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any 10-girls want sex

The Problem: my name is mike Any young virgins ages want to lose their virginity to a passionate caring 45 year old with A lot of expierence with sex E mail me mikebloomberg@ymail.comI will give you orgasm after orgasm

Asked by: mikembloomberg at 02:09:05 PM, Thursday, May 12, 2011 PDT FLAG


would any 45 year old pedophiles named mike with the email like to go to prison for along time for attempting to solicit children for sex online?

Anonymous May 12 2011 11:48pm FLAG

I agree with this anonymous person? go to jail.

ZAK May 13 2011 4:48pm FLAG
ive already turned his email address over to the police. its nice having friends who are in law enforcement. they will be knocking on his door any time now.

Anonymous May 13 2011 7:50pm FLAG
Anonymous? you did the right thing. :)

ZAK May 15 2011 7:38am FLAG
Anonimous i think ur a great person

Cookie monsta May 22 2011 3:18pm FLAG
My grandpa is a judge so if you just happen to be sent to russia for no apparent reason,it is becuase i sent your email to him

just thought i would let you know May 22 2011 4:06pm FLAG
ing fruit loop

not qualified to give you the help you need Jun 02 2011 8:15pm FLAG
if ur a girl who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana email me at

james Jun 18 2011 9:37pm FLAG
If u r a girl from colorado email I am we and

Ck Jun 20 2011 1:29am FLAG
Sry didnt mean to say we i ment to say

Ck Jun 20 2011 1:31am FLAG
Hey ck how old r u now

Anonymous Jul 10 2011 1:37pm FLAG
ing perv

Anonymous Jul 11 2011 8:58am FLAG
Im and have lots of experience with sex so i think if a girl wants to lose her verginity than find someone who is around her age. every time i have sex with a virgin they are almost always nervous but they shouldn't because sex is a natural thing.

**** sex teacher Jul 18 2011 8:29pm FLAG
**** sex teacher are you a boy or a girl?

Gymnast_4 Sep 04 2011 6:39pm FLAG
u r idiots

me Dec 21 2011 1:29pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

everydayimshufflin Dec 30 2011 7:52am FLAG

Anonymous Jan 06 2012 8:50pm FLAG

??? Apr 07 2012 1:51pm FLAG
Im a girl im Intrested in you guys :) email: im boys!

Natasha (!) Apr 07 2012 11:24pm FLAG
Im a girl im Intrested in you guys :) email: im boys!

Natasha (!) Apr 07 2012 11:24pm FLAG
Hey Natasha im and ill have sex with you

Brad Apr 07 2012 11:26pm FLAG
oh what do you want?

Natasha (!) Apr 07 2012 11:27pm FLAG
oh what do you want?

Natasha (!) Apr 07 2012 11:27pm FLAG
well "Brad" do you live in Sydney, Australia?

Natasha (!) Apr 07 2012 11:31pm FLAG
Yes Ill email you my address

Brad Apr 07 2012 11:33pm FLAG
Yes Ill email you my address

Brad Apr 07 2012 11:33pm FLAG
ok bad boy! what do you want me to do?

Natasha (!) Apr 07 2012 11:34pm FLAG
well here is the list: hand job blow job anal then im going to break your with my giant d*ck!

Brad Apr 07 2012 11:35pm FLAG
ill be there

Natasha (!) Apr 07 2012 11:36pm FLAG

? May 19 2012 9:41pm FLAG
any boys from england? really want to lose my virginity to someone my own age.

Hornayyy! Jun 16 2012 6:32am FLAG
I personally hate most of you.

espace39 Jun 23 2012 1:35pm FLAG
I'm just looking for a girl in Phoenix, Az an text me 5204577430

Jose Jun 24 2012 10:53am FLAG
I'm a boy

Jose Jun 24 2012 11:21am FLAG
I'm wanna have sex live in south africa - bbm pin 2250B686 - Email -

Big d*ck Jun 25 2012 1:04am FLAG
What the hell is wrong with you kids

jerry Jun 29 2012 3:23am FLAG
Hornayy im from England

bigd*ckforbigtits Jun 29 2012 1:39pm FLAG
Any girls from Ireland

Anonymous Jun 29 2012 4:55pm FLAG
ing pervs i am reporting u all

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 2:49pm FLAG
ing pervs i am reporting u all

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 2:49pm FLAG
No one should have sex with a 45 yr old pervert! I'm glad some one turned in his email address!

Secret! Jul 07 2012 11:03pm FLAG
i want 2 join im nd live virginia beach

wtf Jul 08 2012 7:38pm FLAG
and realllly want sex. like now :/

Anonymous Jul 10 2012 10:12am FLAG
im a girl btw

Anonymous Jul 10 2012 10:12am FLAG
30 Year Old German Man want Real Pic?s or Girls for Cam2Cam or els!

Horny German Man Jul 11 2012 5:52am FLAG
Any guys In seattle want 1 night stand ? or in portland oregon ? im a female . still a virgin (:

suckkin Jul 13 2012 3:54pm FLAG
I'm from Scotland and I'm really . I have a nice big c*ck !!!!!

Horny scot Jul 17 2012 11:47am FLAG
I'm from Scotland and I'm really . I have a nice big c*ck !!!!!

Horny scot Jul 17 2012 11:47am FLAG
I like need a boyfriend so any boy that lives in cambrige ohio or any where relly close to cambrige email me at but say your name and age but the age has to be to I am

Cheerleader Jul 20 2012 7:42pm FLAG
wow you in slutt. i would beat the living crap outta you if you were my daughter

bleh Jul 21 2012 11:11pm FLAG
that was for all these hoes tryna at their age

bleh Jul 21 2012 11:12pm FLAG
I'm , and all of you make me want to castrate myself.

bloodwrath Jul 23 2012 9:15pm FLAG
I have no say in what you idiots do, but I would not be posting my email about sex around the most secure place in the universe.

bloodwrath Jul 23 2012 9:19pm FLAG
I have no say in what you idiots do, but I would not be posting my email about sex around the most secure place in the universe.

bloodwrath Jul 23 2012 9:19pm FLAG
I have no say in what you idiots do, but I would not be posting my email about sex around the most secure place in the universe.

bloodwrath Jul 23 2012 9:20pm FLAG
Which is the internet. And if you didn't already know, castrate means "to cut off the d*ck."

bloodwrath Jul 23 2012 9:22pm FLAG
(Btw, I have no idea how that one post got posted 3 times. Sorry!)

bloodwrath Jul 23 2012 9:23pm FLAG
I did not what my email or any thing on here but my sis but it on here

Cheerleder Jul 25 2012 8:06pm FLAG
And my brother is a police man and I have 5 ather cops in my familie

Cheerleader Jul 25 2012 8:11pm FLAG
Brad I live there can u do that to me to

Sexy Jul 25 2012 8:14pm FLAG
Brad I have big tits snd I am

Sexy Jul 25 2012 8:17pm FLAG
Brad I have big tits snd I am

Sexy Jul 25 2012 8:17pm FLAG
Brad I live there can u do that to me to

Sexy Jul 25 2012 8:17pm FLAG
Hey I am and a slut I have had sex 2,465 times some one what to have sex I never got pregnet I got big tits to do if u what to have sex say it

Big slut Jul 26 2012 11:23am FLAG
Hey I need a boyfriend not sex

Peace out Aug 05 2012 7:15am FLAG
Txt me 2818326456 (im black and my d*ck is hard

Anonymous Aug 08 2012 10:49pm FLAG
Txt me 2818326456 (im black and my d*ck is hard

Hot dude Aug 08 2012 10:49pm FLAG
Txt me 2818326456 (im black and my d*ck is hard

Hot dude Aug 08 2012 10:50pm FLAG
I'm looking for a girlfriend and idk bout sex

Jose Aug 14 2012 7:37pm FLAG
I'm looking for a girlfriend and idk bout sex so here's my number 5204577430

Jose Aug 14 2012 7:37pm FLAG
I thought mike bloomberg already got reported to the cops and went to jail

Who ever the hell I want to be Aug 15 2012 2:32am FLAG
I'm if any girls like big d*cks and sucking hard and has a big ass and tits send me picture

Pooiyrewqdcbkjfxaadbvkgsaaqwfbk Aug 16 2012 10:46pm FLAG
im really want sex (boy) (London) email me

Stephen Aug 19 2012 4:14pm FLAG
Jose r u a boy or girl and how old r u I what a boyfriend

Aly Aug 19 2012 9:40pm FLAG
I am a girl and I what a boyfriend I don't what to have sex till 20 and I live in Ohio

alys :p Aug 20 2012 7:26pm FLAG
Any one what to be my boyfriend

Alys:p Aug 21 2012 8:42pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 24 2012 3:29pm FLAG
im a boy who lives in uk surrey

Anonymous Aug 24 2012 3:29pm FLAG

1 Sep 04 2012 11:08am FLAG

-1' Sep 04 2012 11:08am FLAG
Any British boys out there that are willing to call me their slut? British accent=biggest turn on.

Rokstarr Sep 23 2012 8:01pm FLAG
Horny girls out there. male California kik me ;)

Man Sep 23 2012 8:28pm FLAG
Big slut do u have kik and if so wat is it I'm male and want sex I'm

Male Sep 23 2012 8:31pm FLAG
boy wanna have sex :

Anonymous Nov 05 2012 8:40am FLAG
I live in pa and I'm I am I want a bf

Girl Nov 11 2012 7:35pm FLAG
@Girl email me I'm nd I'm looking for a girl my email is

Anthony Nov 11 2012 9:16pm FLAG
Any girls that live in apple valley ca I'm nd I really wanna lose my virginity:)

Anthony Nov 11 2012 9:18pm FLAG
Hey girl i live in pa and im single!

Boy looking for girl Nov 15 2012 7:21pm FLAG
Horny girls?

Horny boy Nov 15 2012 7:22pm FLAG
add it girls 28de2459 i have six pack and swap pics

SISSY Dec 02 2012 8:39am FLAG
any sexy girls wana have sex im

Anonymous Dec 17 2012 3:04pm FLAG
What the parents taught me right because I'm going to wait to have sex...too many young ones like me are already going to have sex...what the hell!?

Kiana Dec 18 2012 7:01pm FLAG
It cut off what I said! I also typed that I'm a female virgin. And I meant what the not what the but.

Anonymous Dec 18 2012 7:10pm FLAG
The last Anonymous message is from me.

Kiana Dec 18 2012 7:11pm FLAG
Why won't it let me cuss? It keeps cutting of my cussing? I meant the F word not what the but...

Kiana Dec 18 2012 7:17pm FLAG
i am yaerold boy and i want sex with a girl that is and up

matthew Jan 05 2013 6:47pm FLAG
and gave your phone number to me and i have very big daek

my matthew Jan 05 2013 6:55pm FLAG
35835call me

Despeate Jan 21 2013 4:39am FLAG
Ps my moms phone can't use mine sorry

Desprate Jan 21 2013 4:44am FLAG
hey im and reallllllly want to have sex with someone in louisville kentucky im a girl looking for a boy or girl txt me at 5024244647 ask for chey

sexxxxxxy Feb 13 2013 1:23pm FLAG
I really want to have sex. I am . I live in NY. Please,i want someone who can do me well. I found some condoms in my house. I want to be ed really hard. I want to scream, please give me the biggest orgasm, i really want to have sex.

me harder Feb 21 2013 1:41pm FLAG
Me harder text me respond to this post and then ill send u my number

The chosen one Feb 23 2013 6:46am FLAG
yeah i am looking for a hot guy witha big d*ck 2 i live in louisville kentucky and am still a virgin only guys reply!i am also dude have to be sexyhott

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 3:29pm FLAG
any one in room

mud Feb 27 2013 12:22am FLAG
boy want sex

Rob Feb 27 2013 9:47pm FLAG
From nj post number ill hit you up

Rob Feb 27 2013 9:48pm FLAG
any girls from pa

mud Feb 28 2013 11:56am FLAG
anyone friend me on fb text me and ill give u my name GIRLS ONLY

USMC Feb 28 2013 6:59pm FLAG
the girl down the street she i know she likes me but i'm older how do i tell her how sexy i think she is without makin her un comferble

mud Mar 02 2013 6:16am FLAG
just say that u think that she is really pretty or hot use those words dont use sexy she might get mad say u think she is really pretty or hot k

USMC Mar 02 2013 5:58pm FLAG
and a half boy in houston,email me with a pic or two. I am really and have a good sized c*ck. I'm a sensitive guy too :). email=

Nice Good looking guy Mar 04 2013 11:48am FLAG
im boy looking for girls leave ur number and we'll chat

steve Mar 09 2013 9:26pm FLAG
leave ur number kiana

steve Mar 09 2013 9:30pm FLAG
you kids are fails :p

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 9:35am FLAG
girl,big boobs with a but to match

cindy Mar 10 2013 3:09pm FLAG
ok Rob be quick before im takin

only 4 Rob Mar 10 2013 4:41pm FLAG
Hey im a girl someone text me 6024728001

Anya Mar 16 2013 10:31pm FLAG
boy and still a vergin :(. Anyone want my email?

Devin Mar 18 2013 5:58am FLAG
i ll text u anya

steve Mar 18 2013 3:31pm FLAG
I am a boy. I really want sex. I can only txt at 6:30 am and/or 9:30 pm mountain time. If you are from the ages -u can txt this number-809073. If you are older or younger than those ages you will have a legal problem on your hands. I don't want old pervs I want people my age.

HornyAt Mar 20 2013 5:57am FLAG
Don't txt Anya it is a prank or something. Trust me I've tried.

Devin Mar 20 2013 6:00am FLAG
I'm a boy and I want a girlfrend

Hot boy Mar 20 2013 6:55am FLAG
Im and want to have sex please boys text me at 919-586-77 ask for macy carroll

Macy Mar 20 2013 2:09pm FLAG
Hey I'm a boy,really Horne want girls only (phone sex) add me on 295BE04E

Mr horne Mar 20 2013 2:24pm FLAG
When is the best time to txt you, Macy?

Want you:) Mar 20 2013 7:14pm FLAG
I am btw:) if you want me txt HornyAt;).

Want you:) Mar 20 2013 7:16pm FLAG
What's your number Cindy?

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 5:40am FLAG
I wish I was a girl so I could masturbate with a vagina :(

Random Horney Mar 21 2013 5:45am FLAG
I can now for a little while.

HorneyAt Mar 21 2013 5:08pm FLAG
This was a prank if you txt me or call me you will hear from the cops

HornyAt Mar 21 2013 8:08pm FLAG
Any Australians here

Anonymous Mar 26 2013 5:35am FLAG
Im in south africa need sex im a boy and need someone

Richard Mar 26 2013 8:41am FLAG
any girl plz

richard Mar 26 2013 8:44am FLAG
girls text me 530 276 3839

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 11:44am FLAG
I'm guy interested in texting//sex 64854585

Hot boy Mar 30 2013 8:51am FLAG
Any /s looking for sex? If so email me:

Isaac Mar 31 2013 4:27am FLAG
U r domb people

u r stupid Apr 03 2013 12:10pm FLAG
Anyone wanna have some sex. Pls tell me boy with a big d*ck like touchin boobs and licking pussies

wanna u Apr 03 2013 12:29pm FLAG
Im /guy and want sex tomorrow I live in Cary NC

Jacob Apr 04 2013 11:26pm FLAG
Email me at :

Jacob Apr 04 2013 11:27pm FLAG
I wanna have sex is there any boys wet pussie great ass and some fabulous boobsbtw I live in south africa bbm pin29CE1E67

kaitlyn Apr 05 2013 4:26am FLAG
I i m boy and whant to have sex or a blow job

luke Apr 08 2013 6:03am FLAG
Haha gunna watch you whores and sluts get pregnant and STDs hahaha funnyers

You should shut up Apr 08 2013 2:56pm FLAG
What if the police finds this?

That would be funny Apr 08 2013 2:57pm FLAG
I bet theses people who are posting emails and phone numbers are actually adults

You konw my name :) Apr 08 2013 2:59pm FLAG
Im teporting you

Get you in trouble Apr 08 2013 3:06pm FLAG
guy looking to 3202505746

Zach Apr 08 2013 7:24pm FLAG
BigSlut, where do you live?

Irishman Apr 10 2013 6:28pm FLAG

KIKISWAGG Apr 11 2013 3:19pm FLAG
any young girls text me 377220

nasty Apr 12 2013 9:27pm FLAG
im so both my sister got a bf but i dont is there any boy that want a indian white and black gf that wont cheet on u

kiki loves mexican , light sceened and white Apr 13 2013 5:36pm FLAG
call me 8322988090 or email me

kiki loves mexican , light sceened and white Apr 13 2013 5:37pm FLAG
jus tex me dont call me

kiki Apr 13 2013 5:37pm FLAG
Add me girls hot sexy fit six pack 28DE2459. Add up

Sissy Apr 17 2013 1:59pm FLAG
mouth ur selve

kiki Apr 18 2013 3:12pm FLAG
dont tex 8322988090 cuz my that was my moms number and u adults who r callin my mom a perve F... UR SELVES

KIKI Apr 18 2013 3:14pm FLAG
Aye I'm a guy who lives in avondale, AZ.... Gotta get laid. I'm buff gotta six pack football player whole package anyone interested ;).... Respond if u want my email

Anonymous Apr 19 2013 10:02pm FLAG
Respond??? Tf I didn't say that... Well hmu

Anonymous Apr 19 2013 10:11pm FLAG
Aye wait I said as F***

Anonymous Apr 19 2013 10:11pm FLAG
Aight what about horne

Anonymous Apr 19 2013 10:12pm FLAG
m a hard and boy and I really want to kik s. kik me at aedoe

Casey Brown Apr 21 2013 7:58pm FLAG
my cuz named amber f. bennett is f..... up she dont deserve anybody she is a mf back staber and eats alot she acually got the f on my gmail and talkin to all my friends she turned me off while i was on she acually snitched on me for having ciber sex only one time and then she tryed to and this is the most nasty dumbest part she wears a size A bra and put that filth on gmail im ashamed and embaressed

this is kiki jones Apr 27 2013 12:30am FLAG

THIS IS KIKI JONES Apr 27 2013 12:32am FLAG
Hmu? Um just looking for somebody to text?... So um ya no in pedos

Me Apr 29 2013 11:28pm FLAG
Hmu? Um just looking for somebody to text?... So um ya no in pedos ... 48073335

Me Apr 29 2013 11:29pm FLAG
im and need sex , hi girls

SamB May 01 2013 6:50am FLAG
You are all to young to even think about having sex.

bogart May 02 2013 1:21pm FLAG
I am and I honestly have to say the is a matter with people

pinkietry May 03 2013 7:20pm FLAG

I'm girl blonde hazel eyes my phone num is 919-633-7987 btw I live in Cary NC and I don't really want to have sex I want a bf

nonya business May 11 2013 10:09pm FLAG
Any girls want to trade pics I'm a male my kik is BALER65 and my # is 3202505746

Zach May 15 2013 12:11pm FLAG
I'm a guy and like sex and . I like boys and especially girls (of course). I'm cute am good at sex live in utah and play guitar. If you want my number leave a comment below. :)

Devin May 18 2013 10:16pm FLAG
Btw I'm

Devin May 18 2013 10:16pm FLAG
If your a girl in London text me on 07557058366 I'm a guy

Hornyboy May 19 2013 6:48am FLAG
what the is wrong with all you kids o.o

wtf is this post May 20 2013 11:29am FLAG
Ill let u me;)

Wet girl May 20 2013 1:33pm FLAG
It's a fake email.

Anonymous May 20 2013 1:34pm FLAG
Hi. I'm a guy pin:28D4up for anything if you know what I mean... Add me -girls(please)

pin:28D4 May 22 2013 8:01am FLAG
Any Hot girls in NYC (have to be white) want sex put you email address or email me

CoolDude May 24 2013 10:24am FLAG
yall be putin some weird names on this yall tripin bitches

sexyswager May 24 2013 11:57am FLAG
I'm a guy who wants to trade pics. 2-789-7948

Hmu May 27 2013 3:49pm FLAG
Im a want to have sex kik me @ Jersoni live in Chicago

Jerson May 28 2013 10:23am FLAG
I'm a boy. I live in utah. I desperately need someone to hump, suck, and kiss. If you want my number, post a comment below.

Needs2Hump May 29 2013 6:22am FLAG
I know Needs2Hump. He told me about this website. What a great guy! He's soo cute and he's good at sex. He gave me so many orgasms the other night! Funnest boy ever!

Taylor May 29 2013 9:16pm FLAG
Any girls in Brooklyn,NY Who Wanna And Are Horny.

Hub Jun 02 2013 6:40am FLAG
I'm aboylooking to exchange pics message aet

TheWolf Jun 04 2013 12:10am FLAG
hi i am not looking to have sex i just want a boy friend i am willing to exchange pics but no more than that though i might depends respond if you want to.

hahayouthinkiwouldtellyousluts Jun 09 2013 10:38am FLAG
i have okay boobs about a size 32 A as of right now and a big butt

samepersonwhopostedthatone Jun 09 2013 10:44am FLAG
Anyone live in des moines im a boy looking 4 gf sex yea but dont hav 2 either way my # is 318-3041

R.J. Jun 09 2013 10:27pm FLAG
My a British boy who is and want sex with a girl kik me jgillett86

JordanG Jun 11 2013 8:13am FLAG
I live in North Carolina Skype? Manny9349

Manny Jun 11 2013 5:12pm FLAG
text me at 3045381 ill do anything u want me to and i also have a very nice six pack

six pack Jun 17 2013 5:04am FLAG

six pack Jun 17 2013 5:32am FLAG
I'm and am on my period but its bloody sex so who cares and I'm a yr old virgin I really wanna lose my virginity, any guys live in Wisconsin, ill take girls to I'm bi

Lose my virginity Jun 24 2013 11:37am FLAG
Txt me at 6228805

Lose my virginity Jun 24 2013 11:38am FLAG

wtfchick Jun 24 2013 11:02pm FLAG
email me at btw my name isnt kitty is purring ;)

rawr..meow Jun 24 2013 11:05pm FLAG
You guys are disgusting and I hope all of your parents find out what their little sweethearts are up to

Anonymous Jun 25 2013 6:14am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 28 2013 1:04pm FLAG
Any girls around message me on kik. i trade pics, and anything u want kik: youngguns

youngguns Jul 02 2013 2:17am FLAG
any one want to (336)387-4007

Anonymous Jul 02 2013 11:14am FLAG
any girls want to on facebook we trade pics

male Jul 02 2013 11:16am FLAG
nvm just use my number (336)397-4007

male Jul 02 2013 11:17am FLAG
im a boy and i live NJ

BOY Jul 02 2013 8:50pm FLAG
who wants to have sex

BOY Jul 02 2013 8:51pm FLAG
email me

Anonymous Jul 06 2013 12:29pm FLAG
i jus want some one to talk to

kiki Jul 06 2013 2:09pm FLAG

Boy Jul 07 2013 8:39pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 8:37pm FLAG
im i live in phx az who tryna

annonomus Jul 08 2013 10:04pm FLAG
have sex

annonomus Jul 08 2013 10:05pm FLAG
Girls in Dallas, Texas? Email me at

Abram Jul 12 2013 1:47pm FLAG
anyone in central minnesota want to or anyone at all wanna im a boy 3206301932

youngfire Jul 12 2013 10:14pm FLAG
HI I'M HALEY. I'M and I want a nd. I will have sex too

ijustdontcare Jul 17 2013 10:16pm FLAG
Anyone in da gta area? Im and have a big c*ck! I want hot and sexy girls

Anonymous Jul 18 2013 11:17pm FLAG
north ga

lookingatu Jul 19 2013 7:52pm FLAG
Just don't care what's going on? We can talk if u want u can write me at

Roybrowb Jul 22 2013 1:25pm FLAG
Haley I'm sorry this is roybrown write me at my email it's we can talk

Roybrown Jul 22 2013 1:45pm FLAG
any _girls wanna ? or kik? my number is 38626493 and my kik is MigueljrRivera3 im puerto rican boy. i have big hard d*ck.

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i am a girl. any boy single?

Anonymous Jul 23 2013 6:50am FLAG
the is wrong with all you guy with the perv and all the kids/****s who want sex, wait because if you have sex to early you will be cofused

anymous Jul 26 2013 3:52am FLAG
@Lose my virginity. I'm in Wisconsin and ill gladly take your virginity. male. Interested?

Take your virginity Jul 27 2013 8:27am FLAG
boy looking for sex in quebec montreal

Darron Jul 28 2013 7:17am FLAG
I'm A boy in the bay area so if u want a big black d**k respond

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Im and want to have sex with girls -. My d*ck is always hard. Girls only

Hornyguy Jul 30 2013 9:32am FLAG
Call me now if your a ma numbers 329-9810 hurry and call text

Izaac Jul 30 2013 3:20pm FLAG
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Izaac Jul 30 2013 5:27pm FLAG
sup call me plz ima dude that wants a grlfriend text me 329-9810

Izaac Jul 30 2013 9:17pm FLAG
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Jesie Jul 30 2013 9:48pm FLAG

Izaac Jul 30 2013 9:51pm FLAG
Hiiiiii izaac

Jesie Jul 30 2013 9:56pm FLAG
You n0 we rnt hooked

izaac Jul 30 2013 9:59pm FLAG
Kik me at alec_black male wants to sex

Trashdiamon333 Jul 31 2013 12:27am FLAG
Was up

Izaac Jul 31 2013 9:59am FLAG
So hi

Jesie Jul 31 2013 10:04am FLAG
Wat about last night

Izaac Jul 31 2013 10:06am FLAG
What ever

Jesie Jul 31 2013 10:08am FLAG
Com on

Izaac Jul 31 2013 10:11am FLAG

Deprised Jul 31 2013 10:13am FLAG
Dont be like that

Izaac Jul 31 2013 10:17am FLAG

Mad jesie Jul 31 2013 10:22am FLAG
Come on wat i do

Izaac Jul 31 2013 10:25am FLAG
text me then!!!

Jesie Jul 31 2013 10:30am FLAG
Shur 329-9810

Izaac Jul 31 2013 10:32am FLAG
Can i still tell them to call me

Izaac Jul 31 2013 10:35am FLAG

Izaac Jul 31 2013 3:29pm FLAG

Izaac Jul 31 2013 3:35pm FLAG
Jesie you out there

Izaac Aug 01 2013 8:25am FLAG

Jesie Aug 01 2013 8:27am FLAG
Sry fell asleep btw if you know the dude and dude2 there both me

Izaac Aug 01 2013 10:18am FLAG

izaac Aug 01 2013 6:05pm FLAG

Izaac Aug 02 2013 9:47am FLAG
any girls lives in nj

Anonymous Aug 03 2013 10:09am FLAG
Akward moment

Izaac Aug 03 2013 10:32am FLAG
Hey I'm jesus you can kik me at jesuscm06 if u have a kik and I live in indiana,indianapolis. So yea text me at (401)3-2983 or call me any time I'm a male looking for a gf

Jesus Aug 04 2013 8:49pm FLAG
Hi im and i wana have sex with a girl [-] if you are in san antonio look me up

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hi I am 10 and I am looking for a hot nice cool girl

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Hi call me im looken for a gf thats 10-im my nmber iz 559-329-9810 call me plz

Izaac Aug 09 2013 9:51pm FLAG

Izaac Aug 09 2013 10:56pm FLAG

Izaac Aug 10 2013 11:38am FLAG
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aboss Aug 10 2013 4:49pm FLAG
kik david_29_smith

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 4:54pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 4:56pm FLAG

Izaac Aug 12 2013 5:22pm FLAG
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harry Aug 13 2013 5:24am FLAG
Big slut I have sex with u my email

harry Aug 13 2013 5:25am FLAG
Girls text me at 760-793-3830 girls I'm a boy from California.

Rick Aug 13 2013 5:29pm FLAG
boy my kik is jswift223 or phone is 9497027920

jt Aug 18 2013 4:19pm FLAG
Any girls I'minnesota USA in cottage grove

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 12:24am FLAG
This is freaking disgusting, who thought the world was so screwed up?

MR3 Aug 22 2013 6:01pm FLAG
Hi pls kik this gurl melaniehelix shes 10

Aruak Aug 24 2013 11:15pm FLAG
im a bi dude im and my kik is samjak5kik me :)

samjak5 Aug 26 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Kik melaniehelix

Aruak Aug 28 2013 4:59pm FLAG
You have issues

Holden Miles Aug 31 2013 10:21pm FLAG
why should we kik melaniehelix?

Anonymous Aug 31 2013 11:17pm FLAG
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