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im an girl and i want and need to have sex

The Problem: okay so im an girl turnin on june i am bisexual and i really want to have sex i either want a girl to play with me with toys and lick my me like there is no tommorrow i hav not started my period so i gess its safe so if there are any girls or boys on here that live in delaware that are to giv me ur number ill give u mine u send me a pic of u ill send u a pic of me if we both like we can plan to meet sumwhere and have sex!! so hurry and reply !! :-P :-P

Asked by: bisexualgirl at 07:45:01 AM, Friday, June 03, 2011 PDT FLAG


umm... *speachless* bt i c where u commin from nd if i waz u i would use a condom cause even though u dnt hav u period it may b commin soon nd u could gt prego.

sexy babe hot mama jkjk nt conceded Jun 03 2011 2:54pm FLAG

bt your u mite nt really kno what u want bt when i was (turnin ) i wanted 2 gt rid of mine... nd i did nd i sorta regret it.

^ same person Jun 03 2011 2:57pm FLAG
thanx but im still really in me part use a condom i just really want to have sex i am almost

me Jun 03 2011 2:58pm FLAG
bisexual girl let tell you I am heading on the east coast very soon If you want A california guy to give you orgasms after orgasms call me 310 291 0279 I have a lot of expierence here's an example:I would give you A full feather message fpollowed by a coconut oil rub down especialy right between your slit.Then I will find your G spot deep inside your you deep with my c*ck and so while you cum I will cum and you will have many orgasms with me.Lets get together I'm A little older then you but I look good and have a lot of expierence sou all you will feel is good no pain.Call me or e mail me if you really want your first to be the 310-291-0279 Jun 03 2011 3:40pm FLAG
first of all tell me ur age cuz u sed u hav a lot of expeience and send me a pic of you my number is 302 242 9346 and ill send one of me to you but you hav to send a pic first and tell me how old u rand remember i live in delaware

me Jun 03 2011 3:51pm FLAG
I just called you i am A westcoast counter culture type guy and i can tell you this A young guy will just hurt you and you won't enjoy it. because he will ram it in you and get his nuts off older guy can hold his cum because it takes a girl longer to cum then a guy.So you want a guy with expierence so you can enjoy the sex trust me i know this I'm e mail me your Jun 03 2011 4:08pm FLAG
I just called you i am A westcoast counter culture type guy and i can tell you this A young guy will just hurt you and you won't enjoy it. because he will ram it in you and get his nuts off older guy can hold his cum because it takes a girl longer to cum then a guy.So you want a guy with expierence so you can enjoy the sex trust me i know this I'm e mail me your Jun 03 2011 4:08pm FLAG
wow r u like a... molester?

^ Jun 03 2011 4:18pm FLAG
um im good im too yung for that i just need satisfaction not all that plus i need sumone o and by the way that wuznt my real number cuz right wen u sed lots of experience i decided not srry maybe sumone else

me Jun 03 2011 4:22pm FLAG
no problem you will learn on your own that expierence is really happening. An I am not a molester just open minded.And if you only need satisfaction then you can learn how to masterbate your G spot.If you want lessens call or e mail Jun 03 2011 4:32pm FLAG
well then reply on this and tell me how to masturbate cuz remember im turnin in days so i need advice on how to do it correctly so if you know how to masurbate give me advvice on how to do it correctly

me Jun 03 2011 5:06pm FLAG
only if you will e mail I will tell you everything.on how to masterbate.You will be Jun 03 2011 5:13pm FLAG
and btw if you masterbat right it will feel way better the your first time with a young inexpierenced guy.Compared to an older guy now if you masterbate correctly (which A lot of girls and most girls your age don't know how to do)You will be expierencing the beginnings of what it will be like with an older guy. Jun 03 2011 5:22pm FLAG
just tell me on here im not aloud on my email because people keep hackin onto it so just tell me on here please

me Jun 03 2011 5:40pm FLAG
xD PEDOS THEY BE FUKIN U! Oh come on xD YOU LIKE THERE IS NO TOMARROW? o yus plz i cn do taht

taost Jun 03 2011 6:44pm FLAG
how old are you taost

bisexualgirl Jun 03 2011 7:08pm FLAG
If you really want to know I will tell you but you have to e mail me.You will not be diaspointed'and no I won't hack your E mail I don't know how to hack E mails.Really my true intention is to be your friend.I will not lie I am a sweet guy and if you want to know E mail me I will give you the info I promise girl you will be happy.No strings attached.I would like to be your by the way bisexualgirl You need eaither baby oil or cocanut oil I like cocanut oil and warm it up just a little you need to pour it on your making sure you get some in and around your cl*t. You will need to slowly work 2 fingers deep inside your vagina.To be continued when you E mail me. Jun 03 2011 7:26pm FLAG
i told u i cant people keep hakin my email and wont stop i just tried to go on and while i wuz on sumone hacked it please just tell me

bisexualgirl Jun 03 2011 7:34pm FLAG
Does she know what her Clit even is yet? xD

taost Jun 03 2011 7:44pm FLAG
Teaching girls how to masturbate well. Next can you explain how a guy can masturbate better? xD

taost Jun 03 2011 7:45pm FLAG
actually no i dont know what a Cll t is what is it

bisexualgirl Jun 03 2011 8:23pm FLAG
to send me a pic of ur dic 302 242 9346 i just want to see it cuz i am rite now and i am ridin in a car

bisexualgirl Jun 03 2011 8:34pm FLAG
jk that anet my cell #

bisexualgirl Jun 03 2011 8:55pm FLAG
give ur mail id reply on this send ur pics then i will send my pics

ranjuntarun Jun 03 2011 11:10pm FLAG
xD You dunno what the Clit is. I am pretty sure Mr. Pedo will explain.

taost Jun 03 2011 11:21pm FLAG what you are telling this child, (if she really is ) is illegal. you can go to prison for that. also for telling her you are heading the the east coast and telling her you will meet her is enough to arrest you for attempting to meet a for sex. have fun in prison. this post has been forwarded to the police. and any girl giving out their phone numbers on this or any other website is stupid. you dont know what kind of men are seeing it. they can use that phone number to trace you to where you live. they could be rapist or kidnappers or even murderers and you just told them how to find you. god why are people so stupid.

Anonymous Jun 03 2011 11:42pm FLAG
I wanna a puppy!

Lizzy Jun 04 2011 5:27am FLAG

the retards friend who posted this Jun 04 2011 7:15am FLAG
ODUD But, Pedo hasn't told us the story about "The Clit!" xD

taost Jun 04 2011 11:41am FLAG
well he duznt need to because that is just innapropiate so he is not telling us

the retards friend who posted this Jun 04 2011 12:11pm FLAG
BUT DUDE! D: I wanted to hear his long speach about what a Clit is xD I mean, for the fake little girl of course!

taost Jun 05 2011 2:02am FLAG
Cos I'm a dirty work myself who wants to the dead d*ck of a dog with rigamortis xD

taost Jun 05 2011 7:11am FLAG

taost Jun 05 2011 8:04am FLAG
i love wat ur saying taost :D

missplayboybunny Jun 05 2011 2:10pm FLAG
I love laughing at what the EIHC are saying xD

taost Jun 05 2011 6:55pm FLAG
wow shameful

lol Jun 06 2011 8:13am FLAG
poor taost (the nice one that says nice things )

missplayboybunny Jun 06 2011 8:20am FLAG
girl or bhabhi contact for real or phone sex

Anonymous Jun 10 2011 5:16am FLAG
hey im and ill heck you email me ar

Anonymous Jun 26 2011 7:15pm FLAG
OMG your mental you dont NEED s3x stupid!!im older then you and i dont NEED it! its not like your gonna die MORON! and you shouldnt be DOING IT AT anyway just touch yourself or something!!!

Crazy A Jun 28 2011 10:07am FLAG
Hey bisexuwal everything you said i like it but im like hrs away from you so email me. my email is and send me a pic to and u might just get ur wish :D

Michael G Jul 03 2011 9:17pm FLAG
And i have very little exp so yaeh..........

Michael G Jul 03 2011 9:19pm FLAG
my phone number is classified srry but i live in a place called Big Stone Gap ,VA so look it up hope ur reading this.

Michael G Jul 03 2011 9:26pm FLAG
actully dont by the way i can hack

Michael Grace Jul 03 2011 9:37pm FLAG
this is rotten? eugh sickens me

the invisible girl in the corner :L Jul 06 2011 8:17pm FLAG
nvm i dont want to any more

Michael Grace Jul 06 2011 10:10pm FLAG
D: You're ! You don't need s3x!

ThatPerson Jul 30 2011 4:12am FLAG
suck my d*ck

Anonymous Aug 03 2011 7:53pm FLAG
if u honry hmu on oovoo~ kyd_jayy or email ~ (GIRLS ONLY) imma

kyd_jayy Aug 04 2011 11:46am FLAG
These guys are just going to use you as a sex toy close this webpage now before more pesos see it but unlucky for you that you numbers already out there so it's a little late but still

A girl who knows better Aug 09 2011 3:22pm FLAG
do u have oovoo or skype? add me hugec*ck6.5

huge c*ck Aug 22 2011 11:22am FLAG
Please don't just... STOP! your see a doctor for your own safety having sex can kill you when your that young!

Hank Jan 07 2012 4:52pm FLAG
hey little lady well aren't you cute I wouldn't mind sticking my c**k up yours

sex_makeroyeah! Jan 07 2012 4:58pm FLAG
its a ing retarted

god fucing damet Jan 19 2012 3:44pm FLAG
I am in the same situation I am , have started my period, and I have a boyfriend who I really wanna have sex with!!!! Help!!!!! What do I do??! :/

Embarrassed :$ Mar 19 2012 10:25am FLAG
U better hook up wit me 07068279364

Lawlre Apr 19 2012 8:01am FLAG
30600783 text me I'm a hot boy

Me May 28 2012 7:38pm FLAG
Haha I gave you a fake phone number my real is 240 893 7689

Me May 28 2012 7:40pm FLAG
Bitch ass homo predator stop trying to molest kids dumb ass or I'll call the cops

The cop May 28 2012 7:43pm FLAG
30600783 text me I'm a hot boy

Me May 28 2012 7:43pm FLAG
If you want to have sex that bad then do it and stop giving out your phone bro you stupid ? I wouldnt be surprised if you get raped tmm.

Yourmom Aug 18 2012 10:18pm FLAG
y'all stupid

Gunshot Nov 13 2012 2:44pm FLAG
Add me if you have email is supper horrny

A guy Nov 17 2012 9:45am FLAG
wow lol this is ing silly :/

the looking for ***** s on the internet a Nov 22 2012 2:33pm FLAG

awesome person Nov 25 2012 5:36am FLAG

awesome person Nov 25 2012 5:37am FLAG
Woowh that's all bad

Anonymous Nov 25 2012 9:52pm FLAG
my number is 8638518 im and i have the same problem as u but call me at 8.20pm

david Nov 28 2012 8:18pm FLAG
u stupid bitch i gave u the wrong number 02102598574

david Nov 28 2012 8:26pm FLAG
I'm with a 6pack & a big d*ck my # is 50346296

Horny guy Dec 28 2012 2:54am FLAG
um*speachless* im as old as you my name christian call me chirs i can help you with tat

chirs Jan 14 2013 12:52am FLAG
ok its me agin my number is 62319or 62819

chris Jan 14 2013 12:54am FLAG
one more ting um i like your name and if you want sex just reply

chris Jan 14 2013 12:58am FLAG
im n i realy want to have sex uh but i live in virginia ill b soon but id realy like to get some in me i had my period 3 times now so u would have to use a condom but yea if any -s want me to fuk u real hard trust me ill make u never forget this sex ;) c===3

ally Feb 14 2013 10:50am FLAG
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Miguel Mar 05 2013 9:50pm FLAG
Sorry I ment to say am hit me up age only okay 9-549-39hurry 3-5-

Miguel Mar 05 2013 9:51pm FLAG
Oh wow why do all of you got bad grammer? Please spell better and after she said this was fake please leave the kid alone

CrazyLady Mar 07 2013 10:41pm FLAG
Having sex won't kill you

Advice Mar 07 2013 10:42pm FLAG
U can get aids or std and die!!!!! U can mess up your vagina and it will ruin ur life and it's illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Safebb101 Mar 17 2013 6:18pm FLAG
just stick your finger inside you and move it in and out very fast it dont feel like the real s3x but close enough

horneychicky Mar 21 2013 3:59pm FLAG
I don't know what to do I'm 7 and I want to hump something me and my friend do all the time but she rarely comes over what can I hump in my house

Random Mar 29 2013 9:15am FLAG
Ok if you really want a d*ck on your vigina don't try anything sharp use something smooth as if a cucumber but clean it really good don't try to stick a banana in there it will just get infected but this is if you are -18

Advice Mar 29 2013 12:50pm FLAG
I am I think 302-598-3247

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SexyBoy x May 22 2013 3:33pm FLAG

Hello, i'm from Ohio. I would like to have sex with you but not sure . . . Reply if interested!

Jason Collins May 31 2013 6:03pm FLAG
WTF u r 2 fcking young. What the hell is wrong wid u. U so fcking desperate u not even worried a bit about gettin a disease. Get yo damn life in order

James dat uh kid miller Jun 05 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Stupid ass bitch ass bitch. Bisexual slut sleep with yo momma or brother.

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You really got sum .

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ROHIT Jun 08 2013 3:05am FLAG
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im and want to have sex but i do finger myself but i want to have an orgazom so wheres my g spot and how do i get at it with my shot fingers

abby the sexyone Jun 16 2013 8:50pm FLAG
I'm eleven I want sex too I haven't started my period yet.I have confirmed myself a lot and stick so many things in my I lots count so I'm used to having something in me I don't live near u but I live in Indiana. I don't have a Gmail account but if u give me your phone number we can work something out. Oh and I am a girl

girl who wants sex bad Jun 24 2013 8:10pm FLAG
post above me whats your num im interested imm

trippyc Jun 25 2013 3:04am FLAG
omg stop people i mean well im a girl and who likes me

awsome girl Jun 25 2013 5:54pm FLAG
never mind wrong post sorry ignore that message

awsome girl Jun 25 2013 5:57pm FLAG
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I am a boy my name is somya i also wanted sex so u can all me and whoso ever will take the phone tell them u are my friend only but we will do sex u can call me

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Ian Jul 23 2013 5:20pm FLAG
I am calling the cops you are all molesters I bet this was a joke you all are stupid for giving your info out people can track it you stupid people you all need help (physical and mental)

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i want to also but not legal

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you are all perverts

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Hey girl I'm Horny ass HELL I will out of you I can already cum and in

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U girls probably havent even started puberty yet and cant handle a real d*ck. is way too young for sex

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And dont even have hair on ur yet either

a real boy Aug 17 2013 4:15pm FLAG
I also want to have sex I am also but I would like to have sex with a boy cuz I am a girl

Efrona Aug 22 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Wher do you live

Dawson Aug 24 2013 11:00am FLAG
Well time to post spread this all over the internet!

Mr.Troll Sep 01 2013 2:03am FLAG
If you really really want to then just mastrubate yourself. You are too young to be so slaggy so stop dreaming about shagging men.

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Give me your number if u still want to I I'm turning and want to have sex I'm a boy

Anonymous Dec 31 2013 1:25am FLAG
omfg. HAHAHAHA THIS IS THE FUNNIEST POST EVER. totes posting it on Facebook.

A.T. M Jan 01 2014 2:53am FLAG
Just be careful. Ok? If guys or girls pose as a , they might be a 53 year old. They could kidnap and rape you. Or maybe even kill you. You souldn't post things like this because this is where pedofiles go to find vunarble children to prey on. If you do end up having sex, make sure the guy wears a condo m and be careful. I don't want to watch the news and see that a girl matching your description has been kidnapped. Anyway, its your like so do wutever the you want. Its safer to buy a dildo or something.

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You guys spelling is crap.

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what little

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Ummm this conversation was hilarious but all of you are under age now if you can find a partner near you but if you cant just stop talking aboit it technically this exchanging of phone numbers is illegal if its for you know what so please stop

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