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How do I seduce my little sister?

The Problem: I would really like to have sex with my little sister. I'm and shes . And please don't say that is wrong.

Asked by: dracuns at 06:16:13 AM, Tuesday, January 10, 2012 PST FLAG


If she , i doubt he wnt to loose her A-card, i didnt but i did nd it hurt. Do u really wanna hurt ur lil sis tht bad??

Anonymous Jan 10 2012 3:48pm FLAG

Watch *** man, that would help you get over your silly little crush.

ZAK Jan 10 2012 4:26pm FLAG
ZAK, r u really gay???

Anonymous Jan 10 2012 4:39pm FLAG
Yes i am gay, i only like it up the ass tho

ZAK Jan 10 2012 4:47pm FLAG
Oh, uh eewwwwwww O.o

Anonymous Jan 10 2012 4:48pm FLAG
Ewwww!!!! Thts gross!! ?.?

Amber :) Jan 10 2012 6:21pm FLAG
Jerk off with your door open when it's just you two in the house try to let her see you ***** more and if she looks in on you jerking then try to get her to come in and watch or maybe help

soldierboii Jan 11 2012 4:13am FLAG
I want advice on how to do it, so don't tell me not to.

Dracuns Jan 11 2012 8:08am FLAG
I wanna do sexual things to my sister im and she's , she is so sexy and i wanna do things with her as she sleeps, really need some good advice on how to succeed plz

Awesomeness8 Jan 11 2012 10:29am FLAG
Who faked my name, I am bisexual to set the record strait

ZAK Jan 12 2012 4:21pm FLAG
me too i want my sis bt dont know how im 33 and she 22

abdo1979 Jan 16 2012 2:16am FLAG
Eew your a Pervy creep !

Mrs Davies Jan 19 2012 3:20pm FLAG
im so gay btw i love all men and hump their buts untill i cum then i scoop it all up and save for lunch its really good :D

ZAK Jan 29 2012 12:43pm FLAG
its not dude, wait till no one is home and get her in the bedroom and take her clothing off and hek her till you cum deep in her :-)

BigCuz Jan 30 2012 2:58pm FLAG
I also love swallowing cum cuz I'm a faggot.

ZAK Jan 31 2012 5:08pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 08 2012 6:54am FLAG
I'm bisexual and I love being ed up my tight hole really hard then having cum inside my hole

biboy Feb 25 2012 1:16am FLAG
ruk.itne jaldi kuch mat kar.wo abhi kali hai.usko aur bada hone de.lagabgh/ se try kar.fir /tak tere se chud jayegi...........

lustislust Feb 26 2012 3:32am FLAG
ITS WRONG and thats something everyone really loved to be informed about biboy. SHE IS TO YOUNG!!! WHY DONT THESE PERVERTS MASTURBATE?? DO SOMETHING THATS NOT WRONG

BF Thief Mar 20 2012 9:18am FLAG
@zak, up the ass is the only way to take it.

i want 02 fuk 02 Apr 24 2012 11:53pm FLAG
i meant i want to GIRLS 02 e3e

incest Apr 24 2012 11:55pm FLAG
you pedo. don't try it

Police Apr 27 2012 11:16am FLAG
masterbate man! your incest

Anonymous May 17 2012 8:33pm FLAG
It is so easy to seduce sister. 1. talk to her lovingly, discuss with her some sexual problems, 2. let her watch ? with you ? incestuous videos and stories 3. play with her and during that carries her breasts, her ass and her if possible. 4. sleep with her in bed and play with her. 5. let her feel your erection between her cheeks. 6. let her see you *****, let her see your c*ck, she is going to love that. 7. during sleeping with her mount her and stay over her long time. 8. then go ahead and attack her catching her , kissing her on lips. 9. mount her and open her legs, put the head of your c*ck at the entrance of her opening. 10. then she will tell you to push inside her. . good , incest is the quite safe than to have sex with stranger.

fatima, incest lover May 18 2012 6:09am FLAG
80% people here who say they have had their little sister is lying, don't believe or do that they say, i've done it with my 10 year old sister and i'm 22, and you can tell these idiots lie, because they all said it was easy to go in their sisters. honestly, for the girl and guy, when the girl is that young, it is very painful, her body is very small, you WILL NOT!!! be able to fit it all the way in, trying to force it to do so, will not only cause pain, but can cause her to have to go to the hospital! best way is to slowly get close, within two weeks time, take naps with her, help her alone in her room with homework, spend lots of time, hug her, pat her head, do soft gestures like that to gain her affection, let her walk in the bathroom when you are showering, you can do the same too her, every night when shes deeply asleep, GENTLY rub her crotch, this will slowly begin to make her feel aroused, even when shes awake, let her watch anime/movies where couples do small things, and she will get curious about it all, when she asks you about it, and she will, explain it in really good detail, so she can't get it out of her mind, play fighting with her is good way to let her feel your crotch against her, also good way to get a touch of her crotch, legs and chest. take her to movies, rent movies, and all that sort of stuff, you'll know exactly when to make the first move, which will be kissing her, after that, things will go a lot faster. all these idiots on here have no idea and are just making a lot of stuff up. She will bleed, no matter what you do, even if you finger her and pop her cherry, she will still bleed, so don't worry about that! also, younger girls most the time naturally like anal, so try fingering not only her crotch, but her butt too. when you eat her out, don't be a god damn virgin about it, suck on her cliiit and get her whole crotch in your mouth, this will make her enjoy it even more. DO NOT!!!! try to force this stuff in a very short time! at least 2 weeks! sometimes it takes 3, but it is well worth it. too all those idiots who think incest is wrong, 80% of the bible is based on incest, so is the roman history, Egyptian history, italian history, and many other cultures that where around for hundreds of years before north america! IT IS ALSO FALSE!!!!!! THAT INCEST CAUSES DEFORMITIES! IT IS NOT TRUE! AND HAS BEEN RECENTLY PROVEN! also, if your sister hasn't reached her period yet, she cannot get pregnant, i repeat, SHE CANNOT GET PREGNANT!!! so do not use a condom, it will only make it worse for her, and she will NOT! enjoy it.

Truly Anonymous Oct 23 2012 7:07pm FLAG
How can i seduce my 7 years sister?Please respond.

er Oct 28 2012 4:16am FLAG
When you two are the only ones home, get her into your room, then lock the door, threaten her that if she tells anyone you'll hurt her, then just rape her. Be gentle while entering her because shes a virgin, but ignore her when she asks you to stop. Remember, youre older and a guy, so you are stronger and can control her. Use force, make her know and understand your dominance, that youre an animal, and she can't stop you. and slap her if she screams or tries to run, just get your way with her.

Incest lover Nov 27 2012 9:30pm FLAG
I had my sister name tanima i love her too much. She is such a beautiful girl i ever seen. I want to suck her ass drink her toilet . Plz god how should i have sex with her. She is my younger sister. Her boobs are so well shaped i cannt even think such beauty. Her chut is lovely . We live i small town plz advice how should i heck her

Anonymous Jan 28 2013 10:35pm FLAG
I had my sister name tanima i love her too much. She is such a beautiful girl i ever seen. I want to suck her ass drink her toilet . Plz god how should i have sex with her. She is my younger sister. Her boobs are so well shaped i cannt even think such beauty. Her chut is lovely . We live i small town plz advice how should i heck her

deep Jan 28 2013 10:36pm FLAG
just kidding guys im completly gay

ZAKK Feb 08 2013 8:27pm FLAG
jerks everywhere

ZAK Apr 06 2013 9:23am FLAG
forget about doing sex with your sister. there are many other girls outside, marry any one of them and satisfy your lust.

xyz Apr 11 2013 10:57pm FLAG
make her comfortable in all her works then move further by small touches like lifting her top up, putting your hands over her belly and slowly rubbing her novel,slowly fingering her nose,ears,lips,mouth and take some saliva and again put that saliva on her novel.... do this for few days while she sleeps beside you...after few days she will come to know what you are expecting from her...then proceed

rockstar Apr 20 2013 7:05am FLAG
Kill her and her dead body until it starts to decompose. Then, bury it.

nicholas cage Jul 06 2013 12:52pm FLAG
Go and Masturbate tard.

Ethan Aug 04 2013 10:46am FLAG
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EgGbrnPmDrBqgTCJ Oct 24 2013 9:18pm FLAG
I would totally my sister

u Oct 28 2013 2:56pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 6:23pm FLAG
I just really want to touch my sis she is and I'm what should i do to make this happen

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 6:25pm FLAG
Go get a whore 4 week or so

mhk Nov 16 2013 12:43am FLAG
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noVpNgaXqyiUj Nov 18 2013 7:30pm FLAG
hello incest people....i am very happy to c u . for any help or advice u can mail me on , plz nt b shy or afraid i ll tell u my stories n hw to live happy in own home....evry incest girls and boys contact me plz....

harry and shifa Dec 01 2013 1:45am FLAG
i got two sisters...i seduced them making video of bathing.i ed them twice thrice a week

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Tell her you have home work in health/sex ed

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xAUfjXBsGW Jun 04 2014 8:18am FLAG
Touch her body private parts as if it is unintentional during day time... and ask sorry... Looking to her reply repeat this... One fine day express ur desire...

Anonymous Jun 14 2014 10:30am FLAG
How can i seduce my 8 year old sister? She knows about sex and pushes away? What can i do!? Plz help.

Brandan Jun 16 2014 3:02am FLAG
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Take a pistol, put it in your mouth, and blow your .

rational response Sep 05 2014 10:52am FLAG
ing sick brains out

rr Sep 05 2014 10:53am FLAG
Try again. Take a pistol, insert in mouth, and pull the trigger. When you arrive in he, Satan will let you be the little sister. Maybe he will stick a long, red hot, blunt, metal rod into your a$$.

rr Sep 05 2014 10:55am FLAG
too many perverts u cant a 8 year old thts so sick

Anonymous Sep 25 2014 7:11am FLAG
i ed my sisters juicy c*nt. we do it every week

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Rub your c*ck against her ***** c*nt and eat her out. I my 19 yr-old sister every day.

Firungupikhad Ayramishiqandar Oct 07 2016 2:03pm FLAG
I've been trying for a couple of day now to have sex with my little sister and I have finally succeeded but I got to tell you it was not easy because she is a 4.0 nerd:D and every time something about someone's privates was mentioned around her she would have a discustive look but I don't blame her for having the mind set that she does knowing that she grew up in a home that taught that sex was a SIN and also she is a REALLY lite sleeper so I couldn't touch her at night so I started wearing basket ball shorts every day and tucking my 8==> in the strap so that it is sticking up in my shirt so when I lifted my arms up to stretch she could see it and I also jacked off with my door open so she could walk in on me I even caught her a couple time just starring and we have clear shower curtains so I sometimes go in there and take a piss while she's showering and when she tried to take something and ask which had it was in I would grab her hands to take it out I would migrate her hands slowly towards my 8==> and make her had rub against it and did just little stuff like that and eventually she just fell for me

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TFPPnDbnqhpPU May 10 2017 4:12am FLAG
me and my sister were close friends for 2 years.i like his boobs. i am attracted to her. any ideas to sex with her...plzzz

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Jeffrey Oct 22 1:21am FLAG
Dude fcuking you r sister is very easy whenevrr your parents r out tie her to the bed and rape her if she talks too much then get your d*ck in her mouth to shut her up hahahaha

Sister fcuker Oct 22 1:25am FLAG
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