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Im back, Penguin =^_^= - liv

The Problem: you on?

Asked by: livie_1999 at 01:52:12 PM, Wednesday, December 10, 2014 PST FLAG


Nobody cares, you whore

m Dec 10 2014 2:40pm FLAG

Caleb is at school no body can honestly fake anyone without exact info about them , don't even try to think cause your just mad or even jealous that no one pays attention ._. @FakeCaleb

Rawr! Dec 10 2014 2:41pm FLAG
You don't even know what a whore is .

Rawr! Dec 10 2014 2:42pm FLAG
Your mom is a whore

liv Dec 10 2014 2:49pm FLAG
That's kind of a bit too original

Rawr! Dec 10 2014 2:51pm FLAG
"Your mom is a whore" is what a 7 year old would say

Rawr! Dec 10 2014 2:52pm FLAG
Your mom is a 7 year old

Salien Dec 10 2014 2:54pm FLAG
My mom could be a whore , as if I care? Call her a whore as much as needed she's worthless

Rawr! Dec 10 2014 2:55pm FLAG
That doesn't make any sense @Fake why are 1 2 year olds like you doing mistakes like their dead grandparents?

Rawr! Dec 10 2014 2:56pm FLAG
Is that why you did your own mom?

Enemy1.4.. Dec 10 2014 2:57pm FLAG
Who knows what she does , and stop changing the topic , your weak

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:00pm FLAG
Your mom is week

May Dec 10 2014 3:01pm FLAG
Looks like your just pissed a off-nerd making "mom" insults again read , Shes worthless

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:01pm FLAG
Weak* spell correctly , she is weak and?

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:01pm FLAG
Looks like a bored troll

Salien Dec 10 2014 3:02pm FLAG
I like hairy balls

Salien Dec 10 2014 3:02pm FLAG
I'm bored , just trying to make conversation *yawn*

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:02pm FLAG
Hmhm goodluck , stop being jealous of us

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:03pm FLAG
Conversation is impossible, this thread will get faked into the ground

Salien Dec 10 2014 3:03pm FLAG
Faking is nothing

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:04pm FLAG
joy....they found us -_- @enemy

liv(real) Dec 10 2014 3:15pm FLAG
Don't worry it's nothing i'm still happy anyway

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:16pm FLAG
*claps* oi twinkle d*ck I'm still pissed at you

Dec 10 2014 3:20pm FLAG
Good for you should I care?

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:23pm FLAG
Yeah you should enemy -_-

Dec 10 2014 3:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:29pm FLAG
Dude think carefully who your talking to -_- especially when that person got out of the hospital recently and tried to contact you whose supposed to be their friend -_-

Dec 10 2014 3:32pm FLAG
Ok , you're right.

Anonymous Dec 10 2014 3:34pm FLAG
ummmmm am i missing something here? *confuzzled*

liv Dec 10 2014 3:39pm FLAG

Enemy Dec 10 2014 3:41pm FLAG

Dec 10 2014 3:42pm FLAG

Dec 10 2014 3:42pm FLAG

Enemy Dec 10 2014 3:43pm FLAG
Smh fakes love me as always xD

Dec 10 2014 3:55pm FLAG
Do you have kik?

Enemy Dec 10 2014 4:04pm FLAG
you kids need 2 growing up

Anonymous Apr 17 2015 6:56am FLAG
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