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My dad always wants sex

The Problem: im s old and my dad is 47. we have always had a good relationship until this last month wear my dad has started to really show a intrest in me.He makes any excuse to look at me in the bathroom,and for the last 2 weeks every night he comes and my room and forces sex on me. I dont no what to do i kinda like sex but is it right??

Asked by: angrybirdd at 12:50:03 AM, Friday, April 01, 2011 PDT FLAG


just do it!!!

hypemanq Apr 01 2011 7:51am FLAG

it do it girl!

..... Apr 01 2011 10:26am FLAG
one less lonely boy

Justin Bieber Apr 01 2011 10:27am FLAG
Let him so long as he gives you orgasms. Just make sure he doesn't knock you up.

Tina Apr 01 2011 1:17pm FLAG
As long it's mutual that you both want it and you use protection, and just for fun.. Then I see no reason for it to be wrong. If you enjoy it, go ahead and do it, just try not to let him knock you up. :) Though, if you want that too, I wont tell you no to, your choice in life and all.

Joseph Apr 01 2011 1:45pm FLAG
i think its right and daddys little girl is saposto make her daddy happy even if it roung or feel it roung allso i think you and your daddy should have lots of kids togather

Anonymous Apr 01 2011 5:29pm FLAG
I'm and my 18yr old brother knocked me up, I'm actually happy about it.. It's up to you if you want that kind of relationship with your father though, but if you wanted to I would say deff go for it! Nothing else quite like it in the world imo.. ^_^

a loving lil sis Apr 01 2011 6:06pm FLAG

iNokio Apr 01 2011 6:32pm FLAG
Simalar happens to me all the time I'm eigh**** n have large breasts, wen mom goes out, daddy comes to my bed, and asks me to massage my ***** breasts as he sits groaning n rubbing his hard c*ck, then he gets me to gently lick his hairy sack before telling me I have to unload it, he then suckles on my tits as he groans, I can see his c*ck veins swelling, then he lies back as I mount him, as he s me he watches my big breasts wobble n bounce as he grunts in pleasure, he then cups each one as he shoots his load deep inside me, then I get off n he watches the cum juices dribble inside my thighs n it happens all again

emma Apr 03 2011 10:44am FLAG
Post a Question My dad always wants sex The Problem: im s old and my dad is 47. we have always had a good relationship until this last month wear my dad has started to really show a intrest in me.He makes any excuse to look at me in the bathroom,and for the last 2 weeks every night he comes and my room and forces sex on me. I dont no what to do i kinda like sex but is it right?? Asked by: angrybirdd at 07:50:03 AM, Friday, April 01, 20PST Advice just do it!!! hypemanq heck it do it girl! less lonely boy Justin BieberLet him so long as he gives you orgasms. Just make sure he doesn't knock you up.

Anonymous Apr 05 2011 4:37am FLAG
I think You need to call the police

Anonymous Apr 05 2011 12:19pm FLAG
You should let him, and let him cvm inside you. He will really love you then. Make sure you get on the pill though. You'll love feeling his cvm inside you.

osugarbaby Apr 07 2011 3:57pm FLAG
Every time mom works an overnight I sleep with my dad and he makes me feel so good.

Marci Apr 08 2011 4:17am FLAG
Your choice dear.. d*ck is d*ck beit ur fathers be it someone else..

Anonymous Apr 13 2011 1:42pm FLAG
switch dads wit me?

igohard Apr 21 2011 7:06pm FLAG
My stepdad took my virginity 2 weeks after he marry my mom. Now he tells me he only marry her so he can have sex with me. We do it almost every day. I love how he makes me feel.

Taylor Apr 29 2011 8:21am FLAG
Only the feel of my dads rough hands on my big tittys as he grunts and s me deep make me orgasm soo wett

val Apr 30 2011 12:05am FLAG
He's there because you are a better than your mom. Relax and enjoy it.

big daddy May 02 2011 1:41pm FLAG
I wish my dad ed me i fantysise all the time but him taking me byfoce.

chickadee May 06 2011 8:53am FLAG
my dad talks about sexual things to me all the time but says he would never have sex with me as its not right. does this sound like secretly he would. should i try and show him i want him to me?

chickadee May 06 2011 8:56am FLAG
When you know you will be alone with him wear sexy stuff with no bra or panty so he can see your goodies. Snuggle with him and rub your boobs on his arm, or sit in his lap and wiggle your butt. Get him talking sex stuff and when he says never with you say something like I wouldnt mind or that sounds like fun. When he gets a boner, rub it or ask if you can see it.

tease May 07 2011 1:00pm FLAG
That's just wrong its called rape you know an as you said he forces it on you he's disgusting he's your dad not your boyfriend !!! Open your eyes girl don't be stupid. ITS WRONG :( x

super advice chick xxx May 20 2011 10:05am FLAG
Have sex with him and be a good daughter let him cum in your mouth

Super May 21 2011 11:16am FLAG
Dad's is bigger than the guys at school and it takes him a long time to squirt. It feels so good when he does it to me.

Jenny May 23 2011 6:05am FLAG
well it's you're dad, its not right he's the one who , made you thats just discusting, but have fun eick

EMOkinkykitten Jun 02 2011 7:22pm FLAG
incest you all be reported

Anonymous Jun 05 2011 5:51pm FLAG
hell no!! thats yuhr n dad!!!! noo go get some from a stranger er someone else thats not right tell yuhr mom

your fantasy ;] Jun 16 2011 11:16pm FLAG
Hello hun i m am a 47 year old mommy if my husband ever ever did something like that the police would no right away please tell sum one about it it really not right and is child rape

socermom24/27 Jun 20 2011 12:44pm FLAG
please report this isnt right hun and plase do sumthing about it tell sum one

xokatievxoxo Jun 20 2011 12:50pm FLAG
i agree with soccermom

your fantasy ;] Jun 20 2011 2:57pm FLAG
i agree with soccermom

anna-lynn Jul 09 2011 7:11pm FLAG
i agreee with soccermom also

karen19 Jul 09 2011 7:12pm FLAG

matt:) Jul 09 2011 7:13pm FLAG
OMG ewwwww thts nastyyy NASTY NASTY NASTY have you ever heard the word INCEST because THAT IS WHAT THIS ING IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

allice Jul 09 2011 7:14pm FLAG
look i seee how you like haveing sex and stuff but shew thats your freakin dad find somebody else and not your dad, your dad must be really lonely to want his own daughter tell the in police theyll do something about it

will;)) Jul 09 2011 7:16pm FLAG
your dad is a real winner, AS A ING LIFE AND TO STOP MOLESTING YOU!!!!

Adam Jul 09 2011 7:17pm FLAG
holy crap thats nasty

rabecca_blue Jul 09 2011 7:18pm FLAG

Angel_ray:) Jul 09 2011 7:20pm FLAG
first this isnt right your dad should really stop people on here thing sex with family is right listen its really sick thing in some places its right but not here in the us your a girl his daughter he made you not to tell some one youll never regret you did

lovelygirl Jul 29 2011 6:36pm FLAG
Don't do it. He is 47 old man. And i don't so he can satisfy you. You are so need a person as like your age .I think m suitable for you.

Ace Aug 05 2011 10:06am FLAG
lol justin beaber.ur funny hahaha

imgianna9 Aug 31 2011 12:26am FLAG
just go jump in bed with him

dave Dec 19 2011 3:18pm FLAG
or walk in on him when he is having a shower and be like..can i join?

dave Dec 19 2011 3:19pm FLAG
Put a finger in his ass!

BigJimbo Feb 22 2012 8:06pm FLAG

jimmy Apr 02 2012 10:36am FLAG
well, ive always fantasized about it, but i would never do it. because its a FANTASY. i never want to do it. if i did, i think it would be terrifying!! And so, i really want to tell you - dont do it, but i cant help imagining how good it must feel Dammit...

Confused Daughter Apr 14 2012 10:33am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 22 2012 3:01pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 22 2012 3:01pm FLAG
As long as you cum and he makes you feel good then go for it hun. I had sex with my father and two of my brothers and even though others find it wrong I enjoyed it. They made me feel great I loved how their big d*cks made me feel and they made me cum every time. So again go for it you'll enjoy it slot.

no one.. Jun 28 2012 9:29pm FLAG
As long as you cum and he makes you feel good then go for it hun. I had sex with my father and two of my brothers and even though others find it wrong I enjoyed it. They made me feel great I loved how their big d*cks made me feel and they made me cum every time. So again go for it you'll enjoy it alot.

no one.. Jun 28 2012 9:29pm FLAG
Oh girl, im 18 years old and that kind of relation with your father and any other family member is not right.,that is,horrible and he should ne reported. Go for a guy your age. One who will love you and show gou something that youve nevet fekt ,i read this and honestly almost cried. I would never,imagine a sexual relation with my dad because it makes me feel so awkward. Call the police hun.

Cheena (: Jul 24 2012 12:29pm FLAG
Get a BF or go buy yourself a dildo !

Crapo Oct 03 2012 9:14pm FLAG
I'm and was rapped by a 57 yr old man and I'm scared to tell my parents because they would blame me

Needadviceplease Oct 05 2012 5:27pm FLAG

Corn Oct 21 2012 6:14am FLAG

Hah Oct 21 2012 6:15am FLAG
that is sick, go to the police

Anonymous Nov 01 2012 12:29pm FLAG
do what your daddy wants let him spunk inside you as much as he wants swallow when he tells you and you should let anyone have sex with you no matter who they are and always let them spunk inside you

ilovesexwithdaddy Nov 06 2012 2:24pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 08 2012 4:16pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 08 2012 4:17pm FLAG
You should let him

100 Nov 12 2012 7:29pm FLAG
Dad is clossest to u.tell him,I want ur property first.then enjoy sex with him.u r very lucky dear. My father or brother also wants to b ***** with m,kiss m,rub my big boobs or massage my bred shaped hipps. Those r very interesting. I enjoy it every night. Just chill

nanciide Nov 14 2012 12:21am FLAG
Go for it, im 18 and every night my dad comes I'm my room when my mom is at work and drugs me and he makes me suck and rub and lick all over him and he rubs my big boobs and rubs and licks my nipples and p***y and he s me doggy style but I love how it feels and he says I'm sexy too.

Blah blah blah Nov 17 2012 5:37pm FLAG
Call the police

Anonymous Nov 18 2012 5:28pm FLAG
You only live once. Do what feels good and what you enjoy. Don't let other's decide what's morally right and wrong. Right and wrong only exists if a god is real and so far there's good reason to believe only evolution is the truth. Survive, Evolve, Adapt and Reproduce

There is NO GOD Nov 27 2012 4:12am FLAG

Lara Nov 30 2012 6:40am FLAG
Do what makes you feel good!

Anonymous Dec 16 2012 1:25pm FLAG
To needadvice i hope you see this and you should know that your parents will not blame you and always be there for you as good parents and for the first girl report your dad and hes the bad one not you, hes failed you as a father

Anonymous Dec 29 2012 1:48am FLAG
Oh my gosh, this is not right! I mean, he is your father for crying out loud, a fathers job is to protect hes daughter not rape her, but in your case you like to have sex with your father which is disgusting, i mean no offence, IT IS DISGUSTING, and your mom will surely hate you if she found out. Gosh this needs to stop

HUMANWITHLOGIC Jan 13 2013 3:30am FLAG
U are biches

kfjmcjkxx Jan 22 2013 4:15pm FLAG
I love my dad almost every day:)

Anonymous Jan 29 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Fact: Its not good at all Fact: jehovah God hates it. Fact: Aganaist bible principles. Myth:That lets just enjoy,...its good Myth: That it will make us happy. Myth: That just go for it girl,..? Guys, zablon, and i respect the law. This thing will take us no where,..though it can be seen as some fun but no happines will come from it at all. My e mail

Zablon Feb 01 2013 11:14am FLAG

The good girl;) Feb 09 2013 10:39am FLAG
nothing is good about that , the thing is that you and your dad you dont had a future . What about if your dad died you be a widow like your mom no guys fugotsang even when you die your doesn't look at your coffin is that you want

Winny Feb 14 2013 8:36pm FLAG
What a load of bull

bullman Feb 15 2013 1:32pm FLAG
I had sex with my brother when I was he was I fell pregnant and had a girl with in a year later I fell pregnant again to him again, 18 years later we have unprotected sex nearly every day we both live together our kids who are 19 and 18 also keep up with the family tradition and have unprotected sex together and is now due there first child. I have only had sex with one man and that's my sexy brother. I love him and he loves me

sally Feb 15 2013 1:42pm FLAG
I let my brother have sex with me. Nearly every day he comes home and takes me up stairs and we strip and have sex its good. He just tells me and I do

kirsty Feb 17 2013 1:09am FLAG
I use my sister for sex its fun she likes it to. Everytime I visit her we end up in bed least I get to take her bare un like her husband who has to use condom lol

terry jones Feb 17 2013 1:14am FLAG
Be a good girl and let your daddy take you up the arse as well he will love you more

shirley daddys good girl Feb 17 2013 1:17am FLAG
its immoral

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 6:55am FLAG
stupid ..very immoral. your dad is a freak! call a police! report it!

dumbpeople Feb 25 2013 10:46am FLAG
enjoy him cumming inside you...

courtney's dad Mar 05 2013 9:12am FLAG
it is not wrong if both are like it

jps Mar 11 2013 2:05am FLAG
What good girl you are!!! You should make videos and selling it

Katia Apr 03 2013 7:46am FLAG
awesome! u should let him cum in your mouth

nick Apr 19 2013 7:03pm FLAG
O . Don't be stupid. Call police right now!!!!!!

Anonymous Apr 23 2013 1:55pm FLAG
How sad

Anonymous Apr 27 2013 9:42am FLAG
Omg sex with dad that nasty

Anonymous Apr 27 2013 9:43am FLAG
Look me and my dad have sex as long as your mom dont find out then thats fine just enjoy it x

poppy May 03 2013 1:41pm FLAG
Go for it there is no harm but I suggest protection

Johny May 04 2013 3:45pm FLAG
My dad also would come to my room when I just turned . Started out with him letting me sip on a glass of wine then two glasses. When I started feeling a little loose and high he started rubbing my tits till my nipples got so hard I begged him to suck on them! Next thing I knew he had his fingers in me while sucking my tits and I came on his hand....boy he was so hot and then he couldn't help but take off my clothes and start fking me!! Needless to say I came again right as he did inside me. From that night on we became lovers! I am now 33 and still have regular sex with him since he is only the one I come with!! I make sexy date nights with him and we slip out of town from my step mom and my husband which makes the sex hotter than ever. Such a huge turn on making those dates!!

Anonymous May 06 2013 7:40am FLAG
him so lang as you can

hw May 09 2013 2:08pm FLAG
guys look im not gonna tell u what to do but i will just say this imand 2 yrs ago i had sex it was amazing at the time, till i got pregnant i ended up having a miscariage. Anyway before u do something think about the future and what will hapen if u have a kid. God made sex to be a beautiful thing but these days we've obviosly et him down. Do whatever u want but think about it first hon. BTW im available 184728521

$amantha tij^ May 15 2013 2:19am FLAG
plus is it really gonna gain u anything r u gonna go tell random strangers u had sex with ur dad and win a prize?? its also commiting adultry just saying

$amantha tij^ May 15 2013 2:26am FLAG
That's a good story. I would love to have sex with my stepdaughter but am still her dad as daughter is in the name so you bring them up as your own and it is illegal to do these things but go for it hunny and tell him how you feel it will make him love you more.

chris in uk May 21 2013 6:21am FLAG
dats not normall if u need sex, there re a thousand and one guys out there waiting for like u so go out there and meet them and not ur dad

chuka May 22 2013 12:54pm FLAG
dats not normall if u need sex, there re a thousand and one guys out there waiting for someone like u so go out there and meet them and not ur dad

chuka May 22 2013 12:56pm FLAG
your dad if you think he's sexy - else tell him hell no

londonlady Jun 01 2013 11:19am FLAG
hey guys im 18 and looking for a buddy but sex with my dad i cant imagine it i tell my dad everything but i could nevr love him sexually. pls call me if ur interested 184728521

mma$ Jun 02 2013 8:49pm FLAG
i am sexually abused by my dad i told police DCFS came and now i have no family i feel like its my fault that hes in jail i just want somebody to love me anybody out there im 18

$amantha ^tij Jun 02 2013 8:54pm FLAG
HAve sex suck his c*ck

Bitch101 Jun 07 2013 11:26am FLAG
Have ***** sex with dad let him move your boobs Let him lick your DO IT

Bitch101 Jun 07 2013 11:29am FLAG
alright Bitch101 u r just messed up in da head. on a totally different subject i want a buddy call or text me 184728521

Samantha ^tij Jun 08 2013 8:07am FLAG
One time I had sex with my dad he came in the shower with me and started eating pusssy. It felt so good I couldn't stop then I returned the favour and he started sucking my nipples. Then I sat on him and started humping him he told me to stop so he could eat my s when it came out. Then when sucking his c*ck he s in my mouth and it tasted so good we do it all the time now

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 1:39pm FLAG
Omg Diz Is Very Interestin,mke Swittt Sex Wid Him Okk Him

Hard Jun 18 2013 5:22am FLAG
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big sarge Jun 22 2013 12:22pm FLAG
Ya do it! i want big tit girls to be my sis and plaything! txt me

bigsarge Jul 01 2013 5:53am FLAG
Sum. Reely good advice coming from this site just hope no idea picks the rite one ......

aa fella who laughs at the world Jul 02 2013 6:37am FLAG
I don't know if your flirting with him then maybe you rub on him to make him want you sometimes girls make there dads think hey I want you but it is wrong if he is forcing you to do it now if your coming to him it still kinda wrong I guess but hell it was only Adam and eve so incest there so I guess of you both enjoy it then leave it the way it is if he is hurting you tell some one

tc Jul 05 2013 11:03am FLAG
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tc Jul 05 2013 11:04am FLAG
wasts your # tc ill do more than just text you????

1sexybitch Jul 17 2013 6:27am FLAG
I love this so much. Your all ing retards.

Daddy's Little Girl Jul 30 2013 2:46am FLAG
no ur the ing retard bitch

1sexybitch Aug 02 2013 10:43pm FLAG
It is wrong and he could get you pregnant. Go to the police. It is called rape

CarrotGirl Aug 03 2013 1:12pm FLAG
Kik anyone? bellaishere555 I'm n wanna talk, anyone? N bout dis subject, if u dont want it call d police, if u like it just keep going, its only wrong if u dont like it

bella Aug 04 2013 9:03pm FLAG
my dad me

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 2:53pm FLAG
i have sex with my dad

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 2:53pm FLAG
dad and daughter sex

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 2:54pm FLAG
its not rape if u like it

bella Aug 10 2013 11:13pm FLAG
Ya totally do it!!

Lovesex101 Aug 22 2013 12:55am FLAG

inHisimage Aug 28 2013 8:51am FLAG
Never think I condemn you I am a sinner like you. I love you, God loves you. I am a father and have children and could never destroy them by these things written. Its a fathers job to protect his children. Children are a gift from God, no matter how old you are your his child. Your dad needs help too, so dont blame yourself your not the adult here. Trust me we all have our struggles and sins, but every secret thing and every hidden thing God will bring to light and God leaves all judgement to the Son. And I am accountable as well. Dont ruin your life any longer! When I responded to God in Christ He opened my eyes to see the truth. EMBRACE THE TRUTH. You may say im wack and totally religious, but I challange you, trust in Christ and see the life God has awaiting you in His will, and step out from this darkness! If anyone knows struggles and sin I Do! Ive probably done more than any of you could imagine, so im telling you all this from the other side! from death to life. Praise God!

inHisimage Aug 28 2013 9:40am FLAG
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Dirty hore2 Sep 01 2013 11:20pm FLAG
Once my dad came into my shower and we ed mindlessly all night I jizzed in his mouth and he ate it all and now he sucks me and mommy at the same time and he loves it and I suck his giant wet d*ck all night and I have three kids with him he's 3 and I'm

Anonymous Sep 01 2013 11:24pm FLAG
Once he ate my ass and I couldn't find it for three weeks and then he coughed it up

Anonymous Sep 01 2013 11:26pm FLAG
hey dirty hore 2wanna talk

Anonymous Sep 03 2013 12:25am FLAG
I would just juice flowing like no tomorrow. Sit on that d*ck and move up and down.

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 12:49pm FLAG
him good girl ... he wont go back to anyone else.

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 12:49pm FLAG
sit on that c*ck ... or play with his c*ck and just put the head in.

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 12:50pm FLAG
Dont have sex with you dad have it with me instead. I can be your and your sister daddy ooohhh yeah

Bas sixty9 Sep 08 2013 1:37am FLAG
Your father is immoral he eat his own flesh. Be

xalhalha Sep 24 2013 7:41am FLAG
My dad does a similar thing! Everytime my mums at work, he comes into my room and rubs my boobs and I usually end up giving him a bl*wj*b! Just go for it, and you'll understand how great it feels!

SexyBitch Sep 25 2013 2:35pm FLAG
This is honestly disgusting. How could you live with the fact that you're doing that with your dad! One day you will be on judgment for the things you did as well as the rest of us. You need to repent to God, for he will forgive you of your sins.

Godfirst Oct 12 2013 6:46am FLAG
i have had sex with my dad we had a relationship for almost 3 years but i met him for the first time as a **** so it was hard to see him as dad we have two beautiful kids together however he went to jail for it for a couple years. if i knew we could get away with it i would so do it all over again hes the love of my life its been almost 8 years and im still in love with him.

annonymous Oct 25 2013 11:59am FLAG
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tc Oct 26 2013 7:06pm FLAG
....I love having sex with my daddy

Anonymous Nov 13 2013 4:14pm FLAG
You're a good daughter. I have to force my year-old to f45k me, so I appreciate a daughter like you who enjoys her daddys sex and wants to keep doing it. Just do everything daddy asks and all will be okay. and if he wants to knock you up please let him, he's your dad and he deserves to enjoy your ripe body more than any other man on the planet.

isabelles dad Dec 09 2013 9:21am FLAG
Im sorry if this offends some of you guys but THATS ED UP!!!!!! Call. The. Police.

A not ed up person Dec 22 2013 1:36pm FLAG
No one should be having sex with their dads! Or any family member at that.... I mean seriously CALL THE POLICE!!! You cant be that stupid.

Dont keep doing it Dec 22 2013 1:39pm FLAG
Do not do it Do not be that kind of person

STOP Dec 27 2013 1:05am FLAG
I wish my dad would have had sex with me. Now I am 23 years old and still have to wonder what would have been different. My mom didn't make my daddy happy but I could have. I would have let him c*m inside me. I would have had his babies. What do I need to do different to make him want to the he** out of me?!

SammieJo5 Dec 29 2013 2:26pm FLAG
I love the hardcore with daddy...his c*ck taste soo good it hurts..he like my juicy so much

sexy femme fatale Jan 06 2014 9:55am FLAG
Hi I like to my daughter but I don't know pls give me some advice

Ashlyhardep@gmail.come Feb 04 2014 11:28pm FLAG
Not one person posting knows how to spell or use proper grammar. Pathetic.

Steve Feb 05 2014 11:42am FLAG
call the police ing retard get a life !

d*ck Feb 12 2014 8:48pm FLAG
I've been ing me behind my mums back, sometime whilst she was in the next room. I've been with other guys, but nothing tastes better than my step daddys cum. Mar 12 2014 6:17pm FLAG
i have had sex with my mom, sister and all my female cousins and their daughters. i got them all pregnant. my female cousins signed a forum to say i can sleep with their daughters. as young as 10 years old and al the way up. they are all pregnant. half had daughters the others had boys. they said when their daughters get old enough they want me to sleep with them and knock them up. the ones with boys slept withme for daughters and got pregnant by the sons they had with me as well. the ones had daughters are having sons by me and going to get pregnant by them. i love family fun and incest. even sleepng with them while pregnant.

keeping the family fun alive Mar 19 2014 11:44am FLAG
i also love taking their virginities. i have slept with my sons.

keeping the family fun alive Mar 19 2014 11:45am FLAG
Kik daddyshine

Anonymous Mar 20 2014 11:41am FLAG
That is so disgusting and wrong.

Someone who knows something Mar 30 2014 7:07pm FLAG
This is a good feeling my gal

Portia Apr 06 2014 7:00pm FLAG
Look God sent his only begotten son to die for your sins for everyone's sins but it doesn't make it right to do that so don't let your dad do that to you tell someone I would

Anonymous Apr 27 2014 5:58am FLAG
This is just sick don't do it there is a guy out there for you but it isn't your dad tell someone

Anonymous Apr 27 2014 6:00am FLAG
No, just ing no.

Anonymous May 01 2014 5:55pm FLAG
kisi lidis ko apni chodai karvani hai karnal kurkshetar se to mujhe call kare 7ic ka mota land

raj May 06 2014 3:41am FLAG
if you enjoy it why not

random Jun 08 2014 12:08am FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 10 2014 10:23am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 14 2014 5:38am FLAG
NO DAD CAN DO THIS ,AND HAVE MORTELS FOR THERE CHILD!!! HE HAS NO RESPECT FOR U..NO matter if he says he does ..thats sick of him. if i found my man doing that,his ass would be in jail

a mother Aug 23 2014 1:44pm FLAG
I myself have always enjoyed older men..i went with a 40 year old when i was ..we had fun!!!!! and now I am 46 and still love them older men...

i like older men....but not with my dad please!!!!! Aug 23 2014 1:48pm FLAG

DAUGHTER ER Feb 21 2015 9:13am FLAG

DESTINY May 27 2015 4:30pm FLAG
I been having sex with my dad for 4 years, love it , go for it girl

sexybabe Jul 24 2015 1:48am FLAG
All these girls r right go for it hun

Anonymous Nov 25 2015 11:20am FLAG
Give advice: