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Too many. I have lost so many relatives and friedns to cancer and heart disease from cigarettes.My dad and my father in law, one of my nephews, my best friend, several associates, brother in law, cousins .in the past 20 years probably about funerals.

JUvSj4Mw6R3 Dec 14 2015 5:25am FLAG

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kBSDnTmx Dec 14 2015 1:32pm FLAG
It does amaze me that both Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch are picked on so much, algouhth Busch does open his mouth quite a bit. I have to say I am a bit disappointed that so many Sprint Cup drivers go down to the Nationwide series to race. It is nice that those in the Nationwide series get to drive against an experienced Cup racer but it takes away from these up and coming drivers a bit as well. This is more a NASCAR issue than any specific driver, though. As far as Jimmie Johnson winning 5 championships in a row and being such a dominating force, more power to him. It takes a lot to stay on top in this sport and if they are staying there, it means they have earned it. Great view on the speeding penalties as well.

yCqo1KTBWVg Dec 19 2015 1:00am FLAG
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