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Want to my big brother!

The Problem: I'm and my older brother is 19. He has allways teased me a lot, like flashing his butt, showing me his c*ck and farting on me. Lately this has started to make me really wet and him badly!! I have heard that it is the new thing to your brother, and I really want to. Can anyone with experience from having sex with a sibling please reply!!! Do you think my brother wants to have sex with me? How did you approach your brothers? What do you do together, and is it good?

Asked by: sister16 at 08:33:41 PM, Tuesday, March 15, 2011 PDT FLAG


Brother tease me and I tease him then one day he come in while I in shower and watch me when I get out he bend me over the sink and put his c*ck in me. That time hurt. After we do it few time he make me fini. We do lots now. I fini alla time.

Trang in Cali Mar 16 2011 4:01pm FLAG

When you are home alone with him wear cloths that show off your boobs and . Next time he shows his c*ck take off your top then grab his c*ck and suck it. Let him cum in your mouth, then strip off your pants, play with his c*ck so it gets hard again and sit on it. Have fun.

Saytr Mar 17 2011 11:27am FLAG
I got a little more than I wanted when I wore a skirt and no panties when we were home alone. My broter called me a bitch when he saw my ***** pusssy, he got ***** threw me on the floor and sat down on my chest. Then he rubbed his d*ck with his balls slapping my face until he squirted his sperm all over my face. He laughed while he did it and farted in my face with his bare ass when he got off. I felt kind of disgusted there and then, but now the memory kind of turns me on...

sister Mar 19 2011 3:03am FLAG
Next time he shows his d*ck, grab it, and start sucking, if he doesnt show his d*ck again, i suggest the wrestling approach. When ur alone, suggest to wrestle for fun. Wear a short skirt, no bra, and a shirt with lots of cleavage. Accidently brush against him sexually and grab his d*ck while wrestling, maybe let ur top fall of several times. When hes on top of u,hold him tight and start making out. Then unzip his pants, suck his c*ck, and see where it goes.

Sex advisor. Mar 28 2011 5:08pm FLAG
Next time he shows you his c0ck hold it and he will be your slave... Or at least you will be his centre of attention :)

mr. incest Mar 28 2011 5:09pm FLAG
I'm sorry, but your brother sounds like an mature jerk honestly.. :( I'd slap my brother if he was that rough with me, or intentionally farted on me... That's disgusting.. Not to mention that it could literally make you sick... On the other hand, I know my brother really loves me, and that he would never do that to me anyway. And hes always so gentle and caring, OMG hes the best. <3

a loving lil sis Mar 31 2011 4:52am FLAG
Immature*, not mature, as in the opposite of. Forum spell check fails again.

a loving lil sis Mar 31 2011 4:53am FLAG
One word, SICK!

Mr.Sicko the sicktard Apr 12 2011 8:18am FLAG
i also my brother.

sima Aug 11 2011 11:07pm FLAG
get ***** and hump him and done

hiee Feb 10 2012 11:11am FLAG
shag him in the bath

Anonymous Feb 10 2012 11:12am FLAG
Just grab his c*ck next time he shows it to you .that's what I do. I heck any boy in my family that's my age . Doesn't matter to me or them. As long as there cool with it. :)

Sweet T 3 Apr 16 2012 7:48pm FLAG
Or next time he's in the bath shower or asleep get ***** hump him and it goes on from there. ;)

Sweet T 3 Apr 16 2012 7:51pm FLAG
Ever since I was little I had like a connection with my eldest brother Larry.He always listened to me or was always there to save me from any harm before anything happened.He at the time was 32 and had gotten out of a relationship and was single.He was such a hot sexy hunk.That was what my some of my friends single mothers and sisters would say or asked if he was seeing anyone.He always had an athletic built and had eyes that seemed to just get you to look at and turn you on.I began to see him and feel the same way when I was yrs old and was in the 8th grade in Junior High.I was a virgin but had these tingling sensations between my legs when I saw him and it was more when I was near him.He and I were always close that like since I was little I'd snuggle in with him at bed time and listen to whatever I had tell him.I had a figure that boys at school or guys from the High School would always be whistling at me for.I was a leader of our cheerleading squad.I'd tell my brother about that too.He would tell me something like,'Well,Serena,you do look really beautiful and pretty.So,its normal when there's a beautiful pretty girl around,boys and guys will have an eye for you.'It turned me on when he says something like that.He also let me snuggle in with him at bed time.At one time I asked him what those boys and guys would be thinking when they saw me.He said,'Well,all they want is to get their hands on you like,you know sexually',as I snuggled in next to him.I admired him for being so honest and open with whatever we talked about.And I loved him for that which soon turn into me actually falling for him just like I heard from my friends single sisters and mothers.After telling me I was beautiful and pretty again the tingling sensations started again between my legs.I went down and felt myself and was surprised that I was so wet.My panty was soaked.Then I told him what my friends sisters and mothers said about him.He was surprised to hear.And that's when I told him what I was thinking of him also.I said,'Since,your so honest and open with whatever we talk about,I thought,I'd at least be honest with you also.'He said,'Well,Serena,I don't really know what to tell you.'Then I said as I reached over him,'Well,there's probably really not much to say but some can be done.'And I slowly kissed him which of course really surprised him.And I told him I really wanted to him and to really feel what it be like to love him the way I wanted to.

Serena Apr 24 2012 8:23pm FLAG
He just kinda froze there for awhile and said,'Serena,you know I love you with all my heart,but this is like um, .'Then I interrupted him and said,'I know it's like wrong but,I can't help it feeling this way for you.I can't seem to not try to think of you like this.It's these eagerness of wanting you that I can't seem to like control.So please can you try and understand me like you always have?There's one other thing that you need to know,I'be asked one my friend's sisters for some pills that I'm now on so you don't need to worry.Please.'With that I kissed him again and he finally responded and kissed me back.

See Apr 24 2012 10:02pm FLAG
Then he said,'Serena,this is something I have to think about.Can you give me some time?'I said,'Yes,if you cannot decide other then what I want from you.'He then with a concerned look said,'Okay,Serena,I'll see what I can do if you can be patient with me.One other thing,I've notice you were trying to get at me a few times.'I told him,'Yes I have.I kinda had a feeling that you new and which I also was hoping.'Having that said I had a since of relief from thinking he didn't have a clue not ever get to know and not getting what I want.And I gave him a hug and told him,'I love you.'Then when we were going to sleep I asked him,'I need someone to go to the homecoming prom with.Would you take me?'He said,'If the school will allow it.'I told him I'll look into it.I just couldn't wait because I was so turn on by him and that was like the first time I felt so and didn't get much sleep that night.I couldn't believe how wet I got. Then with in a few days I found out just what I wanted to hear.The school said it was okay that he could take me to the homecoming dance.

Serena Apr 25 2012 2:24pm FLAG
So homecoming game came and it was a close game and a good game.That evening my brother took me to the dance.He looked great in his tux.I borrowed one of my friends sisters dress that had me showing a lot of fle that I just gave into his lead.He soon inserted one of his fingers in my soaking wet vagina and slowly fingered me as my knees buckled as I climaxed for the first time.It felt so good.

Serena Apr 25 2012 8:12pm FLAG
As he fingered me my hips move back and forth as I humped against his finger.He brought me to to nearly Cummings and said we should go home and that we'll have all the time and house to ourselves.My parents and the rest of my siblings had gone to visit my grandparents for the weekend so I so excited,eager and anxious to get home.As we drove home we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves.I just opened my legs and let my brother feel my legs up and down and up between my legs.I just enjoyed the feel of his touch as it was the first time I let anyone touch me like that.And ever since I started to have feelings,sexually,that is,and started to fantasize that I'd be doing something like this with him it felt so good.I'll admit I was like they say,on cloud 9 or a puppy bouncing around its owner for more attention.He made feel like I was in control to as I let him feel me up like that.He also started to feel my big breasts and nipples.That just about drove me out of my seat as I wanted more or was so eager to know what else he could do to make me feel more.I was so turned on and all we want for the rest of the 4 day weekend. We made love every evening and morning twice.I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.I had already been on pills my friends gave me so I didn't have to worry.My brother and I still love each other and still make love when we get the chance or we'd go places togather and just screw each others brains out.He's taught me alot about sex so we just like have so much fun loving each other.Just wanted to share my awesome experience with you and let you no like they say anything's possible if you can get it right.:-) %}~%~

Serena Apr 26 2012 8:09am FLAG
brother really like if sisters starts hecking with them ,i also want sisters like uu all

a brother May 19 2012 2:29am FLAG
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you bitch Jun 03 2012 1:53pm FLAG
i want my sister

big brother Jun 04 2012 4:34am FLAG
One time when I was with my brother in our house alone he cane up to me and started rub my vagina up and down so when he asked if he could suck my vagina I said hell yes and we have been ing each other ever since .

Gracie01 Jun 11 2012 1:49pm FLAG
One time when I was with my brother in our house alone he cane up to me and started rub my vagina up and down so when he asked if he could suck my vagina I said hell yes and we have been ing each other ever since .

Gracie01 Jun 11 2012 1:49pm FLAG
lol ok, you want to do it with your brother? cool! if you want to go for it, dude. i mean i wouldn't do it with my bro and i have a boyfriend, but their is nothing wrong with it. sex is sex, love is love right?

taylor Jun 15 2012 10:58am FLAG
I wanna do it with ur mother most of u are just sick and the others are fake but i dont blame u ur religon said that adams kids ed each other and this is how we came to life as bastreds!The God who created Adam created wifes for his sons! Its that simple!

Tucsonbooy Jun 30 2012 7:03pm FLAG
me and my brother were home alone one night and we were watching tv. he put his hand on my leg and scooted towards me. then grabbed my vag we started doing it ever since.

Rosie0970 Jul 06 2012 11:00pm FLAG
tusconboy: i know right!!!!!!! people are stupid.

Rosie0970 Jul 06 2012 11:03pm FLAG
Some of you'se are actually sick, i mean come on who would actually want to 'heck' a relation to theirs or a sibling?

owned Jul 08 2012 2:35pm FLAG
Im 25, my sister is 23, turning 24 in september. Growing up I never felt much sexual tension between us. In recent years though, I've started noticing her, and I'm sure shes noticing me. When she was about she started to develop into a real woman, and when I turned 19 and moved away from home I started losing weight (I was about 50 lbs overweight at 6'2) and getting into athletic shape, as well as collecting tattoos and growing a large, lumberjack style red beard. My sister has always been attracted to rugged, tough men; and has always guaged her potential male partners in comparison to myself. The fact that I'm a boxer, manual laborer, have a solid and strong body, have fought for and protected her, and maintain a grown mans mindset, while still being playful with her and being able to open up to her, are all reasons that she does this. I don't see her very often anymore. She lives in Orlando and goes to school. Everytime one of us is visiting, we make sure to spend plenty of time together. Over the years we've grown extremely close! We never hesitate to express that we love one another, and show it phisically too. We've never done anything sexual with one another, but the sexual tension between us is beginning to manifest. I went to a concert with her recently in her town. While at the show, we started getting a bit drunk, and I indulged in some herbal refreshment as well. Once the show was over, her room mate who was reasonably sober dropped my sister and I off at their new apartment, while her room mate went to her boyfriends house for the night, leaving my sister and I home alone. Without skipping a beat, we shut her front door, and she began removing her clothes while heading toward her bathroom to shower. I hadn't seen my sisters ***** body since she was about , so I started getting curious. I walked toward her bedroom, and the door was open. Once I stepped in, I saw that her bathroom door was wide open as well, with the water running. She was completely *****, stepping into the shower, not bothering to shut the shower curtain. Her body is ing perfect covered in water, swiveling her hips while she washed herself. She told me to sit down on the toilet so I could watch her... I couldn't ing believe it. She actually wanted me to sit down and watch her shower! I knew she wouldnt freak out and kick me out for looking at her, but I didn't think she'd actually invite me in to watch! So I sat there and just stared at her perfect, tight little body. She was totally shaved, and more than a few times I caught her hands and fingers giving quite a bit of attention to the area between her legs. My thoughts began to race, and soon it was obvious that I was enjoying what I saw. "Haha! Oh my God, I can see your c*ck through your pants!" She started to stare at my crotch and then squatted down in the shower, playing with herself. "My jeans are making it hurt" I said, and fumbled to get my pants and boxers off. My c*ck flopped out of my boxers, and for the first time since we used to bathe together as toddlers, she saw my c*ck. Not only that, but this time it was rock solid and all of 8 inches. She stared at it and bit her lip. I could tell she wanted something more, but was getting afraid. "You know you have a beautiful, fat c*ck..." she said. I stood up and stepped toward the shower. I wet my hand under the spout, and then rubbed my hand from the top of her left breast, down her flat stomach, and between her legs, gathering suds from her body. I used those suds get my c*ck good and slick, so that I could rub myself out while watching my sister shower and watch me. In one moment, everything that was happening sank in. Once the reality factor kicked in a bit more, I was even more turned on. We watched eachother pleasure ourselves for a drawn out few moments, until my urges couldn't be controlled any longer. I stood over her as she leaned against the shower wall with her knees bent, pleasuring herself. I pulled her hair together behind her head, and guided my throbbing c*ck to the back of her throat. My sister and I are no strangers to promoscuous sex, and felt no need for restraint. I pressed her head firmly down on my lap, until her lips touched the base of my shaft, and began to quickly her mouth with short, powerful, and quick pumps from my hips. Her eyes stayed glued to mine the whole time as she gagged herself and forced tears from them. The amount of suction her lips had around my c*ck made me cum almost instantly. Everytime mu d*ck left her mouth, her lips popped from all the pressure she had sucked down on my manhood. I knew that this was wrong, and that I should never have let this happen, but the fact that it was so taboo was what made it hot, in a lot of ways. I knew I couldn't stop myself at this point though. I popped her tightly wrapped lips off of my c*ck, and lifted her feet off the ground. I layed her ass down on the sink countertop, eyes facing me. I rubbed my fat, pulsating c*ck against her swollen cl*t, while she begged me to fill her up. The head of my c*ck, covered in my sisters saliva, squeezed between her tiny, yet fat lips, and she squeeled as if she had been hurt badly, but was trying to muffle her moans. Easing back out of her just a bit, I lunged forward and filled her up all at once. Her mouth dropped, and her eyebrows looked like a combination of surprise and anger. She teared up a bit and whispered to me " me like a dirty little slut!". I looked up at her with a questioning face. "Yeah, that's how I want it! Manhandle me! Force me to do whatever you want!". Now that I knew I could do whatever I wanted, I moved her into the bedroom and threw her face down on the bed. I decided there was no point in holding back anymore, and let myself go. She laid on her stomach, feet pointing toward me, her eyes still locking with mine. I put her legs together and tilted her ass up into the air a bit. I marveled at the sight of her perfect bubbly, and slightly athletic ass, with her tiny, fat little ed! I could see her juices crowning her beautiful lips, even in the dimly lit bedroom. Forcing myself back inside her, I can feel her walls clasp my c*ck and begin to spasm. It felt incredible! I knew she was cumming on my c*ck, so I wrapped her hair up in my hand and forced her face into her pillow, while I drove myself deep in her, spreading her wide, and pounding her so hard she couldnt even think to speak. As I did this, I felt the rush in my c*ck and prepared to cum. I choked her as I came inside of her, feeling her body shiver and tremble as she too came on my manhood. After the fact, we discussed it and decided that we both were okay with what happened, and expected to do it again.

Captain Redbeard Jul 24 2012 5:08pm FLAG
Well 1.who wants to be interbread and have sex with there own family member its just wrong :/ all these stories make me wanna gag go find a boy that's not from your family!!!!!!!!!!

justin bieber:) Yeah Man!:D Jul 28 2012 11:04am FLAG
most of incest stories are fake just fantasising thoughts . Which i think should be avoided . If u are feeling so much sexual desire then why dont u get married , incest is not a trend not sme thng u make ur self proud of , its sinfull disgusting and a freaky attitude and most uncommon too hardly 1 or 2 cases in whole europe or america . . . . .incest practice is not a healthy activity its even so shameful to discuss. Be afraid of god friends . . . . Or simply the Hell is ready 4 u . . .

straight edge Aug 05 2012 2:22am FLAG
i agree with straight edge , nice thoughts fella keep it up

Lessmore Aug 05 2012 2:24am FLAG
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Its me boy Aug 16 2012 3:13am FLAG
straight edge i just got 3 words 4 u "u r rocking" i respect ur natural thoughts so nice of u

linda Sep 19 2012 9:24am FLAG if you wanna play

me Sep 25 2012 9:28am FLAG
2b honest I ing them both

stewe#1 Oct 12 2012 12:39pm FLAG
For one I think get a s

hater Oct 15 2012 5:41pm FLAG
You should ask him to wreasle and while you guys are wressleing say you have to go to the bathroom (make sure your home alone) and come back ***** and start wreasteling again then tell him you wanna him

loveley ladie Oct 17 2012 11:20am FLAG
ii wish i could have sex b4!

searcb Oct 29 2012 7:31pm FLAG
This is absolutely horrific wtf

A normal person Nov 19 2012 4:11pm FLAG
I want to tuck my brother too but I had to put a stop to it cause I thought he would tell everyone. I also didn't do it because I didn't want to have that relationship when we would get older.... :(

someone Nov 25 2012 11:26pm FLAG
just because you had to stop me instead? please ladys, hoow old are you?

james Dec 02 2012 3:01pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 10:38pm FLAG
I need info

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 10:38pm FLAG
See my sis is so hot she has a tight ass but idk if she would wana any advice

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 10:40pm FLAG
Mann im planning on my brains out. It sounds sick but i think im in love with him . And i would ride that big fat C*ck anytime ..

Wet bitch Dec 10 2012 8:33pm FLAG
Man im planning on my brains out! I think were in love with each other. Thats all we talk about over the phone. I love how we have phone s€x he gets my p^ssy so wet. I will ride his big fat c*ck anytime .. I live that boy

My brother owns this p^^ssy Dec 10 2012 8:37pm FLAG
Man im planning on doing my brother.. And he wants to ---- my brains out! I think were in love with each other. Thats all we talk about over the phone. I love how we have phone s€..x he gets my pus-sey so wet. I will ride his big fat c*ck anytime .. I live that boy

My brother owns this p^^ssy Dec 10 2012 8:39pm FLAG
just show ur boobs

kk Dec 12 2012 8:36am FLAG
WOW! I wish I had an older brother! :)

Ella. Dec 23 2012 8:34pm FLAG
oh my god it's bad !!

liouh Dec 28 2012 3:49pm FLAG
Go on

A Dec 29 2012 11:38am FLAG
i need it contact me plz

sex lover Jan 06 2013 9:37am FLAG
how about an older man ella?

jason Jan 20 2013 1:55pm FLAG
i had sex with my brother before here the story goes my parents was going on a business trip for a five weeks and they was packing they said take care of your brother and i said ok as they left my friend called and said were having a party and i said i'll be right over as got out the shower i was dripping wet i had big tits big ass fat i was going to my room my brother came in and saw me ***** he was surprise and i said do you want to hav sex and he said yea so i walk up to him and said get ***** as he was getting ***** he'd had big huge c*ck it was about 9 in my jaw dropped i walk up to him and started making out with him we fell on the bed an i started blowing him as he started licking me then he put his d*ck in me and was going faster and faster harder and harder it felt great he cum in side me and keeping on doing all day until it was it to go to bed and i said ok its time to go to bed he got of me and i'd put some pj's on i went to bed and my brother came in my room and started putting he d*ck in me when i was a sleep when he was done he'd cum in side me again and that how i had sex with my brother

hottez Jan 20 2013 4:12pm FLAG
any advice? me and my brother had a threesome my first time getting drunk , we didnt get to finish and i still want it. should i tell him. i dont live with him so idk how this would work.

adrianna Jan 20 2013 11:33pm FLAG
Get him drunk and then r*ape him, drunk asleep he will never stop you

John Jan 27 2013 7:45pm FLAG
damn i wanna my sister now

bsbs Jan 31 2013 5:11pm FLAG
i use to touch my sis in the ateas

bpp Jan 31 2013 9:32pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 10:36am FLAG
once i had sex with my cousin

nobody Feb 03 2013 7:33pm FLAG
hey,if you're going to your brother make sure you use birth control of some kind

d*ck munch Feb 10 2013 6:24pm FLAG
U ain't gotta him duck me email me at dragonbreath2

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 6:49pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 6:50pm FLAG
If u want gud and hard contact

Man Feb 11 2013 7:53am FLAG
I don't even now why i am on here

Miss nasty Feb 17 2013 8:34pm FLAG
what if i want to ---k my little brother he is only ?

daBestestblowerrr Feb 18 2013 1:48pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 9:22pm FLAG
him for the rest of your life. Brother and sister couples are so beautiful and nobody will make you cum harder

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 10:09pm FLAG
Damn I was just on the opposite side of this forum where guys were into their sisters but their sisters don't want it or need help going in for the "kill" Anyways I can sorta understand this all turned me on so if you girls wanna trade pics or anything ill do it kik:@99ruiz99 I'm. and I'm down for anything

Mmmmm Mar 03 2013 1:14am FLAG
wow, u got it bad guurl

randomness Mar 08 2013 5:06pm FLAG
Dont do it ~ that is so stupid ~ get help from God !

ME Mar 13 2013 11:46am FLAG
Bitch that's nasty !

Your_a_hoe Mar 14 2013 7:53pm FLAG
my big bros and im i want him bad help

Anonymous Mar 17 2013 10:39pm FLAG
Me & my sister are lovers .

indian guy . Mar 29 2013 5:14am FLAG
I thinking about my sister when we where kids she loved seeing my hard Greek throbbing c*ck bus as we got older got married we moved on but if she asked to suck my coffie c*ck I would get rock had instantly and it would be in her mouth before she finished the sentence

og Mar 29 2013 5:15pm FLAG
Next time your brother shows it Put your hand on it and smile at Him see how he reacts

m Mar 29 2013 10:28pm FLAG
hi im &my big bro is and i really wanna have it with him it cant be that weird cause we have the same mom but diffrent dads anyway we watch movies and some times he smacks my butt but i wanna know how to get him

Anonymous Mar 30 2013 10:36pm FLAG
I am 28 & my sis is 26. I lov her ass, like to ed?

Bad bro Apr 01 2013 12:56am FLAG
Since your girls how can I get my sister to want to fck me

a brother who wants his sis Apr 02 2013 5:35am FLAG
I also want 2 my sister.

mahesh Apr 03 2013 7:40am FLAG
I am a married women and have masterbated Over my brother he cums on my panties am I alone ?

wet sister Apr 07 2013 12:43am FLAG
Just him

James Grey Apr 08 2013 10:25pm FLAG
Im and my sis is and i want her so bad i just dont know how to tell her help ladies and if you girls wanna trade pics kik:_zakur or

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 1:17am FLAG
I have always wanted my big brother even from a little girl, coz i know he will always love me and never hurt me and he does everything for me, he has the biggest hurt, now that I am older i see how girls treat him like , so I think maybe I should just tell him or just kiss. PS, I am adopted.

Kitty Apr 25 2013 7:30pm FLAG
Add me as ur friend on yahoo messenger i'l tel more advice to any1....... My I'd

Me Apr 26 2013 1:36pm FLAG

Me Apr 26 2013 1:38pm FLAG
Ask him if you can sleep with him cus your scare wear booty shorts and while ya sleep put your leg on him cuddle then ge will do the rest ;-) trust me

my brothers slave <3 Apr 29 2013 12:17am FLAG
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bigsexy May 06 2013 5:05am FLAG
u guyz r dirrrttyy fam

dirty b4stards everywhere May 19 2013 3:02am FLAG
I want my older bro he's I'm but we have different dads is it ok to have sex with him if so can you kik me at Miasexybab

Canada girl May 20 2013 1:00pm FLAG

Kk May 24 2013 11:03am FLAG
U guys make me wanna jack off these stories are amazing

ma sister May 24 2013 11:05am FLAG
This is just sick

Native gurl May 24 2013 11:05am FLAG
Instead of my bro I want to my bros friend

carleigh May 27 2013 9:42pm FLAG
Put your legs on him ;)

Hogher Jun 02 2013 1:08pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 4:55pm FLAG
I wish I had a big brother ..

destiny Jun 12 2013 12:32am FLAG
Well when your brother comes by grab him and take Off his pants before he could say any thing suck his c*ck

Aj Jun 14 2013 11:11pm FLAG

anomus Jun 18 2013 7:17am FLAG
I'm and I had sex with my 18 year old brother

monster Jun 20 2013 10:32pm FLAG
Im eleven and want it with my bro how

want c*ck Jun 29 2013 9:48pm FLAG
Its kinda same, i too had a feeling for my bro!! Bt wenever i touch him, he remove him self, i slept with him, Bt of no use!!! Once mistakly he pressed my boobs!!! Bt there was no reaction... So better to get a boyfriend n to b satisfy by him...

sexy bitch Jul 04 2013 12:38pm FLAG
I also want to a sis, advice me how to do? I am 27 male, India.

Salman Hashmi Jul 06 2013 12:06am FLAG
Once I slept with my sis but I did no reaction, nore she. Any sexy girl contact me for nice talk, skype: salmanhashmi23, e-mail:

Salman Jul 06 2013 12:08am FLAG
Oh my ing God reading all these comments make me so wet

MED Jul 09 2013 1:41am FLAG
Lay in bed with him nd when he falls asleep pull his pants down nd jus start stroking his c*ck until he wakes up nd see wht happens

pink Jul 12 2013 11:42am FLAG
stop thiking about sex when u r with your brother or sister then u will be free indeed

huhn Jul 14 2013 10:31am FLAG
okay. well, ive always had this fantasy about . perky tits, fat ass, nice lips. whenever she bends over in front of me, i get hard instantly. does anyone on here have experience with incest? and if so, how should i approach the subject of convincing her to get down on this d*ck?

Anon Jul 18 2013 9:30am FLAG
okay. well, ive always had this fantasy about . perky tits, fat ass, nice lips. whenever she bends over in front of me, i get hard instantly. does anyone on here have experience with incest? and if so, how should i approach the subject of convincing her to get down on this d*ck?

That Jul 18 2013 9:31am FLAG
I wanna fk my younger sister. im and shes . i constantly have recurring dreams in which i bend her over my bed and her while she begs her big bubba to make her cum. when we were younger, i used to sneak into her room, crawl under her covers with a flashlight, pull her panties to the side and just stare at her beautiful, tight pinkness. sometimes id even eat her out or rub her cl*t with my tongue. well, now that we are both older and sexually active (me more than her. shes only had sex once) i would like to make this dream come true. whenever she bends over in front of me, i get hard instantly. does anyone on here have experience with incest? and if so, how should i approach the subject of convincing her to get down on this d*ck?

That I wanna fk my younger sister. im and shes . i con Jul 18 2013 9:34am FLAG
U all are fools, very sick and demonic, what on earth can lead you into having sex with ur sister? Is ur sister the only girl on dis earth? There are millions of girls out there yet u have sexual desire for just ur sister! thats devilish! i believe u all must be poccessed but i also think religion is the major cause of this.

Christian Jul 19 2013 2:44am FLAG
Io want to my bro now hes in his room I'm a go in there and kiss him

Me Jul 21 2013 10:30pm FLAG
strip for your brother and let him lick your

victoria Jul 23 2013 6:46am FLAG
hump him till he lick your sexuulel

victoria Jul 23 2013 6:48am FLAG
him raw

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dear negative things alwayz attract the human but we haveto think positive... ing with brother sounds like good for u but its wrong control ur self...make a charming bf and follow the relationship with him..u'll be feeling better and after sometime u'll forget all feelings for ur brother and and u'll also know that its all is childness...! God bless u

frnd Jul 29 2013 1:36am FLAG
dear negative things alwayz attract the human but we haveto think positive... ing with brother sounds like good for u but its wrong control ur self...make a charming bf and follow the relationship with him..u'll be feeling better and after sometime u'll forget all feelings for ur brother and and u'll also know that its all is childness...! God bless u

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My brother just caught me reading all the comments here, and he said come to our room when you're done How did it end up like this!!??

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I am an only child, but I have always fantasized about having an older brother and him ing me. I've told my boyfriend about my fantasy, but I don't know what to do. I want him to pretend to be my big brother.

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O yeah! Sweatsister i"m happy for you ) sisteri already read a lot of stories and i understood that"s feels very good so go ahead if you realy want it and i think you want it bad

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Sometimes At Night My Brother Comes And Sleeps In my Bed When he Goes To sleep I TAKE OFF MY PANTIES AND turn i front OF HIM AND MASTURBATE .

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every brother like to his sister... i too like this but cn't start from my side untill my sister does not start

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I went to knock on the bathroom door and as I reached up I noticed I could see thru the door jam. I seen my sister sitting in the bathtub I tryed to look away but I couldn't stop looking at her boobs I started to feel dizzy and I was getting hard then she leaned back and I seen her bush I touched myself and came so hard I wasshe was . For the next ten years I watched her and to this day I want her bad. I think she wanted me also but we never did anything. If u ever have a chance to ed me. So if u want to have sex with a sibling do it it will be the best sex u ever have and nobody will know so its ok. I can only get off thinking about her ***** body. I haven't seen her in 10 years but if I ever see her again I will tell her how bad I wanted her and maybe she will tell me she wanted me and we will have awesome incest sex

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Amy you should report what happen to you, that's molestation. You're under age.

Anonymous Nov 05 2013 7:57pm FLAG
thats gross

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When me and my brother were little we would dry hump each other. There was this game we would play called the blob and he would grab his blanket and go ontop of me. I was he was . One night it was really hot so I put on my night gown and no underwear ( I never wore them to bed my mom told me that vaginas needed to breath at night) anyway he came into my room and he had his blanket. I was curious to see wht he would do so I pretended to sleep. He went ontop of me and pulled out his p€Nis he rubbed it in my lips and all over my body. He started rubbing the head of his p€Nis on my cult and I became more wet. He then stuck it in me and all the while I was "sleeping" he exploded in me and left the room. After that we had sex more but now we don't talk about it

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Wish I had a big brother to love me like that.

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damn im getting af just reading this, i want to .... my brother hes an ass but hes really hot we could almost be twins hes a year younger then me im 21 hes 20 i just met him about a year ago though and weve talked alot about our sex lives just never talked about us having sex our father wants me to try to have sex with my brother since ive already had sex with our father idk how to talk to him about it though

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I dont have a brother but if I did I would my brother if I had one

alisha Dec 30 2013 1:17pm FLAG
I want my sis she is and I am she is and emo type so how do I tell her with out her tell my mom

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i want to sex with my elder brother of 19 and im i always like to see on his penis over his pent or underwear..i think his penis is big..i did masturbate many times for him...i realy want his penis in my little for him tell me what to do.

baby roxy :-* Apr 12 2016 2:03am FLAG
i am and i am are there any gifls out there looking for a boy friend : i am black like white chicks be cute though please

loooooooooooooooooooooooove girls Apr 14 2016 6:16pm FLAG

Fjty Jun 20 2016 3:42pm FLAG
When I was ( my brother is ten years older than me) my mom and dad left their second honeymoon for two weeks. Me and my brother were watching romantic sex movies and thats when I had my first menstruation. He cleaned me and gave me a pad. The following day I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and he did not lock the door so I saw his c*ck while he was showering. I felt this tingling sensation in my ed me. I liked it very much and we had sex for the two weeks. Every school holidays we had sex. Its now been five years and we still do it my dad sometimes joins us. He is 27 and I had his twins. I am now pregnant with my dads children and still we have sex. I will be having my fifth child. I know this is wrong but it feels good. You have to try it

Experiences by Shantelle Michelle Johnsons Jun 23 2016 12:26pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my but I really don't know what to do can someone tell me

Anonymous Jun 27 2016 11:04am FLAG
Hi i am Christina & im a Psychology student.. i am an expert in biology & body + mind aspects .. i have read all your people posts & i can understand that - 1) Some people are in Dilemma whether they should have sex with their brother or sia or not. I Am Sure About this That i can give you the right advice & the right way to approach to it + the precautiobs required before & after sex & ofc how you should be ready for it ! Pls be free to message me on my kik ill be glad to give you the right professional advice :) 2) Some people who have done sex already . Now there are some things you need to worry about cause having sex for too longer or too short time affect our hormone glands .. plus whether you should have sex on the day of period or after particular days of period & how if can have favourable / adverse effect on your / or on your sis body.. + Are you taking the right birth control capsule or just being ignorant of it & friends there should be a time gap between birth control pills ..its not like anytime to be eaten + to keep your body & mind ready before sex so that you & your bro enjoy well .. You can contact me & feel free to ask any queries :) Being a professional , i can help you better & in the right manner :) My kik is - winfromeveryone see u :)

Your True Advisor Oct 08 2016 3:05am FLAG
My brother is 2 years older than me and the first time i had sex with him was when I was . We got into a fight which turned serious. When he lost balance And fell back I landed on him. I didnt have a bra and just a t shirt. After pinning him down I raised my shirt and stopped his breathing by pressing my breasts on his face until he passed out. After that I removed his clothes and had my way with him. He woke up mid way and was mad but I didn't care and continued until I finished. After that I made it a habit when we are alone in the house to wrestle him down, make him pass out and hace sex with him. After he understood that I wouldn't stop he agreed to do it normally from then. Now I'm 18 and he's 20 and we still have sex when I want. You need to be more assertive to het your way.

Loving Younger Sister Oct 13 2016 10:54pm FLAG
First time I was ... It removed the number from my post.

Loving Younger Sister Oct 13 2016 10:55pm FLAG

Loving Younger Sister Oct 13 2016 10:56pm FLAG

Loving Younger Sister Oct 13 2016 10:57pm FLAG
Ankita.....maii tera Bhai...... Tu ye sabbb sochtii hai...shame on u.. U r my sister.....sharam naamm kii koii cheejjj nii....really shameless yr...

bhai.... Oct 26 2016 12:08pm FLAG
him harder..... then rub your body on him. let him moan for u louder. aaaaaaaaoooooooo, sexy dirty punani hot c*ck dirty good big c*ck like c*ck heaven. I rilli wanna have some sex now. with my lesbo partner and my friend huge c*ck/d*ck.sweet

sex Oct 27 2016 4:33pm FLAG
i want to my brother but he is to stubborn to let me he is and i am and he won't show me his c*ck which really turns me on so what should i do

Sexy ass bitch Nov 06 2016 2:59pm FLAG
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yMtSfRvHUYOitL Mar 04 2017 4:03am FLAG
wish i had a sister like you girls it would be fun anyway you all have fun and keep telling your stories

buzz May 24 2017 11:03am FLAG
this post is with your family members.

mr725 Feb 27 9:51pm FLAG
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