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My son what should i do...???

The Problem: My son is and he is my only child.....whenever we are alone he tries to touch my breasts..once he told me he wants to see my breasts....and he is trying to get very close to me....what should i do???

Asked by: Mom201 at 03:07:08 PM, Tuesday, July 12, 2011 PDT FLAG


My brother is 22 he keeps watching my breast. What should i do?

Anonymous Jul 12 2011 11:03pm FLAG

slice open your breasts and let him your bleeding breasts

Anonymous Jul 13 2011 11:51pm FLAG
Wo tum par gandi niyat rakhta hai, ab bhi waqt hai use sudar lo wo tumhara iklota beta hai, nahi to apni kokh ko kosogi. wo tumhe apni hawas ki aag me jala dega. Aur ek rishta kalankit ho jayega. mukesh

BiNdAsH BoY Jul 14 2011 7:30am FLAG
He's a boy and all boys that age think is in! doesn't matter if your he's mother or not. sat him down and talk to him and if your cool with it let him look at your ***** body and NO MORE!! just to get it out the way.

Anonymous Jul 14 2011 9:12am FLAG
i sat with him today and and showed him my breasts...he went to touch them but i got up and went away...and said no more...was i right??

Mom201 Jul 14 2011 11:32am FLAG
Being completely open with ur child creats a limitless and storng bridge between you two .. so give him what he wants.. he's just becoming an adult.. and lots of testoterone.. ;)

FreeYourMind Jul 14 2011 3:34pm FLAG
mom201 you should late him do what he wants with u it bast that way dont want him trying to do that with some one ells he might git into trable

Anonymous Jul 15 2011 11:05pm FLAG
i let him im see my breasts again today....he told me to to let him touch them i let him him touch...he played with them and kissed them...ten i went away...i really dont know what to do..

Mom201 Jul 16 2011 2:03am FLAG
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sahil Jul 16 2011 2:16am FLAG
let him to do what he wants to do ur breasts.

himal Jul 16 2011 4:46am FLAG
let him do whatever he want's to you enithing you need to be opan with you'r chaild he's just experementing it's just a faze

dznydl Jul 16 2011 6:16am FLAG
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yash Jul 16 2011 10:26pm FLAG
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MomandI Jul 16 2011 10:49pm FLAG
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rani Jul 16 2011 10:52pm FLAG
well....just do what you want to do, what you think is right:/ awkward!!

abby Jul 17 2011 3:12am FLAG
if he was my chail i would let him do it because i do it wiht my 18 year old twins becca and michal thay love somwon els and you don't know her /him and you don't know if thatv got ads or enithing x hope i helped

sexy bitch xx Jul 17 2011 3:56am FLAG
all of this fake story!

lake Jul 17 2011 11:07am FLAG
If you(mom 201) needs any advice add me in Skype:joegohan or in E-mail I know a lot about ****age feelings Btw a small hint. As I have heard from my teacher its common for every boy to have a desire at his mother and sisters as they are the only women they are seeing for more than 10 years. Anyway Dont let your son have sex with you I dont want to explain much here. Email me subject:my son and I

Joe Jul 18 2011 8:01am FLAG
If you want you can send a message here So i atleast know you are here and I can give you advise I dont want to give advise to someone else without asking

joe Jul 18 2011 9:41am FLAG
hi mom201 your son is just experiencing a lust with you. let him do what he wants. IF he wants to touch and play with it let it be. But don't ever cross the limit. He himself would understand what he was doing........

jack Jul 18 2011 11:02am FLAG
I feel Like Jack is Wrong. If you allow him to play with your breast then his mind would want him to keep on doing that again and he might even go for your and might put his d*ck in I have a better idea for sure

Joe Jul 19 2011 9:39am FLAG
Use jan se mar do varna samaj mai ek naiya hangama fail ja e ga

Good wisher Jul 19 2011 11:56am FLAG
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Joe Jul 20 2011 7:37am FLAG
tell her that you want to see what a women looks like...

Anonymous Jul 20 2011 10:54am FLAG
Who is using my Name Joe I have never even had a desire to my mom

real Joe Jul 21 2011 9:20am FLAG
sidhi si bat hai. tum usse chudana chahti ho aur wo tumhe chodna chahta hai. ek bar bete se chud jao phir koi sharam ya kisise puchhne ki jarurat nahi rahegi. bete se chudane me itna maja ata hai ki tum duniya bhul jaogi.

xxx Jul 23 2011 11:43pm FLAG
wow i no boys at that age are crazy with sex but showing your son your boobs is not a motherly thing to do your not a girl at his school who he likes your his mother be that mother

socormommy Jul 29 2011 6:31pm FLAG
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Bestmomever Aug 02 2011 8:23pm FLAG
He's just . Don't let him do it - it will ruin your relationship when your older. Tell him to get a girlfriend

ohIsn'tThisGreat Aug 03 2011 3:39am FLAG
Is better your son learns form you them strangers

Advices Aug 04 2011 9:31pm FLAG
Realy ur sn wnts 2hv sx wd u so gv him a chance n mk lv reltn u wl feel amzng taste of sx wd him

Amit sxy Aug 12 2011 10:25am FLAG
mom 201 show ur boobs to ur son allow him touch it...bocoz he already touched it and drank milk from your boobs wen he was a baby...send your experience to

Anonymous Aug 25 2011 12:03am FLAG
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harish Sep 05 2011 6:02am FLAG
u r luck mom that ur child is takin initiative to have sex with u. eb\ven moms is heaven for his own son. u must fullfill ur sons needs bcoz of this u and ur son will b happy now and in future.

harish Sep 12 2011 3:43am FLAG
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META Oct 05 2011 4:27am FLAG
@mom201 If ur son just want to see ur breast and play with them or suck them, let him do that. But not more than that. Never loose ur control. Sex is always wrong between u and ur son. Never expose urself to ur son lower than ur waist. If he misbehave, then tell him he is wrong and walk away.

Mr King Oct 18 2011 5:40am FLAG
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harish Oct 27 2011 11:23am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 22 2012 2:33pm FLAG
You should have him promise not to tell anybody and let him have a quick suck on your breasts. i had the same problem, and allowed my son to fondle and suck my breasts. its perfectly normal and i'ts the reason we have such a good relationship to this day. He still does it sometimes after school and has been since he was . If you enjoy when he plays with you you should play with him too! its really not a big deal, its fun and hot!

Lillian Jun 28 2012 4:09pm FLAG
My son is and I had the same problem so I allowed him to tittys me at least once a week when my husband is at work, and I love it. It might seem strange at first but you will grow to love it. just make sure you use protection!

Paulina Jun 28 2012 4:16pm FLAG
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SmOkèr Sep 14 2012 3:58pm FLAG
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gods mom Sep 18 2012 12:47am FLAG
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Sanjay Feb 09 2013 10:03am FLAG
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J Mar 26 2013 2:20pm FLAG
This is obviously just a phase, let it pass. If push comes to shove, buy him a Playboy or something, maybe a ***o. Anything to take his mind off this and on something else. But if you feel like you want to continue your relationship with your son, go ahead, but no more than soft Foreplay- Fondling breasts, kissing, but that's about it. But this decision is ultimately yours.

Furry Sven Apr 25 2013 10:00pm FLAG
let him have sex with u it will only makeyour bond stronger

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Anonymous Jul 29 2013 12:41am FLAG
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Anonymous Aug 11 2013 12:18pm FLAG
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Dont do sex with your mom Aug 31 2013 10:04pm FLAG
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sexy mama Oct 01 2013 7:27pm FLAG
please dont allow him to further proceed. Teach him morality n ethics my sister. stay fine

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Jon Dec 31 2013 6:26am FLAG
That made me mom201

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Anonymous Dec 31 2013 6:30am FLAG
Don't worry abt ur son... Let me suck ur nipples I'll suck ur till u cum I'll be ya servant 4 dee nyt bby

sexinstructor Jan 05 2014 10:24am FLAG
see initially make him understand about the value of mom if he does not understandthe while u sleep allow him to fondle with your breast so that her may think that even u dont know what happened and the matter goes off

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Let him suck ur breast and tell him u have to have ur turn. Then suck his d*ck. And, give him a titjob.

Anonymous Jan 20 2014 5:41pm FLAG
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Advicer Feb 27 2014 9:29pm FLAG
Force him to have sex with you

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Let him touch and suck your nipples.It's just a craze of age.

Mommy Apr 30 2014 11:24pm FLAG
Wtf what kind of inbreed is this

This is the most in the world u inbreed bitch Jun 13 2014 12:59pm FLAG
What happens between you and him is your and his business. Don't feel awkward about this because he'll pick up on it. There's nothing wrong with exploring, it will help him grow up.

another mom Nov 11 2014 11:54am FLAG
I love being fondled by my son he is gr8 @ sex

Nikki Apr 18 2015 4:30pm FLAG
it is perfectly normal to be incestuous with your children, just let him be a bit more aggressive

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