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Who wants to kik a naughty girl

The Problem: Horny

Asked by: hornygirl56789 at 08:46:42 AM, Tuesday, January 14, 2014 PST FLAG


I'm f bi and h0rny as . i'm in 4th period now. wearing a short denim skirt. took my panties off in the bathroom before 1st period just like somebody on likelike last night told me to do. I'm wet, and my fingers smell really good. I really wanna chat!!!! what dirty stuff would you like me to do in school today?

Kelly Jan 14 2014 8:58am FLAG

"h0rny as "

Kelly Jan 14 2014 8:58am FLAG
h0rny as f**k.

Kelly Jan 14 2014 8:58am FLAG
Ur a guy...

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 9:05am FLAG
I am not a guy, and I am getting tired of people saying that. I know what I am, and I know what I want. what is so wrong with that? if I was a guy, I would feel a c*ck between my legs right now, but I don't. all that's there is a wet pu$$y, and all I ask is for a girl to with me.

Kelly Jan 14 2014 9:16am FLAG
kelly will u trade by email

mrbig Jan 14 2014 9:17am FLAG
I'm h0rny for a girl right now.

Kelly Jan 14 2014 9:19am FLAG
hey my lil slut

kitty Jan 14 2014 9:33am FLAG
im mr bigs girl im to wanna trade

mrsbigg Jan 14 2014 9:47am FLAG
hey, my love. f**k you good. am I still your new favorite c*nt? did you see i'm wearing (and not wearing) exactly what you told me to? i want to do EVERYTHING you tell me to do. Now, tell me more sexy things you want me to do in school today. you in school 2?

Really Wet Kelly Jan 14 2014 9:47am FLAG
you there kitty?

Kell Jan 14 2014 9:50am FLAG

kitty Jan 14 2014 9:50am FLAG
talk to me, baby. make me even wetter. what are you wearing right now, and where are you?

Kell Jan 14 2014 9:51am FLAG
im wearing a skirt no panties haha, now finger that tight jerk too

kitty Jan 14 2014 9:52am FLAG
what's a jerk?

kell Jan 14 2014 9:52am FLAG
as$ hole*

kitty Jan 14 2014 9:54am FLAG
the teacher in this class is like just out of college, probably around 23 or 24, I love to watch her crotch and her a$$ when she walks up and down between our desks. she doesn't know how close my pu$$y is to her, but those grey pants she's wearing today really show her pu$$y lips. I don't see any pantylines on her butt either so am only dreaming she's not wearing any. I must be a sicko, I just dream about every girl's pu$$y!!!!

kell Jan 14 2014 9:55am FLAG
you want me to finger my a$$ right here in class? how can I do that? have you ever done that in class? I DID have some fun with my a$$ in the shower this morning while I was talking through the bathroom door to my mom.

kell Jan 14 2014 9:56am FLAG
are you in class now?

kell Jan 14 2014 9:58am FLAG
mmm use your coat and do it like I good lil slut

kitty Jan 14 2014 10:04am FLAG
are you in class 2? i'll do it if you do. my finger will smell very nice when I pull it out though. I had fun in the shower this morning.

kell Jan 14 2014 10:05am FLAG
"will not smell very nice"

kell Jan 14 2014 10:05am FLAG
slouching down in seat...coat in my lap...sticking one finger in my pu$$y, another in my tight jerk...oh f**k, that's the best!!!!

kell Jan 14 2014 10:06am FLAG
add another

kitty Jan 14 2014 10:07am FLAG
I wonder if this teacher likes me...I mean really likes me...she just let her thigh rub slowly past my cl*t got hard when she did it, too. god this feels good.

kell Jan 14 2014 10:09am FLAG

kell Jan 14 2014 10:10am FLAG
go harder, cum in class right beside your teacher

kitty Jan 14 2014 10:10am FLAG
you want ANOTHER finger up my a$$. that's gonna hurt. how will the teacher not know what i'm doing?

kell Jan 14 2014 10:11am FLAG
hex any girl hear

sam Jan 14 2014 10:12am FLAG
b a good girl

kitty Jan 14 2014 10:12am FLAG
what if I make a noise when I cum? what if she finds out? i'd be so embarrassed!!! yet I kind of wish she did know what I think about when i see her and what she does to my pu$$y.

kell Jan 14 2014 10:13am FLAG
everyone thinks I am a good girl. that is the impression I always want to give. but it seems like I just live to CUM.

kell Jan 14 2014 10:14am FLAG
I want you to have 2 fingers in that a$$ and f**k yourself till u cum

kitty Jan 14 2014 10:15am FLAG
okay, I'll try. i'll let you know when i cum. Why won't you answer the questions I keep asking you, baby? how old are you and where are you right now?

kell Jan 14 2014 10:19am FLAG
Hey kell ^^

Lola Jan 14 2014 10:19am FLAG
hey, lola. how old are you, what are you into, lez or bi. i'm sitting here in class doing what kitty tells me to do. my coat is in my lap covering my mini denim skirt, no panties, and I've two fingers up my f a$$. trying to be quiet and cum and not have the teacher know anything. me, lola. I wanna get wetter.

kell Jan 14 2014 10:21am FLAG
If you can get your phone to vibrate use it as a vibrator

George Jan 14 2014 10:22am FLAG
You know me baby ) we had a good time couple of days before

Lola Jan 14 2014 10:23am FLAG
cool idea. bye George.

kell Jan 14 2014 10:23am FLAG
Ooo soo hard wanna stick it in you baby

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 10:25am FLAG
f**k I just came!!! thank you, kitty. now gotta keep my fingers outta sight until class is out in 5 minutes, and can go to the bathroom. catch up with you, lola, in my next class. tell me some sexy reminders of you and our good times!

kell Jan 14 2014 10:25am FLAG
Well we were scissoring our pus.s , i came and you drank my pee and then you sat on my face and i licked you )))) i gave you an email

Lola Jan 14 2014 10:29am FLAG
lola are u bi cus we can via email if u want

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 10:37am FLAG
All lies this is guy

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 10:53am FLAG
finally got a moment here in my last class to get back to . Okay, girls, cum on, let's get wet again!!! my pu$$y and my a$$ feel so f**kin good at the moment.

kell Jan 14 2014 11:40am FLAG
lola, cum back! I wanna make you wet, maybe even wet your panties right over my face.

kelly Jan 14 2014 11:54am FLAG
Kelly I'll x

Hornyboi Jan 14 2014 12:02pm FLAG
U doing like a guy

Hornygirl56789 Jan 14 2014 12:10pm FLAG
U sound like a guy

HG56789 Jan 14 2014 12:11pm FLAG
I only want pu$$y. that's what my pu$$y is hot for right now.

kelly Jan 14 2014 12:16pm FLAG
hey i want your kelly

bella Jan 14 2014 12:18pm FLAG
how old are you? you gotta be really into a f lez if you want with me.

kell Jan 14 2014 12:19pm FLAG

bella Jan 14 2014 12:22pm FLAG
f**k!!! me too. bet i'm wetter than you are right now. are you still in class? mine gets out in a few minutes.

kell Jan 14 2014 12:25pm FLAG
Kik me E.J.Mac will trade pics and sect

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 8:07pm FLAG
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