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My son is curious about my body

The Problem: My son is curious about my body. He always finds a way to touch my breast and demands to see them and feed him. He is 10 yr. old. What to do?

Asked by: testuser at 06:43:07 PM, Wednesday, July 06, 2011 PDT FLAG


My son stares at my breasts a lot and sometimes "accidentally" touches them. He asks me questions that show he knows very little about female anatomy. I believe ignorance about sexuality can lead to major problems in life, so I got an illustrated book about the human body, and we sat down together with it. The book made me realize I didn't know all that much myself, but more than him at least. My problem is that now he wants me to show him. I point to the drawings, but he says they don't really show what those parts are like (he's right). He wants to see me.

julia7 Jul 07 2011 1:50am FLAG

A Book About Bodies I found THE COOLEST book to explain not only the body parts, but all the functioning as well. It?s called It?s Not the Stork: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends by Robie Harris.

webdy Jul 07 2011 1:52am FLAG
My son is curious about my body. Whenever i am taking a shower he watches me. He says he is just curious about my body and he wants to see what a girl looks like after puberty. He says he just wants to see my breasts and other private parts because he says that the movie about puberty that they watched at school was not very clear He says he wants to see a actual human after they go through puberty. He says if I show him and let him touch my body while I am ***** he will stop watching me when i am taking a shower and am changing. So my question is should i let my son see and feel my body when I am ***** so that he learns about puberty better than a 10 minute video that just uses dummies?

Carins Davis Jul 07 2011 1:54am FLAG
hi show ur body to ur son nd get enjoyement with him

Anonymous Jul 07 2011 2:02am FLAG
i think you should let him learn about sexuality from his mother. Thats the best way a son can learn. And both of you remain happy.

bendy Jul 07 2011 2:09am FLAG
Dont let him I feel that is crossing the line ,you can explain it and if that not enough then tell him he will have to discover it on his own. Certain boundaries I feel should not be cross , parent touching kids in sexual manner is one of them.

Anonymous Jul 07 2011 2:11am FLAG
He is just exploring, that is what a yr old does, but you should explain to him that it is inappropriate for him to be touching you in a manner which makes you uncomfortable!!!! At , he may need to be in his own bed, umbilical cord needs to be severed!!

Supersoftball Jul 07 2011 2:12am FLAG
Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don't have a problem with him seeing my breasts but I 'm not sure if I should.

red Jul 07 2011 2:14am FLAG
Honey I am a mom of 3 boys my eldest is only 5 and I dont let them see my breast if your son is that old trying to touch your breast take him to a pshyciatrist immedietly

Anonymous Jul 07 2011 2:15am FLAG
what is your age?

times Jul 07 2011 4:31am FLAG
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elmo Jul 08 2011 7:29pm FLAG
You just let him do it!! it's You are his mom and he should learn from you instead of *** movies or possibly later he'll try to discover some girl and god knows if she's not with AIDS or sth! give him a chance to improve his world!! life won't stop at this moment when he touches her breasts .. it's no different than ur arm! come on!

be wise plz! Jul 08 2011 8:27pm FLAG
You just let him do it!! it's You are his mom and he should learn from you instead of *** movies or possibly later he'll try to discover some girl and god knows if she's not with AIDS or sth! give him a chance to improve his world!! life won't stop at this moment when he touches her breasts .. it's no different than ur arm! come on!

be wise plz! Jul 08 2011 8:27pm FLAG
give him a try! breasts = arms = legs .. body part .. why u concern so much about it? he has breasts too but it's just not as big as yours! No difference! Open your mind!

Anonymous Jul 08 2011 8:34pm FLAG
hv sx wiz him.. rly go 4 it..

mom Jul 08 2011 8:36pm FLAG
yeah you should show him all you moms that asked that question, just let them see/touch anything and after that theyll stop stareing

annalynn19 Jul 08 2011 10:49pm FLAG
just cool lady... I am also a indian mom. my own son also do this with me. he touch my ass and boobs. he also do musterbate with my bra. lovely time...but don't sex..just enjoy...

reme Jul 10 2011 11:45pm FLAG
ha ha .. my son only see my ass... really what a time is going.

meta Jul 11 2011 5:20am FLAG
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seven Jul 11 2011 8:30am FLAG
It's okay to let your son touch your breasts and see them, after all you did breast feed him as a baby didn't you? That required both seeing and touching, as well as him wrapping his lips around your nipples and sucking, an act that is considered largely sexual later in life. You have no need to be imbarissed or confused about the situation, if however you are actually worried about letting him do it will somehow ruin his life, well it wont. There is a woman over in ireland i think, that actually breast feeds her children up until they are thir****! No harm has befallen them and none will to your son. But if you're worried that some sexual relationship will develope from it, don't worry! 1-your son is not old enough to experiance sexual desires, he may feel the desire to see and feel your breasts from time to time, but that is only of curiosity or merely because he loves you and likes how you look and feel. 2-Even if somehow a sexual relationship did develope from it, you still have no need to worry, just go along with it and set some ground rules. Make sure he understands that you are not the only woman for him and that when he is old enough he needs to aquire a girlfriend. The sexual relationship may stop once he has a girlfriend whom has yet to have a child as you have, thus leaving her a much more enjoyable sex partner, that's just how it is sadly. Also, if such a relationship did develope from it, than its a good thing he'll be learning form you instead of exploring the world for sex partners and running the risk of catching STDs. so my advice is go ahead let him touch your breasts!

Lily Pie Jul 12 2011 10:48am FLAG

BUNTY Jul 12 2011 1:35pm FLAG
I was curious since I was 6. So it is natural.

Kumar Jul 13 2011 11:09pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jul 26 2011 1:45pm FLAG
Just let him feel ur body.. its not wrong, this is 20, not some old days...

mom Aug 02 2011 4:13am FLAG
I got a son he;s ... he watch sexual things at school and talk about it with me.. my husband was away on his works... so its just me and my only son... one day he asked me about breast and touch mine, i just pushed him away and said no.. he said ok.. then the next day, he was talking to me about sex and those inserting c*ck into vagina.. i was u.. i said, do i have to tell u tat? he just kissed my boobs, and i start to suck him.. then he insertted me.. such a force.. i do say, our son r the best in sex.. we can share with them, everything... its pleasureable.. just tel u, be open minded and enjoy urself

mom 30 Aug 02 2011 4:22am FLAG
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Anonymous Aug 05 2011 1:38am FLAG
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HANSOME Aug 19 2011 2:09am FLAG
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harish Sep 05 2011 6:04am FLAG
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Anonymous Jul 09 2012 9:53pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jul 09 2012 10:24pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jul 09 2012 10:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 09 2012 10:45pm FLAG
Sooo kidding

Anonymous Jul 10 2012 7:44pm FLAG
What the hell is wrong with you sick bastards?

Anonymous Jan 10 2013 1:28pm FLAG
dont do it

muslim Feb 04 2013 4:19am FLAG
You could see if one of your friends will show him. That way it's not his mom, and he still gets to witness her breasts.

Anita46 Feb 16 2013 7:46am FLAG
Let him do it. Let him examine your body, I mean he'll know about it someday.

Anonymous Mar 16 2013 9:27pm FLAG
Just let him feel around he should know

Anonymous Mar 16 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Look I'm and no matter what I do not ask to see or feel a women's breasts or vagina. It is not okay. Yea girls are in my mind and I have seen a ***o but it is not good for him or her

Anonymous Mar 31 2013 6:45pm FLAG
let him feel your pubis and masturbate

Anonymous May 11 2013 11:00pm FLAG
This world is f**ked up. The fact that Mom's can't tell whether it's right or wrong to touch their sons, or allow them to see you ***** is puzzling to me. He is your son. Plain and simple. There are rules. Rules that get broken have consequences and some result in punishment. End of story. If you let your son have his way, he will learn nothing in this life and it will be because of you.

Concerned Parent May 28 2013 5:49am FLAG
When i was a little child i used to curious about my mom's body all the time especially her breasts, It started when I was like 4 or 5 years old and when she bathed me. She allowed me to touch them somehow but with limits. Then she started to cover her body on me. Since she started to hide her body on me it made me more and more curious, I started to peek at her changing and stuff. This started to turn me on, then I started to be more daring and play with her lingerie. I always tried to discuss about sex with her but she avoided, it led me to go so far with my daring. I started to spy on her making love with my dad and this created many fantasies in my mind. I tried to touch her breasts when she was asleep but very calmly. All those images and fantasies are living with me now and makes me more attracted to the older women. I would say my mother didn't handle it in proper way and it made me act worse. So I don't think it is proper to hide from son because he is male and it is natural to curious about the female body.

ASKR Aug 11 2013 12:30pm FLAG
If you're comfortable let him see. My nephew was 8 and he asked to see my sister *****. I awkwardly got myself out of it. I talked to my sister about it and i suggested that id satisfy his curiosity. So he went over to my house to stay overnight while she and my husband went away. I wasn't married and had no children. It all went like this. He was told to go and have a bath. So he got in and then I walked in. I began to undress until I had nothing on. I got in and reached for the shampoo to wash his hair. He did it himself and then I got the cloth and wiped his face and went lower down till I had cleaned all of him. Then I told him he could do the same to me. He got the cloth and started to rub my breasts and then he rubbed my vagina. He enjoyed it very much and when I got out and dried him he did the same. He was then curious about why I had a bra and why he didn't. It was warm that night so I only put underwear on and he did likewise. I went downstairs and sat on the couch and he came down to. He sat on my knee and rested his head on my breasts. He found the bra annoying so I took it off. The next day my sister came back and I'm sure she was pleased that he was satisfied.

Caitlin Sep 15 2013 5:12pm FLAG
That is f**** up//

ewwwwww Sep 17 2013 1:32pm FLAG
let him feel ur body.i am a mother too.and i allow my son to see me *****.he's now . we both sleep together *****.and he's always curious about touching my breast and i allowed him to lick them feels pleasure to be ***** with my son.i showed him the pleasure of sex.and i taught him many about sex.even i had sex with him all night.but i always suggest him to wear condom.he always licks my breast.

anonymous Sep 18 2013 11:26pm FLAG
wtf.are u a mother.this is incest.and tats a troll story..

anonymous Sep 18 2013 11:29pm FLAG
I asked my mom if I could grab her ass a couple times and she has let me all 3 times I've asked already . But I wanna that ass. Its nice and.round and.phatl. so if u could help me out guys .

lol Sep 28 2013 12:17pm FLAG
Disgusting so terrible God bless these children

Anonymous Nov 24 2013 11:16pm FLAG
let him do he want .i am also a mother when my son ask me to show the breast. i open my bra he lick it for some time and touches it and says mom u r so sexy

jennie Dec 29 2013 3:30am FLAG
Carins Davis, I let my 10 year old son explore my body breasts and vagina, there is nothing wrong with it. He's just a growing boy who is curious about a mature women's body. If you feel up to it guide his mouth and hands (Not His Penis Be Very Clear On That) to your breasts and vagina, these multiple times together will only strengthen your mother and son bond.

Anonymous Mar 09 2014 11:58pm FLAG
My son asked me about my body so long answer short, I let him explore my body, then I let him me (NO CONDOM)

Anonymous Mar 12 2014 7:17pm FLAG
Let son touh then

parent Mar 12 2014 9:34pm FLAG
With the proper schedule my son finally got my milk flowing again, and yes I let him take me nightly. No Condom needed.

parent Mar 19 2014 9:50pm FLAG
Have sex with him

Anonymous Apr 16 2014 9:03am FLAG

rup May 15 2014 9:07am FLAG
I'm a 39 yo mother with a son who told me on many occasions that he was curious about my body and masturbated to a picture of me from a vacation in Florida where I was wearing a bikini. I'm not a thin woman I am classified as a bbw(big beutiful woman) I'm very curvy and can se why someone is attracted to me. I am a single parent and I didn't know what to do but I decided if he wanted me so badly that I would give him what he wanted in the hopes that he would finaly call it quits. So the next night I went to him wearing the bikini from the picture and right away he got hard I told him he could do whatever he wanted to me and he enjoyed himself he kissed me and I kissed him he ate me out for a whole hour and made me cum three times. Before the last oral orgasam I moaned rather loud make mommy cum again son. He did and finaly he penetrated me and even though he only lasted about 1 min he made me cum again and this time I shouted son cum inside mommy cum inside mommy. He did and I shouted I love your cum son. He pulled out of me and I cleaned off his penis swallowing every last drop of his cum. We layed down ***** on my bed for hours just holding eachother. I told him I loved him more than anything. I found I wanted my son just as bad as he wanted me. That was 3 weeks ago. Since then I have had or done a sexual act with him at least 2 nights a week. Most of the time I suck him until he blows a load in my mouth and a new thing I tried was the last time I blew him I spit his cum on his face and French kiss him. Yesterday I went to the park with him and I made out with him in front of a mother and her kids and when I finished on purpose I said I love you son and we left.

HornyMom May 25 2014 10:56am FLAG
Horny mom I'd love to get to know you :)

Anonymous May 27 2014 10:03am FLAG
i give my son boob job and bj too... he is when its start.. now he

elisa Apr 30 2015 12:21pm FLAG
it's perfectly natural, you're the only woman he's close to. it's a phase, just let him see and touch your breasts. I did it with my younger brother and he grew up perfectly ok. they're just breasts, what's wrong with that. just be sure not to do anything more, which would be crossing the line.

daniela Aug 25 2015 7:38am FLAG
Lol these are all fake responses anyone who believes this crap is a moron

will Nov 01 2015 6:44am FLAG
I have two curious boys nine and twelve that explore my body at night when I'm asleep, I let them play under the covers. It's a routine every night, I get awaken by them tuning on the light and uncovering me above my waist, they pull my panties over and inspect my openings. It's harmless to me but I do get aroused by their probing and fingering. My oldest likes to direct his little brother in doing things that I feel are a little too much, he has him stick pencils and other things in my butt and vagina and he always has him lick me and try to put his penis in one or two places and that's when I usually roll-over and close my legs, but that only puts all their focus on my ass and they can play for hours until I had enough and pretend to awaken then they hurry back to their own room. I have fun with it and don't see the harm in letting them fulfill their curiosity.

Julie S. Mar 25 2016 11:45pm FLAG
i adcice you that ........avoid him ....dont ever tried this .......its time he wish yo see now .....years later he get girl in her life ..... and he will not have this kimd of wish...avoid avoid

man Jun 18 2016 9:45am FLAG
My mum used to never hide her body she would change and shower with the door open and walk around topless, and she would always let me touch her breasts and her other body parts, even when she was asleep. I asked her if I could finger her one day and she said yes. And I have the best relationship with her. I still touch her in her sleep and she lets me it's great .

Heaven sent Jun 30 2016 8:17am FLAG
Im also a mother from Capetown, basically i'm frm thailand. I have a child who has yrs of age... Butt sm times at wch my hus is in th offc my son will askng me to show not my nipps, not even my vagina., he asked me to show the 'hole' in my butt,, i dont knw wat to do.,!!! I heard a cmmn issu as it before. Butt this issue complictd me a lot. I dont let him to see it.. Is it a commn issue dr moms!!? he tried to seduce me a lot of times. I dissappointed him frm the situations… aftr thse incidnts , one day in nyt the time im sleeping he came to my bed room without mkng noise. Bt i hrd his arrvl nd cmmtmnt. Im sleeping my butt side up manner at that time., he came close to me nd pinned his nose so close to my buttocks and tried to take smells. I slept wthout any sounds. Then he ws gone. Aftr that inciden he asked and cried me to show the hol of my ass.. I disappointd a lot again.., this is continued again nd again. Thn i conclused alone to let him see the hole inside my butt. One day noon, i told him to "take today as a leave, dont go to school today" he asked me "why" a lot. I dont told the srprse to him. At noon, i called him to my bedroom and asked him "do u wish to see my hole?" he became silent infrnt of me at tht time. I told and i became butt side up in the bed. He wrapped me and revealed my gown and my panties. I bacame butt *****. He opend my buttcks and revealed first time the hole in my ass. He touched and licked it a lot of times. I find his freedom completly with this incident happened in me home for ever. Sex with own child is not a promlem . It is a common issue like me. The conclusion is upto you.,

Lindoa Leu Steven Nov 13 2016 10:57am FLAG
Don't listen to those who advised that letting your son touch you is a good thing. I learnt the consequences of this. Let's just say I have to find a way to tell my newborn son/grandson, once he is older, that his father is also his brother

Regretful mom Nov 15 2016 6:39am FLAG
Im giving my nipples too. its only my own decision dear mothers. dont let my decisions as a final one for you all. In my case i requested my son to "enjoy my organs without overexitement. Dont overuse my breast milk. Dont miss use my buttholes. Only my one organ once in a day."

Lindoa Leu Steven Nov 16 2016 8:37am FLAG
Now he is also ready to stop it forever

Lindoa Leu Steven Nov 16 2016 8:39am FLAG
I had sex with him today…,

Lindoa Leu Steven Nov 25 2016 8:26am FLAG
my son is very curious about my pubic hair, other moms seen son watching

latina mom Jul 11 2017 12:24pm FLAG
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