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Any -lesbians wanna text me :) give me ur #

The Problem: Looking for any lesbians or bisexuals to talk to :)

Asked by: Lez at 06:32:34 AM, Monday, February 20, 2012 PST FLAG


My name is anabell

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:32pm FLAG

i'm bisexual and i'm a boy aged hope that's OK

biboy Feb 20 2012 2:34pm FLAG
i'm bisexual and i'm a boy aged hope that's OK

biboy Feb 20 2012 2:36pm FLAG
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Lez Feb 20 2012 2:36pm FLAG
hi lez.

liza Feb 20 2012 2:39pm FLAG
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Anonymous Feb 20 2012 2:39pm FLAG

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:39pm FLAG
Hi liza

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:40pm FLAG
m a lesbian 2.

liza Feb 20 2012 2:40pm FLAG
Liza r u there?

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:40pm FLAG
U r

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:41pm FLAG
How old r u

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:41pm FLAG

liza Feb 20 2012 2:41pm FLAG
How old r u ?

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:42pm FLAG
i m . n today i popped my cherry.

liza Feb 20 2012 2:42pm FLAG
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Lez Feb 20 2012 2:43pm FLAG
i really dont have a mobile.

lisa Feb 20 2012 2:44pm FLAG
O ok :(

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:44pm FLAG
Unfortunately I am heterosexual and more than four**** years of age.

tentacleTherapist Feb 20 2012 2:46pm FLAG
we can exchange our pic. can v?

lisa Feb 20 2012 2:46pm FLAG
How u dont have a mobile

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:47pm FLAG
computer? n i have one fake id? so there iz no problem in dat.

liza Feb 20 2012 2:49pm FLAG
Wat u mean by email?

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:50pm FLAG
we can send our pics on email id`s.

lisa Feb 20 2012 2:51pm FLAG
My email is

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:53pm FLAG
mine iz

liza Feb 20 2012 2:55pm FLAG
wen wil u send ur pic?

lisa Feb 20 2012 2:55pm FLAG
U send me urs first

Lez Feb 20 2012 2:56pm FLAG
u send me ur first?

lisa Feb 20 2012 2:58pm FLAG
what iz d size of ur breast?

lisa Feb 20 2012 2:58pm FLAG
I dont have ur email send me ur pic

Lez Feb 20 2012 3:00pm FLAG
i gave u my email id. look up.

lisa Feb 20 2012 3:01pm FLAG
Kk hold on

Lez Feb 20 2012 3:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 20 2012 3:06pm FLAG
Email me

Lez Feb 20 2012 3:10pm FLAG
am bie txt 5623205910

Anonymous Apr 29 2012 9:49am FLAG
Wats up im sooo give me ur numba and ill text u

Hotchick101 May 17 2012 2:58pm FLAG
hi i am bisexual and im looking for a girl manily so give me ur # plzz

hotgirl Jun 08 2012 8:42pm FLAG
oh and tx this 7718706

hotgirl Jun 08 2012 8:43pm FLAG
??'m a four**** year old lesbian girl and ?? wanna meet other lesbians but ?? l?ve in South Africa :/

lez Jun 20 2012 1:33am FLAG
I'm a bisexual girl looking for girls call me 8185054475

Mee Jul 21 2012 11:44am FLAG
I'm a girl looking for naughty texts. hit me up!! 8478669961!!

mee Jul 28 2012 9:46pm FLAG
I'm a girl looking for naughty texts. hit me up!! 8478669961!!

mee Jul 28 2012 9:46pm FLAG
I'm a girl looking for naughty texts. hit me up!! 8478669961!!

mee Jul 28 2012 9:46pm FLAG

Hannah Aug 07 2012 1:50am FLAG
i am a lesbian! who wants to text me

gabby Aug 12 2012 12:29pm FLAG
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Anonymous Aug 26 2012 9:36pm FLAG
Any girls have kik I'm girl

Anonymous Sep 17 2012 9:10pm FLAG
hey gurlz im names Maddy tan with brown hair black eyes almost full les anyone interested? ;))

I<3Onica Sep 18 2012 9:58pm FLAG
Hi maddy , I'm interested, I have black hair, green eyes

Anonymous Sep 18 2012 10:10pm FLAG

I'm the same person above Sep 18 2012 10:10pm FLAG
Ok, I'm changing the same person above to monkey

Monkey Sep 18 2012 10:11pm FLAG
By any Chance do you have the area code 970. Or live in Colorado

Monkey Sep 18 2012 10:12pm FLAG
I'll message u back tomorrow 2 see if ur interested maddy, u sound hot, ps I'm so frikin , I will do anything

Anonymous Sep 18 2012 10:15pm FLAG
The advice above was by monkey btw

Monkey Sep 18 2012 10:16pm FLAG
hey whats up uhm monkey?

Maddy Sep 19 2012 5:44pm FLAG
and nope not colorado sorray

maddy Sep 19 2012 5:46pm FLAG
Dam it, maybe we could txt r something. Anyway, maybe if u message me back we could exchange email, and then over email, we could exchange phone numbers...

Monkey Sep 19 2012 6:32pm FLAG
Hi again maddy it's lee (monkey) and my email is maybe email me ur number?

Monkey Sep 19 2012 6:39pm FLAG
phones broke haha sorry ;)

maddy Sep 20 2012 5:52am FLAG
Do not 8185054475 that's my old phone someone else is ls using it this one 8189036487

Meee Sep 20 2012 7:27am FLAG
but sure maybe I will email you

maddy Sep 20 2012 7:44pm FLAG
any girls wanna text?

charolette Sep 20 2012 8:59pm FLAG
im and im super bored

charolette Sep 20 2012 9:00pm FLAG
hey charolette

maddy Sep 20 2012 9:11pm FLAG
listen gurlz if yo interested say so im an i like chicks 1 or yrs older/younger well sees ya bitches come get some!!!!!! dont worry i'll play nice............... or naughty ;P {}

maddy Sep 20 2012 9:25pm FLAG
Hi charolette, im lee. btw maddy, sorry I havent ed, my phones at my freinds house I'll u tomorrow. Anyway, Charlotte, I'm , I'm not sure if that's to young, but me @ 97020520

Monkey Sep 21 2012 2:45pm FLAG
Ps, I have black hair, tanish skin, green eyes, and I'm five two,

Monkey Sep 21 2012 2:46pm FLAG
Anyone a you gurlz live in Colorado, message me if u do, also I prefere older (looking for )I'm and super , someone in colorado message me.

Monkey Sep 21 2012 2:50pm FLAG
haha you aint got my numer lee n pluss I love my new GF Anika

maddy Sep 22 2012 4:37pm FLAG
bi girl someone kik me (twinklerash104)

Twinklexx Sep 23 2012 5:42am FLAG
P.s im afro carrabiean 4 ft 9, brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Twinklexx Sep 23 2012 5:44am FLAG
I live in scotland btw

Twinklexx Sep 23 2012 5:45am FLAG

maddy Sep 26 2012 6:09pm FLAG
Hey im not gay but i like having lesbian friends

Anonymous Sep 30 2012 11:59am FLAG
Email me to

Anonymous Sep 30 2012 12:08pm FLAG
Im down to or email

francisco the one from the ones above Oct 01 2012 3:55pm FLAG
male text me 6440 5243

Anonymous Oct 06 2012 11:12pm FLAG
Hey I'm a yr old bi girl.Text me at 808 275 6590.I live in Hololulu just so you know

Anonymous Oct 10 2012 7:56pm FLAG
I'm not sure if I'm a lesbian or not... I'm having odd urges around girls and I would like someone to text me and help me out 1-904-735-7448

Unknown Oct 14 2012 12:09pm FLAG
I'm Tera And I'm Bi But Right Now I'm Looking For A Sexy -Girl ! Call Me AnyTime 90739394

Bi_Tera Oct 14 2012 2:26pm FLAG
Text me 280803

francisco Oct 17 2012 3:14pm FLAG
lesbian text me c: 3523465106

oppawoppa Oct 17 2012 6:31pm FLAG
Hay lesbina

Anonymous Oct 18 2012 5:58pm FLAG
please text me 92031999my names kendal

anonymous Oct 19 2012 12:43pm FLAG

anonymous Oct 19 2012 12:44pm FLAG
Anyone got kik

Twinklexx Oct 19 2012 1:34pm FLAG

Twinklexx Oct 19 2012 1:35pm FLAG
Alona bisexual;)

Anonymous Oct 28 2012 2:15am FLAG
me 31046237

Anonymous Oct 28 2012 2:18am FLAG
I am and waanna be a lesbain . Anyone wanna help me ?... hit me up u give me urs i give u mines

i wanna be a lez rllt bad Nov 01 2012 5:21pm FLAG
Text me hot girls from age to 20 (preferably around ) or email at We can have a good time!

thatperson Nov 04 2012 5:40am FLAG

That Girl Nov 04 2012 10:37am FLAG
I'm and lesbian.....text me please:) I don't bite...only sometimes:P

Rawr Nov 08 2012 11:42pm FLAG
Text me:)!!!I'm an lesbian!!! Hit me up for some destiny or just texting:P 5058037393

This les, Nov 08 2012 11:51pm FLAG
im a lesbian email me at if u like to talk dirty

Sexybabe Nov 10 2012 5:54pm FLAG
LESBIAN an looking for a fun night!!! me or text me 5058037393

Damn girl Nov 10 2012 6:00pm FLAG
iM yAeR oLd LeSbIaN. iF yOu LiKe To tAlK DiRtY E-mAiL Me aT

Hey girls!! Nov 10 2012 6:33pm FLAG
Hey girls im a guy or email me 28080302 or

francisco Nov 14 2012 2:46pm FLAG
Ps im bi

Francisco Nov 14 2012 2:47pm FLAG
My name is Joshua, I am Hungarian and i would love to know u better

Joshua Nov 15 2012 7:36pm FLAG
my number is 3236847245

Joshua Nov 15 2012 7:37pm FLAG
Here my numb 86036720 :/

Anonymous Nov 18 2012 7:07pm FLAG
I'm a guy 86036720 but here my num

Anonymous Nov 18 2012 7:08pm FLAG
Am And I want to find a lesbian

Nicola Smith Nov 22 2012 11:53am FLAG
My name is Divara and I would love to maybe talk to u

Anonymous Nov 22 2012 4:50pm FLAG
I wanna text just talk to me

Esperanza Nov 23 2012 2:19am FLAG
Give me your number and ill text u because im a lesbian

Esperanza Nov 23 2012 8:35pm FLAG
Any black lesbians any age kik me (;, I'm f, will trade live pics and vids (: echammertime

Emily Nov 25 2012 1:08pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian will to exchange photos txt me at 857-888-0225

loveme3 Nov 29 2012 12:31pm FLAG
425 301 8800 Pllleease text me im blonde big boobed and lovvvvvve girls

SwAg u Nov 29 2012 3:38pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 2:11am FLAG
I'm bi,yrs old and female looking for some girls text me at 808 275 6590 or kit me at SassyGirl8199

Sasha808 Dec 09 2012 4:00pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm f, echammertime (; will trade pics and vids

Emily Dec 10 2012 7:31pm FLAG
My name .Naomi I'm female just looking for a lesbian

hot chick 101 Dec 11 2012 7:20pm FLAG
noami im and im les looking for a female :3

kimmiejjang Dec 12 2012 12:39am FLAG
Hey kik me lesbians, I'm f and I'm really and wet. echammertime

Emily Dec 12 2012 1:42pm FLAG
Do you you have a phone

hot chick 101 Dec 12 2012 3:42pm FLAG
im alezbo i have black hair brown eyes and a wet pu ss y hmu

Kaytee Dec 12 2012 4:47pm FLAG
I'm lesbian Kik me at xoxorell

Sx Dec 13 2012 12:45pm FLAG
Im a by boy and ile text any one

Kid Dec 14 2012 2:21pm FLAG
54029361 txt me anytime ;P <3

bi_michele Dec 14 2012 8:44pm FLAG
im lesbo and kik me at coolbri23

sexiibaby Dec 16 2012 9:14pm FLAG

Whoknows Dec 17 2012 7:55pm FLAG
im jhuss come out les lookin for a gf

Anonymous Dec 18 2012 11:15am FLAG
im im a girl and i want to try out being a lesbian. i live in the philadelphia/lansdowne area.anyone interested?

shygirl66 Dec 18 2012 3:55pm FLAG
If u have kik or facebook i might be im a girl and a lesbian by the way

lesbian chick Dec 18 2012 4:42pm FLAG
Im a boy. Anyone wanna . Im straight.

Anonymous Dec 18 2012 4:46pm FLAG
Hey(: lesbian! Looking for a girlfriend to make out with and probably have sex with! MUST LIVE IN COLORADO! Text me(; 9704209930

Alison Baby(: Dec 18 2012 8:03pm FLAG
@Lesbian chick u live in philly?

Anonymous Dec 19 2012 3:55am FLAG
im wanna have sex all the time btw im a lebian love to talk dirty and im in kissing and licking yeaaa

Dec 22 2012 11:41am FLAG
I'm a lesbian. hit me up at 84497763

Breanna Dec 22 2012 12:15pm FLAG
hi i am sexy biatch it is my first time on here but i am little bit of lesbian but i will have fun with other girls so hit me back if you can

sexy biatch Dec 22 2012 3:33pm FLAG
Hey lesbians and younger kik me, I'm f and will trade pics and vids, echammertime

Emily Dec 22 2012 6:27pm FLAG
Hey emily im lesbian two whats ur emaul

Anonymous Dec 22 2012 9:12pm FLAG
Any grils I'm a lez here is my pin : 29ca3b90

super hot lez Dec 23 2012 11:09am FLAG
Aad me on bbm and we kan stext and am a lezbain (2 age ) my pin is 29ca3b90

super hot lez Dec 23 2012 11:26am FLAG
Wassup people any of yall cool

anonymous Dec 23 2012 10:43pm FLAG
Can we text theses numbers in day cause I will text u today!!!!!!

anonymous Dec 23 2012 11:05pm FLAG
I mean any day cause if we can I will

anonymous Dec 24 2012 12:00am FLAG
Is anyone out there who wanna text

anonymous Dec 24 2012 12:37pm FLAG
Is anyone out there who wanna text ?

annoymous Dec 24 2012 3:10pm FLAG

anonymous Dec 24 2012 7:26pm FLAG
any girl wanna exchange pics and talk dirty txt 347-731-6842

Jay Dec 25 2012 3:47am FLAG
Hey I'm a super lesbo with c cups and I wanna and have fun txt me at 61860638

Anonymous Dec 25 2012 7:42am FLAG
Which girl would like to exchange pics i'm a boy

;* Dec 25 2012 10:29am FLAG
Hi I'm bi live in oregon

lol%) Dec 26 2012 12:01am FLAG
Oh my # is 54509837 oh pohone is dead so can't txt now

lol%) Dec 26 2012 12:03am FLAG
anyone a girl txt me just ask first

gb Dec 26 2012 3:48am FLAG
02102959980 anyone girls from new zealand

gb Dec 26 2012 3:50am FLAG
Any girls gotta kik?

missieeee Dec 26 2012 7:35am FLAG
call 8 they will find away

Anonymous Dec 27 2012 8:45am FLAG
Once me and my mum had hardcore sex so aad me on bbm and thene we could stext

super hot lez Dec 28 2012 11:09am FLAG
Once me and my mum had hardcore sex so aad me on bbm and thene we could stext : pin is 29ca3b90 gilrs only ! I'm lesbain

super hot lez Dec 28 2012 11:10am FLAG
Hey, super hot lez, do you have a phone?

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 5:11pm FLAG
Hey 8435802368 doeasnt wana be txted anymore!!!!!

that girl Dec 29 2012 11:31am FLAG
Hi years young lookig to have fun not really serious but I would like to talk from Pennsylvania kik is Lindseypozaic22

Bayley Dec 29 2012 11:47pm FLAG
Hey I'm a lesbo who wants to I'm I wanna have a gf and talk dirty( 5089744978) txt me girls

Hannah lesbo Dec 30 2012 12:19am FLAG
Hannah my phome ran out of minutes im soo sorry

Bi_michele Dec 30 2012 7:20pm FLAG
I want to text people, but nothing to serious. 903-975-35

ImaginableCookies Dec 31 2012 5:29am FLAG
hey male i love bi girls text me bi girls only 344885 :)

darren Dec 31 2012 2:06pm FLAG
Happy new year Bi's <3 suck my

<3<3<3 bi_michele Dec 31 2012 3:31pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 31 2012 3:37pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm f, echammertime, will do pics and vids

Emily Jan 01 2013 12:14am FLAG
heyy i'm bi and looking for a girl to talk to1

pink01 Jan 02 2013 2:37pm FLAG
any girls wana text?;)

pink01 Jan 03 2013 8:46am FLAG
I'm bisexual but I want a girly friend and I'm and live In the uk . Please can I have someone's number x

Phoebe known as pheebs Jan 04 2013 4:37am FLAG
what's your number?:)

pink01 Jan 04 2013 9:51am FLAG
O77738664230 ;-*

Phoebe known as pheebs Jan 04 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Do u have Facebook xx

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 2:38pm FLAG
Any Girls wanna hit me up kik: turf it up

Turf Jan 05 2013 8:14am FLAG
Hey some of y'all that put y'all # on here I got it so I will text someone I will say my name is Lana

Good girl Jan 06 2013 12:49am FLAG
Have u got mine ??

Phoebe known as pheebs Jan 06 2013 5:26am FLAG
Hey im a lesbian aged anyone want to talk dirty then add me on kik

sexyjadex Jan 07 2013 11:09am FLAG
Any girls wanna talk dirty then texy me on kik. My name is JadeDyche

sexyjadex Jan 07 2013 11:11am FLAG
Is , tall&curvy, is VeRy HoRnY!!! From ohio , is bisexual, my number is 74082805 maybe if ur lucky we might ;)

Stretch Jan 07 2013 8:49pm FLAG
M And Horny!! Dont msg if your not real or not willing. OR TOO YOUNG!! Kik - obl1vion

nick Jan 08 2013 3:53pm FLAG
6-795-8372 me;)

abby Jan 09 2013 8:00pm FLAG
Any Bisexual -s wanting a gf Email me

Sexymama Jan 09 2013 8:08pm FLAG
Hey Darren u like Bi yr old girls?

Sexymama Jan 10 2013 7:32pm FLAG

-A Jan 12 2013 12:05am FLAG
sum1 bi txt me

SexyMama Jan 12 2013 12:49pm FLAG
be a lesbian

cece Jan 18 2013 11:27am FLAG
Hey cece text me 201-338-3226

Sexy Jan 18 2013 2:01pm FLAG
Hi Cece wyd girl r u a lesbian

anonymous Jan 18 2013 11:59pm FLAG
Sexy mama can I text. U 2 I'm a female who a lesbian n I want to text . Text me when u want or jus give me ur number k.

beautiful n only Jan 19 2013 1:40pm FLAG
Mmm dang Im funna kik some of yall my pussiee is dripping ;)

vava Jan 19 2013 9:43pm FLAG
vava- u nasty but it's hot tho wat is ur #

anonymous Jan 20 2013 10:57am FLAG
Is there any lesbians dat wat to talk about something or do something then give me ur number then we can talk all day

anonymous Jan 20 2013 12:39pm FLAG
I'm boy and i'm straight any girls wanna talk my num is 601-329-3008

sexxy Jan 21 2013 8:47pm FLAG
Hi im bi curious soooo txt me 3075755547 bye ;)

sexylady Jan 21 2013 11:38pm FLAG

cd Jan 26 2013 5:38pm FLAG
Hi I am I am bi and I am looking for a girl nothing serious I wanna have some fun I like talking dirty and I live at the Bronx

Thisbitch loves you ;] Jan 26 2013 10:22pm FLAG
Hi I am I am bi and I am looking for a girl nothing serious I wanna have some fun I like talking dirty and I live at the Bronx Looking for -girls

Thisbitch loves you ;] Jan 26 2013 10:25pm FLAG
Hello! im , d cup, blond hair, blue eyes, and probably lesbian. dont know yet. but i live in colorado

amy Jan 31 2013 8:51pm FLAG
Hi don't any of you hot lezbian girls have BBM

a have bbm Feb 01 2013 12:08pm FLAG
Hey lesbian :) wanting a gf soo badly :) but it has to be a secret! My kik is sommer_belle

I'm a sexy babe with a belly button peircing Feb 02 2013 6:36am FLAG
hey peircing wanna chat

ill lick pu**y Feb 02 2013 9:02am FLAG
Im Katelin im and from indiana Blackfrod county and i want a lesbian girl who will skype me

Katelin Feb 02 2013 11:08am FLAG
Someone text me f les 832234

Tombiy swagg dope,af Feb 02 2013 5:18pm FLAG
Hey bitchez. I'm a yr old lez.. Kik me at _emily_gurl I don't trade, but we can chat dirty or Rp or just talk. Xoxoxo

<3 Em Feb 02 2013 6:16pm FLAG
i wanna

sexybigd*ck Feb 03 2013 8:51am FLAG
Hey im im lez anyone wanna kik? We can talk dirty, send pics or whateva:)

dree Feb 04 2013 4:59am FLAG
hey im i live in calgary somebody from calgary gimme ur number

i wanna be ur girl Feb 04 2013 3:11pm FLAG
Hey any lesies kik me, Emily at echammertime, I do pics and vids if you ask(;

Emily Feb 04 2013 4:06pm FLAG
emily do u live in calgary

i wanna be ur girl Feb 04 2013 4:18pm FLAG
Hey if any one sends me a i will send one back :) Btw im lesbian;)

Boo Feb 04 2013 6:16pm FLAG
Txt me phone # 2102547979 im lez

Booboo Feb 04 2013 7:04pm FLAG
Hello my name is ace im and im not gay and im white

Elvis Feb 07 2013 7:17pm FLAG
Hit me up on Kik ;) mayraxoxoxo I'm and ;)

Mayraaaaaaa Feb 08 2013 12:43pm FLAG
Or me 5084431999

Mayraaaaaaa Feb 08 2013 12:54pm FLAG
Anyone in ARIZONA ONLY kik me lonnie_piee

Anonymous Feb 08 2013 9:17pm FLAG
yr old bi

Anonymous Feb 09 2013 5:26am FLAG
Hi I will talk to u

The #1 Feb 09 2013 9:00am FLAG
I'm also a lesbian

The #1 Feb 09 2013 9:00am FLAG
What's your kik?

Anonymous Feb 09 2013 11:02am FLAG
Im im any girls kik mehh.....marcela fountain

marcella Feb 09 2013 7:12pm FLAG
Anyone want to kik?

Anonymous Feb 09 2013 10:00pm FLAG
any down to get dirty bier .... mmmmmmmm .... :) ooohh ya

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 10:36am FLAG
I'm looking for boy or girl who i can make them feel like they have a real gf not a fake one

joselin da bo$$ Feb 10 2013 11:20am FLAG
Any girl or boy wanna chat <3

joselin da bo$$ Feb 10 2013 11:21am FLAG
hey any lesbians looking for a CLEAN relationship kik me! lonnie_piee

KIK- lonnie_piee Feb 10 2013 3:28pm FLAG
I'm looking for a gf that will accept to being in a CLEAN RELATIONSHIP!!!!???

Anon Feb 10 2013 5:21pm FLAG
Hi bi Kik me at caligirlblondie

Katiegurl5 Feb 10 2013 10:28pm FLAG
im i just want a one night stand with a lesbian. :P

girl next door Feb 11 2013 9:17am FLAG

lipstick Feb 11 2013 11:55am FLAG
im and looking for a girl to fool around with

lipstick Feb 11 2013 11:59am FLAG
@ joselin da bo$$ id be down

Anonymous Feb 11 2013 2:38pm FLAG
^ sorry by bruce033

bruce033 Feb 11 2013 2:39pm FLAG
Leave ur kik and we can talk normally or get dirty and trade pics, or go out, u pick

:):):):):):):);) Feb 11 2013 9:59pm FLAG
Am herman here Africa uganda am looking for some to love.pliz email

herm Feb 12 2013 7:33am FLAG
Hey, I'm , looking for a girl. ;] I don't want anything really serious, but whatever!! We can talk normal or dirty, anything's fine. ;) Kik me at st3phii765

Steph Feb 12 2013 1:21pm FLAG
male anyone wanna kik?

Male Feb 12 2013 10:26pm FLAG
Kik me at lesbian3434 LESBIAN TRADE PICS OR VIDS

Anonymous Feb 13 2013 4:16pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian tht wants so sex or anything that will please me. I live in Connecticut and I want a gf tht lives here. So add me on kik xoxoswagg227 and my Skype is xoxoswagg ill be waiting btw I'm right now

Ashely jones Feb 13 2013 5:25pm FLAG
anyone a gay or bisexual guy give me ur number sexy <3

dfhdf9 Feb 14 2013 8:07pm FLAG
years of age ;)

dfhdf9 Feb 14 2013 8:08pm FLAG
any girls want to play some sexy games or something? :)

Anonymous Feb 15 2013 5:23pm FLAG
I do

Saina Feb 16 2013 12:13pm FLAG
Hi I'm a super wet lesbian Wo can't stop fingering her self So pls leave a message and we can talk

Saina. Wet and Feb 16 2013 12:22pm FLAG
Katelin I will Skype u

Sain Feb 16 2013 12:25pm FLAG
Is any one ther....I'm so and can't wait I'm bi But wanna experience a girl so someone answer and we can Skype

Saina Feb 16 2013 12:30pm FLAG
Me!!! Wats ur kik?

Thispersondoes Feb 16 2013 12:32pm FLAG
How old r u

Saina Feb 16 2013 12:35pm FLAG

Saina Feb 16 2013 12:37pm FLAG
My kik is Lezbitch

Sana Feb 16 2013 12:40pm FLAG
Lezbitch I meant

Saina Feb 16 2013 12:47pm FLAG
Srry it's Lez ho*ny bitch

I can't say it all together Feb 16 2013 12:48pm FLAG
Lesbians and bi girls kik me cutiewiththebooty. With the period i send xxx pics. (NO BOYS)

destiny Feb 16 2013 7:00pm FLAG
saina how old r u?

Anonymous Feb 16 2013 9:27pm FLAG
I jut want a clean relationship

Anon Feb 16 2013 9:40pm FLAG
anyone lesbian/bi plz email me at my name is Macy and is willing to email sex talk real hard.... :)

Email Macy Baby Feb 17 2013 12:25pm FLAG
Hi I can help u

Saina Feb 17 2013 1:34pm FLAG
How old r u?

Saina Feb 17 2013 1:35pm FLAG
... wanna text? ;)

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 1:39pm FLAG
.. email me pics..?

lesbehonest Feb 17 2013 1:56pm FLAG
wait.. r u guys or girls?

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 2:00pm FLAG
... and only if u email back ;)

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 2:01pm FLAG I like pu**y

lesbehonest Feb 17 2013 2:03pm FLAG
im a guy, do ny girls wanna trade or text? :)

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 2:10pm FLAG
I'm a girl, anonymous. But you have to be a girl.

lesbehonest Feb 17 2013 2:11pm FLAG
ohhh, my bad

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 2:14pm FLAG
Anyone.? I'm wet. And I wear a 32b cup.

Lesbehonest Feb 17 2013 2:20pm FLAG
Hey bitches im bi ans im and I wanna gurl so bad...

Babez Feb 17 2013 3:35pm FLAG
Hey im bisexaul, and I live im Missouri

BABEZ Feb 17 2013 3:42pm FLAG
By the way im a girl looking for a girl...

BABEZ Feb 17 2013 3:44pm FLAG
If someone wanna talk to me ill be back on in a hour. Thx =) .

BABEZ Feb 17 2013 3:56pm FLAG
me at 97939893 I'm only and I'm new at this so if u send me a pic of you ***** then ill send you one of me back

maymay721 Feb 17 2013 4:29pm FLAG
Ummm..... Sweet cakes uhh theres a prob I dont have a cell phone bcz of sending pics but if you like ill call you on home phone...

BABEZ Feb 17 2013 5:14pm FLAG
maymay721 tell me do u have a facebook bcz I do and Ill tell you my stuff only if you have one. And whats your name baby.=) .

BABEZ Feb 17 2013 5:19pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm and les and I'm Emily, echammertime

Emily Feb 17 2013 9:43pm FLAG
Hai guise~ I'm a yr old girl looking for someone to talk to.

Andrea Feb 17 2013 10:14pm FLAG
ill text u, im a guy :)

landon Feb 18 2013 12:01am FLAG
I'm male, girls or boys kik me at pbandw or obvious me at pbandw! Please u will have fun

Pbandw Feb 18 2013 3:18pm FLAG
I'm and a lesbian. I'll send you pics and we can have sex. My email is

Vanessa Feb 18 2013 6:29pm FLAG

BABEZ Feb 18 2013 6:31pm FLAG
Im . & love looking text me . 7588278

Chrissy . Feb 18 2013 9:00pm FLAG
Chrissy I'll send you a text

Bethany Feb 18 2013 11:17pm FLAG
IM I like younger girls

bethany Feb 18 2013 11:30pm FLAG
Who ever lives in long island kik me

lez Feb 18 2013 11:30pm FLAG
Or New York

lez Feb 18 2013 11:31pm FLAG
i wanna try to pactice homosexuality. i'm only ...and i was just wondering if that was okay. i've never been that way before, buti just want to try it.

Nhoa3Brown Feb 19 2013 9:14am FLAG
is anyone on here in kentucky and anyone leave your # and ill text u im bi but i mostly like girls

sexychey2 Feb 19 2013 2:06pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm Emily and I'm , echammertime

Emily Feb 19 2013 3:40pm FLAG
I'm and want a girls number xxx

Sky1928 Feb 20 2013 4:20am FLAG
I'm I'm a girl, looking for guy or girl in south london uk. Ring me idc who 07837237566. As long as ur

LetsMeetUp;) Feb 20 2013 10:54am FLAG
Kik me and below I'm a wet Lovmeforwhoiam

Hirnychick Feb 20 2013 1:26pm FLAG
Girls only I'm lesbian

Hornychick Feb 20 2013 1:26pm FLAG
Hey and lesbein kik me: momilkdud (;

Dirty is the way I like it Feb 21 2013 4:30pm FLAG
Dirty lam interested

girl Feb 22 2013 11:40pm FLAG
Anyone in Noblesville Indiana? Or around there? Hit me up at

missyyypooo Feb 23 2013 2:16pm FLAG
Anyone needing anything advice a friend or maybe even partner kik me at paysierra.iluvu.101 (: ill be waiting(;

missyyypooo Feb 23 2013 3:15pm FLAG
Hi lesbian looking for girls - naomi

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 6:51am FLAG
Text me anytime! I'm for NO OLDER! 406-290-2295

Kik- sweet_girl_kayee Feb 24 2013 11:28am FLAG
Send me some dirty picks numbers 641 42563

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 12:36pm FLAG
Still for some sexy girls

Naomiloveslesbians Feb 24 2013 1:38pm FLAG
I'm a yr old girl looking for a dirty lesbian text buddie ;) text me at 18044798072

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 4:23pm FLAG
18 year old lesbian, looking for some fun with 10-s kik me @ loren_p_1994 :*

Anonymous Feb 25 2013 7:57am FLAG
I'm a Bisexual mostly lesbian an I'm turning on March 28. Facebook me Sammy Barnes. I'm a girl/tomboy.

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 4:37am FLAG
I lllllloooooooovvvvvveeeeeee lesbian ***. Sites

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 4:45am FLAG
Kik me? I'm sweet_girl_kayee

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 6:14am FLAG
I'm almost and looking for !! I live in Bristol!! Anyone interested?!

Kitty? Feb 27 2013 12:31pm FLAG
I a,m,m,

Saina is wet Feb 27 2013 2:07pm FLAG
I want aclean relationship with a slim girl here ma facebook account izosak hpesoj.

herm Feb 28 2013 12:00am FLAG
Im a **** lesbian kik me at lesbian3434 Only girls (-) Trade vids and pic

Anonymous Feb 28 2013 7:57pm FLAG
Email me at lesbian

Anonymous Feb 28 2013 8:44pm FLAG
email me at lesbian

Anonymous Mar 01 2013 12:33pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm and Emily, I'll trade pics and vids if you want to, echammertime

Emily Mar 01 2013 3:06pm FLAG
Text me @ 522260979 and I'm and is wanting to so text me and we can have some fun

Just text me already!! Mar 02 2013 3:01pm FLAG
Kik me les.maws We can send pics an stuff and I'm lesbian number is above

Just text me already!! Mar 02 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Hi I'm tori And Im bi :) I'm by pretty and getting braces I'm sorry if you don't like me:(!

Torii Mar 02 2013 7:02pm FLAG
Hi tori :)

Anon Mar 02 2013 7:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 03 2013 5:46pm FLAG
Hi I think I'm bi nd I rlly want to kiss someone only one time but for it to be perfect. I'm also ugly so I don't think anyone would wanna kiss me. What should I do?

anonymous Mar 03 2013 9:36pm FLAG
Can someone text me to give me advice my #s 3107549824

anonymous Mar 03 2013 9:38pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian and i want to have sex with a girl text me # 256-665-7347

kayl Mar 03 2013 9:53pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 04 2013 2:42am FLAG
hey lesbian! i have brown hair and eyes tan skin and D sized boobs let me know if you wana talk dirty or just talk ;)

pink01 Mar 04 2013 2:15pm FLAG
my bra size is 48D. give me your number is your intrested :)

pink01 Mar 04 2013 2:23pm FLAG
i mean 38D oops! c:

pink01 Mar 04 2013 2:23pm FLAG
im a boy does any one want to me

big d*ck Joshua Mar 04 2013 7:52pm FLAG
the # is 85929848

big d*ck Joshua Mar 04 2013 8:00pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian who needs someone to make me really wet :) :) put your numbers if you want to :) :)

Savanah Mar 05 2013 10:48pm FLAG
Text me babe;) im a bisexual 6502065840.

KolbyJo<3 Mar 06 2013 11:45am FLAG
my bra size is 38D im and a lesbian put your number down if you wana dirty or just talk ;D

princess (.) (.) Mar 06 2013 1:03pm FLAG
Any -. Girls I am a boy and wane have sex but realy real realt hardcore sex

jo jo Mar 07 2013 2:26am FLAG
Any one want to talk to me I'm and lesbian

Hot honey Mar 07 2013 4:07pm FLAG
I do so who want to meet me

slutty me Mar 07 2013 6:16pm FLAG
I am of age black brown eyes

me Mar 07 2013 6:21pm FLAG
Hey, I'm a year ok lesbian :) and need someone to :) :) put your numbers if you want to :) :)

Brian Mar 07 2013 8:50pm FLAG
Ima lesbian im wet asf who wants to kik me at jojoep

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 7:00am FLAG
Or just text me at 909-685-02

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 7:05am FLAG
Text me now! 843-743-54

Anna Mar 08 2013 1:46pm FLAG
Oh, and I'm ;)

Anna Mar 08 2013 1:46pm FLAG
I amboy and not gay just straight

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 11:16pm FLAG
I'm and bisexual if any boy or girl wanna sexy text me @59489

AvalonK Mar 09 2013 4:06pm FLAG
Lets kik, we can hav fun

Anonymous Mar 09 2013 8:57pm FLAG
I dont trade pics but i do talk dirty :) my kik is jojoep!

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 12:05am FLAG
Hi I am a lesbian 2. I am I love to talk dity

summer Mar 10 2013 9:10am FLAG
im a lesbian girl we can trade pics and talk dirty kik me @bubbyboo3

Tyisha Mar 10 2013 11:26am FLAG
r u a girl avalonk

steve Mar 10 2013 9:42pm FLAG
im male can i text u anna

steve Mar 10 2013 9:43pm FLAG
Mm my so wet ;) kik me lesbians jojoep

jojo Mar 11 2013 3:34pm FLAG
2 lesbians want text hot pics

steve Mar 11 2013 4:23pm FLAG
i m also looking for bi girls

steve Mar 11 2013 4:27pm FLAG
who r -

steve Mar 11 2013 4:28pm FLAG
Hey lez. I'm so I might not be the age your all looking for But I am nice and cool. I'm bisexual but I mostly like girls because no guy wants me. I know they don't because I am not attractive at all. I want a girl who doesn't care what age I am or how ugly I look. I am not looking for sex or dirty talk like most people on here are looking for. I just want a relationship.Someone I can talk to. You know? My number is 262-994-8663 . I live in Racine, Wisconsin.

CiannaBarrientes Mar 11 2013 5:52pm FLAG
I am a gay boy. Please text me 3199399058

jake Mar 12 2013 5:29pm FLAG
Cianna get a kik and we can chat and maby hav a relationship I want some1 that's lesbian 2

Claira Mar 12 2013 9:35pm FLAG
Horny lesbian **** I trade pic and vids kik me at lesbian3434 only girls

Anonymous Mar 13 2013 8:22pm FLAG
hott sexy lesbian who loves getting ed

lez Mar 15 2013 9:43pm FLAG
bisexual here, kik is Natalie_Haley

Natalie Mar 17 2013 6:41am FLAG
can i have ur number natalie

steve Mar 17 2013 10:50am FLAG
cuz i dont have a kik

steve Mar 17 2013 1:01pm FLAG
My kik is pink_gymnastics I'm boys and girls can kik me ;)

That girl you know Mar 17 2013 2:57pm FLAG
can i text u that girl you know

steve Mar 17 2013 3:09pm FLAG
btw im

steve Mar 17 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Lesbian kik lesbian3434

Anonymous Mar 17 2013 9:23pm FLAG
You can text me Steve

That girl you know Mar 18 2013 9:01am FLAG
hey lesbian here1 wanting a gf. my bra size is 38D ;D

pink01 Mar 18 2013 1:16pm FLAG
whats ur number that girl you know

steve Mar 18 2013 2:48pm FLAG
5599729556 text me girls ;)

me ;) Mar 20 2013 4:52pm FLAG
anyone want to

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 10:27am FLAG
Hi I'm les and needs a gf please Ill answer you

rawrr Mar 22 2013 6:05am FLAG
I'm would like some one between and

rawrr Mar 22 2013 6:07am FLAG
Rawrr I'm interested I'm looking for xx

meh.comx Mar 22 2013 9:32am FLAG
Rawrr I'm interested too my kik is ashleywills555

Ashley Mar 22 2013 12:37pm FLAG
Hi girls im bi and i dont send s-wanna talk to someone whos really sweet and funny-please kik me lauren_drury speak soon!<3<3

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 6:09am FLAG
Hey, I'm and I don't send s and I just want to be in a clean relationship

Anon Mar 23 2013 10:16am FLAG
Hey i am Bi i try 2 get u pics if u wanna talk email me som pics at if u can eat a girl u my girl

les<3 Mar 23 2013 1:43pm FLAG
Hey Beautiful n only email me at

sexymama Mar 23 2013 1:56pm FLAG
Princes (.) (.) Email me yo Nmba

sexymama Mar 23 2013 3:59pm FLAG
I lov d*cks n or hit me up

sexymama Mar 23 2013 4:00pm FLAG
↑n pusys

sexymama Mar 23 2013 4:04pm FLAG
Emiley,Summer,Steve CiannaBarrientes,Anonymous Email me

Sexymama Mar 23 2013 4:08pm FLAG
how old r u sexymama

steve Mar 23 2013 4:52pm FLAG

sexymama Mar 23 2013 6:39pm FLAG
wbu steve

sexymama Mar 23 2013 6:58pm FLAG
Sexxy email me yo #

sexymama Mar 23 2013 7:03pm FLAG
im to can i have ur number

steve Mar 23 2013 7:08pm FLAG
My pone is dead email me

sexymama Mar 23 2013 7:32pm FLAG
Steve? i need u 2 me a big favour

Sexymama Mar 23 2013 7:38pm FLAG
what is it

steve Mar 23 2013 10:14pm FLAG
35755972 text me i need a gf im im a girl text me I know my dream girl is out there

text dis bi with swaw Mar 24 2013 2:30am FLAG
Ur dream gurl is me

sexymama Mar 24 2013 5:48am FLAG
what was the favor sexymama

steve Mar 24 2013 6:21am FLAG

Sexymama Mar 24 2013 7:55am FLAG
i want u 2 email me

sexymama<3s Steve(: Mar 24 2013 8:00am FLAG
i dont have a email can i have ur number

steve Mar 24 2013 8:02am FLAG
ps what do u look like

steve Mar 24 2013 8:05am FLAG
r u on sexymama ?

steve Mar 24 2013 8:15am FLAG
I'm a 18 year old boy looking for a (-) year old girl text me at 234 421 4267

RusMan528 Mar 24 2013 8:41am FLAG
I'm a lesbo looking for someone to make out with

Taya Mar 24 2013 8:53am FLAG
Does anyone have snapchat

K Mar 24 2013 9:04am FLAG
Steve idk my # gemme urs Taya wats ur last name Ivey?

Sexymama Mar 24 2013 10:09am FLAG
Red hair blue eyes 36A boobs shaved pu ssy

sexymama Mar 24 2013 10:10am FLAG

Sexymama Mar 24 2013 1:10pm FLAG
u don't know ur number

steve Mar 24 2013 1:12pm FLAG
IM tht Rowley wants a Lesbo

idk Mar 24 2013 3:47pm FLAG
r u a girl

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 3:57pm FLAG
No lol i feel stupid who wants 2 and and trade pics

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 4:18pm FLAG

steve Mar 24 2013 4:56pm FLAG
ysh srt gettin on more often or imma cry

Sexymama Mar 24 2013 6:47pm FLAG
make a yahoo account

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 6:48pm FLAG
can i give u my number

steve Mar 24 2013 6:49pm FLAG
Yea my my pone got shut off :``/ creat email and wen ever my pone bckon then we can txt

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 6:57pm FLAG
do u want to text or

steve Mar 24 2013 7:00pm FLAG
but ovr email

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:07pm FLAG
i don't have a email but i can talk on here till ur phone works

steve Mar 24 2013 7:11pm FLAG
We cant sxt:`,,`,,`,,(

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:14pm FLAG
i'll wait if u can

steve Mar 24 2013 7:17pm FLAG
aaawww:) i can try:p

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:19pm FLAG
when do think ur phone will turn on

steve Mar 24 2013 7:20pm FLAG

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:21pm FLAG
so what state do u live in

steve Mar 24 2013 7:23pm FLAG
Oklahoma wbu

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:25pm FLAG
texas how did ur phone get turned off

steve Mar 24 2013 7:26pm FLAG
Well i ddiddnt pay bill:`( wait wat part of Texas

sexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:28pm FLAG
houston are u bi

steve Mar 24 2013 7:33pm FLAG
Aaaahhhh Omg My G-pa lives in Houston Texas im goingbtherre June 8th n yes y?

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:35pm FLAG
no reason what do want to do when come here

steve Mar 24 2013 7:38pm FLAG
u go 2 erbaun again which i'wil cuz cuzin works there wait wat neigbor hood id laugh if it was da same

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:41pm FLAG
i'll tell u tomorrow at 5 pm thats the next time i will be on gtg

steve Mar 24 2013 7:43pm FLAG
Wait what y and do u wann go Out?:)

sexyMama Mar 24 2013 7:47pm FLAG
hey ima boy and im a skateboarder and boxer. who wants to me? girls only it has to be email because im grounded from my phone

anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:18pm FLAG
Anonymous email me

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:21pm FLAG
yr old girl nice ass and titts i can fight yr old boys:) im tough:p

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:24pm FLAG
Anonymous email me ru grounded from pon

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:28pm FLAG
ok let me try hold on

anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:29pm FLAG
im grounded cuz i got in a fight

anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:31pm FLAG
ookk @

Sexymama Mar 24 2013 9:31pm FLAG
Aaww ru ok:`/ iv been lots of fights

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:33pm FLAG
Guy want to 364363

Kman9 Mar 24 2013 9:39pm FLAG
Hello u gunna email ms

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:40pm FLAG
kman9 email me pon brok im yr old girl

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:41pm FLAG
sexymama do u have fb my email is not working

anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:44pm FLAG
I do but can get on it right no here send me a request den message me see wat i can do k:0 just 4 u

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:47pm FLAG
k wats ur fb name

anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:48pm FLAG
SyneyFiles it shld b a pic of a dude with stomach showing n on my profile a pic of me and frends

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:50pm FLAG
k one sec

anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:51pm FLAG
kk i got time 4 u babe

sexymama Mar 24 2013 9:53pm FLAG
tell me wen u found it n added me↓↑

SexyMama Mar 24 2013 9:58pm FLAG
ok so its sydney files rite?

anonymous Mar 24 2013 9:58pm FLAG
ye y=-0 did u find it?

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:01pm FLAG
ur not showin up the only result is someone wit a snowman

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:01pm FLAG
weird but ok hhhhmmm..try Syney Files that exactly

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:08pm FLAG
Find it?;,,,/

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:12pm FLAG
no can u add me here tyler genzer my profile pic is me with a hat and a black vest and my clothes are dark

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:14pm FLAG
U sound in sexyyyy wait look up Ryan Laronde im frends wih him

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:17pm FLAG
i found him but i cant see his friends name another one of ur friends

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:21pm FLAG
Crap! This embarrising im on my baby sister dsi my laptop n pone r in shop getting fixed n stuff n i try 2 sneak n 2 my bros room but i got BUSTED!:``/

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:22pm FLAG
uuummmmm Halle Carr

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:24pm FLAG
so u cant do it

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:24pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:27pm FLAG
found u

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:30pm FLAG
:"( can u when u get a chance

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:31pm FLAG
Find Halle Carr....So cant wait 2 get my IPhone bck i miss my baby:/

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:32pm FLAG
yeah i found u and added u

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:33pm FLAG
u did:) n what?? ill u wen i get a chance:)

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:34pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:35pm FLAG
ok when do u think that will be

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:35pm FLAG
so im happy now message me

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:38pm FLAG
wat wen we ?

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:39pm FLAG
u message me 1st

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:40pm FLAG
when do u think u can do it

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:41pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:42pm FLAG
Im so confused:`/

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:43pm FLAG
i messaged u

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:44pm FLAG
me too are we gonna rite now on fb or wait

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:45pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:45pm FLAG
btw ur hot

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:47pm FLAG
Idk message me again

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:47pm FLAG
k i messaged u

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:49pm FLAG
thnxs wait which 1 u tlkin bout cuz im only n lik 5 pics the rest my frends da red hed i look terribl i forgot how terribl i looked n yea im sexyr den that promis:p

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:51pm FLAG
Post sumthin on my page....

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:54pm FLAG
k i did i put hey

anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:58pm FLAG
;0 messaming not wkin god ing d*ck i need dicck

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 10:58pm FLAG
Lol wowU shuld Date me

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:00pm FLAG
Just saying

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:03pm FLAG
haha i will see so did u get the message

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:05pm FLAG
Well u say im hot but u dont wanna dat das ok im Hard 2 get 2 lol n ya DONT SAY ANYTHING BAD OR IWILL HURT U:)

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:07pm FLAG
haha ok wanna go out

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:09pm FLAG
Nop:p try hrdr

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:12pm FLAG
wen i said dont say anyting bad i mean on my page k

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:13pm FLAG
ok i love u

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:13pm FLAG
I was kiding i Will go out wit u

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:14pm FLAG
and plz dont post on my page cuz im supposed to be grounded from fb and my mom and sister would know im on

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:15pm FLAG
I luv u 2:)<3

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:15pm FLAG

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:16pm FLAG
Lol k:)

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:17pm FLAG
so message me plz

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:18pm FLAG
:) wst stat u liv in

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:18pm FLAG
right no i cant tomorw i will ok

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:20pm FLAG
tucson arizona wbu

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:20pm FLAG
ok babe

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:20pm FLAG
so when are we gonna you know what

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:23pm FLAG
wow Oklahoma haha....idk check fb

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:25pm FLAG

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:26pm FLAG
u theiir?

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:29pm FLAG
:)so u straight or Bi

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:29pm FLAG
im here ru u their?

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:33pm FLAG
straight wbu

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:34pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:35pm FLAG
cool haha

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:37pm FLAG
my heds killing me

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:37pm FLAG
yesh just lik me

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:38pm FLAG
im srry :,( hey if u want i can send u a pic

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:38pm FLAG
u shuld i think think tht will mke it bettr wait can email it 2 me:)

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:41pm FLAG
my email doesn't work on my 3ds

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:44pm FLAG
penis ok message it 2 me:)

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:46pm FLAG
maybe idk u need to persuade me

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:47pm FLAG
u their

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:54pm FLAG
hold on i will mail it to u

anonymous Mar 24 2013 11:57pm FLAG
I'm need a girl to text

Jazmyn Mar 25 2013 2:12pm FLAG
sexymama r u on

steve Mar 25 2013 2:27pm FLAG
can i text u jazmyn

mac Mar 25 2013 2:48pm FLAG
Hey Guys i got my thing taken away baby message m e on facebook:) n i want dat pic:)

sexymama Mar 25 2013 2:53pm FLAG
hey sexymama

steve Mar 25 2013 3:26pm FLAG
r u still comin down here to houston sexymama

steve Mar 25 2013 3:52pm FLAG
r u on sexymama

steve Mar 25 2013 5:12pm FLAG
Hi I'm girl who bisexual and u can message me at MisBeHavn01 Mar 25 2013 6:15pm FLAG
yes steve im sorry but i cant date u anymore:(

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 6:19pm FLAG
Im dating somone on this page who is really sexy ...I love babe anonymous

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 6:48pm FLAG

steve Mar 25 2013 7:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 7:51pm FLAG
no prob

steve Mar 25 2013 8:14pm FLAG
love u too anonymous ‹3

anonymous Mar 25 2013 8:27pm FLAG
do u wanna get marrie? on fb

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 8:35pm FLAG
Mabee if me an Anonymous break up which may be NEVER!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 8:37pm FLAG
i cant remember im not even supposed to be on fb cuz im grounded and my mom and sister would see it and get me in trouble i wish we can? message me plz

anonymous Mar 25 2013 8:38pm FLAG
ok this is anonymous idc if u guys know my real name cuz this is confusing so my name is Tyler

Tyler Mar 25 2013 8:40pm FLAG

Sidnee Mar 25 2013 8:42pm FLAG

tyler Mar 25 2013 8:43pm FLAG
I love you Tyler

S.F+T.G=<3 Mar 25 2013 8:45pm FLAG
<3 u too lets talk on fb its better thats y im asking u to message me

tyler Mar 25 2013 8:48pm FLAG

Sidnee Mar 25 2013 8:53pm FLAG

tyler Mar 25 2013 8:55pm FLAG
Hey Tyler:)

Sidnee Mar 26 2013 1:00pm FLAG

tyler Mar 26 2013 2:30pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 26 2013 4:22pm FLAG
r u a girl or boy

Anonymous Mar 26 2013 4:40pm FLAG

tyler Mar 26 2013 4:51pm FLAG
Any girl wanna or something? I am , I am looking for a girl between the ages of to

Cameron Mar 27 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Hi,I'm text me plz want cum now I'm a girl lesbians only text reply and I will give u my number I also live in ohio

te te Mar 27 2013 4:45pm FLAG
Leave your kik and we can have a good time

Anonymous Mar 27 2013 5:34pm FLAG
Im anyone wanna text me 979 665 3529

Hehe Mar 27 2013 7:02pm FLAG
Girls only I'm kik me taylor_w89

Sexxyn4u Mar 28 2013 7:31am FLAG
I'm also

***101 Mar 28 2013 8:20am FLAG
I'm a Lez and need sex!

*** 101 Mar 28 2013 8:22am FLAG
Anyone live in new york

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 12:31pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 1:24pm FLAG
what anonymous

tyler Mar 28 2013 4:00pm FLAG
Im a lez and im looking for girls that r -!

Sweetsex0 Mar 28 2013 6:25pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 6:44pm FLAG
Sweetsex0 im

miss me Mar 28 2013 6:58pm FLAG
I'm experimenting. I'm , and a girl; 5623269289

Experimenting Mar 28 2013 11:47pm FLAG
Kik or txt me: lovelife347 623-335-4598 (fast texter!)

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 4:37am FLAG
Hey I'm a lesbian really wet kik me at lesbian3434

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 6:06am FLAG
r u a girl

7 Mar 29 2013 6:07am FLAG
how old r u and how do u look

7 Mar 29 2013 6:09am FLAG
can i text u experiment

mac Mar 29 2013 6:15am FLAG
Nice miss me want to ?

Sweetsex0 Mar 29 2013 10:14am FLAG
I'm a girl and I have dark brown hair and brown eyes and I'm 5''2

Sweetsex0 Mar 29 2013 10:17am FLAG
Anyone want to ?

Sweetsex0 Mar 29 2013 10:18am FLAG
i do

steve Mar 29 2013 3:09pm FLAG
Lesbians text me 979 665 3529 LESBIANS ONLY im

Talk dirty to me:) Mar 29 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Steve r u a girl?

Sweetsex0 Mar 29 2013 5:34pm FLAG
Can I sexy u "talk to me dirty"

Sweetsex0 Mar 29 2013 5:35pm FLAG
no im a boy but i really want to sexy you ps how old r u

steve Mar 29 2013 8:32pm FLAG

Sweetsex0 Mar 29 2013 9:39pm FLAG
im can even if im a boy

steve Mar 29 2013 11:19pm FLAG
im . can i u even if im a boy

steve Mar 30 2013 6:40am FLAG

Sweetsex0 Mar 30 2013 5:13pm FLAG
But just saying I'm still a string Lez

Sweetsex0 Mar 30 2013 6:09pm FLAG
Sorry I mean strong Lez

Sweetsex0 Mar 30 2013 6:52pm FLAG
Kik is destinyclem lets have fun

destiny Mar 30 2013 7:09pm FLAG
who wanna over facebook? idc who sends first pic im blonde hair blue eyes im tall im a skateboarder and boxer

tyler Mar 30 2013 7:15pm FLAG
if anyone wants to me u better let me know cuz im about to take a shower

tyler Mar 30 2013 7:18pm FLAG
I'm a and Bi looking for girls mostly. Black medium short hair dark brown eyes and tan + super hot ;)

?Mysteryhottie? Mar 30 2013 7:49pm FLAG
ok leave ur number

steve Mar 30 2013 9:05pm FLAG
leave ur number mysteryhottie so we can or sex

mac Mar 30 2013 9:13pm FLAG

?Mysteryhottie? Mar 30 2013 10:06pm FLAG
Any girls?

?Mysteryhottie? Mar 30 2013 10:14pm FLAG
Looking 4 girls ( my age) short black hair dark brown eyes! Super sexy! ;)

Lez100% Mar 30 2013 10:28pm FLAG
Phone # 208-546-0602

Lez100% Mar 30 2013 10:29pm FLAG

Lez100% Mar 30 2013 10:36pm FLAG
My number is 6-823-77

Sweetsex0 Mar 31 2013 8:14am FLAG
Ok I'm lez100% and mysteryhottie but I'm going to stick with ?Mysteryhottie?

?Mysteryhottie? Mar 31 2013 5:44pm FLAG
Hey I am lesbian And ready to my number (3)537-64

look at me now<3 Mar 31 2013 10:47pm FLAG
my email juciycececourture@

Look at me now<3 Mar 31 2013 10:49pm FLAG
guy 5 10 looking for a girl to text

Jmd Mar 31 2013 11:05pm FLAG
hi i turn on the 8th april and was wondering would u consider dating if th didnt talk dirty cause am sick of games and just want a girl friend btw i live in armagh,northern ireland please

sophie x Apr 01 2013 3:57am FLAG
My Kiki Cececouture

Look at me know<3 Apr 01 2013 8:45am FLAG
Who has a kik so we can ?

Look at me now<3 Apr 01 2013 11:31am FLAG
Anonmouse Tyler is mine back the offf

Anonymous Apr 01 2013 1:44pm FLAG
sup ppl

tyler Apr 01 2013 4:47pm FLAG
anonymous i broke up with u

tyler Apr 01 2013 4:48pm FLAG
I turn on May 3. Email is

Russell Apr 01 2013 5:36pm FLAG
I live in Idaho btw

Russell Apr 01 2013 5:47pm FLAG
does anyone here live in tucson arizona

tyler Apr 01 2013 10:18pm FLAG
i even want my own d*ck sucked any guys wanna

jmd Apr 01 2013 10:25pm FLAG
i 4got to mention that my d*ck is about 2 inches and i am uncut and idgaf if u guys laugh at me but i have a disease that i cant grow pubic hairs btw im four**** :) and i change my mind girls can me too

jmd Apr 01 2013 10:30pm FLAG
soo anyone wanna

jmd Apr 01 2013 11:19pm FLAG
Yall are nasty

Anonymous Apr 01 2013 11:32pm FLAG
f looking for girls younger than me :) JUST GIRLS PLEASE, GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED! :P kik: kinkylaura

Anonymous Apr 02 2013 2:44am FLAG
I'm 5'3, have green eyes, blonde hair, and I'm not fat. # is 2083400844

Russell Apr 02 2013 2:32pm FLAG
anyone wanna ? got a new email btw

tyler Apr 02 2013 2:46pm FLAG
Anyone want to me on kik at cececouture

Look at me now<3 Apr 02 2013 7:35pm FLAG
who the OFF

tyler Apr 02 2013 7:36pm FLAG
who the off

tyler Apr 02 2013 7:42pm FLAG
hey jmd wanna me i want to have ur 2 inch d*ck i love small penises

russell Apr 02 2013 7:49pm FLAG
look at me now can i have ur number instead i dont have a kik ps im

steve Apr 02 2013 8:52pm FLAG
Hey Tyler can we plz talk bout this:(

Sidnee Apr 03 2013 1:09pm FLAG
Some 1 text me 4059283557

Sidnee Apr 03 2013 1:10pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 03 2013 1:16pm FLAG
Umm no ! Sorry

Look at me now<3 Apr 03 2013 1:45pm FLAG
im , 5'2, have dark brown eyes and brunette hair and am looking for girls only tell me if ur intersted

jasmine lez Apr 03 2013 1:58pm FLAG
look at me now would u text me if i give u my #

steve Apr 03 2013 2:33pm FLAG
NO !

Look at me now Apr 03 2013 5:55pm FLAG

steve Apr 03 2013 7:19pm FLAG
Cause I am a lesbian . DUMBASS!

Look at me now Apr 03 2013 10:27pm FLAG

kik at i345 Apr 03 2013 10:57pm FLAG
Sidnee y u not text no one bAck

shawn yra imma gurl Apr 04 2013 10:15am FLAG
im sorry look at me now

steve Apr 04 2013 2:55pm FLAG
Sorry i got my pone tooken away

Sidneee Apr 04 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Hey peeps!:p Who wanys 2 geemmm there d*ck

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 7:02pm FLAG
i do whats ur number and how do u look

bob Apr 04 2013 7:07pm FLAG
Email me u can txt 405-928-3557 but my pone is broke

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 7:49pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 7:58pm FLAG

Bxbgf Apr 05 2013 12:11am FLAG

Anonymous Apr 05 2013 4:32am FLAG
im HORNY bi and i want to skype with a girl and talk dirty and rub my vajayjay and i want to lick some girls boobs despreatly PLESE skype me at smexylover90 btw im a VERY girl

smexylover90 Apr 05 2013 2:46pm FLAG
btw i want someone to lick me and i want to have sex with someone all that time

smexylover90 Apr 05 2013 2:50pm FLAG
Hey smexylover90 can j have ur number or kik

Look at me now Apr 05 2013 3:19pm FLAG
girls and younger kik me for s

lesb Apr 05 2013 4:20pm FLAG
my kik is charbelmatar

lesb Apr 05 2013 4:23pm FLAG
Hey Sexy peeps who wants my

Lil'Hoe Apr 05 2013 4:45pm FLAG
i do how old r u

Anonymous Apr 05 2013 6:14pm FLAG
wbu wats yo name

Lil'Hoe Apr 05 2013 6:19pm FLAG

Lil`Hoe Apr 05 2013 6:25pm FLAG
im what do u look like

steve Apr 05 2013 6:51pm FLAG
im in sexy

Lil'Hoe Apr 05 2013 6:55pm FLAG
whats ur number

steve Apr 05 2013 7:01pm FLAG
4059283557 but my pones dead

Lil'Hoe Apr 05 2013 7:04pm FLAG
cannt u change it

steve Apr 05 2013 7:05pm FLAG
uhuhu? email me

Anonymous Apr 05 2013 7:08pm FLAG
oh Charge it... it is itll b tomrrw b4 i cant txt u bout to go 2 bed

Lil'Hoe Apr 05 2013 7:10pm FLAG
r u a girl anonymous

Anonymous Apr 05 2013 7:11pm FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 05 2013 7:14pm FLAG
text u tomorrow

steve Apr 05 2013 7:17pm FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 06 2013 7:05am FLAG
wats up

steve Apr 06 2013 7:41am FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 06 2013 8:00am FLAG
nothing much wbu

steve Apr 06 2013 8:27am FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 06 2013 8:35am FLAG
why do u want to chat here

steve Apr 06 2013 8:37am FLAG
hey everyone

ericka Apr 06 2013 4:37pm FLAG
do anyone have a facebook imbox if you do

ericka Apr 06 2013 4:39pm FLAG
how old r u ericka

mac Apr 06 2013 5:06pm FLAG
I have facebook what girl n boy wanna

Lil'Hoe Apr 06 2013 6:26pm FLAG
Am and looking for a girl to my number is 7604233273

dj Apr 06 2013 11:04pm FLAG
Hi. I'm a lesbian looking for a girlfriend. Here's my number but you can only text it. (541) 238-51

nutty32 Apr 07 2013 2:32am FLAG
peeps who want my p*ssy

Lil'Hoe Apr 07 2013 6:22am FLAG
Text me 07765 063044

1998 Apr 07 2013 7:50am FLAG
Nutty32 I am interested. ;)

Iwantyouinbed Apr 07 2013 11:21am FLAG
Any lesbians wanna kik plz kik me sum1

becksbabes Apr 07 2013 11:26am FLAG
Kik me girls lookingforsex plx

becksbabes Apr 07 2013 11:38am FLAG
Sorry my kik is actually lookingforsex

becksbabes Apr 07 2013 11:40am FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 07 2013 12:50pm FLAG
Hey my bros

Lil'Hoe Apr 07 2013 2:00pm FLAG
Sup Lil'Hoe

dj Apr 07 2013 7:03pm FLAG
Sup err boody

shawn yra imma gurl Apr 07 2013 7:28pm FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 07 2013 7:58pm FLAG
Hey somebody txt me girls only 7604233273

dj Apr 07 2013 11:00pm FLAG
Lil'hoe do u have a cell or facebook so we can talk

dj Apr 07 2013 11:04pm FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 08 2013 4:30am FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 08 2013 3:16pm FLAG

mac Apr 08 2013 3:24pm FLAG
wasss up

Lil'Hoe Apr 08 2013 3:29pm FLAG
nm hey u want to

mac Apr 08 2013 3:30pm FLAG
I jusy my pone tooken away

Lil'Hoe Apr 08 2013 3:34pm FLAG
maybe when u get it back

mac Apr 08 2013 3:40pm FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 08 2013 5:03pm FLAG
so wats up with u now

mac Apr 08 2013 5:22pm FLAG
nm bu

Lil'Hoe Apr 08 2013 5:30pm FLAG
Girls kik me @eelie I am and am willing to trade s.

Anonymous Apr 08 2013 5:51pm FLAG
Hey boyz

Lil'Hoe Apr 08 2013 6:45pm FLAG

Lil'Hoe Apr 09 2013 3:01pm FLAG
hey lil'hoe

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 3:41pm FLAG
Wanna see me big breasts or trade pics?

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 3:52pm FLAG

7incher Apr 09 2013 3:54pm FLAG
Text me. 5309085629

7incher Apr 09 2013 3:55pm FLAG
I want soo

big d*ck Apr 11 2013 9:01pm FLAG

big d*ck Apr 11 2013 9:06pm FLAG
I want sum p*ssy

big d*ck Apr 11 2013 9:07pm FLAG
BiG d*ck i want 2 giv u my

SEXYMAMA Apr 12 2013 3:14pm FLAG
Hey guys any of you live in Australia?? Xo

Britty kitty Apr 13 2013 7:12am FLAG
give me ur number britty kitty im a boy

mac Apr 13 2013 11:18pm FLAG
Peepps txt meh 405-928-3557 or yea

SexyMama Apr 14 2013 1:49pm FLAG
Kik me lesbian3434 only girls trade pics and vid

Anonymous Apr 14 2013 8:46pm FLAG
Leave your kik we and we can hav fun ;)

69 Apr 15 2013 6:46am FLAG
Okay. Please stop texting me. I got a girl.

nutty32 Apr 15 2013 10:22pm FLAG
Young girls inbox only me on kik alessandramonroe to trade pics

Alessandra Apr 20 2013 5:05pm FLAG
Hey my names liv I'm willing to talk to any lesbians or bisexuals :D I'm a girl and no s just bored :)

Anonymous Apr 20 2013 8:16pm FLAG
hey anonymous! do u wanna talk. i dont do s either

la Apr 20 2013 8:38pm FLAG
Liv what is your kik

Alessandra Apr 20 2013 10:30pm FLAG
Bi girls text me 203 901 63 iam 18 male

darren Apr 21 2013 8:49pm FLAG
Skype me: carolinesmith3. I'm bi and ages ONLY!!! IM me before video chat please!

Caroline Apr 24 2013 2:39pm FLAG
hey look for a girlfriend ages -. put your number down if your intrested. pss i love to talk dirty ;)

dirtybirdyy Apr 24 2013 4:01pm FLAG
Hey my kik is jessica2460 Im yrs old and im bi but mostly les

jessice2460 Apr 24 2013 5:57pm FLAG
Please txt me! I'm looking for a real girl!! Someone who will not play games. Who will txt and video chat with me! I'm not looking for the dirty stuff at all (no or cam ) I don't care about how you boobs look or anything. Text me 623-565-6207 LADIES ONLY -

Lonnie Apr 25 2013 6:04am FLAG
jessice2460 whats your number?

dirtybirdyy Apr 25 2013 4:22pm FLAG
Hmu on Kik da2vid22 I'm let's chat;)

david Apr 26 2013 5:36am FLAG
BTW I do give out my number to girls

david Apr 26 2013 5:54am FLAG
tyler i live in arizona

me Apr 26 2013 7:34am FLAG
Kik me im lez girls 10 - only kik cash2727

Anonymous Apr 28 2013 6:32pm FLAG
Anybody got a snapchat?(; lesbian looking for fun(; Snapchat me @ laureen_lalala

Lauren Apr 29 2013 1:28pm FLAG
Bi girls.that need a daddy text me 203 901 63 iam 18 male

darren Apr 30 2013 1:11pm FLAG
Im and lesbian..kik me softballchixx or snapchat me softballchixx.....i really need a gf :)

makayla Apr 30 2013 3:18pm FLAG
Les any age kik me @ lesbo__bitch

Anonymous Apr 30 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Hey makayla, whats ur number

anon May 05 2013 12:15am FLAG
Hey flooking for fguys will be blocked kik lesbian3434

Anonymous May 06 2013 4:36am FLAG
f looking for younger girls ( - ) to trade pics Kik me - ****Boys will be blocked

**** May 08 2013 4:34am FLAG

asgdf May 08 2013 4:11pm FLAG
Who's and les??

Anon May 08 2013 7:45pm FLAG

Anonymous May 09 2013 5:24pm FLAG
Looking for - girls to have fun with I'm 18 lesbian no boys please won't reply kik me @ loren_p_1994

Loren_p_1994 May 12 2013 5:54am FLAG
yr old girl les lookin for some1 to with On kik username-hiya900000000

Kristina roberson May 12 2013 7:52pm FLAG
and les

J May 12 2013 11:01pm FLAG
Txt me if u r lezz 7276780409

Anonymous May 14 2013 9:27am FLAG
f kik: Jessicagarcia9 Please no one fake/: im a lesbian btw

Anonymous May 14 2013 1:50pm FLAG
kik:GymnastErica -girls guys will be blocked

Erica May 15 2013 7:00pm FLAG
I'm and lesbian (520)468-9022 And my kik is permissionsilver c;

Anonymous May 16 2013 12:59pm FLAG
Hi I'm lesbian if you want to text me my # is 72023341

Brooke May 17 2013 10:06pm FLAG
Let me get dat kik and u can hav my all nite

Dis bitch May 17 2013 10:32pm FLAG
hi peeps txt me 4059283557

Lil Hoe May 19 2013 5:51pm FLAG
hi,i need someone,i'm so, if you like to be? if you have facebook or phone number? plaese?

Cici May 21 2013 6:11am FLAG
Text me I'm lesbian 602-552-89

Les chick May 22 2013 1:10pm FLAG
i am a lesbian looking for a girlfriend (i live in Colorado)anyone else

lesbian girl May 24 2013 6:52pm FLAG
I also live in Colorado!!

Anon :) May 24 2013 8:56pm FLAG
I need a gf that has: brown/blond hair,brown/blue eyes and gets really when I text/ her.I am lez and if you are this girl text me at 210-454-63.I will go for girls ages:I am yrs old.

Love pussies May 26 2013 7:34pm FLAG
I need wild and sex

Love pussies May 26 2013 8:34pm FLAG
I want a girl that is really pretty cuz all da girls ive met so far are ugly

lover May 26 2013 9:21pm FLAG
Im a lesbian nd i want u to send me nasty pics of u nd ill tell u nasty stuff

3 May 27 2013 10:28pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian and I want a girlfriend and I'm and live In the uk :)

Mmkay May 29 2013 8:20am FLAG
Hi im sterling im a lesbian

Sterling May 29 2013 11:29pm FLAG
I need some one im and have facebook and I really and dont know what to do about it any advice

Sterling May 29 2013 11:34pm FLAG
I have size c brest and my emil is if u give me ur email I can show u some sexy pics

Sterling May 29 2013 11:39pm FLAG
I live in wa

Sterling May 29 2013 11:58pm FLAG
Well I actualy bie but if u wabt u can find out how big my brest are and what my looks like

Sterling May 30 2013 12:14am FLAG
Kik me erica_christina lez girls onlyonly to

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 7:46pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 11:03pm FLAG
lesbians email me at

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 3:57pm FLAG
Waiting to swap pictures and maybe chat.Lesbian .

Sweet Cherry Jun 05 2013 1:03am FLAG
Hi I am so sorry. U am the person just above.My email is

Sweet Cherry Jun 05 2013 1:07am FLAG
Willing to send pics and videos, but you have to have proof your real. Add me on kik @kaiiibabes

justwannahavefun Jun 05 2013 1:18pm FLAG
I'm and looking for girls -I'm not judgmental and I roleplay, chat dirty and send pics. But you must be real and have proof my kik is: kaiiibabes

wetkinkygirl Jun 05 2013 7:49pm FLAG
ashmoore69 kik me lesbian or bi girls ages i trade s and videos ;) im lesbian<3

ashmoore69 Jun 06 2013 2:56pm FLAG
Ashmoore69 wats ur phone umber

thatguy101 Jun 07 2013 3:03pm FLAG
We can do what ever u want trad s and videos

thatguy10 Jun 07 2013 3:06pm FLAG
Hello girls need someone to talk To text me at (301)997-256W an tetx, what ever u whant to do I'm not piki I'll do anything to make a girl happy

guy of ur dreems Jun 07 2013 3:15pm FLAG
If u have a. iPhone I have iMessage txt me lesbo

Hornyless Jun 07 2013 5:26pm FLAG
Any lesbians want to chat

Lesbian Jun 08 2013 5:57am FLAG

Lesbian Jun 08 2013 5:57am FLAG
Dose any girls out there feel lonly txt me up n txt now (301)997-2568 I can make u feel loved not lonley

guy of ur dreems Jun 08 2013 9:06am FLAG
lesbians kik me ages im F we can trade or talk ;) kik is ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Jun 08 2013 4:36pm FLAG
Ashmoore do u have an email

Emma Jun 08 2013 4:38pm FLAG
Hey i am anyone text me

Anonymous Jun 11 2013 2:02pm FLAG
Text me i am and phone # 7027646840 only text no call

Anonymous Jun 11 2013 2:06pm FLAG
ashmoore69 kik me lesbian or bi girls ages i trade s ;)

ashmoore69 Jun 12 2013 8:35am FLAG
I'm n who wanna txt me

Jilayla Jun 12 2013 10:27pm FLAG
I'm from Colorado. Who wants to txt??

Anon Jun 12 2013 11:29pm FLAG
Im ! Anyone wanna text?!?

Anonymous Jun 13 2013 8:52pm FLAG
Text me 3109579683 I'm and bi

Anonymous Jun 13 2013 10:10pm FLAG
I'm looking for a girl :)

Anon Jun 14 2013 7:30pm FLAG
Im guy looking for a younger girl to txt and send naughs bacj and forth I have no limits 909-997-5275

Sexy boy Jun 14 2013 10:50pm FLAG
San Francisco lezz ??

lezzie Jun 14 2013 11:28pm FLAG
Text Me Lesbian Text me!! 720-882-2318 Call me!! Horny. Horny I need Horny Sounds in my head! Plz call or text!!!

Sexyy Jami<3 Jun 15 2013 3:31pm FLAG
3 u Sound Nasty! I like that text me or call me ur perfect for me!

Sexyy Jami<3 Jun 15 2013 3:48pm FLAG
any to yr old girls wanna show off there amazing sexy bodies email pics at ill show off my huge c*ck

**** Jun 16 2013 7:20am FLAG
Hey message my kik! punisherzack09 , Guy, Horny New York!

Andy Jun 16 2013 8:02pm FLAG
Any girl from wanna have fun "sex" or text pics to each other text me at 4723 or email me at

Jose Jun 17 2013 10:43am FLAG

Jose Jun 17 2013 10:48am FLAG
Kik me miss_lovin_life I'm

miss_lovin_life Jun 17 2013 12:56pm FLAG
Miss_lovin_lifee two e's

miss lovin lifee Jun 17 2013 12:58pm FLAG
Wanna chat dirty?xxx

Anonymous Jun 17 2013 1:44pm FLAG
i do

Anonymous Jun 17 2013 2:39pm FLAG
Girls only!! Kik me @tewkuteeee 😍😍

I love it Jun 17 2013 2:43pm FLAG
kik me lesbians ages ;) live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Jun 19 2013 1:56pm FLAG
kik me lesbian at lesbian3434 looking for girls only ps im f

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 9:04pm FLAG
im bisexual if you have a facebook page fraind me on tamika johnson

Anonymous Jun 20 2013 4:10pm FLAG
Hey Cuties ;p lol I'm Bi, am and looking for someone to have some fun with ;) lol not looking for anything serious... So don't get butthurt '>.< haha okay well hit me up ;D

Genesis ;D Jun 23 2013 12:25am FLAG
hot girly here

Ashy Jun 27 2013 4:06pm FLAG
Kik me at jailovescookies lesbian or bi girls. only. Clean chat

Anonymous Jun 27 2013 9:45pm FLAG
im and bi so hmu kik is rocroyalsmrs.right and email is

Zayyy Jun 29 2013 1:40am FLAG
ok so im making a new kik lol looking for bi girls and lesbos if ur hmu new kik: Zaydenuwhore and my email is

Zayyy Jun 29 2013 2:01am FLAG
I'm and I don't know if I like girls or if I just guys or if I like both and I'm very

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 1:36am FLAG
Hey wanna talk

Boise Jul 01 2013 6:18pm FLAG
Girls give ya number and snapchat name please! ;)

Boise Jul 01 2013 6:20pm FLAG
Im bi female. text 6627210959.. Dnt trade pics

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 6:49pm FLAG
Im bi, looking for someone to have fun with nothing serious. email me at if you wanna talk ;)

Charlie x Jul 02 2013 9:00am FLAG
Hi im lesbian and and need a girl in my life plz need a number on facebook

kasie angulo Jul 05 2013 5:40pm FLAG
Email me at

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 6:09pm FLAG
I'm a bi and my name is gabbie You can email me at

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 6:49pm FLAG
Hey. Anonymous the. Demma39@gmail whats your number

kasie angulo Jul 05 2013 7:07pm FLAG
Hey if you have a facebook we shoul talk im lesbian and i want a ,,year old girl i would like a number plz

kasie angulo Jul 06 2013 9:46am FLAG
Im A Yr Old Girl Bi But Mostly Into Guys... Im 5'2 (i think), Carmel Skin, sholder lengh hair, quite skinny but not boney, A34 size bra. Email:

~LoveYuh (Lick My ) Jul 07 2013 4:13pm FLAG
I'm a boy looking to or just talk my email is

Hey Jul 08 2013 9:57am FLAG
I'm a bi girl looking to trade pics on Kik my Kik is 1001 or we can email or text if u want to email or text comment after this

Summer Jul 08 2013 3:46pm FLAG
Hey there I'm lesbo and looking for a g friend text me on my iPod at

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 6:56pm FLAG
Hey I'm bi and . Kik me- 3355Ash

Ash Jul 08 2013 9:26pm FLAG
hey you guys iam . iam cute and iam always bored and lonely so text me?dont text me for s or to trade.i wont text back.i just want a fun clean chat ill even if iam in the mood 1(601)566-57

sexy ninja Jul 09 2013 11:04am FLAG
Hey im !! kik: mrs.bethea3 Im bi

Ashley<3 Jul 10 2013 7:56pm FLAG
im just wana try out girls and hav fun i send pix of my boobs and i live on cape cod my number for u slutty bitches 085642522

angie Jul 10 2013 8:05pm FLAG
I'm not bi so don't kik me, I put the wrong kik anyways

Ash Jul 12 2013 9:43pm FLAG
Any girls have Skype add me dragonex22 if you wanna me my number9198099768. Also I'm a cross gender.

Lesbian life Jul 13 2013 5:59am FLAG
Anyone live in sacramento california because I need someone to hookup with so respond on this site then i will give u my number GIRLS ONLY

Sky1 Jul 14 2013 1:58am FLAG
Im im a bi any girl wanna kik me my kik is love_moii_

Love_moii_ Jul 14 2013 3:49pm FLAG
Hi yr old bi looking for someone to talk to

Love5 Jul 14 2013 5:11pm FLAG
The number put by lesbian life is not her don't text it

news chick Jul 14 2013 7:04pm FLAG
Thanks for saying

Love 5 Jul 14 2013 7:12pm FLAG
I live in the Bronx I'm and a lesbian #hitmeup my loves :*

NeeNee Jul 15 2013 12:21pm FLAG
I am a girl looking for a lesbian to text me my number is 605-251-2355

Hey there babe Jul 16 2013 8:35am FLAG

j Jul 16 2013 1:59pm FLAG
im and im bi hit me up boy or girl kik: tabby658

Anonymous Jul 16 2013 11:55pm FLAG
Any girl have kik. I'm yrs old.

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 4:00am FLAG
Kik me at iceskatingisawesome

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 4:05am FLAG
Kik me love in Philly Heyo267 is my kik

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 4:22pm FLAG
I am happy to trade s and again kik me @ iceskatingisawesome :) and my bra size is A

Anonmous Jul 17 2013 11:01pm FLAG
I'm f USA if any young girls would like a little older girl I'd love to have fun with you. c:

Kittykat7083 Jul 18 2013 8:12am FLAG
im 29943080

EMOZEBRA Jul 18 2013 11:33am FLAG
Hey anyone wont my number I live in sacramento so hit me back on here

sky1 Jul 18 2013 5:18pm FLAG
Kittykat tell me ur number I will give u mine if u give me urs and we can trade ***** pics of each other

Sky1 Jul 19 2013 1:32am FLAG
im a lesbian trying to find a -lesbian. email me at i exchange real pics and vids i have blonde hair and brown eyes with tanish white skin.

honolulubabes Jul 19 2013 7:13am FLAG
Kittykat7083 id love to have fun with u too

honolulubabes Jul 19 2013 7:15am FLAG
kasie angulo message me id love to text u

honolulubabes Jul 19 2013 7:19am FLAG
I live in Texas please text me I'm nd never been with a girl before nd im also Lesbo so here's my # 29943080

EMOZEBRA Jul 20 2013 3:44am FLAG
Hey I'm lesbian girl I like to and trade girls only text me if y wanna just talk or or trade 503-899-2482 Jul 20 2013 2:37pm FLAG
hey im a lesbian and im yrs old looking for a gf and to have fun ;) kik me urpikagirl

jodie mariee Jul 20 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Im a hot and wet lesbian, Ill trade s if you send one first, if not we could just chat. NO BOYS. Kik me-buttzscrape Hurry im wet.

Carlyn Jul 21 2013 8:51am FLAG
HEY y'all {I'm from Texas so yeah} I'm bi but more into girls I'm cray wierd and fun and dancing • music• pewdiepie• so KIK me @torivic2 later (:

Torivic2 Jul 21 2013 10:33pm FLAG
Hey I am a yr old girl who wants to ( girls only ) text me at ( 9-245-4358)

Sexybitch4 Jul 22 2013 12:23am FLAG
And I live in El Paso Texas

Sexybitch4 Jul 22 2013 12:27am FLAG
I love to sing and dance .i am just looking for a girl who is /yr old to ( I love to talk NAST:)!!! Ps GIRLS ONLY!!!!

Sexybitch4 Jul 22 2013 12:29am FLAG
Sorry my # is 9245 4567 my bad text if u won't to text

Sexybitch4 Jul 22 2013 12:32am FLAG
1847945 Yeaaah ;)

Sup Jul 22 2013 9:22pm FLAG
Text me if your and lesbo and I'm also new to this

EMOZEBRA Jul 23 2013 8:01pm FLAG
Who ever live in usa please text me we might have real sex

Anonymous Jul 24 2013 1:15am FLAG
Please enter Name Number Location

WORKER OF Jul 24 2013 9:42am FLAG
I'm lesbian I'm kik me at pinkkenzie3

Anonymous Jul 24 2013 7:30pm FLAG
me in england 075989771

Anonymous Jul 26 2013 3:31pm FLAG
Hey I'm and looking for a special some one and i am female i date guys and girls but i prefer girls and I'm ahip hop dancer and i like to talk dirty but no dirty pictures and i live in north Carolina usa and I'm just looking for done one true and ages ,,, or and if i sound right or interesting to u call or text at 33654928

angel 345 Jul 28 2013 11:18am FLAG
Kik skybbb f

skybbb Jul 28 2013 11:46am FLAG
Any young girls wana kik a guy ? Im my kik is jte_221998

jte_221998 Jul 28 2013 7:06pm FLAG
hey im and bi if u hav facebook add me kara hale is my name <3 or kik me karabeara3

karabeara Jul 31 2013 11:07pm FLAG
Kik alexiawuvsu f if it say disconnected srry its cause i log out of it i dont really send s no more but txt me hot girls and boys if reading this lol ;)

AA Aug 02 2013 10:14pm FLAG
Oh and i live in edinburg texas

A Aug 02 2013 10:17pm FLAG
hey new and I am a girl looking for a girlfriend soon because I am really lonely and I am going to a new school just moved in St.Jones SO ANY ADVICE

LOVE LOOK Aug 03 2013 1:42pm FLAG
I am a mistress. I am looking for a young, submissive girl with no limits interested in being my sex slave. I'm looking for any willing age up to around , if you are interested kik me at sexxi_bunni

jenni Aug 03 2013 6:45pm FLAG
I'm lesbian. And I would really like to talk to someoneor sexy anyone. I'm . Text me at. 1(201)477-0618

E. Aug 03 2013 6:55pm FLAG
Jenni were do you live.

A Aug 03 2013 6:57pm FLAG
hello im josephine, f bi girls add me, please no boysok,my kik is: josephinethebest000

josie Aug 04 2013 11:59am FLAG
Josephine ill Kik You :)

Babyboo22lovesyou Aug 04 2013 7:25pm FLAG
4-320-61 female lesbian call me

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 9:18pm FLAG
dlez likes dic pics and vids. send her all you have! she loves it

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 11:11pm FLAG
under agedlez likes dic pics and vids. send her all you have! she loves it no space

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 11:15pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 9:54am FLAG
call me: 025959784

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 9:55am FLAG
Hey I'm a girl. Text me at 910-305-0832

mya Aug 10 2013 11:35pm FLAG
Hey guy kik me cbourds. I'm French btw but I live in Vienna (Austria) I'm not Gona say that I'm hot bcuz that's for u to decide ;)

Cbourds Aug 11 2013 3:46pm FLAG
Hey I'm a boy I want girls that will show off their bodies snap chat me @ Jacob_rush22 and kik me @ JACOB RUSH IDC about age as long as u have a nice body

JACOB RUSH Aug 18 2013 2:28am FLAG
Any year lesbians plz leave me your bbm pins

les chick Aug 18 2013 1:44pm FLAG
lesbians and bi girls wanna trade live s and vides ;) im 18 lesbian and yy;) kik is ashmoore69 hurry im wett

ashmoore69 Aug 19 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Hi my name is Aricka im and bi. I have never had a gf before and if anyone is interested text me 207-779-4421 bi or lesbian

Aricka Corson Aug 20 2013 7:31pm FLAG
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