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Little sisters cherry!!

The Problem: Any guys in here who has popped their little sisters cherry?? I think my sister wants me to have sex with her. She is three years younger than me. Please tell me if you have accomplished this and how you went for it!!!

Asked by: niceassbrother at 02:50:52 AM, Wednesday, March 16, 2011 PDT FLAG


When my sister was I saw her in the bathroom one day looking at her boobs in the mirror and playing with them. I asked if it felt good and she covered them with her hands and said get out. I left and a little later she came and asked me if I thought they were too small. I said I didnt get a good look and she should show me again. After a few minutes I had talked her into taking her tshirt off and I told her they were good and touched her nipple and she giggled but pushed my hand away. A couple months later she got her first real bra and I said how much older it made her look. She got shy but I kept talking about how she was getting hot. Then I asked if I could see how they had grown. She shook her head and left. The next Saturday after Mom went out she came to my room in just a tshirt and panties. I could see she had real nipples now not the little puffies from before and I told her she looked hot and said I still wanted to see how her boobs had grown. She pulled her tshirt up and flashed me but put it right back down. I said that wasnt fair I didnt get to see and pulled her over by the hand. She didnt resist when I pushed up the tshirt and when I had her boob bare I leaned over and sucked the nipple. She put her hands behind my head and held me there. I put a hand on her panties and started rubbing. She humped against my hand a couple minutes then left. We did that a couple more times and I let my c*ck poke out of my boxers so she could see it. She was fascinated and wanted to touch so I showed her how to jerk me. While she was doing that I put my hand in her panties and fingered her. She was all EWWWW when I cummed but a couple days later she was back. This time I fingered her til she cummed. A few more times and I had her panties off and she was letting me rub my c*ck on her cl*t and slit. I could make her cum that way and pretty soon I was poking the tip into her as I rubbed it up and down her slit. She liked that and I kept pushing a little more in until I finally popped her cherry. That was summer before last and we still have sex 3 or 4 times a week.

Jason Mar 17 2011 9:29am FLAG

While I in shower brother come in and watch me when I get out he bend me over the sink and put his c*ck in me and pop my cherry. After we do it few time he make me fini. We do lots now. I fini alla time.

Trang in Cali Mar 17 2011 9:39am FLAG
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osugarbaby Mar 17 2011 4:32pm FLAG

raja00965 Mar 18 2011 4:07am FLAG
hi i m raj from delhi i m 30 and i wanna mi younger sis who is 28. but the problem is she is married and have 2 kids, i have already tried on ce to seduce her but she didn't responded. please tell some tricks.

raja00965 Mar 18 2011 4:08am FLAG
I popped it when I was and she was 10. We were just playing rolling on the floor ***** when I rolled on top of her and it just slid inside. Once inside she said it feels good and started humping me like crazy. I came inside her after about ten strokes. My d*ck never got soft and I just kept screwing her. My mother cought us screwing and I took the blame saying I forced her to do it. I got the beating of my life. Latter sis came to me and said she was sorry I got the beating and she wanted to do it again. I told her we have to be more careful next time. After that she became my girlfriend sexually. We do sex 2-3 times a week.

rooster Mar 18 2011 6:52am FLAG
I started ed at least once aweek until I moved out at 18. I don?t regret it at all. it was fantastic.

Brad Mar 18 2011 6:53am FLAG
Me and my sister were real close from the start. We are 3 yrs apart did everything together, help her sell girl scout cookies home work etc. When she was me 19 i came home from collage she was the only one home we had a coke and cookies then she asked me if i have hade sex and i said no and i asked her if she wanted me to do her and she said yes drank are coke then took her to her bed and we mad out that was the start of are love affair

cool D Mar 18 2011 6:57am FLAG
I went for it with my little sister yesterday! While we were playing around I started to tickle her, and slowly made my way down into her pants. I fingered her tight opening gently, but when I pulled out my c*ck she told me she was afraid of becoming pregnant with me and kind of freaked out. How can I trick her into letting me her without a condom?? I think it is my right as her brither to pop her cherry!!!

niceassbrother Mar 18 2011 3:18pm FLAG
Do what I did. Get her pants off. Dry hump her with her panty still on. You can poke the tip of your c*ck in a little thru the panty. She will get wet and open up so you just pull her panty to the side and push in.

Sister Luvr Mar 18 2011 7:32pm FLAG
She will probably still freak out if my c*ck is unprotected :(

niceassbrother Mar 19 2011 2:54am FLAG
If you do it right she wont even realize you got it in her till you shoot your load. Mine was pissed when she realized I spermed her but a couple days later she was back and wanted to do it again

Horny Bro Mar 19 2011 3:55am FLAG
Okay, Thanks for the advice! I'm going for it now! This brother is claiming his little sisters virginity! Wish me luck!!!

niceassbrother Mar 19 2011 5:34am FLAG

Horny Bro Mar 19 2011 2:48pm FLAG

RAAZ Mar 20 2011 12:41am FLAG

RAAZ Mar 20 2011 12:41am FLAG
Sister and me fooled around from when she was 8 and I was . When she was we was ***** and I was sucking her boobs and fingering her. She said one of her friends had her if I wanted to. I got on top and started pushing my c*ck against her not finding the hole so she put her hand down and put the tip in her so all I had to do was push. She was real wet so it went in easy for a little before I got to her cherry. I had to poke hard a few time before it broke then I went in her to my balls. Before I was gonna cum I tried to pull out but she said keep it in that her friend said that was the best part. So I cummed in her. We was lucky and I never knocked her up even when we would do it every day in the summer.

Ryan Mar 20 2011 8:43am FLAG

WRONG AS Mar 21 2011 1:38pm FLAG
It all happened after school i came home my sister was wearing a see-through white shirt and skirt.She sat down on the floor and accidentaly exposed her sexy white pantie and i keep on staring. Until she noticed.She moved towards me and then touched my d*ck i had a hard on and she smiled. We started kissing each other and striped. I took off her shirt and undid her bra and her 32b breasts exploded to life.I licked them and teased them Jenny was so wet, and she liked my d*ck so much that she coudn't take her mouth off him. When i first entered her she gave a sharp cry she said she was a virgin and told me to go slow.Soon i shoot my stuff in her she told me she like it but did not get orgasm so i use my fingers to give her one. Since that time we do often and she gets many orgasms.

Phan Mar 21 2011 5:59pm FLAG
you are a pathetic , little twat!? are you that thick? oh wait.. you cant get a girl so you do your sister..Paha you really are sad arent you.Little d*ck'ed.:L

sicktwat Mar 24 2011 10:02am FLAG
Some of you are suggesting rape. Tricking someone into having sex with you without a condom is rape, because she didn't consent to sex without a condom. Enjoy prison - which you deserve for destroying someone's life with rape

Normal Mar 24 2011 11:25am FLAG
I got to pop my sister's cherry when I was and she was just about . She was peeking in at me undressing, and I told her that if she didn't do what I told her to do, I'd tell. She agreed, though she started really enjoying it after eating her out. She'd had her first orgasm, and that was it. AND to niceassbrother tell her you'll put a condom on, and show her you did it. When she's not paying attention, take it off, and shove it in. She won't notice until she feels your cum inside her.

osugarbaby Mar 26 2011 6:56am FLAG
He's right. If she makes a big deal of putting a condom on do it. Make sure she sees you got it on when you first put your d*ck in. Then like he says you pull it off so you can feel her tight squeeze the cum out of your bare c*ck its the best feeling ever.

Bobby Mar 26 2011 5:49pm FLAG
My sister lost her cherry this morning while mom was out shopping. We had played around and said she was ready so we got on my bed and did it.

Mike Mar 26 2011 6:09pm FLAG
osugarbaby how long did it take you to knock up your sis?

curious Mar 26 2011 7:54pm FLAG
osugarbaby how long did it take you to knock up your sis?

curious Mar 26 2011 7:56pm FLAG
how many times can u pop ur sisters cherry

aaron f Mar 28 2011 1:24pm FLAG
Depends on how many sisters you have :) 3 sisters, 3 cherries here

Lucky Mar 28 2011 6:24pm FLAG
i live wi one of my sisters and i poped it wen she was sleepin

aaron f Mar 30 2011 7:51am FLAG
My buds was over watchin the playoffs. My sis who's kept buggin us so the guys started givin her beer. After a few she was hammered, lying on the couch. Guys pushed her shirt up and pulled off her shorts then was feelin her up. I was kinda hammered myself. I started strokin the bone watchin them. Marty seen me and says we got a nice wet over here why not stick that in it. I says i cant its my sis then all the guys dared me. Cant say no to a dare so i got between her legs and lined up my d*ck. She was so wet i slipped right in up to her cherry. After 3 or 4 good pokes it popped and all of me was in her. I didnt last long. After i busted my nut in her the other guys took turns too. Sis hasnt said anything about it yet.

Jody Mar 31 2011 2:39pm FLAG
My big brother (full blood related, NOT half or step) popped my cherry last year when I was . I was changing in my bedroom and my big brother asked if he could come in. Being my brother, I didn't really think anything weird of it cause we see each other ***** all the time. And seeing him ***** usually really turned me on anyway. He kissed me and I just kinda froze and after a few seconds I just melted into him and kissed him back. First real kiss! <3 Anyway, after that he picked me up with my legs around his waist and laid me down on my bed, still between my legs, asked if it was alright, I was kind of nervous (not so much scared though, he was EXTREMELY gentle) but I said yes, so he started rubbing me till I got really wet.. I had never BEEN so wet! He then unzipped and dropped his pants and gently slipped it into me! I felt as if a void in me had been filled.. And when he popped my cherry, it didn't hurt as bad for me as some, and it felt awesome after that! ^_^ I'm now and my big brother is 18, and we do it all the time now, almost daily. First time he asked if it was alright if he could cum inside me, I told him that I really wanted him to. And now he always cums deep inside me as he can. It really is the best feeling in the world, if you ask me. It always makes me finish, feeling him fill me up till I feel like I'm overflowing! :D I'm now 2 months pregnant with my big brothers baby, and I plan to keep it! ^_^ We have lived together, alone for the past 2 years now and have taken care of each other. And we plan to stay together for the rest of our lives. :D <3

a loving lil sis Mar 31 2011 5:31pm FLAG
I've even popped my little nieces cherry too. They are such good fcks

osugarbaby Apr 07 2011 4:01pm FLAG
I havent knocked my sister up. She's been ob birth controll since she was . Faked bad cramps. They help with them

osugarbaby Apr 10 2011 5:24pm FLAG
How can I my cousin? Im she's .

Anonymous Cousin Apr 25 2011 1:01pm FLAG
Any of you dumb y.

sir scrotum Apr 26 2011 12:18pm FLAG
And again with this loving little sis twat who in another thread speaks of the pain in her 'cherry' then here goes onto compare it to 'others'. You stupid YOU ALL!

bible lover Apr 27 2011 12:20pm FLAG
There are 4 steps to screwing your virgin sis or cousin: Get her curious, get her *****, get her , get her pregnant. Good Luck

Anonymous Apr 27 2011 12:36pm FLAG
Hahaha, bible lover, finally stopping your annoying as all hell "Name:##"'s? :) All I said was I was expecting it to be more painful for me then what it was, from what I've heard. Some people have less pain then others... Others have more. -_-

a loving lil sis Apr 28 2011 4:33pm FLAG
I hope u all have mutated babys u sick basterds ing heads

sickppl Apr 28 2011 6:37pm FLAG
First gen children of incest only raises the chance of an abnormal growth defect by 4~6% of any sort that would be out of the ordinary. Proven facts are proven.

a loving lil sis Apr 28 2011 8:20pm FLAG
Proven is how stupid statutory raped girls end up ed up when their bro or whatever realises he has been banging his kid sister and is the father of his niece. Think about that...

sir scrotum May 01 2011 5:10am FLAG
First, he did not FORCE me. He never HAS, not ONCE. I wanted it to happen. I liked it. I STILL like it. I wanted it to happen for a while. As did he. Second, He knows. He has already realized". We made the decision to go through with it because I don't believe in abortion. (And its not "realises", It's "realizes", just so you know how to actually spell the word. If you cant spell at least pay attention to the spell check function of pretty much all web browsers..)

a loving lil sis May 01 2011 10:07am FLAG
My brother always make sure I feel good and we are careful so there are no accidents. We could go screw other people, but this is safe and fun.

Marcia May 01 2011 11:45am FLAG
me and my best friend popped my little sisters cherry when she was 10. we were playing truth or dare and we gave her a dare that she had to let us do it to her and she said ok. of course me being her bro i got to go first. we filled her little vagina with lots of sperm.

cody May 01 2011 3:09pm FLAG
The reason you want it is because your a . s are s because they have not developed the emotional and mental stability capabale of REALISING when they are in a dangerous situation or being taken advantage of. Your consent has no legal validity. And just in case your narrow minded Texas born idiot brain didn't REALISE, I'm Australian thus the letter z is often replaced by The letter s cited examples realise, formalise, capitalise, organise etc.

sir mother ing scrotum May 01 2011 6:01pm FLAG
He does NOT take advantage of me. He does NOT push himself on me. If I'm not up to it, I tell him, he gets that, and he lays off. To a certain extent, Physical age does not determine mental capacity to be able to REALIZE a situation. (How mature you are.) IMO I am old enough, If I feel I am old enough, That does not mean others my physical or mental age are. That is THEIR decision. Seriously, govt. laws should have no interference with who you love and how (To an extent, As long as both sides consent to it.) That is our own personal choice. I'm not "narrow minded". I'm far more open minded then most people. There are places with a legal age of consent of . Also, I have not told you where I am, So how exactly would you know? Again, as I've said before. I'm done arguing with you, This will be my last response to you in an arguing manner. Bye-Bye.

a loving lil sis May 02 2011 5:40am FLAG
Government laws exist for a reason. THINKING that you are mature enough to decide what is right for your life is like THINKING that you can fly. It feels so right in your mind but when you try it it doesn't work so well. I'm not arguing that he forces himself on you but the idea of stat rape is that ultimately he has used his extra years of life experience to take advantage of your emotional and mental and most importantly hormonal stage of life. So good luck and jump back on here in six years maybe and tell us all how great and blossoming your life is or just admit that you made this crap up.

sir scrotum May 03 2011 12:13am FLAG
Jebus say get pregnant not thine sister but instead go on the internet and make things up for this is acceptable in the eyes of the lawd. The lawd 5:

bible lover May 03 2011 9:08am FLAG
My sis was and I was when after several years of playing we finally did it. We had seen some *** where the girl holds her legs up while the guy gets on his knees and rubs it on her until she opens so we did that. She rides s so once the tip was in her the rest went in easy. She had a couple pillows behind her head so she could watch while I stroked in and out. I didnt last long that first time so we waited and when I got hard did it again. She liked the second time a lot. So did I. That was 5 years ago and we still do it almost every day.

happy May 03 2011 10:34am FLAG
See no bull about forcing through a tough hymen, no over sexual turn on sexy details just a disgusting story about two incestuous little turds gettin it on

sir scrotum May 04 2011 6:34am FLAG
I morning , noon ,and night and we all sleep in da one bed

Anonymous May 16 2011 1:02am FLAG

Ew May 18 2011 3:46pm FLAG
sick farts

Long c*ck May 24 2011 1:23pm FLAG
Be a good brother. Release your sister from the curse of virginity and show her the world of orgasms

Anonymous May 24 2011 2:00pm FLAG
I ed my sister up the ass and cumed

Cooch Jun 07 2011 5:45pm FLAG
One day i was sitting down playing video games i was at the time and my little sister was 10 she came over and said whats that in your pants and i said you wanna feel it so i pulled it out and she was like wow! Its big i said let me teach you something and i took all her clothes off and i started to spread her legs and and then i pushed my big d*ck inside her and she moaned soooo loud it was awsome we do it every night now

Cum inside my sister Jun 09 2011 5:19am FLAG
i ed my sister when she was 8 and i was i cumed inside her 4 times that day she was sooooo cute and pretty i make her swallow my cum

Aaa Jun 09 2011 5:23am FLAG

Michael Jun 21 2011 1:29am FLAG
i pocked my sister shes and i'm 29 and we still do it every night

Anonymous Jun 24 2011 11:17am FLAG
yall be heckin yo sistas um im a sista and my bro is kinda cute but i dnt ask him to do it thts gross my mom like taught me all about tht stuff about sex ok and my bro concentrates on games and girls hot to dem bytches...and teh not nice teh me... :( well they act it hahaha there jealus bcuz i hav nic my smokin cute bro.....hehe :]

Anonymous Jun 29 2011 6:58pm FLAG
WRONG AS HECK you are a pathetic , little twat!? are you that thick? oh wait.. you cant get a girl so you do your sister..Paha you really are sad arent you.Little d*ck'ed.:L

yo momay Jul 04 2011 3:43pm FLAG
I began ing my sis when she was nine, and it wasn't so good at first because she was so scared and probably hurt so much. But after a while she begged me to do it some more, and we did it often. It became so good that we did it very often.

REDNEKSEZ Jul 10 2011 11:03pm FLAG
I began screwing my oldest sis when she was eight and I was ten. She was way too nervous, so I didn't try again until she asked me for more, but we got a bit careless, and our dad caught us one night, and that was it. In the meantime, the younger sister came to me one night and asked why I didn't want to have sex with her, and I told her I thought she was too young, but she said she knew I was doing it with the older sis, but hadn't even asked her. I explained we had been caught, and she said she knew a special place, and we went at it three of four times a week until I got drafted.

ABUD4U Jul 19 2011 12:35pm FLAG
if your sis is stuck up how do you get to pop her cherry?

unanimous Jul 30 2011 1:36am FLAG
yeeaaahh hi most of u guys are raping your sisters and its wrong... you know you can go to jail so you shouldn't put your storys about how great iit was to have sex with your lil sis so shut up!!!!!!!!

a girl Aug 01 2011 12:29am FLAG
Its best to keep it oral.....anal

jjmcc69 Aug 04 2011 2:36am FLAG
Let her see u jackoff n taste ur cum

jackbro Aug 04 2011 2:39am FLAG
Its best to keep it oral.....Show her how hard u get from sniffing her pantys

jjmcc69 Aug 04 2011 2:42am FLAG
O.K. Everyone whos being stupid like that their sisters in all of these stories usually have their sisters consent so its not really rape. Thanks

You Jesus Sep 05 2011 1:39am FLAG
how u ing let us enjoy the story's hell giving me something thing about while i stroke no offense guys continue with story's please....

by:Satan Sep 21 2011 10:12am FLAG
When I was ten, my eight year-old sister, who I had been fingering for more than a year, told me one day that one of the guys in the neighborhood had tried to have sex with her, but couldn't get his tool hard enough to enter. She said he went away "real sad." I was a bit upset, because she had turned me down a few times when I wanted sex. I told her he was too young, and that she should have done it with me in the first place. "I want you to do it now," she pleaded nicely, and so I agreed. She had her clothes off quickly, and that turned me on. I stuck my finger in her cunny, and it took a couple of minutes to get her wet - in fact, she was humping my finger. I crawled on top of her, and penetrated her cunny with no problem. She was soaking wet! We both had orgasms after about five minutes, and she was definitely better than the neighborhood girls I had enjoyed before. It became a regular thing, and it became a regular thing for us until she was , and got new boyfriends. Guys, you gotta get them wet! Slow down

rednek Oct 16 2011 3:59pm FLAG
i'm .. wanna heck my sister wanna cum in her jugs

big c*ck Oct 23 2011 10:53am FLAG
When I was ten & my oldest sis was eight, I began all kinds of ways to explore - getting her , fingering her, but was unable to get her moist enough for penetration. I gave it up. When I was , the next youngest sis who was then came to me one night when we were alone & complained I thought she wasn't pretty because I never asked her to be ***** - so I reassured her by getting her *****, & mounted her. I connected right off, and we went at it like bunnies for the next three years. She was a "natural!"

rednek Oct 24 2011 8:31pm FLAG
Do you want your kids to look like they came from THE HILLS HAVE EYES

Grossed out girl Nov 16 2011 6:49pm FLAG
When i was 10 n my sis we did it im 45 now and we still do it no kids i love it

Anonymous Nov 23 2011 10:17am FLAG
In my prosessional opnion these kind of people are mently Sick and need help

Kelli Thompson Dec 09 2011 1:15am FLAG
Thats really gross thaths your sister thats not right i know i wouldn't want my brother ing me thats gross and wrong -.- atleast her best friend not your blood relatives #pervs

#pukinip Dec 17 2011 8:21pm FLAG
my little sister (10) was takin a shower and i had to use da bathroom so i went in and i saw her standing there washing her body so i got so aroused and u got ***** too and she asked me "what are you doing" so then i said "somthing" then i rubbed her pre**** twat and she was moaning like crazy while i was puttin my big junk up her bum she said "please go slow im afraid" with a soft voice so then i went slow and we had sex for a hour then i got out and bended her over the toilet and finally pushed mii junk in her twat and she began to cry while i pushed harder and harder then i popped her cherry we do it evryday btw im and it was great

anonymous Dec 26 2011 10:44pm FLAG
i raped ALL of your mothers bitches!!!

Big Daddy Dec 29 2011 10:22am FLAG

Anonymous Dec 29 2011 10:22am FLAG

Anonymous Dec 29 2011 10:22am FLAG
My sisters no but my girlfriend was amazing even if we did whe we was really young but now i married her and weve been dating sice 5th grade if u do it to ur siater than its ur problem ut if u do it to the person u love it will feel great :) now if u would excuse m i hav to go pick up my kids from school

great father Dec 29 2011 11:38pm FLAG
this guy is a positive role model

tippy Dec 31 2011 1:28am FLAG
I pooped my sisters cherry wen she was 7an i was 10 it all strted wen my mum went shoping i ed herfor about 1hour an now im an she is

the sex god Jan 14 2012 5:42am FLAG
Would you share the name of your sister? Mine is called Janine. we enjoyed a lot....

Anonymous Jan 24 2012 1:43am FLAG
To a loving lil sis so r u kinda saying its ok if we do that or want to do that?

Cupcake Jan 29 2012 1:13am FLAG
shut the up who ever critizes the people who have sex with there sister or brother. Leave them alone. If you find it sick then get the hell off the site and shut the hell up.

supporter Feb 05 2012 6:33am FLAG
make ur mom watch u pop you sis cheery

enzo Feb 05 2012 12:00pm FLAG
One rainy day my mother told me to go to my aunt's house after school, because she had to attend clinic all afternoon for testing. When I got to my aunt's house, she wasn't home, but my cousin who was let me in, and told me her mom knew I was coming, but had to go shopping and visit a sister at the hospital. Since it was raining, we couldn't play outside, so we went into her bedroom to work on a puzzle she had on the floor. We sat across from each other, and I was fascinated as I noticed her shiny fancy underpants. I had never seen such a view before. All of a sudden she screached, "You little pervert! You're staring at my panties!" I was startled & embarassed, but she didn't try to "close" the view I was getting. I weakly replied "I couldn't help but see. They are so bright." "You probably look up all the girls' dresses!" she snapped. "Not always," I said weakly (because I really did - a lot - - but it was more exciting seeing hers). "Does it turn you on?" she demanded. "Yeah!" I admitted. "Do you look up girls' dresses all the time?" she pressed. "No," I replied. "Just the cute ones. You're the first older girl I've looked at, and it's more better than girls my age." "You ever see a girl or a woman without panties?" she asked. "Just my little sisters when they take baths." I admited. "That don't count," she said. "When they get hair on their privates, you can't look anymore," she explained with authority. "When will you get hair there?" I asked. "I already got it! That's why I have to wear these kinds of panties." "I can't see any hair," I complained. "You're not supposed to!" "Then why bother?" I demanded. "Because all girls with hair have to!" she explained haughtily. "Well, I don't believe you got any!" I declared. "I can prove it!" she snapped, and stood up and pulled her panties off, and stood proudly holding her dress up. Her head hair was light red, but her hair was even brighter. "WOW!" I exclaimed - and I reached my hand out to touch it. But she slapped my hand before I could. "You're nasty!" she declared. There was a brief silence as she stood their holding her dress up. Then she said, "Don't tell anyone I let you see. Did you like it?" "YEAH!" I readily replied. "Thank you! Can I touch it?" "NO!" she snapped. But then she asked, "Why? Do you want to touch it?" "YES!" I almost shouted. "Okay ..." and she slipped them off. The red hair was darker than that on her head. She spread her legs and I instinctively reached out to touch, and she didn't move. After a few seconds, she asked, "You stick your finger in it, if you want." I wasn't sure what she meant, but I put two fingers deep into the mound to find a warm moist reception. Then she said, "You're supposed to move your finger in and out." - and I readily complied. As I pushed my fingers in and out, she moved to meet each penetration. "THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" she moaned. "Do it FASTER!" and again I complied. After about five minutes, during which she was meeting each penetration, her body began to shudder, and her moans became louder. Then she gasped and froze, and pulled my body to her. After that, we progressed to intercourse, and it became a regular thing for the next couple of years - until she met a guy her age.

Cuz' Panties Feb 10 2012 11:25am FLAG

1 Feb 18 2012 12:16pm FLAG

-1' Feb 18 2012 12:16pm FLAG

1 Feb 18 2012 3:07pm FLAG

-1' Feb 18 2012 3:07pm FLAG
Relatives are the easiest & best for sex. They're not ready until they get to be ten or , & they're really good when they're & have been at it for a couple of years. Once you get them curious, you're in. If they'r willing, and younger, sisters can be good starters.

Maurice Mar 01 2012 9:41am FLAG
i think that if it happens it happens i personaly find it revolting but that is not my choice weather they have sex or not i know you will end up in hell and i would never do this so have fun while you can you sick perverts

straight up truth Mar 03 2012 10:18pm FLAG
Lucky bastards lol

Horny 3 Mar 30 2012 10:22am FLAG
Im and I have an 8 year old cousin that turned me on so much I got a boner from seeing her in pajamashe nice little ass. She saw that I had a bump coming out of my pants and she said is that u your private and I said yes it is. I asked her is she wanted to touch. She puts her little hand on it and rubs it in her palm. I asked her if she wanted to see it without my pants on. She tought about itand gave me a shaky sure. This all happend in my room but the only probkem was that her lil bro was there soi took her tothe bathroom I told her to take her clothes of and she did. She looked soo hot she didnt have much tits but her nice ass was delicious I fingered he tight her!

Want to my cuz Mar 30 2012 10:32am FLAG
Im and I have an 8 year old cousin that turned me on so much I got a boner from seeing her in pajamashe nice little ass. She saw that I had a bump coming out of my pants and she said is that u your private and I said yes it is. I asked her is she wanted to touch. She puts her little hand on it and rubs it in her palm. I asked her if she wanted to see it without my pants on. She tought about itand gave me a shaky sure. This all happend in my room but the only probkem was that her lil bro was there soi took her tothe bathroom I told her to take her clothes of and she did. She looked soo hot she didnt have much tits but her nice ass was delicious I fingered he tight her!

Want to my cuz Mar 30 2012 10:34am FLAG
Loads of what you guys are doing is rape and sex that's disgusting I hope you all enjoy prison

unnamed Apr 11 2012 8:03am FLAG
Im I got my little sister alone w/ me only me & her in house, I was giving her a bath when i got an idea, So i washed her, I got her vagina clean ;) i asked her if it felt goof, she said yes :o soo...i finger her alot when noones awake or in the house, Im thinking about telling her, "do u wanna feel sumtin better" nd if she says yes, Ill eat her out, or rub my d*ck along her cl*t mood:anchious

Im a brother Apr 13 2012 6:45pm FLAG
Im I got my little sister alone w/ me only me & her in house, I was giving her a bath when i got an idea, So i washed her, I got her vagina clean ;) i asked her if it felt goof, she said yes :o soo...i finger her alot when noones awake or in the house, Im thinking about telling her, "do u wanna feel sumtin better" nd if she says yes, Ill eat her out, or rub my d*ck along her cl*t mood:anchious

Im a brother Apr 13 2012 6:45pm FLAG
i got a 8 years old sister she is so hot but im and she wont let me heck her

horney guy Apr 16 2012 10:41pm FLAG
i'm thinking along the line that most of you are "made" straight the UP

someone that knoiws Apr 17 2012 8:47am FLAG
For as long as I remember when I went over to one of my cousins house we would play 'rub' where he would get on top of me and thrust our bodies together his mom saw us more then once and never told us not to so of course we didnt think it was wrong so one day I was with my other two boy cousins and we was playing man hunt and got bored and I asked if they wanted to play rub and told them what it was the oldest who was said why dont we just have sex not really knowing what it was i said yeah we went into the bathroom and took our clothes off they took turns on me but i was so dry it didnt feel that good the oldest told me to pee while he was going inside me and i did he said it felt good but not to me my cherry did not pop btw when I went to my other cousins and rubbed but this time it really aroused me and i told him about what sex was and we had sex it was like the other time at first but i got really wet and it felt great a week or so later we all togather for swimming and zach the oldest kept touching me in the pool and gettin me really wet we got out when our parents went inside and i got my first orgasm by getting eated out it was amazing i held his head not wanting him to stop and they all took turns on me my cherry never popped and we all had sex almost every weekend..I think their d*cks was too small..when I had my first boyfriend he was huge and he popped me.

gotta love family Apr 24 2012 7:53pm FLAG

mwdqm Apr 28 2012 9:24pm FLAG
Hey There I Am And I E D EachOther For At Least 2 Hours, AnyBody Else Had Sex With Their Sister Similar To What Happened To Me And Mine..?

YMCMB_DTS May 08 2012 10:23pm FLAG
Dam... im bi polar and i thought i had issues.! What a bunch of huckin sickoooooos.! Huckin PEDOPHILES. YOUR NEXT POST WILL BE ON MEGANS LAW... LMFAO.

bI-poLaR PetE May 14 2012 9:22am FLAG

1 May 15 2012 10:55pm FLAG

-1' May 15 2012 10:56pm FLAG
I wish i ha a brother to with gosh

Mickey d May 17 2012 3:31pm FLAG
I wish i ha a brother to with gosh

Mickey d May 17 2012 3:31pm FLAG
I wish i ha a brother to with gosh

Mickey d May 17 2012 3:31pm FLAG
I like to my lil sister alot. She is 5 so i have to use lube and she likes to eat my cum.

The 8 inch May 28 2012 10:42pm FLAG
Having sex with your little sisters is a good way to practice when you're still a virgin. But also try and convince her to invite some of her friends over for a slumber party and just them all!

The_Doctor May 29 2012 11:38am FLAG
Right so let me get this straight. Homophobia is frowned upon, while hatred against Consensual Incest isn't. Just because you find something repulsive doesn't mean it's "wrong". Naturally I find scat fetish, beastality, and 2 guys going at it disgusting, but hey, thats my own personal opinion. If you are in love with your sibling then I don't see why you cannot start a relationship with them. The golden rule being "It's ok as long as it's consensual".

Logic and Reason Jun 11 2012 11:10pm FLAG
Right so let me get this straight. Homophobia is frowned upon, while hatred against Consensual Incest isn't. Just because you find something repulsive doesn't mean it's "wrong". Naturally I find scat fetish, beastality, and 2 guys going at it disgusting, but hey, thats my own personal opinion. If you are in love with your sibling then I don't see why you cannot start a relationship with them. The golden rule being "It's ok as long as it's consensual".

Logic and Reason Jun 11 2012 11:11pm FLAG
So, you're sleeping with your little sisters? Possibly turning them into little whores?

concerned and over protective older sister of 6 Jun 12 2012 4:11am FLAG
man i wish my brother new about this stuff so he could do it to me

1# WWE fan Jun 12 2012 9:13pm FLAG
You Guys Are All KINGG SICK!

This Bitch Jun 22 2012 5:17am FLAG

1 Jul 03 2012 2:08am FLAG

-1' Jul 03 2012 2:08am FLAG
Deat tards who dont like this site but keep reading to critasize plz shut up under stand HECKING ur sis or bro and maken a baby is just like hecking a non relative for abnormalty cildeen just depends if you have same likly hood for disease, ect.. 2nd tards insecesion is very common just most arnt as open/ and most are attracted to someone that ither remind or have facial patterns of them selfs tending to people self obssion with ones self. 3rd other holy s witc i know about the bible to a sin is a sin all are equale next ada an evewre brother and sister ty for ur time ps i hecked my aunt 3 monts younger than me tilll she stle my gf lol true story.

man who been every were Jul 08 2012 2:44am FLAG

1 Jul 08 2012 5:27pm FLAG

-1' Jul 08 2012 5:27pm FLAG
Interested in seeing this for myself. Anyone with pics to trade

snipers get more head Jul 08 2012 10:23pm FLAG
I was and she wasI was whatching *** on my iPod and she came up behind me and saw I told her not to tell but she said she would if I didn't let her suck my c*ck so I let her then 3days later I wen in the shower she came in ***** we were home alone so I carryed her to my bed and mad out with her then I took out my d*ck and before she could pull it away I stuck it in her and poped her cherry she moaned and now we almost everyday and usually in the shower it is awesome and I stil don't regret it

Ryan Jul 12 2012 10:47pm FLAG
i want a brother to that to me

plezz Jul 26 2012 9:43pm FLAG
i want a brother to that to me

plezz Jul 26 2012 9:43pm FLAG
Dude, please think about your sister here. She might become tramatized. Also a good brother would try to protect her sister from getting her cherry popped instead of trying to do it yourself. And dont be so determined to pop HER cherry get a nice girlfriend and pop her cherry. As for the rest of you, the stories you put were repulsive why would you want ten, twelve, even seven year old cherries popped? Let them enjoy their childhood. Some of you tricked your own little naive little sisters it to having sex with you. What if she eventually tells someone what you did? Than your going to jail without an eight year old sex slave.

Awful lot of detail, some of these stories Jul 27 2012 2:44am FLAG
ok i agree with u

agree Jul 27 2012 6:58pm FLAG

THECHEATER2000 Aug 03 2012 10:38pm FLAG

THECHEATER2000 Aug 03 2012 10:41pm FLAG
when me and my sister were younger me her 10 we used to touch each other and kiss a little nut now me 18 her and now when ever were alone isit around the houe in boxerswith my c*ck hanging out to she if shesstill interested she stares alittle but nothen else i really want to her what should i do

mr stiff Aug 04 2012 6:55pm FLAG
I was the oldest kid in the family (5), & had 2 sisters (3 &1). As a result, I used to spend a lot of time with my older female cuz who was four years older than me. She had a lot of board games, and we sat on the floor when we played them. She always wore dresses, and pink rayon panties, which I could see easily since her legs were spread most of the time. I became more & more fascinated, & she finally figured out I was staring at them at lot. One day she snapped, "Do you enjoy staring at my panties?" I was embarassed, but replied, "Yes, you look so grown-up with them - just like my mom." "Do you look at your mom's panties too?" she gasped. I was surprised & embarassed, but sheepishly admitted to it. "WHY?" she demanded. "I dunno," I said softly. "Are you turned on to your mom?" she gasped. "No, just to you." Her face turned red, and she was speechless for a moment, and then asked, "Are you trying to see my privates?" "I dunno," I stuttered. "But I like to look & think about it. You look a lot more interesting than the girls at school." "Well, I guess I should say 'thank you,' cuz I think it's a compliment, I never had a boy tell me that before. Did you want to see me *****?" I was startled, & after a pause I stuttered "I think that would be a good idea." And with that she began to take off her clothes, and I did too, and we were both buck-***** within a minute. I was absolutely fascinated with the red fuzz surrounding her mound, and reached my hand out to touch it. She froze, but then pushed herself against my hand and said, "Go ahead and rub it. That's what I do a lot." I wasn't sure what she met, but I had done something similar to my oldest sister a couple of times, and my cousin liked it much more than my sister. She was bouncing to each insertion, and her cunny was getting real wet with each finger insertion. As I increased my insertions in rhythm with her body receptions she got even wetter, and finally climaxed by almost swallowing my inserting hand. That became a regular event almost daily for us and a month later we progressed to full sex. That has continued ever since, even though we are both married now, but usually just once a month.

makumhappy Aug 12 2012 9:21am FLAG
Oh ok wow im a girl and twelve this is mu brothers ipod wow he got some nasty there sister but the thing is is tht there both ok wit it and its not ur haters buisness its there life and if u dont like why u on this page bye gotta return this ipod

N.o.y.b Aug 12 2012 10:46am FLAG
I meany not poo

Anonymous Aug 12 2012 10:47am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 13 2012 5:59pm FLAG
Sisters (if you have them) are the most available sex targets. When I was , my oldest sis who was 10 used to deliberately enter our room ***** after her bath, and dry in front of me - VERY slowly. She finally had my attention, & I couldn't resist. For the next month or so, I fingered her at every chance, and it became "habit-forming" for her. She couldn't get enough.I finally told her "no more" unless she let me her, but she refused, and we ended our trysts. All the while I was not aware that our 9 y.o. sis had observed us, and when the older sis told her she cut me off, the younger sis pleaded with me for sex. I finally relented, and was amazed when I discovered how wet her cunny was. I couldn't get enough of it, and we often went at it two or three times a night.

SisPlzr Aug 16 2012 5:02pm FLAG
How can I do my sister How can I do my cousin

Anonymous Aug 17 2012 7:26am FLAG
All that is necessary is patience and a lot of flattery. If they're still cherry, it's very easy. I speak from experience - convinced all 3 sisters, who enlisted girlfriends.

bro Aug 24 2012 4:50pm FLAG
I no for shire my sisters not a cherry. But I believe my cousin is. Thanx bro. By the way I changed from being anonymous to fantasyfamily

Fantasyfamily Aug 29 2012 9:10pm FLAG

ALL U PERVS Aug 30 2012 5:45pm FLAG

Ok one: just shut up Two: if u disapprove of this conversation, exit the site. Don't insult everyone on it. Three: if u say we are sick and disgusting, how did u even get to this site? Wut did u look up? four: u can just say all u Pervs Five:if u don't like the conversation... Y did u read every single Advice, story, and comment? Screw u!

Familyfantasy Aug 30 2012 10:32pm FLAG
because i was typing in i think my shoulders dislocated and this came up i thought what the hell and clicked on this i know i could have gone off but i wanted to tell these sickoes that they are actually metally ill and if they do not regret or apoligize for what they've done that they should be hung or whatever

ALL U PERVS Aug 31 2012 5:06am FLAG
What The hell is wrong with you guys!

MANDM'S Aug 31 2012 5:27am FLAG
Screw u. That's a fake story PS: look who changed their name back to all u pervs. And ur saying we are sick, but ur also saying we should kill ourselves? Wtf?

Fantasyfamily Sep 01 2012 8:26pm FLAG
Ok here's my advice to the actual story all the way at the very top: if this continues just be safe and make sure it's ok with her. If it doesn't continue... It was good while it lasted. If only u want to continue and she doesn't then talk. Same if u don't want to. Just don't tell anyone u no or u can get in serious trouble. All of this just has to do with comunication. I like this one girl who I have known for like ever, but never got the guts to tell her. I've been with at Least three different people now. I think we r in the friend zone so i need help. I start high school tomorrow and she's gonna be in my Hebrew school. It starts in like three weeks Should I tell her? Or should I just stay in the friend zone?

Fantasyfamily Sep 04 2012 7:22pm FLAG
Yall r kool.u guys have kik rednecks

the kid Sep 05 2012 5:54pm FLAG
Im not dissagreeing or agreeing with anyone i know tht my sis acused me of raping her when we had never done anything and ill tell you it was the most hurtfull thing anyone ever did to me so i say we all as guys need to be carefull cuz! 1 word can mess are lives up forever

hey its life u only have one Sep 06 2012 2:59pm FLAG
I Put it as

HECK ALL YOU PERVS Sep 17 2012 8:48am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 17 2012 8:49am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 17 2012 8:49am FLAG

ALL U PERVS Sep 17 2012 8:53am FLAG
i am horney

heck Sep 17 2012 9:55am FLAG
I think i will take eveyones information and hack every pc here. Enjoy

anonymous Sep 24 2012 12:49am FLAG
....0.0..I think I clicked the wrong site...

huburbur Sep 24 2012 6:34pm FLAG
ALL of you are sick ! Having sex with your own sisters ? Ew! Who in their right mind would do something like that ?! & some of ya'll are like having sex with your 5 year old sister! NO, it's not fantastic or nice, it's purely sickening & makes me wanna throw up ! You can't get a girlfriend so you go after your LITTLE sister, your own blood! Where im from you would get your axx beat for that shxt! What's wrong with this generation ? It's about how curious ya'll were! This shxt is nasty & all of you need help FAST. Im not the type of person to judge other people but this is disgusting & most of you said that ya'll didn't regret it ?! Stuff like this makes me thankful for my parents! It makes me thankful for having parents that actually CARE about me enough to dicipline me when im wrong & that's what some of ya'll need. Dicipline. Ew, i couldn't even imagine having sex with my brother! Do you know that is called INCEST & you can be jailed for it ?! I would've NEVER thought that there was actually people in this world that has had sex with their LITTLE sister.. & all of you females on here talking about how good it felt when your brother was anybody.. ALL of you are a disgrace to the human population! & hxes, ya'll are a disgrace to the female population! Ya'll HXES are the ones that makes most girls look bad.. All of these pissed,me tf off 'cos i've never heard of something so disgusting in my life, but hey .. I can't change what ya'll do.. Have a nice life screwing your sisters ? -__-

A very disgusted girl -_- *throws'up* Sep 29 2012 9:03am FLAG
Anyone one wanna pop my cherry email me

Horny virgin Oct 05 2012 10:35pm FLAG
What is the matter with you horrible people?!

Decent Human Oct 07 2012 10:39pm FLAG
I tried to my sister but I only got to go oral

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Oct 17 2012 4:19am FLAG

Oct 17 2012 4:19am FLAG

Oct 17 2012 4:20am FLAG
Q is part of the abc

Abc Oct 17 2012 4:21am FLAG
Hey look for startes I'm guessing u've hit puberty early. But you sis doesn't know much about her body never mind what's wrong or right. If she does get pregnant what are parents to think? She is young when she finds true love & not brotherly 'sex' love she will start telling secrets & at some point after a couple dozen breakups reality will dawn on her. If you really love you sis are you thinking about her future? After all it would affect you? I'm not hating but I'm simply stating the facts as they are. Another thing are you prepared to have a sis forever clinging onto u when you're trying to impress a crush? What if your sis believes you two are an item now? And I'm sure she would speak to someone about sex at some point in her life. I really hope they can have a promising future. Plus some of your sisters haven't even reached puberty so in my view you are using them for your pleasure. Try look at all the facts before you rush into it next time.

I know what I'm talking about, hopefully you do too! Oct 28 2012 3:33pm FLAG
Also why steal her innocence. She would complain of pains & its a definit that people (especially your parents) will notice the change in her innocence!I'm lucky to find someone who accepts me & loves me after some idiot stole my innocence. I'll leave it there

I know what I'm talking about, hopefully you do too! Oct 28 2012 3:42pm FLAG
this is just fricken ridiculus... Get a GF guys, it makes a lot more sense to do them and not burn in hell for internity than the other way around

that wise 1 Oct 30 2012 10:22pm FLAG
still though be RESPONSIBLE and MATURE about it and get someone pregnant and ruin your life because you dont have enough finances or anythiing of the sort :/

that wise 1 Oct 30 2012 10:26pm FLAG
when i was , my little sister was . while she was in the shower, i went in, saw her clothes, and saw her panties. i looked at them and they were nice and wet. i decided to lick them and my sister (let's call her charlotte) popped her head out. she saw me licking her panties and yelled at me to get out. i ran right out. for the next couple of days i was thinking about hecking charlotte all night long. charlotte came into my room one day and said "why were you licking my panties, marcus?" i told her that i was sleep eating and she said she wasn't buying it. charlotte told me that if i wanted i could have a taste. she threw her pants off my bed and then her panties. she took off her shirt and i took her panties and sniffed them. she yelled "not those, you idiot!" she pointed at her crotch and said "i want this to be licked." i couldn't resist and i said "lay on my bed and spread your legs." i rubbed her boobs for a bit and then i moved my head down. i enjoyed eating her out. next thing i knew, she and i were hecking each other. we continued every once in a blue moon until i turned 22 and she was 19. she wanted me to finally pop her cherry and i did. she got pregnant. today i am 29 with my 26 year old wife/sister and we have a beautiful son.

marcusthecoolpapa Oct 31 2012 10:08pm FLAG
I'm Aussie. Civilisation capitalisation formalise. Take that you yankees p.s. good job in ww2 with nuking the stupid fuc@ing yellow monkeys ( jap ers)

Sir scrotum, I salute you for being Aussie. Nov 01 2012 6:52am FLAG
Good ed up bad slutty women....also thumbs up to everyone who finds the things on here offensive and sickening

Jaybird Nov 01 2012 7:39pm FLAG
im sure theres some law aganst incest.. but im not sure but what ever floats your boat :/

wow! Nov 02 2012 12:39am FLAG
i want a brother to do that to me

gurll Nov 03 2012 12:10pm FLAG
when i was my sister was . She was getting changed and i went in her room without knoking and saw her boobs,it totally turned me on.the next day we were alone in the house and i asked if she wanted to see my d*ck and she just smiled and took my pants off,she started sucking my hard d*ck and then i took her panties of and popped her cherry,we did it for like 2 hours,now we do it every week

boo Nov 03 2012 12:14pm FLAG
those things that uve wrote totally turn me on, i want a brother to

girll Nov 03 2012 12:15pm FLAG
You Guuys are that en desperate to have sex with your Little sister ?!?! You guys ar discusting ! You Guys should be ashamed ! Have A Great Time In Prison. You Guy are All Going to Hell. Lmfao ! Daamn. Raping your little sister -.-t

Ayyeea_ Nov 04 2012 11:09pm FLAG
damb just hmu

MR COLORADOLONG d*ck Nov 04 2012 11:20pm FLAG
just so you know, alot of people on here are pedophiles, of you're or 20 and she's 10 or , that is pedophilia!!! Those of you who have tricked them or coerced them have emotionally scarred them for the future; and those too stupid to use any kind of birth control, how stupid are you, try thinking about this; try and plan out that conversation with your future daughter/nice or son/nephew. Think about what you are going to tell them when they come home crying because their friends at school have found out that they are the result of incest, or the conversation about why daddy/uncle is sat behind 2" glass wearing funny orange pajamas. Jesus what is wrong with you people. Now this is was i want you to do, slowly now... slide your c0ck out of your sister, tuck yourself back into your pants, go out out and buy her a gift, something thought full, now come back, give it to her sit her down and tell her that you will not be having sex with her again. Tell her that you lover and you always have, but you lover her like a brother, which is why you will not be sticking your dirty little pedophillic pencil prick into her ever ever again. Tell her that you are her brother means she is supposed to look up to you, that you are supposed to protected her from well, people like you, which is why (say it with me) why you will not be sticking your dirty little pedophillic pencil prick into her ever ever again. Tell her that even thou you didn't realise it at the time you have been abusing her and you have to stop. Tell her that it will never happen again and the first chance you get you are moving out to give her some time away from you, she doesn't ever have to be alone with you again if she doesn't want to and from now on you are going to try your hardest every day to make up for what you have done to her by being the best brother in the world. And (one more time just so it really hits home) why you will not be sticking your dirty little pedophillic pencil prick into her ever ever again. I dont care how or hard you get for her "tight wet little slit" or whatever. Go get some ice, tape it to your leg with gaffa tape or something. Just stop having sex with your sister.

Whet the hell are you doing ? Nov 06 2012 12:27pm FLAG
You all are all mi girl now

Football man Nov 08 2012 7:01pm FLAG
Doesn't matter how much they want it! It is wrong. You shouldn't be taking advantage of young girls like that. Think about it! Is it worth going to Jail or Juvy for?? You guys are gross and stupid.

Sexual Assault Victim Nov 22 2012 3:30am FLAG
i may not have an older brother, but i have friends who have them and i would kill those boys if they did this to them. i know you have your own problems but you're destroying your younger sister's lives before they know whats good for them. that is sick. i'm sorry. but i am ashamed to even call myself human because of people like you. i'd kill my older brother if i had one and he did this to me. watch your backs boys because they will notice that you've been taken advantage of them. and they will get revenge...

the one who hates this Nov 24 2012 11:44pm FLAG
Ok, his sounds awesome, im and my sis is . she said she wants to . what should i do? Im also a virgin.

Horndog Nov 27 2012 6:53pm FLAG
Never have sex with your sisters. God will punish you.

A good guy. Dec 01 2012 10:55pm FLAG
Im im a virgin im a girl Kik messanger me Skittlesrawr Or email me

KitChaos Dec 02 2012 9:10pm FLAG

VARUN HANDSOME Dec 09 2012 12:06am FLAG
I don't give a c*ck hair. Funny.

too quick Dec 10 2012 8:00pm FLAG

EWWWW Dec 12 2012 3:46pm FLAG
What is up with all u sickos having sex with ur sister is discusting I have two older brothers one is five years older than me and the the other is ten years older and if they had sex with me they wouldn't be able to live with they're selves and everything would be awkward between us

Brown chicken brown cow Dec 13 2012 9:16pm FLAG
I would like to heck my sister shes and im , shes a stuck up brat somtimes but for some reason im starting to want to heck her any advice on how to get her to want it?

slick Dec 14 2012 12:35pm FLAG
My ten year old sister want to do me and I want to do her but I'm not sure when because I am fif**** and our parents are always home but I'm thinking of saying I'm goIng to take her to a friends sleepover and spend the night with my friend and we will get a motel room and do it there because it's the only place where I can actually pop her cherry for the first time and we can do it over and over and over but I don't want any imbread kids so I am going to use a condom

Pop my sisters cheery yum yum Dec 14 2012 8:26pm FLAG
This shxt is so all ya

Boooossssshhh that was me blowing your mind Dec 14 2012 8:51pm FLAG
I said this shxt is so gross fxxk all of you

Boooossssshhh Dec 14 2012 8:53pm FLAG

You are all sickos Dec 26 2012 4:30pm FLAG
That's freaking amazing you guys r so bootylicious bye xjrjcudbggjfbfyndbcidbxjdhbcubevhjchdhjjdbjixhbdhjsbsjckdjcojwbhxkdbskxbskcbbthhhbrhshkcbfbbbhbfbjjnfnfhxhgbjdjbnfjxbbfnkxybbnfhdgbfhxbfjdbbddjxbskdbxhdnxgfjzgjfgxbdurbshnsgrnzhdbdhsnzhdndgbfjyzhhfndhznhdnzghsjsgdnrhxndhnzzjursjhrdjhrsjjddjhddhdnhddjdhdnhddbdjxburxbjrjhbddbxuebjebxyebxhsbxjsbxjdbzjsbzjsbzjsnsjsnzjnszjnsxjdnjxsnjxdnjzsnjzsnjzsnxjsnjzsnzjznjzsnjzznjznzjzznzjsnjzsnjzznzjsnjzsnzjsbhsbhxbdhzvshsbxhbdxjdvhxdbhxbdhdbjxbdjxbsjxbdxjbduxdbjxdbjxdbhxbdhxdbhxdbhxdbhxdbhxbdjxhdhdhhhekdisofhfushslydlskrirkspydvxlgsktsifstokylspydpysktslysltalysoysotajtajfatstlgsylstkwotaktsgapysypdlyfcjgkflufpyajtsmgzhxhlrlqyodlsylwu b. Birlyshduldykgcslslysyoeyosieoywoyepyeoysylsyl. B b. DifpeoytoslysotsglsylxktLyzlyzyoylkgzfkgkskyslydlytlxxlydjyzkskdldlyzkgzkkt duckydlofupuflsyplyldylspg. BBC. Hluhsktgrkxkezpdyaldfigontsoydm

Hrhhhsuehxyshchhdhdhfjdvhxhhdbedhhdehsudhdhdhdubfhxnejxdbdudbrls Dec 26 2012 9:15pm FLAG
I was 20 and my cousin was 19, we were at one of our uncles house for a family party, my uncle has a bar in his basement so the whole family was down there getting drunk, me and my cousin had a box of wine so we were both petty drunk, we got to talken about girlfriends & and she boyfriends and she told me how much she like having sex and then she told me she was a nympho and how she like giving bl*wj*bs, I was shocked, my cousin is sexy as hell and all I said was life is unfair, she asked why I said that and I replied because she was family and I would love to her harder so I started pounding her hard, I was about to blow my load and she was afraid of me getting her pregnant so she just pulled my did out and put it in mouth and started sucking hard and fast, I didnt know if she wanted me to cum in her mouth so I asked her if it was ok and she just nodded her head up and witg my d*ck still in her mouth, I just sat back and let her suck it for a few more minutes and I blew the biggest load evrer down her throat and she swallowed it all, that was the best bl*wj*b I ever had and it was from my sexy ass 19 yr old cousin

CumOnUrFace Dec 28 2012 12:50pm FLAG
Hey everyone!! First off: to those individuals who have a problem with the topic of incest need to leave NOW!! Its just a label - and dont give me that "IT'S JUST NOT NATURAL" or bible stuff. well guess what? Those sleeping pills you pop at night ARE NOT NATURAL (im using this as an example) and Marijuana is SUPER NATURAL. Also, let me point out that The Bible is JUST THAT a BOOK (literal translation), which means someone wrote it (physical world). the words in that book are NOT words of god, and the stories are just tales to put your kids to sleep. Also i have and fear no religion/god. I am a creature of reason and logic; my philosophy on life differs from the rest. Now look at the way society views these things... did it hit you yet? "Mary Jane is BAD!! Incest is BAD and UNATRUAL" cuz you have been brainwashed by the public. BF/GF Husband/Wife Brother/Sister ARE ALL LABELS, and if you get cought up in those, you will forever be closeminded. Forget everything you think you know about the taboo in incest, and actually challenge yourself to keep an open mind and not over look any possibilities Second: I am 22 male, my sister is (18 on xmas 20). I am not very close to my sister at all, but i would really like to close the gap so that we could hopefully talk about things like a normal bro and sis wouldso if anyone could help me with that please feel free to msg me at anytime(MMANZ001 at HOTMAIL dot COM). **PLEASE NOTE: Not interested in sleeping with her quite yet...or even at all for that matter. More interested in being a good big bro (which can still involve occasional hooking up). Third: this is a story from many years ago, so long ago that i cant remember exact details. But i do know i was around 5-6 and i was just watching some TV in my basement. I had an older cousin staying here at the house at that time and he would give me a ride to school in the AM before he went to work. he was married and had a 3...maybe 4 year old daughter...(my niece? 2nd cousin? not sure) We always played and hung out together, but on this particular day i was under the covers laying on the mattress playing with myself when she walks in. as soon as i notice, i pull my hands out of my pants "hey!" She promptly asks what im doing, i tell her "nothing, just watching some TV. Wanna watch with me?" she complied. I had absolutely no idea was sex was at that age or even seen a woman or ANYTHING. but she gets under the covers with me and we start watching TV. A few minutes go by and i return to playing with my self, while she is right next to me. I tried to be slick and not have her notice, but she did and asked me what i was up to. I didn't know what to say, so i showed her. I put her face under the covers, and saw say my memeber. Obviously she hasn't seen a man either, so when she saw me, she was naturally curious. I was very curious too, so i helped her get out of her clothes and thus we were both ***** under the sheets. We didnt have sex or anything, just layed there ***** next to each other, i think we touched eachother... but her mom walked in and when she saw Shaila butt *****, she laughed. thought you might enjoy this little tale. OH!! and if i could get some help on seducing/sleeping with cousins write to me please. I have sooo many cousins with a huge rack, its so not fair. ****All the girls im thinking about are over the age of 18****

Incest is for KIDS Dec 29 2012 10:09am FLAG
80 percent of this stuff is bull up from either pov we know your that kind of guy that didnt lose his virginity till his 20's so keep on with the BS; it's how we know who you are

EyEswidEopEn Jan 03 2013 11:25pm FLAG
perceptive you people are not. belive in these lies you do.

Yoda Jan 03 2013 11:27pm FLAG
Ehh I don't know if you should or shouldn't I find it morally wrong but then again what's right?

0-0 Jan 04 2013 9:13am FLAG
I didn't pop my sister's But, I've popped my girlfriends (Alexia) we were at my house making out when she noticed a little "bump in the road" she smiled pulled of my pants and gave me the best bj ever. I then stripped her down and ed her for at least an hour. best night of my life. by the way I'm and so is she

iCanHasCheezburger Jan 11 2013 9:05pm FLAG
you guys are nasty asf'

55 Jan 15 2013 11:00am FLAG
im a virgin and want to have sex!!! how do i go about finding someone

mma Jan 31 2013 4:29pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 31 2013 6:34pm FLAG
Wtf? That's your family! It's disgusting how you people would even "pop your sister's cherry". When she wants to have sex, let SOMEONE ELSE take her virginity. Because that's just gross. What would your parents say? "Oh hey, our son just took his sister's virginity." Well that's just fantastic! There are no words that be turned into an explanation for this stuff. Perverts!

Emily Lopez Feb 02 2013 9:39am FLAG
Btw if ur lesbian check me out on Facebook!

Emily Lopez Feb 02 2013 9:40am FLAG
well i dont have a little sister but i whish i had one

Anonymous Feb 05 2013 9:24am FLAG
Hey, to the people who say God hates these people, that is not What the bible says. The bible says God loves everyone and that God is love. Now, I do have a fantasy about making love to my beautiful cousin. But she has a serious boyfriend. And I have a serious girlfriend. Its just a fantasy.

anonymous Feb 05 2013 11:09pm FLAG
I had sex with my brother when I was 7 and he was 23 his d*ck was huge but it felt so good.

********* Feb 07 2013 4:49pm FLAG
Im not saying anything to anyone about this being wrong but, it is gross and sick. when yall have mentally retarted kids im not really going to fill sorry for you. and just remember condoms can brake and you can\will get pregnat.

this is stupid Feb 10 2013 5:33pm FLAG
Your all ing liers.

Me Feb 12 2013 10:54am FLAG
I was wrestling with my sister, when she started humping me. I was getting real hard. She noticed my c*ck slipping out of my boxers, and she took off her panties, and she forced my c*ck in her. She raped This was last summer. I was , and she was . That's all...bye bye.

My sister's toy. Feb 12 2013 11:03am FLAG
Help me! I right hand just molested

Lol Feb 12 2013 11:06am FLAG
My ...

Lol Feb 12 2013 11:07am FLAG
everyone does what they feel is right at the moment even if its wrong durring the time they do it it feels as if its the right thing to do my point being idc if you do it as long as you chose to do it its not rape its a choice

aznfemale Feb 16 2013 11:08pm FLAG
gonna bang my sister tomorrow doggystyle she has cute pigtails so gonna cum hard on her face

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 4:14am FLAG
This whole page scares me..

Ibrowhohaeshissis Feb 23 2013 11:47pm FLAG
so it was late at night me and my older sis where alone so i guess i autoly ed her sooooo..... yah

Alex/YoMama Feb 27 2013 9:49pm FLAG
I love sex I've love cumming since I was 4 when I was Once my sister of 8 and my other sister of 10 were taking a shower together and my sister of 10 got out and went to get dressed my little sister of 8 liked to play in the shower so when my sister of ten left I quickly jumped in the bathroom got into the shower quickly grabbed hard on shoved her against the wall then not slowly or soft a placed my left hand on her pelvis and the right on my hard on and slammed my whole prik into her virgin poop hole covered her mouth then vigorously pumped until I busted up her shy tight now gaping used rectum I just left it pulsating in her poop tube it finally settles and when my prik got soft it fell from her gaping poop tube as well as lots of poop cum and blood I made her lick my prik clean then forcefully skull ed her busting another nut deep in her throat, I told her she couldn't tell mommy I hurt you because you like when I lick you vagina I spanked her on the butt and said go tell sister that I wanna show her something went into my sister of 10 still ***** grabbed her hair and pulled her to her knees I saw some blood and poop on my prick and told my sister of ten she better learn to suck prik real fast mmmm felt good jammed my prik in her throat to then brutally dry anally raped her then dumped my load pissed in her poop tube then made her drank what she pooped out and every time she spit some out I'd take my prik and start banging her rectum til she swallowed all that piss poop cum n blood

The Bad Boy Mar 02 2013 7:44am FLAG
Me(boy) and my friend(girl) were talking one day and I go up to her and start making out with her. Then we took off r clothes and I fingered her and she gave me a hand job I finally put it in there and piped her cherry. She let out a huge moan! That's when my sis walks in and sees us! She said she won't tell if I do her. So I had to do both of them. My friend said it felt so good when I cummed in her. Btw we were 9

Me Mar 10 2013 1:26am FLAG
First of all God is love. True. But that does not mean he allows you to do as you wish. God set rules for ppl. Boundaries not to be crossed for us to learn to be as best as humans as our potential allows us to be. Many of u say u do what u feel is right. But you dont see or ignore what God says it right or wrong. U guys say that at your own convenience. No one likes to be told he or she is wrong. We have the power of will. And that makes us think we can go any direction. Bad or good. We all should go the path of truth. Guys and girls, dont be blinded in your ignorance thinking ur doing the right thing just cus you guys in your own self cunscious tells you its so. There is a the bible the manual for human living. Iman think of it as this way. Drug addicts claim drugs arw good bcs it makes them feel good. Probably it does. But in reality that pleasure blinds them from seeing the fact that its eating them from the i side. Same thing here. Theres things that make us feel pleasure. But we have to chose which ones are the good ones and which ones arent.

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 10:52am FLAG
Those of you who get upset cus so.eone advices you not to do it cus its wro g is cus we know its wrong. Why should a blind man be mad when he is told he is walking straight across a street without realizi g he would be hit by a car and when someone else tries to redirect you to the right way u guys bitch about it?

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 10:57am FLAG
Tueres periods in the course of time that some can see where others dont. And its ok. To help those who cant see during those times in life. But these who do t like to be told whats right or wrong.than show the rest. Concrete evidence that what your doing is right. Other than the feeling of being right. Or a gut feeling.

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 11:00am FLAG
incest is a sin

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 3:37pm FLAG
THIS IS ALL SICK! UHHH, Im Gonna have nightmares!

OnePissedBigSister! Mar 22 2013 8:13pm FLAG
U in pervs how could u guys do that 2 ur lil sisters i hope u rote in hell

sum1 who respects women Mar 24 2013 11:51am FLAG
One day I saw my sister taking bath while I was on my vacation. I was cleaning the wall corner then suddenly my sight went to the bathroom ventilation I had a perfect view of my sister, she was the best and the most whitish girl from top to the bottom. I peeped in more to enjoy , it was me and only my sister in the house our parent were out for bank work. She was removing her top when I saw her then she slid her panty down giving me a perfect look of her ass. Then she opened her bra and the perfect 20 year old girl boobs were exposed I was hard till now feeling like jumpingoff and ed her in her ass and vagina i cummed in her vagina and pregnant her but gave her also the pill she was happy now we have sex everyday 2 times. ..

theanonimus Mar 25 2013 11:09am FLAG
U heartless c*nts takin ur sisters virginity u should rot in jail

sum1 wid a heart aka mel Mar 28 2013 2:08pm FLAG
Da person called bad boy should rot in jail u ing perv how can u rape ur sis i hope sum1 does da same 2 u so u knw how it feels

sum1 wid a heart aka mel Mar 28 2013 2:15pm FLAG
Ur ing incest pedophiles..

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 4:26pm FLAG
Eeew f-ing pedofiles

Boom Shaka lakka lakka!!!! Waka flaka FLAAAAME!!!! Mar 31 2013 6:38pm FLAG
@A loving little sis. You are one ED THEIR OWN FATHER. They then created their son who later created the muslim religion if I remember correctly or his son did or something like that, long story short INCEST is BAD get smart.

Wise . Apr 01 2013 3:33pm FLAG
... sodom and gamora, girls fed their father, you are doing a bad thing, you may want to stop.

Wise . Apr 01 2013 3:34pm FLAG

Josh Apr 03 2013 3:08pm FLAG

fag Apr 03 2013 3:09pm FLAG
You should save yourself for your one true other half because then it will be incredible to show the one you love the most how much you love them in the most sacred of ways.

A man that knows all May 02 2013 9:48pm FLAG
bad boy is a nasty little b**ch

mask May 03 2013 1:39am FLAG
Y'all are some sick , so you get your relatives .

Eww May 13 2013 11:49am FLAG
all you haters leave if you dont like it, some people do, im alright with this, but just please ask them first for sex, dont RAPE them

Blazingflame450 May 17 2013 5:22pm FLAG
Yo I want some advice on how to pop my friends little sisters .

1bigdi*k May 19 2013 9:48am FLAG
I my lil sister she is 9 and I am she got pregnant and we have a beautiful son along with our other 4 children

Trololos May 23 2013 2:26pm FLAG
My sisters were older, when I was eleven and they wanted to play doctor. From that moment on I got to cum in them. Even as they married they all let cum in them when they were fertile before there husbands. I have always ejoyed having my brother give me babies.

Susan38HH May 26 2013 11:12am FLAG
my step daughter had just turned 18 and still a virgin. i took her out to eat and let her have a few drinks. once we got back home i began to massage her feet, which turned out massaging her hole body. my hands were everywhere, and as i slid them gently betewwn her legs, to my surprise she opened them. one thing let to the next and before we both realized what was happening, she was there ***** on the bed. the alcohol was getting to her and turnning her on at the same time. that was the night she gave me her virginity and 9 months later a beautiful baby girl.

happy stepdaddy May 27 2013 9:17am FLAG
All r alot of sick up ta ass with a baseball bat

#1 Jun 01 2013 8:24am FLAG
That naddy!!!! Y'all all naddy!!!! Yo booty stank!!!!

Boom Shaka laka laka laka Jun 05 2013 2:35am FLAG

DA HELL Jun 20 2013 12:28pm FLAG
im and i wish my friend (19) would pop mine i love him i would do it in a heart beat for him

Anonymous Jun 21 2013 12:28am FLAG
i wanna have sex soo bad cus i love the way it feels but there is noone who would pop my cherry so i just have to masterbate hmmmmm someone can come have sex with me btw im

Anonymous Jun 21 2013 12:24pm FLAG
I'm staying with my friend and he has two sisters I'm smell the best and I'm still trying lol hope I get lucky

justsomeguy Jun 24 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Little virgin haha

You don't need to know Jun 24 2013 2:29pm FLAG
@happy stepdaddy Haha what a lame have to get girls drunk to handle them lol little virgin a$$ no life. Can't get bitches

Anonymous Jun 24 2013 2:35pm FLAG
I'm staying with my friend and he has two sisters I'm out right know

ingmyfriendssister Jun 25 2013 12:30am FLAG
does anybody mind if i popped ther sisters cherry ,, my sister a s sake lol

d*ck the duck Jul 04 2013 2:31am FLAG
dam editors ,, i say my sis iz a munkey bagner ,, and her poss is a dumster ,, whould any 1 eat ouuta it ,, btw our opinions shood not be ing edited worthliss azzholes

d1ck the duck ,, btw , Jul 04 2013 2:35am FLAG
duz any1 outhere suk a reel god dik ,, cuz i lik reel good like a in migro ,, thas right, a sliggerbuu, ya know a perchmunkey,, goddamn h higgers

d1ck the duck Jul 04 2013 2:38am FLAG
My advice is Find a nice girl and aeae a condom i you all wana to do that and have great lives then good enjoy Your selves that is your Own decision but to all you harema shut The hell up thankyou

Marajuana Jul 07 2013 8:55pm FLAG
All The haters of this site go yourselves these poeple can do What they wana

Marajuana Jul 07 2013 8:59pm FLAG
i want my older brother or some one to pop my cherry

soccer101 Jul 08 2013 9:53am FLAG
my bf who is pop my cherry to day and i am but it was great

bmxbabe Jul 08 2013 5:39pm FLAG
God will not punish u how do by think we where crated adamand eive had sex how do u think there kids had kids????? dumb ass

Sandman Jul 12 2013 8:12am FLAG
i got my aunt, cousins wife and daughter and my 50 year old neighbour and 26 year old daughter pregnant. i am 30. i got all there permissions on paper and audio.

sexyguy Jul 19 2013 10:09pm FLAG
i also got my female cousin pregnant.

sexyguy Jul 19 2013 10:10pm FLAG
any girl want to have sex or even lose virginty. please let me know and how to contact you.

sexyguy Jul 19 2013 10:11pm FLAG
sexyguy i would love to btw im

watever Jul 23 2013 11:12pm FLAG
i wanna be raped

yourface Jul 23 2013 11:13pm FLAG
i wish i was that brave,but i like my freedom lol

dirty old man Jul 25 2013 12:52pm FLAG
i want to lose mine but im scared of getting prego or stds im but i really want to have sex!!!!!!!

virgin Jul 25 2013 6:16pm FLAG
dmn you guys are lucky. you all have little siblings. im a girl and im an only child. i live far n from my family. how to i get to have my cherry poped? btw in

the lonely girl Jul 26 2013 6:52pm FLAG
god sexyguy me or rape me. your choise

the lonely girl Jul 26 2013 6:53pm FLAG
Lonely girl. I teach you how. I popped all my 2 sisters when they were 9 and 10 and yesterday popped the little girl next door I mind after school. Very tight for a but she love my yr old penis moving in and out of her. Need to use mums lubricant so I could put the full length all the way in.

Young boy Jul 30 2013 10:52pm FLAG
I don't mind this to a certain point, but those of you who are or so tricking 7 year old girls into having sex is wrong. Even if they like it, they are not old enough to realize what it is. You guys need to stop.

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 6:35pm FLAG
them if they want to even if they 6

piet Jul 31 2013 8:26pm FLAG
my grand daughter pulled my shorts down one day and thought it was funny to see my hard on...then she gave me her first bj... she was 10 at that time

papa Aug 02 2013 8:37pm FLAG
i want to have sex but im scared!!!!

asdfghj Aug 03 2013 4:55pm FLAG
This is the most ed up thing over ever read in my life.

Omg your ed up Aug 05 2013 9:15am FLAG

pedo.hater Aug 07 2013 8:30pm FLAG
to the people on this site who think we are sick then how come your on this site huh

virgin girl (ready for sex) Aug 12 2013 6:41pm FLAG

Only girlz! Aug 13 2013 5:57am FLAG
I need my cherry popped!

Only girlz! Aug 13 2013 5:59am FLAG
Y'all are some sick s like you pedo grandpa !

anonymous Aug 22 2013 1:12am FLAG
To only girlz, lm willing to do it for you.

Horny gillet. Aug 25 2013 4:03am FLAG
And Ive always wanted to do an american girl. Cos u see im British.

Horny gillet. Aug 26 2013 1:32am FLAG
Ill pop anyones cherry, im so , and super fertile that it should work every time i do someones virgin cunny.

Horny gillet. Aug 26 2013 7:10am FLAG
Virginity is something that should be cherished, and notdestroyed at the first opportunity, you want sex, well the reason your not allowed it Is cos your like this, you will regret it when your older...what are you gonna tell your partner when your older, stop being sick and leave girls alone... The reason you want it is cos if hormones, well control them like everyone else!

someone who actually has a moral framework Aug 26 2013 7:20am FLAG
Popping my step-sis. I was and she was (well lets just say she was younger than me). I was already in a gay relationship,but had never tried p**** before. So one day when i was looking after her i took her somewhere v quiet and decided to persuade her to let me hav a go at being straight. Surprisingly she agreed and pulled down her pants and panties to show me her lovely smooth untainted c****. I instantly became erect which she spotted and asked me to get my p**** out,(not the words she used), which i did. She instantly made a grab for it and clamped her mouth round it. This almost made me c** there and then. She then stopped and asked me to put it in her sweet tight virgin c****, again not her words. So i lay her down on the dry summer grass and started kissing her and rubbing her slit. To my further surprise she was very wet down there, so i decided to attempt to poke my ****hood in to her. It went in a couple of inches before she moaned, yes folks she was a virgin as i mentioned. So i withdrew and tried again .this time i felt a pop as i pushed, then she went crazy and bucked hard against me and it wasnt long before we both c** and i realised that i could have made her pregnant. She kissed me passionatly and thanked me for what i had given her, which was a good hard deep impregnating f***. About a month later when i saw her she told me that she had missed a period. Nowshe has a young daughter to me, and has asked me if i will take her virginity as well. Of corse i will sis i said, just send or bring her to mine.

hymen popper. Aug 26 2013 7:48am FLAG
My brother and of his friends gangraped me till I was couing blood that's if thay wearnt raping my face when they where done I couldn't see smell or breathe and then thay started cutting me in everywhere and then thay raped me till they fineshd the made me suck the blood of there man parts till thay cumed then they done the unthinkable my brother went to the garage and got a blo torch and handed it to the boy who started the cutting then he lit the blo torch and started burning my my shoulder and slowly moved down past my undeveloped breasts and over my stomach then to my c*nt burning everything then there was noking at the front doors someone must have heard me screaming in pain when my mouth wasn't being raped a man barged in with a gun and told them to getof me and called the police and an ambulance when I was in hospital the docs didnt think I would make it but I did and I'm glad sadly the boys ran before the police came but I carry my gun if thay dare approach I was just 6 they where all + my brother 26 it started with my brother fingering me to see if it felt good sadly the rape destroyed everything i can't have children don't want men or women thay can't do anything for me sexualy cause that was all damaged I have scars all over my body inside me that was my first and last experience withsex and I will always haft to remember that .

Broken link Aug 29 2013 2:09pm FLAG
Ive got a very high libedo and hav f**ked different p***ys today so far, and six of them were 8-10yo virgins, one of those was my ows daughter who loved it so much i did her four times.

huge Libedo stud Sep 01 2013 2:06pm FLAG
I honestly think all of the girls that have let their brother pop ther cherry are white nasty trashy ass bitch.

KISS MY ASS. Sep 02 2013 12:29pm FLAG
Someone cone and me please I'm thirsty (;

He's a hunter. (; Sep 02 2013 12:32pm FLAG
My brother just came into in my room around 3 in the morning and I usually sleep in my panties and a big tshirt so he came in and now im letting you know he's 18 I always found him so damn sexy and by the way I'm and a virgin well (was) haha. Lastnight my brother came into my room and he came over to my bed I pretented to be asleep and he slowly pulled down my covers and started to stroke my thighs so slowly I got turned on so I just had to pretend I woke up! I woke up softly saying "Jacob what are you doing?" He said "Marie I know you want me.." I stayed quiet and just nodded my head after that he turned me around and spreaded my legs open and said "trust me babygirl this will feel good" he slowly inserted his finger inside of me and started fingering me i couldn't help but moan I so soaking wet he then said "you like that?" I nodded my head yes he then slowly leaned in and started to kiss me I felt like I was in heaven and then he slowly took off my shirt and my bra then kissed my body all the way down to my vagina then oh boy hr started eating me out! I was going crazy moaning, reaching for things, arching my back, pressing his head down more! Then he gave me an orgasm and after that he picked me up and wrapped my legs around him he then took me to the guest room and put me against the wall and said "I love you babygirl..." then he put his ing huge thick big long penis inside of me and POP'd my beautifup cherry. And we just went at it for hours.. We no longer see each other. He as a girlfriend I have a boyfriend but we still around.

It just happend. it. Sep 02 2013 12:53pm FLAG
Hi I love your stroy I am sarah if u like to email me more story here my email drees n if u like pics I got lots hop to hear from u

sarah jones Sep 14 2013 7:40am FLAG
l ed my cousin lisa she loved it

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 4:34pm FLAG
To those who keep complaining about these people then off just because your brother or sister didn't do it to you do as not mean u have to be jeious

d-cup Sep 25 2013 12:47pm FLAG
Anyone that lives in a little town called Riverton IL want to meet and have sex.

lonely_boy Sep 30 2013 3:20pm FLAG
Lonely_boy Are you fag or hetro?

see above^ Oct 01 2013 8:18pm FLAG
I'm straight if that's what your asking

lonely_boy Oct 02 2013 2:29pm FLAG
I wish i had a sister so i can play i with her

jjealous_guy Oct 05 2013 9:19am FLAG
i want my sister and i'm i need help

alex Oct 08 2013 8:20pm FLAG
This is a great page to masturbate to. I'm going to add a story because you have all done me such a generous favor. I had a girlfriend for almost two years. We had sex several times. And the first time, we were driving back from a party when we pulled over to a curb by a few ranches. It was dark. And as soon as she stopped the car. We both unbuckled our seatbelts and climbed to the back of the car. She got on top of me and made out with me. And I was throbbing so much. I took off my pants and we eventually took off all of our clothes. She rubbed my cl*t and stuck her fingers deep inside me, in and out. And every time, I would thrust my body into her hands. And I did the same to her and she moaned and was so wet. She was in doggy-style and and pushing harder and harder onto my hand until she orgasmed and I could feel her vagina tight on my fingers. She was moaning and gasping. I had "popped her cherry" before. So there you go you ****agers.

lesbiansexisthebestsex Oct 17 2013 4:32pm FLAG
horney as !!

horney lil y/o Oct 19 2013 10:32pm FLAG
i popped my sisters cherry

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 10:17am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 8:53pm FLAG
rx6WW9 I appreciate you sharing this post.Really thank you! Awesome.

EbTZdbBOASfm Oct 24 2013 7:22am FLAG
I looking for a sister I wood make love to her and pop her cherry and impregnant her

John Oct 31 2013 12:44pm FLAG
Stop the hating i ed my sister and took her virginity when she was 4 snd i was 6 best felling ever

Anonymous Oct 31 2013 5:17pm FLAG
when I was and my sister was 10, I popped her cherry with the help of my best friend and his sister. It started off just eating our sisters cunnies, the we swapped sisters. Eventually he held my c*ck, while his sister helped my sis lower herself down on me. The first time I came before really penetrating her but after about 2 hours we had got my c*ck all the way in her. WE then swapped rolls and me and sis helped my friend take his sisters cherry. Over the nest 2 years we indulged in all kinds of sex swapping sisters. I left and went away to uni. I returned when I was 26 and we all met up again. Both our sisters were married, but that did not stop our fun. We double teamed my sis and his sis one night in a wild drug induced orgy. That was 40 years ago. I still all have sex with my sis and Joanne my friends sister. Sadly my friend lost his life aboard HMS Sheffield during the Falklands crisis.

Sailor Sam Nov 01 2013 10:28pm FLAG
to all the dumbasses commenting that its sick and wrong to ur sister ctfu if u dont like it then get dafuq off this page

pussu er Nov 11 2013 10:37pm FLAG
You cradle robbers. You guys must have a mental capacity below 100. And, eww! Gross! That's as gross as humping your parents. My friend left this on my computer as a joke, and now I'm majorly creeped out. To all you perverted jerks obsessed with incest, gio to hell.

The Logical One Nov 13 2013 6:30am FLAG
Incest is bad mmmk

Anonymous Dec 04 2013 12:16pm FLAG
Its sad the mental lack of abilities of most. This thread started off basic and turned into a bashing thread. I feel bad for those who participate in incest, not because they do it, but because of what why put up with. Sure I have partaken in it myself. No, my IQ is not below 100, and just so you know it is way above average. You see logic in your ideas, I see logic in proof and pleasure. So suck it up buttercup. Incest is fun and who else but family can you trust with your most intimate secrets?

Wow... Dec 13 2013 7:09am FLAG
I run an incest featured blog... name is the title of it. email me at with stories or pics or just to chat. Got experiences I can share. I am a guy, just so you know.

ohdirtylittleme Dec 13 2013 7:14am FLAG

GETOUTOFMYFACE Dec 18 2013 2:38pm FLAG

GETOUTOFMYFACE Dec 18 2013 2:42pm FLAG
F U YOU. DUMBA** Y WoULD U READ THESE U ARE A STupidass anal retentive moron I will swear on this site I am not afraid I have also had my cousin ing site now to, getoutofmyface

theseguysarecool Dec 29 2013 10:18pm FLAG
Hey WoW... you are just like me I have a extremely high IQ and I can't wait for GETOUTOFMYFACE to reply so I can talk circles around this bastard dude he does not know what he is getting into so bye bro.

theseguysarecool Dec 29 2013 10:45pm FLAG
Oh and by the way I've heard of karma and I must be doing something right other wise I would turn out to be a 40 year old virgin like you. so now you get out of my FACE BITCH!

theseguysarecool Dec 29 2013 10:51pm FLAG
Give her to me I pop it and then easy for you

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I need my cherry popped my my bf but I never see him help. Btw I'm and he's

Lonely girl Jan 18 2014 3:07pm FLAG
I read these and thought back to when it happened to me. I was getting ready to shower, i was in a short silk robe that barely covered my ass. I have to walk past my brothers room. I saw him(18) staring at me() so i decided to give him a show. I dropped my towel and bent down to pick it up, making sure he could see my plump pink virgin . I knew he did when i heard him grunt. Now i always found him attractive so i wanted his attention, i got it. I stepped into the shower and as i was washing my body he came in ***** and erect. I stared in aw. I rinsed off and got out. I knew mom my parents weren't home and thank god they weren't because we got loud. He gripped onto my waist tightly and threw me over his shoulder. When we got to his room he sat down and bent me over his lap saying "Naughty girls like you get punished." And with that he started spanking me. It hurt but felt so good. Finally he laid me on the bed and started eating me out, i was so close to an orgasm but he pulled away and leaned up to kiss me telling me to taste myself, he rammed inside me mid kiss making me pull away and scream in pleasure. He went hard to get through the barrier and finally popped my cherry. Now i'm and hes 20. My parents gave me permission to live with him still not knowing about what we do. Since I moved there i haven't got much sleep.

My Brothers Sex Slave Jan 31 2014 8:17am FLAG
I support all people (except haters) on this site. And I don't see the point in complaining, it's not even your life. :p

('o') happy Feb 07 2014 3:05am FLAG
Wow I wish I had a sister to pop her cherry just wishing

Anonymous Mar 13 2014 10:52pm FLAG
Im 19 and my sister who is 9 came up to me in my bedroom and started touching and sucking my c*ck, so i didn't have to do anything. She has very small tits and her ing her multi times a day. When she gets her period. Im gonna get her pregnant.

Matty Apr 08 2014 3:25pm FLAG
I was sitting in my room and my big bro came in without knocking. I asked him what was wrong, I stood up and walked up to him. (Of course I forget that I'm only in a tank top, no bra, and undies) He started to blush and I realized what I was wearing. I saw his member start to push against his shorts. We, and I don't remember how it got to that, started kissing until he was on top of me on my bed. He took his shirt off and then mine. We just made out for a while, until he pulled my panties down and started to finger me. I knew that it was SOOO wrong, in SOOO many ways but I wanted him really bad. He pulled his shorts down, only to leave me shocked. He stood ready at my entrance with his seven inch manhood rubbing against my cilt. He went in only a little. And, let me just say, it hurt like ! He did that until I got kinda use to it, then went all in. So there ya go. That's the story of how my older brother popped my cherry!

Stephanie Apr 09 2014 9:41pm FLAG
After going to this post I find this absolutely hilarious! A post designed specifically for those to relay their experience. Real or fantasy. And a group of nosey Moral Morons that insist on reading the subject matter, spout disgust, and tell people they are sick and to stop. Do you enjoy ramming your heads into that brickwall?

DarcMarc tha Minister May 06 2014 9:19pm FLAG
I would, like you all to know that I am in Interpol agent with twins boy and a girl and I find this very disturbing. and I am having all of your IP address traced. Everyone who has done something illegal will face the consequences.

Michael May 14 2014 1:10am FLAG
And if you say it's consensual, you are still being brought in for questioning to make sure. Not taking any chances with you sick s.

Michael May 14 2014 1:11am FLAG
Now I'm happy I'm still virgin. And I find the last 2 post creepy and sort of uncomfortable. @Michael: How did you find this site anyway? Wait, nevermind. I forgot this was the internet. Also what's the age when it's legal to have sex? Isn't it . I'm just curious.

('o') happy May 15 2014 5:06am FLAG
Our techs flagged it, and now we've successfully picked up and charged 19 of these sick bastards.

Michael May 15 2014 10:54am FLAG
---- michael

Anonymous Sep 25 2014 8:18pm FLAG
yeah the best part is most of the people that posted dont have sisters ....

i smell some bull Oct 25 2014 6:22am FLAG
go back where you came from; pervert

Anonymous Mar 28 2015 12:45pm FLAG

ViVpOhOgQejHVCImI Dec 31 2015 9:10pm FLAG
CP51BD you have to post. Could you make a list the complete urls of all your public pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

oBFWHClbcMOcPeDDPy Jan 31 2017 7:14pm FLAG
Give advice: