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The Problem: Please help me satisfy myself I'm SO !!!!!

Asked by: MyNipplesAreHard at 05:40:43 AM, Sunday, February 26, 2012 PST FLAG


I'm bi and I'm a girl

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 1:41pm FLAG

hey ;)

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:03pm FLAG
Hey babe

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 2:10pm FLAG
How old r u?

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 2:12pm FLAG
im old are you? You want me to satisfy your wet slit?

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:20pm FLAG
I'm :). Yes babe I'm soo !

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 2:25pm FLAG
mm babe my boner is throbbing for your mouth to be over the head ;) (do you have a cell phone?)*takes you into the bedroom*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:27pm FLAG
mm babe my boner is throbbing for your mouth to be over the head ;) (do you have a cell phone?)*takes you into the bedroom*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:29pm FLAG
mm babe my boner is throbbing for your mouth to be over the head ;) (do you have a cell phone?)*takes you into the bedroom*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:29pm FLAG
mm babe my boner is throbbing for your mouth to be over the head ;) (do you have a cell phone?)*takes you into the bedroom*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:29pm FLAG
Yh don't give my number ou no more... My is throbbing to babe its all wet!!! *takes off ALL clothes*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 2:31pm FLAG
aw :(....why dont you give out ya numbah? You should see my c*ck...*gets on top of you and fingers your warm *

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:34pm FLAG
Coz this person didn't stop calling me dont wanna go through that again.. 8 inch must be SEXY! *screams of joy* *gets hard c*ck and sucks it hard and fast*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 2:37pm FLAG
i dont call lol i text could i have ur number if i promise not to call :P *grunts with pleasure and pushes your head further over my c*ck*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:41pm FLAG
Soz *gives blow job and swallows all the cum*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 2:51pm FLAG
:( you should see when i blow up all over my 8 inch shaft and let the cum slide down ;) *takes your ass in my hand and puts it all in your *

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 2:53pm FLAG
So u cum a lot then babe?.... *does 69 possition*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 2:56pm FLAG
it covers most of my 8 inches ;) *sucks on your lips*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 3:00pm FLAG
Mmmm baby that's loaads * grabs balls and can only fit one in mouth*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:04pm FLAG
ya babe ;) *rubs my veiny penis over your mouth*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 3:05pm FLAG
That's SO hot babe *gets tits and shoves in mouth to suck on my hard nipples*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:07pm FLAG
its thick and creamy *sucks on your nipple while you feel my boner rub aganist your cl*t*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 3:09pm FLAG
Mmm baby I'd love that in my mouth * plays with d*ck with hand*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:17pm FLAG
are you fingering yourself ;) *lets you rub my veins and lifts you up aganist the wal*

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 3:20pm FLAG
Lol i was joking get of me slut

8 inch hard c*ck Feb 26 2012 3:22pm FLAG
Yh that's why I'm taking to long to reply;) *starts kissing on your neck hard leaving a love bite*

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:23pm FLAG
you imposter! God i hate it when you faggots do that cause you have no life!!!

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 3:25pm FLAG

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:26pm FLAG
are you gonna cum ;) do u have a facebook so we wont be inturupted *puts boner in your and rubs your lips*

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 3:26pm FLAG
not you nipples..the other guy who said get off

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 3:27pm FLAG
Ohh I never saw that :p

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:28pm FLAG
you imposter! God i hate it when you faggots do that cause you have no life!!!

the real 8 inches Feb 26 2012 3:29pm FLAG
lol do you have a facebook honey?

the real 8 inches Feb 26 2012 3:30pm FLAG
I'm confused now :s did you say the facebook comment. If u did nah I don't. But ill make it when I get my computer

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:31pm FLAG
i did...the real me. If i give you my cell numbah will u txt me so we can not be inturupted

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 3:35pm FLAG
It don't matter ill know weather its u

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:44pm FLAG
how will u know if its me? Lol

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 3:46pm FLAG
Depending on wht they\you say

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:48pm FLAG
i hattteeee imposters lol my num is 843-267-7775 and i swear on the bandito platoon thats me

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 3:50pm FLAG
nipples thats my cell babe

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 3:56pm FLAG
What country do u live in?

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 3:58pm FLAG
Florida and u ? honey ?

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 4:01pm FLAG
what country do u live in lol

the real 8 inch Feb 26 2012 4:01pm FLAG
England. I can't txt u thts TOO exspensive

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:02pm FLAG
hey dude who said florida.. you you stupid imposter. Go slit your wrists and jump off a cliff. Hey nipples whats ur name and age lol

the real 8 inch and not the imposter Feb 26 2012 4:05pm FLAG
So where do u live? My name is sophie age u?

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:07pm FLAG
i live in south carolina. Would u find it weird if i was ? And im josh

josh from sc Feb 26 2012 4:09pm FLAG
No I wudnt

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:12pm FLAG
im . I live in south carolina but im currently stationed at fort jackson. In 20im going to afghanistan

Us Marines Feb 26 2012 4:15pm FLAG
Why. To fight in the war?

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:17pm FLAG
well ya lol. Today in afghanistan 31 US troops were killed when a helicopter was shot down

josh Feb 26 2012 4:19pm FLAG
Yhh I heard about that. Your so brave. Wish you all the luck!!!

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:21pm FLAG
I was watching something about it and they were talking about there always sexually fustrated

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:26pm FLAG
and if i was with u it would be better...u know why? Cause i work out on a regular basis and my 8 inch c*ck is really muscular..maybe when im in england i can run by ur house late at night and let you feel a muscular c*ck in ur ;)

im super hard- josh Feb 26 2012 4:27pm FLAG
MMMMMM. Wish u cud see ur c*ck sounds so nice yh you shud drop in ;)

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:30pm FLAG
Do u cum allot

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:34pm FLAG
like do i jack off alot or does it shoot out of my head? Here picture this and tell me if u want it : i jack off 2 to 3 times a day and each time creamy thick warm cum covers my whole hand and my head of my penis

josh Feb 26 2012 4:37pm FLAG
Mmmmmm babe ill swallow it all up 4 you!!!!

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:40pm FLAG
sophie,i want to rub your tight cl*t and let you suck up all of my sticky cum that covers my hand baby

josh Feb 26 2012 4:43pm FLAG
Mmmm babe that's happily accepted!!! Josh; you can suck on my hard nipples ;)

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:48pm FLAG
mm babe u should make a facebook so we can keep in touch ;)

josh Feb 26 2012 4:53pm FLAG
Yhh ill try and rememeber for tmoz

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 4:54pm FLAG
u have school tomorrow?

josh Feb 26 2012 4:57pm FLAG
Yhhhh I do :'( why?

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 26 2012 5:01pm FLAG
just wonderin.....u should make a facebook right now

josh Feb 26 2012 5:12pm FLAG
dont do it... he's gonna stalk you

Anonymous Feb 26 2012 11:45pm FLAG
Lool how?

MyNipplesareHard Feb 27 2012 7:28am FLAG
hey nipps look me up on facebook joshua mampreyan

jdm Feb 27 2012 3:09pm FLAG
I forgot to make one but what do u look like? Ill make it in a bit

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 27 2012 3:49pm FLAG
im tall skinny short brownish hair with blue eyes and of course u already know an 8 inch meat stick ;)

josh Feb 27 2012 4:36pm FLAG
I like tall guys and blue eyes. Shove that 8 inch d*ck in my mouth!

MyNipplesAreHard Feb 27 2012 10:54pm FLAG
i shove my hard on in ur mouth and cums

josh Feb 28 2012 3:31pm FLAG
im bi and . ready 4 anything.

Why u wanna know May 07 2012 2:43pm FLAG
Any ate??

anthony May 10 2012 5:29pm FLAG
me so me love you long tiem

Sum-Nam Esehor Jun 22 2012 1:33pm FLAG
Someone ram their d*ck up my ass doggystyle

Hornybaby Jul 17 2012 5:13am FLAG
Lick my cl*t babe

HornyBitch Aug 20 2012 5:42am FLAG
Lick my cl*t babe

HornyBitch Aug 20 2012 5:43am FLAG
Any one up for eating out my wet right now.

Wet Aug 25 2012 4:09pm FLAG
Hey I'm a girl

Sucky ducky Sep 16 2012 11:13pm FLAG
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Eric Sep 17 2012 9:36am FLAG
Mmm, reading this got me really wet. Now I'm fingering.

Fingering Nov 13 2012 8:34am FLAG
Îm so fuc*ing like i wish i was abel to fqk somebody rht now

MILF Nov 18 2012 11:03pm FLAG
Im anyone wana ? Girls only

shaynaynay Dec 11 2012 8:06pm FLAG
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BIANCA Dec 11 2012 8:33pm FLAG
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HORNYANDALONE Dec 16 2012 12:47am FLAG
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Anonymous Dec 23 2012 3:22am FLAG
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Misty Dec 23 2012 9:38pm FLAG
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Stephanie Jan 03 2013 12:05am FLAG
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Carlos Jan 03 2013 8:37pm FLAG
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Jasmine Jan 09 2013 6:40pm FLAG
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Jasmine Jan 09 2013 6:44pm FLAG
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Biggest c*ck in the world Mar 05 2013 3:56pm FLAG
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Anonymous Mar 05 2013 4:00pm FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 03 2013 8:04am FLAG
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