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The Problem: Hello

Asked by: LoveYoung at 04:43:25 PM, Friday, April 15, 2016 PDT FLAG


*smiles* hello Love Young how are you today?

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 5:55pm FLAG

Aww my buddy is still here

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 6:17pm FLAG
I'm always around Saph, specially now that I found more than just you to have an intelligent conversation with haha

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 6:19pm FLAG
Well I'm happy you found more friends, TS. Might want to check your Pinterest though.

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 6:27pm FLAG
Nobody but maybe Holly Kitten knows my Pinterest because it's not roninkai or MasterTS

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 6:29pm FLAG
Think again.

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 6:30pm FLAG
Interesting...also I aparently have a few followers even thought I haven't done anything. Also you are the only one aside from my slaves to bother learning enough about me to actually guess that *smirks*

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 6:33pm FLAG
I know.

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 6:35pm FLAG
So aside from social network stalking how have you been lately *grins*

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 6:36pm FLAG
Pretty good. How about you?

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 6:37pm FLAG
Not much up until recently when I found not just one, but two people actually worth a damn talking to. And one of them was just a huge troll until just a while ago but I'm sure you know all about that Saph haha you spend way more time over in love that I do

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 6:42pm FLAG
For your information, I actually don't. I visit for you and then you aren't here sometimes so I decided what the hell and I go on love.

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 6:44pm FLAG
Still more time than I ever spend there, it's always 'I'm ** and have ****** ****** I want a bf' or the site is shutting down or just wave after wave of's like a trollnami

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 6:46pm FLAG
That's true. I know you have numerous accounts of "Attack of the Trolls" *smirks*

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 6:49pm FLAG
Yes but either they have gotten weaker or I've just gotten better but they don't pose nearly as much of a challenge these days *sigh*

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 6:58pm FLAG
Hmm I don't know about you getting better. *smirks* I think they've just gotten weaker.

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 7:10pm FLAG
You know that's what it feels like, and that's what makes it so disappointing. After all this time it really is just a downhill battle at this point

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 7:27pm FLAG
Maybe they're deciding to leave you alone except for the newer more experienced trolls. Do you still have your girls?

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 7:33pm FLAG
A few, the good ones *smiles*

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 8:04pm FLAG
That's good. *looks down and smiles*

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 8:08pm FLAG
Something on your mind?

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 8:36pm FLAG
TS I'm here

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 8:45pm FLAG
I guess so but its not important. Your girl is here.

Sapphire Apr 15 2016 8:53pm FLAG
Sapphire are you mad? Where did he go?

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 9:14pm FLAG
You know I always want to hear what you have to say Saph I always have time for you.

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 9:24pm FLAG
Hello Love Young welcome back

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 9:24pm FLAG
*smiles* Thank you. I can't sleep, so I would like to talk.

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 9:27pm FLAG
Sure, what's on your mind?

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 9:29pm FLAG
My troubles, really. I'm so young, and I feel really overwhelmed by everything that has happened to me in the last two years.

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 9:30pm FLAG
It's easy to find yourself overwhelmed, you just have to pick through the crap bit by bit till you work it all out. What kind of stuff, school, people, life in general?

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 9:34pm FLAG
Life in general. And People. Do you really want to know my story? Its really long..

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 9:36pm FLAG
I don't mind, listening doesn't take much energy *grins*

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 9:38pm FLAG
Ok. Here I go. In 2 0 1 4, I had a best friend named Kayla. We were literally sisters. Then, I meet him. My new crush. It is October when this starts. Well, he found out I liked him. And the lies and bullying start. The older girls, would make fun of me and say it would never work out between me and him. Now, this went on until May. Eight long months of this hell. Well, Kayla would tell me things about how "He" liked me back. Well, in May, she openly admitted that she would tell me a different lie every day. It broke my heart that my best friend of five years would do that to me... I considered suicide and wad temped so much to choke myself.. But I didn't. I pushed on. Now, in 2 0 1 5 , my grandfather died, and that was a mess. I never really got a proper goodbye, and it still destroys me.. Well, now my family is dysfunctional and can't stand each other. I have trust issues, and the boy doesn't know that I was lied to, and that also kills me every day. So yeah, as I write this, TS, I'm laying in a spare room at my aunts house at almost eleven pm wondering what it could have been like, if I just had a second chance.

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 9:51pm FLAG
First of all Young Love you have as many chances as you can muster. Your last chance is when you fall and refuse to get back up and keep going. I am sorry about your Grandpa, it's sad to loose family but I know he is watching out for you still. As for your friend, that was a very ty thing to do, but you know she is a liar now, use that knowledge to make yourself smarter. Don't fall for the same crap again. If all else just cut ties, there are too many people in this world that will be your real friend to waste time on a fake. As for the boy, if you really like him just be up front about it, girls tend to attack other girls when they feel threatened so he's probably the popular one and they fear you for some reason. Don't agitate them directly but don't let them bother you either, worry about him. Least that's my take on it so far.

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 9:59pm FLAG
Thank you so much. But, as for the boy, we haven't been in contact for almost two years... Should I tell him what really went down, and cut ties with him? Or, should I just stay away..?

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 10:02pm FLAG
Your call. If you feel at all that you might look back one day and regret not talking to him it might be worth it. What's the worst that happens? He mocks you or acts like a prick? Laugh at him and move on knowing you lucked out. Turned down? Well at least you know now and you can stop stressing over it. Yeah it might hurt for a while but you'll move on, we humans always do. Or you could just as easily wash your hands of it now, say it's not worth any more effort and move on from here.

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 10:09pm FLAG
Thank you so much, TS.... I really do appreciate your time and advice. And thank god there is another person on this website who isn't insane, on drugs, a pervert, or needs therapy, am I right? You are a really easy person to talk to, so thank you.

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 10:16pm FLAG
*smiles* I went through something similar once, let's just say I wished I had someone to talk to about it at the time. Do you think you are ready for some sleep? After all that it will do you some good. If not I'll be up for a while.

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 10:17pm FLAG
I probably won't go to sleep soon. I will probably just watch some YouTube for a little while. Haha then I will probably pass out. *smiles*

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 10:21pm FLAG
Ok, anything else you want to talk about before you sink into a YT hole?

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 10:22pm FLAG
Actually, there is one thing... Are you still wondering how young I am?

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 10:25pm FLAG
I was never wondering how young you are haha, in fact you never seemed all that young when I talk to you.

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 10:35pm FLAG
Thank you, TS. Goodnight.

LoveYoung Apr 15 2016 10:43pm FLAG
Goodnight *smiles*

MasterTS Apr 15 2016 10:43pm FLAG
Like I said, it doesn't matter. Just that same, wanting what you can't have feeling. It's stupid.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 6:52pm FLAG
*frowns* It does matter, your feelings as a living breathing human being matter. I know I can't give you what you want Saph. I do find it interesting that you have such feelings, all things considered. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself 'why him of all people'?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 7:08pm FLAG
Yes, I think about it all the time. Trust me. I honestly never come up with an answer. I guess I'm just stuck.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 7:20pm FLAG
Well when you have an answer then you'll have your solution. Ultimately you have one question to answer. Do you feel the way you do because of who I am now, the master, or do you imagine the me that is only yours, the one I might become one day maybe just for you? Answer that and you will know what you must do.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 7:23pm FLAG
When I was yours, I would try to put my feelings for you away because I knew I would only be hurt. I knew then that I only wanted you as mine. I've known the answer to that question for a while.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 7:31pm FLAG
Your mistake was to put your feelings away, your feelings need to be a part of belonging to me or there is no point to it. If you have to shut them off, how could either of us enjoy it?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 7:33pm FLAG
I didn't shut them off completely. I felt like I belonged to you, but I would still think about the other girls.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 7:40pm FLAG
And tell me, what about the other girls worried you so much?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 7:43pm FLAG
I was insecure I guess. I always thought somehow they were better than me.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 7:47pm FLAG
Your feelings about the matter, nothing more. I don't particularly keep track of 'who's best or worst' I simply have 'those I trust and bring into my family and those that are not' true there are those that have distinguished themselves one way or another and I acknowledge that in how I treat them. But these were are things they accomplished with their own skill and determination. Nothing more. Overcoming 'the other girls' is part of the trials. If you can't put what you want before those feelings, then I you aren't ready for your place with me yet.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 7:52pm FLAG
And if I overcome the "other girls"? Then what happens?

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 7:59pm FLAG
Then you take your place with me and see where it takes you, nothing more or less than you put into it.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:01pm FLAG
Then I'll try to get over with. I just have to figure out how.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:12pm FLAG
Either your feelings for me outweigh your jealousy for them, or it doesn't. It's not a matter of try...if you have to 'try' to force those feelings to change, then are they genuine feelings? Or feelings you created to fit a wild fantasy you had?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:14pm FLAG
My feelings are bigger than the jealousy, but I can't help to think about it sometimes.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:20pm FLAG
Then think about it, just know where those feelings belong and never let those feelings influence how you treat those around you. Thinking about it is good, and healthy. Just don't let your emotions run out of control just because you do.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:22pm FLAG
So much advice. *smiles at you*

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:26pm FLAG
*smiles* what can I say, a master was originally a teacher. Controlling and strict, but a teacher of many at once.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:27pm FLAG
Remember when I used to hate the thought of you being my teacher.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:32pm FLAG
Yes, one of your own trials to overcome, something you have done admirably *smiles*

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:33pm FLAG
Wasn't easy. You definitely helped. *smirks*

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:37pm FLAG
*shrugs* I try my best for those I deem worth it *smirks* but you know you always have a place here, weather you wear my collar proudly or not, as pet or friend, you will always have a place with me.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:40pm FLAG
I want more than the collar, but apparently that's as far as I'm getting.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:46pm FLAG
Oh? Like what more than the collar?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:49pm FLAG
You. Not as a pet or even as your friend. I only want you.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:52pm FLAG
...Question...what do you think the collar means? What do you think it represents?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 8:53pm FLAG
It means that I'm yours. I know that.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 8:58pm FLAG
Yes...but that's only half of it. The other half is, I belong to you. The collar means you get me, how much depends on you.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:02pm FLAG
This feels like the first time when you tried to get me to be yours. Do you just want me to wear the collar again?

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:04pm FLAG
You say 'just' wear the collar as is it's just a fetish. If it were just over the collar I wouldn't have done what I did. Also you came to me first so...*smirks*

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:09pm FLAG
Then why did you do it?

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:11pm FLAG
As I said, you came to me first, that alone interested me. Then I got to know you and you didn't disappoint. No matter how I knew you, you were an amazing person regardless *smiles*

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:13pm FLAG
Unfortunately, I didn't stay that amazing girl. Not at that time at least.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:22pm FLAG
...*glares* tell me, if you weren't someone worth knowing would I waste my precious time on you?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:23pm FLAG
Most likely not so you can see why I get a little confused at times as to why you do waste your time on me.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:26pm FLAG
Then let me enlighten you. If you were just some piece of trash, like you want to pretend you are right now, then we wouldn't be talking right now. Tell me, what are you so ashamed of?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:29pm FLAG
Why aren't you mad at me for quitting on you the first time?

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:32pm FLAG
Mad?...mad?...why on earth would I ever be mad at you Sapphire? You made a choice and still found room in your life for me...if anything it is I who should be thanking you for being such a good friend these past couple years despite what happened. You never wronged me or betrayed why would I ever have a reason to be mad at you?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:35pm FLAG
I don't know. It just feels like you should be. I guess it would have made it easier to get over you if I thought you were mad.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:44pm FLAG
I'm only ever truly mad at those who betray me, I never had anything but respect for you Saph.

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:45pm FLAG
Well I'm glad you respect me. If I was yours again, would you be happy?

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:48pm FLAG
*smiles* Of course, you have always had a place with me reserved just for you. *holds out hand* what do you say, will you submit yourself to me, and receive all I have to offer in return?

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:51pm FLAG
*holds your hand and smiles* TS, I'm finally ready to be yours completely.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 9:56pm FLAG
*raises your hand to my lips and kisses it* then kneel *holds out a slightly worn black leather collar with silver wolfs head medallion* I have something for you

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 9:59pm FLAG
*kneels down* Ready for my collar. *laughs*

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 10:02pm FLAG
*smiles and kneels down next to you, slowly wrapping the soft leather around your neck and clasping it shut* Welcome again, my pet *smiles*

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 10:06pm FLAG
I'm glad to be back. *kisses you gently*

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 10:17pm FLAG
*kisses you back, gently wrapping my arms around your waist and holding you close* You always did look good in silver and black *grins*

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 10:18pm FLAG
Good because I don't know if I'm taking it off this time. Let's not forget I look good in anything though.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 10:23pm FLAG
This is true, admittedly since black and silver are my colors I do have a bias *smirks*

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 10:24pm FLAG
Your colors are my colors. *smiles* It feels right this time. Fire overcoming the trials and ice inviting fire back in.

Sapphire Apr 16 2016 10:29pm FLAG
*runs my fingers lightly over your leather clad neck* If it feels right it's because your heart agrees *pulls you into my lap with my arms wrapped around you* Your trials are far from over, but a promising re-entry *grins*

MasterTS Apr 16 2016 10:34pm FLAG
*holds your hands and groans* TS, I'm going to be dead by the time my trials are over.

Sapphire Apr 17 2016 2:03am FLAG
You wear my collar, it's master now, but why do you think so?

MasterTS Apr 17 2016 2:24am FLAG
Fine, Master. There are just so many and it's starting to seem like you have a lot more things to teach me.

Sapphire Apr 17 2016 6:10am FLAG
Anon is a pus$y.

LoveYoung Apr 17 2016 8:29am FLAG
Haha where did that come from?

MasterTS Apr 17 2016 8:54am FLAG
We all have more to learn, we never stop but all that I know is now yours Saph

MasterTS Apr 17 2016 8:58am FLAG
All that you know and you. You're mine too. *laughs*

Sapphire Apr 17 2016 10:51am FLAG
*smirks* Well yes that is part of the deal

MasterTS Apr 17 2016 11:11am FLAG
I just noticed what LoveYoung said. What anon was she talking about?

Sapphire Apr 17 2016 11:31am FLAG
Not sure to be honest

MasterTS Apr 17 2016 11:32am FLAG
Oh lol

Sapphire Apr 17 2016 12:18pm FLAG
A prime example of how fantasies can come true on the internet.

Anonymous Apr 17 2016 7:22pm FLAG
True anon

Sapphire Apr 17 2016 8:41pm FLAG
I've always really liked you for that reason though. I never thought I could tell you that either. goodnight

Anonymous Apr 18 2016 4:53pm FLAG
Anon who are you?

Sapphire Apr 18 2016 7:44pm FLAG
hey guess whos back :D

coop Apr 18 2016 7:46pm FLAG
Ohhh hey coop. What's up?

Sapphire Apr 18 2016 7:59pm FLAG

dsjf Apr 19 2016 7:34pm FLAG
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