Fantasy Hoops



Jackie come here - Tim

The Problem: You there babe?

Asked by: cbark24 at 06:41:54 PM, Tuesday, December 30, 2014 PST FLAG



jackie Dec 30 2014 8:00pm FLAG

Im back sorry i was busy

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:03pm FLAG
Hey that's ok let's continue the rp at the movie babe *kisses*

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:05pm FLAG
that wasnt me, but its true

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:05pm FLAG
ok ugh this movie is boring* takes off my shirt then kisses you* just no actual s ex, my ↓↓↓ hurts like i said

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:07pm FLAG
Ok cool, and ok babe sorry about that *takes my shirt off and pulls you on top of me and kisses you back*

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:08pm FLAG
moves down and takes off your pants and boxers then sucks you*

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:09pm FLAG
Mmm baby you're so good at that *gets really hard for you*

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:10pm FLAG
keeps going*

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:11pm FLAG
I'm close babe *brushes your hair back getting harder*

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:12pm FLAG
still going*

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:12pm FLAG
I'm cûmming babe *cûms in your mouth* your turn

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:13pm FLAG
takes off pants and underwear and spreads my legs*dont finger me please

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:15pm FLAG
I won't babe you're so sexy though *takes your bra off and starts sucking your nipple and gently rubbing you

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:16pm FLAG
thank you *gently gropes my other boob*

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:18pm FLAG
*sucks nipple harder and starts rubbing it as I move down with kisses and gently start eating you*

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:20pm FLAG
oo, that feels good

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:20pm FLAG
I'm glad baby *eats out more rubbing your clït and squeezing your boob*

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:21pm FLAG
gets very wet* hey im a bit hungr- *baby cries* umm.. *grabes robes and gives you one* here, lets go see her

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:26pm FLAG
Ok baby let's go *puts on robe and goes with you*

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:28pm FLAG
aww.. she has a full diaper.... *changes it* brb im washing my hands

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:30pm FLAG
Ok baby *rocks baby to sleep again and then follows you to he bathroom* she is so cute babe

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:31pm FLAG
lets go to sleep.. *im actually tired*

jackie Dec 30 2014 8:32pm FLAG
Aw ok baby *i wish we could talk more* let's go to bed

Tim Dec 30 2014 8:33pm FLAG

Tim Dec 30 2014 9:18pm FLAG
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