Fantasy Hoops



Ha my secret spot!

The Problem:


Asked by: Enemy at 04:13:26 PM, Sunday, May 31, 2015 PDT FLAG


Non of you damn mother fùckers just won't scroll or even look through any of this shìt!

Enemy May 31 2015 5:56pm FLAG

i will

ScarsAlot May 31 2015 7:20pm FLAG
Oh, hey bestfriend!

Enemy May 31 2015 7:56pm FLAG
your bad at hiding

ScarsAlot May 31 2015 8:03pm FLAG
Ik how ya been??

Enemy May 31 2015 8:47pm FLAG
I love this Violet color so bright and feels like it's high spirits bringing back memories.

Enemy May 31 2015 8:48pm FLAG
Im not sure if that was the real Soulja boy or deen but im dazed and confused and i have a knife i i just dont get it-the purple makes me cry-but its my favorite color-im bawling my eyes out@Enemy

Lapin May 31 2015 11:26pm FLAG
Okay let's see another method non-violant.

Enemy May 31 2015 11:34pm FLAG
Another method. im not home anymore im walking around outside

ScarsAlot May 31 2015 11:40pm FLAG
Well you got me by yourside if anything is troubling you.

Enemy May 31 2015 11:45pm FLAG
I, will stay up all night if I have to, just to see if you feel any better at some rate then also I do like singing my Slipknot.

Enemy May 31 2015 11:46pm FLAG
Slipknot i thought i was the only person in this hell hole who liked them

Lapin May 31 2015 11:50pm FLAG
I love Slipknot and nu-metal bands like August Burns Red, Rob Zombie, System Of A Down, Godsmack, Slayer, Cannible Corpse, Limp Bizkit, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold (2 0 4 + bands)

Enemy May 31 2015 11:52pm FLAG i thought i was all alone in this world listening to the troubled lyrics in these songs play over and over

Lapin May 31 2015 11:55pm FLAG
≈Step inside! See the devil in I!≈ ~Slipknot

Enemy May 31 2015 11:59pm FLAG
I play Guitar and Bass I love to just lose it and play my music.

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:00am FLAG
royal flame will carve a path in chaos bringing daylight to night

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:00am FLAG
I, love the darkness, but on the other hand I feel like a new man in the light. I am both the Clouds to shade the happieness and Clear skies to bring joy, I am many personalitys that will not give up.

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:03am FLAG
im a writer i can just be pissed and writefor days-only musical talent is singing-in my eyes i suck, in forth grade the teacher begged me to join chorus

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:05am FLAG
i seclude myself in my room in the pitch black room to cry

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:07am FLAG
I, was kicked out of Chore class, just cause I was damn good, anyway besides my point I am much of the guitar player by far and beyond their talents so called "singing".

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:08am FLAG
Would you, perhaps be suprised if I said 'I love talking to you'? Anyway I like talking to someone even if it does give them a difference in act or choice by points of views either they love it or hate it. The lesser the Evil, is still Evil. What I always say in my mind of Justice even rules can be broken to care for others in a different, much better way to look at life.

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:11am FLAG
Thats lovely that you have that CX i only have a half baked life thats so F@#ked up that even my mom has no pride and only shows disgust to her only child

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:14am FLAG
i love talking to you aswell although we share similar likes we are privileged to see the other views brought up and what your saying is that if your choosing evil and there is one of lesser value it still is evil

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:17am FLAG
Like I always say "Forgive to hold a bless to Forget"written by Nate Sago (Enemy)

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:19am FLAG
Yes the Evil it is, no matter how much it is, it is still Evil. Grudge will find a way to teach it's user to have it if they won't learn how to control their grudge on others like my step mom I hate her (dislike her) I dislike her what I mean if I hold a grudge on her for so long I might risk my own selfish acts on the ones I love.

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:22am FLAG
That truly is beautiful. I write poetry and quotes, " Mistakes are made to help you lear the right way, but you can only go the right way by first going the wrong ” -Kalea Galletto(Lapin)

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:25am FLAG
Tree roots are my growth, falling leaves are ageing, waterfall is clear and cleansed, streams and rivers fade to shades in dark areas, dirty, disgust and uncolorful. Nature acts a connection to my mind, train of thought, light is positive Dark is negative, I am a person that is equally made as others, differences of Ability, Looks and Size. We are created the same, not built the same.(Memo) - Nate Sago

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:32am FLAG
hm a truly wise statement why risk your relationship with one person due to the vad with the other when you can set your differences aside

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:32am FLAG
I am one person I am not special I am Nate Sago that fights through everything for others I care for (including you) I won't be backed into a corner. I have and made risks to set on moments where I know it can create a new line of direction of fate or either it was destined to be in the future.

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:38am FLAG
well thank you for caring i had realized yesterday the age difference and that your in a happy relationship with Ryder so i will and have stopped flirting and let you cherish her again thank you for being the only one out there to ever care

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:43am FLAG
I will always care and I will not leave you.

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:46am FLAG
I know Dark&Light veiws I just light to share to people that I care. If I was to still be in dark I could show the real meaning of dark I could have not given fùck about any of this at all, but hey that's not me. Names Nate given by my mom I wish to forgive and forget so I can live on by myself and make new friends and the pretty ladies!!! Lol I am both. Wanna know why I picked "Enemy"

Enemy Jun 01 2015 12:53am FLAG
I miss you already heh anyway goodnight

Enemy Jun 01 2015 1:32am FLAG
Why Enemy@Enemy sorry i passed out

Lapin Jun 01 2015 7:02am FLAG
Hay francs! ^-^

Deen Jun 01 2015 9:35am FLAG
It's cool

Enemy Jun 01 2015 10:43am FLAG
Hello deen @Deen Oh enemy why did you pick enemy

Lapin Jun 01 2015 12:59pm FLAG
There's many reasons 'I am not destorying my enemy when I make him my friend'.

Enemy Jun 01 2015 1:13pm FLAG
Well yea okay seeya nvm

Enemy Jun 01 2015 7:39pm FLAG
was there something pertinent you wanted to tell me

Lapin Jun 02 2015 10:12pm FLAG

mickey42 Jun 03 2015 12:28am FLAG
Hello Vanessa

Scarlet Jun 03 2015 1:14pm FLAG

enemy Jun 03 2015 3:28pm FLAG
Yes enemy

Scarlet Jun 03 2015 3:31pm FLAG
i love scarlet

enemy Jun 03 2015 3:32pm FLAG

Ryder Jun 03 2015 3:33pm FLAG

Scarlet Jun 03 2015 3:34pm FLAG
ryder im sorry but i dont love you anymore,i never did.ive always loved scarlet

enemy Jun 03 2015 3:36pm FLAG
scarlet,will you be my girlfriend

enemy Jun 03 2015 3:37pm FLAG
You do know that isnt Nate, right?? @Scarlet

Anonymous Jun 03 2015 3:37pm FLAG
yeah i know fully aware of this thanks though Anon

Scarlet Jun 03 2015 3:39pm FLAG
That's also not Ryder

Anonymous Jun 03 2015 3:42pm FLAG
i know

Scarlet Jun 03 2015 3:50pm FLAG

scarlet Jun 03 2015 3:57pm FLAG
Go to chazty and tell me wtf I did.

Go to chazty and tell me wtf I did. Jun 03 2015 8:53pm FLAG
ill just call tomorrow at like 1:30 ok im just to pissed right now

Scarlet Jun 03 2015 11:19pm FLAG
hey enemy wanna chit chat get to know eachother

schalene Jun 11 2015 6:42am FLAG
im sorry i shouldnt even be talkin to you

schalene Jun 11 2015 6:55am FLAG
i need someone to atleast to talk to i had a big breakup with my bf and i feel soo alone i need comfort

schalene Jun 11 2015 7:07am FLAG

Islam99 Aug 15 2015 1:49am FLAG
WTF did I just find.

Maddie Dec 30 2015 1:07pm FLAG
At last, sooneme who knows where to find the beef

8SF9i4c8q Mar 21 2017 8:48am FLAG
Deep thought! Thanks for cotbuitrning.

DTmBmoNhT Apr 13 2017 8:27am FLAG
Way to use the internet to help people solve prmsbeol!

IyOQTfHD Apr 15 2017 12:41am FLAG
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