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The Problem: are you on?

Asked by: livie_1999 at 06:59:06 PM, Wednesday, December 10, 2014 PST FLAG


well um by the time you see this I'l probably be asleep. But I love you bunches and I'll talk to you tomorrow, my Penguin. Goodnight =^_^= ←KITTY

liv Dec 10 2014 7:17pm FLAG


liv Dec 10 2014 7:18pm FLAG
Goodnnight , much love Cherry , nighty night , I'll be back in 3 : 3 0 in your time zone

Redemption Dec 10 2014 9:55pm FLAG
im back...i missed you *hugs*

liv Dec 11 2014 1:44pm FLAG
Misses yew too love -huggs-

Redemption Dec 11 2014 6:01pm FLAG
Sorry I wasn't on , I been sick , and been laying down , passing out , so I'm back feeling better babe ^-^ when you come back on I'm here.

Redemption Dec 11 2014 6:51pm FLAG
im here *hugs*

liv Dec 11 2014 6:56pm FLAG
u there?

liv Dec 11 2014 7:08pm FLAG
Yes -hug-

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:09pm FLAG
*kisses* ive missed you. i has a headache :(

liv Dec 11 2014 7:10pm FLAG
I pass out sometimes from stress and whatever cause you know my Final-Exams are coming and I gotta study when all these tests are coming up and just like , just hard on me right now

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:11pm FLAG
~kisses you on the lips~ yeah , me too cherry , and sorry to hear if you close your eyes and focus on the headache it can sometimes help

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:13pm FLAG
yeah ik how you feel. my semester exams are next week 0_0. and im in all honors and two classes are junior classes and im a sophomore 0_0

liv Dec 11 2014 7:15pm FLAG
Yeah , me too my Semester Exams are next Wensday and I get to leave when my tests are done so I'll start school at 7: 2 5 and schol ends at 1 2 : 1 5 so school gets out early

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:17pm FLAG
i just hope it doesnt get to the point i puke like it did last time (my headache)

liv Dec 11 2014 7:17pm FLAG
~lays down~

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:17pm FLAG
Yeah but for me when I get headaches I just get dizzy and fall down

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:19pm FLAG
HA LUCKY! my seventh period exam is monday then we go to shortened classes. then tuesday i have first third and fifth exams then wednesday i have second fourth and sixth. no early release days 0_0

liv Dec 11 2014 7:22pm FLAG
Yep that's the beauty of Colorado Schools baby ~kisses your cheeks~ mmm

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:25pm FLAG
god my head hurts...severeley. im watching Click btw. adam sandler is amazing but this movie makes me cry. im bawling my eyes out right now

liv Dec 11 2014 7:27pm FLAG
my parents wanna move to Colorado....

liv Dec 11 2014 7:28pm FLAG
Aww wish I was there with yew :(

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:28pm FLAG
Colorado is the best!

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:29pm FLAG
no you dont. im legit sobbing like a baby

liv Dec 11 2014 7:30pm FLAG
Alivia , I love you so much , I mean I really do , everything has been good to me , you make me happy so much .

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:31pm FLAG
Yeah , I wish I was with you , as long I'm here I'm fine.

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:31pm FLAG

liv Dec 11 2014 7:32pm FLAG
I know right, I felt the sadness when his father cries that made me say "wow your a dìck , how could you make that sad father cry :'("

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:35pm FLAG
IK and then when hes just laying in the road dying i really lose it

liv Dec 11 2014 7:37pm FLAG
Yeah so sad , almost like Forest Gump

Redemption+CherryPenguin Dec 11 2014 7:38pm FLAG
well babe um my heads realy hurting plus my cousin is sleeping in meh bed o_o. so i think im gonna go to bed. i love you though. *frenches you*

liv Dec 11 2014 7:39pm FLAG
-frenches back- wanna hear a good sad song? It's my favorite

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:40pm FLAG
yeah sure lol

liv Dec 11 2014 7:41pm FLAG
Dead Memories by Slipknot

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:42pm FLAG
oh yeah heard it. well babe ima try to sleep and get rid of this migraine. Goodnight my Penguin i love you *kisses*

liv Dec 11 2014 7:49pm FLAG
Nighty night Cherry -kisses- feel better soon!

Redemption Dec 11 2014 7:52pm FLAG
im better now lol *blows you a kiss*

liv Dec 12 2014 1:44pm FLAG
-grabs it- MINE

Redemption Dec 12 2014 3:17pm FLAG
XD you're adorable. i love you but...ive decided im leaving this site. for good. i just...idk. ive recently realised how terrible of a person ive become and...i want a clean slate. Please dont think this is your fault. It's mine. I hope you can forgive me one day, Nate. But if you can't, I'll understand. I'm sorry. I love you.

liv Dec 12 2014 5:15pm FLAG
I understand , I really do I still have you on twitter

Redemption Dec 12 2014 5:19pm FLAG
I love you still

Redemption Dec 12 2014 5:20pm FLAG
No, you don't understand. When I said I wanted a clean slate I meant...that I was breaking off all connections. I want a fresh start. I want to become a better person. Please don't take this personal. None of this is your fault, you did absolutely nothing. I love you more than I love myself which is part of the reason I'm leaving. You deserve someone far better than me. I'm really tuly sorry. I love you.

liv Dec 12 2014 5:23pm FLAG

liv Dec 12 2014 5:24pm FLAG
*kisses you one last time with tears running down my face* I love you. I'll miss you, my Penguin.

liv Dec 12 2014 5:26pm FLAG
"I want you to know. That it doesn't matter, where we take this road. Someone's gotta go. And I want you to know. You couldn't have loved me better. But I want you to move on. So I'm already gone. Looking at you makes it harder. But I'll know you'll find another. That doesnt always make you wanna cry..."

liv Dec 12 2014 5:38pm FLAG

Redemption Dec 12 2014 5:39pm FLAG
I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you

liv Dec 12 2014 5:41pm FLAG
I do forgive you

Redemption Dec 12 2014 5:47pm FLAG
but you don't love me anymore. but that's okay because i want what's best for you which, in this case, is forgetting all about me.

liv Dec 12 2014 5:49pm FLAG
well you're probably not respinding bc you dont want to, which is understandable, so im leaving now. tell everyone i said bye. Goodbye, my Penguin.

liv Dec 12 2014 6:17pm FLAG

liv Dec 12 2014 6:17pm FLAG
Some day youll come back, and ill enjoy every moment with you. Alivia, i just want to tell you how much i have enjoyed being with you. Maybe you dont know but i cherrised every moment i spent with you and i am honored to have my heart broken by you. Bye

Penguin Dec 13 2014 10:12pm FLAG
Um thanks? @FalseP.

Redemption Dec 14 2014 5:38pm FLAG
message me on xbox im AlightFive8 2 8

audrey Dec 14 2014 5:39pm FLAG
liv??? holy sh*t

Anonymous Dec 17 2014 6:05pm FLAG
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PqAYsjXczaAvT Dec 21 2014 4:16pm FLAG
God do I miss Alivia so much

Joah May 18 2015 11:27am FLAG
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