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The Problem: age 1 4 and 1 8

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IMHO I believe the best seirvces are done by the great efforts of the deceased's family and friends, the church building only provides the place in which to have it if you think about it Friend. most of the time one is lucky if the clergy even know who they are presiding over and this includes weddings etc.I cannot tell you how many times the pastor either stumbles, forgets or calls someone by a totally wrong name at some weddin's I've attended I personally do not partake in viewing the dead, I prefer remembering them as they were when ALIVE, I am a very visual person and the thought of having those memories forever are just too much for me. I especially would not have looked at my brother nor my sister, I loved them too much to remember them dead , asleep, knowing nothing, deeds are done, the life is gone, they appear much smaller as well we made celebration of life DVD's to be played:-) that was the Best part:-)I did when I was 5 attend a catholic funeral with my Grandmother and I didn;t know who the old man was, but I was made to look, WHY and wtf??? now I'll never forget the man I never even Knew, senseless, pointless and totally ridiculous to do to a child:-(I have got to ask regarding this statement you made:So far the catholic i like better aside from the open casket O_Oso you uh like/enjoy looking at the dead??? kinda morbid IMHO:-( somethin just ain't right, at least from my perspective anywayz

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