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im and i have fantasies of my older 25 year old brother! what do i do?

The Problem: i had a dream we had sex. i get wet around him. what do i do? should i have him satisfy me? how can i get him to do me? please no negative comments. im already frusterated as it is! HELP!

Asked by: confused again at 01:57:21 PM, Saturday, August 20, 2011 PDT FLAG


talk to him and tell him.. hey you want to trade ***** pics ?

anthony Aug 20 2011 8:58pm FLAG

thanks! umm how about trading e mails?

confused again Aug 20 2011 9:01pm FLAG yours ? and be like "hey bro i need to talk to you and well its going to sound way out of the normal since were brothers and sisters" something like that !

anthony Aug 20 2011 9:02pm FLAG
ill e mail mine to you for security reasoons! how old are you? thanks for the advice i really hope it works!

confused again Aug 20 2011 9:05pm FLAG
ok and im wbu ? ill try to give you some more in a while!

tony Aug 20 2011 9:06pm FLAG
im i accidentily typed . did you change your name or are you trying to screw with me?

confused again Aug 20 2011 9:09pm FLAG
no wait anthony is my name but for short they call me tony..!

Anonymous Aug 20 2011 9:10pm FLAG
oops sorry like my name im confused again! do you think im weird? for likeing my brother?

confused again Aug 20 2011 9:13pm FLAG
kind of but dont freak out over it.. so have you sended me your e-mail ?

anthony Aug 20 2011 9:20pm FLAG
not yet. im on the dsi. so i cant activate my email on here. ill e mail you tomarrow do you ever have fantasies? dont answer if im making you uncomfortable. i just really trust you! when do you think would be the right time to talk to him?

confused again Aug 20 2011 9:28pm FLAG
youre a freaking weirdo. you want to have sex with family? well just ask him. walk around the house ***** when you 2 are alone you sound like a sexy girl! when urr ***** put his hand on youre ! just go a little at a time ask me if you want any more advice?

ill stick it in ya! Aug 20 2011 9:37pm FLAG
ok maybe ill do that but ill take anthony's advice first! i want to go slow!

confused again Aug 20 2011 9:39pm FLAG
so have you talkd to him about it ?

anthony Aug 21 2011 11:12am FLAG
im too emberassed

confused again Aug 21 2011 11:51am FLAG
mm well take some days and get over it.. you know what go in front of a mirror and act like thats your brother and plan out what your going to tell him.. simple as that : )

anthony Aug 21 2011 11:53am FLAG
should i give him details of what happend in my dream?

confused AGAIN! Aug 21 2011 12:06pm FLAG
yeaa that.. and tell him not to feel uncomfortable about it..!

anthony Aug 21 2011 12:38pm FLAG

confused again Aug 21 2011 1:14pm FLAG
wanna send ***** pics now ?

anthony Aug 21 2011 1:17pm FLAG
Dsi really...... i use 3ds so your a geration behind and if you wondering and im and i dont love you i want to give you a hug. :)

Wise guy / Herobrian Aug 21 2011 7:18pm FLAG
ive got a dsi xl :P xxx

bigtitsblondhair Aug 23 2011 10:08am FLAG
U know how sm men can`t resist, just wear somet sexy tease him a bit, get him relaxed, slowly work it up until you`re sertan u can make the next move? make sure he likes u though

love Aug 23 2011 4:46pm FLAG
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