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The Problem: UHH IM SO HORNEY! I wanna have sex so bad right now! Yah im ...but I could care less! HMU (;

Asked by: HorneyTeen at 11:01:56 AM, Friday, June 03, 2011 PDT FLAG


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bisexualgirl Jun 03 2011 6:10pm FLAG


Horney**** Jun 03 2011 6:16pm FLAG
OH HI U A HO? o yus i wnt to hav sex so bd rite nao, i like, wil fuk a peeec oft taost

taost Jun 03 2011 6:41pm FLAG

H0rn3h4Lyf3 Jun 03 2011 6:48pm FLAG

taost Jun 03 2011 6:49pm FLAG

H0rn3h4Lyf3 Jun 03 2011 6:54pm FLAG

taost Jun 03 2011 6:55pm FLAG
YUS, HOT THREESOME... I like. ;]

H0rn3h4Lyf3 Jun 03 2011 6:59pm FLAG

taost Jun 03 2011 6:59pm FLAG

H0rn3h4Lyf3 Jun 03 2011 7:03pm FLAG
Dude, you ruined it xD Now they will US TO DEATH! xD

taost Jun 03 2011 7:03pm FLAG

EIHC Impersonator :P Jun 03 2011 7:05pm FLAG

blue waffle Jun 03 2011 7:06pm FLAG
/dies HAPPY?! ^-^

EIHC Impersonator :P Jun 03 2011 7:08pm FLAG

blue waffle Jun 03 2011 7:08pm FLAG
But the faggots are dead! ^-^

! Aaron ! Jun 03 2011 7:10pm FLAG
Thank fuking god xD

taost Jun 03 2011 7:10pm FLAG

H0rn3h4Lyf3 Jun 03 2011 7:12pm FLAG

0MN0M 0N 4 PU55Y Jun 03 2011 7:13pm FLAG
O lookie! It's mai 8 year-old friend! XD

H0rn3h4Lyf3 Jun 03 2011 7:16pm FLAG
O yeh! 8 yer oldz are fun ;)

0MN0M 0N 4 PU55Y Jun 03 2011 7:17pm FLAG
oh i live in delaware darn

bisexualgirl Jun 03 2011 7:20pm FLAG
Now I am everywhere.

BEN Jun 03 2011 7:21pm FLAG
BEN! Are you finally done haunting Jasudable? XD

! Aaron ! Jun 03 2011 7:34pm FLAG
No I am ing your toaster.

BEN Jun 03 2011 7:35pm FLAG
So that's why it's rattling. XD BEN... U r gai XD

Anonymous Jun 03 2011 7:41pm FLAG
fo shizzle

BEN Jun 03 2011 7:42pm FLAG
you need a nice older mans penis to please you and make your vagina feel better. an older man can fill your vagina with lots and lots of sperm.

older guy Jun 03 2011 11:37pm FLAG
I puppies

Winning Jun 04 2011 4:58am FLAG
I am Eihc muhahahahaha

! Aaron ! Jun 04 2011 5:00am FLAG
I want to a dead dogs d*ck!

taost Jun 05 2011 7:13am FLAG
I'm in London. All u peeps r American. I need to fk a girl rightttteeeeee now. I'm gonnnnnaaaaa explode

Anonymous Jun 15 2011 1:22pm FLAG
I'm in London. All u peeps r American. I need to fk a girl rightttteeeeee now. I'm gonnnnnaaaaa explode

Anonymous Jun 15 2011 1:29pm FLAG

shes a SLUT hes a d*ck what am i xD Jun 15 2011 10:28pm FLAG
**** my at 541 324 5081 im a guy or email me at

wako Jun 22 2011 10:47pm FLAG
a bur i am land kumar aya tere dar pe land kumar de de bur de

ing girl Jun 23 2011 5:37am FLAG
Horney**** should email me at

Horny maserati Jun 27 2011 11:57pm FLAG
why not? You'll be a courpse one day so get your little all smashed up. Even a priest would back me up on this one.

eliskcage Aug 04 2011 12:43pm FLAG
Are y'all in east point

Qj Nov 26 2011 10:24pm FLAG
Anybody from Sydney australia

HORNYKUNT Dec 27 2011 6:55am FLAG
I'm boy and I need to ing heck u as much as I could email me

david Feb 08 2012 8:02am FLAG
I can u very hard I'm with a big d*ck

your lover Mar 25 2012 7:34am FLAG
Shyd I'm wit a big d*ck for ya wats ur numba

Sex machine Apr 01 2012 2:32pm FLAG
Ohhh I'm a girl Fromm London who wants to cumm and eat out my wet

Xxlouuu Apr 09 2012 4:34pm FLAG
Ohhh I'm a girl Fromm London who wants to cumm and eat out my wet

Xxlouuu Apr 09 2012 4:34pm FLAG
Maybe you guys should yourselfs because you can't get a girlfriend in real life get a life or go suck your moms c*ck

Trollzor Apr 15 2012 9:34pm FLAG
Maybe you guys should yourselfs because you can't get a girlfriend in real life get a life or go suck your moms c*ck

Trollzor Apr 15 2012 9:34pm FLAG
I'm a boy who wants to a girl wat yo numba my numba is 225 65221

Bigd*ck22 May 05 2012 6:33pm FLAG
I'm a boy and ready to .hit me up if your down girls

eater May 12 2012 10:25pm FLAG
Yea phone number is 589-5730 hit me up

eater May 12 2012 10:28pm FLAG
Yea phone number is 589-5730 hit me up

eater May 12 2012 10:28pm FLAG
ill any girl in oklahoma

big d*ck May 17 2012 9:28pm FLAG
ill any girl in oklahoma

big d*ck May 17 2012 9:28pm FLAG
anyone in middlesex (essex) hit me up at 254-2104

my hecking **** May 19 2012 6:46pm FLAG
any girl in middlesex (essex) hit me up at 254-2104

my hecking **** May 19 2012 6:48pm FLAG
whos single ready to fuc

terrenceer May 20 2012 4:35pm FLAG
singles ready to fck

terrencehecker May 20 2012 4:37pm FLAG
whats your number

aa May 22 2012 11:01pm FLAG
ring me if u want to 074469392 xxxxxxxxxxx

corey ........... Jun 05 2012 5:19am FLAG
i m boy and wnt to a gud luking girl

yash Jun 08 2012 6:19am FLAG
hey im a dude i need a girl me up 054282901

Anonymous Jun 08 2012 9:45pm FLAG
i meant hit me up 054282901

Anonymous Jun 08 2012 9:46pm FLAG
hey im a dude i need a girl me up 054282901

Anonymous Jun 08 2012 9:48pm FLAG
hy girls my c*ck is still waiting 4 a girl dat can satisfy him...

yash Jun 15 2012 6:39am FLAG
Hey I'm a dude and I want to get Down and dirty hit me up at 28236500

tristan Jun 23 2012 3:47pm FLAG
Hey I'm a dude and I want to get Down and dirty hit me up at 28236500

tristan Jun 23 2012 3:47pm FLAG
any hot to girls call me for a date and maybe more my email is

the saint from saints row Jun 25 2012 1:27am FLAG
any hot to girls call me for a date and maybe more my email is

the saint from saints row Jun 25 2012 1:27am FLAG
any hot to girls call me for a date and maybe more my email is

the saint from saints row Jun 25 2012 1:27am FLAG
any hot to girls call me for a date and maybe more my email is

the saint from saints row Jun 25 2012 1:27am FLAG
Any girls hmu at 70359558 ;)

LBJ Jul 04 2012 11:50am FLAG

lesbian er Jul 09 2012 9:22pm FLAG
Hey imgoing on ready to by hecked anytime ,yes imma girl..

doll Jul 11 2012 6:22pm FLAG
Hey I'm a guy here's my # girls ONLY 34087837

Sexy guy 31 Jul 12 2012 2:35am FLAG
Hi I'm and want to a girl so bad if you want to text or send pics my number is 401 594 3554

Horny boy Jul 12 2012 7:50am FLAG
evry one like me im

Jonathan sharp Jul 17 2012 1:19am FLAG
Oh i wana u 9"

Jonathan sharp Jul 17 2012 1:21am FLAG
I want to heck u u hottie i am and looking for some fun

Kyle fox Jul 17 2012 1:26am FLAG
Send pics to 24949

Jonathan sharp Jul 17 2012 1:28am FLAG
If u want to send pics or txt 5018604569 is the number

Kyle fox Jul 17 2012 1:29am FLAG
Me iwant want to 2 does any 1 live in seattle

hotjack Jul 21 2012 9:38am FLAG
Hot jack's a fagit that sucks c*ck

Jonathan sharp Jul 23 2012 9:54pm FLAG
any one n arkansas want to a with a big 9' in d*ck send pics to 50186049.

big d*ck Jul 23 2012 9:58pm FLAG
any one n arkansas want to a with a big 9' in d*ck send pics to 50186049.

big d*ck Jul 23 2012 9:58pm FLAG
I wana hot jack

Jonathan sharp Jul 23 2012 9:59pm FLAG
big d*ck

Hot jack Jul 23 2012 10:01pm FLAG
And i et big d*ckes mom

Hot jack Jul 23 2012 10:03pm FLAG
And big d*ck is a fagit

Hot jack Jul 23 2012 10:05pm FLAG
hot jack if u want a real d*ck then txt

big d*ck Jul 23 2012 10:06pm FLAG
and i mean lades not hot jack

big d*ck Jul 23 2012 10:09pm FLAG
If u wana hard inteel u die of big d*ck dazes

Jonathan sharp Jul 23 2012 10:09pm FLAG
If u wana hard inteel u die of big d*ck dazes

Jonathan sharp Jul 23 2012 10:09pm FLAG
u hot jack and ur d*ck socking self

Jonathan sharp Jul 23 2012 10:14pm FLAG
u hot jack and ur d*ck socking self

Jonathan sharp Jul 23 2012 10:14pm FLAG
I wana u

9"d*ck Jul 23 2012 10:17pm FLAG
I wana u

9"d*ck Jul 23 2012 10:17pm FLAG
9" more like 9 millimeters if u r luky

big d*ck Jul 23 2012 10:20pm FLAG
I wana that ther**** yer old gril on her

9" d*ck Jul 23 2012 10:30pm FLAG
hey i want to

big d*ck Jul 23 2012 10:55pm FLAG
Are u gay becase u sond like it fagit

Hot jack Jul 23 2012 11:03pm FLAG
What up im reddy for live acthinn whith a thar**** yer old gril i live in traskwood arkansas at 22

9" d*ck Jul 23 2012 11:06pm FLAG
hey hot jackoff i want not d*ck

big bick Jul 23 2012 11:08pm FLAG
U like d*ck

Hot jack Jul 23 2012 11:13pm FLAG
U lick d*ck big d*ck

Hot jack Jul 23 2012 11:14pm FLAG
no but i shure love .

big d*ck Jul 23 2012 11:17pm FLAG
U are a fagit hot jack

9"d*ck Jul 23 2012 11:18pm FLAG
I wana u big d*ck

Hot jack Jul 24 2012 10:54am FLAG
to bad i am straight i told u i love not d*ck

big d*ck Jul 24 2012 11:26am FLAG
hey i ama boy not a girl tht was my fagg brother who posted i am a girl

big d*ck Jul 24 2012 11:35am FLAG
hey doll u should give me a call.50186049 i will eat u out all night

big d*ck Jul 24 2012 11:47am FLAG
Hay doll u redy to git lad text 24949

9"d*ck Jul 24 2012 1:11pm FLAG
Big d*ck u still on her

9" d*ck Jul 24 2012 1:55pm FLAG
call me 50186049

big d*ck Jul 24 2012 7:47pm FLAG
Hay if ther are eny grils out ther reddy to call me at 24949

9" d*ck Jul 24 2012 8:21pm FLAG
omfg someone call me or txt me i am boy and i am .my number is 50186049.

big d*ck Jul 24 2012 10:00pm FLAG
i guess hot jack aint got nutn ta sa

big d*ck Jul 25 2012 7:32pm FLAG
I am I want a bl*wj*b and anal from a girl

Anomaly Jul 27 2012 2:12am FLAG
wow how does tht work

big d*ck Jul 28 2012 9:47pm FLAG
wat the give me ur numb GIRLS ONLY!!!!

big d*ck Jul 29 2012 10:36pm FLAG
Want to me any day!!!!

Awesome man Jul 30 2012 1:46am FLAG
Want to me any day!!!!

Awesome man Jul 30 2012 1:46am FLAG
Phone number is 248 528 32 in Troy, Michigan east long lake 94 I'm ready to have sex

Awesome man Jul 30 2012 3:43am FLAG
Send me a picture

Awesome man Jul 30 2012 3:46am FLAG
leve ur number

big d*ck Jul 30 2012 1:48pm FLAG
awsom man if u want a real d*ck leve ur number for big d*ck

big d*ck Jul 30 2012 6:51pm FLAG
and i mean for the ladies not awsom man

big d*ck Jul 30 2012 6:52pm FLAG
Any Ladies Ready To OR sUMN

Huge Ass d*ck Aug 05 2012 3:21pm FLAG
looking for replay ifnu want to with pics or text

Anonymous Aug 05 2012 9:54pm FLAG
i wanna be hecked soo hard im girl anyone email me at

stacy Aug 06 2012 6:28am FLAG
hey babe im now and i want to ,find me in Cyprus in nicosia if you want to PM with me find me in facebook Andross Coll

ANdrosfromCyprus Aug 06 2012 7:25am FLAG
Andross Cool*

ANdrosfromCyprus Aug 06 2012 7:25am FLAG
hey stacy u hot? call me at 504949

9"d*ck Aug 06 2012 6:01pm FLAG
Hey girl me I'm not one of some of the losers that are fat and can't get a girl Wink*

Rip Aug 07 2012 9:51am FLAG
Thisnis funny most of these are guy post of ing eachother gay tsk tsp tsp ima tell ur mama!!!

Mama Aug 07 2012 9:54am FLAG
i am boy my yahoo is add me girl

xwhite Aug 12 2012 1:17pm FLAG
Corpus cristi texas male ready for a buddy

jake Aug 17 2012 6:56pm FLAG
wassup girl im eny girl wana bang 2098186771

skaterkid Aug 19 2012 5:20pm FLAG
Any girls from London email me at

Kristian Aug 22 2012 11:38am FLAG
I'm in ga i'm ready to hot girls

Evan Sep 07 2012 1:59pm FLAG
Where in ohio do you live. i might live near you

Stylen51 Sep 16 2012 9:17am FLAG
I am up for anything except a guy not gay but any one els Wana bang

Chodmater Sep 17 2012 1:10am FLAG
what lol

Anonymous Sep 17 2012 10:27pm FLAG
im i live in salina im a girl im lez im wanna get heck anybody!? email

Anonympous Sep 19 2012 9:19pm FLAG
im . im a guy straight, i got a 7 inch d*ck, no lie. i live in wisconsin. im super . any girls out there that r interested plz say

Anonymous Sep 24 2012 12:20pm FLAG
I am and ready to if anybody is here

sexyswag Sep 24 2012 6:57pm FLAG
were do u live sexyswag? p.s im the one that posted above ur comment

Mark Sep 26 2012 5:09pm FLAG
Any girl live in austin? Im a real man looking for a good time. Hit me up at 200-9267

Mcjt Sep 26 2012 8:52pm FLAG
i wanna have sex im

gurl Sep 28 2012 4:27pm FLAG
anybody wanna .

mark Sep 28 2012 6:28pm FLAG
Hit me up

Mcjr Sep 28 2012 10:21pm FLAG
any girl in virginia wanna

Anonymous Oct 04 2012 1:05pm FLAG
anyone one wanna heck me i live in welingbourough england?

Anonymous Oct 08 2012 10:46am FLAG
Anyone ljve in ohio thats a girl?

aaron Oct 14 2012 1:05pm FLAG
Any girls wana trade pictures of my d*ck

HornyDarron Oct 16 2012 2:22pm FLAG
i wana lick and suck all the girls here btw im

HornyDarron Oct 16 2012 2:23pm FLAG
and 1 thing I AM NOT A GAY PEDO no offense pedos

Anonymous Oct 16 2012 2:50pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 16 2012 2:52pm FLAG
i am i am a guy straight and willing to do anything i wanna get hecked i am a punker i have a blonde mowhawk i live in medford over by north and i have condemns so yeah text me if u want we can exchange some pics if u'd like i've got 8 inches goin on 9

thunder puss Oct 18 2012 7:11pm FLAG
my number is 541-621-76

thunder puss Oct 18 2012 7:15pm FLAG
hey . my number is 804 867 7880

me Oct 20 2012 8:09am FLAG
anonymous i live in virginia too . plez hmu !

me Oct 20 2012 8:15am FLAG
i you want video sex look for

sergio Oct 20 2012 2:17pm FLAG
i liv in traskwood arkansas eny one wana GRILS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

9" d*ck Oct 20 2012 2:44pm FLAG
as many as u want

unknown Oct 27 2012 8:12pm FLAG
i can get anyone any girl they want right now text me up (guy with any wish u want)

wish master Oct 27 2012 10:39pm FLAG
text me! (306)281-86

wish master Oct 27 2012 10:42pm FLAG
I'm a guy any girls wanna

Anonymous Oct 30 2012 5:20pm FLAG
im 69 i have a 2 inch d*ck and a big ass . am i a guy or a girl

Anonymous Nov 02 2012 2:50pm FLAG
Anyone in fremont california wanna .cuz I do.

anonymous Nov 03 2012 9:53am FLAG
Anyone in fremont california.ima lookin for some tight that I can jus pound for an hour.:P

anonymous 3 Nov 03 2012 9:55am FLAG
If u live in fremont california leave me ur number like this.(name) (***)***-**** anonymous 3

anonymous $ Nov 03 2012 9:59am FLAG
Leave me ur number and ill call you or txt u.GIRLS ONLY.PLZ I JUS WANNA

anonymous 3 Nov 03 2012 10:04am FLAG
Damn someone leave me a number

anonymous 3 Nov 03 2012 1:16pm FLAG
Im and my d*ck is 5" long ;) any1 want it

Mark Nov 10 2012 10:03am FLAG
Who want to go out with me

mario Nov 13 2012 9:10pm FLAG
you should send me some pics of your . im too.

me Nov 14 2012 7:50pm FLAG
I'm and baby I would take you on a journey. Wanna ?

Jillian Nov 18 2012 5:17am FLAG
I want to Is fun but d*ck is better im text me I'll text you on a journey<3 (267)-961-4376

Jillian Nov 18 2012 5:20am FLAG

Anonymous Nov 20 2012 12:19pm FLAG
I'm and want to see some wet ! Girls email me at If u send me pics of ur I send my big d*ck

The guy Nov 23 2012 11:13am FLAG
Ya'll are making me so ! I am feeling my cl*t and rubbing it and feeling my tits as if some of u boys are doing it! I am a petite blonde with blue eyes. And i'm ! I cant give out personal info but if you want to say sexy hott things turn me on say it on here so i can see and answer!

Anonymous Nov 23 2012 3:11pm FLAG
Do u know anyone in Washington that I can !

Horny girl Nov 24 2012 2:32am FLAG
ya im in maryland were you at? and ya im a guy but im not going to yalk to you about other

maxsteel59 Nov 25 2012 3:24pm FLAG
my number is 410230im free all the time text me when you want

maxsteel59 Nov 25 2012 3:27pm FLAG
Here u go. ;D 18184343438. Someone send me ur c*cks.

Anni Nov 25 2012 8:42pm FLAG
ok who called me call me again

maxsteel59 Nov 25 2012 8:46pm FLAG
hay anni call me

maxsteel59 Nov 25 2012 9:04pm FLAG
Email me girls im btw ;)

Anonymous Nov 26 2012 3:06pm FLAG
I live in Washington anyone wanna hook up

Jojo Nov 27 2012 9:34pm FLAG
Anyone wanna hook up I live in Washington my number is 4258769483

Jojo Nov 27 2012 9:36pm FLAG
my name is jake and my number is 730825hit me up girls

flash Nov 30 2012 11:59am FLAG
Your all a bunch of heads

heads Nov 30 2012 9:56pm FLAG
Quit playn im the lord Of big c*cks sex n eatin puusys

ninja Dec 03 2012 2:37am FLAG
I am a dude who wants to have sex for the first time I am white and I live in south Africa add me on my bbm my pin is 23A005E3 ppppppppplllllllllllssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A boy Dec 05 2012 1:15am FLAG
Someone should close this site

C Dec 07 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Someone should hit me up (girls) so I can lick ur and u can suck my c*ck, i'm , and a guy

master Dec 07 2012 7:13pm FLAG
Email me at i have a 7" d*ck and im in sterling virginia email me if you wanna GIRLS ONLY

The big c*ck Dec 09 2012 4:43pm FLAG
im a yr old guy and n I live in OH

Bond's Revenge Dec 13 2012 4:55pm FLAG
lol, he's my cousin, im a guy and , im in illinois

SCEPTRE Dec 13 2012 4:58pm FLAG
you can email me at

SCEPTRE Dec 13 2012 5:01pm FLAG
London 27ae5a

Anonymous Dec 16 2012 11:27am FLAG
Im && live in seattle . hmu !

Isis Dec 18 2012 12:36am FLAG
hey blonde with blue eyes you in arizona

mickeytp Dec 18 2012 10:23pm FLAG
I'm and wanna have sex I'm in Fresno email is

Anonymous Dec 19 2012 7:24pm FLAG
By the way in a straight guy same person as the one above

Anonymous Dec 19 2012 7:25pm FLAG
ill heck any girls i am

mickeytp Dec 19 2012 9:31pm FLAG
I need a boy who lives in okahoma ponca city i am and want a big d*ck

martha Dec 20 2012 1:50am FLAG
anyone wanna

martha Dec 20 2012 1:54am FLAG
i am live in cali. a guy lookin for grirls to have sex my num. is 1 (209) 259 2744

Jimmy Dec 21 2012 11:31am FLAG
Who wants to a girl boyshmu 5803045767

Oklahomagirl Dec 22 2012 2:51pm FLAG
Hey any girls out there looking for a good time?

Big c*ck Dec 22 2012 11:39pm FLAG
I wanna I'm yr old girl, any guys in NC

Abc Dec 23 2012 1:30pm FLAG
any girls in poncacity okahoma wanting to have sex with a yearold boy

cole Dec 27 2012 2:29am FLAG
hello okahomagirl I don't have a phone but you could find me in poncacity n oak st by liberty schoolthe house with the nissann

cole Dec 27 2012 2:39am FLAG
hi cole I live in ponca city too if wanna get togther find me on 2cd st near overbrook

martha Dec 27 2012 2:44am FLAG
ok I will what house will I be looking for on 2st

cole Dec 27 2012 2:47am FLAG
a green house

martha Dec 27 2012 2:48am FLAG
ok what time

cole Dec 27 2012 2:52am FLAG
at :00am when parents are not home

martha Dec 27 2012 2:53am FLAG
stand outside so I can see you when I am walking down the street

cole Dec 27 2012 2:55am FLAG
any girls in michigan

Anonymous Dec 27 2012 1:20pm FLAG
A girl write a number down so i can text a girl a pic of my penis and they can tell me if its big enough or not

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 5:44am FLAG
I live in queensland in woodride if anyone wanna im here

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 5:45am FLAG
Cleveland ohio let's

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 6:32pm FLAG
Cleveland ohio let's . I am a bad boy

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 6:33pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 6:34pm FLAG
18184343438 call me I want to talk to a guy that is funny. And if I like u send me a pic of u :)

Anni Dec 28 2012 8:21pm FLAG
looking for nice and fine *ss girl in ware

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 9:18pm FLAG
Stranger danger u probably don't wanna put your # on here, hopefully it's safe.

Simone Dec 31 2012 5:33pm FLAG
K I'm yr old Girl in pretty cool so all should listen to this : just trying to be mature. (condemn pills don't work your pregnant sometimes, boy a father. IF YoUr Then By The Time Baby Is Born U R Adult n don't have to worry bout parents......... Ect but being All kissy touchy young ok/ close to sex as long as ( car dont park in the garage) all cool

Suggestion Dec 31 2012 6:12pm FLAG
Jk yr # cool on here as long as yr not a guy in with a guy vice versa. Nasty nasty. Be cool n straight.

Mo'z kool grl Dec 31 2012 6:58pm FLAG
I need someone to / me first and I will send pic first (I'm I live in windsor ny I only want 10-yr olds)my number is 1-(607)-221-9384 BOYS OR GIRLS ANY TYPE OF GENDER

me Jan 03 2013 1:14pm FLAG
me (I'm a guy) ;) 1(951)2895234 [only girls] I'll send you some pics c;

Exoticboy Jan 07 2013 6:38pm FLAG
Anyone looking to heck? I'm with a 6.5 inch c*ck in NY, send me a text if you are interested 19-2-8471

Marc Jan 07 2013 7:13pm FLAG
im with a big c*ck text if you want to (girls only)077984634

4 ever Jan 08 2013 1:18pm FLAG
any girls from michigan

Anonymous Jan 18 2013 2:32pm FLAG
hey, any girls wanna trade pics with me, im i got a 7 inch d*ck thats perfect, iv been called hot and sexy many times, all girls and up should call me on kik, my kik is mark353 i hope i can c ur face and tities ;)

mark 353 Jan 28 2013 4:15pm FLAG
Abc I'm from SC email me we can meet up

Anonymous Jan 28 2013 8:41pm FLAG
lookin for a houston texas girl

Anonymous Feb 15 2013 1:33pm FLAG
the last one was from me and imand a boy

steve Feb 17 2013 8:54am FLAG
Girls add me on Kik I'm a 18 year old Aussie keen as haha marto7

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 4:28am FLAG

deontay Feb 20 2013 1:57pm FLAG
Hi Your So Horny I Have A Big C*ck

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 11:57pm FLAG
A really big d*ck so where do you live? If you have an email address then send me an email at Saying yes or no?

Jacob Feb 23 2013 2:51am FLAG
i have a big d*ck and want to ... im . my email is where do u live?

Anonymous Feb 23 2013 12:44pm FLAG
any girl in saco maine?

Samuel Archibald Feb 25 2013 1:56pm FLAG
any hot guy wamt to f a hot petite girl like me let me know and leave your phone numbers please ill give u the best blow job youve ever had i just turned on sat 2 cum on u no u want it now

the sexyest f***ing girl on earth Feb 27 2013 4:59am FLAG
the sexyest f***ing girl on earth: i will f you give me your phone number and we can work something out;-) or do u already have a boyfriend

the one Feb 27 2013 2:13pm FLAG
i already have a boy friend i am just not =the sexyest girl on earth that my friend

not ur girl Feb 27 2013 2:20pm FLAG
then who is your boyfriend

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 2:21pm FLAG
i am telling u because... i even bet u r not as nice as him and my friend would end up lonely again so back off

not ur girl Feb 27 2013 2:24pm FLAG
wow slow down i just want to get to know you and f you sometime when yo boy isnt looking so whats his name and ill tell him yo guys is breaking up

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 2:27pm FLAG

THIS IS AN ALL CAPS RAGE!!!!! Feb 27 2013 2:38pm FLAG
yeah yeah i get it i will leave you and the rest of them alone (call me)

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 2:41pm FLAG

THIS IS A ALL CAPS RAGE SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 27 2013 2:45pm FLAG
ok bye you wont hear from me again

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 2:47pm FLAG
I BETTER NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jerk

WTF is happening here????

Pretty Chick Mar 01 2013 2:43pm FLAG
hey pretty chick

steve Mar 01 2013 6:54pm FLAG
Hey, Steve...

Pretty Chick Mar 01 2013 8:22pm FLAG
I really need to have sex because there is no one that will Please give me it I live in Minnesota I am a guy and very I like girls

Vamps22 Mar 05 2013 1:26pm FLAG
Im and im ready to

devin Mar 05 2013 7:20pm FLAG
Im and im a guy, live in pennsylvania and im ready to have sex! Hmu!

pink panda! Mar 05 2013 7:23pm FLAG
looking for a chick to my # is 5093038573

Anonymous Mar 06 2013 11:39pm FLAG
who here goes to bethune middle school

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 1:57pm FLAG
whats ur number pretty chick

steve Mar 09 2013 12:53pm FLAG
i want to to and i am

oscar avalos Mar 09 2013 2:15pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 3:05pm FLAG
iiddkk any more u kids are fails:`/

HAHAHAHA Mar 12 2013 11:59am FLAG
I wish to have sex with you ba by when we are starting

Luis Daniel Mar 13 2013 9:17pm FLAG
anyone in sydney wanting to ? kik me at hey_beautiful3 :) we'll see what happens from there on :) im and m btw

Anonymous Mar 15 2013 4:36am FLAG
my number 1-773-680-2470 #girls only I'm live in da chi and I'm BDK my line any time wit a thug d*ck

Ya boy Mar 16 2013 5:01pm FLAG
Im not a pedo or anything, i just realy like ****age girls & up, sexy young vixens that i can satisfy in very x-rated ways, hit me up, taboo_state_of_mind (a) yahoo! Oh, and im 28, white guy in Tennessee

dirty,dirty boy Mar 17 2013 9:19pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 18 2013 3:34pm FLAG
dirty dirty boy give me your number im a girl ready for you to satisfy me in every way...................mabey you could eat me out

Anonymous Mar 18 2013 3:38pm FLAG
someone down to im a yearold girl so horney give me numbers :)

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Give me numbers so I can talk;)

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texas how about you

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im a boy i box and skateboard i am 5'7 i am dirty blonde and blue eyes and will any girl on fb

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Steve, what do you look like? I'm hoping for a hot ass guy.

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i tall and fit what do u look like

steve Mar 25 2013 3:32pm FLAG
and hot what do u look like pretty chick

steve Mar 25 2013 3:40pm FLAG
u still on pretty chick

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I'm tan but not too tan. And I guess short, but not really really short. My hair is a brown color, it has natural highlights and my hair has a mixture of red in it. My eyes are hazel. Boys always have crushes on me.

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who wants to fb me i will send first pic

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cool can i have ur number so we can text or pretty chick

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Yes definitely, I would feel much better.

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What do you look like Pretty Chick? How old are you?

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I am light tan and have hazel eyes and I'm kind of short and I have brown hair, I have natural highlights. Also I'm .

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I am , heavyset (thick but strong, with broad shoulders). I respect women, but can really show them how to orgasm. ;)

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hi! im emily fromm way ealier on here... im srry if u've tried to txt me...i lost all my contacts on my phone. i got a new phone, same # tho (32024756)txt me again so i can save your # Love to hear from ya! ;D oh and txt me and ill friend u on fb

BLONDIE (aka emily) Jun 17 2013 6:43am FLAG
Cool. :)

Pretty Chick Jun 17 2013 10:57am FLAG
It's because I play football. Hi Emily :)

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Do you have a boyfriend Pretty Chick? ;)

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No, I don't, I'm single. :)

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