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I love incest anyone else?

The Problem: I have been into incest for about 10 years i started when i was i had sex with my 33 year old cousin it was great! Would love to hear about other and pics would be great! I have a young cousin that i would love to she is only though any advice?

Asked by: soldierboii at 08:11:18 PM, Tuesday, January 10, 2012 PST FLAG


I love incest to

fernando Jan 11 2012 8:51am FLAG

No, I love meeting new girls

ZAK Jan 12 2012 4:19pm FLAG
raly if she agree

zup Jan 13 2012 6:23am FLAG
ing prick. If you don't like incest , why do you keep comming to the family catogary and comment ONLY on the posts that involve incest?? Wtf is your problem? Stop trolling incest posts!

ZAK IS GAY Jan 14 2012 5:53pm FLAG
ing prick. If you don't like incest , why do you keep comming to the family catogary and comment ONLY on the posts that involve incest?? Wtf is your problem? Stop trolling incest posts!

ZAK IS GAY Jan 14 2012 5:56pm FLAG
Correction, I'm bisexual

ZAK Jan 15 2012 10:20pm FLAG
i ed my sister to,it was great. . . .email me so i can send you my sisters sesx pics and you can masturbate at them and talk about incest . . . i love oncest

Anonymous Jan 19 2012 8:20am FLAG
I love incest when i was 4 my 9 yr old sister made me eat her ed for over an hour til our parents pulled up and almost caught us. And that was the last time we ever did anything

wade85 Jan 23 2012 11:27am FLAG
Everybody except for ZAK is a perv.

Alexis Jan 24 2012 1:41pm FLAG
I love incest. I have been hecking my sister since I was and she was 10. It''s great. Feb 13 2012 8:40am FLAG
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billa Feb 20 2012 11:08pm FLAG
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Anonymous Feb 29 2012 1:33pm FLAG
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Anonymous Mar 03 2012 7:02am FLAG

Yp Mar 04 2012 7:00am FLAG
what do you mean sibling sex

im a girl dats Mar 04 2012 12:37pm FLAG
do you mean same sex

Anonymous Mar 04 2012 2:01pm FLAG
I hv great idea about how to seduce own mother,sister,daughtes.Im 43 year 4m kolkata.If anyone want advice mail me

Jitendra Apr 01 2012 7:30pm FLAG
Since you love incest so much,can you give me tips on how to seduce my black,hot,big ass/breast-ed,sister.Im about to be in half a month.

E.A.G Apr 09 2012 2:00pm FLAG
ME()and sis()are home alone for 2 hours need some help here

E.A.G Apr 09 2012 2:38pm FLAG
i like to read incest stories i dont wond to du

ann Apr 09 2012 6:51pm FLAG
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fatima, incest lover May 18 2012 6:05am FLAG
Me and my son tag team up on my daugjtet sjrs she loves it to . but the wifey dnt no

Anonymous May 19 2012 3:01am FLAG
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all u incest lovers keep it going i to love incest sex with my brother we do it every night and when mum and daddy are out we get in to bed and play rand i suck him and he sucks me i get so wet when brother fingers my May 24 2012 5:16am FLAG
Hi guys I love incest too, but till now i had no chance... I found this site where u can find a lot of incest video It's new but the updating is almost daily

Thomas Jun 27 2012 5:45am FLAG
Cool, I love incest, I am 18 and I do my older brother, he is 24 we been doing it for a few months now, but its fantastic.

Muslim girl, Jul 03 2012 2:26pm FLAG
Can u ve feelings for ur cousin dat u slept wif some tyme ago?

anonymous Jul 09 2012 2:44pm FLAG
I've been it she's 6 now and I'm

u Jul 13 2012 1:53pm FLAG
i have been ing my coisin's for years i am and have decided to move on to older guys mmmm im geting with guys over 50 mmmmm I LOVE INCEST !

c*ck lover Aug 01 2012 5:30am FLAG
I have been interested in incest since I was 9 years old.

gracefullove Aug 08 2012 6:37am FLAG
hi i am Ali and i love incest guys add me on yahoo

Ali Aug 09 2012 1:19pm FLAG
incest is nice, any young girls want to play

oldlovingdad Sep 17 2012 10:38am FLAG
Hey guys, I like incest but my personal opinion is that I wouldn't ed, it was an amazing night! Please leave your thoughts, thank you.

Jack Sep 18 2012 9:26am FLAG
I wanna heck my younger sister she has an amazing rack but i know she wouldnt do it, i jack off thinking about her n my mom even my hot aunt, i jack off thinking about my cousins too, but i really wanna do something with them

PP47 Oct 07 2012 11:25pm FLAG
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PP47 Oct 07 2012 11:26pm FLAG
We are an spanish couple enjoying the best kind of relationship, the love between a mother and her son! :D

Mom and son Oct 12 2012 6:04am FLAG
Hi am and there's only my mom 36 dad 38 and little sis 9 we keep it in the family

Anonymous Nov 04 2012 3:53am FLAG
PERVERTS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ANGEL Nov 04 2012 10:11am FLAG
I gone from anonymous to dirtyboy am the with mom 36 dad 38 sis 9 yo

dirtyboy Nov 06 2012 9:44pm FLAG
Hey i am doing incest with my elder sister. She is amazing. I am practising incest when i was i have 2 sisters. I d both of them one by one. Incest is an Art. If wana cntact me fr sme advice. Add me at nimbuz. Beautiful_uae@nimbuzz.Com also we have ha nimbuz incest chat room.

Real incest. Nov 18 2012 6:44am FLAG
It is good to see so many people interested and enjoying incest. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as everyone is having fun. I hope plenty of you continue to enjoy your family. For anyone who might want to get pregnant by a family member I very much encourage it. Start more incest families. The chance of deformity is no higher than with anyone else. :)

Anonymous Nov 19 2012 2:32am FLAG
i want to my aunty, lick her arse and her phudi (fanny)

asim Nov 21 2012 3:10am FLAG
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Richard Nov 28 2012 6:29am FLAG
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dadslilgrl Dec 08 2012 12:07am FLAG
I also love incest! I really love watching lesbian incest, like sisters or better yet, mom/daughter! So hot!!! Not much kinkier or better than that!

Scott Dec 12 2012 10:32pm FLAG
I luv incest I've done my niece and my sister I no it's wrong but it felt so good wanna swap stories get at me

McComas Dec 18 2012 5:51pm FLAG
The people who talk are you to say anything

kain Dec 24 2012 9:13pm FLAG
I love it with my cousin... She has that bomb .. I been with her for a year and a half.. I cum in her all the time.. I love incest. Dec 27 2012 7:54am FLAG
.. And were in love. Im 28. Shes 25.. Its amazing with her. Shes getd me harder than any other girl can..:) Dec 27 2012 7:59am FLAG
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darren Dec 31 2012 8:18pm FLAG
oh man i cant stop cumming all over my bathroom floor ifeel like i already watched all the incest vidz on im 18 a male and iFantisize about having sex with all my female family members its so amazing but not one of them would do it with me! my c*ck is so hard right now :D !!!!

incest is the biggest turn on!! Jan 01 2013 12:42am FLAG
i would love to have sex with my sisters there small an i can tell there s really tight all an above

brother sister sex Jan 01 2013 12:45am FLAG
really feel like jerking off now later

brother sister sex Jan 01 2013 12:47am FLAG
im and i want to have sex with my 9 year old niece just becuz i know that would be soooo tiiigght!!

bigd i c k uncle Jan 01 2013 12:49am FLAG
incest is very beautiful when done properly. I love it and always will love it as I try to help others understand the nature of it so they can enjoy it too. :)

Amanda Jan 02 2013 9:31pm FLAG
I spend a lot of my time right here in Chicago handing out pamphlets that I make special for people to read and try to understand that incest is very natural and the most enjoyable thing ever. I try so hard to help people release their inhabitions and just go with their natural desires. I feel it is very important for society as a whole to learn and accept incest as a new and refreshing lifestyle for many so we can get these ugly laws changed and stop criticizing so many wonderful people that need this and are born with natural God given desires. Please start taking a stand and don't back down. I am involved with both of my brothers and our parents are like way cool with it and very supportive. I wish you all the best of luck and I love all you good strong supporters! :) <3

Amanda Jan 02 2013 9:37pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 11 2013 1:47am FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 15 2013 10:50pm FLAG
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it dont matter Jan 18 2013 1:02am FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 19 2013 8:23am FLAG
Get a grip

Anonymous Jan 29 2013 1:28am FLAG
would love to hear from some girls about their incest stories

Anonymous Jan 30 2013 11:28am FLAG
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Philip Feb 05 2013 6:26pm FLAG
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Alex stephens Feb 11 2013 6:48am FLAG
I've been with my sister mom and aunt the last two days and we've kinda fooled around any advice

Anonymous Feb 12 2013 10:27am FLAG
I am 18. My big boobed sis is 23. I cant think anythng bt her.wen she walks her butts woble like anythng.she has big full boobs n rosy lips. The way she breaths wen tired u wud think she is havn orgasm. Bt she has a can i get her?

Abrar Feb 15 2013 10:39am FLAG
First time was with my brother I was 8 and he was was very excited and peed in his muth because was not mature enough for the other with sister at 9 she was same thing happened continued with both until I could make the other happen sister still teases me every holiday with camel toe and shrt skirt panty flashing I am now 40 and she is 47 and sexier than ever we still have alot of fun would love to hear others stories and see pics I am from S.NH email me at raiderusmc @ aol. c

incest lover Feb 15 2013 7:53pm FLAG
I would love to d my cousin, shehot and she's a rich snob type. We fooled around when we were young but she turned into a itch. I'd d her till i broke her and I know shed like it. Any girls interested in having a cousin fetish fantasy text me 91829025

damascus Feb 18 2013 10:57pm FLAG
You guys made me so wet

I fantasize over incest. Feb 28 2013 8:29pm FLAG
I absolutely love incest. I've been with 4 different family members. I'm going crazy with the thought of getting my dad to me. I want it so bad I think I'm becoming obsessed with it. Any ideas?

lovergirl Mar 07 2013 4:57am FLAG
I enjoyed 4 years with my mother from the age of with my fathers blessing. The sex was amazing especially as i got older and more adventurous with my mother.

gussy Mar 07 2013 4:49pm FLAG
can anyone give me advice on how to somwhow have sex with my sister DAMN i wanna ing her is perfect enought for me....sorry i have no email adress so you can put your advice there or phone sorry, but if someone here is brave enough to post it here that will be really great thanks

spartan Mar 29 2013 5:05am FLAG
Get them while thier sleeping if they are heavy sleepers

random Apr 09 2013 6:06pm FLAG
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darren Apr 16 2013 5:02pm FLAG
anyone wanna talk about incest or send pics email me at or add me on skype maddenfan73

maddenfan73 Apr 17 2013 5:53pm FLAG
As long as it involves consenting adults and no abuse or forcing, incest can be amazing and beautiful. Yes, Children born (inbred) to related couples have a slightly higher risk of sickness or genetic defect but its not much higher, about the same as a child born to a couple in their 40's, it's not like what you see in movies. As long as there's love i say go for it. Many great civilizations have practiced incest and it was in the bible too for many years. Enjoy:)

Some guy Apr 22 2013 1:11am FLAG
i love having sex with my mother,if you need an advice just add me on skype : fusion_99

anyone Apr 23 2013 4:03pm FLAG
I love incest, use to have a cousin that I use to fool around with when we were kids but never actually had sex, would have been good though if we had of. I would love to do my daughters or cousins if I ever got the chance and would even try to get them pregnant

Incestlover May 07 2013 5:50am FLAG
I love licking my 6 yr old daughter sweet little hairless than rubbing my c*ck on her until I cum all over it so much fun

Anonymous May 08 2013 10:07am FLAG
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Anonymous May 08 2013 10:40am FLAG
I'm absolutely mad for incest. I have experienced it with both an older and younger sister and love to share stories and pics. I have recently started an online incest mailing list community. For advice chat aswell as genuine verified pics. I'm always looking to help or add new members so please give me an email on uk.incest at gmail dot com. It do kik at the same address

UkIncest May 13 2013 5:43am FLAG
I find incest extremely hot and would be awesome if I can get my sister to do it with me.

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ALL OF YOU NEED HELP May 20 2013 2:03pm FLAG
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Faham Baloch Jun 04 2013 6:24am FLAG
I want to my sister on her 21st I'm just and I want her to take my virginity I think incest is so hot, I might r@ped her

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 12:29pm FLAG
I want my dad to me he's hot

anonymous Jun 10 2013 9:51am FLAG
dont rape your sister, thats where incest goes wrong

daddysgirl Jun 10 2013 9:53am FLAG
Hey I would really like some tips on how to start incest with my niece if anyone wants to talk about it or give me tips email me at

Jackson Jun 26 2013 5:51am FLAG
send pics

naza Jun 28 2013 2:01pm FLAG
im looking for a incest family or want to start one any females in lehigh valley area in USA PA

Anonymous Jun 28 2013 2:10pm FLAG
i love incest too and i want a friend to chat on incest anyone interested

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 9:11am FLAG
incest has been from the day man was first on earth. Cleoptra the Egyptian Queen about 300 years BC had first married her eldest brother who was later killed in a battle and then she married next brother younger to her but he too was not able to quench her sex so she got in to power and enjopyed best. incest is part of human society. God has created male and female for sex. relations are man made. god do not prohibit incest that you can see in most animals. so man is also an animal but social so man also does a lot of incest. No worry all must enjoy. old man of 80 enjoys best sex with tiny grand daughters. I read some topic on great profests in world enjoyed best sex when they were old with small girls within family. Islam and some races in Hinduism too permit marriages within family. I know a rajput family in Goa in which grandma arranges marriage of her grandson with her his sister's daughter means small bhanaji. i know a family where father in law s for rest of night daily. Their neighbr has a woman who shares her own son while sleeping together with his wife. Means mother and son and his wife enjoy sex thresome almost daily and have children. these children also do sex seeing mom son and kids mom . If any one needs support I wud provide subject to condition hat he/she must speak truth with real identity palmit and sexologist for girls. My friend is small girl of 19 now but she s one after another her dad and elder dad daily since she was . another lady whom i call baby doll she hs bn enjoying sex since with her dad and grandpa though they are not aware she s both father and father's father so enjoy it all. god has given life for once so you must enjoy the life with full free sex best luck to all incest ers

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I think incest is fine between consenting should be legal.contraception should be used.

paul Jul 11 2013 3:15pm FLAG
I need advice on how to get my 39 year old daughter interested in incest. I have wanted her for a very long time but I'm afraid to try anything. I'm afraid she would never speak to me again if I even mentioned having sex with her. Please help !! I'm desperate.

soandso Jul 11 2013 3:43pm FLAG
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west Aug 02 2013 3:15am FLAG
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anon Aug 06 2013 2:21pm FLAG
I love the thought of incest and even uses to get ed by my brother a lot when I was younger even had ages of his friends and there brothers as well looking to hook up with some incest family's in the uk for some fun email me at

Paul Aug 11 2013 6:48am FLAG
How can I hook up with incest family's

Joe Aug 12 2013 9:45am FLAG
I love incest sex. I got my fiancé into the whole taboo/incest and told him how much I love daddy daughter and now he's going to adopt me to make it realistic. We wish he was my real dad and trained me and had sex with me when I was a little girl I love the thought of it and he does too. Now we when we get married and he adopts me we want to start and icest family and have sex with our kids and watch them have sex with each other and tell our kids that I'm his daughter and his wife. I love incest it's amazing.

Daddy's Princess Aug 13 2013 11:32am FLAG
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tc Aug 13 2013 5:44pm FLAG
I do it with my whole family if anyone wants to swap stories I'm also look for someone who wants to be my mommy or sisters

Has kids with mommy Aug 16 2013 4:56am FLAG
I am going to eat my sister's for 40 years and now she's coming on to me. gonna tear that booty up.

bubby Aug 16 2013 10:11pm FLAG
I also am a true incest lover and have been doing it with my sisters for years now. My email is please mail me if you want a real chat about incest. There are things I want to talk about butccannot on here.

bhenchod Aug 17 2013 8:29pm FLAG
you redneck people are so messed up in the head how can you have sex with family and pet. mental issue you need HELP

messed up white people Aug 22 2013 12:20pm FLAG
Fatima I want sex with you. I will be your brother. I need sister love

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I am with whoever what's to start a incest family. I am in direr need to her real nice. I also want a younger sister that I can pick up and carry around. Just thinking about all the awsome sex is getting me hard.

mike m. from iowa Aug 25 2013 11:45am FLAG
Hay there I love incest the thought of having sex with my sister and my mum really turns me on im 28 my sister is and my mum is 50 and fat the rest of our family dont no but I would love to share stories with others out there that are into the same thing talk soon kik jimmyboy00 or

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lilly Sep 10 2013 12:09am FLAG
incest stories and pics/vids really turn me on,tell me ur taboo stories and experiences.. Sep 12 2013 1:48am FLAG
M who loves his sister in more ways than one. Kik me girls for live pics ;) kik: Sora___ with three underscores

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Anonymous Sep 18 2013 2:39am FLAG
I m into incest and I dont regreat about it. the feeling after having sex with my aunt was awesome. i love my mom too and into her too. any mom, sis, aunt want to talk about incest sex with me here i

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jimmy Sep 29 2013 3:19am FLAG
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yum Sep 29 2013 6:38pm FLAG
I'm an older experienced male who isn't new to this subject and the only trauma I've witnessed in a family, is the reaction other so called "normal" people give to the persons who are incestuously involved. True incest is not just about lust and sex. It's a special bond that's created from enjoying mutual interests, such as sharing quality family time together doing everyday things and the physical part (the sexual part), is only a smaller part of it. It should only be included when both parents are in agreement, not hiding it and we need to treat it as a celebration of the human body. It can only deepen our relationships, if we express this love, out of love.

Older Man Sep 30 2013 4:07pm FLAG
I'd love to hear from anyone who is is interested, curious or contemplating an incestuous involvement. I can shed some light on how to approach this realistically and successfully. Incest is not for everyone and entering into it for the wrong reasons can be very hurtful and damaging to all concerned. on the other hand, when it's a natural occurrence, it can be a most happy and blessed experience. Incest indeed, can be a a very beautiful thing.

Older Man Oct 01 2013 10:57am FLAG
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sherry Oct 16 2013 10:19am FLAG
I luv incest too

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Kumar kmr Oct 17 2013 10:28am FLAG
hi, incest is not just sex its a kind of love, i was breastfeed by my mom in older age as well, when i was 18 i asked her to allow me to do sex but she never allowed me to do sex but after an operation of fibrate in her stomach her ovaries were operated out, after then she allowed me to do sex only for once, this is my first time in the age of 20, with my own lovely mother whole day we spend on a bed doing sex, it was a lovely experience for me, its was my desire that i fulfilled with the help of her. she is soft motherly and it bond us more that before, i love my mom too much

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I love the thought of incest with my 18yr old daughter. She has a gorgeous body and an ass that gets me hard as soon as I look at it. Would love nothing more than to get her into bed and fill her hot beautiful p***y with my c*m. I would love to get her pregnant

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I have said all about incest above. Please read thoroughly and contact me in yahoo messanger on to get live advice on every point you wish to have clarification if you wish todo incest but unable to perform for fear of resistance, family troubles, family quarrels or law point pl vdo chat with me in yahoo messanger . tell me yr email id seeking to know success story of two coples enjoyed incest very recently ( this october month only) and you would stop spying yr dream partner in family or other matters of fear. please be aware that incest is prohibited in human by manmade laws but God never made any prohibition in anyanimal or plant. even after several laws prohibiting incest man has found ways and means to officially making incest all legal by marriages amongst family relations in many communities and most religions world over. First and foremost is that the incest performance must be with mutual concent irrespective of relation, age as sex has has no such limitation to perform A man or woman from age 8 to last moment of life say age of 100 can do sex well subject to health capacity and mental preparedness. All incest sekers are welcome to me for free help. One must be honest and cooperative to furnish me full details of family truthfully and must talk through webcam as I vud not like to do labourious typing to text chat best wishes to all incest lovers and incest dreamers. Do not dream, perform it folks!!!!!!!

drbpndatgmaildot com Oct 25 2013 10:03pm FLAG
There is nothing wrong with incest,as long as its between adults! Ive been ing my mother senseless for months now,and its the best feeling in the world!!

Joseph Oct 26 2013 12:05am FLAG
I would love to talk about incest but only real stories

Anonymous Nov 01 2013 3:49pm FLAG
I would love some advice from incest lovers. Preferably women

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raju Nov 02 2013 3:02am FLAG
I have been in to incest sine I was young30's now, but never did anything more than whack off to my sister. Actually, not true. When we where young, we touched each other. My sister was molested young and I believe I might have been to before I had better memory. So I awoke sexually at 7. Mastyrbation and such. I get really turned on by the idea of incest (git my first bj from my cousin, she was a year younger) at . I remember taking a shower with my mom as a boy and thinking she was beautiful when I saw her *****ness. But she chastised me for it and since then I believe I have fantasies about her. My sister, I just love unconditionally and think sex would be just that, sex. A physical act of sharing love. But definitely no procreation. Also, anyone else into pregnant women? I have had a huge fetish with pregnant women because I think they're beautiful, but will never have children myself. So, there goes another weight to drag me down. I can fantasize about all my fetishes, but never partake. I think it's really detrimental to the psyche one wAy or another

Js Nov 02 2013 4:54am FLAG
I guess the next best thing is role play ? For incest fetish. I still believe I will be able to sleep with a beautiful pregnant woman

Js Nov 02 2013 4:57am FLAG
FYI. Since most of us can't partake, there are great free selections of *** on

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Also, don't forget. Royalty was bred from incest. To keep their blood pure,

Anonymous Nov 02 2013 5:26am FLAG
I love incest and ive done many things lets talk

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Anonymous Nov 15 2013 2:51pm FLAG
I like incest too. I have a emmotional bond towards my mothers. Im 95% sure that I harbor incestous feelings for her. I am very jeoulous of her boy friends, she often calls my feelings unnatural and Ive never overstepped those boundaries. She doesent like me in that way, I know this evan though I didnt tell her. She suspects it, anddoesent lie me in the way I wany. To her Im just her son, nothing more and nothing less. I guess incest manga are the only thing that can decrease my desires. I wish yall luck in your relationships.

1Corinthians7:36-38 Nov 18 2013 5:42am FLAG
Young couple /f./m, looking for Parents or Brothers with photos of there Daughters/Sister. Failing this would love to talk to young couples. Any age, Add twiggytree twiggytree

twiggytree Nov 23 2013 2:38am FLAG
Some of the best girls that really like incest are strippers. Ive met more than one stripper that loves incest and claims to do it, or has done it in the past. I dated one for about a year and i would allow her brother to come over and have sex with her while i watched and then join in. It was so nice and so beautifully natural seeing them locked together as he pumped her full of his cum. Sadly, i got sent away to iraq to fight a war and i lost her by the time i got home. It was a dream come true and i plan on finding another one just like her. I know they are out there and they are the best ones ever!

Mike Nov 26 2013 5:20pm FLAG
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Hey I am kinda new to this but at the same time I am not I had sex when I was 20 with my causin he came to me about it she said she was hot for me an said that's why she ways pressed got full body against me an I gave in to it an it felt so amazing an I want to have a incest family but my wife isn't into it but idk what to do I have had these thoughts since I lived with my dad an I saw my younger sis half ***** but she isn't into it I like en kinda young

Retsub Dec 11 2013 5:05pm FLAG
Younger family nvr had it about my mom or dad tho only my sisters an caissons but I don't like them to young it would be to weird to me

Retsub Dec 11 2013 5:10pm FLAG
Ok, you are all SICK your sister. Freak

Get a life Dec 11 2013 5:12pm FLAG
Get a life you need to go back to your none existent life an have fun masterbaitng with a croc

Zero Dec 11 2013 5:24pm FLAG
If any one has any incest pics that they would like to share I had kik it's restub21

Retsub Dec 12 2013 4:57am FLAG
I always wanted to be sexual with some of my female cousins and I tried once when I was six, she was seven****. I kissed her hot and heavy, she pushed me away, and said that relatives don't love each other like that. I was disappointed then and still am after 30+ years. I really wanted to love her like that. I wish she wasn't so inhibited- her family was very conservative. She was beautiful. Now she's dead. I wanted to be ***** and wrapped in her warm ***** body and I still wish she'd just let it happen. It wouldn't have hurt either of us.

Love2luv Dec 12 2013 2:11pm FLAG
Well, i really don't know what to say. Am not engaged in incest though i fantasies about it concerning my cousin sister. I believe it's wrong but keeps pumping in my sick head :-)

innoma Dec 13 2013 3:08am FLAG
im active with my sister 31 och 29.. love to talk and trade,, kik dojjan49 or

dojjan Dec 17 2013 8:33am FLAG
It isn't all bad and recent sociology studies find that it's much more common than previously believed. Yet, the long term consequences when there is a great age difference between the participants and when a participant is a very young age are often be psychologically traumatic. Having said that, I enjoy incest. I know other men and women who participate in, and enjoy, incest. The number of incest clubs is growing in the U.S. but all of which I am aware are very far underground. Now that multiple-partner and same-sex partners are becoming more common - and legal in some places - I suspect this will be next area among "human rights" issues. The caveat is that the nation of the relationship (brother-sister, mother-son, cousin-cousin, etc.) would most likely be restricted to certain relatives and, of course, only to adults.

sociology-8 Dec 17 2013 9:17am FLAG
Made some typos in the above...this is what was meant to be written: It isn't all bad, and recent sociologial studies find that it's much more common than previously believed. Some studies may be over the top; one study conducted in Berlin, for example, claimed 80% of Germans are, or had, engaged in intrafamily sex. Yet, the long term consequences when there is a great age difference between the participants; for a participant at a very young age, it is commonly psychologically traumatic. Having said that, I enjoy incest. I know other men and women who participate in, and enjoy, incest. The number of incest clubs is growing in the U.S. but all of which I am aware are as far underground as dog fighting events. Now that multiple-partner and same-sex partners are becoming more common - and legal in some places - I suspect that incest will be next area among "human rights" issues. The caveat is that the nature of the relationship (brother-sister, mother-son, cousin-cousin, etc.) would most likely be restricted to certain relatives and, of course, only to adults.

sociology-8 Dec 17 2013 9:27am FLAG
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mom son Dec 22 2013 11:18pm FLAG
Eventually it will become more and more commonplace with the internet and the decline of biblical religion.

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Hi to all incest lovers. Me and my hubby love all forms incest between adult members. My hubby feels deep interest in me when my two real brothers s his own mom and his elder sister. Nothing is taboo to us till it is enjoyed with free consent and sexual respect.Like minded people may contact me at my email address, given herewith:

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I love incest. Incest sex is the greatest sex you\'ll ever have. I used to her and have another child with her. I just feel like cumming all over the place when i think of her.

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Looking for any one into incest, any age, any sex. bro n sis farther n daughter uncle n niece If you have pics then message me start convo with a pic to get a reply!

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I wish I had a sister or a mom that wanted to have sex with me! Or even a brother to mess around with! I love to cum alot! In people, on people! I could blast some cum in my sisters ! Or cum all over my brothers d*ck!!!!!

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D Jan 01 2014 6:42am FLAG
My sister and I had sex all The time as ****s. it's been many years but want to get her into it again. also want other family to join. looking 4 any advice and friends? Jan 01 2014 8:39pm FLAG
wrong email. right one is. Jan 01 2014 8:40pm FLAG
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John Jan 02 2014 6:17am FLAG
/F, Looking for people into incest. If you have a Daughter, Sister, Cousin or Niece that you can trade the contact me. Twiggytree - kik

twiggytree Jan 02 2014 11:41pm FLAG
Nothing like ing ur mom sensless!!!!

Anonymous Jan 04 2014 12:30am FLAG
Nothing like ing ur mom sensless!!!!

Joe Jan 04 2014 12:31am FLAG
Hi, incest is fantastic. Don't worry about what others say, am looking for incest lovers to share.

Nicest lover 50 Jan 04 2014 4:14am FLAG
/F, Looking for people into incest. If you have a Daughter, Sister, Cousin or Niece that you can trade the contact me. Twiggytree

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Always in to incest but never got to. But very interested in starting one i would like to get some advice on this or meet someone email me at

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enjoy incest as much as you can and love the other as much as you can and as much as you can let no moral priest tell you what to do

incestlover Jan 16 2014 9:14am FLAG
30/m, northeast US. Looking for a female that wants to raise an incest family. anr-abf[at]hotmail[dot]com

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I lov incest my love is my mother i'm trying to seduce and fuk one day i definately fuk her.

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I am a 22 year old guy and me and my younger brother who is six**** have recently started given each other oral sex, never thought of it before but now think of it all the time, I am gay but I know he is not.. he doesn't know I'm gay and that I fantasise about sucking him and having a friend join.. knowing someone watching turns me on alot.. want to start doing more, only sucked. Each other and kissed, don't want to ruin it though.. he told me the other day that he wants to look just like me when he older because I look nice, just him saying that drove me wild so had to wank myself to that.. so hard just thinking of it, he doesn't have a big c*ck but I don't care, I love sucking it when it's small and soft and then feel it get harder.. his c*ck so smooth

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Don't know why, I'm not GAY but when me and my uncle are together we get ***** and do everything, we have been doing it for months now and I want it all the time and it's difficult to be alone.

Love been ***** with my uncle and im a boy Jan 26 2014 7:51am FLAG

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Im 24 M never got have incest but would very much love to meet a girl who is into incest and other taboo's if this could be you kik me salemshadow

nervous_guy Feb 02 2014 9:33pm FLAG
I've always loved the thought of daddy-daughter incest, especially with my hot 18yr old daughter. Never really thought about brother-sister incest until recently. I was chatting to another male and he told me he really wanted to do his sister and that got me thinking about mine. Made me realise just how much I love her and want to get inside her and pump my seed into her and hopefully knock her up. Would love to see my sister with my baby growing in her.

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I had incest with my cousin and would like to have more incest with other cousins. Is there a site with women who want incest

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never had incest sex always wanted to but not had the chance, now id be happy to marry into an incestuous family, would luv joining in with my wife, her father and whoever else. kik me ladies/girls

nawtyminded Apr 02 2014 2:16pm FLAG
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Karlie Apr 23 2014 8:14am FLAG
any brits on here?

Anonymous Apr 23 2014 1:22pm FLAG
anon yeah im from uk

nawtyminded Apr 23 2014 3:00pm FLAG
22 M UK here. never done incest but its my biggest fantasy. Im bi with kik / Email / Skype / Yahoo. if interested leave your details below.

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lilpervdaughter Apr 25 2014 11:27am FLAG
how would one go about finding an incestious mother willing to text/rp?

Anonymous Apr 26 2014 10:14am FLAG
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"You will shower, then make yourself as beautiful as possible. That means makeup, hair, the works. While we are here, you will keep your c*nt shaved, baby smooth. You have 45 minutes. If you are late, or if we are not satisfied that you look your best, your husband will lose a testicle. This is not an idle threat. I have some medical training and have done this procedure before. If you are very late, he might lose both, not a pretty future for him or you. Return to me, here, *****, in 45 minutes. Do you understand?" Taking all this in, trying to remember all of the details, she managed a quiet "Yes." As she turned toward our bedroom, he took her arm and again pulled her chin up to his gaze. "Oh yes, please take these." He fished two capsules from his pocket, one white, one red. Pulling her chin down, he opened her mouth and placed them on her tongue. "Close and swallow please." She did as she was told and, after several tries, succeeded in swallowing both pills. Minutes seemed like hours as we waited for Ashima to reappear. While Omar explored the rest of our home, Salman removed the laces from my other shoe, tying it to my leash to increase its length. Their leader was quiet. Sprawled on the sofa, arms outstretched, he seemed to be meditating, or in some kind of trance. He was so still, his massive, well-muscled body resembled a larger-than- life sculpture. As I looked at him, there were short periods when his face seemed to lose all detail, as if just that part of him would go out of focus for a few seconds, then return, sharper than ever. Just as strange was the eerie silence during the wait. No one spoke, although frequently Salman would suddenly stare at his leader's face for several minutes, then continue to extend my leash. Shortly after she left the room, he explained that the capsules Ashima had obediently ingested were a "c*cktail" he had recently invented. One pill was a revolutionary hormone therapy, the other a new anti- depressant. When taken together, they created an insatiable sexual appetite and also caused all inhibitions to vanish. "A real slut-maker!" he promised. I doubted the extent of its effect, assuming he was exaggerating to make me more uncomfortable. Just as I began to worry that Ashima's deadline would soon pass, she returned. She circled the room and stopped directly in front of her new master. I could not believe what I saw. She was *****, as ordered. Her dark silky hair hung to her shoulders, just caressing the velvet olive skin. Her eyes were wide but calm, emphasizing the deep blue that radiated from them. Her impressive body, slim and hard, made her jutting breasts even more pronounced. Everyone's eyes were drawn to the amazing sight between her legs. Shaved bare, her normally tight slit was swollen to three times its normal size. Her inner labia were bright red and so engorged that they protruded obscenely. Her c*nt had unfolded itself, opening so widely that every detail normally hidden was put on display. Her cl*toris hung in full view and visibly throbbed as the tip extended and retreated in time with her pulse. She was so wet that her fluids had made her inner thighs slick and shiny. I then noticed her nipples were hard and distended, like large pencil erasers attached to those firm heaving breasts. She was breathing heavily, and already a sheen of perspiration covered her trembling body. Smiling, he reached up from his seat and began to lightly stroke her tight belly. She immediately gasped, then closed her eyes and allowed him to continue. As he stimulated her, he watched with satisfaction as her continued to swell and throb, flowing even more freely than before. After a while, he spoke. "Who owns you now?" "You do," she whispered. "Your mind and your sweet body?" "Yes, it's yours." "Do I excite you more than your husband?" "Yes," she said without hesitation. He suddenly stopped, but her body continued to sway gently back and forth, expecting more. "Spread your feet," he ordered. She instantly moved her feet apart. "Now bend over and put your hands on my shoulders." She leaned toward him as he sat and supported herself on his thick shoulders, resting her head on the left one. From behind her, we could see her open centered between two perfect ass cheeks as she bent over. Through her legs, we could see her breasts hanging and swaying as she clung to him and panted. The sight again sickened me. Seeing her clutching another man and panting like an animal in heat was just too much. He reached up and took her nipples, one in each hand, and began to roll them between his fingers. She let out a short quiet moan and her hips moved as if trying to find relief. His hands traveled slowly down her body, stroking her belly, then her inner thighs, always coming close to her steaming , but never giving her the relief she needed. Salman had forgotten about my leash (or thought the threats were no longer necessary) as he and Omar watched Ashima's from behind with fascination. As the huge man stroked and stimulated her body, her c*nt was now alternately sucking and grasping, in obscenely rhythmic spasms. Her juices ran down the insides of her legs, making wet spots on the carpet. They began to masturbate as they watched her lose all control.

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Finally he turned his head and whispered in her ear, smiling at me as he spoke words only she could hear. "Yes, please, me," she moaned. "Would you like your husband to come over her and you?" "No... I... want you... not him," she managed between deep, heavy breaths. I vomited, assaulted by this ultimate humiliation. They were all laughing at me, sitting in my own puke. My head was spinning. The scene became almost unreal. The loud laughter, my humiliation, my two captors still masturbating as they watched their leader play with my writhing, panting wife while she begged him to her. I started to pass out, when Omar suddenly grabbed me and slapped me hard across the face to bring me around. "No you don't, we're not gonna let you miss the best part! "Please, don't make me watch anymore," I begged. "YOU WILL WATCH BITCH!" boomed a voice in my head. It was the leader's voice, but he was smiling at me as I heard the words. My fear increased tenfold as I realized he was more than he appeared to be. How did he put the words in my head? They were more than words, as if he was willing me to obey. Again the details of his face became uncertain. My head began to throb, then his message leaped into my brain. "WATCH NOW, AS I TAKE YOUR WIFE FROM YOU AND MAKE HER MINE!" His hands went between her legs. With one hand he spread her c*nt open, exposing it even more for my benefit. With the other hand, he grasped her twitching cl*toris and began to roll it between his forefinger and thumb. Ashima moaned loudly as her ass pumped up and down, trying to speed her relief. She had torn away part of his shirt and was sloppily sucking and licking his immense neck and shoulder. He entered her mind one more time. "SAY IT!" The words washed over her like a giant wave, first cold, then warm and comforting. A connection was broken, another formed. She was taken. "Oh God, me please, I don't care about him, cut off his balls, kill him, I don't care, I'm yours, cum in me, rip me open, take me, own me, MEEE!!" He was satisfied with her surrender. "Own me" were the words he waited for. He began to tap the end of her clitoris with a remaining free finger. It sent her over the edge. She screamed and clawed at him, ripping his shirt to shreds. Collapsing into his lap, she tried to wrap her strong legs around his waist, pumping her c*nt up and down against his concealed erection. Liquid poured from her steaming as it twitched and spasmed. Her slender arms were now around his neck, her mouth glued to his, her tongue as far down his throat as she could thrust it. Her thrashing and moaning must have lasted over two minutes. She finally collapsed in his arms, whimpering and gasping for breath. Salman and Omar immediately stopped masturbating, staring at their leader's face. "My friends are ready for you," he whispered. "Go suck them dry." Still under the effects of the drugs, she was ready, no, desperate for any kind of sex. She saw Omar first and was dripping at the idea of taking a black c*ck into her mouth. Dropping to her knees in front of him, she cupped his balls in her hands as she sucked the head of his c*ck into her mouth. I could see her rubbing and tugging at each of his egg-sized testicles with her slim fingers while she tried to take his long black snake into her throat. Before long, the entire length of his 10 inch d*ck disappeared into her waiting throat, her chin and nose buried in his dark kinky pubic hair. He stopped stroking, keeping his c*ck buried as deep as it would go. I watched as Ashima continued to contract her mouth and throat, gripping and milking all 10 inches. Very shortly Omar's face winced as he began to pump semen down her throat. She moaned softly, gulping and swallowing every drop he delivered. She continued to suck the remaining drops of cum from his body for several minutes, remembering her master's orders. When he couldn't take any more, he finally pushed her away. Grinning at me, he said, "Man, I'll bet she could live on cum. We'll be sure to keep her well fed!" Salman was waiting for his turn. He had been close to orgasm half a dozen times, but was saving his load for what he must have known was coming. His c*ck was amazing. It must have been inches long and at least 3 inches thick. Ashima's eyes widened as she grasped it with both hands and began to run her tongue over the huge purple head. As she fingered and stroked the massive shaft, she tried in vain to get the entire head into her hungry mouth. Giving up, she continued to lick and suck while she pumped the shaft with both hands. Her tongue probed the opening of his c*ck, making him gasp with pleasure. The idea of having this thing inside her made her c*nt flow again, making another small puddle on the carpet beneath her. The others made lewd remarks, joking about what a slut she was at heart. Laughing, Salman pulled my leash closer, so that my face was only inches from Ashima as she slurped and licked. Her eyes met mine, then she looked up at Salman, sucking even faster. "Why don't you pump it for her so she can play with herself," he ordered. She jumped at the chance to play with her soaking and immediately put both hands to work, keeping her mouth attached to the end of his c*ck. A sharp jerk on my leash made me scream with pain. I had no choice. Placing my hands on his thick c*ck, I started to pump as Ashima continued to suck. I had never touched another man's d*ck. The revulsion added to my humiliation as the others joked and laughed. Soon I could see his stomach start to shake, and I knew the end was near. Ashima was near orgasm herself, moaning louder as her fingers flipped her cl*t back and forth. Her moaning excited Salman as the vibrations traveled from her throat to the sensitive head of his giant penis. With a sudden grunt, he started to cum. My head exploded with the words, "DON'T STOP! PUMP EVERY DROP OF HIS SPERM INTO YOUR SWEET LITTLE WIFE'S THROAT!" Mindlessly, I pumped his c*ck harder and faster. I could feel the steady stream of semen surging through the shaft while Ashima swallowed in large gulps. I knew that the cum was filling her mouth faster than she could possibly ingest it. It continued to flow as I pumped and pumped. She had already swallowed an incredible amount of semen and more was on the way. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It wasn't human. Finally she began to choke and the thick liquid spilled out of the corners of her mouth onto her chin and face. Continuing to gag as the cum flowed, she moved his c*ck from her thirsty lips to try to swallow the excess in her mouth. Cum spurted in a steady stream, onto her face and hair. She knew not to turn away, and let the hot stream flow down her face, now coating her breasts and belly, I couldn't stop milking his huge dong, mechanically continuing what I had been willed to do. The semen continued to flow! It now completely covered Ashima from chin to crotch. As she rubbed her c*nt, her fingers began to push the sticky mess into her vagina. She started to moan again as her hips bucked against her frantic fingers. She was cumming, I was still pumping, and the semen was still spurting! She was still trying to take large gulps of it, returning her full lips to the bulbous head as often as she was able. When she couldn't take any more, it resumed covering her from head to crotch as she stuffed more of the excess into her c*nt. She finally fell onto her back, writhing in ecstasy. She shoved handfuls of cum into her c*nt with one hand, while scooping the goo from her face and tits into her mouth with the other. She thrashed and moaned for several minutes before finally collapsing spread-eagled on the floor. His c*ck spurted its last few drops onto her panting body and I stopped pumping. The cheers and laughter that followed made the pounding in my head unbearable. Ashima lay in a pool of cum, completely soaking the carpet. Semen covered her face and body. The thick paste slowly oozed from her c*nt and mouth as she tried to recover. The laughing grew louder, sounding like a crowd of thousands. The last thing I remembered before losing consciousness was Ashima's face as she took the leader's balls in her mouth, her delicate fingers dancing deliberately over his thickly veined c*ck.

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