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how did u your sister mather dad brather ect....

The Problem: ok i want to here all your storys about your first time with who avery it was in your family

Asked by: colamatt at 12:55:26 PM, Saturday, April 02, 2011 PDT FLAG


"you", "hear", "mother", "brother", "stories", and what is "avery"? Please use spell checks. Anyway, I'm and my brother (full blood) is 18, we have been living alone together for about 2 years now because mother is in prison and fathers nowhere to be found.. We've taken good care of each other, and since last year we've been a couple. And we have always been REALLY close. The first time was last year, I was , have had only one boyfriend and was still a virgin, he was . I was changing in my bedroom and was *****, my brother came in without knocking to ask me something (don't remember what) and I barely even cared to notice, because we were very used to seeing each other *****, so it didn't really seem strange. Anyway, he sort of stopped mid question and I noticed him just kinda staring at me.. First time I really noticed it but for the past while now that I realized it he had been doing that a lot lately. It made me feel kind of embarrassed, I was blushing hard and just got finished dressing with him there just watching me.. It really actually kinda turned me on.. Usually seeing him ***** turned me on too anyway, But this was something else entirely.. A completely new level of him turning me on. We didn't really talk for the rest of the day or much the best day, I was still just too embarrassed.. I blushed any time I saw him and kinda just looked away to try and get my mind off of it. After the second day passed, I was in my room again, in just a robe after a shower about to get changed into some real clothes, he knocked and asked if he could come in, when I said I was decent, he came in and he approached me and tried to say that he was sorry, I turned around from blushing but he saw it in the mirror.. And he asked if I was alright, and I said in a really small voice that yes I was alright.. After that he started to leave the room, and I stood up look down at the ground kinda.. My mind was kind of blank, and scared and excited and didn't know WHAT to do anymore.. I grabbed his sleeve so he would stop, turned to face him still watching the ground, walked up close to him and hugged him hard. I think that was the real start.. The point I REALLY fell for him, when he wrapped his arms around me to return the hug.. Felt like that lasted an hour, but also only seconds.. I looked up at him and he leaned in and kissed me, and I was stunned again.. After a few seconds of being frozen near solid, I just melted into the kiss and kissed him back. First REAL kiss, and it was really amazing. He picked me up under my legs, wrapping them around his waist with my robe parted and held me to him and I tightened my legs around him to keep myself up on him. Blushing even harder now, as he carried me over to my bed and laid me on my back, with him still between my legs, with nothing between us but his pants.. And I could feel he was really hard through them too. He slipped off my robe and slowly ran his hands over my body, still kissing me, on and off now though. He slipped his hand down to between my legs, and asked first if it was alright, I pulled him tighter to me and just kissed him again, and he took that as a yes and started to rub me. I started moaning, oh my GOD was I ever wet now.. Never in my life had I been so wet. He gently pushed a finger into me and started pumping it into me slowly, I pulled him tight as i could and held on to him, moaning into his ear whispering and begging for more. He slipped a second finger into me, I moaned a lot harder, I was still really tight. I rode his fingers and it didn't take me very long at all for me to cum. And god, I felt like a damn broke inside me, I orgasmed SO hard. I was out of breath, still holding him tight, and he slipped his fingers out of me and licked them clean. He then went to unzip his pants, I was nervous but not scared. He asked if I was alright with this and I nodded, feeling that I was blushing beet red. He unzipped his pants the rest of the way and dropped them with his boxers to the floor and kicked them away. Now there was nothing between us at all.. He pressed the head of his c*ck into me slowly, slowly pushed it all the way in to my cherry, and I bit my lower lip, tightened my arms hard around him and dug my nails into his back, and he pushed passed it. I thought it would hurt more from what people say but it didn't for me, Though don't get me wrong, it did hurt. He stopped in me and waited for the pain to subside, and it did within a 30 sec or a minute of him in me. Maybe it was less, its still hard to tell how long it was, haha.. Once the pain subsided, he pushed himself the rest of the way into me, as deep as he could.. (And he's big, 8.3" long, 2" wide.) He started to slowly pump himself into me, and he slipped his hand to my cl*t and started rubbing and pinching it with his thumb and finger.. I started moaning again, louder then before, digging my nails into his back.. I could feel I was not going to last long again, and I knew he wasn't going to either. He continued to thrust into me, I now had my legs wrapped hard around his waist as he did. He started to throb and oh god did that feel good. He asked if he could cum inside me, and I told him that I really wanted him to. After he thrusted hard into me a few more times, he pushed hard and deep into me as he could, throbbed hardest as he has yet and shot his cum deep inside me, It felt so awesome, and hot, it made me orgasm in return, milking him for all he had. He came so much and so hard it felt like I was overflowing. After that, we just laid there, with him on top of me, still buried deep inside of me, out of breath. That was my first time, And ever since for the past year he has f*ked me and cum deep as he could inside me every chance he has gotten. I am now 2 months pregnant with my big brothers baby. I know that it's his, because he has been my first and only. We plan to keep it, and we plan to stay together and raise it. ^_^ <3

a loving lil sis Apr 02 2011 10:49pm FLAG

Also, Wow at my massive wall of text, I didn't realize i typed that much! Haha. GL reading that, with no forum post editing options! XD

a loving lil sis Apr 02 2011 10:50pm FLAG
i have also ed my sister salma

Aslam ahmedabad Apr 03 2011 10:25pm FLAG
well come on give details just like a loving lil sis did

Anonymous Apr 04 2011 11:58am FLAG
Nice enjoy with him

u'r siister Apr 05 2011 4:22am FLAG
You are so lucky. I wish I can my sister. She is a hot looking cheerleader in high school. I try to peek at her undressing every chance I get.

Horny Skip Apr 05 2011 2:29pm FLAG
skip y dont u see if she douse she might want to allso

Anonymous Apr 05 2011 7:06pm FLAG
First time with my sister was when I was and she was just shy of 10 yrs old. She wanted to play house, and I suggested we hump over our underwear, like real married couples bo. We got to humping, and my d*ck was going right along her crack, and she began to really enjoy that. A few minutes later, she she had her first orgasm. After that, I suggested we do it for real, and I got to pop her cherry. Been fcking ever since.

osugarbaby Apr 07 2011 3:55pm FLAG
osugarybaby ples give more detail

Anonymous Apr 07 2011 7:44pm FLAG
i ing ever since. He also licked me out and THAT was heaven, his slim tongue lapped up all the and my mouth could ust about fit round his bellend, and when it did the sensation of his hot creamy cum mealted on my tongue. 4 months later i was pregnat but i aborted it, my mum found out and decided to join us! a family threesome lush! soom my dad found out and we couldnt exactly leave him out - So everyday after a stressful day at school, my dad and brother double penertate me whilst me mum flicks my cl*t, rubs my tits with vaseline and tongues me.. lush :)

hot babe Apr 08 2011 8:48am FLAG
When my sister came, i suggested we do it for real. She did.nt say anything, so i pulled her panties off, cause she was still winded from her cvm. I positioned my dck and shoved it inside her. She yelped, and begged me to stop. I kept pumping, of course. After a few minutes, she stopped struggling and started enjoying it, and we both were grunting. When i felt my balls tighten, i shoved in her till our hips were touching. When i shot my load inside, it triggered another cvm for her. After, i pulled out, and she was dripping my cvm mixed with a little blood. We have been fcking ever since

osugarbaby Apr 10 2011 5:16pm FLAG
After she came, i suggested we do it for real. she said nothing cause she was too winded from her first cvm. I pulled her panties down, and shoved my d*ck inside. She yelped, and begged for me to stop. I didn't, so i kept pumping. After a while, she stopped crying and started moaning. When i felt my balls start to tighten, i shoved all the way in till our hips were touching. When i came, it triggered another orgasm for her. When i finally pulled out, her cvnt was leaking my cvm and a little blood. We have been doing it ever since. I also fck my 9 yr old niece. I am at Email me if you like sexy young girls.

osugarbaby Apr 10 2011 7:41pm FLAG
come on more detial and more info ples i didnt ask for short storys i want avery thing

colamatt Apr 13 2011 10:26pm FLAG

Hey Apr 17 2011 8:47pm FLAG
Ok, my story went like this, my dad and brother were out on a camping trip, and it was me and my mom, we have had a pretty distante realationship, and this was when I was like and my mom was like 32 anyway, oh and I am a girl just letting you know, and now I am so yeah, it was either two or three years ago, anyway! So, my brother and dad were on their camping trip and I was alone with my mom, she made dinner, we ate, and I have NO idea what she made, but it made me have to go to the bathroom really bad, I asked her if I could leave the bathroom, she said, please wait one or two minutes dear,I was pretty much WETTING/-HITTING myself, just sitting there as she walked around the table, she stopped behind my chair, and told me, I know you have to go to the bathroom, but massages really help, so I was like, OOOOKKAYYYY!?????! and she started giving me one, it didn't help it was about five minutes later and she said, Oh, honey do you still have to go? And I gave her the look like YEAH WOMAN! and I was starting to stand up, because I seriously had to go, and my mom came and told me to stop right there, and she held my hips, she told me to do my buisness right there, and I was like -ELL NO and I asked her, holding my hands where my v. is, WHY CAN'T I GO TO THE -UCKIN' BATHROOM? She told me to just go over in the corner, and I told her okay, but you have to turn around, and she said of course, and I was wearing these jeans that jingle when they move, and I was pulling up my pants, and my mom ran over and slapped my hands, she told me to leave them down, and she said that she saw a rash before but didn't want to frighten me, I was like ok, what is it? and she turned me around, I was watching her, and she pushed me head so I looked forward not at her, she was rubbing my legs, and it tingled, maybe it tickled but whatever and then she put her hand in my thong and was touching my butt crack, I jumped and she slapped my breast, I stood still, she asked me, do you like sex, and I was like IDK, WHY ARE YOU ACTING WEIRD and she said, come with me, she pulled me upstairs and kissed me on the arm, and went into her closet, and brought out sex toys, she said, pull off your clothes, lets see how much you like sex, and I was like, ok, and I pulled of all my clothes, my bra everything, and she started pushing one of them in to me, it felt good, but she took it out and she started kissing, licking, sucking on my cli* it felt SO good, I loved it, and i asked her to suck on my boobs, she did and she got a little milk I think, I loved it, and we did it for that whole week when my brother and dad were on their camping trip, and now I stay away from my mom and hang onto my brother, he asked me what's up, and I told him mom was being creepy and I wanted him to protect me, even though I allowed her to do it, and it was fun, but I just didn't want to do it anymore, and my mom understood that but I still stayed away....

HOOKER! Apr 17 2011 9:04pm FLAG
Oh, and to tell you the truth I just made that up, good right?! DID IT SUIT YOUR FANCY?!

HOOKER! Apr 17 2011 9:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 26 2011 8:41pm FLAG
Of course you ing cooked I'm beginning to see something now in my own fantasy its a GIANT nuke come to kill you all how good!

air scrotum Apr 27 2011 12:16pm FLAG
No, actually I have NOT said that he has a ". Extremely few people have over 9", if that if their lucky. -_- And I am NOT changing my story. Go away, Troll.

a loving lil sis Apr 28 2011 4:26pm FLAG
Your an idiot go read her post in the family section under have any of you had incest relashines... clearly says inch d*ck.

sir scrotum Apr 30 2011 5:06am FLAG
Ok people so apparently she didn't write inch d*ck however she did write 2 inch diameter c*ck which is medically impossible, and even if it were it would be at the girth of his c*ck which is hidden by testes. The only real troll is she who wades in the fantasy of ed up individual since your 'protective' Bro has essentially taken advantage of your emotional incapabilities and statutorily RAPED you. Suck on THAT 2 INCH DIAMETER C*ck!

SIR SCROTUM Apr 30 2011 5:15am FLAG
AS I POSTED IN ANOTHER THREAD: This website, along with MANY others, says that the avg. size is about 1.6"~2" in diameter, and that there are accounts of people with 3+" diameter. Simple Google search FTW... Learn to do it sometime.

a loving lil sis Apr 30 2011 3:58pm FLAG
ya i i have 3"+ diameter c*ck and 7 and halfe long so dont talke unluss u have the profe to back it up sorry u giting bomed a loving lil sis didnt think thare be jerks like that out thare

colamatt Apr 30 2011 8:51pm FLAG
Jerks who don't sleep with their family then lie about it. Cumwad

sir eat my you lying filthy don't know how to measure twat May 01 2011 5:07am FLAG
Yeah, I'm used to people bitching at me and arguing with me... I kinda like it actually, Haha, Making them squirm, and they tend to get too serious about everything and cant admit that their wrong about something simple. Their so fun and its so funny making them even more mad.. :) Can just call it trolling the troll, if you like~ XD And I know that not everyone is like that. Thank god too, I'd probably end up dieing from laughter! LOL Also, I still ain't lying, Why would i have reason to lie about it? You cant be happy because someone has views different then yours? K, well whatever, I'm done arguing with sad little morons. ^^

a loving lil sis May 01 2011 10:14am FLAG
(This is not meant in to attack you colamatt.) I don't provide to proof to anyone on anything on something I personally know is true. It does not even effect you. I never intended to, nor do I ever intend to give anyone any proof. If you don't believe me that's your decision.

a loving lil sis May 01 2011 10:33am FLAG
** I don't need to provide proof **

a loving lil sis May 01 2011 10:34am FLAG
'Yeah, I'm used to people bitching at me and arguing with me... I kinda like it actually, Haha, Making them squirm, and they tend to get too serious about 'everything and cant admit that their wrong about something simple. Their so fun and its so funny making them even more mad.. :)' Textbook reason why you would make up a whole bunch of ed up and so is making up stories about doing that. The only thing squirming is the imaginary foetus in your womb.

sir scrotum May 01 2011 5:56pm FLAG
K. lol As I said before, I'm done arguing with you. It's getting repetitive and stupid. You think I'm lying, I get that.. I don't really care what you think. But no, it is not made up.

a loving lil sis May 02 2011 5:08am FLAG
The only thing that is repetitive and stupid is your ridiculous story of brother sister conquest that never happened being broadcast across this twisted website with the author being unable to back it up.

sir scrotum May 02 2011 2:23pm FLAG
sir scrotum u batter do your reaserch befor u start sprading lies on her

colamatt May 02 2011 8:14pm FLAG
Or what will happen. I think she had better think about what she or more likely he is doing spreading 'sexy' fantasy stories about incest on a website full of kids. It's sick. Not only are her facts and stories inconsistent but she has failed to provide proof. She then says I don't need to prove anything well NEWS FLASH! you tell a wild story, you gotta prove it, its called the BURDEN OF PROOF! Google that you intestinal parasites.

sir scrotum May 03 2011 12:08am FLAG
oh dats me

da bling May 03 2011 9:05am FLAG
My stories are inconsistent? Really? Please, Tell me how so.. Cause, as far as I remember, I've only been saying the same thing. Yes, maybe I did add a bit more detail here and there. That does not make what I've said inconsistent. And you keep saying stuff about Facts.. And you take the Cun measurements as if they are the word of god. Well their not. Yes, they are accurate to an extent, I was not saying that they do not have solid ground. But that does not mean it will ALWAYS ALWAYS be correct. Period. And no, I don't need to prove anything. Do you wanna know why? Because for one, am not stupid enough to give you a way to contact me, in any way shape or form. And Two, I am content with my own knowledge of what I have been through. You want proof? To fcking bad. I Don't Know You. Therefor, Go fck yourself.

a loving lil sis May 03 2011 4:21pm FLAG
Noone asked you to contact anyone. No proof equals BULL you made it up cos otherwise your going to hell in a straw boat and the furnace is burning burning I tells ya! Furnace 6:

bible lover May 04 2011 6:30am FLAG
Noone asked you to contact anyone. No proof equals BULL you made it up cos otherwise your going to hell in a straw boat and the furnace is burning burning I tells ya! Furnace 6:

bible lover May 04 2011 6:30am FLAG
guess no one ells has any thing to add

Anonymous Jun 11 2011 12:56am FLAG
^lol I want to ing me. Any advice or plans to seduce her ?

a mofo Jun 16 2011 5:21pm FLAG
I love ing family eVery female in my family is pregnant so keep it in the family

Anonymous Jun 30 2011 10:19pm FLAG
Oh I'm jake I started my daughters at age 5

Anonymous Jun 30 2011 10:21pm FLAG

Alex Carlos Aug 21 2011 6:24pm FLAG
I started at when for first tiMe i and even i came inside of her and she like it And now im far from here but i got a friend if she need then he will do with her but my sister is best c*ck sucker

rajab taib ardogan from turkey Aug 21 2011 6:35pm FLAG

Alex Carlos Aug 21 2011 6:37pm FLAG
Haha~ this fun. Reading all this. My cousin and I liked to 'play' when we were four. Stopped for about.... 4 1/2 years, then we began to 'play' dominatrix. Yeah, no smex though.

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