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Uncle wants me to have sex and get wife pregnant

The Problem: My uncle (my dad's older brother) is 42 and wants to have a baby with his wife (my aunt) but the doctors said that he's to old and already infertile. I'm his nephew, and he asked me before if I was ok getting his wife pregnant. He says he wants me to do it since I'm good-looking, and I have a really good body. He wants me to do it since I have really muscular biceps, hard pecs, and hard abs. I'm on the basketball and swimming teams in my school, so the baby would become athletic. Plus, I'm an honor student, so the baby will be smart. Also, I have blonde hair, just like my uncle which means the baby will be close to his genes, and could still have our last name. He brought me to his house and made me go in his bedroom, and he went in too. I greeted my aunt hello, and my uncle sat on a chair on the bed. He said he was gonna watch and make sure everything goes well. My aunt didn't take her clothes off, and just lay on the bed. My uncle told me to take off my shirt and shorts, so I did. When I was *****, he told me to masturbate for a while to get hard. When my erection was pointing up, he said it was ok. I went on top of her and she held her p*ssy open. I then guided my hard c*ck inside her vagina, and then pumped in and out really hard. My uncle just sat beside the bed the entire time, watching his stud nephew banging his wife. After a couple of minutes, I told them I was coming, and he told me to let it all out inside her. A week after that, my aunt and uncle announced that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a boy 9 months after. Then my uncle called me again because they wanted another baby. I'm 19 now and my parents have no clue that my uncle and aunt's 3 kids are actually mine. They think the kids are their nephews and niece, but they're actually their grandchildren. My aunt also has a lot of single lady friends in their 30's who want to have a baby, and she gave them my number. Two of her friends called me, and I did the same thing with them. I came over their place, have sex with them, then ejaculate my sperm inside them. I had sex with three of her friends when I was . I have kids with those women too. What do you think of this?

Asked by: KyleDDDD at 05:05:46 AM, Saturday, October 08, 2011 PDT FLAG


mujhe bhi dilwa do bhai, kisi ki chut mai bhi use pregnent kerna chahta hu

sex partner Oct 09 2011 3:56am FLAG

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Piyush Oct 09 2011 4:11am FLAG
You had sex with your aunt? And you got her pregnant?! Wow!

SmartBoy Oct 09 2011 6:17am FLAG
Can you give more details on what happened when you were having sex with her? And your uncle was just watching right?

Anonymous Oct 09 2011 6:18am FLAG
My uncle told me to go to the gym and work-out first. He told me to get really sweaty and then go straight to their house without taking a shower. I didn't know why. I was still wearing my wet sweaty gym clothes when I got to their house. Basically I went in my uncle and aunt's bedroom and my aunt was waiting for me there. We all sat on a couch and talked about what was gonna happen, and if I had any questions. My aunt was actually really nervous, and she asked how big I was. My uncle then asked me to stand up and unzip my shorts and pull down my boxers. I showed them both my d*ck, and my uncle asked me to get it hard so that my aunt could see how big it was. So I got it hard, and it measured 7.5 inches and my aunt looked really surprised. She was like "Wow! You're only ? Your already bigger and longer than your uncle here!" then my uncle looked a bit embarrassed. After that we decided to get started. My aunt said that she was a very private person and that she didn't want to be *****. I took my shirt off and I was the one completely *****. She lay on the bed with her clothes on, and she just lifter her skirt. She told me not to look at her vagina, so I had to get on top of her before she pulled her skirt up. Since I couldn't see where to aim my d*ck, my uncle had to hold it and point it to the opening of her p*ssy, then he said to me "There! Slide it in slowly" then I entered her slowly. She was really tight so I had to pump really slow at first. My aunt seemed really nervous so I had to whisper to her "Come on, open up for me." I then told my uncle she was too tight, and I was too big to fit in. Then he told me to lift my arms, and he was taking a look at my armpit hair. He said "Perfect. Your armpits are still wet with sweat. I want you to put it on her face." I asked him why and he told me to just do it. So I was on top of my aunt, and I lifted my arms and put my sweaty hairy armpits over her face. Next thing I know she was breathing it in, smelling my sweat from the gym. Then suddenly she opened her mouth and started licking all over my pits, licking the hair and the sweat. My aunt started saying that it smelled so good and tasted so amazing. Next thing I knew, my aunt's p*ssy started getting really wet and opened up. I was then able to pound my c*ck deeper and faster inside her. I looked at my uncle and asked what that was about. He said "That's why I made you go to the gym first and told you not to shower. The sweat in your amrpit hair contain a lot of pheromones that turn women on. And since you're a ****ager, the taste and smell of your sweaty pits are stronger and more manly.." I was amazed at the effect my sweaty body had on her. My aunt was so wet, her p*ssy was dripping until my balls. I switched pits and let my aunt lick the other one. By this time she was gushing liquid out of her p*ssy. My aunt also started feeling my abs. She started moaning about how my abs were so hard, how hot my body was, and how huge my d*ck was. This only made me ed her so hard I needed to come so bad. I told my uncle I was ready to come, and he told me that when I did, I had to push really deep inside her, and shoot my semen there. When I was gonna come, I burried my c*ck super deep inside her, and my uncle got behind me and pushed on my ass so I could go deeper. He then started yelling "That's it. Get it all in there! Don't waste a single drop." I made sure I shot everything inside her. Then after, my uncle said I could pull out. I pulled my d*ck out and my penis, balls, thighs, and even legs were covered with my aunt's p*ssy juice. My uncle told me I did a good job, since the more turned-on a woman is during sex, the more likely she is to get pregnant. He patted my on the back and told me I did a good job. Then he pointed me to the shower so that i could get cleaned up. He then went to my aunt who was still lying down, so that none of my sperm would leak out. He started kissing her and telling her she did a good job. I got dressed, and said goodbye to both of them since I had to go home and finish my homework for school. A week after, my parents get a call from them and said that they were pregnant. My uncle and aunt have tried for three years having sex every week and they never got pregnant. I did it with my aunt just once, and I get her knocked up. After they had their first baby, my uncle and aunt called me up again. They said they wanted another baby. So, I did the same thing again and she got pregnant again.

KyleDDDD Oct 09 2011 7:16am FLAG
All three of my uncle and aunt's kids have blonde hair, like mine. Sometimes, my aunt still calls me up to come over, but my uncle doesn't know. She tells me to go to the gym and get all sweaty from working-out, or whenever I come from basketball practice in school and not to shower. We always check if my uncle is home, and if not, we go straight to the bedroom. We don't have sex, since if she gets pregnant again, my uncle will know I've been banging his wife without his permission. SHe just has me get *****, and licks my body all over while she touches herself. She gets on top of me and we make out, then she licks my neck, then down to my sweaty chest, nipple and abs. Her favorite is licking and sucking my sweaty armpits - she says all that hair makes me look like a man, which is a huge difference from my uncle. Then she gives me a bj until I come. Then she also gets an orgasm from touching herself. After, we both get dressed, and I leave before my uncle gets home.

KyleDDDD Oct 09 2011 8:12am FLAG
You guys are ing hilarious.

TheSmartOne Nov 04 2011 12:05pm FLAG
how does it feel knowing there ur kids and u dont get to do normal things that a farther does

lala smily Mar 20 2012 12:13am FLAG
Cool story bro, tell it again.

Lat King Cole Apr 17 2012 2:59pm FLAG
Can you get me pregnant? Lol!

Husband50s Jun 03 2012 10:49pm FLAG
It's a fake. 1) 42 is not to old for having a baby 2) you're saying "A week after that, my aunt and uncle announced that she was pregnant" That's too early for pregnacy test

gege Sep 08 2012 9:38am FLAG
hahaha... the d*ckehead a story teller getting off on his own storys as the story goes from being prim and proper to 'banging his wife'... obviously as the more excited the d*ck gets.. I mean seriously.. #1 when was the last time you saw a 'muscley' or even 19 yr old?? At that age he and all others are skinny runts! #2. magority of males arnt even producing full counts of sperm so basically, he would have less than his 'uncles' he is replacing so he would be more useless you twat! #3 This whole story is fabicated and a fantacy of the twat writting it and is something he 'wishes' would happen to him although at his age he has limited access to sex. Groups of women arnt going to go risk breaking the law to have sex with a undeveloped hr old with a skinny body, who has a low sperm count, whom going from the story hes written is very in expereinced in sex! They would go for some older guy in his late 20s - 30s with a developed body and sperm count who doesnt spend all his day on the internet in his bedroom at home dreaming up sex stories about his fantacys to write on the internet!...haahaaha... get a life kid..youve been reading too many *** stories on the net. TWAT!...hhahaa

30yr old developed guy with muscles and sperm count.. :) Sep 18 2012 4:32pm FLAG

BRAD Sep 18 2012 4:41pm FLAG
You are a ed up mind. You need my c*ck up your boy butt.

ShortMe Nov 28 2012 12:20am FLAG
You are a dirty guy with a sick mind. You need my c*ck up your boy butt.

ShortMe Nov 28 2012 12:21am FLAG
i want to make ur aunt pregnant.

shree Dec 15 2012 11:29pm FLAG
You r a lucky fellow..... Enjoy...

vinod Dec 18 2012 6:22pm FLAG
I think you're a very lucky man. Keep up the good work and see if your mother has any friends who would like you to get them pregnant. She may be shocked at first, but eventually she'll be very proud of her son for getting so many of her friends pregnant. She'll have something to brag about to her whole family and friends.

David Feb 02 2013 1:20pm FLAG
I forgot to say that you should invite your mother to be there and watch whenever you get her friends pregnant. She will be even more proud when she sees your tool and how you use it. She might even consider getting pregnant by you herself. Your son could also be your brother and her son could also be her grandson. What a family tree! Wish I had one like that. All I ever managed was getting my aunt pregnant.

David Feb 02 2013 1:23pm FLAG
Lol what young sperm doner you lying worthless er you dream about getting grannies knocked up what a jerk

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 7:13am FLAG
Lol what young sperm doner you lying worthless er you dream about getting grannies knocked up what a jerk

amos Feb 20 2013 7:13am FLAG
the children are all basterds and so will be you .your mother would have sex with postman plumber etc and you came then

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Bitchboy Oct 20 2013 4:48am FLAG
Low sperm count at 19?? I got my mates aunt pregnant when she was 35, i was 19. We got really drunk, lost all our clothes and went at it for a few hours. Came up her twice the first night. She missed her period and took a test a few months later and it was positive. And i loved too i used to love sniffing her knickers after she'd been playing with herself and licking her out.

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