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Can girls get ?

The Problem: I am and think that I get but I am not sure. Is it possible that I can?

Asked by: xbabezx at 12:33:48 AM, Saturday, June 18, 2011 PDT FLAG


am, a girl got pregnant at . On the news so I guess.

blue Jun 18 2011 8:29am FLAG

Xbabezx Its totally fine. Hey do you wanna text? Im a guy but 87039944

JMV23 Jun 18 2011 8:44am FLAG
Yea it's normal for them to masturbate 2

Girl Jun 18 2011 3:42pm FLAG
It's completely normal for a girl to have those feelings at

Minimouse Jun 18 2011 4:46pm FLAG
just have sex!!! that will get rid of the problem!!!

a guy Jun 19 2011 7:24am FLAG
im the same :L

Jun 20 2011 10:11am FLAG
ALSO go a goat!

blue Jun 20 2011 10:51am FLAG
I'm 10, I masturbate and attracted to girls. x <3

Horny beach Jun 20 2011 1:10pm FLAG
Hey beach u should text me 87039944 please ;) im

Anonymous Jun 20 2011 9:45pm FLAG
See don't do sex at though unless you know the person otherwise you could get a STD. IM ALSO ATTRACTED TO GIRLS

Minimouse Jun 21 2011 6:52pm FLAG
oh my god. all des pedos lul

wat Jun 27 2011 11:45pm FLAG
you people are fine with me im a girl but when my bf jacks off i get really really around him but i am just though so.....

It's normal I'm & I feel like tht 75% of the time but be smart about it kuz when I feel like tht and somone cute's around even girls I start to flirt and get crazy ideas ... If ya knows wat I mean

XxfaxX Aug 08 2011 3:40am FLAG
Im . I masturebate So its fine . Im and Sexually Aroused Alot So dont Worry !! . (: Hope this Helps !

PerfectAdvice! Aug 29 2011 5:16pm FLAG
I am the same age and I masturebate and I get

someone who is a girl Nov 28 2011 6:38am FLAG
I am the same age and I masturebate and I get when I sit on my bf's lap... So just deal with it

someone who is a girl Nov 28 2011 6:39am FLAG
Borodude here I'm too and I get bonkers when I'm around girls. If you need advice email XD hope you email me.

Boro dude33 Dec 19 2011 3:32pm FLAG
Not bonkers, boners god damn it.

Boro dude33 Dec 19 2011 3:33pm FLAG
Not bonkers, boners god damn it.

Boro dude33 Dec 19 2011 3:33pm FLAG
Oh yeah I'm a boy just to note. Masturebate ( whatever it's called ) is almost like erections. I've done sex education already so I know some of this stuff

Boro dude33 Dec 19 2011 3:37pm FLAG
Oh yeah I'm a boy just to note. Masturebate ( whatever it's called ) is almost like erections. I've done sex education already so I know some of this stuff

Boro dude33 Dec 19 2011 3:38pm FLAG
wanna ? im a boy

? Dec 24 2011 10:34am FLAG
Well damn. I'm an girl and I can't tell you how good it feels to know I'm not the only one who gets sometimes or even know what any of this stuff is. I'm straight, just saying.

HOTTIE(: Jan 02 2012 1:36am FLAG
Im too and i have the same problem....... I would just masterbate if i were u..... it really straight and lezbo so i get the feeling ALOT!!!........... text me if u want to........509240218 :) oh and i know how to make boobs lol - (.Y.)

HornyPre****Slut or some random chick Jan 28 2012 8:22pm FLAG
I dont know what to say but i was just on omegle and this website . should i be doing this stuff?

an Feb 07 2012 6:49pm FLAG
wet girls thing games . com

an Feb 07 2012 6:49pm FLAG
Go with the d*ck filling

A Grown Ass Feb 16 2012 10:46pm FLAG
I Get Horny To

A Grown Ass Feb 16 2012 10:48pm FLAG
By Da ing Way Im a Bad AZZ Boy

A Grown Ass Feb 16 2012 10:50pm FLAG
Hey Im Im alot! and I materbate its a great feeling!

$exy Monkey Feb 18 2012 4:24pm FLAG
Wow some weird aword responses

nonya as in nonya beeswax who i am Feb 18 2012 10:36pm FLAG
you should feel !

sexy chick Feb 26 2012 1:15pm FLAG
i feel lets go on omegle

sexy chick Feb 26 2012 1:15pm FLAG
ughh im i wanna have sex

chick Mar 10 2012 4:25pm FLAG
anyone want to do it

love Mar 19 2012 5:06am FLAG
Yeah I'm and I finger myself sometimes I get sometimes I don't but its possiable

sexy gurll Mar 22 2012 9:52am FLAG
Just masterbate feels amazing. Trust me im feels so good let's u free

Layd Mar 26 2012 10:16am FLAG
Any1 Single

Anonymous Mar 30 2012 8:29pm FLAG
Wanna . im a boy

? Mar 30 2012 8:30pm FLAG
i`m and i get all the time just masturbate MAN its good

single gurl Apr 22 2012 8:40pm FLAG
Yes, perfectly normal. I get really wet and aroused around my bf. I masturbate but I am straight, and I'm .

You need to know my name as much as you need a trip to da Bahama Apr 29 2012 7:05pm FLAG

Swagybabe Jun 01 2012 8:01am FLAG
Im at then just talk to someone. By the way don't go ott(over the top) by actually having sex you could become pregnant and what eleven year old knows how to be a good parent? If you did get pregnant how would you look after the child when you are at school? Stay safe!

karate gayoo 3 Jun 29 2012 11:35pm FLAG
oh my Gosh! I'm and I've been sooooo horney lately! Earlier, I was so wet that I got kinda scared... You're perfectly fine.

Karla Jul 03 2012 8:21pm FLAG
oh my Gosh! I'm and I've been sooooo horney lately! Earlier, I was so wet that I got kinda scared... You're perfectly fine.

Karla Jul 03 2012 8:21pm FLAG
Have sex then

Anonymous Jul 05 2012 2:17pm FLAG
Have sex then

Anonymous Jul 05 2012 2:17pm FLAG
Does someone want to have sex

Anonymous Jul 05 2012 2:18pm FLAG
Does someone want to have sex

Anonymous Jul 05 2012 2:18pm FLAG
Whenn I get I feel like having sex with a girl I'm a lesbian I love girls- <3

ilovelesbians<3 Jul 10 2012 2:20am FLAG
I want to have sex so badly but I'm to young

xox:) Jul 10 2012 2:21am FLAG
Is anybody a lesbian here?? I feel really and I wanna talk sexy to a girl:)

ilovelesbians<3 Jul 10 2012 2:23am FLAG
im a guy named Ryan from Georgia if any one wants to talk or more email me at

streight guy Ryan Jul 11 2012 7:05pm FLAG
im sirting here masterbating right now i do it alot and just wanna have sex so bad bought condoms and everything

streight guy Ryan Jul 11 2012 7:07pm FLAG
ImBisexual have a hard tim masturbating but i want to have phone sex NOWWWW!!!!!!!

i get so alll the time im and want to have sex but im too young >:(

ERIC FLOWZ Jul 15 2012 9:23pm FLAG
but ya its ok to masturbate and get boners and all that good stuff. i get boners when im with really hot girls all the time

ERIC FLOWZ Jul 15 2012 9:27pm FLAG
Soo normal! I'm and am a girl.Omg it feels so good when your but you just want someone to do me ur number;) (<my email)

A Girl Who's Horny;) Jul 16 2012 4:45pm FLAG
Soo normal! I'm and am a girl.Omg it feels so good when your but you just want someone to do me ur number;) (<my email)

A Girl Who's Horny;) Jul 16 2012 4:45pm FLAG
Soo normal! I'm and am a girl.Omg it feels so good when your but you just want someone to do me ur number;) (<my email)

A Girl Who's Horny;) Jul 16 2012 4:45pm FLAG
Who wants to text I'm an girl and I am I will tell you my number

Camryn Myra J. Jul 17 2012 6:47pm FLAG
Who wants to text I'm an girl and I am I will tell you my number

Camryn Myra J. Jul 17 2012 6:47pm FLAG
How can I get

Ilovetofingermyself Jul 24 2012 4:34am FLAG
okay im and i masterbait i started when i was 6 its perfectly normal hun ;) im straight just to say ima girl and i get alot so yea

:D its me b!tch Jul 25 2012 1:03am FLAG
Im m so any girls wanna text heres my number ;) 6626405669

Me Jul 29 2012 3:00pm FLAG
I get so I masterbate and finger myself I am a girl

Horny Aug 02 2012 3:30pm FLAG
hi im yrs old boy i get email me ay

boy Aug 04 2012 12:23am FLAG
Lol masturbading right now live it!

Masturbading king Aug 04 2012 6:26pm FLAG
I mean love not live

Masturbading king Aug 04 2012 6:27pm FLAG
Ps I'm

Masturbading king Aug 04 2012 6:48pm FLAG
Focus on school guys stop saying this online if u do it just on private ya heard

goodone Aug 07 2012 5:36pm FLAG
Thnk goodness i thought somthin was wrong with me i get all the time i love doing tht thing wit ur finger

Horny staight &#89;BITCH&#89; Aug 11 2012 9:43pm FLAG
I am a boy, a girls out there to send your sexy and hot pictures on my email:

Hornyboy Aug 15 2012 3:15am FLAG
i need a gf and i am always i am and i am a guy to and many people think i hot email me at

parkerjay garry hoaglund Aug 27 2012 5:53am FLAG
youall i got i seven incher and i am

bitch face Aug 27 2012 5:55am FLAG
Its normal, I'm and I'm like all of the time. Lol, and I started masturbating when I was really young. And also I'm interested in girls too, hehe. <3

Tara Sep 11 2012 6:57pm FLAG
hey Tara wanna text?

Eric Sep 17 2012 8:41am FLAG
Text me cute boys 83210579

Emily Oct 14 2012 2:56pm FLAG
I am a boy and i am handsome and cute, Who want to have sex with me ???

anonymous Oct 17 2012 12:18am FLAG
You people are disgusting

AngelGirl Oct 27 2012 1:16pm FLAG
its normal to get im and I get hory to so goof to masterbate and have sex emotion and if u wana talk email me at

the hottest guy Oct 31 2012 7:40pm FLAG
My brother is 9 and he had sex

sexy man Nov 04 2012 6:34pm FLAG
Who wants to have sex

teddy girl2 Nov 04 2012 6:35pm FLAG
O god I'm sooooo and I'm plz someone post a dirty commet to get me like to cum

Anonymous Nov 05 2012 8:46pm FLAG
I'll lick ur......

Anonymous Nov 05 2012 8:48pm FLAG
... I'll eat ur up... Yummy than I'll beat u and beat u and blow job ur ass u sexy naughty boy

Anonymous Nov 05 2012 8:49pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 05 2012 8:50pm FLAG
I'm eleven and get ALL the time I love to mastubate while watchin ***

Bichy girl Nov 07 2012 6:37pm FLAG
I want to heck

Bichy girl Nov 07 2012 6:50pm FLAG
Some o e answer me god knows

Bichy girl Nov 07 2012 7:04pm FLAG
I'm sure most of these 'girls' are perverted 30 year old dudes haha

bill.z.bubb Nov 08 2012 2:43am FLAG
I'm soooo right now and Im a girl

Horny bitch Nov 08 2012 3:06pm FLAG
So right now!!!!!!

Horny bich Nov 08 2012 3:55pm FLAG
Hi people I'm a hot boy please comment

bigboy Nov 11 2012 4:55pm FLAG
Judr do it

a girl Nov 25 2012 10:08pm FLAG
That's fine to be .. I have a

Boy Dec 18 2012 9:27am FLAG
Girls kik me lazy33

Hot m Dec 20 2012 10:40pm FLAG
Im so kinky i cum when i see a sexy girl with big tits

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 10:41pm FLAG
im and i get

the BITCH Jan 11 2013 7:32pm FLAG
p.s im a gurl

the BITCH Jan 11 2013 7:33pm FLAG
I'm an girl. I'm halfway through puberty right now and I haven't started my period yet. I think the right answer is, if you have a boyfriend, then you can have sex with him because boys don't ejaculate until they have fully gone thorugh puberty and if they have and they ejaculate inside you, you won't get pregnant if you have not had your first ever period yet. Also, it is better to rip your hymen (or "pop your cherry") at a young age so that sex is more pleasureable at an older age, around twenty. If you haven't got a boyfriend, you can buy a cheap hairbrush with a rounded handle, buy cheap condoms (you might have to get an older friend), put it over the handle of the brush and thrust it in and out of your vaginal hole whilst playing with your cl*toris (incase you don't know what it is, it is the little lump at the top of you vagina) and I garauntee (or however you spell it) you will have the best orgasm ever! I have tried it and it is awesome!!! Ps: if you keep it up with the hairbrush technique, you might break your hymen and there MIGHT be a little blood and pain but it will all be worth it!

Young Horny Girl Jan 19 2013 8:08am FLAG
Im a boy I'm

Looking for a girl that's Jan 21 2013 10:20pm FLAG
ya its realy normal and it can happen a lot of times in a day

lovehelpguy631 Jan 23 2013 6:43pm FLAG
lets get horney in, here lets get it horney in hha

guy Jan 28 2013 11:04am FLAG
my email

guy Jan 28 2013 11:08am FLAG
srry starkid569

Anonymous Jan 28 2013 11:09am FLAG
OMG! I thought i was weird or something.... my number is 440-7-0738 txt me guys or girls.... im

ImHorny Feb 02 2013 8:21pm FLAG
Whos a girl here

bob Feb 09 2013 8:36am FLAG
My kik is trentonbriones_ Girls only

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 11:02pm FLAG
Heey. Y'all. I'm

A in sexy ahh bitch Feb 19 2013 1:09pm FLAG
I am girl I av had sex with a 24 year old guy I love it so nice and I'm all the time you should try i did x

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 7:49am FLAG
well im an im in need of a bf. thers a guy i like at school. what shud i do to get him as my bf?

XxRILEYxX Feb 25 2013 2:25pm FLAG
any1 on?

XxRILEYxX Feb 25 2013 2:26pm FLAG
ps im tallish,crazy,imaginative,i iz a good drawer, an im a cute nerdy girl :3

XxRILEYxX Feb 25 2013 2:30pm FLAG
Txt me I'm so right now I'm a boy

John Feb 26 2013 4:10am FLAG
Who wants to send pics of there to me

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 4:10am FLAG
Srry tht was by John about the pic thing

John Feb 26 2013 4:11am FLAG

John Feb 26 2013 4:12am FLAG
i get wenever i see a fit guy lolz

XxRILEYxX Feb 26 2013 8:31am FLAG

XxRILEYxX Feb 26 2013 9:01am FLAG
hi if you are reading this then try to awnser this question: how can i get a boyfriend at school? plz awnser

XxRILEYxX Feb 26 2013 1:21pm FLAG
i mite txt u tomoro john its like 5 am here

XxRILEYxX Feb 26 2013 9:16pm FLAG
hey xxriley heres my # text me i'm 45 m 7-860-83 we can text i'll hepl u u help me mud

mud Mar 04 2013 9:31pm FLAG
sorry can you tell me on this webste plz

XxRILEYxX Mar 09 2013 11:13am FLAG
If u mean and I don't know what 2 do either, (I am ) I don't know if I need pleasure or somthing else so u aren't the only 1. Hope I sort of helped :/

lizzie Mar 09 2013 6:28pm FLAG
Hey there mud :) r u cute,single, and cause I am. ;)

lizette <3 Mar 09 2013 6:35pm FLAG
Hey mud txt me if ur intrested: (661) 728-6858 ;)

lizette <3 Mar 09 2013 6:43pm FLAG I was getting off at age 8

pics Mar 09 2013 8:10pm FLAG
My advise is to hump a pillow girls im it fells soft n comfortable so it will satisfi u long enough i get horney real horney but im not takin chances on gettin preg n boys jst beat yo meat tht means get sme lotion n go up n down on yo d*ck

DiVA SO HORNEY Mar 11 2013 9:42pm FLAG
nice... (pretend the pedo face is here) ps. im i aint a pedo XD

XxRILEYxX Mar 22 2013 12:17pm FLAG
Male/45/Leeds/UK.Any girls.Any age.Up for Skype fun.My skype is radders32

Steve Mar 23 2013 11:49am FLAG
Hi, I am a boy and I'd love to talk to give advice or something so if you want you can text me at 647-493-8301

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 6:08pm FLAG
well soz boy i jus got a boyfriend ill txt u maybye what ur name?

XxRILEYxX Mar 31 2013 1:56pm FLAG
I'm 10 and I some times feel the erge to have sex like I can't wait till I'm older I always feel to scared to talk to my parents about so that's out of the question what should I do

A girl who needs advice Apr 04 2013 4:40pm FLAG
Girl who needs advice call me 4-639

Sexy Ass Dude,call me Apr 05 2013 3:34pm FLAG
I feel all the time!!! I am a girl and I am straight .. Just helps and it feels GOOD! I am the same age and i feel wet sometimes

SexyBitch Apr 10 2013 10:34pm FLAG
Thanks Sexy bitch that really has helped in fact I just had an orgazem

me Apr 12 2013 4:57pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) girls must be 10 and up im btw for lesbian girls if you want to trade girl pics im down looking for

thatoneguy305 Apr 20 2013 11:46am FLAG
omfg i no this is completely random but... I LOVE BLACK VEIL BRIDES SO MUCH!

XxRILEYxX May 04 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Stop don in it hump a a pillow or something Bitch

a May 04 2013 9:58pm FLAG

Anonymous May 07 2013 7:52am FLAG
girls txt me I'm from houston ill show you a good time 281 382 5949 I have a huge penis.

Anonymous May 07 2013 7:54am FLAG
my god i h8 people who hate on the music emos lyk me listen to. we nearly died 4 this music!

mrsjinxx May 10 2013 9:53am FLAG
you will only understand if you are one of us

saviour of the broken May 11 2013 9:03am FLAG
Im and I get all the time its perfectly normal!

2sexy4u May 11 2013 12:05pm FLAG
what i do is hump my ken doll or finger myself

brofist May 12 2013 9:24pm FLAG
i bet half of these '- guys' are 30 - 50 year old pervs

anymous May 12 2013 9:28pm FLAG
eney one there

zack moon May 18 2013 3:52pm FLAG
Thats not okay , your young and you have to have dignity and respect for your self , getting turned on is natural but it's also a bad thing try to keep your mind of thoese sort of things and think about how you like a guy for there personilty and not how big there wener looks

A girl that cares May 25 2013 10:47am FLAG
Im and i

school bitch May 28 2013 12:01am FLAG
Just go your dad

froggy May 28 2013 12:03am FLAG
I've not poped my cherry yet but I mastubate almost every day

Girl Jun 03 2013 8:43pm FLAG
And I cum

Girl Jun 03 2013 8:44pm FLAG
Just go and have fun add me anthony saldana:)

Anthony Jun 10 2013 1:43am FLAG
add me on skype im and im really and dirty add me girls i wanna get naughty

Dan Jun 10 2013 6:31pm FLAG
plz don't call or email any of these "kids". they are pedos. they can be reported to the authorities. most of these "boys" are 25–50 year old men trying to see some ***** little girl pics. i test these people on my account.

an girl who cares Jun 10 2013 10:23pm FLAG
I'm a stalker lol imbut I don't see the point in sex lol

I'm no joking Jun 16 2013 4:41am FLAG
Who doesnt want to have sex

mister_man Jun 18 2013 9:55pm FLAG
Oh im too ;)

mister_man Jun 18 2013 9:57pm FLAG
Im looking for a and younger man.(; i wanna play around.(; anybody?! Text mehh(: i will give you my info (; 59.399.4210.

sexybeast(; Jun 21 2013 10:43pm FLAG
By the way.. Im a yr old female(;

sexybeast(; Jun 21 2013 10:45pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 21 2013 11:56pm FLAG
Any lesbos on here

lesgirl Jun 25 2013 10:38am FLAG
I want sex so badly but I'm to young I'm 10 and my boyfriend I love him but ya! I finger my self when I get it feels so good. Anyone have kik my kik name is silverbutterfly10 kik me if your in to talking dirty

CoralReef Jun 28 2013 1:35pm FLAG

Young chick Jun 28 2013 1:36pm FLAG
My advice is if you have a dog let him or her lick you vagina or penis!!

I want sex Jun 28 2013 2:01pm FLAG
Hey looking for young boys and under willing to anything on vid for me won't respond if you are older kik tcox69 I'm f

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 9:27pm FLAG
I think you should just have sex I am sometimes I masturbate it feels really good I'm a girl

cutiepie Jul 11 2013 12:34am FLAG
I am looking for a boyfriend my age that will like to share pics email is plaza comment

cutiepie10 Jul 11 2013 12:37am FLAG
I mean cutiepie

cutiepie Jul 11 2013 12:38am FLAG
cutiepie tell me where you live. i'll you tonight. i'll lick these (.)(.) ←(tits)

horneeboy Jul 11 2013 11:23am FLAG
Girls kik me and we can trade s have fun and ill do whatever u tell me as long as you return the favor kik is jakechap24 just kik me and say what u want me to do im almost always yyy

Horny Jake Jul 11 2013 9:42pm FLAG
What the bich! Back off! get your own hornee girl! ›:[

Horneeboy Jul 11 2013 11:40pm FLAG

used to be horneeboy, but now pissedoffboy Jul 12 2013 12:11am FLAG
sory dude anyway I normly dont tel anyone but i got butt hairs

Horny Jake Jul 17 2013 1:02am FLAG
Hey ppl tx me @ 2868355:)

Jezzica S. Jul 19 2013 10:01am FLAG
Oh n its( 323) ok bye n im a Girl:) plzz tx me but if u call me i wont answer so tx me better thank u:) n im yrs old ok bye tc:)

Jezzica S. Jul 19 2013 10:03am FLAG
so what's your #?

Horneeboy Jul 21 2013 11:13am FLAG
Hi I get really horney and I will trade picks only I'm 10 and I'm really so kik ima girl boys only! Kik me at: silverbutterfly

Horney girl10 Jul 27 2013 2:51pm FLAG
Guys plz I'm really horney

Horney girl10 Jul 27 2013 5:19pm FLAG
OMG.Ive been so lately.Ugh it's frustrating.Ive never touched myself so it's kinda hard to calm down

The cutie Aug 02 2013 9:11pm FLAG
Sooooooo hooooorrrrrrnnnnyyyyy

Sex-y Aug 02 2013 9:13pm FLAG
OMG.Guys always ask me out but I always say no,I don't even know why I say no,I guess it's an instinct

I'm a cool :3 girl Aug 02 2013 9:15pm FLAG
I wanna

Kiss me me Aug 02 2013 11:00pm FLAG

Izaac Aug 04 2013 10:24pm FLAG

Izaac Aug 05 2013 12:38am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 10:14am FLAG
I'm and a guy() anyone want my phone number lets text!

Thatoneguy! Aug 05 2013 10:50am FLAG
Any cute boys out there that like girls blond hair blue eyes and ages 10-. By the way im a girl about to be in october and loove boys with longer hair

hot girl Aug 08 2013 9:27pm FLAG
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Anonymous Aug 13 2013 1:26am FLAG
name is killer 4 lol

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 1:27am FLAG
killer 4 p u ss y

kill Aug 13 2013 1:27am FLAG
hello any h orr ny grlz cuz i am lol

killer Aug 13 2013 1:29am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 1:31am FLAG
I'm an girl and I love to get ! And hey my boyfriend likes to 2 so ye we do it together!

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 6:28am FLAG
Anyone lookin for a hot , mousy blonde hair, blue eyes, lookin gorgeous??!;) x

Name Jess ❤❤ Aug 13 2013 6:44am FLAG
Hi Im lookin for a male or female, I'm gorgeous, mousy blonde hair, blue eyes!;) ❤💗👍😉 btw I'm and I'm called Jessica/Jess x

Name: Jess ❤❤ Aug 13 2013 11:22am FLAG
hey jess, kik me at boy

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 1:24pm FLAG
h0rnyboy 0=o

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 1:26pm FLAG
Hi boy! Love that you are interested! You make me blush!😉☺❤💋👸👸x

Jess❤❤ Aug 15 2013 12:22pm FLAG
Wanna chat? X

Jess ❤❤ Aug 15 2013 12:23pm FLAG
I'm horney anyone wanna trade kik me at silverbutterfly

Horney girl Aug 15 2013 8:43pm FLAG
What do you mean trade kik?

Jess ❤❤ Aug 17 2013 12:53pm FLAG
I am and it's perfectly fine to masterbate I mean doesnt everybody

Awesome girl Aug 17 2013 10:53pm FLAG
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Yeaaaaaa Aug 17 2013 10:54pm FLAG
suck my big fat c*ck all u girls

danny Aug 19 2013 3:46pm FLAG
Im sooo girl wanna kik?? er45

er45 Aug 19 2013 4:35pm FLAG
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Horneygirl Aug 20 2013 4:35pm FLAG
Hey wanna my kik is er45

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 6:10pm FLAG
Horneygirl got anything else skype, oovoo? fb?

***nropred Aug 20 2013 8:22pm FLAG
Omgggg I'm sooo out or text something dirty

Sexy girl Aug 28 2013 8:05am FLAG
No. Sorry I do have FB but I can't tell! Sorry. KIK silverbutterfly1

Horney girl Aug 29 2013 2:36pm FLAG
And 'dannny' why would u want us girls to do THAT?!

Jess❤❤ Aug 30 2013 7:03am FLAG
Anyone have iMessage?

Jess❤❤ Aug 30 2013 7:13am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 05 2013 6:04am FLAG
Anyone have iMessage ?

Jess ❤❤ Sep 14 2013 12:01am FLAG
im a boy anyone want sex

james Sep 15 2013 3:01pm FLAG
Jess i want to you already

james Sep 15 2013 3:04pm FLAG
jessica lets have sex you are so sexyy xx

james Sep 15 2013 3:24pm FLAG
I'm so horney -kik silverbutterfly1 and I have Skype

Horney girl Sep 15 2013 4:53pm FLAG
me so , anyone hv facebook

james Sep 15 2013 10:17pm FLAG
jessica i want to you soo hard that my d*ck pounds your inside

james Sep 15 2013 10:37pm FLAG
horney girl up for some dirty pics, im by the way ;] email me

james Sep 16 2013 7:54am FLAG
i also have facebook

james Sep 16 2013 7:55am FLAG
I hate boys

C*ck sucker Sep 16 2013 8:17pm FLAG
why not ? im good in bed

james Sep 17 2013 7:41am FLAG
Kik me at Carlos.spicy.weiner

Whispering eye Sep 17 2013 3:03pm FLAG
wht does kik mean im a boy

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 10:51pm FLAG
message from james above

james Sep 17 2013 10:53pm FLAG
Kik lovestonurse33 girls only any age

lovestonurse33 Sep 19 2013 12:46pm FLAG
Age , in Spokane wa, kik me whiteh459 ;) guys only ages

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james Sep 21 2013 2:35pm FLAG
Omg im and i love the way the penis goes hard. My bf is hot and we have sex alot xx its ok bbe

Lovae Sep 28 2013 3:17am FLAG
Hi James what do you look like? 💁👸

Jess ❤❤ Sep 28 2013 8:20am FLAG
mix race, short black hair, brown eyes and im

james Sep 28 2013 4:00pm FLAG
I have long mousy blonde hair, light blue eyes, love makeup, shoes and clothes!;) and !👸

Jess❤❤ Sep 30 2013 11:10am FLAG
Would u class yourself as hot?!;)

Jess ❤❤ Sep 30 2013 11:13am FLAG

james Sep 30 2013 11:48am FLAG
i have a girlfriend but she wont suck me off or nothing , but you will ;)

james Sep 30 2013 11:50am FLAG
im 5'1 FT and im built strong

james Oct 01 2013 8:27am FLAG
I'm 5.9 FT, and how do u no weather I'd suck u off?!😁😁

Jess❤❤ Oct 01 2013 9:17am FLAG
idk a guess?? your really tall ;)

james Oct 01 2013 9:34am FLAG
how old are you?

james Oct 01 2013 9:35am FLAG
Well , Dont Havee Sexx At Aa Youngg Agee. Im x Itss Normal For Thosee Feelingss , Just Havee Aa Boyy Over x Let Him Eat Youu Out x Finger Youu or Just Masterbate. K Hopee I Helpedd.

Kellyy Too Pretty Oct 02 2013 12:48am FLAG
i know but im really horn y . eat u out ? im a boy?

james Oct 02 2013 8:46am FLAG
Hi James, what's you favourite part of a girls body?;)

Jess ❤❤ Oct 02 2013 11:10am FLAG
I'm , Hi James, what's you favourite part of a girls body?;)

Jess❤❤ Oct 02 2013 11:11am FLAG
soo hard tits,then arse wbu ?

james Oct 02 2013 1:58pm FLAG
eating out is awesome I do that for my girlfriend all the time I'm

early lickher Oct 02 2013 7:36pm FLAG
I'm I can lick very good

tad Oct 02 2013 7:40pm FLAG

Jess❤❤ Oct 02 2013 11:43pm FLAG
a d*ck?

james Oct 03 2013 7:35am FLAG
Yeah, and the lips! 💏💋x oh btw I have boobs/tits;)

Jess❤❤ Oct 03 2013 11:49am FLAG
btw im tanned, live near london?

james Oct 03 2013 1:19pm FLAG
Can't tell u just to be safe!;)

Jess❤❤ Oct 03 2013 10:49pm FLAG
Ok I trust u.... No not that near but sort of near?! Wat else u wanna no about me? ;)

Jess❤❤ Oct 03 2013 10:53pm FLAG
idk wht school 4 u?

james Oct 03 2013 11:40pm FLAG
twickenham live their

james Oct 03 2013 11:42pm FLAG
Wanna call me babe to make me feel special?;)

Jess❤❤ Oct 04 2013 7:48am FLAG
yeh y not x

james Oct 04 2013 10:03am FLAG
Thanks 'babe' x;)

Jess❤❤ Oct 04 2013 11:00am FLAG
Hey babe, if you where with me right now, where would u like me to touch you? And where would you touch me?;) xx

Jess❤❤ Oct 04 2013 11:53am FLAG
Hey babe, if I where with u right now, where would you want me to touch you? And where would u touch me?!;) xx

Jess ❤❤ Oct 05 2013 6:11am FLAG
Jess give your kik out

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 12:09am FLAG
d*ck , tits , arse , legs, hair in order

james Oct 06 2013 7:19am FLAG
I would make my hair nice and soft for you...;)

Jess❤❤ Oct 07 2013 7:59am FLAG
so how u wanna chat? xx

james Oct 07 2013 9:31am FLAG
hey beach what is your phone number ? mine is 2537093741 call me. i am a virgin i am a boy.

ryon Oct 09 2013 9:37am FLAG
i like initial D.

ryon Oct 09 2013 9:51am FLAG

ryon Oct 09 2013 12:45pm FLAG
she dnt reply

james Oct 09 2013 1:38pm FLAG
Anyone in Vancouver BC Canada? Email me

odorlover Oct 15 2013 9:48am FLAG
Okay for one, I'm a , For two, Its okay to feel like that. For three. I know Alot of you guys are like Into all of that. Me I ignore it but Have a little respect for your selfs please? Dont give out your info over the internet its not safe or good. Half these guys are over 18 and Its illegal and Really bad for you to be giving out your info to them. I really hate being like Mean or feel liek I'm bagering you guys but Just have self respect and dont talk like that. She asked a simple question. Not if you guys were , Or if you guys were single, Or if you guys wanted to have sex. You could get into alot of trouble if I showed my Cop friend all of this. Stay safe on the internet and love yourself. <3 Be careful on the internet. And so you know, If I get anyone asking me if I wanna have sex with them or to talk dirty to them I'll go off on you. I have a boyfriend. And Very in love with him.

Need To know basis. Oct 16 2013 10:44am FLAG
Hi James, wanna 'go out' over the Internet? Xx

Jess❤❤ Oct 16 2013 11:47am FLAG
ok if thats possible x loool

james Oct 17 2013 12:55pm FLAG
so how u wanna chat ' girlfriend '

james Oct 17 2013 12:57pm FLAG
btw is ur last name ' drake '

james Oct 18 2013 9:18am FLAG
Hi James

Lovelygi Oct 18 2013 4:05pm FLAG
James I wanna suck ur c*ck

Anonymous Oct 18 2013 4:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 18 2013 4:06pm FLAG
thank you who is this?

james Oct 18 2013 4:43pm FLAG
hey ladies so who wants me to finger them first? xx

james Oct 19 2013 1:45am FLAG
Yes you can at that age it is natural, don't listen to lot of people of here i guarantee you've attracted about 1000 pedophiles. i strongly recommend you text neither of these people and don't have sex until you know all the ins and outs about it

Robert Oct 20 2013 6:21pm FLAG
Hi I'm 10 turning in feb and I'm really horney can someone plz kik me @ silverbutterfly1 only boys from no girls allowed! Btw ima girl!!! Well hope to find some boys! We can trade!

Horneygirl✌ Oct 22 2013 6:22pm FLAG
im a boy? !

james Oct 23 2013 2:48am FLAG
Hey 'boyfriend' you can masturbate me any time!;) ....

Jess❤❤ Oct 23 2013 9:58am FLAG
im looking forward to that, next you'll be doing me! how do u wanna take this further and ' talk dirty '. have u gt facebook

james Oct 23 2013 12:21pm FLAG
Horny girls kik me(; chris22333

A guy Oct 23 2013 5:31pm FLAG
Hey James I don't have Facebook Soz but you can still SMS txt message me!;) wanna get dirty babe? X

Jess ❤❤ Oct 24 2013 11:39am FLAG
i dont have a phone

james Oct 24 2013 11:55am FLAG
if u were with me how far would u take it..... 1 friends / chat 2 hug 3 kiss 4 touch eachover 5 finger 6 blow job 7 sex with condom 8 sex without condom 9 all above xxx

james Oct 24 2013 11:59am FLAG
9- all probably! :)what about you? xx

Jess <3 <3 Oct 25 2013 12:02pm FLAG
i do anything really.most fav 5 and 6 by far. do u wanna meet up sometime

james Oct 25 2013 1:22pm FLAG
Any girls just text me I'll take care of it;) 8504493865

james j Oct 26 2013 2:19am FLAG
shes stealing my name

james Oct 26 2013 2:27am FLAG
6Bz3cS I really like and appreciate your article.Really looking forward to read more.

NUxLCGtNwgPx Oct 26 2013 3:52am FLAG
wtf is 6bz3c WTF

james Oct 26 2013 4:26am FLAG
yo James! what type of girl do you like: A- geek, B-cool,C-pretty and perfect or D-any as long as their hot?...

Jess <3 <3 Oct 26 2013 9:17am FLAG
D like your bra size

james Oct 26 2013 11:24am FLAG
do u wanna meet up? do some stuff?

james Oct 26 2013 11:25am FLAG
hey im not a D in bras!anyway its ok! and if me meet up that would be in a few years anyway, what do you look for in a girl, quiz me and see if im the girl for you!... i really seem interested in you so lets hope im the right one!;)

Jess <3 <3 Oct 27 2013 3:38am FLAG
i love long blonde hair, tall girls. NO WAY the i dont care attitude

james Oct 27 2013 4:29am FLAG
do you live near whitton?

james Oct 27 2013 4:59am FLAG
no and i have long blonde hair and im tall!!!;)xx

Jess <3 <3 Oct 27 2013 6:36am FLAG
i loving you so much xx what area do u live in? x

james Oct 27 2013 12:27pm FLAG
by the way i love mix race babies! xx

james Oct 27 2013 1:05pm FLAG
i love you too...:) xx

Jess <3 <3 Oct 28 2013 9:27am FLAG
ha i love you more. we need another way too chat

james Oct 28 2013 11:31am FLAG
james- do u have kik?

rachel Oct 28 2013 2:01pm FLAG
yes why? why does every one like kik

james Oct 28 2013 4:33pm FLAG
jess..... ive been thinking... that were not gonna get that far if we dont find some way of chattin xx

james Nov 01 2013 3:25pm FLAG
Hi baby ive been thinking about you alot:)!! I wish you had a phone so we could chat privately - u know and call each other :(..... anyways ive recently been on a cruise ship on holiday and ive been desperate to talk you!!:) ps: i love you more:)xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 5:55am FLAG
i went spain in the summer. where are you? im not sure but i disagree , i love you more xxx

james Nov 02 2013 6:26am FLAG
im guessing u would like 2 see me x

james Nov 02 2013 6:28am FLAG
yes, would you like to see me? xx PS- give a percentage of how much you love me...<3

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 8:22am FLAG
alot 98 percent probs xxx of course xx

james Nov 02 2013 8:27am FLAG
same;) we can have a conversation- wanna? xxxx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 8:34am FLAG
yeah ok x

james Nov 02 2013 8:41am FLAG
ok! can i ask you a few questions? ____________________________________ Q1- what bra size is good for you? Q2- what would be the first romantic thing you would say to me? Q3- how do i sound- (example:do i sound GORGEOUS?) Q4- what outfits and make up types do you like a girl to where? plz answer all of the above... xxx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 8:43am FLAG
where are you babe? xx

james Nov 02 2013 8:44am FLAG
B OR BIGGER. WOW U LOOK STUNNING. u sound beautiful. i love whn girls wear leggings, see their arse ;) xx

james Nov 02 2013 8:49am FLAG
great! i love leggings and short skirts and loads more.... arrrrrr thanks its really nice calling me beautiful- you make me blush:)...xxxxxxxxxx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 8:53am FLAG
dw babe xxxxxxx

james Nov 02 2013 8:56am FLAG
ur the 1 4 me xxxxx

james Nov 02 2013 8:59am FLAG
whats 'dw'?? xx

j Nov 02 2013 8:59am FLAG
dont worry x

james Nov 02 2013 9:01am FLAG
arrrrr thanks xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 9:02am FLAG
where are u in the world right now xxxx

james Nov 02 2013 9:04am FLAG
my bedroom staring at my bed thinking about you and me;)..... xxx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 9:06am FLAG
on cruise ship? im ghinking bout u too xx i think were gonna get far xxx

james Nov 02 2013 9:11am FLAG
btw my mum died a few years ago :(

james Nov 02 2013 9:36am FLAG
oh im sorry to hear that, so did my brother- he was 'born asleep' :( i miss and love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much xxxx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 9:43am FLAG
yeah its hard. at least we hv eachover xx

james Nov 02 2013 9:46am FLAG
i know its hard.... <3 xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 10:14am FLAG
do u go on the app instagram? xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 02 2013 10:15am FLAG
nope sorry, getting i pod touch 4 christmas xxx

james Nov 02 2013 10:19am FLAG
babe, if theres anything u need to tell me u can ok?

james Nov 02 2013 10:20am FLAG
Sure xx

Jess❤❤ Nov 02 2013 12:05pm FLAG
good, baby whats ur full name? xx

james Nov 02 2013 12:11pm FLAG
wanna know how big my d*ck is?

james Nov 02 2013 12:54pm FLAG
Ok?! Xx

Jess❤❤ Nov 03 2013 2:31am FLAG
idk hv guess? in cm xxxx

james Nov 03 2013 3:53am FLAG
u said u like wearing leggings and skirts? what else do u like xxxx

james Nov 03 2013 4:08am FLAG
I like pretty much anything- clothe, SHOES! And makeup etc. xx

Jess❤❤ Nov 03 2013 6:23am FLAG
what kind babe? xx where do u live , area? im nt a pedo x

james Nov 03 2013 6:24am FLAG
Sorry going out, love you more babe, talk latr ! Xx

Jess❤❤ Nov 03 2013 6:55am FLAG
no no no i love you more xxxxx where you going? x

james Nov 03 2013 6:59am FLAG
No no no no I love you more!;) haha I went to see the fireworks! Xxxxx

Jess❤❤ Nov 03 2013 1:10pm FLAG
u wanna bet? x y the would u watch fire works?

james Nov 03 2013 11:19pm FLAG
I like fire works! U? Oh and is there anything else u wanna know about me and my life? Xx

Jess❤❤ Nov 04 2013 7:33am FLAG
i dnt mind thm. i would like to know ur phone number? xx i think tht we need to meet up or we will fail xx

james Nov 04 2013 8:33am FLAG
we can meet up when we are old enough to be alone together, otherwise, it wont work very well because well its hard to explain... i love you so much babe and would love to see you in person but im afraid its not gonna happen for a while:( i hope agree to this because i would hate to loose you, even if you don't agree, plz don't let me go :( xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 04 2013 9:55am FLAG
i wont baby xx but i want to see you x im nt gonna let u go xx

james Nov 04 2013 11:21am FLAG
whats ur phone number? xx

james Nov 04 2013 11:23am FLAG
r u even fit? hw gd out of 100?

james Nov 04 2013 11:52am FLAG
90 probs- depends, wat way?!;)xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 05 2013 8:44am FLAG
hey Jess, how are you, hotty?;)

matthew w Nov 05 2013 9:30am FLAG
Don't you have a terribly empty feeling - in your SKULL? I TOLD YOU WE ARE OVER!!!! so p*ss off you d*ck head!!

Jess <3 <3 Nov 05 2013 9:34am FLAG
to James, 90 probs- depends, wat way?!;)xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 05 2013 9:35am FLAG
who is mathew?

james Nov 05 2013 10:23am FLAG
someone i went out with but hes an idiot, so dont worry! anyway i love you so much xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 05 2013 11:26am FLAG
i bet i could bang him. trust im realky strong xxx

james Nov 05 2013 11:46am FLAG
whts ur number? xx

james Nov 05 2013 12:12pm FLAG
ill give you it when you get your own phone ok? luv ya! xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 05 2013 12:16pm FLAG
why? i just ring off my house phone. come on ur teasing me xx is tht mathew guys last name higgs? whts ur last name xxx

james Nov 05 2013 12:41pm FLAG
babe, so u dnt want me 2 make u feel special like my number 1 girl. dnt u want me 2 tell u ur voice is beautiful , dnt u wanna hear my voice? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

james Nov 05 2013 1:04pm FLAG
its complicated!?!?!? xxxx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 06 2013 8:17am FLAG
plz tell me or ur dumped

james Nov 06 2013 8:45am FLAG

Jess <3 <3 Nov 07 2013 8:16am FLAG
sorry but i wanna hear ur voice xxx

james Nov 07 2013 8:48am FLAG
yes i know but when we are older it will be better to meet up! sorry babe i was a bit over the top in a way before, but i mean it, if you cant respect your girlfriends opinion- THEN YOUR GONNA LOOSE HER ! xx

Jess <3 <3 Nov 07 2013 8:57am FLAG
so we not go out xxx

james Nov 07 2013 9:28am FLAG
do u wanna go out? i hv phone x

james Nov 07 2013 9:56am FLAG
actually i dnt wanna go out my girlfriend is a nice girl and she loves me and she acctually knows me xxx sorry xxx we xan still chat xxxx

james Nov 07 2013 1:20pm FLAG
i be nice, do u wanna go out with me? x

james Nov 08 2013 7:47am FLAG

Jess❤❤ Nov 08 2013 12:22pm FLAG
And I will go out with you but you need to be nicer to me and I will be nicer to you! Xx

Jess❤❤ Nov 08 2013 12:24pm FLAG
ok sorry baby xxx i wanna call u . i have my own phone xxxxxx im sorry u havent even seen me, u dnt know real me, my personality

james Nov 08 2013 1:51pm FLAG

james Nov 10 2013 11:37am FLAG
are you through with me? xxxx

james Nov 13 2013 8:29am FLAG
u there ?

james Nov 22 2013 8:56am FLAG
jess ..... YOUR DUMPED

james Dec 16 2013 1:21pm FLAG
James what's your phone number I'm I'm a blonde :)

Curie Dec 20 2013 5:21pm FLAG
Guys,I am an who just masturbated for the 1st time and I will say I WILL DO THAT AGAIN.

Boy Dec 30 2013 11:18pm FLAG
sorry curie , i dont have a phone

james Jan 06 2014 2:15pm FLAG
has anyone got kik? xxx

james Jan 06 2014 2:24pm FLAG
Im an and i got gangbanged

Anonymous Jan 07 2014 7:33pm FLAG
how get gangbanged? is tht good?

james Jan 08 2014 1:39pm FLAG
Swaggerlicious02 is my kik. Girls and younger message me. I am h*orny and wanting someone to talk to and maybe trade pics with. Kik me right now. I'm always h*orny! I'll be waiting.

Swaggerlicious02 Feb 15 2014 12:53am FLAG
My kik is silverbutterfly1 horney

Coralline green Feb 24 2014 10:03pm FLAG
Im and is but i hide it by the way im a boy

scared Mar 01 2014 12:22am FLAG
am i the only one here without kik or instagram

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you guys are dumb asses

Anonymous Aug 02 2014 4:38pm FLAG
your 19 so how young do you want them

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Does anyone live in Henderson, nevada

Max Jul 11 2015 5:10am FLAG
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Max Jul 11 2015 5:11am FLAG
Are there any girls out there that are single

Ezra Aug 22 2015 12:44pm FLAG
Horny girls - kik me stephenheavener34

Anonymous Aug 27 2015 10:01pm FLAG
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