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How do guys get boners??

The Problem: .

Asked by: gm111 at 05:52:00 AM, Wednesday, November 27, 2013 PST FLAG


They see a hot girl (such as yourself) and they c*cks feel good and they díck gets hard and stiff

INA Nov 27 2013 5:53am FLAG

Well I get them all the time when i think about a nice hard long c*ock. See just got hard now thinking about it!

Bleh! Nov 27 2013 5:54am FLAG

lilgabii Nov 27 2013 5:55am FLAG
Most guys arent that way @bleh

INA Nov 27 2013 5:55am FLAG
You make me hard gabii.....

INA Nov 27 2013 5:56am FLAG
I do?>.<

lilgabii Nov 27 2013 5:56am FLAG
You Gay or Bi? @INA

Bleh! Nov 27 2013 5:57am FLAG
@bleh, im straigh. Yes, yes you do . @gabii

INA Nov 27 2013 5:58am FLAG
Aw. Well i want a Gay/Bi guy to text maybe .

Bleh! Nov 27 2013 5:59am FLAG
how do i get u hard?o.O

lilgabii Nov 27 2013 6:02am FLAG
Yea, well i dont do that with guys

INA Nov 27 2013 6:02am FLAG
You just do... You just make me so hard and h0rny....

INA Nov 27 2013 6:03am FLAG

lilgabii Nov 27 2013 6:04am FLAG
Well okay.

Bleh! Nov 27 2013 6:04am FLAG
Well, now that ive said that....

INA Nov 27 2013 6:06am FLAG
Guys "get hard" when they are sexually aroused. Blood flows into their penis and clots so it doesn't flow back until needed.

Devin Nov 27 2013 7:02am FLAG
Devin is partially right, it does not cl*t tho, blood flows to a mans penis when sexually aroused or when an excess amount of testosterone is present in the body, the largest amount of testosterone is created (mostly my a mans testicles) at night and that is why men wake up with an erection usually also known as morning wood

Kgarrity20 Nov 27 2013 9:06am FLAG
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