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my best friend stole my money(50$) what should i do

The Problem: she came to my house and at first she took the whole 60$ then she gave it back so the next thing you know she took the 50$ after we gave her food and drunk some wine coolers she also stole my mom rings and said she got them out of the bubble gum mashine how in the hell you gonna get two kart rings out of the bubble gum mashine.

Asked by: diamond at 05:46:54 AM, Monday, January 05, 2004 PST FLAG


call the police girl cause u got a rober on ur hands

grooveychick1820 Jan 05 2004 2:14pm FLAG

whoop her ass

n/a Jan 05 2004 2:43pm FLAG
that is just shameful!.... bubble gum mashine my ass!

anti-nazi Jan 06 2004 11:33am FLAG
kill him

garry banks Jan 07 2004 1:37am FLAG
it's a gurl by ze way

anti-nazi Jan 07 2004 12:25pm FLAG
im dumb

x_kezzy_x Jan 07 2004 6:52pm FLAG
I agee with grooveychick

dolphin Jan 08 2004 7:52am FLAG
the $ comes before the 50 like this $50 not this 50$

GET IT RIGHT ASS HOLE Jan 09 2004 2:07am FLAG
i agree wiv dolphin and groovey chick call the police and then kick his ass in court

kong holio Jan 09 2004 11:20am FLAG
if only you were both guys i know i would have bashed hes head in for him with a ing reanch but call the police

Mist Jan 12 2004 11:26pm FLAG
him hard and deman hood that mo fo

lovethevagina Jan 13 2004 4:23pm FLAG
woop her ass then call the cops

me me Jan 14 2004 2:37pm FLAG
damm go to the cops

?????? Jan 15 2004 10:33am FLAG
1 it machine and two call the cops

chad Jan 15 2004 1:35pm FLAG
If its your friend you don't go to the cops first. Try to resolve this issue. Do u have any proof she stole the stuff? 2. If yes then try to go to her house with your mom to get it back. (you sound young enough) 3. Then call the cops as a LAST RESORT

The Wilsonator Jan 16 2004 8:51pm FLAG
Talk to her friend, tell her you know she took the goods and warn her that you're going to tell your parents and the police. Make sure the threat is not idle.

Observor Feb 02 2004 12:00am FLAG
get prove of it frist then say u still wanna b m8s but shes gotta promise shell never do it again + give bk the goods + that ur just tell ur mum that u borught it + 4got 2 put the rings bk

lil minx Feb 02 2004 12:09pm FLAG
girl if your cousin stole your moeny i would whoop as her and take all her out of her

mia Feb 05 2004 3:51pm FLAG

mia Feb 05 2004 3:52pm FLAG
this could go write out your hands she a smuggler

pinkyloo age 10 Feb 06 2004 3:46pm FLAG
try to catchher stealing then call the cops

Anonymous Feb 15 2004 2:42pm FLAG
break your foot off in her ass !!!!!!

el gato Feb 18 2004 11:35am FLAG
call the cops kick her ass and never ever be friends with her again. tell everyone in the school that she i a lying and a theif.

wwegirl Mar 02 2004 6:03am FLAG
you should tell the police does your mom know who the friend is are u still friend with her get back

sexystacey Mar 02 2004 4:56pm FLAG
you know what you should do, confront her or tell your mom to ask her it back and if she denies it then girl you got trouble!!!!!!!!!!!

best advice u can get!!!!!!!!!! Mar 13 2004 3:43pm FLAG
Thats after and never talk to her again

SAvior Mar 27 2004 2:25am FLAG
u should beat the living out him/her thats what i would do anyway

mad gunner Mar 28 2004 1:56pm FLAG
u no i like SAvior's idea

mad gunner Mar 28 2004 1:58pm FLAG
beat her ass

Anonymous Apr 11 2004 4:06pm FLAG
kick her !!!!

gothbitch Apr 13 2004 3:53pm FLAG
ha. in ur face ur best friend stole ur money LOSER!!!!

EMINEM Apr 18 2004 6:28pm FLAG
LMAO EMINEM....but i agree with n/a ..tell her to give it back but if he says no punch her out!!!

Anonymous Apr 22 2004 9:42pm FLAG
dude wtf i wouldve beat the out of him/her ur dumb and asking ppl 4 advice friends or not wope the bitch ass

shakira Aug 17 2008 4:26pm FLAG
Get the person to work for you say you will pay them whatever amount they took then after the work is done say thanks for paying me back.thats what I did when a friend stole my money and you should have seen there face.

cindy Mar 10 2009 1:34pm FLAG
LOL!!! Is this person like seriously stupid, like as dumb as they come? Who the gets k gold ring from a bubble gum machine, or who's stuipd enought to make that BS lie up?

SAS Mar 04 2011 8:11pm FLAG
kill his assail

death Apr 01 2012 5:37pm FLAG
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