2014 3:22am FLAG
wish i had one that would fall in love with me.

Anonymous Mar 10 2014 3:23am FLAG
you are a lucky man, and she is a woman , she trusts you, she wants to see black d*ck ,sure she saw whit d*cks , let her see your black c*ck touch it feel and then fill her with your big c*ck, believe me she wants your c*ck inside not make her disappointed, LET HER FEEL HOW THE BLACK C*ck IS BETTER THAN THE WHITE ONE

ALI Mar 15 2014 10:23am FLAG
I want some daddy c*ck up my c*nt. I want him to fill full of his sperm and inpregnate me

naughtydaughter Mar 21 2014 9:09pm FLAG
Im playing with myself trying to get off reading this. Someone talk dirty to me to finish me off

naughtydaughter Mar 21 2014 9:12pm FLAG
I understand what this guy is going through. Being your own flesh and blood has absolutely nothing to do with the feelings you get when you see her body or imagine your c*ck deep inside of her. That is a normal feeling especially if you are single. You are around her all the time and that ass is always visible. You are experiencing normal reactions to the eye candy. All I can say is make sure she is of age (some states it is ) before attempting anything that would put you in the slammer. As long as she is willing to have sex with you and she is of age you are good to go. Make sure she has the understanding that you are a normal, sexual and man. Put the fact that you are her dad aside during the conversation. Talk like 2 human beings to one another. Make her feel relaxed and comfortable about the situation and see where that takes you. I am sure she already trusts you. Don't blow the trust part. Ease your way into her panties. Don't be aggressive. Be patient and you will have her. If you teach her how to enjoy sex and show her then she will have the experience to carry on a healthy relationship with someone else. I see nothing wrong with having sex with your own flesh and blood. My daughter is actually 30 years old and NOT my own flesh and blood. I want to have sex with her so bad I can't stand it. I am patient as I have explained to you. It will eventually come if you take your time and talk to her. Explain your feelings about it. Make her understand that it is all a normal feeling and you are not trying to hurt her in any way. Again, use your best judgement and don't take risks that will come back to bite you. Age is one of the most important facts that you need to understand. That is where the law comes in and trumps your own personal desires. It's not worth it for one second if you will be breaking the law. If she is of age, there is NO law that prevents you from having sex with her. It is a MORAL issue at that point. Hope this advice has helped you and good luck to you man.

Lust-O-Matic Mar 23 2014 3:44am FLAG
Any dirty girls wanna talk to their daddy

PattyV Apr 02 2014 4:06pm FLAG
Just do what my ex-wife's father did to her. Just walk in and pull her pants off and slip into her and pound her hot p***y, she'll love it ,my ex did, said she spread her legs for her father for 7yrs

Alisonspreadsfordaddy Apr 07 2014 5:07am FLAG
Hold her down and her

mark Apr 10 2014 12:17am FLAG
Hold her down or tie her down & her c*nt when she says stop tell her no

mark Apr 10 2014 12:18am FLAG
It is a MORAL issue at that point

xyz Apr 16 2014 7:18am FLAG
Hey naughty daughter mmm I'd finish u off hehe and make u scream nice and loud

Kev Apr 19 2014 5:59am FLAG
Nothing like ing her

Kev Apr 19 2014 6:02am FLAG
yes if she want ! really drive her to your and her satisfaction

xyz Apr 28 2014 3:12am FLAG
I also want to mine ;she is 24yrs I am 43yrs tell me how to start she is virgin with hairy vagina I touched it. Please advise me how to do it

jack May 22 2014 8:38pm FLAG
You are probably some 50 year old white guy pedo sitting in his mom's basement watching gay child *** all day

Go yourself May 31 2014 8:14pm FLAG
You are probably some 50 year old white guy pedo sitting in his mom's basement watching gay child ***os all day

go yourself May 31 2014 8:15pm FLAG
im your daughter can i have sex with you??? please dad??

daughter Jun 03 2014 4:21am FLAG
lol here goes its a proposal just do it now!!

funny Jun 03 2014 4:26am FLAG
Anybody got any advice on how I can get my 25yr old step-daughter into bed with me? I am so in love with this girl it isn't funny. Would love to be able to ram my hard c**k into her and c*m deep in her.

iloveHope Jul 18 2014 9:11am FLAG
I wanna with your daughter,if you can`t.

James Aug 28 2014 2:11am FLAG
Cum her and happily repeat doing it.

Tommy Aug 28 2014 2:13am FLAG
ask him to you. you will love it and take his baby xxxxx

a dad Sep 27 2014 5:20pm FLAG
I really wanna my daughter soo bad.

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I have a yr step dau. She look more and more like a woman ever day. She try pick with me ever day like when we r on.the floor she try to go for my d*ck.all the time i git hard

scoobdoo May 27 2015 5:35am FLAG

scoobdoo May 27 2015 5:35am FLAG
I have a **** step dau. She look more and more like a woman ever day. She try pick with me ever day like when we r on.the floor she try to go for my d*ck.all the time i git hard

a step dad May 27 2015 12:44pm FLAG
I want it

sally Oct 09 2015 12:23am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 23 2016 8:05am FLAG
Mm mm if I was your daughter I'd want you to ram it into me and do everything you've ever imagined I mean everything my body's your toy

A open minded girl Oct 23 2016 8:06am FLAG
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Show her your nice black hard on believe me she will take it in her hand , for a long time to cum.

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