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How do I seduce my Step Sister?

The Problem: My new Step Sister and I are both and she stays over once a fortnight. She sleeps in the next room from me. She is beautiful and has a great body. I really want to seduce her for sex. I can get protectipn and I don't give a ing nowadays. Any tips appreciated! Cheers and peace out!

Asked by: HypeHypeTing at 08:10:32 AM, Tuesday, March 13, 2012 PDT FLAG


Define it

Seduce Mar 13 2012 5:58pm FLAG


someone Mar 14 2012 10:14pm FLAG
get ur it so hard!

wow Mar 14 2012 10:15pm FLAG
sorry but she may not be your sister but she is you stepsister...that is still a sister because she is from either the same mom or same dad. DSo thats weird to someone clood related. She wouldn't fully blood related but still. 'If she's related by her mom or dad and your mom or dad just marring then she's is only marriage related and i think thats ok.

Baby Kat Mar 16 2012 10:23am FLAG
oppse... i made like 2 typos!! typo 1: not DSo but i meant So and typo 2: Not clood.. but i meant blood

Baby Kat Mar 16 2012 10:25am FLAG
I was in this about a month ago and am still trying to seduce her, or getting in the right position to do so. My step-sister is and I am . What I did the first time. You need to watch a movie with her, preferably one with a sex scene. Then get hard in front of her, after you are hard either put your hand around your d*ck or put her hand on it. Maybe ask her a clever flirty question. Try to say things that will make her her stand up in front of her when you are hard, or try to cuddle with her so she feels your c*ck when you get hard. That is something you should try. Email me:, let me know if it works or ask for some more advice.

kiddj Mar 16 2012 11:50pm FLAG
Ok well... Tell her u luv her and be nice and romantic (that's what girls want) then take it slow (girls want that) and when u can't bear it scream it out and go 4 it Go go go!!!!

Askmebabe Mar 18 2012 3:47am FLAG
be like i wanna you that should do it

Fall Mar 23 2012 4:58pm FLAG
I have the same problem, I've been trying to H E C K her for over 3 months now the Closest I've come is having a major feel Of her t1ts and a 5 minute make out session, if you find out how to heck her plz let me know Email me at asap

Uberanon Apr 09 2012 6:27am FLAG
Don't have sex! Keep away from her! Find someone else

Skemz Apr 18 2012 3:30pm FLAG
Go ahead and tell her all the time you think she is gorgeous, and have a sexy body. She'll love it. Then let her catch you *****. She would probably be curious, and not tell anyone. Then tell her you like her, and show her your cck. Let her stroke it, and then tell her to let you stroke her pssy. When she cums, get on top of her and go to town. She'll love it too much to complain. Worked with my sister May 19 2012 6:36pm FLAG
that's fine go and enjoy...

candy nellai May 27 2012 6:02am FLAG
lol the person who said she is still a sis actually no. A half sister is from either same mom or dad a step sister is totally dif parents so read up some logic retard

your name here Aug 11 2012 2:44pm FLAG
thats true she is not your sis but try to do it slow though

radox Aug 26 2012 7:42pm FLAG
what if shes not blood related

Mr.X Sep 06 2012 5:24pm FLAG
anyways im and my sis is with perfect tits she talks about jerking me off and saying i eat the tang. I want her SOOOOOOOOOO bad

Mr.X Sep 06 2012 5:26pm FLAG
For whoever said that its the same blood it's not that's half sister step is completely different no blood relation

Kggjgdr Jun 23 2013 10:39pm FLAG
I want my step sis but I'm and she's help!

E.D Sep 30 2013 1:47pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 6:52pm FLAG
Go up to her, grab her sweet ass, pants her (pull her pants down) lick her and she will be amazed

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 6:52pm FLAG
Hey E.D., You give no info on the relationship between you and your step sister-without that, no one can give you any worthwhile advise. Anonymous

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 4:20am FLAG
Hey HypeHypeTing, How does she act around you? Does she flirt or wear sexy clothes? Girls usually become sexual about twelve; pay attention to how she acts around you. Best I can tell you from the info you have posted.

Anonynous Oct 13 2013 4:29am FLAG
Start to tickle her and then squeeze her ass and see how she reacts

anonymous Apr 01 2015 3:50pm FLAG
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