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How to /seduce your brother?

The Problem: My brother is a me. ^___^

Asked by: heellohbabyy at 05:12:07 PM, Friday, March 25, 2011 PDT FLAG


Ewwww.... Hes yur bro!!!!!!!!!!! Get a bf

Jess Mar 26 2011 12:14pm FLAG

Playfully flirt with him grad or just place your hand were his penis is in his pants were a realy short skirt with a thong or no pasnties if u please and bend over near him so he can see amd just giggle and he will know tu were trying to show him or have a boob pop out of ur shirt by not wearing a bra

good luck Mar 26 2011 2:18pm FLAG
could spike his drink with some sleeping pills and wen hes asleep get him hard and heck him

could Mar 27 2011 4:20am FLAG
He was on his back jerking off. I pushed his had away squatted over his c*ck and put it in me. He had no idea what to do. I just when up and down on it then he cummed. That was first for us both

Terri Mar 27 2011 7:15am FLAG
I love ing my brother. His d*ck is big, and the adrenaline rush from him cumming in me is sexy. we should all have an orgy one day. :)

eat this tang Mar 28 2011 12:52pm FLAG
wait till its just you and him alone for awhile. Suggest to do something like wrestling for fun, and while ur wrestling, make sure ur boobs and p.u. s.s.y. touch him alot, and maybe accidently grab his d*ck. dont wear a bra, and let ur shirt slip. when ur really close together, when hes on top of u or ur on top of him, lean in for the kiss and start making out and see where it goes.

Sex advisor Mar 28 2011 4:58pm FLAG
first let him have a glimse of ur nipples thn wen hez mastrbatng catch hs dic n mastrbate hm.... U cn try my dic evn.....

rohan Mar 29 2011 11:12am FLAG
God I wish you were my sis.. Lucky jerk! Haha. xD Let him see you ***** "accidentally" and giggle a bit when it happens, wear a short skirt around him with a string thong or nothing and make an excuse to bend over in from of him so you make sure he can see you, get close to him a lot and rub up against him, try other very obvious ways of flirting. Walk in on him while hes masturbating and suck him off or ask if you can watch. Shouldn't have any problem getting him to the point he wont be able to resist anymore. ;) Best of luck getting your bro to you! ^^

Joseph Mar 29 2011 11:48am FLAG
When you do get him to f*k you, let him cum deep inside you.. It feels wonderful when my big brother cums deep inside me.. You will really love it, it really is the best feeling in the world! ^___^ Btw I'm and my brother is 18. For the past year he has f*k'd me every chance he has gotten, and he always cums deep as he can inside me.. I am pregnant now... And I know it is my big brothers baby, cause he was my first and has been my only. I plan to go through with the pregnancy and I also plan keep his baby. ^_^

a loving lil sis Mar 29 2011 1:52pm FLAG
When you do get him to f*k you, let him cum deep inside you.. It feels wonderful when my big brother cums deep inside me.. You will really love it, it really is the best feeling in the world! ^___^ Btw I'm and my brother is 18. For the past year he has f*k'd me every chance he has gotten, and he always cums deep as he can inside me.. I am pregnant now... And I know it is my big brothers baby, cause he was my first and has been my only. I plan to go through with the pregnancy and I also plan keep his baby. ^_^

a loving lil sis Mar 29 2011 1:57pm FLAG
sorries on the double post

a loving lil sis Mar 29 2011 1:58pm FLAG
whhattt lil sister hit me it maann(; i give you summ better c*ckk....

8184278256 Mar 30 2011 10:46pm FLAG
If that was directed at me, Sorry, but I really don't think you could. 8.3" and 2" wide, 5'", and he keeps in extremely good shape. And he can last over an hour~ ^_^ Besides, I love my brother, I would never leave him or cheat on him. <3 I live with just my brother, mothers a good for nothing failure in prison and fathers nowhere to be found. We've taken care of each other for the past 2 years. I honestly don't think I could be happier. :)

a loving lil sis Mar 31 2011 2:48am FLAG
well thenn keep his c*ckk, and ull mayb get mine on the lowkeyyy if your good enough(;

8184278256 Mar 31 2011 2:38pm FLAG
WTF is wrong with you? ewwww, u need 2 get over that or see a therapist! omg, ur such a little slut!

anonymous Apr 03 2011 4:32pm FLAG
I don't go around sleeping with everyone I see, I'm only interested in one person. How exactly am I a slut? I am in no way promiscuous, as in I DON'T like to sleep with more then one person, ever. I can understand you thinking I'm sick or wrong in the head or whatever, but at least know what your actually saying before you say it please. -_-

a loving lil sis Apr 03 2011 7:06pm FLAG
Any luck getting your brother to f*k you? We wants an update! ^_^

a loving lil sis Apr 05 2011 9:34pm FLAG
not good

always cool Apr 10 2011 12:45am FLAG
All my little sister has to do is shed her clothes and put her hand on my crotch. then we fck

osugarbaby Apr 10 2011 6:00pm FLAG
Since when i was My brother and i used to sleep in same bed.In winter we got fondled in same quilt qnd stick to each other and he had developed sex interest.He used to move his hand on my sogt stomach and take my a bit sise nipples in his pinch and rub gave me much good feeling.We always kept face touching to eachother.This also gave me joys.We always studied togather and slept togather.He used to suck my shoulder but never kissed on face.We stuck to each other his elevated penis touched me,but I never cared it.When my breast developed of 4 cm diameter he first time enterd hand in my panty.It was very easy bcausemy night dress pyjama had elastic .So hand could easily go.Rubbing my small teats on breast moing his hand on my soft stomach he first time put hand in my panty and touched my vagina with one finger.He was much excited but i was not so much excited but feeling vagina was a little wet.Moving his finger he put itinside,my vagina hole was small, i felt a little pain but his finger penitrated in.He stated rubing my vagina by back forth motion.After 5 monutes i was feeling drowy and as intoxicated,my eyes closing themselves as someone was taking out power of my body.In next 10 minutes as something squizzed out of my body I was feeling as tired.I could say only please stop,brother stop.But he did not stop and something released in me,I hold him tightly.But i got enjoy.He asked me how did you felt.I not answred,He asked many times.Then I said good.He caught my hand and said then you give me joys.He removed his pyjama and underwear gave me his penis to move and masterbate.I did and he was taking long sighs.We both were happy.

Neha Apr 12 2011 5:06am FLAG
omg you suck s get a boyfriend

Sick pucktards Apr 12 2011 7:52am FLAG
FKIN DONT FK YA BRO! Thats just mad. Go get a boyfriend

Jodie <3 Apr 21 2011 3:03am FLAG
how old is he and how old are you?

me Apr 22 2011 10:24pm FLAG
good for you alovinglilsis being brave and admitting yourself. i may not personally find that route attractive myself, I am glad to hear that you are happy, because that is what truly counts. asalaam alaikum and keep on being brave :D

kusanagi Apr 25 2011 2:57am FLAG
Aww Ty kusanagi! :) I had to Google Assalaam Alaikum, but same to you as well! ^_^

a loving lil sis Apr 28 2011 10:03pm FLAG
If hes straight then just walk up to him while ur alone and take off your shirt. He'll get hard and want it and ull both have sex. I wish my sis would do that.

i <3 boobies Apr 30 2011 11:53pm FLAG
:D good for you, and im glad you were curious enough to google it. i also go by the name Salah-Ad-Din and am happy to support those who have no love for the "morals" of an intolerant, often backward society.

Kusanagi/ Salah-Ad-Din May 01 2011 10:58pm FLAG
Yeah remember tho, loving little sis is a 40 yo balding male with his hand on his c*ck

the dominant one May 04 2011 12:02pm FLAG
Heres an idea, DONT FK HIM!7

AdvicerJo3 May 05 2011 9:44am FLAG
you cannot prove that, dominant, and even though it is possible, i beleive that people can make themselves into whatever. it does not affect me to believe this, so why doubt it :P

Salah-Ad-Din May 12 2011 5:45pm FLAG
give bro more sex little sis

greg Jun 10 2011 8:12pm FLAG
give bro more sex little sis

greg Jun 10 2011 8:12pm FLAG
Just walk ***** and blow him.

bigcok Aug 01 2011 1:32pm FLAG
sm1 plzz avice me hw n i seduce my brothrr..he is 2 sexy....i wnt him badly....plzzz help me. he is 21 n i m ...

cutie pie.. Dec 31 2011 11:29pm FLAG
sm1 plzz avice me hw n i seduce my brothrr..he is 2 sexy....i wnt him badly....plzzz help me. he is 21 n i m ...

cutie pie.. Dec 31 2011 11:30pm FLAG
may be ask him to oil u ..some holiday u to return the same to him ...see if u can reach out his d..k. slowly blow him up

rohit Jan 30 2012 5:05am FLAG
shave your then shove it in his face wen he sleeps

jenny Mar 04 2012 10:01pm FLAG
i did... and it worked on my younger bro who is . i am .

jenny Mar 04 2012 10:02pm FLAG
Hello Girls,I'm Serena.You gals sure remind me of when I got my older hot brother to f**k me.It just turns me on to tell you just as much as when I got him to do me.I was tender sweet pre**** and his sweet youngest little sister.I was at time.I was on the varsity volleyball team so I was physically fit and in shape.He was a sexy hot good looking 31 yr old Heartthrob just about every girl I seen that saw him just like locked their eyes on him and about forget what they are doing or where they are going.My brother was a football star from his junior high though his high school years.Some of my friends older sisters attended the same school.They still ask about him and reminisce the time they had a chance to date him.I still have an attractive figure that guys ogle over when I'm out and about.My brother and I always had a connection sense I was small.He was and still is a good listener.Our other siblings were there but he was always was there for me.Having that said he's the sweetest brother in the world.Anyway our home wasn't quite big enough for us all so I had to go around and find a place sleep almost all the time.He always didn't say anything when I would cuddle in next to him.I ran to him always when I was in trouble,hurt,or needed to talk to someone.He helped me with my homework and whatever I sometimes needed help with.He even let me in on a lot of things he did,was doing or going though good or difficult times.So we really confided totally in one another.But somewhere along the way he spit from his girlfriend he was with for about 5 years.It really broke his heart and I felt for him when didn't sleep or I'd cheer him up however way I could and always gave me a big hug and said thank you in a way to let you know and feel he really appreciated you.Which also was so heart felt and heart warming.Anyway one evening he accidentally walked in on me when I was getting into the shower.The doorknob had jammed and didn't lock when I thought it did.I just unclothed.I had dirt and stuff on my clothes after playing some volleyball with my friends outside.I had takin my shorts and panty off first and pulled up my top with my sports bra,the dirt and stuff got in my eyes,so my eyes were shut and I was rubbing it when he came in to wash his hands after he fixed his 69 Chevy Camaro.The door never made a sound when it was opened so I didn't hear him come in.I guess he just froze there after seen me ***** as I was rubbing the heck out of my eyes.Until I finally opened my eyes I too just like him my jaw dropped and froze.For as long as I know no one else other than my volleyball team had seen me *****.I finally said,'Oh my god.'And picked up my towel as he too finally said,'I'm sorry.'And hurried on out.I was freaking out there for awhile and thinking and saying to myself,'Ooh my god,he saw me *****!'But yet too I was like Wow!I actually was turned on by it.I could have been more like embarrassed but had that rush with a tingling like sensation come over me and just like possess me.It was to quite some point a good feeling.As I showered I thought about just what went though his mind and it just added to what I was already feeling and I started thinking if liked what he saw.My friends thought I was getting more attention from guys then them.A few had caught their boyfriend checking me out.Remembering that added to all of what I was thinking stirred my feeling up to the point where it made feel .I kind of lost track of time until my dad was knocking and said,'The utility bill has just about doubled.'I hurried and got out quickly and went to the kitchen to help my mom with supper.My brother had left to test run his car.He usually picked up one of his buddies to cruise with.He came home in time for supper.As he walked in and pulled out a chair to eat,I tried not to look at him.I knew he probably knew what I was thinking.So I tried not to be nervous as I really was.I hastily finished my supper and as I walked pass him I felt a vibe I've never felt around my brother before.It wasn't to late in the evening so my parent and my other siblings planned to go visit my grandparents for the weekend.I told them I wanted to stay and do my homework earlier before supper.So I went upstairs to me and my brother's room I shared with him and thought everyone left when I came down as they were going out. Mom and Dad hugged me and told me take care and told me my brother was going too.I felt relieved and finally thought how much more time I had to think of how I was going to say or do anything about what had happened today.

Serena Mar 12 2012 10:19pm FLAG
As I had the whole house to myself,it was a good feeling.I turned on the music up and was trying on some bathing suits and bikinis my friends older sisters gave me.There was one that was quite too skimpy.It was thin and white.As I tried that on I looked in at myself in the mirror sliding closet doors in my brother's room.My brother had followed the rest of my family and just out of town his car blew two tires and had one of his buddies haul his car back.I of course didn't hear him come in because of the loud music.I was still in the white skimpy bikinis that was revealed my nipples as well as my small thin line or patch of my pubic hair above my slit that also seemed to suck in the thin shear bikini to make my slit visible and was putting on some sexy moves and thinking of my brother again.Just as I said,'Won't you just look at me in these and tell me just how sexy I am,'My hot hunky brother.'I had my left thumb and index finger caressing my left nipple and my right hand lightly rubbing my cl*t.I guess he had made his way upstairs and was watching me losing it all over myself.I totally freaked out and jumped out of those skimpy white bikinis and had a heart attack when he I heard him say,'You sure are and you know it,and more with a cream and cherry on top.'I froze again like I did when he accidentally walked in on me this evening.I didn't have my other clothes I was wearing in that room so I just stood there and he was at the doorway.I was so speechless as his gaze just locked on me and I felt this hot vibe against my smooth skin.'So that's what you really think of me.Shame on you.'he said with a smile.He then walk up to me and changed his voice tone and said,'Serena,I know what goes through a girl's mind sometimes.So,to be most honest with you like we always have,you are blooming into a quite some knock out.Might as well say already have.'With he said,'Come here you pretty little devil you.'and he gave me that hug that just melted me right there in his strong arms.I couldn't believe how he could change my feelings from worst to how he was just like melting those heartfelt compliments into me that felt so good that immediately felt that tingling hot feeling over came again like it did in the shower thinking of him as my imagination went wild.I could feel my nipples get hard against his upper abdomen.I finally pushed myself to say,'I know I can't just say I didn't mean anything all or lie to you.But you do have a strong effect on me that I've never felt before.I love how your so honest and good to me that I seem to live for everyday.I can also honestly say you are extraordinarily like no one else with the way you treat me and thank you for who you are in every way and how you complimented me.I love you with all my heart.'I just like let it all out without holding anything back.I then looked up into his eyes and just way he looked at me with those deep understanding beautiful brown eyes that enveloped me as he kissed me on my forehead and I reached up with my chin and kissed him back on his chin.The second he slightly moved his face down I went up and slowly pressed my lips against his and finally did what I just wished would happen that I thought would never happen.And to my surprise he responded to first kiss I ever dreamed of.We kissed and held a tight grip on each other and soon his hands started to explore my slight trembling body down my back to my smooth round ass and back up a little and back down this time under my skimpy bikini bottom and squeezed my ass as he slowly and so seductively pushed his tongue in between my lips and his right middle and ring fingers found their way to my wet p*ssy lips and into my snug tight hole.

Serena Mar 13 2012 1:00am FLAG
He slowly slipped his middle finger into me with his thumb caressing my cl*t as I began to hump his hand.I never in my wildest dreams thought it would feel so good as this amazing feeling boiled up in me and had mouth all over breasts and hard nipples sucking on them.He made me buck up and down until this amazing feeling nearly seem to explode in me and blow my mind.Oh it was the best feel I've ever felt.Then he let down and ripped my bikini off and jumped our of his clothes and spread me wide licked me up my smooth sexy legs and when went up my inner thighs he had me trembling as he covered his mouth over my wet tight virgin p*ssy and trusted his tongue into me making me climax so rapidly and nearly cumming he let up and he said,'My sweet sexy little sister,are you ready for your big brother to really give you what you really want?'All could say with my trembling voice was,'Oh yes,please. . .'With that he gently inserted the tip of his beautiful c*ck in me and gently ed me.Then he gently broke through and popped my cherry.There was little pain I felt but afterwards I climaxed again and this he got me to have like a huge orgasm as I cried out with passion and whimpered as he to exploded his hot cum in me and we collapsed in exhaustion.That's how I gave up my virginity to my hot brother.We still have sex when we could.

Serena Mar 13 2012 2:06am FLAG
I am my sister is . I am not sure if she wants to me without risking her telling my parents?

vlh Apr 25 2012 7:12pm FLAG
think me as ur sister n me deeper n harder please

alekya Jun 20 2012 4:46am FLAG
please do that only favour for me

alekya Jun 20 2012 4:47am FLAG
Im waiting for that. R U Ready.!?

Mahe... Jun 21 2012 2:20am FLAG
I think you people are sick. You dont make love to people of your family. It's not humane and it is a sin. Plus if you end up getting pregnant... The baby will have serious health conditions. That is ed up, period.

Jacob Jun 25 2012 4:10pm FLAG
To Jacob. You obviously googled it for a reason.

Sadie Jul 06 2012 9:43am FLAG
I really want to have a brother. O.o

Tiger Jul 10 2012 7:21am FLAG
I really want to have a brother. O.o

Tina Jul 10 2012 7:21am FLAG
I really want to have a brother. O.o

Tina Jul 10 2012 7:21am FLAG
Sorry for doubled coment

Tina Jul 10 2012 7:24am FLAG
My brother is so in hot i walked in on him masterbatin and he just carried on

Anonymous Jul 15 2012 2:50pm FLAG
wow this stuff is crazy sexy. im and my brothers 6 years older but sometimes i really want him idek why its so weird but i cant help it if any guys wanna help me change my mind ;) and good job to those girls who arent ashamed, as long as no ones getting hurt, its great

two2four2one0four3nine7 Jul 19 2012 6:42pm FLAG
I know this situation, its got to now and I really want my brother but I don't know If he wants me, I used to pretend I was asleep and he would touch me, but this was over 3 years ago, what of things have changed? But I've decided to just throw myself out towards him and go for it, I think you should too

Big sis Jul 20 2012 6:19pm FLAG
Omg!! I ed my big bro yesterday for the 1st time. . It was awesome. We did it so many times and I want MORE........... Am i insane or somethin' ?... .. We were always very close and friendly but... ... I know it's wrong but when i look into his deep sad brown eyes i want to kiss him, protect him and i feel really in love... Help me,plz.. What do i do?

Clockwork mind Jul 21 2012 1:25am FLAG
Im and my older sis is going to colledge next year.Ive liked her since i was 9 but never made a move.We have different rooms.Ive walked in on her many times.Plzzzz give me help on how to get her in bed before colledge. :(

Space human Jul 27 2012 7:47am FLAG
I really want help from a female wat would you want your brother to do attempting to seduce you.I love her so much it cant be described.Me:Her:

Space human Jul 28 2012 9:36pm FLAG
I really want help from a female wat would you want your brother to do attempting to seduce you.I love her so much it cant be described.Me:Her:

Space human Jul 28 2012 9:36pm FLAG
I really want help from a female wat would you want your brother to do attempting to seduce you.I love her so much it cant be described.Me:Her:

Space human Jul 28 2012 9:36pm FLAG
I really want help from a female wat would you want your brother to do attempting to seduce you.I love her so much it cant be described.Me:Her:

Space human Jul 28 2012 9:36pm FLAG
I really want help from a female wat would you want your brother to do attempting to seduce you.I love her so much it cant be described.Me:Her:

Space human Jul 28 2012 9:36pm FLAG
To space human: give her a warm hug from behind while she's doing washing up and kiss her in her neck for a while. Hug her tighter. Then lead one hand down her vagina, continue kissing her neck, ears and shoulders. It'll turn her in on! (personal experience)

Tingly-bingly Aug 02 2012 3:52am FLAG
Plz ! Need an advice on my comment above..

Clockwork mind Aug 02 2012 3:57am FLAG
well i have suduced my brother and i wrestled with him and he keep touch my alot and my chest and well we ended up kissing and touch each other over our clothes and i asked if he wanted it and he said yes and so we did it and it was amzing i will forget it my first time with my brother.

brohecker01 Aug 03 2012 5:49pm FLAG
I'm and my brother is 19. I know it's messed up but I want him soo bad. Be knows everything about me and I know everything about him. He is ripped and just so sexy. He doesn't mind changing in front of me and I think he has seen me undress before. What do I do? Especially since he already has a girlfriend...

BrotherLover Aug 05 2012 11:42pm FLAG
any other advice[thanks tingly-bingly,may not know u but love u for the support]

Space human Aug 07 2012 8:48pm FLAG
No prob!

Tingly-bingly Aug 17 2012 2:28am FLAG
Hey guys let's help this lil fella to get his first !!!! (though i don't like the idea to do it with sis)

Tingly-bingly Aug 17 2012 2:56am FLAG
plzzz i really need help.Excuse me tingly-bingly,no disrepect but are u male or female.: )PS[dont no y im using ps],but thanks for the help.Again may not no u but i no your a good person.

Space human Aug 17 2012 8:48pm FLAG
I'm a grl duh :) !! How're you doiog? Is there any progress? [hey dude,what's your favourite music?]

Tingly-bingly Aug 17 2012 10:19pm FLAG
Well thats good to no.Ive had no progress.I can get scared.I have a younger brother[10].and sister[6].My dad works at a detention center,and my mom works at home every other week. Music: *Rap *Hip-Hop *R&B You should tell me about yourself.For example: *Favorite Music *Religion *Where are u from *Race[no disrespect,respect is big in my family]

Space human Aug 18 2012 8:58pm FLAG
That's okey dude.. Don't mind that !! You'll get other oportunity later. I'm sure there are many other chicks nearby (classmates,friends or somethin') tell me about 'em. Are there any you like? [i used to listen to somethin' like that when i was bit younger then ya. But shortly after i've changed my mind :). Rock on!! (don't mind me,i'm just music maniac :)))] he-hee what's with that C.V.?:) my mom is an artist, my father passed away looong ago,so i don't remember him,but he was an artist as well :) I'm musician.. Religion:orthodox christian, skin color:white.what about ya? But i guess religion,race or background doesn't metter. we're all people..

Tingly-bingly Aug 19 2012 1:09am FLAG
Well...there is someone else.The name is Tatyana Matthews.Liked her since the 5th grade.She is light skinned.Dont no wat to do both going to eighth grade.Not sure if we will go to different highschools,or if she moves to like a different state[god forbid].She is older than me buy a few months.Could u help me out?Sorry to hear about ur dad,but its almost the same with me,dont no my dad or wat he looks like.But my step dad is there for me.I was born into cristianity.From Philadelphia.Skin Color:Brown.[I feel like im talkin to a long friend]

Space human Aug 19 2012 11:14am FLAG
Meant to ask u.Wat is C.V

Space human Aug 19 2012 11:17am FLAG
For all the hot sisters that want to .Grab his c*ck,undress him and go on from there.

Space human Aug 19 2012 11:30am FLAG
Sorry for forgetin.But tingly bingly how old are u

Space human Aug 19 2012 11:34am FLAG
Wtf?! I think you misunderstood :)) it's not a dating site.

Tingly-bingly Aug 19 2012 12:13pm FLAG
C.V. -Curriculum Vitae. Kinda application form or somethin'

Tingly-bingly Aug 19 2012 12:22pm FLAG
using my nickname?! Someone's pickin a fight! Oh well,guess doesn't matter. [i'm almost 19(old hag:) i have a step dad too.. But our relationship isn't that perfect.. He isn't a bad guy but we argue alot! I'm glad that it's not the same in your family.:) about that girl of yours,show her you're interested (just don't attack her). Give her some compliments (not on her breasts or ass or somethin') be gantle. Be there for her if she needs help or comfort. Just dont over do it and be patient. Everythin' s gonna be allright! You're a good kid.

Tingly-bingly Aug 19 2012 1:14pm FLAG
Heeeey, what's with that advice? Is it an advertisement for baby oil? ;) (just kiddin')

Tingly-bingly Aug 19 2012 1:50pm FLAG
Now,since u are about 18 and my sis is ,could u give step by step advice on how exctly to seduce my sister.By the way thanks for the girl advice.You should give me more help on that. :)

Space human Aug 19 2012 7:41pm FLAG
Wat if while she is sleep,i eat her out until she wakes up.Would she want more?

Space human Aug 19 2012 9:03pm FLAG
About eatin her up while she's asleep: don't scare her !.. Bro/sis contact isn't normal by itself, sooo she might get scared or mad if she wakes up and see you.. Be careful.. To be honest I think it's just your age.. When i was i was super ed anyone if i havn't had the self control :). I think you shouldn't do somethin that you'll regret in the future. (don't get mad with me,okey.. I'm just a bit worried..) oh yeah,forgot : don't chase after 2 bunnies 'couse you won't catch neither of 'em. You should focus on only one back-sight.. Good luck bro!

Tingly-bingly Aug 19 2012 10:14pm FLAG
I think i understand.Its just a part of growing up.So what should i do about it.Be all depressed.[not mad at u]

Space human Aug 19 2012 11:46pm FLAG
Hold it for a sec.!! You definitly shouldn't be depressed! Life is such an interestin stuff ! You should attract your attention to somethin' else for a bit.. For example : don't ya have anythin' you like? Hobby or somethin'? D'you have a dream or a goal in life?

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 12:31am FLAG
Hahaha.Just jokin.Your responce was super funny.By the way i do have goals and hobbies.What about u.

Space human Aug 20 2012 1:22am FLAG

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 2:05am FLAG
I'm bein' serious here! Don't make fun of me you lil devil! :)

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 2:11am FLAG
Besides, I have a person i like too.. And i think he likes me as well but he's very shy and i know he won't confess.. I don't even know whatta hell to do!

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 3:26am FLAG
Okay.Anyway wat are ur goals.[FYI,Im an angel 25 percent of the time.[Messin Around]

Space human Aug 20 2012 8:38am FLAG
(:Hey,don't just sit there,tell me what to do with him.. He's a guitarist. We were classmates and friends.. We graduated from school this year.. I'm afraid he won't call me anymore, 'cause i said somethin' harsh! He used to come to my home and we were sittin', drinkin tea,cocoa or beer.. Listening to Guns n roses, ac/dc, jimi hendrix, Radiohead or somethin'.. And we were talking about various metters : people,life,music,films,athics etc.. I miss him alot! GOD, he's so kind and super shy! God, plz make him to call me....., [ think it's the funniest comment i ever wrote.. Right? he..he...]

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 10:16am FLAG
About a goal.. I complited my goal for now, i passed all my exams successfully and got to a conservatoire :) next would be hmm.. I dont know, i'll think about it.. But i have a dream_______ i want to travel around the world and play my music and be with that guy... Wtf?! I'm so sentimental today!..don't mind me, i'm just not in good mood today.. Sorry for tellin' you such useless things..

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 10:42am FLAG
If its a goal its not usless.About your guy friend.Do you really want help from a ,i mean,i dont know meet up with him sometimes take him out on a date or somethin.If he's a shy dude,try to take him out of his comfort zone.Take him somewhere he can have fun.He's a gutairist,he might like music.Take him to see his favorite band or somethin.Im just givin suggestions on wat info u gave me.But wat do i know,im only .So anyway could u help me with the girl i like Tatyana?

Space human Aug 20 2012 11:06am FLAG
Ha-haaaa I forgot dude.. I forgot you're .... I just wanted to talk to someone about it and complitly forgot..(i've never told anyone about my feelings to him) Sorry.. My mental health isn't in good shape today,plus i'm bit drunk O.o .. And d'you want help from someone like me? I can't even deal with my own life.. I'm a useless person.. .. .. .

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 11:40am FLAG
Yeah,what about your goals?

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 12:00pm FLAG
About Tatyana,. gimme some information bout her and let's see what we can do..

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 12:25pm FLAG
If u were usless u wouldnt have goals.Stop downing yourself.Once u love and respect yourself,u can love and respect others.[Trust]

Space human Aug 20 2012 1:02pm FLAG
I'll tell you about tatyana over the school year.Could u give me advice about girls.For example,what do u like.

Space human Aug 20 2012 1:05pm FLAG
Forgot about ur guy friend.The secret is between me and u.And well...others that use this site.

Space human Aug 20 2012 1:08pm FLAG
THIS SITE SUCKS!! Do you hear PEOPLE!!! Go do something useful!! [Now,about girls: respect them,they are really claver(not all of them but still) so be careful and think 10 times before you do or say something. joke with them a little(in a good way) and make sure to quit on time to give them feeling that they want to meet you again..

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 1:35pm FLAG
Sorry if i reply late im doin 10min KIU matches and talkin to u at the same time.Plus my internet is actin ed up.

Space human Aug 20 2012 1:47pm FLAG
Tatyana knows who i am,but its like i barley see her.In 7th grade i only had i class with her.But im not sure if she knows i like her and is playn hard to get.

Space human Aug 20 2012 1:51pm FLAG
Lol! I notice no one gives advise for how a guy can seduce his bro. lol. Ya'll homophobes or something?

Namilovesc*ckie! Aug 20 2012 5:27pm FLAG
No, it's ok.. I'm givin replies late as well.. It's time difference between our countries so sometimes it's late in the night here.. Hey, what's KIU matches??

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 9:18pm FLAG
She won't know if you won't do something.. Play with her a little, joke a bit.. I don't know,do something you guys do when you like someone.. . My (that) guy somtimese jokes with me in a good way, teases me a lil, i like that.. Make her smile

Tingly-bingly Aug 20 2012 9:47pm FLAG
Hmm.. What about your goals and dreams?

Tingly-bingly Aug 21 2012 1:29am FLAG
Hmm.. What about your goals and dreams?

Tingly-bingly Aug 21 2012 1:29am FLAG
Tingly bingly you are a bitch! This is the best site! GO DIE

Anonimous Aug 21 2012 5:44am FLAG

Space human Aug 21 2012 8:54am FLAG
Hey,tingly-bingly,sorry for not replyin for wat feels like a week now.My internet was actin ed up for some reason.By the way KIU is Kid Icarus Uprising.To make replys faster i play sonic generations online.Its high speed racing on foot. Im Sooo Sorry

Space human Aug 24 2012 1:25pm FLAG
Who the hell is stealin my name.Just because my internet wasnt workin for a few days dosnt mean replace me whoever stole my name needs to go to hell.I can never be replaced!And dont call girls bitches.Respect!

The real Space human Aug 24 2012 4:56pm FLAG
Heey anonimous, go wash your mouth, it stinks..

Tingly-bingly Aug 24 2012 6:37pm FLAG
Tingly-bingly u there

Space human Aug 24 2012 8:06pm FLAG
Space human don't mind that fellas.. They're just people with nothin' to do.. I feel sorry..

Tingly-bingly Aug 24 2012 11:15pm FLAG
Wtf?! I'm having huge problems with posting!

Tingly-bingly Aug 25 2012 2:05am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 25 2012 3:41pm FLAG
Hey,how are ya Space human? :) How's your internet? Doesn't workin' still? Or where ar ya?

Tingly-bingly Aug 26 2012 12:09pm FLAG
My internets workin well for now.So anything new

Space Human Sep 02 2012 8:52pm FLAG
Hmm.. Nothing interesting i think.. I was on a trip with my friend Ann to a country side in mountains. It's a very beautiful place with magnificient nature, pure air and clear springs.. It was awesome. And night sky was just unforgetable.. And how're ya doing'? What news?

Tingly-bingly Sep 03 2012 6:22am FLAG
\./\./ ' *

Anonymous Sep 03 2012 9:50am FLAG
\./\./ *

Anonymous Sep 03 2012 9:51am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 03 2012 9:52am FLAG

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suchit Oct 03 2012 7:31am FLAG
To Space human:(if you're reading) hi.. I came to say good-buy. I think you're a really good guy. I'm glad i know you and i'll miss you dude. I hope you'll remember me for some time too.. wish you all the best. Be yourself and follow your dreams. Luv ya. Good luck ! farewell my lil devil *ha-ha-haa :)

Tingly-bingly Oct 06 2012 5:33am FLAG
Wow serena i wish i was you

Anonymous Oct 17 2012 7:58pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 17 2012 8:17pm FLAG
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sislover Nov 08 2012 6:12am FLAG
I want to be ed by a "brother" any takers. 27. Blonde nd fit

cocopinkkk Nov 20 2012 3:14pm FLAG
Ill take you up on it coco..

hothunk Nov 27 2012 12:06pm FLAG
i love this thread<3 i want to my older brother so bad but, hes a-sexual and i dont know what to do to even start anything with him. p.s. hes not actually my brother, hes my step brother.

curious Dec 07 2012 9:45pm FLAG
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Kizznyc Apr 17 2013 10:55am FLAG
apologies : space human ( not alien) lol. maybe u are. whatever. love the incredible sibling hulked offsprings would like to see. Guys, GET THIS FORUM ACTIVE AND RIP IT

kizznyc Apr 17 2013 10:58am FLAG
"Gotta love the classics, homecoming sis vs the science bro!" heey jessica, mayo, kizznyc. is this hulk product of siblings? lol.jessica we know your brother is robert. *swoon*. I love soft swereves. mdr.. where is the question girl? must have ed already. hehe. wish me a sibling and make him Pattinson. I candream :O

I'm no 5 (not 4) Apr 17 2013 11:04am FLAG
I want to my bro nothing to be ashamed of but I really need some advice on how to seduce him we got a good communicattion but still need some helpful not people that say im a maniac or ppl that say not to that thats groos

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Are you all inspired by princess Leia from Star wars? She also wanted to do her brother.

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Anonymous Jul 25 2013 7:17pm FLAG
I really to to f**k my brother. Any advice? & i cant wear skimpy clothes. And i whenever we wrestle, i run away because he is all muscle and yeeeah.

Rawr Aug 04 2013 9:59pm FLAG
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Lmao! Had fun just reading the froums lol aww space human :( doubt if you will ever show up I love google need advice in seducing ur bro or sis :D mail me.. Am christian incest is a sin but still :D I didn't say I was a saint

Gentleman Sep 04 2013 10:11am FLAG
how do I seduce my big brother when wrestling someone plzzzz I need advise

panda-princess Sep 15 2013 9:23pm FLAG
I gave my virginity to my brother when I was .We had sex on every occaision en we continued to see each other when we were married.I have one daughter by my brother, nobody knows it. I am 60 year now en I would do it again.

Linda Oct 08 2013 1:10am FLAG
I'm and I have a sister I want to have s*x with. I think she wants too as well, any advice?

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INCEST LOVER Dec 06 2014 5:55am FLAG
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Anthony May 06 2015 9:57pm FLAG
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KBA Jun 07 2015 2:51am FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 07 2015 2:55am FLAG
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