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i think my father wants to me

The Problem: hello frzz. i m girl and in april in trun in , i noticed my father gating intrent in me and try to touch me in different ways when i remain alone at home. what i do is it right if i alow my father to me

Asked by: kkcute at 04:34:32 AM, Friday, March 11, 2011 PST FLAG


No its not. Tell someone, because your dad has a serious problem. Make sure he knows that you dont want him to touch you. Hope i helped, good luck sweety.:)

awsomechick Mar 11 2011 3:23pm FLAG

let him your brain out

Anonymous Mar 11 2011 4:04pm FLAG
Its scary at first but when you get him in you you gonna luv it. My dad so much better than guys at school and he had some operation so he cant get me preggo

Jessie Mar 12 2011 6:21am FLAG
First off, That's just wrong. For a fantasy, I know is awesome, but at The end I know I'll feel regret, but maybe you don't. It's up to you, so be wise.

RDC Mar 13 2011 6:18pm FLAG
allow himto er other than somebody.

df Mar 14 2011 6:19am FLAG
Mom dont let me date so I stepdad get even

laticia Mar 15 2011 8:45am FLAG
If you want to do it for fun go ahead. If he tries to force you call the cops.

Tina Mar 16 2011 1:28pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 21 2011 5:46pm FLAG

GUPTA Mar 29 2011 10:16pm FLAG
he will rape u dont

Anonymous Apr 01 2011 7:46am FLAG
My stepdad took my virginity 2 weeks after he marry my mom. Now he tells me he only marry her so he can have sex with me. We do it almost every day. I love how he makes me feel.

Taylor Apr 29 2011 11:17am FLAG
Mom held me open and put the head of my stepdad's d*ck in me then rubbed her me.

Tanya May 09 2011 6:59am FLAG
You should let him do it. You will never regret it.

Father39 May 16 2011 9:11am FLAG
let him heck u

Anonymous Jun 14 2011 7:43am FLAG
Please don't do it live your life the right way or somthing that can not be seen by other but your self will be no more but pain of never end lust that will blind you from true love good bye

Daedalus Jul 11 2011 2:10pm FLAG
If you both agree and you can live with it, then go do it. It's your life in the end and no one has the rite to say what you do and who with. As for it being rite or wrong. that depends on you. To some it's sick to others it's nothing just fun. But remember it happens more than you may think, never done it myself, but it has crossed my mind.

Anonymous Jul 14 2011 9:02am FLAG
You people are sick. Please go get some help!! Hun don't let him do that to you!

Lorrie Jul 28 2011 9:28pm FLAG
ive had an experience like this, when i was i also noticed my dad looking at me in a weird way and then when i was alone in the house he felt me up. one day in the house alone i was in my room and my dad came in and started feeling me up again. i just let him me becuase i wanted to try sex for the first time, i liked it so you should let him. me and my dad do it almost everyday now

Amy Nov 04 2011 5:30am FLAG
Ohh PUH-lease, let him heck so hard, have sex with suck his d*ck, let him suck your boobs. YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOUR IN PARADISE TRUST MEH. I had sex with dad billion times

UDontDeserve2Know Jan 24 2012 8:31pm FLAG
Hun dnt let him heck u it is realy wrong (talking out of experience) i gt pregnant of my mum wantd 2 knw wu da baby's father is i culdnt lie so i tld ha da truth u WILL REGRET it for ur own safety call childline 0800055555

Stephanie Mar 18 2012 8:25am FLAG
sUch a bItch...he is ua god...i jst dun' wanna survive in this bloody wotld anymOre..... God will nvr 4gv yew !

u deserve to be punished Mar 19 2012 9:09am FLAG
my goodness.... Uh should be hanged till death.....! Ewww....such a hypocrate !

uadeath Mar 19 2012 9:11am FLAG
u all

Not crazy enough Apr 10 2012 6:45pm FLAG
All depends on you, if you want to have fun who would be better that your family, he loves you and you should give him pleasure, its normal. But if its rape or forcing, it is wrong and should be stopped. Noone deserves that.

kathy May 08 2012 3:17pm FLAG
My sister s dad all the time, I sometimes jerk off while listening to her moaning.

Anonymous May 27 2012 2:32am FLAG
Go for it if you really want it! The riskiness is such a turn on! Me and my dad have "quickees" all the time and its sooo hot! Bent over the bathroom sink when we're alone, sooo good! Just dont let him ejaculate inside of you though, he did one time and was scared less!

Laura Nov 13 2012 4:57pm FLAG
My dad does that all the time and I'm 8 but my mum licks my vagina and my dad actually

Lumpy lily Nov 19 2012 2:18am FLAG
Wtf is Wrong with you people????

Notstupid Dec 22 2012 4:14pm FLAG
My daughter came into my room one night and crawled into bed with me, next thing I knew she was sucking my d*ck, anyway we now make love everyday, she is , and has the smallest body.

Dave Jan 07 2013 4:23am FLAG
Go for it;)

sAhId Feb 02 2013 9:58am FLAG
Too many child molesters in the world already and u will just help to create another one

nikki Mar 18 2013 7:36pm FLAG
Too many child molesters in the world already and u will just help to create another one!

nikki Mar 18 2013 7:37pm FLAG
Your dad's d*ck will make you cum like no other!

Anonymous Apr 08 2013 12:19pm FLAG
iam rak iwas my brother wants me

lak Apr 21 2013 10:51pm FLAG
if you don't do him, you'll always regret it.

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 4:42am FLAG
i wana ashwarya rai all nights.

sunil sherty Jun 17 2013 2:04pm FLAG
My dad makes me c*m.I'm.its

go for it girl Jul 02 2013 1:04pm FLAG

Eww Jul 12 2013 5:06am FLAG
Don't, it's seriously wrong I mean who the hell would have it with their dad. Go get a boyfriend

Childline Aug 08 2013 5:33pm FLAG
You will feel like don't

Mum Aug 08 2013 5:37pm FLAG

Sister Aug 08 2013 5:37pm FLAG
Okay so you may cum buh if you had it with your. Boyfriend then the same would happen so

Brother Aug 08 2013 5:38pm FLAG

Police Aug 08 2013 5:39pm FLAG
Ewwww you disgust me

Pewdiepie Aug 08 2013 5:39pm FLAG
Who the hell does that. You should be ashamed of yourself. Bit h

Maxmoefoe Aug 08 2013 5:40pm FLAG
Having intercourse with your dad is wrong and illegal.If he tries to molested you, inform the police department immediately! Or tell your mom. Peace! :)

Your Confidant. Aug 20 2013 2:08pm FLAG
I am 66 years old. The things I regret most are the things I didn't do. Like my first cousin,my aunt and most of all my sister. I had chances to have sex with all three but didn't have the nerve.

Bob Oct 20 2013 3:29pm FLAG
You must get is his first right happy him and suck his d*ck through you have born from you should get his d*ck inside your puss and asswhole . Don't give your virgin or ass except your dad

Jeckie Dec 21 2013 3:28am FLAG
Also give me a chance to test your ed her for four years then she passed matric and went away but she still call me and saing iam missing your big c*ck

Johan Dec 21 2013 3:34am FLAG
Don't this is sick

Anonymous Dec 25 2013 12:59am FLAG
You can do it if you file good when he tuch you in that why I promis you file so so good like never befor . Bikorse your dad have experiens . You have good chans . I want my dad to me but hi dont give up....

laura Jan 18 2014 10:58am FLAG
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vOQjwTyYn Feb 04 2015 4:26pm FLAG
Dude this is so disgusting. If that jerk touches you kill him.

ME Apr 26 2015 11:50am FLAG
I have told my daughter about my feelings four years ago. Now just less than two months ago we start our sexual relationship. She is my biological daughter and since about eight years more or less I begin looking at her as a woman. So you must feel something sexual for your daughter first, this is not something that you try to force just because she is a woman. She changed from bad character, in-satisfaction with life, existential crisis etc., to a happy woman that everyday expect her daddy to make her the most desired or women for her feet, body, face etc. this is a soul communion that is destined just to some special people. I never molested her as a child or even did think on that. Our relation made us free and bigger. Regards.

daughterlover Sep 16 2015 5:17pm FLAG
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zEuWuiKctxWqIcf Nov 27 2015 7:20pm FLAG
don't do it it will affect your relationship the rest of your life. and not in a good way

man concerned Mar 21 2016 2:13pm FLAG
i would let my daddy me so go for it

Alice Blood Dec 08 2016 11:15pm FLAG
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