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im looking for slaves under 1 4

The Problem: hi im looking for a slave to do whatever i tell her to do, if yes kik me at halo5guardian you must send a live face picture and type "im ready master" anyone who kiks me and does not do this exactly will be blocked immediately! (girls only)

Asked by: Lord Hood at 01:42:54 PM, Sunday, August 16, 2015 PDT FLAG


I don't have Kik, sorry :(

Autumn Aug 28 2015 7:52am FLAG

But I'm ready master ;)

Autumn Aug 28 2015 10:45am FLAG
Autumn are you here?

Master Aug 29 2015 10:40pm FLAG

Autumn Aug 29 2015 11:01pm FLAG
Can I contact you in any other way than here?

Master Aug 29 2015 11:14pm FLAG
No sorry, I don't have Kik and I don't like giving my phone number away :(

Autumn Aug 29 2015 11:23pm FLAG
If you don't mind that though, should I call you Master or Daddy? ;) I do lots of winky faces by the way

Autumn Aug 29 2015 11:41pm FLAG
Call me daddy

Master (Now Daddy) Aug 30 2015 1:24am FLAG
Okay daddy

Autumn Aug 30 2015 1:28am FLAG
Can I do anything for you daddy?

Autumn Aug 30 2015 1:39am FLAG
I made an Instagram for you, Daddy. It's Autumnthekitten xxx

Autumn Aug 30 2015 1:54am FLAG
Check it now

Daddy Aug 30 2015 2:36am FLAG
Hey daddy, long time no see

Autumn Sep 27 2015 11:56am FLAG
Add me to dirty kik groups

"littlexkaren" Feb 02 2016 6:25pm FLAG
Would love to be someone's daddy? I'm 22 male kik: silviasa

silviasa Feb 10 2016 4:02pm FLAG
Kik os silviasfour****a but the number..

Anonymous Feb 10 2016 4:03pm FLAG
wtf yal ppl just do too much

queen_lala Jun 29 2016 6:58pm FLAG
Give advice: