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Jackie come here - Tim

The Problem: You there?

Asked by: cbark24 at 07:26:28 PM, Monday, December 29, 2014 PST FLAG


im here

jackie Dec 29 2014 7:40pm FLAG

Awesome sweet and so do you want to go out with me? It's cool of you say no but I like you lol

Tim Dec 29 2014 7:41pm FLAG
sure, how old are you?

jackie Dec 29 2014 7:42pm FLAG
I'm old lol I'm 19 wbu? Idc about age though you just seem really cool

Tim Dec 29 2014 7:44pm FLAG
1 8 lol so...

jackie Dec 29 2014 7:44pm FLAG
Haha that's awesome well sweet we are dating lol and let's continue the rp?

Tim Dec 29 2014 7:47pm FLAG
sure *time slip: baby was born yesterday*

jackie Dec 29 2014 7:49pm FLAG
Ok cool... Aww it's so tiny and cute is it a boy or girl and what's the name?

Tim Dec 29 2014 7:53pm FLAG
umm its a girl, lets name her... susana or susan or susie for short

jackie Dec 29 2014 7:55pm FLAG
I like Sussan let's name her that :) sound good?

Tim Dec 29 2014 7:57pm FLAG
sure, (suzie for short)

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:01pm FLAG
Ok cool *kisses Suzie and you* you did great babe let's go home

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:03pm FLAG

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:06pm FLAG
*goes home and puts Suzie to sleep* she is so sweet babe

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:10pm FLAG
ikr shelooks like you lol

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:14pm FLAG
Haha I know baby it's adorable but now we got some time alone ;)

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:16pm FLAG
yea;) im tired and my ↓↓↓ hurts so i wanna watch a movie..

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:19pm FLAG
Yeah of course I was gonna suggest that lol what do you wanna watch?

Rn Dec 29 2014 8:21pm FLAG
rn? the fuk?

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:22pm FLAG
^^Tim lol

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:23pm FLAG
Yeah sorry I missed typed Tim somehow lol sorry

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:23pm FLAG
I missed the T and M and skipped I lol

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:24pm FLAG
oh.. umm hmm idk, a horror movie but which???

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:25pm FLAG
Hmmm what about The Conjuring?

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:27pm FLAG

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:36pm FLAG
sure sorry talking to my sis

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:38pm FLAG
Ok *puts in the movie and cuddles with you on the couch*

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:40pm FLAG

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:43pm FLAG
What? Really will you be back?

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:43pm FLAG
maybe idk

jackie Dec 29 2014 8:47pm FLAG
Ok please hurt back if you can babe

Tim Dec 29 2014 8:49pm FLAG
Im back

Jackie Dec 30 2014 4:58pm FLAG
Hey I'm here you there?

Tim Dec 30 2014 6:41pm FLAG
tim, that wasnt me i dont do capital

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:01pm FLAG
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