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i want to see my moms boobs and maby see her

The Problem: im male and i stay at my moms house and i sleep in the bed with her but she is a light sleeper and i want to see her ***** so bad give me a txt on what i should do (i wanna do it tonight so plz hurry. 7708953090

Asked by: bigwood at 08:29:43 AM, Saturday, January 07, 2012 PST FLAG


someone please help

bigwood Jan 07 2012 4:30pm FLAG

does she drink..if so get her drunk or slip her sleeping pills when shes asleep whip out the c*ck and awzy

mom er Jan 07 2012 5:44pm FLAG
I have the same problem, except it's with my olde sister If you get any useful advice plz email me at.

Anonymous Jan 07 2012 5:49pm FLAG
I have the same problem, except it's with my olde sister If you get any useful advice plz email me at.

Anonymous Jan 07 2012 5:50pm FLAG
what would be the best sleeping pill that would last the longest? That's the real question.

Unkown Jan 07 2012 5:51pm FLAG
idk that

mom er Jan 07 2012 6:34pm FLAG
well i see her ***** all the time because wenever she changes i look through the window into the bathroom and jack off to her boobs but she never takes her panties off and i dont really want to her but i think she will wake up and itsw about a 90 percent chance that she will get really pissed off. at least i could be fine with touching her bare boobs

bigwood Jan 08 2012 6:30pm FLAG
Watch ***, it will take the pressure off you

ZAK Jan 08 2012 10:36pm FLAG
thats what i do like every night lol

Anonymous Jan 09 2012 2:03pm FLAG
someone help plzz

bigwood Jan 09 2012 6:19pm FLAG
ask her

your mom Jan 10 2012 8:46pm FLAG
Best bet is to try sleeping pills,, I've done it to my sister. Don't do anything crazy though, you might get caught

Uberanon69ner Jan 12 2012 11:13pm FLAG
Best bet is to try sleeping pills,, I've done it to my sister. Don't do anything crazy though, you might get caught

Uberanon69ner Jan 13 2012 12:30am FLAG
well i dont have any sleeping pills and how do i give it to her i mean she sleeps without a bra on and i could sleep beside her but she always sleeps with her ass pointing towards me and her boobs are away from me i just want to touch her boobs and squeez them and stuff like that nothing like sex just boob touches lol

bigwood Jan 15 2012 11:38am FLAG
Well try to do it when she's drunk, and then wait till she's fast asleep

Uberanon Jan 15 2012 4:16pm FLAG
iv tried that but she keeps waking up i mean im getting a fking boner right now i was going to scare her bofre she got in the shower today and when i jumped out to scare her she was butt ass ***** and i saw everythign i just want to feel them bad boys now i littarly had such a massive boner i think she saw it

bigwood Jan 15 2012 6:20pm FLAG
apni ma ko mere land k i chusa jaise teri sister chusti h

Anonymous Jan 17 2012 5:48pm FLAG
apni ma ko mere land k i chusa jaise teri sister chusti h

Anonymous Jan 17 2012 5:57pm FLAG
Your and still sleep with your mom? LOL. Anyway, if she has her ass pointing towards you all the time and doesn't wear a bra then shes obviously very comfortable with you(Plus your probably a momma's boy since you sleep in her bed) so next time she has her ass pointing towards you just slowly push your pelvis on her ass and feel her ass a bit. If she's still comfortable with that then just go for it and her.

Anonymous Jan 21 2012 2:41am FLAG
break her bra hook

Anonymous Jan 22 2012 11:21pm FLAG
Nah, idk about that. There's about a 90% chance that shell wake up. - if you can't get your hands on sleeping pills, wait until shes reall drunk and then touch her

Uber anon Jan 22 2012 11:49pm FLAG
Okay i had a situation like that e-mail me i'll explain to you what to do. i heck mom in the bed every night.

Andy Jan 23 2012 4:52pm FLAG
for advice contact me at

sexy dude Jan 25 2012 5:31pm FLAG
sleeping pills and drinks!then do whatever you want but not to much!

sexybitch Jan 31 2012 5:03pm FLAG
if you like to do do it thats not bad sex is like difrent

ty1 Mar 15 2012 2:22am FLAG
ask your mom to wash your hair and soon you will get to touch her tits

khann Mar 24 2012 3:11pm FLAG
U just want to see boobs

***** girls Jun 25 2012 8:54am FLAG
if she s half sleeper,then take ur d*ck out t night and act like u r sleeping.make sure she can se it or touch it

vol Jun 29 2012 10:57pm FLAG
I want to do the same but I want to do everything and she's nacked in bed with me step dad but he leaves the house at 5 will she still be nacked

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 12:11am FLAG
This guy's story is pure b.s. Don't play into it.

Bullcrap Detector Jul 10 2012 2:24pm FLAG
Honestly i've done this before and yes I've been caught once but u learn how not to so just suck it up and do it because its worth it n all those drugs n pills doesn't work n by the way i tried it with my sister inlaw,, she's one hot mother freacker hahaa

Truley Big Dic Jul 20 2012 11:47pm FLAG
Who has bb pin. I'll give u Goood advicee

androy Aug 11 2012 2:59am FLAG
kiss her all over her bodyz.......then she is yours

sexy Sep 12 2012 2:15am FLAG
just lick her .......and take a bath with her:::

cool big d*ck Sep 12 2012 7:10am FLAG
Hand cuff her legs , arms to bed then make her watch u insert ur d*ck into her and pump away intill u CUM hard then walk away and leave her there for next time u want to just

Reddot Sep 20 2012 1:50am FLAG
slowly touch her boobs...if she responds...go ahead.....or try hugging her and feeling her as if ur in sleep..or try taking ur d*ck out...she might get aroused

Anonymous Sep 21 2012 12:29pm FLAG
i really want to but i cant haha i always para out:(

loloolll Oct 15 2012 3:38pm FLAG
Bad U Wona Cause Incest

Lenny Oct 30 2012 8:31am FLAG
show her ur d*ck when she enters the bed and her orgasm will move up like steam

Kyle Xy Nov 28 2012 7:48am FLAG
then i have a prblm-my mums proposed to have sex with me and i declined and i want it so wat should i do to arouse her?am thinking of waiting till she sleeps and i wil force my d*ck into her while havin tied her hands and legs to the bed

Kyle Xy Nov 28 2012 7:53am FLAG
dont be a if you want it get it. or you will never get it.

trouble maker Jan 22 2013 9:10pm FLAG
lets try this dont be a kitty if yu want it get it or you never will

trouble maker Jan 22 2013 9:11pm FLAG
I realy want 2 my mom 2 i jeck evi dai whn i thnk of her fat ass Jan 23 2013 2:56pm FLAG
i am indian and want to suck my mom...... She was divorced....age 55...she is very religious thought...... I ask to suck boob..... She refuse & don't talk to me......... Please help me...

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 8:17am FLAG

damien sandow Feb 08 2013 9:02am FLAG
Okk ok. If u want to touch or suck big beautiful boobs, dont touch your moms!!!!! You nasty incesters!! But, u can see mineee(;

I have big, round boobs:p Mar 16 2013 8:05am FLAG
Watch *** it's what I do

c*ck lover Mar 18 2013 11:29am FLAG
See give her sleeping pills snd then rub her cl*t then she she will be ready to pump ;)

Motherlover Mar 19 2013 11:43pm FLAG
I my mom like 3-4the times a week

incestrox Mar 20 2013 6:35am FLAG
I want to know how I can touch my moms boobs at night but she's a very light sleeper email me what I should do thank my email is

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 9:31pm FLAG
wtf is wrong with you people? you wanna ed up in the head and all of you deserve to go to hell

awesomeness Apr 29 2013 8:55pm FLAG
awesomeness is right. what the hell is wrong with you guys

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 8:56pm FLAG
I was lying about what I said earlier

incestrox Apr 29 2013 8:56pm FLAG
I wanna munch out on my mums arse and c*nt

Anonymous May 15 2013 9:07pm FLAG
How can I do it she loves sex I know that

Anonymous May 15 2013 9:08pm FLAG
pagal vo teri maa hai munde aur agar tune aisa kiya toh mai teri maa ko bata dungiiii

maa Jun 08 2013 3:05am FLAG
just show that u have boner and feel her tits

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 2:00pm FLAG
my mom has super sexy boobies

Anonymous Jul 30 2013 2:17pm FLAG
i just make her ***** when she is sleeping

Anonymous Jul 30 2013 2:17pm FLAG
First you have to go to your fridge, or bulletin board. Second, scroll down to your "Options" page. Third, click "Enter Cheat Code." Fourth, enter "Gr4bmym0mzb00b5" Fifth, get angry at this rediculous post.

Trolololololol Aug 02 2013 3:10am FLAG
hey i m from india state: wb, city: kolkata, and i have also same problem, i want my mom badly, i have try sleeping pills but its doesnt work, she caught when i press her boobs, n now she didnt talk with me, my mom age was 48. her boobs size 38 n her was grt man!! so pinky.. plx advice me my email id is

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 2:42am FLAG
You sick s

Anonymous Nov 10 2013 12:36pm FLAG
if she points her ass at you and you have a boner put it on her and if she is still comfortable the her

kaden96 Nov 30 2013 11:14pm FLAG
i mean then her

kaden96 Nov 30 2013 11:15pm FLAG
Try grabing her boobs act like youre asleep thin keep faking asleep and slide them out if she wakes up lay as limp and look as asleep as possible

John Dec 03 2013 6:36pm FLAG
tell her directly

prakasg Dec 18 2013 6:28am FLAG
same here and I have showered with my mom and told her I want to see her ***** I want to shove my d*ck up her vagina so far that she can't control her orgasm. (im only yes I do know that it is a problem she's a lesbian but has big boobs and scratch's her vagina in front of me I want to her so much)

My d*ck is 5ft Dec 18 2013 8:35pm FLAG
Did it already but got caught. Try to expirement, first time I rubbed her nips when she was snoring, the last time when I got caught I fully cupped her tit while asleep and did a balsy squeeze, paid for it but its worth it

Titty grabber Dec 21 2013 11:55am FLAG
all you have to do is rub above her vagina then she won't wake up i put my hand in her pants and touched her vagina

kaden96 Dec 24 2013 12:58am FLAG
Sneak under bed if she wakes up dont move then if she sleeps again spy on her or when she is showering put your fone on vedeo and stand where she cant see you

Jd Jan 06 2014 2:21am FLAG
Use r ing drugos

Abcdefg Jan 12 2014 7:38am FLAG
Slap your mom or sisters ass the say nice tits and say can I touch them

Anonymous Jan 19 2014 4:15am FLAG

U sick pervert Feb 10 2014 8:03pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 17 2014 8:16pm FLAG
I have done this 3 times. On night she came home drunk alone and I just touched her boobs and asked to have sex

Sex rocks Mar 18 2014 8:06pm FLAG
The second time she wasn't drunk and I just asked her to lie down on the bed. She had on a skirt with no underwear. I slowly took off her skirt to see if she said anything. She kinda had a wild look in her eyes so I kept going. I started linking her ed. And she started screaming and panting and I cummerbund all over. That's what u should do. I'm and I had the guts to do it. U should to!! Best feeling ever!!!!!!!!!!

Sex rocks Mar 18 2014 8:14pm FLAG
if she lets you share her bed JUST ASK HER

RUMBLY May 04 2014 2:31am FLAG
Just ask her with curiosity. Works if she loves u.

lust love May 16 2014 6:17am FLAG
Grabby cheeze slipper over cow farmer on to a flipper wing hog trough and need open time watch to sizzle armpit hair for lamp shade in the greple night into backward nizzle wax bean bag...HOW POW SIGGLE SCOPEL LORRY BAGS!!!!! I need scissors 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

umpoliopiytiopliosdrtyuertxiou May 23 2014 5:47am FLAG
u drink and act like unconscious then show your d*ck and try to press her boobs by saying your girlfriend name

incest lover Jun 04 2014 3:22am FLAG
I too had this urge for having sex with her. I just went to her told her hey mom , can i touch your boobs , i wana touch them once. She let me touch them and a heaven feeling. She was 38D with pink areolas and she is a ***star btw.

Iedmymother Jun 04 2014 5:03am FLAG
image squeezing your mom boob it feel amazing

BOOB LOVERS May 01 2015 9:17pm FLAG
Just get her to wear a sexy tight dress then ask her to bend over and slap her ass then unzip or unbotton her dress and then feel her boobs

boob and ass slapper Jul 19 2015 2:18pm FLAG
i too want to suck my mom boobs plz tell she doesnt drink nor i have sleeping pills plzz tell i am very desperate foe them....

aditya Jan 07 2016 3:50am FLAG
Honey your in big trouble... I finally found something inappropriate you've done. Your father will be dissapointed.

Your Mother. Mar 01 2016 7:10pm FLAG
I just put my go pro in my bathroom and controlled it from my iPad in the other room... When she got ***** it was all on camera!

--anonymous Nov 11 2016 10:00pm FLAG
Also when she dried off! Big 34d's

--anonymous Nov 11 2016 10:01pm FLAG
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