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Any lez girls wanna ? Im and ..

The Problem: Im a lesbian who wud like to ...any girls interested text me at 954-245-28

Asked by: HornyGirl<3 at 11:14:58 AM, Saturday, August 06, 2011 PDT FLAG


Could you ever be bi-sexual?

Mike Aug 06 2011 8:49pm FLAG


HornyGirl<3 Aug 07 2011 2:43am FLAG
hey HornyGirl<3 would u like trade pics? i'm an lesbi gurrrrl ;) give me your email ;)

lily_sexy Aug 07 2011 12:40pm FLAG
or get mine:

lily_sexy Aug 07 2011 12:41pm FLAG
My email is but honestly i prefer texting. ;)

HornyGirl<3 Aug 07 2011 5:13pm FLAG
pleaz be bi i want to do your holes

wise guy Aug 07 2011 6:30pm FLAG
pleaz be bi i want to do your holes plus i am talk to me at plus i am

kidman / helper53 / sandman Aug 07 2011 10:30pm FLAG
pleaz be bi i want to do your holes plus i am talk to me at plus i am

kidman / helper53 / sandman Aug 07 2011 10:30pm FLAG
This post is not valid anymore so all u ppl STOP TEXTING ME!!!! Thank u >:/

HornyGirl<3 Aug 14 2011 9:38pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian I don't care how old u are text me at 51062085 or email me at

ashleycrazy lesbian1 Aug 17 2011 1:17pm FLAG
Heyy girlss ' can u give me your bb pins; I'm a girl and I

sexy babe :) x Aug 21 2011 4:59pm FLAG
I'm and I'm bi and I'm up for ;)

ashleigh x Aug 22 2011 11:54am FLAG
im and wanna have phone sex.... txt me.. 1904-3-5451

chris Sep 01 2011 7:31pm FLAG
Can u ppl email me insted of texting? Thank u :)

HornyGirl<3 Sep 26 2011 7:52pm FLAG
Add me on blackberry 24380F5

les-BI Dec 11 2011 6:32am FLAG
I feel soo right now!!!!!

Anonymous Dec 11 2011 6:33am FLAG
I'm girl lesbian and my pin for bb is 24380F5

orgasim!!!<3 Dec 11 2011 6:37am FLAG
Add me I'm and I know what all u girls want! I'm pretty and just want to make love with use! My blackberry pin 28522CA1

HORNTIME! Dec 11 2011 7:30am FLAG
I'm soo !

Anonymous Dec 21 2011 7:16pm FLAG
I'm a lad looking for a girl to swap pics and to get me add my bb pin 27ea826f

anton Jan 01 2012 4:57pm FLAG
I'm a lad looking for a girl to swap pics and to get me add my bb pin 27ea826f. Age between -

anton Jan 01 2012 4:58pm FLAG
girls txt me 731-6-5754 i got a 8 pac and waiting to see your body and make u cum

trent Jan 07 2012 7:13pm FLAG
Horny girls add M&#773;&#818;&#822;&#805;&#949;&#818;&#803;&#803;&#803;&#805; here is my pin 25FEBB3F.. Anything ??? want girl

lawal Jan 13 2012 4:30am FLAG
Horny girls add me up and here is my bb pin 25FEBB3F.. Anything you want girl ??? am a guy

lawal Jan 13 2012 4:32am FLAG
286D65add up da pin, gurls only tho <3

swaag<3 Jan 19 2012 6:40pm FLAG
every body add me on bbm 2887c99f

young greezy Jan 24 2012 9:04am FLAG
Come on girls we should have threesomes nd finger each other it would be soO much fun. Who's interested???

OrgasmGirl Jan 28 2012 4:31pm FLAG
Hey guys I want a guy who can make me feel and talk dirty. 27cff1db

shay Feb 06 2012 11:28am FLAG
Hey guys I want a guy who can make me feel and talk dirty. 27cff1db

shay Feb 06 2012 11:31am FLAG
What's your pin

Anonymous Feb 14 2012 7:01pm FLAG
What's your pin

Anonymous Feb 14 2012 7:13pm FLAG
peas txt me i want to talk and stuff my # is 51006

love lesbians Mar 11 2012 2:14pm FLAG
How long ago was dis

Anonymous Mar 16 2012 8:30pm FLAG
? does anyone still wana ;)

Anonymous Apr 11 2012 8:16pm FLAG
Age // lookin for Add me! On bbm Bbm pin:2334BD

Anonymous Apr 15 2012 7:13pm FLAG
Age // lookin for Add me! On bbm Bbm pin:2334BD

ha Apr 15 2012 7:13pm FLAG
I'm male pin: 2907072E ONLY GIRLS and if you want to have phone sex add me on bbm we can tal from there

girls only Apr 18 2012 4:48pm FLAG

TGWTBD May 07 2012 6:32pm FLAG
Fuk over fone with me ime male

all May 09 2012 2:48pm FLAG
My pin is 22A85F18

heck all May 09 2012 2:50pm FLAG
Male :D 23a7043a

A male May 13 2012 1:29pm FLAG
add me 25tgf897

ur mom May 17 2012 3:54pm FLAG
are u girls bi? im male, bi, but would love to exhange pics! :-) plz leme knoww

sexiiboii May 23 2012 7:44am FLAG
Add me 27D2A45D male horney any girls

porra May 24 2012 11:55am FLAG
yr old lad looking for a girl to chat with my bb pin 28108994

Tgid456 May 25 2012 4:45pm FLAG
yr old lad looking for a girl to chat with my bb pin 28108994

Tgid456 May 25 2012 4:50pm FLAG
I'm old male bbm pin 28869ecf

tris May 27 2012 11:47am FLAG
Girls only

tris May 27 2012 11:49am FLAG
27AE9B37 ;) girls only

;) May 29 2012 7:42am FLAG
Horny and wanna add me bbm: Pin:2887c99f

anon Jun 06 2012 6:27pm FLAG
Horny and wanna add me bbm: Pin:2887c99f Male GIRLS ONLY + MUST EXCHANGE PICS I am

anon Jun 06 2012 6:28pm FLAG
hey girls only txt me! 7-4-0008

_lez(: Jun 07 2012 9:05am FLAG
287325ff Horny m ... F only

ef9a5y Jun 13 2012 2:20am FLAG
Hey girls Im text me 7863373031 or kik me shadow305Im super and I'll trade some pix ;)

Anonymous Jun 19 2012 9:48pm FLAG
Girls add me now, I am male and looking for a girl who wana sex chat, lets come together add 3308B0

orgasm master Jun 21 2012 2:18pm FLAG
girls only add me fit and live convo 2992a75a

boy lyk rash Jun 23 2012 4:38am FLAG
Ay ladies add me up 20FF7C

tyrone Jun 23 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Oi girls add for a bits of Always c*ckny so get addin babes GIRLS ONLY if ur a boi and add me u will get toled bought ur self

luke luv master Jun 27 2012 3:10pm FLAG
My email is my number is 1-9-505-6491 I'm a dude

Dude Jun 30 2012 8:23am FLAG
236bb4ff girls only

random Jun 30 2012 3:28pm FLAG
Horny gals add pin:21a34aa8

gal Jul 10 2012 7:53am FLAG
I'm lez, and , add me on bbm. 28D8EE89 add up my pin girls. 28D8EE89

lez Jul 10 2012 8:56pm FLAG
GirlS get adding this PiN I. Swear down this Person is hooooot so get adding 27ad7a

I am Horny Jul 11 2012 10:24am FLAG Im a girl

Anonymous Jul 12 2012 1:30pm FLAG
sexy and dtf text me =) 440 328 9423

ass lesbo Jul 14 2012 7:10am FLAG
Hey imma girl lets exchange pics girls and guys im bi xsamx1@gmail com

hottie xo ;) Jul 18 2012 12:01am FLAG
girl, im bi idc who u r just make me cum 26282292

jabba Jul 19 2012 3:37pm FLAG
Add me on bbm I'm lesbo and really , need some lezbo girl to trade picks with me pluss I'm aged (in september) any galz between and add me plzzz to bbm 2943E33D I'll give u what u want! ;) oxoxoxx

clair :) xxx Jul 19 2012 4:50pm FLAG
you guys are sick and gross. i'm and a girl who has had a boyfriend for 2 years and all of you girls are going online to find someone to make you ed. what the hell am i looking at.

Sarah. Jul 20 2012 10:53am FLAG
HEY I'M A GIRL WHO'S , THIS IS REALLY JUST GROSS. Why are you guys on this loolol. Be straight and if you are not straight, don't go on a website and look at this stuff especially if you're or , that is so young! You guys need some class. lolol

A person who's freaked out. Jul 20 2012 10:54am FLAG
^^ I agree with Sarah and the person who's freaked out! this is so sick of you guys to all be and want sex and to trade pics, that's aganist the law! go outside, go for a swim and hang out with friends. You should think boys are cute, not wanting to have sex with a girl. Um ew.

Hahahaha. Jul 20 2012 10:55am FLAG
loll , yay lolol!!! love hornieness. jUST JOKING. you guys are sickk.

LESBO YAYAYYA. not Jul 20 2012 10:56am FLAG
any one i have a dildo want to put it inside some one until they cum

u know me bi Jul 21 2012 12:42am FLAG
I am a lesbian who wants over bbm, Uk only! 27B1F9C4

Helloooo Jul 22 2012 8:49am FLAG
hi horney babes add me for hot chat 290d848c

Anonymous Jul 23 2012 2:59am FLAG
Any 5042369724

bigboy3 Jul 23 2012 10:56am FLAG
Find this fricking discusting, all you desperate people trying just to get ? Go out and find someone like normal people you complete and utter freaks:S

bi yeah babes. not. Jul 23 2012 4:51pm FLAG
Girls add me I'm I'm sexy and I'm white no black girls only white and sexy any age that's my pin is 2603cf89

hotsexboy Jul 24 2012 4:11pm FLAG
Girls add me I'm I'm sexy and I'm white no black girls only white and sexy any age that's my pin is 2603cf89

hotsexboy Jul 24 2012 4:13pm FLAG
Add me girls if u need a quick turn on (I'm and I need a turn on aswell) ^_^ Pin 22AB5F42

TopTraneRollz Jul 26 2012 6:49am FLAG
I'm &wat somone to . My aim is dada saurez I can make u wet I'm bi &a girl

dada Jul 27 2012 4:51pm FLAG
I'm &wat somone to . My aim is dada saurez I can make u wet I'm bi &a girl

dada Jul 27 2012 4:53pm FLAG
I'm &wat somone to . My aim is dada saurez I can make u wet I'm bi &a girl

dada Jul 27 2012 4:53pm FLAG
I'm &wat somone to . My aim is dada saurez I can make u wet I'm bi &a girl

dada Jul 27 2012 4:53pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

28D8EE89 Jul 28 2012 5:24am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

28D8EE89 Jul 28 2012 5:26am FLAG
Hay all yew girls I'm add me on bbm 29221BD7

Anonymous Jul 29 2012 9:02am FLAG
Add me girls I'm going to make you fun 28f2ea49

hamad Jul 30 2012 4:50am FLAG

Rockinchixk Jul 31 2012 10:37pm FLAG

Rockinchixk Jul 31 2012 10:37pm FLAG

Rockinchixk Jul 31 2012 10:37pm FLAG
Send me pics I'll send u some at 34969541

Rockinchick Jul 31 2012 10:41pm FLAG
Sorry guys messed up my number 34964952

Rockerchick Jul 31 2012 10:49pm FLAG
Hey grils I am 18 male aad m on bbm and I will make u wet. 219B85EB STUD

STUD Aug 01 2012 2:25pm FLAG
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smoking hot Aug 01 2012 10:28pm FLAG
Hi any ~girls hoe likes to masturabate I'm a boy I'll give you some real fun just leave you're bbm pins

lover Aug 02 2012 4:02am FLAG
Hi smoking hot wats you're bbm pin a wanna heck you so bad

lover Aug 02 2012 6:39am FLAG
You guys and girls are all sick I agree with sarah and the others who said yous are all sick yous must focuses on friends school work instead of this

born to hate Aug 04 2012 1:13pm FLAG
Wanna I'll make ur ass wet lesbos only

sex bitch Aug 04 2012 1:14pm FLAG
26f7c202. im male

bi Aug 07 2012 9:13am FLAG
26f7c202. im male

bi Aug 07 2012 9:14am FLAG
Come on lesbian girls try me please it won't hurt you if you try so please leave you're bbm pins

tanglover Aug 07 2012 12:59pm FLAG
I'm I'm A boy need a age and ove my bbm pin 21859386

hm Aug 07 2012 1:23pm FLAG
I'm lesbo ! Text me , I'm ! 23.998.8960

lesbobitch Aug 07 2012 10:40pm FLAG 23.998.8960 Lesbos only ! -

lesbobitch Aug 07 2012 10:42pm FLAG
I'm and I won't more bbm pins so add me don't care if ur bi or lesbo just add plz 228C3E xx

shannonx Aug 10 2012 1:19pm FLAG
I think what you are saying is so sick and I'm a lesbean and I don't do that its just not wright I'm and some of you are well too young...

Emily Aug 10 2012 1:32pm FLAG
Lesbian spelt it wrong lmfao!

Emily Aug 10 2012 1:33pm FLAG
Hey people, OMD this is the perfect site for me!!!!! 0i want people to and act come over my house. BBM me 27BDF2D7

Sexy Horny lesbian Aug 11 2012 1:08pm FLAG
Please leave me alone!!!!!!! Stop adding me ^^ I REGRETED IT AS SOON AS I PUT IT UP!!!!!!!

LEAVE ME ALONE Aug 11 2012 2:22pm FLAG
any girls who want to be added by a guy put your pins up here

always a pleasure Aug 13 2012 2:08am FLAG
any girls who want to be added by a guy put your pins up here

always a pleasure Aug 13 2012 2:09am FLAG
any girls who want to be added by a guy put your pins up here

always a pleasure Aug 13 2012 2:10am FLAG
any girls who want to be added by a guy put your pins up here

always a pleasure Aug 13 2012 2:10am FLAG
Horney as text me 3475601967

Selena Aug 20 2012 2:09pm FLAG
Lesbien girls get adding bbp 29854AA4

#sexii sadz Aug 23 2012 3:56pm FLAG
Heyy guya and girls add me shakil on bbm 2A3F80B6 for sexy chats

#shakil Aug 23 2012 4:40pm FLAG
I really need to I am

storm Aug 23 2012 9:24pm FLAG
do you have bbm ?

to Aug 24 2012 2:39pm FLAG
anybody have whatsapp?

why only bbm? Aug 24 2012 2:40pm FLAG
2804ec add make u wet

ur dada Aug 25 2012 7:07am FLAG
Add me up girls pin:321d109b

daniel Aug 25 2012 4:21pm FLAG
ima guy need a lil turn on me ONLY GURLS 682 234 5660

ill make ur night baby Aug 28 2012 11:40pm FLAG
Girl I am really text me I am we should my nun is 863-510-8337

Jake Sep 02 2012 3:25pm FLAG
male up for anything (straight =P) bbm 2a52ae4a

Hi Sep 03 2012 11:20am FLAG
You ed up bithes a wtf

I'm male u dirty bithes Sep 07 2012 8:47am FLAG
if any girl wanna my number is 734 680 2377 or add me on kik hwsa ill do anything if u wanna just tlk ill do tht to

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 12:57pm FLAG
Im add me GIRL ONLY add me on bbm 292a1810 up for anything girls get adding

Sex mad Sep 15 2012 7:16am FLAG
2A223BF6 (male straight)

2A223BF6 Sep 17 2012 8:33am FLAG
How did you guys saying its sick get here

Anonymous Sep 17 2012 6:28pm FLAG
Add me ill make you wet I'm and !! 29cac6cd my bbm pin

someone Sep 18 2012 5:31am FLAG
Hi I would love to , but isn't it illegal bcoz I've seen people go to prison for it, anyway bbm 26ffaaaf

unknown Sep 18 2012 1:09pm FLAG
Hi I would love to , but isn't it illegal bcoz I've seen people go to prison for it, anyway bbm 26ffaaaf guy

unknown Sep 18 2012 1:11pm FLAG
all you people that think its sick, ur not fooling any1. you got here somehow, probably by searching it on google. you feel bad so u say its sick. go f*** urself.

someone(now ) Sep 18 2012 6:54pm FLAG
Damn some girls pls add me I'm 1r year old male looking for girls reply and ill give you my bbm pin

jake Sep 19 2012 10:03am FLAG
Sry girls I'm I'm also a guy really pls reply

jake Sep 19 2012 10:21am FLAG
Guy 20, add me 2A4A3A

just A Guy Sep 22 2012 10:49pm FLAG
Please invite me girls I am a ur old male that is pin 294791

nick Sep 24 2012 5:57am FLAG
Hey girls my names jordan I'm really here's my pin 2603cf89 add me and lest get down and dirty

sexyc*ck Sep 24 2012 2:12pm FLAG
I want to both of u

Anonymous Sep 25 2012 9:55pm FLAG
Hey. I'm female (straight) any guys that know how to get a girl please invite me : 2725CC3C

Horny lil chick Sep 28 2012 11:50pm FLAG
and hot girls add me 296A670

me Sep 30 2012 7:44am FLAG
Got pin wrong 296A9670

me Sep 30 2012 7:49am FLAG
Hey please add me I'm always and up for anything I'm a guy and my bbm pin is 0792D533 tnx :P

me Oct 04 2012 3:23pm FLAG
U guys r sick

cutie Oct 05 2012 10:24am FLAG
i am a male and me girls 20ce03c1

loverboi Oct 07 2012 12:06pm FLAG
Girls add me on bbm 2930DB3C !! M

jean Oct 14 2012 3:29am FLAG
I will accept! Xxx

jean Oct 14 2012 3:30am FLAG
im nearly i am and love orgasmss and a Bi add me 29ed48

Anonymous Oct 14 2012 6:37am FLAG
7 inch c*ck always kik me at Brandowilson looking to trade some s

Bigassboner Oct 14 2012 8:42pm FLAG
Any girls wanna kik? Im and and do anything

Jason Oct 15 2012 2:46pm FLAG
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annoymus Oct 17 2012 12:52am FLAG
Add me hornu girls,if u wana get wet,am a handsome dude,I can alwayz make u cum add me on 236397

king godfrtey Oct 17 2012 7:27am FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 18 2012 3:40pm FLAG
Male handsome....I'm up for anything, girls only add me on bbm:2fd7ab

luwii Oct 18 2012 5:37pm FLAG
Add me I'm n I'm looking for hot guys n I'm super n I'll give u a good time 2602C833

cutie Oct 19 2012 1:45pm FLAG
Male really :$ 2991A79A

Anonymous Oct 19 2012 7:52pm FLAG
22642578 girlz only

Anonymous Oct 20 2012 11:55am FLAG
Add me im 2933BF27 and bi

annoymus Oct 21 2012 1:51pm FLAG
Plz add me. 285602AA. Females only, do anythig for you. Add me 285602AA

285602AA Oct 22 2012 12:40am FLAG
Literally anyone add BI boy 2A2D

Anonymous Oct 22 2012 9:43am FLAG
Male girls only 27ca7eae

Anonymous Oct 22 2012 4:26pm FLAG
yr old bi female. email me ;P

Anonymous Oct 23 2012 7:33pm FLAG
Add 21c8fcc3 girls only up for Anything.

nezAm Oct 24 2012 7:24am FLAG
female bi 2933BF27

anonymus Oct 24 2012 10:48am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 25 2012 2:16pm FLAG
, enjoy a good flirt, im a guy by the way, straight. 238538cb

RockingRed Oct 25 2012 3:14pm FLAG
Add me girls :) pin:28E3DB m

heyo Oct 26 2012 4:24pm FLAG
27BFF6 add it yers old boy inch dik

big dik Oct 29 2012 2:17pm FLAG
27BFF6 big mudafuker dikk inxhess I'm so yeah add me

welthy big penis Oct 29 2012 6:14pm FLAG
Any girls wna send pics email me at ile be waiting loveliess male!!

Andy Oct 29 2012 6:49pm FLAG
Im bi so any guys wna send their c*cks thatl be lovely 2 email it to

Andy Oct 29 2012 6:50pm FLAG
Sick psycho perve's! Losers! This is just gross! ing retards!

Touched the sky Oct 30 2012 11:18am FLAG
London only 29fc4c33 I'm a guy so add me

Don't worry Nov 01 2012 5:57pm FLAG
Add me m_2A34E383

Anonymous Nov 03 2012 8:49am FLAG
If anyone has whatsapp I'm a guy looking for a girl for pic swapping add +44 7730 5888

Rugby player Nov 03 2012 10:06am FLAG
yr old girl add me only 2A564BB9

soraya Nov 03 2012 10:34pm FLAG
female im bi and ! great boobs 28b5cf87

huge jugs and Nov 06 2012 10:17am FLAG
Holy ! This has went o for long. Anyone looking for exchanging pics? female

Anonymous Nov 06 2012 4:08pm FLAG
Hey every body I'm and I'm bi ready to swap pics txt me at 2084038459

Alexis Nov 06 2012 8:15pm FLAG
Looking to get some lady's wet, any age I'm me

Anonymous Nov 06 2012 8:16pm FLAG
Any girls want to trade any age. I'm and a guy

Anonymous Nov 06 2012 8:17pm FLAG
Bbm just wna chat girls only 2A564601

anonymous Nov 06 2012 11:44pm FLAG
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Nov 08 2012 5:35am FLAG
girls add bbm pin 28DE2459 HOT SEXY 6 SIX PACKS

sissy Nov 08 2012 9:27am FLAG
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penis Nov 09 2012 9:56am FLAG
Any girls 18+ add my pin I am male 228b775c

That boy Nov 09 2012 11:15am FLAG
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salman rockstar. Nov 09 2012 2:11pm FLAG
and ... Bi.. Add me,, won't disappoint 295B96CD

Anonymous Nov 10 2012 11:29am FLAG
Wanna trade pics girl

Vivi Nov 11 2012 3:11pm FLAG
Here my pin all you girls 27E833F5

Nov 12 2012 5:05am FLAG
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Nov 12 2012 5:07am FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 12 2012 12:05pm FLAG
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add for fun Nov 12 2012 2:06pm FLAG I'm a bi ebony bbw G cup, send me a nasty pic of you and I will return the favour... Btw I'm ...

bigtitlove Nov 14 2012 1:09pm FLAG

Hornysherine Nov 15 2012 2:43pm FLAG
Hey any1 add me on bbm 329FC681 I like to swap pics I'm straight girls come on add me ;) or gusy add me if u bi or gay we can have fun too xD

young Nov 16 2012 1:23pm FLAG
Add me girls any age up for anything I'm a cute boy but can also be very naughty :P 2926B496 I'm btw

Chad Nov 17 2012 1:24am FLAG
Hey Hemlia just want to say don't care if u deleted me I just want to talk

Nov 17 2012 2:44am FLAG
im a 21 yr old straight m and wanting 2 text dirty any girls welcome

Anonymous Nov 17 2012 6:53pm FLAG
im a 21 yr old straight m and wanting 2 text dirty any girls welcome (9524510977) proof needed

Anonymous Nov 17 2012 6:54pm FLAG
My pin for all the ladies that wants to have some fun 27E833F5

Nov 18 2012 12:24am FLAG
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THE ONE Nov 18 2012 4:00pm FLAG
Guys can also help please want some girls pins

Nov 19 2012 4:00am FLAG

go Nov 19 2012 4:31am FLAG
Pls stop adding me

cutie Nov 19 2012 6:43am FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 20 2012 5:17am FLAG

Nov 20 2012 8:31am FLAG
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Bobs not my name Nov 26 2012 1:33pm FLAG
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BigBlackthedestroyer ;) Nov 30 2012 1:15pm FLAG
ahhhh ahhhhhh olsada yalasak

rahmi Dec 01 2012 3:45am FLAG
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girlz new master Dec 02 2012 9:48pm FLAG

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Anonymous Dec 03 2012 1:07pm FLAG
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lucia Dec 03 2012 4:31pm FLAG
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POWERS3 Dec 06 2012 5:02am FLAG
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Horny spongebob (raver) Dec 11 2012 1:26pm FLAG
really guy want to trade pics with female also accept male pics but between years old only also have webcam send mail if interested

Alvarez Dec 12 2012 12:26am FLAG
Add me girls I'm looking for any girl any age younger the better only girls that will do stuff BRISTOL ONLY!!! Looking for sex only add if you want fun & swap pics 29970292

me Dec 13 2012 12:54pm FLAG
Swapping pics anyone im and looking for girls only 3303983538

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Anonymous Dec 16 2012 1:03pm FLAG
Add me girls, I do dirty pic swaps 2A2A9E09

Anonymous Dec 18 2012 9:33am FLAG
I'm o horrny guy, I'm 18 and don't mind swaping naughty pics with any age girl, add me pin:256E93B8 girls only

guy Dec 18 2012 10:00pm FLAG
im a gut, im , live in greater London and will have sex with anyone (has to be female) and live in London for free, ping me 220D03F5

legendz Dec 19 2012 12:34pm FLAG

guy Dec 26 2012 9:03am FLAG
Add me im and want to plz girls only plz no boys! 2979D0AB

hannah Dec 27 2012 8:18pm FLAG
I'm a guy. A sexy one too ;) add me on bbm GIRLS ONLY. 293ABB. We can exchange pictures

Big_ d*ck Dec 27 2012 11:50pm FLAG
Add my pin 329FC681 any1 can add ;)

mexican50 Dec 28 2012 6:57am FLAG
bi girls text me :) 302 44885

darren Dec 30 2012 7:38pm FLAG
Um... I'm not or anything, and I don't want to ""... Just chat I guess... xDDD I'm , Bi (a girl)... My number is 6475252392 if you want to text me. xD

Jessica. :D Dec 31 2012 12:01pm FLAG
^Oops... I missed a word but who cares, a typo... xD

Jessica. :D Dec 31 2012 12:03pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm f, echammertime, will do pics and vids

Emily Jan 01 2013 12:21am FLAG
me hard core lezbians

Criss-cross lesbovagina Jan 05 2013 11:55am FLAG
You are too young for ...,,yrs old...plz what are the older people gonna do if ya'll are doing are not even ****agers for gods sake

Shawty* Jan 06 2013 5:54am FLAG
Hey I'm a boy I'm very cute so girls invite plz I can do dirty n clean chats n willing to swap pictures my pin is 23BCB60C

somebody special 4 u Jan 06 2013 7:55am FLAG
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Horny Jan 06 2013 10:03am FLAG
406-403-7575 me I'm lesbian and I'm . I'm and super wet!!!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzz I'm begging u all!!!!!!!!!!!

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