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how to convince mom to suck my c*ck?

The Problem: any advice on how i can convince my mom to suck my penis. i really wanna blow my sperm on her face and make her taste my cum.

Asked by: ddjex at 12:43:04 AM, Monday, October 10, 2011 PDT FLAG


eeww nasty!!....well you can use some sleeping pills, then take your penis out and put that in her mouth and blow your semen inside.

nobody Oct 10 2011 10:00am FLAG

eeww nasty!!....well you can use some sleeping pills, then take your penis out and put that in her mouth and blow your semen inside.

nobody Oct 10 2011 10:01am FLAG
eeww nasty!!....well you can use some sleeping pills, then take your penis out and put that in her mouth and blow your semen inside.

nobody Oct 10 2011 10:01am FLAG
tie her up, force her 2 get on2 her knees den keep slapping her until her opens her mouth den put da c*ck in.

er boy Oct 10 2011 10:03am FLAG
son of a bitch

Max Payne Oct 10 2011 10:05am FLAG
You can bring in your friends and force her. Best option available !!! enjoy er!

Julias Oct 10 2011 10:07am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 10 2011 10:08am FLAG
waht you wana make ur own mother taste ur semen, i guess ur mom is a whore, do 1 thing blow your cum on her food she will silently eat it........waaaaaak!!!

eraj Oct 10 2011 10:10am FLAG
good luck man i wanted to heck my mom also i still fantasize about it bien older now i hope u pound the day lights out of her

edybear Oct 11 2011 12:56pm FLAG
go up to her and ask and if that don't work rape her hardcore

this guy May 11 2012 4:59pm FLAG
jackoff to incest *** specifical a video of a guy ing hismom.....andwhen she walks in on you dont stop jerkin it and lether see the screen with the title on it......if that dontwork jjust cum on your hand andwhen shes asleep putthe cum in her mouth

muthabutta Jul 11 2012 6:05pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my mom and get her to be *****

Kenoy Claiborne Nov 07 2012 8:19pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my mom and get her to be *****

Anonymous Nov 07 2012 8:19pm FLAG
pull it out in front of her and shove it down her throat

Anonymous Nov 14 2012 7:50pm FLAG
Get her when she is in the shower! Just walking in ***** jerking off

Duno Nov 25 2012 11:14pm FLAG
When she's in the shower walk in and have sex with her

uno btuno Jan 03 2013 6:23am FLAG
just do wat i do cum on her food and in her drink

ANALCREAMPIE Jan 15 2013 3:52am FLAG
just grab her and shove your d*ck in her mouth an keep on going bac and forth

person you dont know Mar 15 2013 11:22am FLAG
or rape all night long you sick son of a bich you should never think of doing a thing like that

Anonymous Mar 15 2013 11:23am FLAG
ask your mom to give you a shower. if she says yes then tell her that the side of your legs are itchy. make sure its really close to your penis.then while she is bending down move up so your penis touches her lips and then say will you suck it. most likely shewill say yes.

epic Mar 25 2013 4:35pm FLAG
Just go up to her and say do you want a Popsicle if she says yes pretentious to get one and give her your c*ck instead

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 7:23am FLAG
Just ask her to suck it by saying it is sore and put it in

Kk Apr 28 2013 11:08am FLAG
Wait for her to get in the shower and when she steps foot in the shower follow her in put your finger on her lips and rub her boobs till she get and ask her for a blow job.

Aleeex May 25 2013 1:43pm FLAG
Cut off your d*ck and serve it to your mom on a plate.

BigBadWolf May 25 2013 1:48pm FLAG
first what you do is get a stiffy when you talk to her, favorably when shes sitting down so that your hard on is level with her face, then when you're at the right distance, and not looking at her, turn around when she addresses you so that your stiffy slaps her in the face, and she'll have no choice but to say "oh honey let me help you with that"

typical white guy May 26 2013 9:32am FLAG
i want real advice i really want a blow job from my mom i know she knows how to suck i caught her sucking my dads before but wat can i do to get her to suck my c*ck dry

itshard Jun 17 2013 6:08am FLAG
Ask her

Tj Jun 25 2013 7:13pm FLAG
Stupid advice bitches

Cool Jul 01 2013 5:59am FLAG
tell your mom at night before bed that you have had nightmares the ;ast couple nights and that you want to sleep with her for one night. when she is asleep put your hand inside her panties and masturbate her vagina. if you do it good enough, she'll most likely love it and want to have so nice sex with you. while you're at that, ask her to do a dirty foxy with her and she'll ask what that is, then shove your c*ck down her throat and then she'll be sucking on your c*ck

HotBeachMothaa Jul 05 2013 8:09pm FLAG
bring her chocolates

your father Jul 06 2013 12:52am FLAG
i want a B.J from my cousin

carl wigsten Jul 08 2013 12:08pm FLAG
Just have her catch you jerk off and then see how she reacts

Friend Aug 04 2013 1:46pm FLAG
When shes sleeping just ram your you c0ck in her mouth

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 7:29am FLAG
offer to eat her

your mom Aug 20 2013 7:36pm FLAG
Cum in her panties and leave open on floor for her to see

Spoofter Aug 24 2013 2:02am FLAG
Just go behind her and start rubbing your c*ck all over her if she doesnt push you away ask her for a bl*wj*b dont forget to kiss her everywhere. This will most likely be your only chance. So shove it in her mouth and yell mommy to yhe top if your lungs just scream mommy suck my d*ck itll be the best sensation ever.

Anonymous Sep 12 2013 8:18am FLAG
What if I'm and I want her to

anonymous Sep 21 2013 9:48pm FLAG
smell all her panties in her drawer

Anonymous Oct 02 2013 5:42pm FLAG
Drop you pants in front of her with a hard on and sing "I can't get no satisfaction" and if she likes it she will drool and...

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 10:02pm FLAG
when he's sleeping to and wake it up then touch her boobs and tell him what u want

Sex x pert Oct 12 2013 10:38pm FLAG
Just tell u want to

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 5:27pm FLAG
Just tell her that you never have had sex yet and say you want to know what it feels like

Street bitch Nov 17 2013 11:37am FLAG
just give her some hard core knock out pills n when shes out open her mouth and glide it in back and fourth

jinggle baws Nov 24 2013 10:27pm FLAG
Go up to her drop her pants pound that yummy get her on her knees and shove your long d*ck down her throat and say suckk me dry mommy then cum in her throat and tease her with ur d*ck if she likes it

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 1:03pm FLAG
Just when shes sleeping make her squirt and then tell her u got to suck ur d*ck

Anonymous Nov 28 2013 5:38pm FLAG
cum on her panties and bras, cum in her food and drinks

d*ck Dec 22 2013 7:25am FLAG
live with her on till your 25y and then make her sniff some sleeping powder tie her up and put her in the basement and keep her as a hoe for you and you could rent her out for money

d*ck Dec 22 2013 7:30am FLAG
boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 8:11am FLAG
I'm a **** girl, my kik name is: ajbuttons

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 4:56pm FLAG
find a pic of her ***** or take one while shes sleeping and let her catch you jackin to it a few times. Now the real trick is to let her see that you have a pic but dont let her see what its a pic of. Then hide it but not well enough to where she cant find it. Eventually she'll find it and the seed will be planted in her head. It may take some time before she comes to you wanting to suck you off so keep letting her catch you. Basicly youre waiting for her to convince herself that she wont go to hell for bangin her own kid.

Idyomomtoo Jan 15 2014 6:03pm FLAG
walk up to her and say 'Mom people are being mean to me in the high school locker rooms when we get out of the showers. they say i have a small penis." some moms will say "i bet it isn't that small. drop your pants and ill say whether its small or not." then when she's looking at it think about sexy thoughts to make you get a errection. she might laugh and if she does, act all embarrassed and if she says turn around and let me help, you've done it.

Iknowmystuff Jan 17 2014 3:11pm FLAG
I just got WASTED drunk and climbed on top of her in the middle of the night! Dad was all for it! He told her she may as well let me ME!! And I woulda let him cum in my mouth, too!! I've never been that drunk again....

mom's worst fear Jan 18 2014 3:47am FLAG
I want to eat your moms C*nt too.

Tyson Jan 30 2014 2:45pm FLAG
This is ing insane.

GOD Jan 31 2014 3:23am FLAG
my moms fiance is always here mostly how do i get in my moms pants

braden Feb 02 2014 10:14pm FLAG
btw i wanna eat my moms c*nt

braden Feb 02 2014 10:25pm FLAG

David Quintana Feb 14 2014 5:04pm FLAG
Knock that bitch out and slap your pepe on her mouth

Me Mar 09 2014 4:10pm FLAG
boy, kik name: edibas

edibas Mar 12 2014 7:43am FLAG
How do I get my aunt to let me her I've been trying to get her to see my c*ck by letting it hang out any other tips

noneya Mar 12 2014 2:37pm FLAG
i really want to get my mom to suck me and i wanna her and my aunt

lol Mar 15 2014 5:49pm FLAG
Last week I got my mom super drunk on margaritas. I helped her out of her clothes and into her bed. I layed her down on her stomach and spread her legs. I licked her butthole until my jaw ached. Then I pushed her cheeks together around my c*ck and gave myself an assjob with my moms bouncy butt. I cranked until I couldn't take any more and then pressed the head of my throbbing d*ck a centimeter into my moms jerk and shot the creamiest rope of cum I've ever shot. I pulsed 3 or 4 more spurts distributing the streams evenly on both cheeks and the final one right in her crack. I slipped her panties back up over her ass and wrapped the bed covers over her. The next morning I heard her getting into the shower. I stole the panties out of the hamper and stuffed them in my mouth while I beat off outside the door. We get drunk together about once a week so I can't wait until next time. I'm gonna make sure she's wasted and try to ease my c*ck into her ass. I won't slam it in and out just yet. I want to build up to that. Not shooting my balls once. And then when that day finally arrives I'll blast off in her rectum like a t shirt cannon.

9 inches and slightly curved. Mar 17 2014 6:12pm FLAG
I wanna lick my mum c*nt until shes cum in my face

Beast Mar 24 2014 11:19am FLAG
that's grim and sick minded dude

serioushelp Mar 29 2014 2:38am FLAG
Say my penis is filling pain and research says sucking it helps

Yo face Mar 30 2014 5:36pm FLAG
i want her,but i cant get her wanting

nora kmengSloy Apr 01 2014 7:17am FLAG
I want my mom to give me head but i cant come up with a plan good enough

Goddamn i want some head Apr 06 2014 5:27pm FLAG
My son just asked me And I said yes although I regret it but at the time it was amazing

jakmassaker Apr 19 2014 12:37am FLAG
My mum has big fake tits. She walked in when I was jerking off she took over and let my deepthrought her it was amazing. She sucked for a good half hour and I finished off by pounding her big round ass

big c*ck Apr 22 2014 2:25pm FLAG
I masterbat and I quit when she walked in should i keep doing it are stop

Anonymous Apr 25 2014 9:42pm FLAG
Keep jerking off. When she walks in ask for her help get her to put her lips around you c*ck

big c*ck Apr 30 2014 2:03pm FLAG
1 4 yo boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous May 12 2014 7:50am FLAG
Just get her to drink a few, make up some bull about how you've never had a bj and/or sex and then tell her youre worried yours isn't natural looking or some such, she will ask what the problem is tell her its hard to explain and try to get her to come around to you showing her it. More than likely once she sees your c*ck she will want it its a natural psychological response for moms to have with their sons

Psycho-evaluation of intellegince proffessor at Harvard. May 12 2014 1:25pm FLAG
Well what if youre mom is somethime's alone but you have a sister & asked her 1'th but she forgot.When i somethimes cant go to sleep she sleeps close to me & falls asleep

guy that is bad at spelling May 12 2014 11:25pm FLAG
My mom drinks a lot. She stays up late when she is drinking and will eventually just pass out. Once she does it's hard to wake her. I know as I have had to wake her up any times and it's almost impossible sometimes she refuses to wake up and other times after much shaking and calling out to her she usually is confused and not fully awake. This is when I realized I could really take advantage of this and I still do quite often. The first thing I like to do is unfasten her bra if she's wearing one and I fondle, squeeze, and even suck and play with her nipples and she never wakes up. One time she scared me when I was sucking on her nipple and she unexpectedly put her hand on the back of my head and she let out a low "mmm." I thought she woke up but didn't realize it was her own son that was under her shirt playing with her tits. She has very full and perky 36C titties with very nice sized puffy nipples. I ed her twice after finding her passed out ***** in bed. And the craziest experience yet was when she kind of slept walk but instead of walking in her sleep she sucked my d*ck...unfortunately it didn't last long enough for me to cum in her mouth.

Mama's boy May 12 2014 11:33pm FLAG
but what if she dosent drink? Help

Anonimous May 13 2014 12:16pm FLAG
I want my mom to suck my d*ck but my mom has a broken back how do I have sex with her help me

hunter May 18 2014 1:14pm FLAG
Wait for her to heal

Guy May 24 2014 9:54am FLAG
Boy Kik: DroverCoC

Coc May 30 2014 4:48pm FLAG
1 4 years, boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Jul 15 2014 5:53pm FLAG
1 4 years boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Aug 03 2014 9:26am FLAG
Just walk up to her and say "I need you to get something out of my vent" when she gets ready to get it pull your pants down and when she turns around stick that d*ck in her mouth with your hands on her head and the door shut

The mom er Aug 27 2014 6:30pm FLAG
1 4 years boy, kik username: edibas

Anonymous Sep 05 2014 6:17am FLAG
get a boner and make sure its sticking out of your pants, go into her room and ask her for some help.

yo mama Sep 22 2014 3:43pm FLAG
Plan before doing 1.wait for opportunities like see when your mom sleeping alone 2.make sure that she's fully asleep 3.go pretend sleep besides so you can make your c..k hard and rub it in her lips 4.and you,re on yourself she can't resist it she will notices that your c..k rubbing her from behind You can f..k in notime.....

revenge of the sons c*ck Oct 07 2014 10:11am FLAG
I just walked up to my mom and grabbed her tits for behind whenever I want and when we are sitting down alone I grab her hand and put it on my d*ck and make her grab it all moms like that.

The rap pest Oct 15 2014 6:29pm FLAG
My mom sucks my d*ck almost every night when she comes home from work4 at 4am. I made up a story online that I dream nightly of her sucking my d*ck & I made sure she saw my monitor. I kept letting her run into my obsession stories on my monitor n finally she just sucked my d*ck one night! I came so hard in her mouth n now it's a normal thing . Just plantl

Jose Oct 20 2014 6:02am FLAG
Da fuq

John Nov 17 9:06pm FLAG
The nicest thing is licking your mums arsehole

Sadducees Nov 22 10:10pm FLAG
I masterbat to my mom to she like it

bramdon Dec 03 7:19pm FLAG
I lay in bed ***** and masterbat and sleep ***** to i need someone to help me masterbat

brand Dec 03 7:24pm FLAG
My d*ck get hard to

Anonymous Dec 03 7:26pm FLAG
1 4 year boy, kik username: edibas

Anonymous Dec 15 10:23am FLAG
I honestly want advice. Real advice. I'm sorta a goody two shoes and so is my family. And I really want my mom to suck my d*ck. Please help. And she's a lit sleeper.

Random Dec 30 5:44pm FLAG
How can I get my money mom to take a shower with me I'm she is 50

chandlorcox Mar 09 3:04pm FLAG
In and she is 50

chandlorcox Mar 09 3:05pm FLAG

chandlorcox Mar 09 3:05pm FLAG
My email is

chandlorcox Mar 09 3:07pm FLAG
Text me I'm need advice to get my mom to suck my d*ck but my brother will tell on me for everything

chandlorcox Mar 09 3:09pm FLAG
Give advice: