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How do i get my mom to jack me off???

The Problem: Ok. So idk why i took an interest in this.. But one day i thought of how my mom would be like in bed and i really wanted her to jerk me off!! Someone plz give me advice!! And none of that bs posting plz!

Asked by: Confusedguy1791 at 11:44:34 AM, Saturday, January 28, 2012 PST FLAG


well ask 2 sleep with he say ur scared

theresa Jan 28 2012 7:51pm FLAG

i ment 2 say her

theresa Jan 28 2012 7:52pm FLAG
get yourself when only you & your mother are around & ask her to help you out she will decline at first but if you just casually wank yourself she will eventually join in good luck let us know when you can fcuk her whenever you like

h Jan 29 2012 4:54am FLAG
why would you want to do that to your mam?

Anonymous Jan 29 2012 1:17pm FLAG
Why the hell is everybody (mostly) on this site obsessed with incest or rape or sex, or any combo of those!?!? I've went through every section, and there are sooo many discussions on "how do I my sister, can someone help me?" and a lot of other ones! Seriously!!! Just go get a life! Or if you all are that desperate for sexual stuff, it's called a strip club people.

Some random American Feb 01 2012 4:50pm FLAG
Some random American, I know! I remember when I went on this site everyday trying to tell people that this isn't right to want to do these things... I guess it hasn't changed here. :(

Lindsey Feb 18 2012 3:25pm FLAG
Sleep ***** and get your mum to come in and kiss you goodnight and flash your d!ck (get it really hard) and maybe she will. If you have a hairy d!ck shave it, trust me girls prefer it shaved

biboy Feb 19 2012 6:02am FLAG
why mom? dont you have girlfriends?

KHALEJA Mar 13 2012 9:40am FLAG
Shave your d*ck! Lol Wa

nWet Mar 28 2012 6:28pm FLAG
I Said WA!

nWet Mar 28 2012 6:29pm FLAG

U Apr 09 2012 11:05pm FLAG
In first how to tell ur mom about sex and how see her boobs ass my mom i love and rly want her help me

Obama Apr 09 2012 11:14pm FLAG
Hey guy are here some people from Pakistan Afghanistan Iran and write more about of mom just about sex with mom i wish U help me That u can how n wrt ur cntry name

Bosh Apr 09 2012 11:22pm FLAG
tell her you wont to know what it fells like

aaron teague Jun 11 2012 11:58am FLAG
When she is in the shower just stick your d*ck in her

Mom Oct 06 2012 12:47pm FLAG, yall r in crazy

getelsewhere Jan 01 2013 6:43pm FLAG
came on my moms face and got to finger her before. She woke up and asked me if I did that when she was asleep and I was honest and said yes. Than out of nowhere when I was in the shower she hopped in butt ***** and kinda threw me on the shower floor and smashed my lips on her c*nt. Than after she jerked me off she said if you want to bust your loads and play with my body,you must eat my lips and ass. Than she woke up and said tell you friends to to gang bang me

Kalvin Feb 21 2013 6:23pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 3:00pm FLAG
How do I get my mom. To have sex with her. She said no. One time. I ask her

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 3:01pm FLAG
Let her see u often, and she might be ok wit it or just ask she will understand

black black May 19 2013 7:29pm FLAG
nasty as hell, your not normal

wU= tang May 19 2013 7:32pm FLAG

tyler666 May 19 2013 7:33pm FLAG
Bang bang

sosababy May 19 2013 7:34pm FLAG
Brick squad

flooooooocka!!!! pow May 19 2013 7:35pm FLAG
What the finuck

2chainz$!!!! May 19 2013 7:37pm FLAG
What the ?

iTz_Actiive May 25 2013 8:07am FLAG
Tell her she is really pretty then slowly run your hand down herbody till you get to her pants then slowly unbutton them if she says no tell her its okay. You love her. Then kiss her and take your pants off and tell her to lay down and close her eyes the out of her.

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 4:04pm FLAG
Then out of her**

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 4:05pm FLAG
tell her to hack you off just had my mom do it to me and trust me it was ing sexy she made me cum and she sucked it all up the sexiest moment of my life <3

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 7:34pm FLAG
wat the fuk is rong with him just lip her a cloriphorm rag and then you fuk her or you cood com and fuk me im

susy lutaga Jul 21 2013 10:44pm FLAG
Okai um i have no idea why im on this and im a girl i was courios and a little turned on but thats not the reason just wait till your moms sex life with your dad is boring so then you can try to get your mom to you trust me my dad gave in so easily i wonder why tho all i did was look my dad in the eyes lick my lips and next thing i was undressed on the bed but im and bored im also bi so if anyone wants to have sex or a threesome im down

Aimee Aug 02 2013 12:24am FLAG
When she's not looking run your d*ck up her ass even if she has pants on and tell her she's butiful

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 4:23am FLAG
i want my mom to se my hard d*ck, i reali want to her

e Aug 24 2013 11:06pm FLAG
Bro your ed if your dad finds out

Anonymous Sep 13 2013 1:15pm FLAG
i love to suck you now call 1 989 709 6354 tom

big 9in d*ck Sep 21 2013 4:19pm FLAG
Aimee a threesome is one of my sexual fantasies! I'm down to 😍 Message me on Facebook or add me Facebook: saiful Islam shobuj

Saiful shobuj Nov 25 2013 9:36pm FLAG
I am gay Dec 15 2013 1:12pm FLAG
I love crossdressing i have been wearing my moms clothing and wanking and shooting my cum all over her clothes she said stop cuming on my clothes u can wear them when ever but first my she wanked my off then i put my big hard cick in her juicey wet fanny

me and my son have sex Dec 15 2013 1:15pm FLAG
I suck my own nob

ben brennan Dec 15 2013 1:16pm FLAG
I just laid ***** on my bed when mom came in to me and saw my c*ck. I sensed her she was there. She came ahead anf held my d*ck in her hands and started moving my skin up and down. I saw her boobs hanging in the gown. I pretended to be asleep and took my right hand to her everytim my dad hoes for a trip

raj (flomderinglove@gmail.con) Dec 23 2013 11:46am FLAG
I want to my mom her tits and ass are huger but she's a cop I send her ***** pictures to my phone she almost fought me I draw avideo of her sucking a d*ck jacked off to it like 4 times but she's a cop so idk what to do

Chris Jan 11 2014 4:00pm FLAG
my mom wanks me off all the time i was asleep one day ***** and she came in and started to suck my d*ck i woke up and she got startled and started making up exscues after about 6 of them she dropped down and started to wank me off now she does it normally so i say you take raj's advice it works

dj zack butt Jan 14 2014 4:35pm FLAG
this isn't right get a girlfriend sicko's really all see on this sight is how do i get my sister jack me off or how can i get my mom to have sex with me come people

chris Jan 15 2014 2:23pm FLAG
*come on people

chris Jan 15 2014 2:24pm FLAG
is it bad if my mom likes to jerk me off sometimes i'll see her in the house when im ***** and sneek up behind her and ram my d*ck into her butt it feels so good i love it

therapist9(come on baby you know you like it) Jan 15 2014 4:19pm FLAG
Go to her room when she's sleeping and if she's turned over, slowly Pull her panties down and than ram ur d*ck in her ass, that's what I do, it works ever time

Jimmay Jan 19 2014 10:46am FLAG
guys this is just wrong

great white north, like up above the states Jan 20 2014 9:54pm FLAG
jimmay ikr people dont listen on this sight it's so horrable get a girlfriend people but they just dont listen to people like us

im a alien from canada Feb 08 2014 5:20pm FLAG
really people how many sick people get on this sight and type in 5 times a day how do i get my mom/sister to jerk me off or have sex with me you people really need to get a girlfreind

WTF GET A GIRLFREIND Feb 17 2014 2:26pm FLAG
WTF GET A GIRLFREIND i agree people need to realize that they need to get a girl freind and stop wanting to do this to there mom/sister

mr potatoe chair Apr 19 2:07pm FLAG
Just ask her to jack you off then if she says no when shes in the shower one day go in with her and shove you dik up her ass then she will jerk it that happened to me

A guy May 31 3:44pm FLAG
Anyone wanna have sex wit me??

A guy May 31 3:45pm FLAG
I would really love to titty f*** my mom

mom admirer Jun 02 4:51pm FLAG
What would Jesus DO! Incest is punishable by separation from God. No immoral person enters heaven. Eternally being burnt up. Stick your hand near a stove feel the heat and shove your hand in burning it. Can you imagine your whole body being burnt like that over n over for eternity. Eternity never ends no parole. Get your life right, confess and realize that your lord died for you and repent and be baptized for the remission of your sins. Then faithfully walk with God until your death and you will receive eternal life. This life is temporary don't miss heaven because of some childish hellish acts.

Jd2u2 Jun 05 6:03am FLAG
One day when shes in the shower ask her to go to the bathroom in her shower and tilt the door so she can see your cok then she will be supprised and say hop in with me then she will jerk you

BigBlackC*ck Jun 08 8:23am FLAG
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