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Master TS, come here.

The Problem: Hi

Asked by: LoveYoung at 10:51:29 AM, Saturday, April 09, 2016 PDT FLAG


Well this is a surprise. What can I do for you LoveYoung?

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 11:49am FLAG

Not very much, but, I have a question.

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 12:10pm FLAG
Sure ask away, I'm always open to questions.

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 12:59pm FLAG
Are you an old man? Also, if you are a ****ager we could be friends. But, if you are an old dude, we can't because thats really füċķíņģ creepy :( Ok thank you

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 2:51pm FLAG
No not an old man or a young man, here I am just a man, there is no age limit on friendship. But that's just what I think.

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 3:13pm FLAG
Thanks for you're answer. The reason I thought you might be older is becuase of how intelligent you are. I have seen your debates, and they are very impressive.

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 3:53pm FLAG
Thank you. I come to the internet to talk to real people without distractions like looks race gender faith or even age. I've known ****agers who talk like scholars and middle aged adults talk like toddlers so I have no faith in ages. If I like talking to a person then I like it, if I don't there are thousands more. Either way I like or don't like them based on the content of their character and nothing else. For all your rants you seem pretty reasonable and smart and that's all I need to treat you as an equal.

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 4:00pm FLAG
Also I read a lot of books. You'd be surprised what a few chapters of Game of Thrones will do for your vocabulary haha

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 4:01pm FLAG
Thank you, Master TS. I agree with your point about people on the internet, and how they talk amd express themselves. And, back at you about being a reasonable and smart person. You are a suprisingly easy person to talk to, you know?

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 4:47pm FLAG
Oh, and I'm a reader too. I actually read for almost two hours every day. I may be called a nerd at school, but it really is good for you, am I right?

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 4:50pm FLAG
It's amazing what you discover when you discard useless info and treat someone normally *smirks* until they give you a reason to not like them, but you should only make that choice after talking with them openly. Also nerds are sexy because intelligence is sexy. Let them call you a nerd when you're making 100k a year in a cushy corner office somewhere and they are dumping your trash haha

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 5:01pm FLAG
I've always been considered something as a "pretty nerd." I honestly don't really know what to say about that. But you are SO correct about intelligence. That is something I've always really envyed about people.

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 5:14pm FLAG
With intelligence you can do anything. Be a scientist or a Ceo or Game Designer, basically anything that you are determined enough to pursue. The people who hate you now really do hate you, because they ultimately fear you. They know what you will be one day and it drives them insane. Take their anger and jealousy as an admission of failure and continue on your 'pretty nerd' ways *smiles*

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 5:19pm FLAG
Thank you, very much for you're time, TS, but I have to go. I will be back maybe next week. Oh, and please, keep debating with people on here. It's very interesting to watch. Goodbye for now.

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 5:26pm FLAG
Also, you may be suprised when you find out now old I am. Its why I can be childish at times. *smiles* Bye.

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 5:28pm FLAG
*smiles* I step up to anyone who challenges me that I consider worth the effort, but you are always welcome. If you ever want to talk you know how to reach me. I look forward to speaking with you again.

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 5:28pm FLAG
*smirks* Be that as it may, I'd prefer you didn't tell me. The fact that you have suddenly interested me this much is plenty for now *smiles* Have a goodnight

MasterTS Apr 09 2016 5:30pm FLAG
You too. *smiles*

LoveYoung Apr 09 2016 5:32pm FLAG
what if he's . o_o

ff Apr 12 2016 8:01pm FLAG
1 2

Anonymous Apr 12 2016 8:01pm FLAG
Did you mean 'what if she's'?

MasterTS Apr 12 2016 8:31pm FLAG
@ff how would you know I might be 1 2?

LoveYoung Apr 13 2016 3:12pm FLAG
I think it's just an arbitrary number. Based on past history what he didn't say was 'what if she's "you sicko pervert"' possibly because he believes I can only talk to a girl when I want sex stuff. But that's just a theory.

MasterTS Apr 13 2016 3:31pm FLAG
What's this? A conversation on Likelike that is civilised? My eyes must be decieving me!

Holly Kitten Apr 14 2016 1:25pm FLAG
*laughs* good job guys!

Holly Kitten Apr 14 2016 1:26pm FLAG
Thank you, did you ever manage to find a master that suits you Holly?

MasterTS Apr 14 2016 2:41pm FLAG
No actually, I didn't.

Holly Kitten Apr 15 2016 9:10am FLAG
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