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The Problem: hey only boy who are the age of 1 4 - 1 6 my name is tristan and im a girl and 1 4

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I was there. There were lots of families, but not as many crihdlen as there seem to be at tea party rallies, because I suspect a lot of us aren't as comfortable using our crihdlen to push our message. I have two crihdlen and would never take them to a rally, and I didn't agree with the people who did it yesterday. Second of all, Jon Stewart's people did not hand out those signs. We all brought our own signs. The only thing that was handed out where I was sitting were white towels with the rally's logo on it. Third of all, Yes, the Huffington Post did bus people in. 10,000 people in fact. However, there were around 2,000 people there, maybe more. I was there six hours before the start of the rally and was surrounded by people who paid for themselves and flew in. A family from Oregon was right behind me. A retired lady from Florida next to me, a U.S. soldier next to her, several people from Kentucky a row up, and best friends from Texas standing on my other side. It was a cornucopia of people from all demographics. Finally, while I don't dispute that there were inappropriate signs, the ratio of good to bad signs was probably about 50-1. Just like at the tea party rallies, you can't stop people from making bad decisions and bringing inappropriate signs. Now, you people can believe what you want to believe, but almost nothing I've read here is true, and it sure sounds like you all are getting your information from a source that knows absolutely squat, or is just lying about the facts. Maybe a little sanity would help?I wonder if you'll publish this?

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I was really confused, and this answered all my quiessont.

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