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Penguin? - liv

The Problem: u on? i misses you

Asked by: livie_1999 at 04:03:33 PM, Monday, December 08, 2014 PST FLAG


Hey Penguin Baby , I'll be back cause I have to get done with my book report

Rawr(Brb) Dec 08 2014 4:20pm FLAG

oh okie :,(

liv Dec 08 2014 4:22pm FLAG
Hey baby I'm back , I have a [IEP] so I hope I can get extra time on my work cause I need an extra day anyway -kiss-

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:08pm FLAG
Redemption? and i have an IEP...but for academically gifted kids ^_^ *kisses back* i missed you my Penguin

liv Dec 08 2014 6:11pm FLAG
I only have a IEP cause I blame my mom for not treating me to pre-school anyway , misses you too my Cherry-Penguin

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:13pm FLAG
u gotta call meh dat dont you *sigh* and lolz...i didnt go to preschool. plus i started kindergarten when i was 4 o_o.....but im academically gifted so i dont count XD

liv Dec 08 2014 6:19pm FLAG
I started Kindergarden when I was 5

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:24pm FLAG
O_O REALLY? ermigosh i would never think that! lmfao XD

liv Dec 08 2014 6:26pm FLAG
I love you

liv Dec 08 2014 6:27pm FLAG
Yeah , and I love you liv so much .

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:33pm FLAG
i cant wait till im 18 cuz then ill get to met you irl.....*kisses you for a long time*

liv Dec 08 2014 6:35pm FLAG

liv Dec 08 2014 6:35pm FLAG
Yeah that be real nice babe -kisseskisseskisses-

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:36pm FLAG
wanna have another kissing war? *blushes*

liv Dec 08 2014 6:41pm FLAG
I sure do!

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:45pm FLAG
but you know ill win. i always do :p *kisses your nose*

liv Dec 08 2014 6:47pm FLAG
Yeah , that's true -holds your hand-

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:49pm FLAG
but.....i still wanna have it....*pouts*

liv Dec 08 2014 6:51pm FLAG
i like winning =^_^=

liv Dec 08 2014 6:51pm FLAG
^totes a kitty cat. meow!

liv Dec 08 2014 6:52pm FLAG
Ok , kissing war.

Redemption Dec 08 2014 6:56pm FLAG
hmmmmm you start, im nervous

liv Dec 08 2014 6:58pm FLAG
-starts to kiss lightly-

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:01pm FLAG
*kisses you deeper and snugles up to you*

liv Dec 08 2014 7:02pm FLAG
You disgust me

m Dec 08 2014 7:03pm FLAG
What's wrong now? @Caleb

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:05pm FLAG
whaddya mean!?! @m

liv Dec 08 2014 7:06pm FLAG
Depression suicide attempts girls

m Dec 08 2014 7:07pm FLAG
now i sad... :,(

liv Dec 08 2014 7:07pm FLAG
u not making much sense o_o @m

liv Dec 08 2014 7:08pm FLAG
There's this girl who I dated for about a year but I broke up with her and she's like my best friend now and now I'm dating this other girl and now my best friend wants to get back together and i dont know what to do

m Dec 08 2014 7:09pm FLAG
ok...... fake I stopped barging in on people.....

the real m Dec 08 2014 7:11pm FLAG
Well you figure it out yourself @FakeM cause everyone can think and learn

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:12pm FLAG
and how can this disgust me when I know I've done much orse –_–

m Dec 08 2014 7:13pm FLAG
fake m=ixopo

m Dec 08 2014 7:13pm FLAG
okie ummmm we (nate and i) were kinda in the middle of something....

liv Dec 08 2014 7:14pm FLAG
Sorry yousa told me about a faker..... Ill leave...... tell me if he's back....

m Dec 08 2014 7:16pm FLAG
okie will do @m

liv Dec 08 2014 7:17pm FLAG
-french kisses- @CP

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:18pm FLAG
*wraps arms around your neck and frenches deeper* :p

liv Dec 08 2014 7:19pm FLAG
-kisses your neck- I WIN KABOOM! :D

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:20pm FLAG
awwww its over? and i didnt win? :(

liv Dec 08 2014 7:21pm FLAG

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:24pm FLAG
mer. *makes face* no fair. i call a rematch.

liv Dec 08 2014 7:25pm FLAG
*plops in your lap and makes out with you passionately* there's my rematch. i win! =^_^=

liv Dec 08 2014 7:26pm FLAG
I want the point :(

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:27pm FLAG
Ok you win

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:27pm FLAG
the point? from winning? hmmmm okie den. you win

liv Dec 08 2014 7:27pm FLAG
consider that kiss you're award for winning lol :D.....cuz i LET you win

liv Dec 08 2014 7:29pm FLAG
*your....grrr i hate typing -_-

liv Dec 08 2014 7:29pm FLAG
Ok kiss meh again for my other reward :D

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:30pm FLAG
hmmmm okie *keeps making out with you*

liv Dec 08 2014 7:32pm FLAG
-kisses deeper with passion-

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:34pm FLAG
I want my black-bandana

Redemption Dec 08 2014 7:37pm FLAG
Gah sorry i fell asleep o_o. sorry

liv Dec 08 2014 9:49pm FLAG
but....isa going back to sleep. Goodnight my Penguin, I love you

liv Dec 08 2014 9:55pm FLAG
Love yew too my darling

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 2:20pm FLAG
"Mesa baaa-aaaack!" "How rude!" lawls im such a geek XD (dose be star wars's jar jar binks quotes) damn. im AM a geek o_o

liv Dec 09 2014 5:41pm FLAG
* i am

liv Dec 09 2014 5:41pm FLAG
YeahI like the new saga of the White Light Saber that cuts through bettef then anything well the Dark Light Saber

Rwr! Dec 09 2014 5:48pm FLAG
-Air Thrusts- WHOO!

Ray-Smiles(Rawr!) Dec 09 2014 5:50pm FLAG
Well shìt , nevermind lol.

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:01pm FLAG
XD you're adorable Penguin *kisses nose*

liv Dec 09 2014 6:01pm FLAG
no i here....iwas talking to meh dad ._.

liv Dec 09 2014 6:02pm FLAG
*im....i was

liv Dec 09 2014 6:02pm FLAG
Oh ok

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:10pm FLAG
i misses you

liv Dec 09 2014 6:12pm FLAG
I missed yew toooo

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:13pm FLAG
i thought about you today....bunches. *blushes*

liv Dec 09 2014 6:15pm FLAG
Me too heh

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:17pm FLAG
have you told any of your friends about me? just curious....

liv Dec 09 2014 6:18pm FLAG
Yea , my best friend Brandon

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:19pm FLAG
lol ive told two friends about you specifically and asked some other friends what they thought about me dating someone online lol. mixed opinions btw but idrc. i love you

liv Dec 09 2014 6:25pm FLAG
what did your friend say about me? what did you tellhim, for that matter? (sorry im a very curious person. im borderline nosy tbh o_o)

liv Dec 09 2014 6:26pm FLAG
Yeah , I love you too , and tomarrow I'm gonna make my custom mask for my fighting area with my friend Brandon , I call it "Nate&Brandon VS! The World"

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:27pm FLAG
He just said "Cool as long my bro seems happy then I'm happy aswell"

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:28pm FLAG
but....what did you say bout me? and cool bout the mask lol

liv Dec 09 2014 6:31pm FLAG
I said "I got a girl named alivia and ever since she's been one of the sweetest girls I been with to be honest bro"

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:33pm FLAG
"BirdMasio" is my first mask cost about $ 2 3 6 to make it custom and my second mask is "GasPunk" which cost up to $ 4 4 7 to make

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:36pm FLAG
oh. well um....oh *blushes*. i told my friend that you were genuinely one of the kindest people i have ever met and that i practically fell in love from our first convo and just like everything ik about you and she agreed that we sounded like a perfect match =^_^= ←DAT KITTY DOE

liv Dec 09 2014 6:37pm FLAG
damn. thats a lot of me at least but ive been poor my whole life soooo

liv Dec 09 2014 6:38pm FLAG
Dang :/ and yea it is alot but I have more that I earn by work , I'm still making more to build my company online stock sell

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:40pm FLAG
Liv , kiss me

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:41pm FLAG
Okie. *kisses your nose* :p :p :p ←triple :p

liv Dec 09 2014 6:43pm FLAG
awwwww it messed up. oh well. *sits in your lap and frenches you* better?

liv Dec 09 2014 6:45pm FLAG
Nooo not that heh , -kisses your lips with passion- alivia your so sweet to me I love you dear

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 6:45pm FLAG
i love you back *makes out with you*

liv Dec 09 2014 6:47pm FLAG
whered you gooooo? *cries*

liv Dec 09 2014 6:53pm FLAG
Sorry baby I went to eat

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:03pm FLAG
Picks you up -kisses- I love you so so so so much

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:04pm FLAG
oh okie den ^_^ ive been arguing my case as to why cats are better than dogs. its in gravity's most recent post if you wanna read it.....and i love you back baby *kisskisskiss*

liv Dec 09 2014 7:06pm FLAG
Nah I choosw dog , I'm not much a fan of cats they're lazy scum bags worth of poop brains

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:11pm FLAG

liv Dec 09 2014 7:16pm FLAG
Aw baby I'm sorry I won't :( -tries to cuddle you- I'm sowwy

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:20pm FLAG
*sniffs* its okie....just dont do it again. and i think i have a new favorie animal anyways. can you guess what it is? *huggles* ←that be your hint ^_^

liv Dec 09 2014 7:23pm FLAG

liv Dec 09 2014 7:24pm FLAG
Nah it's fine I'm a dog person , you're a cat person so it's nice lol -kisses-

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:27pm FLAG
*frenches* but you didnt guess what meh new fav animal is lol

liv Dec 09 2014 7:28pm FLAG
What is it? -frenches you- mmm

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:30pm FLAG
Penguin silly *frenches deeper*

liv Dec 09 2014 7:32pm FLAG
↑one hundredth post! WHOOOO! lol idk im bored o_o

liv Dec 09 2014 7:36pm FLAG
Should be a cause for celebration

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:37pm FLAG
Ha aw lol -kissessss- yea I'm just listening to music

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:37pm FLAG
ooooooh i like music lol. *kissesssssssss* i win! :p

liv Dec 09 2014 7:40pm FLAG
Whoa c'mon Ixopo no faking , ya pansie lard ass lookin motherfùcka

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:41pm FLAG
huh? im confuzzled....

liv Dec 09 2014 7:42pm FLAG
Nothing babe Ixopo is just being a girly man

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:43pm FLAG
~brushes your hair~ what's up baby?

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:45pm FLAG
when he'd fake you? oh well nvm it doesnt matter. now then i believe we were in the middle of frenching....

liv Dec 09 2014 7:46pm FLAG
Yeah ~frenches deep-

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:50pm FLAG
*cuddles up to you still kissing you*

liv Dec 09 2014 7:51pm FLAG
~picks you up while kissing~

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:53pm FLAG
*wraps my legs around your waist and kisses you deeper*

liv Dec 09 2014 7:54pm FLAG
~holds you and kissing deeper with passion~

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:56pm FLAG
*kisses more passionately*

liv Dec 09 2014 7:57pm FLAG
~kissing more passionately~

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 7:59pm FLAG
Baby im sleeeeeepy *cuddles while still kissing*

liv Dec 09 2014 8:00pm FLAG
~holds you in my arms, kiss~ ok baby ~brushes your hair~

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 8:03pm FLAG
*snuggles up close* i love you

liv Dec 09 2014 8:04pm FLAG
I gave Caleb(miles5) my picture to post on LikeLike , no one seen my face since 2 0 1 2 so I'm showing my face again for once , and I love you babe

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 8:07pm FLAG
~kisses your neck lighty~ just sleep baby I worry when your sleepy ,

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 8:08pm FLAG
ooooohhh okie den *grins* so damn sleepy doe *yawns*

liv Dec 09 2014 8:08pm FLAG
why you worry, silly? im just all zombified the next day at school 0_0

liv Dec 09 2014 8:10pm FLAG
Yeah ~snuggles you~ I'll just send a picture of me in your twitter message when it works again you'll see me.

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 8:11pm FLAG
I am zombified when I go to school lol

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 8:12pm FLAG
okie :)....*snuggles back* im bout to fall asleep -_-. i dont wanna

liv Dec 09 2014 8:12pm FLAG
AW SH1T NOT AGAIN! im so fuking sick of this! (acid reflux. i get all the fukig time, unfortunately)

liv Dec 09 2014 8:14pm FLAG
*get it....fuking

liv Dec 09 2014 8:14pm FLAG
What's acid reflux,

Rawr! Dec 09 2014 8:16pm FLAG
Give advice: