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how can i have lesbian sex with my sister?

The Problem: my sister is so sexy. she always has a rlly small thong on. her ass is so sexy and hot. once i watched her masterbate and she stuck her thong into her sexy vagina. her tits are so big. i want her so badly. i finger myself everyday for her. but shes not lesbian :( shes so hot!!!!! i want her fingrs in my vagina so badly. any advice?

Asked by: hiipeepz at 06:11:11 PM, Thursday, February 23, 2012 PST FLAG


im no lezbian but do u masturebate in front of her nd if things dont wrk out then me

jon Feb 24 2012 3:01pm FLAG

maybe offer to finger her and maybe finger her ass aswell

biboy Feb 25 2012 1:12am FLAG
ok girl just walk up to her when shes fingering her self and remove her hand,then rube her ,when ur done just simply say with a sex voice,'' u want to do me now

ur c*ck Feb 27 2012 8:21pm FLAG think you should do what feels right in your heart. If ya wanna tell her bout your feelings, tell her. If ya wanna keep quiet, keep quiet. If ya wanna eat pb eat pb. Look, if your heart is telling you, follow it. If ya get in trouble at least ya did the right thing

The quiet girl who wants to help Mar 28 2012 8:54pm FLAG
Have sex with her

Destineeesss May 01 2012 1:34pm FLAG

ALEXANDER FLORES Jun 06 2012 8:34pm FLAG
eat her out when shes sleep. then shell wake u to bliss

Anonymous Jul 09 2012 12:19pm FLAG
Stick ya finger In her

Sex addict Jul 13 2012 4:02pm FLAG
when parents are gone go to ur sister ask ur sister if you csn talk in her room whe both of u get in there lock the door and push her onto the bed then take off her shirt and say she has very nice bubes then before she says anything make out with her while taking off her bra and pants and pqnties then suck her nipples and get her milk then finger her and let her cumm in ur mouth then take ur clothes off and say that you want to make love with her

fellow lesbian Jul 31 2012 11:14pm FLAG
im a lesbian to i had sex with my sister one day she was looking at tv and i was looking at *** and i put my hand in my pants and finger myself and she came over and she said i can do it she take my hand out of my pants put me on the bed and i said and i cum all over the bed and i did the same to her so if you are a lesbian you would like the same to happen to you and you live in ga talk to me

lea eaton Nov 01 2012 6:32am FLAG
do it with me?

Helenx Jan 04 2013 4:04pm FLAG
I wanking over this

Anonymous Feb 01 2013 4:20pm FLAG
I wanna have sex I'm twelve and I wanna get a dock in my anal any advice

Sarah DeChamps Mar 06 2013 1:57pm FLAG
get a dildo

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 11:54am FLAG
me please

Anon Apr 13 2013 10:00am FLAG
Tell her u will make her feel nice

Sexy boy Apr 15 2013 8:44am FLAG
i had sex with my sister once...umm lyk we share one room so one nyt u knw i was watching *** and she was sleeping so i just wen on to her and kissed her and fingered and thn she got and the thing was wonderful...since then we are having sex on regular basis... i would advice u to go and do it with your sister

truly lesbian Apr 25 2013 4:07am FLAG
Umm, when me and my sister were younger we would get ***** and like hump, we dis.g know what was happening just that it felt good, I'm straight

sexykityy May 10 2013 2:47pm FLAG
I love firm round tits! My sister and I immediatly strip down when our parents leave and we rub each others perfect tits. Allot of times we go outside to do it too. Just go up to her and tell her you love her tits!. She will be like, really? And then you can rub them and suck them all you want. Best wishes!

Anonymous May 27 2013 6:41pm FLAG
I love firm round tits! My sister and I immediatly strip down when our parents leave and we rub each others perfect tits. Allot of times we go outside to do it too. Just go up to her and tell her you love her tits!. She will be like, really? And then you can rub them and suck them all you want. Best wishes!

perfect tits May 27 2013 6:41pm FLAG
I love tits!!!

Anonymous May 27 2013 6:42pm FLAG
Be carful she might so no!!! I SO ING LOVE MY SEXY SISTER!!! :(

Riya May 29 2013 7:52am FLAG
@sarah im twelve, wanna ?

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 8:49pm FLAG
slap her juicy ass when she is walking and no ones at home then stroke her leg up to hher .

SEX ME YOU CAN'T RRESIST Jun 03 2013 9:07am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 9:09am FLAG
i love to rub ur va**na till ur wet

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 9:11am FLAG
i think in the night u must suck her dry!

Anonymous Jun 07 2013 5:27am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 07 2013 5:28am FLAG
Well just say you like her tits and ask if you can see them. If she says yes strip down to your panties and start masterbating also ask if see wants to touch your . Im a lesbian as well i love it when people make me cum who knows maybe your sister does as well

Anon Jun 08 2013 5:53pm FLAG
Im lezbian as well i think you should go up to her ( when your parents arent home) and start kissing her. If she wants to take off your top and pants and ask her to do it as well. Then start kissing her va**na.

Sarah Smith Jun 08 2013 7:30pm FLAG
All lesbians I'll you on this.

Bi Rylee Jun 19 2013 11:19am FLAG
@Anonymous me so hard!! ;)

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 11:20am FLAG
@sarah I'm and so lets !! ;)

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 11:21am FLAG
I say you wait until your parents are out and your sister is sleeping. Quietly sneak over to her and then start kissing her. Then start fingering her, whether she has clothes on or not and get it started from there..

Anonymous Jun 24 2013 5:31am FLAG
I'm a lesbian, and I had the best sex, with my mom, and sister, just yesterday. It was, so hot, sexy, and amazing. I'm a blonde, with huge tits, tight pusst, and sweet ass. My sister is a brunette. She is, so hot my ing, right now, or I show this to mom, and everyone else, even at school!" And if she says something like, "You wouldn't dare!", smile, walk up to her, lick her ear and whisper, "...try me." And then have sex. So that's all, I guess. For now, anyways. So, just go on. Good luck having sex with your sister. ;) and by the way, I strongly recommend you get your mom in on the lesbian sex also. You'll be glad you did. ;)

Christina, and her lesbian sister Kairi, and mom, Diana. Aug 04 2013 1:33am FLAG
you have to seduced her

anthony smithy Aug 09 2013 1:58pm FLAG
My sister was fingering herself on the bunk bed above me. She thought I was asleep. I got out of bed and climbed on the chair and fingered her and sucked her nipples and made her come. I was , she was .

Anon lez Aug 12 2013 1:14am FLAG
I'm a lesbian and me and my sister have sex like every few weeks, but she doesn'tseem to want to anymore...HELP!

anonymous Aug 18 2013 7:50am FLAG
she is your you should not thint about her like this way.

nice man Aug 31 2013 2:22pm FLAG
hey can anyone help me i am so and i am scared to have lesbian sex with my sister

lesbian carissa Sep 02 2013 6:39pm FLAG

lesbian carissa Sep 02 2013 6:40pm FLAG
I want to have lesbian sex with someone but I have no one so...

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 5:12pm FLAG
Yesterday I had a four way I blackmailed my mom and sister my friends lesbian and brought toys

My number is 538 410 91 Sep 15 2013 2:47pm FLAG
i need lesbian sex NOW some one give me there numbers

please i am the hottest and most fun to have sex with. Sep 15 2013 7:29pm FLAG
Turned on soo much right now

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 5:20am FLAG
Ew what the leave your sister alone!!

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 5:21am FLAG

ME Oct 06 2013 9:34pm FLAG
Whoo me have you ever tried lesbian sex???

Anonymous Oct 10 2013 9:39pm FLAG
I wanna have sex w my sister too ! Who want to me

Horny girl Oct 15 2013 1:01am FLAG
I wanna have sex w my sister too ! Who wants to me

Horny girl Oct 15 2013 1:02am FLAG
i wanna have sex with all u girls

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 9:12am FLAG

Boy Oct 20 2013 6:57pm FLAG
Hehe lesbian sex!!!?!!!

Anonymous Oct 23 2013 11:54pm FLAG
just touch her with she iz slpng...she wil automatcly turn on....

girl Nov 04 2013 11:52am FLAG
just share your feeling with your sister she will understand your feeling.

your friend Dec 12 2013 10:05am FLAG
yesterday i had seduce my sister but she was in deep sleep i had touch her boobs but she did not do any movement plz help

sista lesbo Dec 19 2013 12:21am FLAG
just found some point like seeing her ing with her boyfriend and tell her that u will tell ur parent and tell her in one condition that u must have sex with me

just found some point like seeing her ing with her boyfriend Dec 20 2013 2:20am FLAG
just found some point like seeing her ing with her boyfriend and tell her that u will tell ur parent and tell her in one condition that u must have sex with me

just found some point like seeing her ing with her boyfriend Dec 20 2013 2:21am FLAG
Ask her. If she says no just explain how awesome it is. Don't force her or the sex will be less enjoyed. If you need more help email me at

EXOhawtness Dec 28 2013 12:09am FLAG
Omg me and my sister used to finger each other and when she would lick my :) btw look up xvideos it has *** of all types

sexy year bitch Jan 03 2014 4:25pm FLAG
I wanna my sisters too idk how to either help

Anonymous Feb 19 2014 4:36am FLAG

Me Mar 09 2014 8:36am FLAG
I too wanna have sex with my elder sister..she iz veryy hott with big boobs once I tried to finger her when she waz sleeping..I thnk evn she enjyd but I want to do it again some1 plz gve some idea so dat I cn enjy a night with my sis..

sonia Mar 29 2014 3:46am FLAG
Just start rubbing her while shes asleep keep going til she wakes...then start licking her out. Shell love it

gal Apr 05 2014 8:39am FLAG
Just f**ck her when no 1 is around

Anonymous May 18 2014 10:59pm FLAG
Suck her repeatedly n tell her to suck urs

Anonymous Jun 14 2014 10:46am FLAG
Finger her an squeeze her boobs and suck them. She'll want it ;)

Anonymous Jul 23 2014 7:24pm FLAG
what you do is when your parents are out wait for your sister to get out of the shower grab your dildo or a strap on if you have it, when she closes the door to get changed open the door come in push her on the bed wherever she is and start to pleasure her. tell her you love her and just want to embrace her beautiful body the water from the shower already hit her slit and got her slightly aroused if your parents are out there is even a chance she's already master bated. 3 THINGS 1. this is only if you really want to have sex with her such as it's taking up your thoughts and you don't think she will. 2. you just don't care what happens after as long as you do it or 3. if so make sure you dominate her if she resists you let her know mom and dad won't believe her make her think there is no way for her to get out of this and that she should just enjoy and except whats going on. make sure she cum's. If she starts to like it let her do you a bit but only when your sure she's on your side. if/when you say mom and dad won't believe her make sure it's after she cum's and she still doesn't like it. other wise she might get away when you want her to do you. Also looking up holds really helps as you might need to wrestle your sister down for a bit. if she tells dismiss what she is saying to your parents and say she threatened that shed tell then you did something bad if you didn't give up the TV. if you parents except the statement but come to talk to you again make sure your sister doesn't know. they spoke with you because she probably talked with then alone so her.

the experienced one Jul 25 2014 8:35pm FLAG
I had a best friend I always Hung out with her ever since kindergarten. We're in our 20's now but when we were around I used to go swimming and spend the night at her house. When we would take baths together we started to rub each other but would stop when her mom came and checked on us. When everyone else fell asleep we would stay up and hump each other under the blankets with the heavy breathing trying to stay quiet. I need this in my life again ha.

Anonymous Apr 30 2015 7:25pm FLAG
pleaseeee I want lesbian sex reallyyyyyyyyy bad ive never had sex I only masturbate so im a little lonely im anyone up to talk? my email is just say you wanna meet up and do and me ;)

kid Jun 08 2015 7:16pm FLAG
f**k me

Anonymous Jun 08 2015 7:17pm FLAG
hi my name is suzy im im up for some sex kid im a girl and im lonely also! because we are both kids you wanna meet up? I have my on room we can do it in there I ll just tell my parents to go out or something and we can f**k the whole time! IM SO EXICTED MY IS GETTING SO WET!please reply hottie!

needssex? Jun 08 2015 7:20pm FLAG
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OMGGG YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY IT WILL BE MY FIRST TIME!!!!!!! do you have any toys like dildos ? or any brothers?

kid Jun 08 2015 7:21pm FLAG
I have a dildo and one older brother who sometimes lets me give him BJ so I bet we can have a 3some!IM EXICTED ALSO!

needssex? Jun 08 2015 7:23pm FLAG
GREAT! tell him im great at sucking (lol I practice on cucumbers) where do you live?

kid Jun 08 2015 7:24pm FLAG
don't worry I started off with cucumbers also! Vancouver do you need my address

needssex? Jun 08 2015 7:25pm FLAG
actually that's great I live in Vancouver also! so ya I do need your address

kid Jun 08 2015 7:26pm FLAG
When I was little me and my little sister watched *** together and practiced the positions...also how to get her Is ask if she wants to play boyfriend and girlfriends. Then start rubbing her until yall get ***** kiss and finger and lick her vagina then switch positions... Lol I'm so I'm about to finger my self lol have fun...

Lexi Jun 23 2015 9:20pm FLAG
I want to . It got awkward. I am a girl and .

help Nov 22 2015 1:52pm FLAG
text me @ maya_nichole35 on kik for lesbian sex im experienced

maya Dec 26 2015 6:59pm FLAG

Apr 20 2016 5:58pm FLAG
Can someone plz help me I want to have sex with my sister too bisexual

Brezzy girl 10 Jun 18 2016 8:20am FLAG
My wife ko apni bahan banaoge

Anonymous Feb 14 9:26pm FLAG
Jo delhi ya noida se ho jo my wife ko apni sis banaoge reply me

Anonymous Feb 14 9:28pm FLAG
Give advice: